A Comment from Ed Jordan

July 14, 2000

Thank you for the very complete story of what we lived during those years, especially the broad scope of reporting on the subject. I'm still reading it all, learning things I never knew from the heart of it, but glad to know it warranted such an anthology by you. (Ironically, Peter Coyote is narrating a History channel special, he is one thing I didn't know about) But, all in all, the names were all too familiar, and brought back wonderful memories of Mel and the family, who were my friends and co-workers. I was surfing for David Wilson, editor of Broadside Magazine in Cambridge, when I discovered your site, starting with Tim Kelly's notes, through the National Review story. I was surprised at how my name had been included in so many pages — some inaccurate, some fabricated.... I was one of seven owners, on the board, as Tim Kelly mentioned, we were the conduit for ad revenue, so we had voting power, but Mel had the light; in the end, we were stuck in deep conflict and I left to start the Boston Community News then later SPIRIT Magazine from Newburyport, Mass.

So long ago, but my heart quickened when I found your site,

Ed Jordan (aka: Edw. Beardsley)

Ed Jordan of Avatar - obituary [d. March 14, 2006]
On Ed Jordan's Passing. J. Michael Freedberg, August 18, 2007.

Mel Lyman