Avatar N°14
Dec. 8, 1967, p. 3


NOVEMBER 17 - AVATAR applies for twenty-six permits to sell newspapers in Cambridge. The permits are denied.

NOVEMBER 25 - AVATAR editors meet with Cambridge City Manager DeGugliemo and request a reason for the denial of permits. DeGugliemo says AVATAR is not a newspaper but a "commodity". He does not need to give a reason, he says.

NOVEMBER 25 - Bricks are thrown through the windows of Headquarters East, Riffs, Inc., AVATAR and Broadside offices in Cambridge, and through the window of an apartment in Back Bay which has a sign asking "Why Are We Destroying Vietnam?"

NOVEMBER 29 - John Rogers is arrested in Harvard Square for selling AVATAR and is charged with "selling newspapers without a permit" and "selling obscene material". George Tower of Mariposa on Western Avenue is arrested for selling AVATAR in his shop and charged with "selling obscene material".

NOVEMBER 30, 3:00 pm - Fifty AVATAR staffers and members of the Boston Draft Resistance Group give away two thousand copies of AVATAR N° 13 to protest the arrests and collect money for legal defense.

NOVEMBER 30, 3:00 pm - While AVATAR is in Harvard Square, fourteen members of the Boston Police Vice Squad enter AVATAR offices at 37 Rutland Street in Boston with a warrant to "seize all obscene material". About five thousand copies of AVATAR, issue N°s 11, 12, 13 are confiscated. Ed Beardsley, Advertising Manager, is arrested and charged with "possession of obscene material for sale, distribution, or loan". Jeff Roman, employee of Like Nothing Else is arrested and charged with selling "obscene material, to wit, AVATAR".

Too much is happening all at once for us to make some lengthy conscious commebt on our present situation. To our friends who ask why we have so outrageously put ourselves in jeopardy, we offer the hornet's nest of corruption and indignance we have so innocently shaken up. It has always been our feeling that you must risk everything to make the next step toward freedom. When this is all over and we have finally won in the courts, there will be more room made for everyone to be just a little more free.

Will you never risk me
Not ALL things live in the light
Or hang in a silver sky
Like a cross
A past age will tell you how Beauty was hidden
In a circle of thorns
The origin of the nightbirds song
And nights kisses
And tomorrows snow
Ivory bones
Revolting thoughts
Unsuspected love
And blazing vision
ALL these strange things are known only in finality

You must dare to live in darkness

from the Box Poems