A film by Murray Lerner

DVD 2005 Eagle Rock Entertainment (©1967 Patchke Productions)

A musical film made from sequences at Newport Folk Festivals in the early '60s. Mel Lyman appears in the opening scene, "Jug Band Prelude", as well as with Jim Kweskin behind Pete Seeger in "Green Corn", and for a brief comment after Dick and Mimi Farina's "Pack Up Your Sorrows"

Below: Images from the film, and quotations from Mel, comprising most of what he said on-screen.

"If we'd-a really been blowing, he [the cameraman] couldn'a helped but listen... He's running a machine. But he's blowing with us anyway... we're all playing machines, you know. If you really blow on your little machine there, you're playing music too, don't you see... if you really swing with that machine there..."
"See, we're trying to take, like, our understanding or our perception of truth and put it in a form, so that you can hear it, sensually, like with your ears, like a painter takes what he knows of the truth and puts it on canvas so that people can dig it in a sensual way, with their eyes, and music happens to be an ear thing, that's all."
"If you're really playing music, a whole crowd of people will all be moving together, all be experiencing the same thing, that's truth, you know, in various forms, in various forms."
"I said you don't choose music, it chooses you; you don't play to choose music, music chooses to play you, see."


Mel Lyman