pp 31-35

Joey Goldfarb, Daria Halprin,
Mark Frechette, Faith Gude,
David Gude, Eben Given.



Joey:First of all, you know you're a double Capricorn. Which means that you have your sun and moon in Capricorn. That's a whole 'nother thing than just having your Sun in Capricorn.
Daria:How is it different?
Joey:Your Sun, which is your center, and your moon, which is your personality, have an easier time working together because they're conjunct. However, being a double Capricorn can allow you to remain superficial, stuck in your personality. Unless you have a strong aspect that creates a little conflict to make you more conscious of your Sun or inner self.
Daria:I sure hope I have a strong aspect somewhere!
Joey:Actually, you do, but let's get into the five planets in Capricorn first: Mercury, the communicator, conjunct Mars, dynamic energy, forces you to express yourself. It will show itself in harshness, if you're not sensitive to other people. Kinda hard and tough.
Daria:That's how I looked in Zabriskie Point.
Joey:Sure, that's the tenth house, which is how you show yourself to the world. The other planet in Capricorn is Jupiter, expansion, which takes you above the materialistic hang-ups of Capricorn. This is the aspect which has compelled you to go out into the world as a dancer and an actress.
Daria:Where do you see that aspect that gives me hope for an inner self?
Joey:That's Neptune, higher inspiration in Libra squared to those five planets in Capricorn.
Daria:Good God! What does that make me?
Joey:A holy mess!
Daria:What do you mean? You said it was my only hope!
Mark:Better have an answer or the interview's off.
Joey:Shut-up or we'll print your chart!
Daria:So what about Neptune?
Joey:Neptune brings about inner changes that would make you conscious of your inner self. In your chart, Daria, the relationship between Neptune and all that stuff in Capricorn forces you to reach for more.
Daria:That's why it's so hard for me to recognize that person I was in Zabriskie Point. And when I read that the Women's Lib. believe me to be the most liberated women ever to be filmed, it makes me sick!
Joey:Since the movie the person you were in the film has felt that Neptune aspect. That's why it has caused you that pain, because you can feel so much more now.
Daria:This whole interview sounds so selfish!
Faith:Then give us a story.
Mark:Tell 'em how you got the part. Antonioni saw you in a skin-flick while he was slumming around North Beach ....
Daria:It was not a skin flick! It was ART!
Mark:Is that your big sacrifice?
Daria:No-oooo Mark! You know what I was like when you first met me ....
Mark:God do I ever! Yeah, the first time I met her, she walks into the MGM office, gorgeous, tan, real long hair, shoulder pads — she must have had shoulder pads ....
Daria:He asked me if it was really my hair. He asked: "Are you wearing a wig?"
Mark:I'd never seen shoulders on a chic like that, she sits down on a chair and rolls her eyes at me, uhhh, looks over at me and says, "I feel like I should rush into your arms and kiss you, but I'm really knocked out from the flight down."
Daria:Jesus! I didn't say that, you lie!
[Mark laughs]
Daria:Let me tell you what HE was like! He's sitting there in his big arm chair, looking like a zombie, not saying a word to anyone, real white and pasty, and he's got these huge Benjamin Franklin glasses on. You know what he looks like when he hasn't had a hair cut? He had about five pounds of hair all combed over to one side, looks like he's going to collapse on the floor from all that weight ... it kinda drags him over to one side like the leaning tower of Pisa. And remember the only reason you got that role was 'cause you were the only guy around who had shoulders as big as mine! Is there anything about that in my chart?
Joey:About both your shoulders?
Daria:No-ooo! About me and Mark being together. How would that show up in a chart?
Joey:In a number of ways. Some more complicated to explain than others. The best way is to take a copy of Mark's chart and a copy of yours and simply compare them.
Daria:Do you have a copy of Mark's chart?
Joey:Yeah, as a matter of fact I do. The strongest connection is that Mark's Sun is conjunct Daria's Venus; and Daria's Sun is conjunct Mark's Venus. This is a rare aspect to find between two charts, and it makes for a really strong connection. Also Mark's dragon head, and Daria's part of fortune are conjunct.
Mark:Sounds pretty dirty to me!
Joey:You're right!

[The interview ends. We've all been invited to a birthday party at Max's. It's a real Plutonian party. Bruce, who's birthday it is, never shows. The room is dark and red, as always. People waiting waiting waiting — this time for a somebody who could truly arrive, but never does. We all sing Happy Birthday — off-key — to a blazing huge decorated cake. We make a wish, and blow out the candles. The cake doesn't know the difference. Then we return home ... and continue with the interview.]

Faith:I want to know why Daria wants to be a Saggitarius.
Mark:Yeah, how come you want to be a Saggitarius?
Daria:Because I won't have to work at anything.... because I could just be a fantastic person.
David:Come on Daria, you're lying. The truth.
Daria:I don't know.
David:You do but you're just not willing to express yourself. I think Capricorns are basically very guilty. Of something in them, I don't know what it is but they all are evasive, every one of them. They cover up their life. Like most other Capricorns I know, are immersed in a whole nother world. Completely evasive on expressing their personal feelings. When a Capricorn expresses feelings, that's when they're home.
Eben:It's a very deep dark inner place. Edgar Allan Poe is a perfect example of the depth that a Capricorn can go to. It's really a dark place. Like a bottomless pit. It's a little like Scorpio, except that it's not writhing with all those Scorpio passions. Henry Miller's full of it. A Capricorn. It's just blackness, darkness. You don't sink into that, Daria, you don't get into those black depressions that most Capricorns get into.
David:They have to start there. You joke with them for a while and finally they come up, when they're home, then they're there with you. But she's not like that, are you Daria? Well, what does stop you?
Faith:Well, Daria, you have a question to answer. What does stop you?
Mark:Remember what the question was?
Daria:I can't answer anything. How can I possibly know what it is that stops me from being in that place if I'm not there?
Eben:That's an answer.
Daria:I told Eben that the closest I come to that place is when I cry.
Faith:How come you don't want to find out why David said that Capricorns are guilty?
David:I know what Daria's guilty about — the past.
Daria:That's true! I'm so guilty about my past I don't I even want to talk about it! It makes me feel like a big ugly turd just thinking about it, much less talk about it.
Faith:But you're only sixteen! [Everybody laughs] How can you worry about your past? Unless it's dirty, is it dirty?
Mark:Let's talk about the Mongolian-cluster-fuck in the ninth house.
Joey:She has a real cluster there!
Mark:Dirty shit.
Faith:Sex? So let's talk about the sex scene in Zabriskie Point. Did you enjoy doing the sex scene in Zabriskie Point?
Daria:Are you kidding? No it was awful! It was embarrassing.
Mark:Did you blush?
Daria:Yeth, I dii-id! Do people really want to know what it was like doing that love scene?
Faith:I don't know what people want to know.
Mark:People don't know what they want to know.
Faith:I know about your past, Daria. Your karma past at least. You're a Queen from way back. She's an aristocrat. Like the other night at Max's when she asked for a towel, and the waitress said, "I only have this one. It's pretty dirty." And Daria says, "Oh, that'll do." And she rips the towel off the waitress' waist and starts cleaning her disgusting ice-cream slobbered mess that she's made all over the table, and she hands the towel back without even looking up it the waitress —
Daria:That's a terrible exaggeration! But it makes it more colorful.
Faith:So I realized that night that she really was an Aristocrat!
David:The source of all her guilt.
Faith:The source of all her guilt because she doesn't it know how to use it yet.
Faith:Now when she's conscious of it, which is why I told her about it, reminded her of what she had just done — which she was totally unaware of — then once she's conscious of it then she can get away with it. Then she can use it.
David:But if you use it for your Capricorn-self you'll be guilty the rest of your life. But if you use it because of that Neptune square, see, you can't leave that Neptune square — some people can. But you can't do that.
Faith:That's where astrology makes the difference.
David:If you can be true to your chart then you'll be a full person. When you see a square in someone's chart you say, "Oh boy, a square. That means hassles." A square always represents bad times.
Daria:Is a square like unrealized potential?
David:I believe that Neptune is trying to use all of that through. you. Anything that deviates from that Neptune vibration will be completely out of harmony with the real you cause you'll be in pain. But a square is kinda hard to get to — because it also implies that you are learning something for the first time, and so you don't know anything about it. So most of your life is not right-on. So you go through all these hassies which finally makes you conscious of that Neptune square. Finally Neptune comes through that Capricorn you — and then that's the person you're looking for. It's very hard for you to express yourself because you're still searching for that person. Antonioni putting you in front of a camera was really a cruel thing to do, except that you did see yourself. That whole movie was for you to see yourself.
Daria:That's true, I never would have otherwise.
David:Now all that's Capricorn — but it's unreal because it's unconscious.
Daria:What's unreal? You mean the whole part of me that's in Zabriskie Point?
David:You as an instrument. You're not really a Neptunian instrument. You're merely a Capricorn. So if we could define Capricorn you could have an identity and you won't have to flounder around in this Plutonian world! Wondering what it's all for.
Daria:Is there anything good in Capricorn that will hold me over until I become a Neptunian instrument?
Daria:It's really awful and icky and I don't want to be that thing.
David:You must learn to live without it. You have to be a true Capricorn.
Daria:What's a Capricorn instrument?
David:I don't know. I can only tell you from a man's point of view. . . .
Daria:No come on! I want to know.
David:Capricorn women — they're very demanding and practical. This one anyway. Right? So I guess you have to be that way all the time. Instead of sitting there so quiet all the time.
Daria:I'm not quiet most of the time. I'm not practical and demanding all the time either.
Faith:Right on,

[At this point the tape is shut off. We begin to listen to some of the interview of the day before. Suddenly Daria freaks out at all of us, yelling that the whole fucking interview is so unreal that she can't believe it. Mark slams the tape recorder back on — but too late to get down all her words about the interview and how it's all so awful]

Faith:Hell, that's what we should've gotten down on tape!
Daria:I mean that's what was trying to happen through that whole fucking interview!
Faith:Now she cries.
Daria:I'm not going to cry! I'm no where near crying! I mean everybody really makes me sick!
Faith:Alright, here's the beginning. Let's go-ooo!
Joey:A lot of pride in Capricorn! [Everyone laughs]
David:A lot of pride in every sign. So Daria, is something bothering you?
Daria:[laughs] Oh, no, I thought I'd just say that for fun, David. I mean I don't care what anyone says and I don't care how anybody sounds, as long as it's real. And I don't get any kind of feeling from what we've done so far. What I really got a feeling from was the stories that we told 'cause that was real. That was something that meant something to everybody.
David:What stories?
Faith:The stories about when Mark and Daria met, right?
Daria:Uh-huh. Something human.
David:Nobody said it was a great interview, just trying to get something. Why doesn't somebody do the fucking interview? [David splits]
Joey:Why do you think it was, Daria, that I never could read your chart? The other night when we were doing this I said you were ready, but you're really not. It was just for the interview. There's still too much on the outside. It's just too hard for you to hear this. It all felt very real to me. It didn't matter who you were, it just mattered that people were telling each other the truth. You took it very personally though.
Daria:When I said that it didn't matter what anybody sounded like or what anybody said to each other, I really meant that. It's just that it feels like it's so much for the interview that it's not ... I don't know how to say it.
Joey:I mean a lot of that is you.
Daria:I know ... I know. But that's how I feel about it too, I can't not say that, can't hold it back.
Joey:That's so much what you are. Now all that Capricorn makes sense to me. It's all in one place. You see when I do someone's chart I have to feel that it's gonna connect to something inside them, that it's gonna mean something to them, or else it's just empty words. But maybe doing charts like this for an interview is going to have to be an outside thing like this.
Mark:Do you you still feel like it makes you out to be a dummy — all that stuff we typed out last night?
Daria:That doesn't matter now.
Mark:It mattered last night. What's the difference?
Daria:The difference is that I want there to be an interview. If everyone feels it's good and that it means something, then I must be on my own trip.
Faith:It's not that it's good or not good, it's all we have.
Mark:How can we make it more. And what that comes down to is how you feel about it. If you'd expressed how you really felt last night, Daria, we wouldn't have gotten stuck here.
Faith:Unless you give something or want something from everyone involved in this, you are a dummy. 'Cause everything written here is from the tape, it actually happened. But it wasn't for the person Daria, it was for astrology, so that was a mistake, That's as real as we got those days.

That indefinable something in the sky

Daria:I mean the whole thing of holding back those kind of feelings is a Capricorn thing to do. So I guess in that way the interview is very real.
David:[re-enters] So the most I could say was that you're evasive about those deeper feelings.
Daria:It's hard for me to express my deeper feelings in this kind of a situation.
Daria:Because it takes a lot for me to feel anything strongly enough to express.
Joey:Don't think about it. Give it!
Faith:I mean what you should demand from all of us, if Capricorns are truly demanding people, is that we tell you something that will show you to yourself. Now if that hasn't happened in all the hours that we've been talking, then that's up to you. To demand that of us. And if all we're doing is showing you Daria comfortably — then something's wrong.
[Long long silence. Very long silence.]
Joey:If only you'd ask.
Faith:Yeah, it's there. You see if we were interviewing someone we didn't know, and someone who didn't know us, it would probably be a more honest interview. It would be completely superficial, we would just tell 'em what it meant to have their Sun in such-and-such a place. But somewhere inside you want more than that. It's not a real experience for you to hear what it means to be a Capricorn. You want more. But you see, you have to ask for it, and in that way, you have to be more.
Daria:Well, what I really want to know is what the Neptune aspect means.
Faith:It means first accepting who you are right now.
Joey:And a square makes it hard for you to accept that.
Daria:And what I am now is ...
Joey:What you are now is what you have to GIVE, those feelings on the inside are what have to come out. And that's what Neptune is. Truly giving those Capricorn feelings that are inside you, like you did with the outburst. You've got to give that Capricorn self away, no matter what happens. You've got to let it all out in order to create anything, despite your fear.
Daria:Oh, Jesus! All this time I thought it was way out there. That indefinable something in the sky. It's so simple. It's right here inside me. Thank God!
Mark:Now it's a beginning.

p. 21... "Off the Streets"

Mark Frechette & Daria Halprin, Boston, Massachusetts: The beautiful two decided to leave for California where they intend to make more movies. Daria flew on ahead of Mark, when their car broke down in Hazleton, Penn. Mark left a few days later, but didn't quite make it to California. He opened a garage mechanic shop somewhere in the mid-west. "Jesus, after the damn car dies on me, and the fuggin' mechanics in ... wherever the hell that place was ... refused to do anything but make the car worse and charge me for it, shee-it, I became an expert mechanic. So half way out to California I came across this cat with a busted car — and the next thing I knew we were in business together." However, Mark being a Sagittarius, his whim of being a garage mechanic quickly passed. He soon split and has now rejoined Daria. There is a love-story involved in what ever these two do.