Avatar No. 9
Sept. 29, 1967, p.19


I answered "Who am I?" (and proved the answer). I am God. I now ask "What about the others?".
In der beginning is der Void. "Mental" meant "All".
Avatar: an incarnation of God. "Avatar who am in heaven, holy is my name...". A waiter: a wedder:a water. Yesus, the El Avatar, is Elevator.
Incarnation: Inca nation. (Inker:Writer:Speaker:Crea-tor:Thinker:WORD-ER).
Mayan civilization: M
Mayan civilization: Maya(Magic:g/y, as in regal/royal) (Mad Chick:Parvati was Maya incarnate, who's now (for Eternity) mad at Shiva for burning Kama (Karma) to a cinder (inca:anger).
Body is Bodhi is Buddha, and fingernails&toenails are the Nails in the Hands & Feet (Santa Claws), & the hair on the head is the crown of Thorns, and Hell is El is God, & I have free 1-page kaballah for anyone who writes in for it, please publish this letter.

Benedict Schwartzberg
610 E. 13, NY