Avatar N°11
Oct. 27, 1967, p. 17.


City Councillor Vellucci: "...some of the filthiest junk I have ever laid eyes on"

We get it from all sides. On October 5, a very sweet article using some of our own art work appeared in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. The same week The Village Voice ran "AVATAR: Notes From A Sober Underground" by Michael Horowitz, which claimed we were conservative and suggested that we must be held back by a bad case of Proper Bostonitis (a rare disease found only in the minds of vinyl culture New Yorkers). And on October 16, Alfred E. Vellucci stood up in a Cambridge City Council meeting and requested that the City Manager investigate AVATAR. Why not. The AVATAR, after all, has been investigating Cambridge Mayor Daniel J. Hayes' often illegal, sometimes ludicrous, increasingly Nazi-like "war on Hippies". We have been here since June, they just never noticed us before. We maintain that we've been saying the same things since the beginning, it's just that we finally brought it down to their level. So, in a vain attempt to stifle opposition, the City has brought pressure on the Out-of-Town Newsstand, which sits in the center of Harvard Square and rents from the city, to pull AVATAR from the stand. Or so we hear. Cambridge will hear the truth, even if we have to give it away (we like that better anyway, but our creditors don't understand). Will we be saved from the clutches of Councillor Vellucci? Is freedom of expression dead in Cambridge, where Washington took command of the Continental Army? Are fuck, shit, and piss four-letter words? Tune in next trip, same guide, same number of mikes.

Hangin' on,
Your friendly neighborhood AVATAR