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Sept. 29-Oct. 12, 1967, p.8


Hopping mad at a council of professors which refused to request a change in the wording of a letter to Freshmen from Northeastern University ROTC, NU Students for a Democratic Society and the Boston

Draft Resister's Group leafleted and held a counter meeting for Freshmen during ROTC's "compulsory" meeting for newcomers to Northeastern, September 12.

Shortly after ROTC had issued its letter to Freshmen, SDS brought the letter before the Academic Council to complain about the use of the words "compulsory meeting" in regard to ROTC's fall orientation chalk talk and propaganda gathering. Apparently taking to heart a quasi-cop-out borrowed from too-frequent acid users, the professors said, in effect, "Well, it's only words, so what the hell, fellas, why don't we just let it go." Tim Wright of BRDG made some harsh comments to me later about chickens in the groves of Academe.

Before the meeting, BRDG leafleted in the quad at Northeastern and encouraged a boycott of the ROTC meeting and attendance at a counter meeting sponsored by SDS nearby. Abbie Rockefeller reported a good deal of hostility met on the quad, but said that fifty or so Freshmen attended the SDS meeting, which both SDS and BRDG thought encouraging, Northeastern being generally considered enemy territory and a rough base of operations for new left groups. Some ground was gained although the new left has yet failed to penetrate the administration's Iron Triangle.- Neither side reported any casualties.