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Sept. 29-Oct. 12, 1967, p.5


BDRG is still working out bad karma with Sargeant Brown of the Boston Army Base Induction Center. Accompanying Donald Laymen of Cambridge who planned to refuse the Draft and running into Bob Schwartz, Jered Israel, and Paul Rothman, all reputedly members of Progressive Labor, several BDRG people reported another exciting confrontation with Sargeant Brown and the whole crew down at the base. Aboard the bus, five girls kissed Schwartz goodbye, a scene which gently touched the hearts of everyone around. The girls then unrolled anti-war banners from under their coats and found that this touched hearts in a whole 'nother way. Vehement officials threw them off the bus and told them to leave the Base, which they did, displaying their signs and chanting all the way. Various people managed to get into the Center and leaflet, only to be discovered and thrown out by Sargeant Brown.

All four, Laymen, Schwartz, Israel' and Rothman, refused to sign the security questionnaire, and all except Schwartz, who got a medical IV-F, were sent back to return again, after the FBI investigates their records.

That same day, September 13, there were sixty pickets at the Base gate protesting the War, and the demonstration was covered by news reporters and TV cameramen. The Security Guards and police took pictures of all the protectors. That evening, Laymen held a press conference at Phillips Brooks House at Harvard, where he announced his intention to refuse the Draft.

"The time has come for Americans to join together to actively resist conscription for the Vietnam war. Successive administrations in Washington have flagrantly violated fundamental principles of international law and our own Constitution. The people of this country must bring the Administration's war machine to a halt."

He further suggested the organization of all men of draft age to make themselves a political force, and encouraged joining such groups as BDRG as a step in that direction.

Laymen's refusal is the first of many expected in the next month as "National Draft Resistance Day", October 16 comes closer. Interested parties should contact Tim Wright, Bill Hunt, or Bob Talmanson at the Boston Draft Resistance Group office at 138 River Street, Cambridge. Call 547-7919.