No. 2, June 23 - July 6, 1967
Lenny Gibson: Itinerant Head
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any people wonder how the hippy movement supports itself, my visitor said. The secret is well-guarded. The major drug companies supply most of the funds for the movement.

A little while ago the drug companies realized that the public was getting up tight about the huge quantities of drugs it was using. Drugs seemed a little too easy. Just a glass of water and a pill. People felt twinges of guilt. No immediate cause for the guilt, just a vague feeling that pills were too many and too easy.

Smart people work for the drug companies. In the nick of time they figured how to alleviate the guilt problem. This was fortunate; sales had begun to slip.

The idea men at the drug companies decided to create a witch for the public to blame its guilt on. The result was the hippy. He is an ideal scapegoat. A few outstanding characteristics define the hippy in the eyes of the public. First, the hippy uses drugs illegally. Second, the hippy has an outlandish appearance. Third, the hippy refuses to live according to accepted social standards. The hippy is definitely a witch.

When John Q feels squeamish about the five tranquilizers, the three high blood pressure pills, the two diet pills, and the sleeping pill he takes every day, he can get rid of his guilt quickly. Just a short monologue.

"There is something wrong about drugs. But I'm following doctor's orders. Drugs are all right if you don't abuse them. Hippies take drugs illegally. It is wrong to be illegal. Hippies are abnormal. They are obviously what's wrong with drugs. Let's have an Excedrin cocktail, dear."

The hippy movement gives John Q a way to acknowledge that drugs are wrong without feeling guilty. He even feels a bit self-righteous because he takes drugs legally.

The druggists capitalize on the Great Western Assumption that the spirit is a perfect thing trapped in a hideous body-prison. This assumption presumes that it is not my fault when my body is sick or fat or hurt. It is not me, but my body, that is wrong. I take a chemical to fix my body. I don't bother about my spiritual state. But, says my visitor, all ills are finally spiritual.

The feeling that drugs are wrong arises because people copped out on spirit. They ignored it. Thought there were easier ways. But there really aren't. Drugs are a hoax. They mask the spirit's ills only temporarily.

The body reveals the ills of the spirit. Drugs do not get to the source of the trouble. They only alleviate the symptoms. People feel guilty about drugs because they know inside that drugs are a hoax.

The drug industry lives off the hoax. The interests of the drug industry demand that the hippy movement thrive.

The drug industry is not the first to use the tactic of creating an external object as a repository of all evil. Until the commercial potential became apparent, the warmakers used it extensively.

Now that the drug industry has appropriated the tactic, the military seems to be giving it up. They content themselves with limited wars. It is more comfortable with war on a sound commercial basis, I suppose. But, said my visitor, I do miss the old days. Maybe they'll let company spies carry guns soon.

Lenny Gibson

Mel Lyman