The Japan Times
June 27, 1999

U.N. entry of Kiribati, Nauru OK'd

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) The U.N. Security Council endorsed U.N. membership for the tiny Pacific island nations of Kiribati and Nauru on Friday. China, unhappy about Nauru's diplomatic relations with Taiwan, abstained on its application.

When formally admitted by the General Assembly - probably in July - the two nations will raise the number of U.N. members to 187.

Alluding to Nauru's links with Taiwan, Chinese deputy U.N. representative Shen Guofang said he could not support the council's recommendation to the General Assembly for Nauru to be admitted to the world body.

"At the same time, considering the long-term interests of the peoples of China and Nauru, and considering the request of South Pacific countries, we will not block this recommendation," he said.

Kiribati's membership application was endorsed by the council without a vote.