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O   ai8. kamaka am ai: stir up your fire ain te nano: ardour, fervour, zeal
O   ang4. fervour, ardour, zeal, activity, courage, effort, energy
O   manebaeba. diligent, prompt, zealous, early (riser). 
O   nanobotabota. ardent, active, zealous
O   nanoingainga. impatient, zealous, active
O   taboang. taboangang, tabonang: strong, strapping, vigorous, enterprising, zealous, ardent, audacious
O   inga1. to be impatient, to desire ardently, to hasten, to be eager to ..., <enthusiastic>, to accomplish ardently, zealously
B   ti:/bera. a zebra
O   aitao. e aitaorake tai: the sun is going up towards the zenith
O   kaborake. going up towards sky (for ex. smoke), going up towards Zenith (stars, clouds), going towards land (canoes), growing up (plants), getting bigger (children). 
O   karawa. rabarabani karawa: the Zenith
O   taubuki. taubukini karawa: zenith;
O   taubukinikarawa. (1) the zenith
O   mwe. mwe n ang: a breeze (rising), zephyr
O   mweau. a light breeze, zephyr
zig zag
O   karae. to walk, to proceed, to sail in roundabout way, to zig zag, to swerve, to go a roundabout way. 
O   kiribebe. to stagger, to walk in zigzags, to reel
O   kiritabaiore. to stagger, to zigzag, to ramble, to speak in eccentric, odd way. 
O   raerae2. to go in zigzag, sideways
O   taba4. tabataba, tabataba nako: to go in all directions, to zigzag, not following the straight path, ... the right direction, the middle course. 
O   bititaom. anything of thin metal, not precious; for ex. tin, zinc, tins, cans, etc. 
O   kaba. copper, brass, zinc
B   titánia. tares, zizania
B   to:n. a zone
O   onae. Zoophyte
O   kukua. Zozymus aeneus poisonous.