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O   mamana. te tia mamana te aba: impostor, cheat, deceiver, liar, quack
O   Kumete. a constellation, Quadrilateral of Dolphin
O   toa ang. quadrilateral, ancient word for square
O   toaua. to ang: quadrilateral, having four sides. 
O   man1. man aika ai waeia: quadrupeds. 
O   man ni kawakawa. beasts, animals, quadrupeds, reptiles, etc. 
O   aua. kaaua: to make fourfold, quadruple
B   kueére. a quail
O   baikoraki. odd, quaint,eccentric
O   maeiei. trembling, quaking <quake>, shaking earthquake (maieiein te aba). 
O   ngaruru. to quake, to roll
O   akaniman. a professional, qualified worker
O   atonga. atoatonga. to pronounce, to say, to utter, to articulate, to recite, to name, to mention, to proclaim, to announce, to declare, to praise, to qualify as... 
O   kito. goods, possessions, qualities
O   ang4. direction -- angimeang, angimaiaki, angimaeao, angimainiku: north,... south... west... east wind quality of -- angkau, angobo, angtanaboabo, angtanene, ang tabataba, ang taururu
O   raoiroi. good, goodness, virtue, quality, beneficence
O   tokikan. e a toki kanna: the term of ..., have arrived at height, at limit desired, of quality, goodness, beauty and everything necessary. 
O   tokitau. e toki tauna, e toki arona: attained sufficient size, average quality
O   wi-kai. stranded, nonplussed, in a quandary, taken in, disappointed, abashed, confused (recent expression). 
B   úkebiri. be in a quandry, esp in reference to one's ability to supply guests with food
B   áreáre. sufficient in quantity, as food to be partaken of. 
O   barongai. moderate quantity, just enough
O   bati. batin te ... quantity, dose
O   betanga. many, much, a quantity
O   ewa. abundance, quantity, a number
B   kákan. sufficient in quantity for the occasion as food well supplied. 
B   kaátia. to increase the quantity, to make more or larger
B   m'áiti. amount, quantity
O   matinnao. large quantity, in great number. 
B   nimaátenten. abounding in numbers or quantity
O   rabata. body, solid portion, principal, amount, framework, corpse, carcass, whole number <integer>, known quantity;
B   terónga. to take away the entire quantity
O   tua. ratua (tau, S.) in compound words for dimension, proportion, quantity of such ... 
B   uaatao. great in quantity
B   baínainéa. to quarrel with or assail a man in reference to a woman. 
B   b'áinim'aáne. stirred to anger or quarrel as a woman in reference to a man
O   bokakana1. to quarrel
O   ibewi. a dispute, a quarrel, a squabble
O   ikakaiwi. to quarrel, to dispute, to wrangle, to squabble
O   ikangwi. dispute, quarrel
O   ikawi. i-kakai-wi: to quarrel, to dispute, to squabble, to peck at one another. 
B   kakáiwia. to quarrel or dispute angrily about. 
O   kangiwi. dispute, quarrel
O   kanun. to pick a quarrel with. 
O   kauntaeka. dispute, quarrel
O   keru1. to cause trouble, division, quarrel
O   koroutu. split in family, schism, family quarrel
B   mæ/taraa. declining or ashamed to address another with whom one has quarreled. 
O   uaki. a uaki n un: they started to quarrel
B   úkeun/. seek a quarrel
B   únun. crossness, moroseness, disposition to quarrel or fight
O   batua-un. a fighter, a quarreller, quick tempered, fiery. 
O   banga n un. given to anger, quarrelsome, inclined to bad humour, choleric, peevish, crabbed
B   b'ánganun/. quarrelsome, easily angered. 
O   ibewi. kakai ibewi: quarrelsome, susceptible, prone to quarrel. 
O   kanun. quarrelsome
O   ntarie. ntarierie: quarrelsome, contrary (vague meaning). 
O   unun1. passionate, fiery, of choleric temperament, violent, irascible, pugnacious, quarrelsome, disputatious
B   kuaáte. a quart
O   kaua1. ka-aua: the fourth, make four, quarter
B   kuaáta. quarter of a dollar, 25 cents. 
O   kuata. a quarter, quarter dollar, 28 lbs weight. 
O   makoro. te kaamakoro: quarter
O   renaba. e renaba namakaina: 15th day of moon, beginning of third quarter
O   uma n roronga. bachelors' quarters, hut for boys only. 
B   kuaáto. a quarto
O   uabu. wharf, quay
O   Imatang. a card with picture (king, queen, knave <jack>) <face card>. 
G   nari. queen fish (sm). 
O   uea. uea aine: queen uea ni kai: king by right of conquest
O   aboka. te aboka teuana, te aeka n aomata teuana, te waki teuana, te kabo: queer type,... character, strange system. 
O   iteratera. being sensible at times and at others not, a bit queer at times. 
O   nano-teuana. strange, queer character, particular, different, curious type of person. 
O   teuana. te aomata teuana, te aboka teuana: a strange (original, singular) man, a queer bird (slang). 
O   iteraua. one who acts queerly, sometimes wise and sometimes silly. 
O   taobara2. taobarara. to moderate, to restrain, to quell, to keep at low level, to prevent development, to put a stop to ... 
O   kabinekau. a little querulous whimperer, who whines till he is satisfied. 
O   rikiriki. quest for more, ... better, artistic love of the perfect. 
O   uke1. search, research, quest; ukeuke
O   kataetae1. to address, to question, to interrogate
O   ngongo1. kangongoa: to make speak, to question
B   títiraki. ti question, to make inquiry
O   titiraki. question, questionnaire, interrogation
O   titirakina. to interrogate, to question
O   titiraki. question, questionnaire, interrogation
O   antibuaka. handy, skilful, sharp, quick as the anti. used also in opposite sense, awkward, clumsy
O   areau2. quick and well done
O   arinibai. the quick of the nail (flesh around nail). 
O   baikoa. agile hands, quick at work. 
O   baitoka. baitokatoka, babaitoka: quick, smart, agile with hands, accomplishing rapidly, agile. 
O   bareka1. to hurry, to hasten, to be quick, to expedite, to accelerate, to do quickly
B   éb'anako. prompt, ready, or quick to do, cheerfully obedient
B   ináo. be quick
O   inao. one who is animated, lively, a goer, a determined air, quick, livly in movements, actions. 
O   kiangang. full of fire, flame, full of life, quick, sharp
O   kio. rapid, quick
O   kurikuri. (4) to act in a hurry, to be quick
O   newe. bu newe: to put out tongue ribinewe: quick to learn, learning easily. 
B   nikotætæ/we. quick
B   nínikotatáwe. frequentative of nikotatawe, quick
O   rabakai. skilful, competent, ingenious, smart, quick, having acquired an art, technique, trick. 
B   ríbinewe. quick to learn
O   ueke. alert, brisk, wide awake, smart, quick, animated, excited, petulant
O   umaki. to hurry, hasten, go quickly, to be prompt, diligent, expeditious, quick
O   waerebutata. to walk, or go with quick steps. . 
O   waetata. to hurry, go quickly, do quickly, promptly, smartly. 
B   wáeteke. nimble, active, quick in motion. 
O   wanawana. niniwana: frank, open minded, intelligent, receptive, precautious, quick, smart
O   wi-koa. (2) wikoa n amarake: to eat quickly. 
B   wítakanæ/na. to be quick to reveal secrets
O   witata. (2) to eat quickly. 
O   baitia. active or smart at work, getting done quickly, to accomplish in short time. 
O   bareka1. to hurry, to hasten, to be quick, to expedite, to accelerate, to do quickly
O   bekutata. bebekutata; to work in great haste, quickly, to do quickly. 
O   iebaba. syn. ieinikuri: to hurry, to do quickly, to act suddenly, ..., foolishly. 
O   kuritata. kuritata:: to work quickly, to hasten. 
O   taenang. a taenanginang: quickly done, quickly dispatched, rid of. 
O   taerere. baitaererea: to do quickly
O   taeriri. taeriri n nako: to leave quickly, promptly, to be in a hurry, to go rapidly. 
B   tatæ/we. to move quickly
O   tawe. to go quickly
O   toua katea. fig. to walk or go quickly with precaution (as person carrying sail yard along edge of canoe in order to tack). 
O   uriri. to hasten, to go quickly
O   waekoa. to go quickly, to walk briskly, to hurry, to hasten. 
O   waetoka. to hurry, to go quickly, to do rapidly. 
O   witoka1. wi-toka: to speak, or eat (something) quickly
O   baitata. smartness, quickness
O   biri. biribiri: a race, quickness
O   buti1. course, progress, quickness, progression, advance
quick tempered
O   batua-un. a fighter, a quarreller, quick tempered, fiery. 
O   erake. quick tempered
O   erake1. to fly into a passion, to flare up, to be irritated, quick tempered, susceptible
O   babu3. tai babu!: keep quiet! keep still! don't move. 
O   ewa2. e aki ewa: he is quiet kakai ewa: inclined to be agitated. 
B   kanæ/noráoa. to quiet, to pacify, to give peace of mind to. 
B   kon/nako. keeping quiet after a rebuke, slinking mentally. 
O   mata n rau. quiet, tranquil appearance. 
B   mweráoi. peaceful, at peace, serene, quiet, secure. 
B   næ/noráoi. at peace, quiet in mind
B   níkoráoi. quiet because thriveing as an infant
B   nínikoráoi. habitually quiet because thriving, as an infant
B   ráu. comfortable, quiet, undisturbed, placid
O   tai babu. silence! not a sound! keep quiet! don't move! 
O   takabu. tai takabu! tai tikabu, tai karongoa: keep quiet! silence
O   taribabu. calm aspect, quiet (person), calm (sea), calm, no wind. 
O   rau1. tranquillity, calmness, quietness, peace, serenity, placidity, repose, etc. 
O   ingi. (rather ing) spikes, quills, prickles, barb, barbel, dorsal fin
O   ingi n tauti. skin, bristling with quills, war helmet made from quills of diodon. 
B   kuáea. a quire
B   rikaáki. to turn back , to return, to quit, to go home, to desert
O   itikurere. to vibrate, to quiver (ex. with fear), to tremble (as bait before a tuna fish). 
B   karúrua. to cause to tremble or quiver , as a finger or foot or stick, etc. 
O   banaruru. banarurururu; tremulous voice, quivering, voice of person in paroxysm of anger. 
O   maninga. te kamaaninga: a puzzle, riddle, quiz
B   áoria. be unemployed, remain in status quo
B   túatua. a tortoise-shellquoit
B   koteétian. quotation points. 
O   kotetion. quotation, quotation marks
O   otinako. otinakon: the going out, exit, quotient (te tia otinako).