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L   ango. jack
G   aongo. black jack; poisonous (cc). 
L   barebue. large jack
L   bari. jack
O   biro. a tool used to fasten ropes or tighten boards, carpenter's vice, screw jack, tourniquet
L   ikarikiriki. jack
O   Imatang. a card with picture (king, queen, knave <jack>) <face card>. 
O   kai ni kako:. a tool for tightening, screw jack
L   kama. jack
L   kimokimo. jack
L   kona. jack
L   kuia. small jack
L   rereba. medium jack
O   tiaka. jack (cards), a clown
L   urua. large jack
B   tiæ/kaore. a jackal
Jack bean
O   kitoko. a climbing plant. swordbean or Jack bean
O   kabanei1. leather jacket;
G   kabanei. Alutera scripta (ll) leather jacket (sm). 
B   koraá. seeds of the jackfruit
B   máimai. abounding in breadfruit of jackfruit trees. 
B   mairékereke. jackfruittree. 
O   mairekereke. (m'ai-rekereke) a species of bread fruit, jack fruit
B   máiuéa. large jackfruit
B   kamæ/tu. a clasp-knife a jack-knife
B   wáro. a jack-knife
B   boráiti. a jack-plane
O   manio. mannei: limp, slack, flabby, fagged out, jaded, worn out
B   tiákua. the jaguar
O   kaikain1. te uma ni kaikain, te auti ni kaikain, te karabuti: a prison, jail
O   kaina. te uma-ni-kaikain, prison, jail (in sorcery): to provide against, to protect, to make imppervious to evil spell . 
O   uma ni kaikain. jail, prison, gaol
O   Bukiroro. perhaps Gilolo <Jailolo> or Marshalls
O   kabetanga. to wedge, to jam something. 
B   kamæ/namæna. to crush, to bruise, to jam
B   betánga. jammed, as a finger between two boxes. 
O   betanga. to get jammed between two things, to get between two for protection, shelter. 
O   namakaina. te namakaina ae Tianuare: the month of January
B   tiæ/nuare. January
O   Tianuare. January (month). 
O   katibu. a stone jar
O   takutaku. gibberish, jargon
O   bitati. Jasmine
O   bitati. Jasminium Sambac. 
B   iátebi. jasper [quartz variety]. 
O   ba8. te babobo: a sickness, yellow jaundice
O   baura1. bauraura: kind of jaundice
B   ínabóbo. jaundiced as the eyes. 
O   inabobo. sallow skin, as one having jaundice
O   bakarere. te kai ni bakarere: weapon thrown, arrow, dart, javelin, harpoon, a sharp pain
O   bwe1. an ancient war weapon; lance or javelin with two ends pointed, two or three yards long. 
B   kóro. a stick for husking coconut, a javelin
B   kóromætang. a dart, a javelin
B   un/nuwaka. mock-fight with the side roots of pan or the stems of babai leaves as darts or javelins. 
O   are1. are-i-eta: upper jaw are-i-nano: lower jaw or teeth
O   are1. are-i-eta: upper jaw are-i-nano: lower jaw or teeth
B   kaiáia. to move the lower jaw up and down rapidly. 
O   mangai. jaw, set of dentures
B   móaniwí. four front teeth of both jaws. 
O   mangai. te buki ni mangai: joint of jawbone
O   kaiaia. v.t. to move the jaws, to grind the teeth (to irritate, to rouse). 
B   takaiáia. to shiver with cold, to chatter as the jaws
B   bákantang. envious, jealous, lit: pretending to cry. 
O   bakantang. jealous, envious
O   burangenge. envious, jealous (food, tobacco). 
B   kinæ/nonæno. to utter suspicious charges, as when jealous
B   koóko:. jealous
B   ko:koóta. to be jealous of. 
O   rauakina1. to be very jealous of ... 
B   táuanen. jealous
O   taua-ni-nne. te tauanne, te tatauannen: jealousy of rights. 
B   bákantang. envy, jealousy
O   bakantang. jealousy, envy
O   bekari ranga. jealousy of a woman for rival. 
B   katáuanea. to provoke to jealousy
O   koko4. jealousy (conjugal). 
O   rau3. conjugal jealousy. (S.). 
B   táuanen. jealousy (not conjugal jealousy). 
O   bainingareakina. to ridicule, to mock, to jeer, to scoff, to laugh at... 
O   kakaniko. to mock, to jeer, to make game of, to make fun of, to despise
O   baitari. jelly fish, large, (edible). 
jelly fish
B   b'áitari. a species of jelly fish
L   baitari. jellyfish
O   kirongo. a stinging jelly fish
O   kukuobaitari. to take off nonedible part of jelly fish
L   nimatawawa. jellyfish
O   nimtawawa. a species of jelly fish
B   nouáia. a species of jelly-fish
O   nouaia. species of jelly fish
B   ntabæ/nibæn. <jellyfish>. 
O   tia4. te tia: medusa, jelly fish
L   tia. jellyfish
O   bakaobo. to be in jeopardy, to fall from weakness. 
B   kawánikai. deserving of praise or note, in jeopardy
B   tióboa. a jerboa
O   katata. successive movements, blows, vibrations, jerks. 
B   kátika. to jerk, to pull with a jerk, to pull, to haul, to haul taut. 
O   tebeteberake. to jump in the air, to rebound, to spring up, to jerk, to jump, to jolt
O   Ierutarem. Jerusalem
O   bai ni man. a jest or attitude of dancer imitating flight of wings. 
O   bainingare. bai ni kangare: jest, trick
O   baka n rerei. to jest, to banter, to treat wantonly, to tease, to joke
B   bákanreréi. to trifle, to jest, to make fun. 
B   bákanreréia. to turn into jest
B   b'ángare. to jest, joke
O   manikangare. manikangare, mamanikangare: to jest, to joke, to banter, to make fun. 
O   ngare. te kangare: pleasantry, jest, joke, making fun
O   wa ni kangare. pleasantry, jocularity, teasing, light banter, humorous ridicule, smutty talk, humbug, jest
B   áokangáre. joker, jester
O   Jetu. Jesus
Jesus Christ
O   Kirito. Ietu-Kirito: Jesus Christ
O   bakati1. to jet, to spout, to gush, to spurt out, to squirt out. 
O   ti5. titi, tirake, tirio, tinako: to jet, to spout, to gush, to spurt, to squirt, to spurt
O   bono. a closing, a fastening, a wall, dyke, jetty, pier, breakwater
O   bakati. a fish, Jew fish, rock cod (poisonous). 
O   tabia. sapphire, ear ring, jewellery, etc. 
O   taningatiku. jewellery carved from shell. 
G   bákati. jewfish (this rock cod grows to an enormous size but is not often caught; it is considered to be poisonous in all areas where poisonous fish have been found) (hh). 
G   kauoto1. Jewfish (hh). 
O   tiebi. jib sail
O   wi n tau. beak, dart of tau, jib sail
O   takitaki1. rebetakitaki, rababa takitaki, katakitaki: idem. to beat rapidly, to click..., to clack ..., to clash, to jingle
B   ewéka. entering earnestly upon a job
B   katibábu. a word repeated by one when a job has been betun, equivalent to 'it's being done, it's being done'. 
O   aoti. toka n te aoti: ride a horse te tia toka n te aoti: horseman, rider, jockey
B   kakataá. jocose
B   áokangáre. funny, droll, jocular
O   wa ni kangare. pleasantry, jocularity, teasing, light banter, humorous ridicule, smutty talk, humbug, jest
O   atanga. kabae atangaia: join or tie together, for ex. two canoes adrift, two screens, roki, etc. 
B   bítaraa. not joining or fitting together properly, inconsistent. 
O   bo bai. ka bo bai: to shake hands, to join hands. 
O   ireiti. kaireita ... to make ..., to join on to ... 
O   kabo. kaboa: idem., to join together, to couple
O   katuna. (1) to join, to stick together, to put together whether one will or not. 
O   kaunta. to join the laths called kai n ta (native building) . 
B   réita. to connect, to join
O   reita. to put together, to join, to continue, to lengthen
O   reketa. to join to, to add to, to join one affair to another. 
O   tena1. tenatena, tena raoi, tena buaka: to be crowded, pressed together, close together, wedged, caught, joined, well-joined, badly joined, very near to, almost touching. 
O   toma. join, joining, junction, seam, affix
O   tomanikai. v.t. tomanikaia: to join two pieces of wood by fixing one end on the other. 
O   tuta. join, junction, joining. 
O   atanga. bae atanga, kabae atanga: be joined by... 
O   kiritenua. joined in threes, tripled
O   newe. ae newe ma: joined on to, touching, adhering to ..., fixed to, caught on to ..., hanging from ... 
O   unra. badly joined, not corresponding, turned on wrong side, not matching. 
O   kamta. kamta: to do carpentering, joinery
B   ténabuaka. unevenly joining
B   ténaráoi. fitting or joining very closely
B   túta. a lapping, the point or place of meeting or joining of two ends of planks
O   bubua2. the joint or bend in middle of arm and leg. 
O   mangai. te buki ni mangai: joint of jawbone
B   m'ánu. joint as of the elbow. 
O   rebe nako. to be out of joint, dislocated, forced out of place. 
B   tiribúbua. stiff-jointedat the knees. 
O   maoto ni bai. finger joints
O   taura1. suspension, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles. 
B   kiáromoti. a joist or sleeper on which the deck of a canoe rests. 
O   oka. joist, beam, rafter of house going from tatanga to taubuki
O   wa3. beam, joist
B   wan/næno. the sleepers of a building, a joist
O   wa n anano. joists, lower beams in a building. 
B   bábangare. to joke, to be funny
O   baka n rerei. to jest, to banter, to treat wantonly, to tease, to joke
B   b'ángare. to jest, joke
B   íeao. joke
O   kareio. to joke, to tell yarns or stories more or less true to amuse or for fun. (kare io). 
B   m'ám'anai. abounding in m'anai jokeing, fooling, misleading. 
B   manikángare. joke, make fun, be droll. 
O   manikangare. manikangare, mamanikangare: to jest, to joke, to banter, to make fun. 
B   mæ/nikóraki. joke, make fun, be droll. 
O   mannaoka. a joke
O   ngare. te kangare: pleasantry, jest, joke, making fun
O   ngare be. kangare be, manikangare be: to make laugh, wicked joke, to annoy
O   wa ni kangare. waningarea: to make fun of, ... to joke about ... 
O   wa ni ngare. laugh, joke
O   wibeka. to talk incessantly, to exaggerate, to romance, to tell lies in joking <joke>. 
O   wi-mari. good story teller in pejorative, braggart, harmless wag, joker. 
B   áokangáre. joker, jester
O   inakewe. bragger, <braggart>, joker, humbug
O   kareao. to tell jokes, to talk chaff, to exaggerate
B   bákanreréi. trifling, jesting, joking
O   bangare. habit of laughing, joking
O   bangare. funny, comical, jolly
O   tebeteberake. to jump in the air, to rebound, to spring up, to jerk, to jump, to jolt
O   tabatoatoa. (2) buffeted by waves, jolted by bumps
O   eka2. ekaeka, ekanakoa: to overthrow, to throw down, to jostle
O   ewata. to jostle one's way through a crowd, to break through a crowd. 
O   ibutubutu. to jostle each other. 
O   kuritata. kakuritata: to jostle someone, to hasten. 
O   nea2. nea, nenea: to blow, to come like whirlwind, to jostle, to push
O   oka nako. to hurl against, to jostle; to hurl oneself against, to throw oneself against, to run into
O   make. maken ... makeken, ti te makena: a little bit, a tiny piece, a sprig, a bit, a jot
O   ting. ti te tingina: only a little, a scrap, bit, jot
B   iénikuri. hasty preparation for a departure on a journey
B   íentau. make preparation for a journey
B   ikakaái. hasten preparations for a start or journey
O   kabutaba. to travel over country, to journey, to make rounds. n. odyssey
B   riæn/na. to journey on foot, to go by land. 
B   uáiakina. pursue a work or journey until completed. 
O   kukurei. joyful, gay, jovial, pleased, radiant
O   niba ni ngare. jovial; nibani ngareakinaki: ... target of mockery
B   bwebwére. rejoicing, joyous. 
O   bwebwere. bwebweraken te nano, te toke bwebwere: rejoicing, jubilation, prosperity, joy of spirit. 
B   kákatonga. to rejoice, to exult, to joy, to be glad
B   kákim'aréirei. to cause joy
B   kanikuréirei. to cause joy
B   katongatonga. joy, happiness, pleasure
O   katongatonga. joy, happiness, pleasure
B   kim'aréirei. to exult, to rejoice, to joy
O   kimareirei. joy, rejoicing, pleasure
B   kukúneang. to express much joy at reunion
B   kúkurei. joy, happiness
O   kukurei. joy, pleasure, gaiety
O   nano ni kakatonga. sentiment of joy, vanity, exuberance
B   níkierére. joyous, exultant or boastful sfter a victory in battle
O   nikierere. joy of success, exultation
O   nikireirei. joy, enjoyment, delection, delight
B   nikuréirei. to rejoice <joy>. 
B   nimarángirang. intoxicated with joy
O   nimarangirang. a kind of delirious joy, overexcitement, frenzy, mad with joy. 
O   tokabwebwere. to be in joy and prosperity, to enjoy comfortable ease, prosperous circumstances. 
O   tutuneang. joyful alacrity, joyous eagerness ... 
B   titunéang. to approach with joyous expression, as a child to its mother. 
O   bwebwere. bwebweraken te nano, te toke bwebwere: rejoicing, jubilation, prosperity, joy of spirit. 
O   kakammari. jubilation, exaltation, rejoicing, merry making
B   iúbire. jubilee
O   baimatoa. kabaimatoa: to praise the..., to judge to be... 
O   bowi. to come together to deliberate, to judge
O   bowi. bowia, bobowia, kabowia: to deliberate on, to consult together, to examine a case, to judge
O   bure1. kaburea, kabureburea: to charge, to incriminate, to condemn, to convict, to punish, to judge guilty, faulty, to alienate, to sacrifice, to abandon, to give away. 
O   eti. te tia kaetieti: one who corrects, puts in order, dispenses justice, judges. 
O   kaboriba. kaboririba. to compare a person with another to judge beauty, complexion, strength. 
O   kaburea. to judge guilty, to condemn, to punish, to find fault with, to judge defective, to do wrongly, in a wrong way, to alienate, to give way, to make over, to sacrifice, to abandon to ..., in favour of ... 
O   moti2. te tia moti: the judge, the magistrate
B   mótikitáeka. judge, decide, put an end to talk. 
O   motikoraki. to judge partially, to favour
O   motiranran. a wavering decision, broken resolution, to judge without firmness or courage. 
O   taeka1. motiki taeka: to judge, to decide
O   taubure. tauburea, tatauburea: to note, to mark faults, errors, mistakes of ..., to revise, to correct, to judge, to criticize, to censor. 
O   moti ro1. blind judgement, unreasonable, inconsiderate
O   motibuaka. wrong judgement, badly judged. 
O   motika1. motiki taekan te: to decide about, to pass judgement on. 
O   motiki taeka. judgement, sentence
O   motiraoi. good judgement, fair judgement, in good earnest
O   wanawana. intelligence, reason, commonsense, sound judgement, wisdom, sagacity, perspicacity, clairvoyance, prudence. 
O   eti. te bong ni kaeti: the day of judgment -- last day. 
B   móti. decision, judgment, a breaking off. 
O   eti. straight, exact, just, equitable, righteous, sensible, judicious, reasonable
O   mataraoi. a. good looking, nice appearance, judicious in choosing, good judgement. 
O   nanowana. reasonable, sensible, wise, sagacious, judicious
O   wanawana. having ..., being ..., intelligent, reasonable, sensible, wise, sagacioue, perspicacious, clairvoyant, judicious, ingenious, prudent
O   nikarara. a game of dexterity consisting of throwing up several balls (or other objects) and catching them, juggling <juggle>. 
O   nikarara1. to juggle with several balls, etc., to move away, to withdraw, to disappear quickly (ex. canoe). 
O   unikarara. a game, juggling <juggle> objects. 
O   kai1. te tia kai: a conjurer, a juggler, an expert at wrestling, boxing, etc. 
O   buri. pus, sanies, soft matter, juice, pus and blood from an abscess. 
B   memére. suck in noiseily as juice while chewing. 
O   moantari. first juice obtained after cutting coconut spathe (toddy). The toddy which flows after cutting in the morning and taken at noon is called te moantari
B   ng/ka. food to be chewed for the juice (used only with the suffix pronoun). 
B   ræn. fresh water, sap, juice
O   ran. water, fresh water, liquid, juice, sap, milk
O   tari2. te tari, tarin te ni: sap, juice of coconut spathe. 
O   taribo. taribobo: juice, liquid, toddy
B   uáræn. tobacco ooze or juice in a pipe-stem
O   uaran. (1) to have ..., to give, to carry juice, liquid
O   ua-tari. (1) to have, give, or carry juice, liquid
B   ræn/ræn. juicy, full of sap
O   ranran. liquid, watery, juicy, full of water, excessive water. 
B   turái. July
O   Turai. July
O   beako. kabeakoa: to tangle, to jumble
O   bewa. kabewa: to tangle, to jumble up. 
O   buako. entanglement, bushes, jumble, confused mass. 
O   kabo2. a mixture, a jumble, a mixture of kabubu
O   kaiewe. to jumble, to entangle, to complicate, to mix up ideas. 
B   kárengao. to entangle, to mix up, to jumble together. 
B   mangáongao. uncombed, jumbled together, disorderly
O   teibanae. kateibanaea: to put in disorder, jumble up. 
O   wa-n-rea. kawanrea: to deteriorate, to spoil, to tarnish, to jumble up, to find ..., to judge as ... 
O   airerua. mixed up, changed by error, mistaken, exchanged by mistake, jumbled, disordered, muddled, etc. 
O   beako. entangled and tight as fish line, jumbled tight. 
O   beo. bebeo. jumbled, entangled, tangled, mixed up
O   buako. tangled, jumbled, twisted, bushy
O   kiritabataba. kiritabataba n taetae: rigmarole, getting things jumbled up, muddled
O   ngao1. entanglement, jumbled up, in disorder
O   tokobuakoako. very bushy, jumbled, thickly wooded, full of thickets and briars. 
B   éwe. jump
B   éwe. jump
O   ewe. ewe:we. to jump, to bound, to bounce, to spread about, to move from place to place. 
O   ewebong. to jump a day (or days). <skip>. 
B   éwebweréi. game of jumping the rope or over an object. 
B   éwebweréi. play at jumping the rope. 
B   éwenako. jump off, run about as a child ceasing to creep. 
O   ewenako. to jump down ... off. 
B   eweéwe. frequentative of ewe jump
B   eweéwe. jump
B   eweéwenako. jump from a height. 
O   inimaki. to turn around, to struggle, to bound, to start up, to jump, to dash, to rush, to move abruptly. 
B   íri. small thing suspended high by a string which jumpers strive to touch <game>. 
B   kaw/wea. to cause ot jump, to toss
O   kiba. flight, jump
O   kibakiba. (1) to fly, to jump
O   matewe. to spring, to jump, to bound (canoe on waves, spring mattress, spring seats). 
O   tebe. (1) tetebe, tebetebe, teberake, teberio, tebenako: to dart, to pop, to jump by projection, to burst out, to pop up, to break away, to come out of place (mechanism), to jump up, ... aside, ... away. 
O   tebeteberake. to jump in the air, to rebound, to spring up, to jerk, to jump, to jolt
O   tou2. tou nako: to start, to bound, to jump in surprise. 
B   uaang/. sway preparatory to throwing or jumping or swimming. 
jump on
O   eweka. eweweka: to jump on, to fall on, to attack, to fall upon, to fall to briskly, spiritedly. 
jump over
O   ewea. to get over, to jump over, to make an incantation to escape ill-luck, punishment, a difficult time. 
O   toma. join, joining, junction, seam, affix
O   tuta. join, junction, joining. 
B   tu:n. June
O   Tun. June (month). 
G   móa. <bird> jungle fowl; domestic fowl (aa). 
B   rótem. a juniper
B   tuúniba. a juniper
B   tabuáriki. the Jupiter of the Gilbertese. 
B   áonikai. injustice, villainy, extortion
B   atátaiáomata. kind, benevolent, just, considerate
B   atátaiáomata. kindness, benevolentce, justice, considerateness. 
O   boraoi. equal, even, regular, flat, well matched, well balanced, suitable, fit, just, etc. 
O   eti. straight, exact, just, equitable, righteous, sensible, judicious, reasonable
B   ikæ/ke. grasping, unjust exacting,. 
O   raoi. well, good, just, suitable, agreeable, decent, etc. 
O   raoiroi. raoiroi, raraoi, raoi: good, just, honest, virtuous, obliging, charitable, decent, favourable, well done, in right manner. 
O   riai. good, just, expedient, fit, obligatory, necessary
B   tib'á. just, just now, preceded by a
O   tiba. before verb. just now, recently, lately, not long ago. 
B   tíri. simply, merely, just, only (similar to hawaiian wale). 
O   tiri. simply, purely, only, just
O   uaraoi. convenient, suitable, just, sufficient, right size, ... quantity, ... quality. 
O   eti. rectitude, justice, justness
O   korobuki. e koro bukina: realized, justified, arrived at aim, attained end, accomplished designs, realized aim, etc. 
B   karáoiroa. to make good, to praise, to justify
O   karaoiroi. to speak well of, to bless, to justify, to improve, to ameliorate
O   eti. rectitude, justice, justness
O   kamaterea. to make go beyond, to exceed, to advance or jut out a little. 
O   mangare. to jut, to point
O   rebe. rebe, reberebe, reberio, reberake, rebenako: to jut out, to project, to bulge out, to jump out, to dislocate, to surpass
O   tuake. land of reef jutting up to a point
O   atanga. atanga: to place side by side, juxtapose
O   nim. ka-nima, kaninima: to stick, to fix, to put together, to juxtapose