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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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O  w. note. The Gilbertese w differs from the English w. It more like the sound of v especially if followed by eex. kewe, keve, wete, vete, vene, wene ... 
B  wa. n. a canoen. sleepers of a floor. 
wa. vi. to move along in a company as persons or fish
O  wa. n. te wa, to wa (N) any vehicle, any means of conveyance: canoe, boat, bicycle, cart, toy ..., pawn in chess, ... checkers.  ex. wam te baitika: your bicycle.  te wa ni kiba: aeroplane <airplane>.  fig. e maninga wau: my head forgets.  see v.t. wana
wa1. pref. of waki in compound words.  see wa-puaka, wa ni kangare, wanraeanote. in the sense of, to be doing. corresponds to manibuaka, manraoi, manikangare, manrea: to be in a state of ... (slight nuance). 
wa2. suf. wawa to go, ... movesee au wa, a wawa
wa3. n. beam, joistex. te wa n nano: lower beam, floor beam.  te wa n anti: scaffolding, horse or trestle
wa4. n. species, kind (fish, birds), category of ... 
wa. n. te wa n Tarawa: a dance, manner of procedure, ceremonial <ceremony> for different rites, composition or performance following a method. 
wa6. nv. wawa, wanako: to go, ... move, ... displace oneself, to flow, ... flow away.  ex. a wa nako ika: the fish are going off, travelling.  a wawa ranni matana: his tears are flowing.  vc. kawaea, kawawaea: to make flow.  n. te bai ni kawawa: guttering, spoutingex. ikawawa: to wander around in mobs, gangs, etc., vagrancy of number of persons together. 
wa7. n. te Wa: a constellation
wa8. pref. or suf. of wawa, waki, waanga
wa buaka
O  wa buaka. n. bad comportment, ill behaved in society or family, to be in an awkward situation for taking action.  ant. wa-raoi
wa n anano
O  wa n anano. n. joists, lower beams in a building. 
wa n ei
O  wa n ei. n. supporting cross piece (as in scoop net). 
wa n o
O  wa n o. n. small canoe, moved along by polesee o, oa
wa n ra
O  wa n ra. na. untowardly behaviour, unluckyvt. wanra: to bring disappointments, ill luckvc. kawanra: to disagree
wa n tabakea
O  wa n tabakea. nv. to swim on back, face upwards.  syn. uaua n tararake, wa-tangaina, wa n tararake
wa n tabea
O  wa n tabea. na. a canoe in danger, unbalanced kite, person in danger, at the end of strength. 
wa ni banga
O  wa ni banga. n. a native dancev. to dance ... 
wa ni kangare
O  wa ni kangare. n. pleasantry, jocularity, teasing, light banter, humorous ridicule, smutty talk, humbug, jestvt. wanikangarea te koraki: to make laugh, amuse the audience.  syn. manikangareavt. waningarea: to make fun of, ... to joke about ... 
wa ni matang
O  wa ni matang. n. foreign manners, behaviour, systemsv. to behave like a stranger, to follow the manners, fashions, systems of. 
wa ni mate
O  wa ni mate. nva. to be dying with ..., smitten with ..., passionately in love with ...  fig. wanimate, bakanimate: importunate person. 
wa ni ngare
O  wa ni ngare. n. laugh, jokev. to be amused
wa ni ngarea
O  wa ni ngarea. vt. to laugh at, to make fun of, to tease
wa ni were
O  wa ni were. v. to fish for weresyn. werewere
wa ririki
O  wa ririki. n. a well-made canoe of average size. 
wa tangaina
O  wa tangaina. n. wa n tangaina: lying <lie> down face upwards <supine>.  v. to swim on back. 
B  wábobo. vi. to engage in nourishing or bringing up. 
O  wabobo. and wabwebwe, waboboa, wabwebwe to have a good system of culture, upbringing, educating <educate> children.  note. pron. wabwebwevt. wabwebwea: to know how to cultivate, ... care for, ... bring up with skill and success, to bring up well. 
B  wabóboa. vt. to bring up, to nourish, to raise
B  wábuaka. a. inhospitable to relatives
B  wáe. n. a leg, a footn. a shriveled, undeveloped coconut including the huska. blighted, as a coconut
O  wae. n. feet <foot>, leg;see rangaa. waewae: having fat legs, thighs.  idiom. katei wae, katea waena: to refresh oneself, to take refreshments, ... restore energy.  vt. aoniwaea, aniwaea: to place under leg or foot. 
wae1. n. (1) te wae: a freak coconut with no kernel, barren woman, impotent man, dried up fruit, freak, good for nothing.  (2) this freak coconut used as skittles by children, as support under canoes.  nv. karewae: to throw a skittle between legs, to play game of ... 
wae2. n. te Wae: name of a constellation
wae bubura
O  wae bubura. na. (1) fat legsn. (2) large rain drops (large as wae, freak coconut). 
wae kiekie
O  wae kiekie. a. limp, halting, lame, hobbling.  v. to hobble, to walk with a limp, to walk lamely. 
wae kirere
O  wae kirere. n. hopping on one leg.  v. to hop
wae kororo
O  wae kororo. a. one leg shorter than the other. 
wae maranga
O  wae maranga. n. long stepsv. to take ... 
wae mwere
O  wae mwere. n. a slow walkerv. to go very slowly, to be latevc. kawaemwerea: to retard the progress of ... 
wae n noko
O  wae n noko. n. spindle shanks, spindle legssee noko
wae n rongo
O  wae n rongo. n. a sitting position with one leg bent backwards. 
wae n uea
O  wae n uea. na. sitting with legs crossed like tailor.  see kabara n uea, bari
wae ni baka
O  wae ni baka. syn. bai ni baka, tara ni baka, taera-baka, taera ni bakan. approaching downfall, loss of position, rank, charge.  a. wae baka: fallen, destitute, outcast
wae ni kaba
O  wae ni kaba. na. long legs
wae ni kinouta
O  wae ni kinouta. vt. to approach furtively, with furtive steps stealthily <stealthy>. 
wae ni kinouti
O  wae ni kinouti. nv. to walk, or go with light tread
wae ni koroa
O  wae ni koroa. n. stiltsv. to walk with ... 
wae ni kun
O  wae ni kun. nv. to walk like kun, dance step, small quick steps with sudden stops on one leg, walk like crane m. 
wae ni ma
O  wae ni ma. n. (1) arm of fish trap, low stone wall which gathers fish towards ma (fish trap) in form of V.  n. (2) idem. temporary barrier made of dry palm leaves. 
wae ni ma1. v. to go, to swim in single file (as fish along wall of trap). 
wae ni makauro
O  wae ni makauro. n. a mat with design resembling crab's feet. 
wae ni maku
O  wae ni maku. v. to walk backwards, through fear or respect, to beat a retreat, to withdraw on tip toe. 
wae ni were
O  wae ni were. nv. to walk with poise, with precaution (as when looking for were shell fish). 
wae ributata
O  wae ributata. see wae rebutata
wae tuairoa
O  wae tuairoa. na. having bandy legs, knock kneed <knee>. 
B  wáea. vt. to sew, to pierce, to stick.  to interruptn. a coconut leaflet for extracting from a bottle a small quantity of oil adhering. 
O  waea. from. waivt. (1) to thread on to ..., to prick, pierce through, run through, put on skewer, stem.  ex. waea te ika: thread fish on to ...  v. (2) to show, or point to with finger, to designateex. waea matan te: point towards someone's face.  (3) counterbalance ..., opposition to ...  waea nimam: mix your drink, dilute with water.  fig. waea te taeka: to interfere, to intervene, ... criticize, ... contradict, ... thwart, ... oppose, ... put a spoke in the wheel.  ex. waea rarikin te ...: to cavil, to give broad hints by allusions, to allude to ..., indirectly.  n. chicaneryte waewae: criticism, objection, contradiction, oppositionv. waewae: to interfere, to criticize, to object, to contradict, to thwart. 
waea1. n. (1) a thin stem, or twig used to attain to things out of reachn. (2) an outsize matn. (3) a contradictor, opposer, objector, vis-a-vis rival.  (4) sorcery using small roasted coconuts. 
waea2. n. wiresyn. kaukamea (S.). 
B  wáeai. a. new, freshn. a new article, a fresh article. 
O  waeai. a. waeaituatua (sup.) young, fresh, tender (plants), fresh, new, recent (general).  syn. menai (mena-aii). 
B  wáeana. vt. to extract or draw out oil with a waea
O  waebabaro. na. bandy legged
O  waebaka. a. fallen away, destitute
O  waebatiraku. na. calf of leg of abnormal thickness, enlarged. 
O  waebeka. na. knock kneed <knee>.  syn. tiribubua
B  wáebua. a. having a large calfn. the thumb
O  waebua. n. big toee.  ex. waebua ni bai: thumbsyn. ukinabaa. beautiful legs, thick calf of leg. 
B  waebuángi. a. having well developed legsn. a person having well proportioned legs
O  waebuangi. from. buakina. perfectly moulded legs, well built ... 
O  waebuatake. sup. superlative of waebuangina. elegant legs, symmetrical ... 
O  wae-irariki. a. thin legged, thinnish, puny (legs). 
B  waekíekie. vi. to walk with a springhaltn. a springhalt gait
B  wáekirére. vi. to hop on one footn. hopping on one foot. 
O  waekoa. n. wawae: haste, hurryv. to go quickly, to walk briskly, to hurry, to hasten.  vc. kawaekoa: to hurry, to hasten.  ex. kawaekoako! hurry up! 
O  wae-matoa. a. waematoa: regular, punctualv. to go regularly to. 
B  wáemwere. vi. to walk slowly, to be slow in arrivingn. slowness in arrival, slow walking. 
O  waena. from. waevt. (use for legs).  ex. waena te batika: use a bicycle
B  wáenib'áka. a. in a defeated position, politically ruinedn. one defeated and consequently becoming a serf
B  wáenikaáb'a. a. long-leggged.  n. a person with unusually long legs. 
B  wáenikóroa. n. stiltsvi. to walk on stilts. 
B  wáenim'a. vi. to swim as fish in long lines.  n. a low stone wall running toward the shore from a ma by which to run fish into it. 
B  wáenimakáuro. n. a mat with figures resembling the tracks of a crab
B  wáenimaáku. va. retreating through fearn. a cowardly retreat
B  wáenimæn. vi. to walk rapidlysee waetata
B  wáenrónga. vi. to sit a la mode Kusaien. a sitting on a mat with the feet and lower part of the legs turned back and nearly parallel with the thigh. 
B  wáenúea. vi. to sit on the ground with one leg crossed above the knee of the other.  n. a sitting on the ground with one lig crossed above the knee of the other. 
B  wáerake. vi. to go east
O  waerake. v. to go ashore, to go eastwards.  vc. kawaerakea: to steer, or direct upwards, towards ..., to make ascend
B  wáerákea. vt. to approach near to. 
O  waerakea. vt. to ascend towardsex. e waerakeai: it came up towards me. 
B  wáerebutæ/ta. vi. to be constantly going from place to place.  n. a constant restless going from place to place. 
O  waerebutata. v. to walk, or go with quick steps. .  or. wae riputatafig. a street walkervc. kawaerebutata: to make ..., to walk briskly. 
B  wáeremwe. vi. to go or walk slowly
wáeremwe. n. slow walking, late arrival
O  waeremwe. n. slowness, tardiness <tardy>.  v. to dawdle, to arrive latea. slow.  vc. kawaeremwe, kawaeremwea: to slow down the movement, to retard.  he movement, to retard
O  wae-rena. n. (stretching foot) one who keeps coming back to the same place.  vt. waerena: to come back again to, to frequent assiduously (place, person). 
O  waeribeu. na. deformation of toes, adhering ..., etc. 
B  wáeribóno. vi. to visit repeatedly and frequently, to take short stepsn. a frequent visitation. 
O  waeribono. nv. to walk with short steps, close steps.  fig. (more used), multiplying one's visits, coming back at short intervals, faithful in coming oftenvc. kawaeribonoa: to make ... 
O  waerio. or. wairiov. to go downwards ..., towards the lagoon, towards the west.  vc. kawairioa: to make ...  ant. waerake, kawaerakea
O  waero. n. a species of crab with black claws (ro). 
waero1. syn. kawai n ro, kawinroav. v.t. waeroa. to go by night, to travel about ..., to go to ..., stealthily <stealthy>, secretly (for good or bad end).  syn. kimoa ni bong: marauder, robber, scrounger.  v. to maraud, to rob, to scrounge by night. 
O  waeroa. a. having long thin legs (like fishing rod).  v. to walk with long steps. 
B  wáetata. vi. to go or walk rapidlyn. a rapid gait
O  waetata. n. general word for: haste, hurry, promptitudev. to hurry, go quickly, do quickly, promptly, smartly.  vc. kawaetata, kaka ...: to make haste, to hurry, to hasten.  ex. ti kawaetataira: we are hurrying, we hurried. 
waetata1. n. waewaetata ... rapid pace, accelerated movement.  sup. superlative of waetatav. to hurry, go, ... do smartly, ... rapidly.  vc. kawaetatawe, kawaetatawea: to do ..., to make do ... 
B  wáetatáwe. vi. to walk rapidlyn. a rapid gait, brisk walking. 
B  wáetebe. va. afflicted with springhalt as a man.  n. a springhalt gait
O  waetebe. nv. waetebetebe: to lift one leg and throw it forward when walking.  syn. waeteme
B  waetébetabe. va. frequentative of waetebe
B  wáeteke. a. nimble, active, quick in motion. 
O  waeteke. na. waeteketeke: rapid in pursuit, ... to catch
O  waetemeteme. syn. n.v.a. waetebe
B  wáetoka. vi. to walk briskly
O  waetoka. n. rapid walk, hastev. to hurry, to go quickly, to do rapidly.  a. to be prompt, ... smart.  syn. waetata
B  waeuaái. n. a miniature racing canoe with two sticks holding the outrigger
O  wae-uai. n. toy canoe for makei racing <race>;  ex. wae-kaina: idem. another kind. 
B  wáeura. n. a shell-crab, the. 
O  wae-ura. n. a crab with red claws. 
B  wáewae. a. having large feet, large footed. 
wáewae. n. an interruption or checking of one who is speaking
O  waewae. na. having stout legs
waewae1. from. waean. obstruction, opposition <oppose>, contradiction, objection, criticismv. to make ..., to object, to contradict ... 
waewae2. freq. of waeanv. inf. to point out, to designateex. e waewae te aomata: person stretching arms to attain something out of reachsee tawaewae
B  waewáea. vt. frequentative of waea
B  wái. vi. to blow as the windvi. to engage in spearing as fish, to engage in seine making.  n. the spearing of fish, seine making. 
wái. a. oblong
O  wai. a. oblong, long, elongated, tapering, pointedfig. e wai ubuna, e wai: he has a long face, crestfallen, ashamed, disappointed, taken in. 
wai1. rad. of waea or waiapref. to harpoon fish, whales, etc.  ex. wai ika, wai baiku, wai bainamu, wai kua, wai rereba
wai2. a. coming on well, making way through.  ex. e wai te ang: the wind is blowing up.  vc. kawaia te ang: to wait till the breeze blows. 
wai itua
O  wai itua. vt. to thread on, to string by piercing <pierce> with needle, etc. 
wai kakang
O  wai kakang. na. pointed, sharp, tapering
wai karaun
O  wai karaun. nv. waea te karaun: to make mesh net
wai keke
O  wai keke. na. wai keke rake: going to a point, a cape
wai ki
O  wai ki. to. prick the back (of loser to make advance). 
wai maranga
O  wai maranga. v. to pierce, or sew too far apart (thatch, etc.).  vt. waimaranga: idem
wai marena
O  wai marena. nv. v.t. waimarena: to put, prick, place, or pass between, at intervals. 
wai n ang
O  wai n ang. idiom. (1) e wai te ang: the wind comes up,... blows, gusts of wind.  idiom. (2) a refreshing drink, agreeable ... 
O  waia. vt. to pierce, ... prick, ... skewer, ... harpoon, to thread on to ...  see waea
O  wai-ananau. a. long, lengthy, lengthening, stretching, prolonged
O  waibakarere. nv. v.t. waibakarerea: throwing dart, to throw and pierce
B  waibæ/naa. vt. to pierce with a sharp-pointed stick
waibæ/na. vi. to engage in piercing with a shar7 pointed stick. 
O  waibana. vt. to pierce the body, to pierce through. 
O  waibora. v. to pierce, sew (thatch, etc.) in irregular faulty manner. 
O  waibua. na. sore throat, having ..., which irritates throat. 
B  wáiki. n. the taking of another's place in a game when required. 
B  waikía. vt. to succeed another in taking his place in a game when two are needed. 
B  wáimæta. n. a disease of the eyes, the.  vi. to engage in reproving or chiding
wáimataa. vt. to reprove
O  wai-mata. n. sore eyes, ophthalmiav. to have ... 
wai-mata1. nv. v.t. waea matan te ... wai mataia: to point to with finger, to make ashamed, to blame by pointing at the face of culprit. 
B  wáin. n. wine (ENG)
O  wain. n. wine (ENG)
B  wáinang. n. very sweet and fresh karewea. very sweet and fresh as karewe
B  wainékeneke. va. having a rash like prickly heatn. a rash resembling prickly heat. 
O  wainekeneke. and unekeneken. a twitching, itching, tingling <tingle> sensation ... 
B  wáinimæn. n. a method of tying the feather float in the game of kab'ane
O  wai-ni-man. nv. v.t. wainimania: a manner of placing feather on stick in game of kabane
B  wáiora. n. a viol (ENG)
B  wáiraa. n. feces, excrement
wáira. vi. to perform a certain incantation
O  waira. n. excretavt. waira, bekara
waira1. n. (1) wairaea: disparagement.  v. to disparage, to speak badly of ..., to speak disparagingly of ...  n. (2) king of malevolence, maleficence, cursing <curse>. 
B  wairaáea. vt. to subject a person to the effects of a certain incantation
O  wairakau. nv. magical practice imported from Fiji to counteract malevolence, to prevent or cure sickness, to provoke love. 
B  wáirau. vi. to engage in sewing or fastening pan leaves to a stick for thatchingn. the process of fastening pandanus leaves to a coconut rib for thatch. 
O  wai-rau. n. work of making thatch (rau);  v. wawairau, waea raun te bata: to stitch, or sew thatch for house. 
O  wai-rena. nv. to go in single file, in Indian file. 
B  wáirinæn. vi. to stand in a row, to march in a processionn. a row, a rank, a file, a line
O  wai-rinan. n. get in ..., be in line, in ranksvc. kawairinana: to put, or make go in a line. 
B  wáirio. vi. to go toward the westn. a going to the west or to the leeward
O  wairio. v. to go downwards, towards the west, descend towards the lagoon.  vc. kawairioa: to make ... 
B  wairioa. vt. to approach a canoe from the east or the shore
B  wáiroro. vi. to play with on of the same agen. play or sport with one of the same age. 
O  wai-roro. a. wairorona: being about the same age, judge by the age, the generation of ... 
O  wai-taninga. n. ear ache, any pain in ear.  v. to have ... 
O  waitebu. or. waitubun. large axe needing two hands to manipulate. 
B  wáiteke. n. a forkvi. to engage in using a fork. 
O  waiteke. n. te kai ni waiteke: fork, garden ..., table ... 
B  waitékea. vt. to fork food, to lift food with a fork. 
O  waitekea. vt. to prick, pierce with fork, skewer, etc. 
O  waiteketeke. a. spotted, marked, mottled, speckledvt. waiteketekea: to spot, to mark ... 
O  waitoa. vt. waitoa:: to double leaves <leaf> when making rau (thatch). 
B  wáitoko. vi. to engage in suppressing another's speech
O  waitoko. n. general interference, obstruction, opposition <oppose>, contrariness <contrary>.  v. to make interfere, etc. 
B  waitókoa. vt. to suppress another's speech. 
O  waitotokoa. vt. waitotokoa: to hinder, ... stop, ... counteract, to be opposed to ..., to put spokes in the wheel. 
O  wai-tua. vt. waitua: to pierce, ... prick obliquely, ... superficially. 
B  wáiwai. n. the furrowed edge of the reefn. gonorrhoea
wáiwai. va. afflicted with gonorrhoea. 
O  waiwai. n. reefs (jutting, wai), breakwater around islands. 
waiwai1. n. disease of bladder, urethra, inflammation caused by toddy contaminated by cantharides beetle.  vc. kawaiwai, kaka ...: which causes waiwai
B  wákaa. n. one who gives supportn. a root
waáka. a. full of roots, as soil
O  waka. n. root, fibre, stringfig. relationship, roots, moral attachments, base, foundation, causea. waka, wawaka, wakaririsup. wakawaka, kau-waka, kiriwakawaka: fibrous, stringy, tough, undercooked, full of threads, strings, fibres, having ...  fig. ae waka i, e waka n te ...: having its roots, base, cause in ..., to be rooted, ... attached, fastened, tied to ...  vc. kawakaea: to make or wait till ...  n. te waka tabanin: square rootidiom. reke-waka: to be staying, ... held <hold> by roots, ... attached.  ex. tae-waka, rou waka, rou-waka, taeka, ... routa te: to uprootna. wakamarumaru wakamatoa: thick set roots, bushy ..., many ..., strongly rooted. 
waka n ni
O  waka n ni. n. coconut roots
waka ni ba
O  waka ni ba. n. stalactite
waka ni kaina
O  waka ni kaina. n. pandanus roots
waka uea
O  waka uea. n. tap root
O  wakabuaka. a. badly rootedfig. not well transplanted, not well accepted in strange or new surroundings (for ex. young wife in husband's family). 
O  wakana. vt. to have, ... take for, root, basis, foundation
B  wákanei. n. a small fragment of feces
O  waka-n-ei. n. aerial roots of certain trees, pandanus, mangrove. 
O  wakaniba. n. a species of dark coloured shark
B  wakaánikáina. n. a root of the pan
B  wakaan/ni. n. a root of the coconut tree. 
O  wakaraoi. a. well embedded, rootedfig. well received, adopted, integrated in strange place. 
B  wakáriri. a. tough-skinnned. 
O  wakariri. a. stringy, fibrous, toughsup. superlative of wakawaka: underdone
B  wákawaka. a. stringy, fibrous as pandanus fruit
O  wakawaka. a. stringy, fibrous, tough
B  waáki. vi. to go on, to proceed
O  waki. n. wawaki: advancement, progressv. to progress, to go forward, to advance, ... make progress, ... follow up an idea, ... realize a plan.  vc. kawaka, kaka ...: to make ... 
B  waákina. vt. to shove
O  wakina. vt. wawakina: to push forward, to carry out, to impel, to proceed with an idea, to pursue actively ..., to make affairs progress, advance
O  wakiraoi. syn. butiraoigood. progress, going well, making progress (used for actions, work, affairs).  ex. wa raoi, wa buaka used for persons of good or bad social behaviour. 
B  wæ/kiti. n. wax (ENG)
B  waákoro. vi. to work by one's self.  n. work performed by one's self. 
O  wakoro. vt. wakoroa: to work alone, separately, to do alone (a task, an affair). 
B  wakóroa. vt. to do work by one's self. 
B  wan. a. eight, always followed by a numeral suffix, ai, ua, ung, man, nga, kai, kora, or by a certain noun, as bong, ririki, ritoro, inaki, atao, aba, or by a certain adjective, as bwi, bubua
O  wan. an. wani: eight;ex. wanua (wani wa), waniman, wan-ai, wani kai, etc.,.  wani ngaun eighty
B  waána. vt. to take possession of a canoe
wána. a. wearisome, tiresome
O  wana. from. wavt. (1) wawana: to have, or take for means of transport, for vehicle, ... to embark on, ... to ride on.  ex. N na waniko: I want to ride on you.  (2) e wawanira, e okiokirira te makuri: the work always falls to us, keeps coming back to us.  e wana te tang: he started to cry, he does nothing but cry. 
wana1. from. seems to come from wakivt. to have as term, end of course, ... come back to, ... start to ...  ex. e wana te aine: he keeps coming back to this woman. 
wana2. n. wanawana: reason, commonsense, intelligencea. intelligent, reasonable, sensible, wise, having commonsense, intelligence, wisdom, prudence ...  vc. kawana, kawanawana: to make become ... , to give ... 
B  wan/ai. a. eight, in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timber, coconut-leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish, as sharks and ikari
B  wánænti. n. scaffolding
O  wa-n-anti. n. scaffolding, horse, trestle
B  wánara. vt. to lay bare the rootlets of babai for the purpose of applying a fertilizer
O  wanara. vt. to separate, to disentangle, to denude, to uncover fibres, hair, roots (uncover taro roots to apply manure). 
B  wánawana. a. intelligent, knowing, wise
O  wanawana. n. intelligence, reason, commonsense, sound judgement, wisdom, sagacity, perspicacity, clairvoyance, prudence.  a. having ..., being ..., intelligent, reasonable, sensible, wise, sagacioue, perspicacious, clairvoyant, judicious, ingenious, prudentniniwana: frank, open minded, intelligent, receptive, precautious, quick, smartwanawana n rang, rangi ni ...  sup. very ..., altogether ...  a. moaniban te wanawana: most ...  vc. kawanawana: to make ..., to give ..., to find ..., to treat as ...,.  ex. kakawanawana: to think oneself ..., to esteem oneself ...  ko kawanawanaiko! you think yourself clever! you boast of ... 
B  wánawananrang/. a. of rare intelligence. 
B  wan/ea. a. eight million
B  wánei. n. the part of a scoop-net near the handle
B  wanéinei. a. too watery, mixed as food with too much water. 
O  waneinei. na. a mixture too wet, very ..., too much liquid.  syn. waranranvc. kawaneineia: to make, to render more ... 
O  wang. v. wawang, wangwang: to push, to push in front of one, to push forward, to push along. 
B  wánga. a. weary, tired
waánga. vt. to feed well. 
O  wanga. vt. wawanga, wangawanga: to push along in front of one, to take along by pushing, to push, shove, to fatten an animal. 
wanga1. n. wanga iai, wangawanga, wangaroro: bustle, confusion, disagreement, meddling, trouble, vexation, tiredness, worry.  v. to have ...., to be troubled, upset, worried <worry>, etc., to be in the act of ...  ex. mate wanga: busy, worried by affairs (useless, vain).  vc. kawanga, kawangawanga, kawangaroroa, kamatewanga: to give trouble, bring ..., to upset ..., to vex, annoy, tire uselessly.  ex. tai kawangako! don't worry.  tai kawangaingkami! don't worry! never mind
B  wangároro. a. very much weariedn. a great weariness. 
B  wángawanga. a. frequentative of wanga wearied
B  wángea. n. a weapon or sword set with shark's teeth
O  wangea. or. wi-ni-ngarein. (1) native sword, 2-3 ft. long having four rows of sharks' teeth.  n. (2) sword, sabre, chopper
B  wángewange. n. an anointing oil
O  wangewange. and wanguwangun. the residue, remainder, lees, sediment of oil, liquid in bottom of vessel, remains, dregs
B  waang/nga. vt. to apply more force to as a tool for boring
B  wæn/iba. a. eight leaves. 
B  wánibánga. n. a style of ruoia in which the players are few
B  wænibúbua. a. eight hundred. 
B  wæn/ibwi. a. eightysee wani ngaun
B  wæn/ikai. a. eight, in counting trees, fishhooks, and sections of land. 
B  waánikángare. vi. to chaffn. light idle talk by way of making fun
B  waánikangárea. vt. to chaff, to make fun of. 
B  waánikárau. vi. to run about in the rain
O  wa-ni-karau. nv. (1) to stay out in the rain.  see ua-ni-karaun. (2) spouting to collect rain water. 
B  wánikaróa. see n kawawa
O  wa-ni-kiba. n. aeroplane <airplane>.  ex. wa-ni-kiba-n-tari: sea plane
B  wæn/ikora. a. eight in counting baskets. 
B  wæn/ikuri. a. eight hundred thousand. 
B  wæn/imæn. a. eight, in counting persons or animals. 
B  wánimæ/rawaa. vt. to free a foundered canoe of water.  vt. to cultivate a young coconut tree. 
wánimæ/rawa. n. frequent cultivation of coconut trees. 
O  wa-ni-marawa. nv. (1) to empty a capsized canoe by lifting up one end at a time.  v. (2) to care for a plant in danger of dying. 
B  wánimæ/tang. vi. to eat fish (just caught) in privacy
wánimæ/tang. n. a ship, a foreign vessel,.  n. a place for eating fish ( just caught ) in privacy. 
B  wánimæ/te. vi. to be very hungry
waánimæte. vi. to live on one's neighborn. a person living on his neighbor. 
O  wanimatea. syn. bakaimatea, okiokira n ua matenato. come back to ..., continually coming back, ... dying with love, desiring passionately.  ex. e wanimatea te aine: he comes back passionately to ... 
B  waánin. vi. to engage in mending a hole in a matn. the work of mending a hole in a mat. 
O  wanin. or. ewaninn. coconut husk, cut in halves (shell and husk). 
wanin1. v. to mend, ... darn (clothes, nets). 
O  wanina. vt. to mend ... darn (mats, baskets, thatch, etc.). 
B  wæn/inga. a. eight thousand, eight in counting fathoms. 
B  wæn/ingaun. a. eightysee ngaun
B  waáninía. vt. to mend a mat having a hole. 
O  waninia. from. niniavt. to get involved in, to penetrate into.  ex. e waninia te riaboro: the devil entered into them. 
O  wani-ua. a. eightsee wanua
B  wan/næno. n. the sleepers of a building, a joist
B  wáno. n. a small canoe
B  wan/rang. n. a canoe not skillfully navigated
O  wa-n-rang. n. badly steered canoea. ... not well cared for. 
B  wan/re. vi. to practice a certain incantation in order to impart skill in throwing.  n. an incantation for imparting skill in throwing. 
O  wanre. n. Nei Wanre: female evil spirit
wanre1. n. wanrea: sortilege, mostly evil.  v. to do this sorcery on ..., by pointing the little finger (te ukire) towards person or things, to bewitch, ... curse, to hinder success, to check, to make a project fail
B  wanréa. vt. to perform a certain incantation upon. 
O  wa-n-rea. a. becoming deteriorated, getting spoiled, tarnished, faded.  see syn. manreavc. kawanrea: to deteriorate, to spoil, to tarnish, to jumble up, to find ..., to judge as ... 
B  wæn/rebu. a. eighty thousand. 
O  wa-n-ro. nv. wanroa, kawain ro: to go by night, ... in obscurity. 
O  wa-n-ta. n. wantanta, kiriwantanta: spots, speckles on skin, ... fur, mark on colour, paint, fault, mark which spoils effect.  a. marked with stain, spot, spoiled by apparent fault, defectfig. blemish, hereditary defect, personal blemish, ... marked by blemish, honour impaired, blot on character.  ex. e wanta, e ina: he is marked.  vc. kawanta, kawantanta, kakiriwantanta: to mark with a blemish, ... blot, to cause, to leave, to spoil by ..., to find a defect in ...  ex. e kawanta, e kawantanta: it is dishonourable, discreditable. 
B  waan/tabákea. n. a certain method of swimming on the back
B  wantæ/bea. vi. to swim on the backn. a canoe whose crew have missed their bearings
B  wæn/tæno. a. eighty million. 
B  wantárawa. n. the name of a long chant in the ruoia
O  wa-n-Tarawa. n. a long theme for standing dance (ruoia). 
B  wæn/toki. a. eight hundred million. 
O  wa-n-tonga. vt. to conduct, ... direct the education of ..., to bring up, to train, to nourish, to educate carefully.  see tongan. wa-n-tonga: careful system, kind, of education. 
B  wænúa. a. eight in counting things in general. 
O  wanua. a. wani-wa: eight;ex. kawanua: eighth
B  wæn/ung. a. eight in counting pandanus fruit. 
B  wáo. n. a creeping vine
O  wao. n. a creeping plant, hogweedsn. Boerhavia diffusa and Repens sp. 
G  wao. sn. Boerhavia diffusa L. (z)
waona n anti
O  wao-na n anti. n. a plantsn. Vernonia cinerea
O  wao-ni-anti. sn. Boerhavia tetrandran. a plant, hogweed
G  waonnansi. sn. Boerhavia tetrandra Forster (z)
waonnansi1. sn. Vernonia cinerea (z)
B  wáraa. a. without trees, treeless.  n. a treeless section. 
O  wara. na. warawara, korowarawara: open mesh, having holes, ... wire netting, lattice work, net, open, sparsely wooded, riddled with many holes, openings, passages, intervals.  vc. kawara, kawarawara: to make, ... pierce, ... leave spaces, intervals, holes in.  n. te kawara: a blasted, open passage, a break <gap>, a clear space. 
wara1. syn. wa buaka, tekebuakav. (1) wara going badly, turning out badly, ill lucka. (2) badly behaved, detestedant. waraoi
O  waraku. a. warakuraku: slightly wet (between damp and soaked).  vc. kawarakua: to make become ..., to wet, ... dampen
O  waranran. a. very wet, too waterysyn. waneinei
B  waáraoi. a. kindn. kindness. 
O  waraoi. a. (1) doing well, turning out well, going goodsyn. tekeraoi, bunna raoin. (2) person of good behaviour (sometimes). 
B  wárati. n. a walrus (ENG)
B  wárawara. a. having open or net work, here and ther a treen. open or latticed work, an opening among trees. 
B  wáre. vi. to count, to read
O  ware. n. wareware: numeration, enumeration, counting, calculation, numbers, reading.  v. to count, to calculate, to enumerate, to spell, to readidiom. akea warena! akea warekana, e aki warekaki: counts as nothing, doesn't count, of no account, worth nothing
ware nano
O  ware nano. vt. warenanoa: to work out mentally.  n. mental calculation
O  warea. see ina, wantaa. dull, tarnished, lustrelessfig. having reputation tarnished.  vc. kawanrea: to tarnish. 
B  wáreb'ai. n. arithmeticvi. to learn arithmetic. 
O  warebai. n. arithmetic, mathematics, calculationv. to do ..., to calculate, to countvt. warebaia: to compute, to count. 
B  wáreboki. n. readingvi. to read
O  wareboki. n. warebokia: reading.  v. to readvt. to read a book. 
O  warebong. nv. the days are counted, to count the days.  ex. e warebong te (person, object) it is only a matter of days till, ... something happens, till person dies, it will happen soon.  vt. warebongia: to count the days for ... 
B  wárebwe. a. wide, roomy, not contracted
O  warebwe. a. large, wide, spaciousex. warebwerebwe, matawarebwevt. kawarebwea: to make ..., to enlarge, to widen
B  wáreka. vt. to count, to read
O  wareka. vt. wawareka: to count, ... enumerate, ... spell, ... readidiom. akea warekana. e bure warekana, e aki reke warekana: countless
B  warekeéno. n. a volcano (ENG)
B  wáreriri. vi. to engage in indiscriminate accusation of robbing when the fruit of one's land has been taken. 
O  wareriri. vt. wareriria: to enumerate, to count one's followers, companions, accomplices. 
B  wáreware. vi. to read, to countn. reading, a counting. 
B  wári. n. a person, or ship, or house of great sizea. great in size. 
O  wari. n. wari. the large species of (things, animals and esp. fish) <phylum, class, order, family, genus ?>.  ex. te wari ni buni, te wari n onoatia. wari, warikaeai (kei): big, large, enormous, monstrous, giganticn. te wari: a magic against sea-monsters. 
G  wari. sn. Lagocephalus lagocephalus (ll)n. toby (sm). 
G  waribuni. sn. Lagocephalus sp. (ll)n. toby (sm). 
B  wáriki. a. narrown. narrowness. 
O  wariki. or. uarikia. warikiririki, warikinono, warikibono: narrow, restricted, confining.  vc. kawarika: to make ..., to restrict, to confine
B  wárikinóno. a. very narrow, as a channel, or the mouth of a bottle
B  wárinibúni. n. a fish, the. 
B  wárinonáuti. n. a fish, the. 
G  warionauti. sn. Lagocephalus sp. (ll)n. toby (sm). 
B  wáririki. n. a canoe of medium size
B  wáro. n. a species of crab, the.  n. a jack-knife
O  waro. n. Te Waro: constellation of small stars near Canopus
waro1. n. (1) sea mantissn. Stomapodan. (2) pocket knife which closes like claws of ...  nv. kawaro: to fish for ... 
waro2. n. knot form, without loops. 
G  wáro. sn. Lysiosquilla maculata (i)
wáro. sn. Pseudosquilla ciliata (i)
L  waro. and varosn. Stomatopodn. crustacean
B  wárona. vt. to tie a loop in a cord that will not slip
O  warona. vt. to put a knot ..., to tie with a knot. 
B  wáru. vi. to nibble, as a fish, at a baitn. a good fishing place where fish promptly bite. 
O  waru. nv. wareware, banga ni waru: pulling, nibbling <nibble> at bait.  fig. vexation, importunity, twitch, to annoy by nasty hand play.  v. kawareware: to do ... 
O  waruta. vt. wawaruta: to pull, to nibble (bait), to importunate, to annoy by pulling, tugging. 
B  wáruwaru. vi. to nibble, as a rat or a fish at a bait
B  watangáina. vi. to swim on the back, to walk with the face turned upwardsn. a swimming on the back, a walking with upturned face. 
B  wáti. adv. directive toward the person who has just spoken.  ex. I a nako wati: I will go to you. 
wáti. n. a watch (ENG)
O  wati. suf. of moving <move> forward, towardsex. buti wati, nako-wati, ke wati: to advance towards, to move forward. 
B  wáu. n. cat's-cradlen. a mat with some dark strands.  vi. to play the game of cat's-cradle
O  wau. n. game of Cat's Cradlesv. to play at ... 
wau1. a. wauwau: good, well, seemly, becoming, fittingsyn. kanidiom. e wau ngke te aine: that would be all right for a woman.  ex. e wau ngke te mane: that would be becoming for a man. 
wau2. n. wauwau: weaving <weave> mats with patterns of different coloured leaves. 
B  wáua. vt. to braid a mat with a second color. 
O  waua. vt. to weave, to embroider with different coloured leaves, or cotton to make patterns, designs. 
B  wáuna. vt. to pray to death
O  wauna. from. wauwivt. to curse, to put a spell on, to wish evil to, to bewitch with evil spell. 
B  wáuoa. see n baonimoto
O  wa-uoua. n. a kind of attic, upper platform in native house.  see bao ni moto
B  wáuwau. va. well furnished with conveniences or suitable clothing
O  wauwau. nv. to sneak in, to slink from place to place, to double deal
B  wauwáua. vt. frequentative of waua
O  wauwi. n. curse, malediction, imprecationv. to wish evil, ... death to ..., to cast an evil spellsee wauna
B  waáwa. vi. to trickle, to move along as a crowd
O  wawa. from. wakinv. (1) flowing, going in crowds, mass movement.  red. tawawav. (2) flow, stream, run down (water, tears).  vc. kawawa: to make ..., to drain, to catch rain water.  n. te bai ni kawawa: guttering, spout, drain pipe
O  wawaea. freq. of wav. to go to, ... towards
O  wawaeakina. v. idem. to move, to flow continually towards ... 
B  wawáem'ere. vi. frequentative of waem'ere
B  wawáenróngo. vi. frequentative of waenrongo
B  wawáenúea. vi. frequentative of waenuea
B  wawáerebutæ/ta. vi. to be habitually going from place to place. 
B  wawáeremwe. vi. frequentative of waeremwe
B  wawáetata. vi. frequentative of waetata
B  wawáetatáwe. vi. frequentative of waetatawe
B  wawáirau. vi. frequentative of wairau
O  wawaitai. from. taivt. wawaitaia to do intermittently, to interrupt, ... stop at intervals. 
B  wawáitáia. va. intermittent, coming now and then. 
B  wawáiwai. va. frequentative of waiwai
B  wáwakaa. a. having many roots
B  wawaáki. vi. frequentative of waki
B  wawaákina. vt. frequentative of wakina
O  wawana. vt. idem
B  wawaang/nga. vt. frequentative of wangnga
B  wawánikárau. vi. frequentative of wanikarau
B  wawan/re. vi. frequentative of wanre
B  wawáreboki. vi. frequentative of wareboki
B  wawáreware. vi. frequentative of wareware
B  wawátangáina. vi. frequentative of watangainan. frequentative of watangaina
B  wawáwi. vi. frequentative of wawin. frequentative of wawi
B  wáwe. vi. to blow steadily and favorably. 
O  wawe. v. to blow regularlya. steady, favourable (wind). 
O  wawea. vt. to be blown along, helped by steady breeze
B  wáweaki. a. steady and favorable as a wing
B  wáwi. vi. to pray to death (haw = anana).  n. an incantation to produce death. 
B  wéne. vi. to lie down, to lie. 
O  wene. n. wewene, wenewene, weneraoi, wenebuaka, wene n tararake, wene n tangaina, wene n rarikiriki, ... ni baraki: lying position.  v. to lie, stretch on ground, be lying down, lying flat, ... well, ... badly, ... on back <supine>, ... on side, ... face down <prone>.  vc. kawenea: to lay down, to put down, to place on ground, to leave in place, ... in peace.  ex. kawenea te ...: leave alone, don't talk any more about it.  niwenewene: to be or stay lying all the time.  wenetiku, weneman: to stay in place to stay a long time in same place.  wenetibu: lying decaying in place.  wene katoto: always lying down, sleeping everywhere.  ex. wene ni bure: fornication <fornicate>, adultery
wene katoto
O  wene katoto. v. to remain lying <lie> down all the time.  a. sleeping all the time. 
B  wénea. vt. to braid the second half of a sleeping mat
O  wenea. vt. wewenea, wenewenea: to lie on
O  weneakina. v. to stay in bed for reason of sickness.  ex. e weneakina aorakina: his sickness obliges him to keep to bed. 
O  wenei. n. (1) fleeting objects, souls, spirits of deadsyn. rao, tamnei, tangaroa, takanoin. (2) shooting star, bolide, aerolite, meteorite, fugitive, fleeting light, rapid passage, phosphorescent wakev. to pass rapidly.  vc. ka-i-wenei: meeting and passing each other rapidly (trains, runners, etc.). 
O  wene-ni-bure. n. acts of impurity in general, fornication <fornicate>, adultery
B  wénei. n. a shooting star or meteorvi. to sail fast
B  wenekátoto. vi. to indulge in prolonged sleep, to sleep overmuch. 
B  wéne-ni-búre. vi. to commit adultery or fornication
B  wénewene. vi. frequentative of wene
B  wEn/tite. n. Wednesday (ENG)
B  wére. n. a fish, the. 
weére. n. a vail (ENG)
O  were. n. (1) furbelowed clamn. (2) elongated clam.  ex. were-makai: scales of frilled clam. 
G  were. sn. Tridacoconuta cumingi (i)n. furbelowed clam (jr). 
were1. sn. Tridacoconuta elongata (i)n. elongate clam (ja). 
L  were. sn. Tridacoconutan. small (to 5") "killer" tridacoconuta - bivalve
were. sn. Tridacoconuta cummingiTridacoconuta elongatan. bivalve
were makai
G  were makai. sn. Tridacoconuta squamosa (i)n. scales or frilled clam (ja). 
L  were makai. sn. Tridacoconuta squamosan. bivalve
B  wérewere. v. to fish for the were
B  wÉrewEti. n. velvet (ENG)
B  wéte. n. a spine or spike on the back of a baiku
wéte. vi. to call
O  wete. n. dart, point of ... dart of sting ray, ... swordfish, tip of mast, ... thorn, picket;ex. te kai ni wete: pointed stickte wi ni wete: point of dart.  te nna ni wete, ni maniwete: bunch of darts in Gilbertese weapons.  te kawete: bayonetn. te kawete: point, dart, sharp end
wete1. nv. wewete to call, to call out, to cry out
B  wetéa. vt. to call, to summon, to inviten. a call
O  wetea. vt. wewetea: to call, to convoke, to summon, to invite, to bid come.  ex. tiriweteasup. to call continually. 
B  weétikoti. n. a waistcoat, a vest (ENG)
O  wewe. suf. te ikawai ewewe: really old person.  see ewe
O  wewene. n. second half of a double mat which is woven on to first half.  vt. wenea: to begin to weave second half ... 
B  wewéne. n. a completed matn. the double of the babatu vi. frequentative of wene
B  wewénewene. vi. frequentative of wene
B  wéwete. vi. to call
B  wéwetea. vt. frequentative of wetea
B  wewéwetea. vt. frequentative of wetea
B  wi. n. a tooth, the mouth, an edge
O  wi. n. (1) teeth <tooth>, mouth, beak, point, needle, blade, age judged from teeth;  see compound words.  ex. te moa ni wi: front teeth, incisorste wi ni kamea, te katiti: canine teeth.  te awai: molarste ongong: wisdom teeth.  win te kai: crane's beak.  win te taba: knife blade.  idiom. te wi ra? what age?  ex. au wi: my age.  e wi te tei: the child is teething.  rouwi, kou-wi, routa, kouta te wi: to draw teeth.  korea win te: dilute the strength (of a drink).  v. (2) cut short (a speech, song), to stop, to suspend ...  idiom. e kakanoa wina: he has always something to say.  vt. moaniwia: to begin by saying that ...  nanoniwia: to be always talking about the same thing. 
wi1. n. end, edge, borderex. win te bike: limit of beach when high tide recedes; ma.  ex. te wi n ie: corner of sail
wi atibu
O  wi atibu. n. parrot fishh. 
wi karewe
O  wi karewe. a. honey mouthed.  n. flattering language.  ex. a karewerewe ana taeka: his words are sweet, agreeablevc. kawikarewea: to sweeten one's words, to insinuate
wi manga
O  wi manga. n. a crab with long claws. 
wi maung
O  wi maung. na. (1) evil smelling mouth (insult).  n. (2) the name of a fish
wi mona
O  wi mona. n. a species of fish. parrot fish
wi n aine
O  wi n aine. a. said of husband who takes the part of his wife.  ant. wi ni mane
wi n ang
O  wi n ang. n. air pipe, pump fixture, valve
wi n anti
O  wi n anti. n. slander, backbiting, tale bearing.  vt. winantia, wiwi ...: to slander, to backbite
wi n ongo
O  wi n ongo. n. hearsay, secondhand evidence.  v. to repeat a ... 
wi n rang
O  wi n rang. v. to boast, to brag, to vaunt, to boast shamelessly, to speak at random, to say ridiculous things.  n. humbug, boaster, wag
wi n ranga
O  wi n ranga. vt. to speak foolishly about, ... to boast foolishly, ... without shame about ... 
wi n rawa
O  wi n rawa. va. to show repugnance to accede to a request, to require pressing, to appear sullen, to give with bad grace, ... reluctantly. 
wi n rika
O  wi n rika. n. a chisel
wi n rine
O  wi n rine. na. winning canoefig. to appear to be winning, to be in front, to be overtaking <overtake> (by success, ... riches ...). 
wi n ririko
O  wi n ririko. n. necklace made of teeth picked up, collected (of special dolphin, te kewe). 
wi n tamare
O  wi n tamare. va. wi-tamare: to use seductive language, to seek to seduce by ... 
wi n tau
O  wi n tau. n. beak, dart of tau, jib sail
wi n tuairoa
O  wi n tuairoa. n. blade of instrument used to scrape pulp of cooked pandanus fruit. 
wi ngare
O  wi ngare. n. a smiling face, a smile
wi ni bakoa
O  wi ni bakoa. na. in form of shark's teeth <tooth>, pointed, V shaped edging
wi ni bati
O  wi ni bati. n. corner of sail tied to spar. 
wi ni kamea
O  wi ni kamea. n. canine teeth <tooth> .  syn. te katiti
wi ni katai
O  wi ni katai. n. the edge of a sharp slope, ... escarpment, cliff
wi ni kibu
O  wi ni kibu. n. beak of kibu ending in a pointa. pointed. 
wi ni kimoa
O  wi ni kimoa. or. wikimoan. a sneak, ... tale bearer.  v. to sneak, to tell tales.  a. sneaky. 
wi ni kua
O  wi ni kua. n. name of a constellation
wi ni kua1. n. whale's teeth <tooth>.  a. to have front teeth overlapping, double. 
wi ni man
O  wi ni man. a. beak shaped, pointed
wi ni meang
O  wi ni meang. n. flattering but insincere words.  v. to flatter for personal advantage, ... humbug
wi ni wete
O  wi ni wete. n. sharp point of dart, lance, arrow, summit, tip of mast, of coconut spathe, tattooing in points on thigh, etc. 
wi tati
O  wi tati. na. regular, well fitting teeth <tooth>. 
wi teke
O  wi teke. a. wiwiteke, witeketeke: frank, direct, speaking, to the point, not being afraid to hurt, or vex, saying exactly what one thinks. <candid>. 
wi teretere
O  wi teretere. na. projecting teeth <tooth>. 
wi uoua
O  wi uoua. v. to speak in doubtful terms.  n. indecision, uncertainty.  v. to be uncertain of one's words (used sometimes wrongly for wiuai). 
wi warebwe
O  wi warebwe. a. having big mouthn. great talker
B  wía. va. proper, fit, suitable, all right
wía. vt. to indicate by lot
O  wia. from. wia. to have beak turned towards, to have in front of one ..., before one.  ant. mwia: to leave after ..., behindsee wia raoi, wia buaka
wia1. vt. to have in front of one, ... face, ... to meet ..., to arrive at the time of ...  vc. kawia: to make ..., to wait till the moment of ..., ... the occasion of ...  ex. kawaia rokona: wait till he arrives to meet him, wait for an occasion ...  kawia te amarake: to arrive just in time for a meal. 
wia bong
O  wia bong. na. approaching night, nearly night.  ex. e wia bong: it is nearly night, night approaches. 
wia buaka
O  wia buaka. v. to turn out badly, ... to fail, to be unluckyvc. ka wia buaka: to make ..., to cause failure, ill luck
wia raoi
O  wia raoi. v. to turn out well, profitable, favourable, well met, just in time, to be lucky.  vc. kawia raoi: to make ..., to bring about ... 
L  wiaau. sn. Cymathium (gastropod)n. snail
B  wíabuaka. a. unfortunate, not favored
O  wi-amarake. n. a small knife to cut food, tobacco, etc.  a. always ready to eat
G  wianau. sn. Epibulus insidiator (ll)
B  wiatíbu. n. a fish, the. 
G  wiatíbu. a. parrot fish (ll). 
B  wíaau. n. a shell-fish, the. 
O  wiau. n. a shell fish
G  wiaau. sn. Cymathium sp. (i)
B  wíba. vi. to add to a story untrulyn. untruthful addition to a story. 
O  wiba. v. v.t. wiwiba, kakawiba n taetae: to shout, to roar (when speaking).  ex. kakawibaea: to enlarge, to exaggerate, to complicate, ... romance, ... chaff, ... humbug, ... brag, ... boast
B  wib'aárub'aaru. a. without teethn. a toothless person. 
O  wibarubaru. n. manner of speaking when toothless, as if munching, mumbling <mumble>. 
B  wíbeka. vi. to brag
O  wibeka. v. to talk incessantly, to exaggerate, to romance, to tell lies in joking <joke>.  n. braggart, boastersyn. wibunai
O  wibine. n. wibinea, wiwibine, wibinebine: secret, confidential conversation, whispering, softly uttered speech.  v. to murmur, to whisper. 
O  wibino. n. wibinobino: babbling <babble>, prattling <prattle> in boring manner.  v. to chatter, to gossipvt. wibinoi, wibonoa, wibinobinoa: to bore people by ...  see binobino
O  wibinoti. n. bad breath
B  wíboa. a. aphthous
B  wíboi. n. the thrush or ulcerous affection of the mouth
O  wiboi. na. abscess in mouth, bad breathv. to have ... 
B  wíbuaka. vi. to speak illsee taetaebuaka
O  wibuaka. n. (1) bad language, coarse, rude wordsvt. wibuaka: to insult, to offend by rude words.  v. (2) to speak, to pronounce badly, to sputter, to murder a language. 
B  wibúbura. n. a fish, the. 
O  wibubura. n. a fish, snapper
G  wibúbura. sn. Scarus brevifilis (y)n. parrotfish (sm). 
B  wíbue. n. a person with unwholesome reddish teetha. having unwholesome reddish teeth. 
O  wibue. na. discoloured, black, yellow teeth <tooth>. 
O  wibunai. n. an inveterate talker, braggartsee wimari
B  wibúni. a. having teeth which are unusually short
O  wibuni. na. having fine small teeth <tooth> (like buni). 
O  wibunoti. n. a species of fish
B  wíkabwea. vi. to falsely exaggeraten. exaggeration, false addition to a story
O  wikabwea. vt. to add on, to exaggeratesyn. wiba
O  wi-kai. na. (crane beak).  fig. stranded, nonplussed, in a quandary, taken in, disappointed, abashed, confused (recent expression).  biting <bite>, sarcastic, witty
B  wikákang. a. bold and caustic in speech
O  wi-kakang. n. sharp blade, pointed teeth <tooth>. 
G  wikakang. sn. Pollia undosa (i)
L  wikakang. sn. Pollia undosa (gastropod)n. snail
O  wikamara. n. obscene languagev. to use filthy words
O  wikamarane. vt. wikamaranean. flattering words, insinuations, hints.  v. to flatter by ... 
B  wikang/kang. a. having a voracious appetite
O  wikangkang. n. gourmet, gourmand, lover of good food
G  wikaru. sn. Lutianus bohar (ll)n. juvenile snapper (sm). 
B  wíkateke. vi. to boldly accuse, to talk much without hesitation.  n. a bold charge or crimination
O  wi-kateke. n. startling <startle>, persuasive, penetrating languagea. to be eloquent
O  wi-kaukau. nv. to speak in yapping, rude, disagreeable voice. 
B  wi:/ki. n. a week (ENG)
O  wiki. n. (1) week. (ENG).  (2) wick (ENG)
O  wi-koa. v. (1) wikoa n taetae: to speak rapidly.  (2) wikoa n amarake: to eat quickly.  vc. kawikoa: to make hurry, ... hasten to ... 
O  wikotakota. n. great talker, gossiper, chatterer (particularly idle, wicked, dirty talk). 
B  wíkotáua. vi. to lie, to deceivesee kewekewe
O  wikotaua. n. contemptuous term for braggart, for one for and against, hypocritical language. 
O  wi-koti. a. wikotikoti.  (beak cut short) abashed, confused, disappointed
B  wikótikoti. a. having teeth which are dull, or much worn down. 
O  wi-maka. na. wimakamaka: having decayed teeth <tooth>. 
B  wim'ákam'aka. n. a person whose teeth are much decayed. 
O  wimakiki. na. narrow mouthed, who dares not or cannot answer. 
O  wi-mam. syn. wikarewena. sweet, agreeable, flattering language.  vt. wimamuai: to give pleasure to ..., to flatter by ... 
B  wímæri. vi. to make additions to a story, to report falselyn. incorrect additions to a story. 
O  wi-mari. na. kimarimari n taetae, wimarimari: eloquent (embellishing recital in order to please rather than deceive).  n. good story teller in pejorative, braggart, harmless wag, joker. 
B  wímætoa. va. persistently maintainingn. persistence in what one has said. 
O  wi-matoa. va. to speak firmly, forcibly, or obstinately, to persist in one's opinion, to be obstinate, stubborn in one's ideas, ... advice.  vc. kawimatoa, kaka ...: idem. to refuse to retract, ... to go back, on one's word or on an order. 
B  wímona. n. a fish, the. 
G  wímona. n. a parrotfish (ll). 
win te bike
O  win te bike. n. the lower edge or limit of slope of beach
B  wína. vt. to tempt
O  wina. vt. wiwina: to incite by words, to suggest, to inspire, to counsel
B  wináine. vi. to prompt ot ill will or hostility to one's parents or near relatives as a wife or her husband
B  wínænti. vi. to slander, to backbite
B  wingárongaro. a. toothlessn. a toothless person. 
O  wingarongaro. a. toothless
O  wi-n-ie. n. corner of sail and end of yard arm near lower part of mast, clew
B  winikámarane. vi. to speak improperly to a womann. improper words to a woman. 
O  wi-ni-kamarane. vt. wiwikamaranea: to tease, to soothe by insinuating words, flattery, to flatter, to seduce
O  wi-ni-kanaeng. v. to show by one's language that one is hurt, huffed
O  winikibuia. vt. to pierce, to transpierce, to pierce through and come out. 
B  wínikibwí. vi. to appear as the point of a spear which has pierced completely through the leg or abdomen. 
B  wínikua. n. a whale's tootha. having a supernumerary front tooth
O  wi-ni-mane. nva. said of a woman who has taken the part of her husband, ... upholds his sentiments, ... ideas by her words. 
G  winiona. n. a parrotfish (ll). 
B  wíniwete. n. a tattoo on the thighsn. a certain plank in a canoen. the outer end of the coconut spathe
B  winónginong. vi. to whispern. whispering, a whisper. 
O  winonginong. n. a whisperv. to say, to murmur into the ear, to whisper.  vt. winonginonga: to whisper (a secret ...). 
B  wínonginóngia. vt. to whisper, to utter in a low voice. 
B  win/rang. vi. to boastn. boasting, a boast. 
B  winrángia. vt. to boast about. 
B  win/rika. n. a cold-chisel
B  win/rine. vi. to outsailn. an outsailing. 
B  win/rinéa. vt. to outsail. 
B  winríriko. n. porpoise teeth
B  wintámare. vi. see winikamarane
B  win/tau. n. the bowsprit
O  wi-o. or. wi-oov. to speak openly without fear, to use open, candid, <frank> unreserved language.  n. a voice which carries and can be heard <carry>. 
O  wi-oto. na. wioto (S.) toothache, decayed teeth, sore gums;  ex. te bo ngaro: gum boilvc. kawioto: causes toothache, ... decay.  see ribitau
B  wíraa. n. an aphthous diseasea. aphthous. 
O  wira. n. a wheel, a circular spring (ENG)
wira1. n. repugnance, aversionv. to have ...  vt. wiraea: to feel a repugnance for ... (persons, things not to one's liking). 
B  wíraoi. vi. to speak pleasantly and peacefully and properly
O  wiraoi. nv. wiwiraoi: to speak well, to use nice language
B  wírara. n. the rainbow
O  wirara. n. Nei Wirara: rainbow
B  wíraráoi. a. having handsome, regular and sound teethn. a person with a fine set of teeth. 
O  wiraraoi. na. having beautiful, good teeth <tooth>. 
O  wirebwerebwe. n. a chatterboxv. to prate, chattera. talkativevc. kawirebwerebwea: to make ... 
O  wirekareka. n. mouth full of stumps, ... gapsa. notched, dented (blade, edge).  vc. kawirekareka: to make notched, ... full of gaps. 
B  wíremwe. vi. to prompt as a learner, to incite, to suggest to.  n. a prompting. 
O  wiremwe. %wirem. na. slowness, slow of speech, slow eater.  vc. kawiremwe
B  wírereitína. vi. to speak without bashfulness
B  wiríkiriki. vi. to eat with very small mouthfuls, to speak softlyn. a low utterance
O  wirikiriki. n. (1) whispering, a whisperv. to speak softly, ... in low voice.(2) to eat, hardly moving jaws. 
B  wírikiríkia. vt. to utter with a very low voice, to mutterbib. Is 59 : 3. 
O  wirikirikia. vt. to whisper, to chew gently. 
O  wirikoi. n. a species of fish
B  wíritai. see a wibue
O  wiritai. syn. n.a. wibue
O  wiritu. n. virtue
B  wíro. n. a willow (ENG)
wíro. n. a variety of soldier crab, the. 
O  wita. n. wheat (ENG)
B  wítabitábita. vi. to praise or flattersee winrang
B  wítae. n. a large eel, the. 
O  witae. n. a large eel
G  wítae. n. a large eel (ll). 
B  wítakanæ/na. vi. to be quick to reveal secretssee aouti
O  witakanana. sup. witakanatuaa. tactless, indiscreet
O  wi-tamare. see wi-n tamaren. seductive talk. 
O  wi-tangaina. vt. to tell, to give out (thoughts, sentiments) before everyone, not keeping, ... having any secrets. 
B  wítata. vi. to speak rapidlyn. rapid speaking. 
O  witata. v. (1) wiwitatata: to speak rapidly.  (2) to eat quickly.  vc. kawitata: to cause to speak quickly, to eat ..., to make hurry
B  wítæti. a. having a regular set of teeth
B  wíteke. a. fluent, forcible, and to the point.  n. fluency, forceful speech, speaking to the point. 
B  witéketeke. a. frequentative of witeke
B  wi:/tere. n. a weasel (ENG)
B  witéretere. a. having the front teeth prominently projecting
B  wítoka. vi. to speak rapidlyn. rapid speaking or utterance
O  witoka. v. wiwitoka, witokatoka. to speak, or eat with rapidity.  syn. witatavc. kawitoka n taetae, kawitoka n amarake: to hurry, go quickly in ..., to make ... 
witoka1. vt. wi-toka: to speak, or eat (something) quickly
B  witókatoka. vi. to habitually speak rapidly
O  witoko. v. to obstruct, to make opposition by words. 
O  witokoie. %idem|. through wilfulness, heedlessness, foolishness
O  witokonaua. sup. superlative of witokovt. to prolong, to protract (decision, affair) by prolix, vain verbosity
O  wi-uai. %manga. uai:  a. double facedv. to say one thing to one person and the contrary to another.  n. liar, hypocrite
B  wiuóua. a. double-tonguedd, doubtful, uncertain
B  wiwárebwe. a. having the teeth separated a little from one another. 
B  wiwáriki. a. having the teeth set close together. 
O  wi-wariki. a. wi koinawa: narrow mouthed
B  wíwi. vi. to suggest, to temptn. a suggestion, a temptation. 
O  wiwi. from. win. suggestion, insinuation, incitation, inspiration.  v. to counsel, to suggest, to hint, to insinuate, to inspire, to incite
B  wiwíba. vi. frequentative of wiba
B  wiwíkateke. vi. frequentative of wikateke
B  wiwímæri. vi. frequentative of wimari
B  wiwímætoa. vi. frequentative of wimatoa
B  wiwína. vt. to prompt, to suggest to. 
O  wiwina. vt. idem. to incite to ..., to inspire a project to ... 
B  wiwínænti. vi. frequentative of winanti
B  wiwinæn/tia. vt. frequentative of winantia
B  wiwínikám'arane. vi. frequentative of winikam'arane
B  wiwinónginong. vi. frequentative of winonginong
B  wiwin/rang. vi. frequentative of winrang
B  wiwíremwe. vi. frequentative of wiremwe
B  wiwíríkiriki. vi. frequentative of wirikiriki
B  wiwítata. vi. frequentative of witata
B  wiwíteke. vi. frequentative of witeke
B  wiwítókatoka. vi. frequentative of witokatoka
B  wíwiuóua. vi. to tell two stories about, to prevaricate
B  wiwíwi. vi. frequentative of wiwi
B  wiwíwina. vt. frequentative of wiwina
O  wokewoke. n. a plant (red leaves and red flowers). 
B  wóreba. n. a wolf (ENG)


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