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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B  u. n. trap to catch eels <fishing>.  pron. myex. baiu: my hand.  vi. go in great numbers, swarm about.  vi. fish for eels with an u
O  u. suf. to nouns indicating poss. adj. 1st person.  ex. tina-u: my mother; bai-u: my hand, my arm. 
u1. pref. to most words beginning with u.  meaning up, upwards, lifting up, rising <rise> up.  see u, uba, ubu, uka, uki, uma, unga, ta-ura, uti, ure
u2. n. onomatopoeia of persisting noisesee kareu, karu, karou
u3. n. a humming noise, buzzing, ... of crowd, of windv. to roar, to rumble, to hum, to buzz in swarms.  a. abounding, crawling, pollinating <pollinate>.  ex. e u te maninara: the mosquitoes are swarming and buzzing. 
u4. n. te u, to u: eel basket, eel potv. u: to fish for ...  ex. tao-u: to fix the eel basket, to put it down to sea bottom.  tae-u: to make eel basket.  taona te u: to put down ...  taeko te u: to pull up ...  nv. ka-u, kauai, kau kamakama, kau waro, etc.: to fish for crabs, kamakama, sea mantis, etc., by alluring <allure> them, enticing <entice> them (ka-u). 
u5. n. perforationv. to perforate, to pierceex. te bai n u: ancient gimlet of pointed shell.  te u-baba: brace drillvt. una: to pierce, to perforate with brace bit
u6. n. te u: a skin disease (which makes holes). 
B  úa. n. fishing in deep water in which a number of persons accompany or manage the seine by swimming <fishing>.  vi. swim, fish <fishing>. 
. a. two, used in counting tens, hundreds, thousands, etc, days and years.  see a (for numeral suffixes).  vt. await the night or sunset
uaa. n. fruitvi. bear fruit
O  ua. a. two, in compound words: ua-kora, ua ngaun, ua-bubua
ua1. a. two, when counting in pairs, by two's. 
ua2. v. rad. of uota in compound words to have on oneself, to carry on oneself.  ex. ua-kai, ua bai: to carry arms ... 
ua3. v. rad. of uaua: to swimex. ua rio, uarake, ua nako: to swim down, ... up, away.  n. te ua: a manner of fishing with net in deep water.  vc. ka-uaua: to make swim.  see v.t. uana: to swim to, ... towards. 
ua4. n. measure, manneridiom. uau naba, uam naba: me also, you also.  ex. uana naba: in the same way, and so on.  uau aei i tari: the water was up to here (show) on me in the sea.  akea uam: there's nobody like you, nobody your size. 
ua5. v. to wait until, have patience till, insist until, remain until ...  ex. ti ua rekena: we will wait till we get it.  e ua matena: he kept at it till death.  n ua te: until.  n ua matena: even until death ...  vt. ka-ua: in a state of waiting, of patiently waiting, until ...  ex. kauako, kauangkamiex. kauangkami i main te ongora: have patience while waiting for the address.  kaua te ongora: wait until the ...  kaua matum: wait till it is time to go to bed.  kauai nanomi: be patient! you will get satisfaction!  intj. ua reke! ua roko! ua rongo! (ironical) let it come! what odds! 
ua6. n. te ua, uan te ...: fruit, product, result, gain, profitex. te ua ni, uan te ni: fruit of coconut tree; te ben: coconut.  te moan ua: the first fruit.  akea uana: without profit, ... valuev. kariki ua: to give fruit, profits, results.  nv. kinika ua: to gather, ... pull fruit.  vc. kauaea: to make ..., to let produce fruit, ... profit. 
ua n ati
O  ua n ati. n. young fish just spawned around rocks. 
ua tabe
O  ua tabe. rad. of ua tabe ai, uatabeman, uatabeua ... koravt. uatabeaia, uatabemania, uatabeua, uatabekora, etc.: to take, ... put one by one, one after another. 
B  uaai. see a. uaai
O  ua-ang. v. to take a deep breath before diving, to take in supply of air, energy. 
O  ua-anga. a. ambidextrousex. kaua anga: being able to use either left or right hand. 
B  uáb'a. vi. carrying coconut oiln. carrying or transportation of coconut oil. 
uába. a. two (leaves).  n. measurement of length
O  uaba. n. two leaves <leaf>. 
B  uabáea. vt. measure
O  uabaea. vt. to measure with a midrib or stick. 
O  uabai. v. to have, or to carry on oneself any object. 
B  uábangaki. a. lying crosswise as tying-sticks on rafters , or as a ship in a channel. 
O  uabangaki. a. a little crooked, slightly side waysvc. kauabangaka: to put or place in cross wise position. 
O  uabarariki. a. slightly curved towards the end (coconut, etc.).  see rurubaro
O  uaboboa. idiom. uaboboa mwina: to try to bring back to former state. 
O  uabong. n. two days
uabong1. idiom. ua te bong, n ua te bong: until nightfall
B  uábu. n. wharf (ENG)
O  uabu. n. wharf, quay (ENG)
B  uábuaka. vi. misrepresentt. 
uábuakaa. vt. misrepresentt. 
O  uabuaka. na. having bad resultsant. uaraoi
uabuaka1. n. uabuaka: calumny, slanderv. to defame, to slander, to disparage, to discredit, to vilifysyn. kabuakaka
B  uabúbua. a. two hundred
O  uabubuti. n. a weaponsee auabubuti
O  uaburiburi. a. ready to break open, containing pus
B  uábwi. a. twenty in counting things in general.  see uangaun
B  uáea. a. two million
O  uaereti. n. wireless. (ENG)v. to send telegram <cable> by wireless. 
B  uaái. a. two in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timber, coconut-leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish, sharks and ikari
O  uai. a. two (large fish, tools, etc.). 
B  uaia. n. race, racing. 
uáia. vi. do in company with one or more, both do.  vi. race
O  uaia. n. te uaia: rivalry, competition, emulation, concoursev. to contest for ...  ex. uaia wa, uaia makei: canoe regattamakei: (toy canoe) racesv. uaia ma: to contest, to compete, to race with ...  uaia n, a uaia n: to vie, to go, to do togetherex. a uaia ni biri: they both ran together.  vc. kauaia: to make ... 
B  uáiaki. a. twenty, in counting fish and tuae
O  uaiaki. a. twenty (pieces of tuae, fish, etc.). 
B  uáiakina. vt. pursue a work or journey until completed. 
O  uaiakina. v. to compete for ..., to accomplish together, to tend towards together ... (the same end, ideal). 
B  uáitebu. n. axe proper, also a small axe, but not a hatchet. 
O  uaitebu. n. a large axe with long handle (needing two (uai) hands to manipulate). 
B  uáitera. a. half and half.  a. double-edgeed. 
uáiteraa. vt. divide in halfves. 
O  uaitera. n. half and half.  a. two sided, in two pieces, double bladed, etc.  vc. kauaitera ... kaka ...: to make, have or carry by each holding an end. 
ua-itera. vt. to do by halves <half>, to cut, divide, or separate in two, to make two equal parts, etc. 
B  uaáka. pron. these men who
O  uaka. pron. those whosee naka
O  uakabu. n. a fish, a black riba
B  uákai. a. two in counting trees, plants, fish-hooks, and sections of land.  vi. go armed.  n. custom of carrying deadly weapons. 
uaákai. pron. these men or boys. 
O  uakai. pron. these
uakai1. n. two (plants, instruments, arms ...). 
uakai2. nv. to carry weapons, tools, to be armed to the teeth, provided with tools. 
B  uákæka. va. curled up through heat or cold.  va. curled as the hairn. curling up through heat or cold. 
uakaáka. vi. be hampered as when attended by several small children.  vi. be burdened with many packages.  n. care of a number of children
O  uakaka. n. bristlev. to bristle up.  a. hairy, hirsute, bristling, dishevelled.  vc. kauakaka: to make, ... to bristle up, to make bristle or hair stand up (feather, spikes, etc.). 
uakaka1. n. entanglements, embarrassments, worries <worry>.  v. to have ..., to bear or have many worries, be entangled in many matters.  vc. kauakaka: to give ... 
B  uaákana. pron. those men who, those boys who.  vi. engage repeatedly in taking food to a person.  n. repeated carrying of food to a person. 
uaákanaa. vt. go to or visit a person for the purpose of giving him food repeatedly. 
O  uakana. pron. those who ... 
uakana1. vt. ua-kana: to have, or carry provisions, victuals.  ex. I uakana Ten Naewa: I am taking food to so and so. 
O  uakangkang. n. a delicious coconut
B  uaakanne. pron. those men or boys. 
O  uakanne. pron. those ... 
B  uaáke. pron. those men who, those boys who. 
O  uake. pron. those who ... uakeke
B  uaákeang. n. fish
O  uakeang. n. tiny fish, fry of keang (seaweed). 
O  Uakeia. n. name of soothsayer in the expedition of the people of Beru in the conquest of the northern islands. Kaitu was the principal chief: Kaitu ma Uakeia
B  uaákekei. pron. those men or boys yonder
O  uakekei. pron. those, those over there. 
O  uakengakenga. see n.a. kengakenga idem
B  uaáki. vi. dragging or towing. 
O  uaki. n. towage, haulagev. to pull, to drag, to towidiom. a uaki n un: they started to quarrelv. kauaki: to fish (trawling).  vc. kauaka: to let line drag. 
B  uaákina. vt. drag or tow
O  uakina. vt. to pull along, to drag, to tow
B  'uákinto. n. hyacinth (GR)
B  uakónikon. n. wrinkle, gatherva. gathered as in sewing, wrinkled. 
O  uakonikon. from. kon, konikonv. giving way, yielding under pressure and snapping back when released as elastic, retractilevc. kauakonikona: to make yield, give way, contract
B  uákora. a. two baskets. 
O  uakora. a. two (baskets, songs, etc.).  v. to take measure
O  uakunikun. na. undulating with rolls of fat
B  uákuri. a. two hundred thousand
O  uakuri. na. two hundred thousand
O  uakurikuri. na. in countless number, by hundreds of thousands
B  uamaáe. a. dispersedn. dispersee>ion, scattering. 
O  uamae. n. dissemination, scattering.  a. scattered, dispersed, <general (meaning)>.  vc. kauamaea, kauamaenakoa: to scatter, to disperse, to disseminate here and there. 
B  uáman. vi. measuree>ing spaces evenly with cord or stick. 
O  uaman. nv. to carry flag, ... banner
O  uamane. nv. to carry money on one's person. 
uamane1. from. manen. manoeuvre of encirclementv. to manoeuvre to ... 
B  uam'ánea. vt. round up as pigs.  encircle fish on a reef when fishing with a seine
uamæ/nea. vt. ask for, beg
O  uamanea. vt. to encircle, to surround, to hem in, to catchfig. circumvent
B  uamæ/nia. vt. measure as spaces with stick or cord. 
O  uamania. from. manvt. to put marks on, to take measure
O  uamari. n. productiveness, fertility, fecundity, produce in abundancev. to give, ... bear fruit, person who makes land productive, ... draws profit from business, fertile soil, fruitful tree.  ex. kauamari: ... which makes productive. 
B  uaámoa. a. saucy, haughty, impudent, bold-facedn. impudence, sauciness. 
O  uamoa. v. to try to be firstn. tendency, emulation for better, for first place, ambitiona. ambitious (without pride). 
O  uamumun. see mumunnv. v.c. kauamumuna: to make ... 
O  uamumuri. n. Nei Uamumuri, wife of Ten Kantoa, daughter of Nao and Neiko (romantic tale). 
O  uamwi. v. uamwiu, uamwim. to try to follow in the footsteps of, the example of, to imitate ... 
B  uaan/. n. pumice stonevi. fertilizee>ing with ua:n
O  uan. n. pumice stonevt. uania: to fertilize land with pumice stones. 
uan nei rara
O  uan Nei Rara. n. the first child of a young mother, cherished, richly dressed, bedizened. 
B  uána. a. unchangeeable.  vt. swim out to. 
O  uana. vt. to swim towards, to tend towards, to go to visitex. uanai: come to see me, ... to visit me.  fig. seek to attain, to contest with, to imitate, to take for model, ... exampleex. ti na uana Jesu Kiristo: we shall tend to imitate Christ. 
uana naba
O  uana naba. idiom. in the same manner, likewise, also, and so on.  ex. ai uau naba, ai uam naba: I also, you also.  ao ai uana naba: and so on, and so forthh <etc.>. 
B  uánanai. n. furred and whiteish condition of the tongue and moutha. having a white and furry tongue and mouth. 
O  uananai. n. kind of ulceration of mouth, thrush, aphthae, having ... 
O  uananginang. from. nangna. scattered cloudsvc. kauananginanga: to scatter with ... 
B  uaánænti. n. blighted or poorly developed coconutva. having small or blighted coconuts. 
O  uananti. n. (1) badly formed fruit, deformed ...  (2) (Abaiang) a red fish (rock cod). 
G  uananti. n. an Abaiang word for a species of red fish, possibly a rock cod (ll). 
O  uanao. from. naona. uanaonao, a multitude, crowd, in crowds, numerous (waves).  vc. kauanao: to make ..., to multiply ..., to pile up
B  uaanáonao. a. very many, very numerous
B  uánati. n. fish
B  uaang/. vi. sway preparatory to throwing or jumping or swimming. 
B  uánga. a. two thousanda. two fathoms.  vt. overfeedd. 
uaánga. a. ambidextrous
O  ua-nga. na. two thousand, two fathomssee nga
B  uángaun. a. twentysee ngaun
O  ua-ngaun. a. twenty
B  uaángia. vt. swing a person in a swing.  vt. sway one's body before throwing. 
B  uangíngi. a. very small
uangingi. n. smallness, diminutiveness. 
O  uangingi. a. little, tiny, minutevc. kauangingia, kaka ...: to retract, to shrivel up, to grow thinner, to lessen, to shrink
uani karau
O  uani karau. nv. to stay out in the rain, to bathe, play, work ... 
B  uaánia. vt. fertilize a plant with powdered uan
O  uania. from. uanvt. to fertilize land with pumice
B  uaáno. a. very many
B  uano|u:. n. flower of the mao
O  uanou. n. flower of mao
B  uaánrongo. vi. glean
O  uaoi. nv. to have, or carry torches for fishingn. te tia ua oi: the carrier of ... 
B  uára. va. of or in what state or condition (interrog) que). 
uáraa. a. embarrassed or deterred by the presence of company.  n. embarrassment in or a deterring from through the presence of another. 
O  uara. n. faulty behaviour, bad conducta. gawky, badly adapted, insecure, uncertain, slow, awkward, embarrassed.  vc. kauara, kaka ... kauaraea: to make ..., to fetter, to embarrass, to make go wrong, ... act wrongly. 
O  ua-ra?. v. idiom inter. preceded by ko, e, kam, a (for condition, demeanour).  ex. ko ua ra? how are you?  e uara tamam? how is your father?  e uara te buaka? how is the war going? what is happening? be how?>. 
B  uáræn. n. tobacco ooze or juice in a pipe-stemn. form of syphillisva. abounding in tobacco juice or ooze in a pipe.  va. afflicted with a form of syphillis. 
O  uaran. v. (1) to have ..., to give, to carry juice, liquida. juicy.  n. (2) nicotine.  (3) syphilitic <syphilis> discharge
uaran1. from. rannv. to have coconuts to drink (ran) or carry coconuts to sell (S.). 
B  uárao. vi. deceive, lie, prevaricaten. lie, deception
O  uarao. v. to cheat, to fraud,.  n. imposture, lying, humbug, liar, braggart, impostorvt. kauarao, kaka ... kauaraoa: to look on as ..., to treat as impostor, etc. 
O  uaraoa. vt. to lie to ..., to cheat, to trick by lies, humbug, fabulous tales, impostures. 
B  uáraoi. a. suitable size or fita. not severe as a sickness.  a. moderate
O  uaraoi. a. convenient, suitable, just, sufficient, right size, ... quantity, ... quality. 
B  uárea. int. how much more so. 
O  uarea. idiom. kind of condit. interrog ..., how would it be if ...  ex. uarea ngkana I kanna? what would happen if I ate it? and if I ate it? 
B  uárebu. a. ten thousand
B  uáreke. a. very much, over-much, excessiveintj. exclamation of inability to do
O  uareke. a. which is common, easily found.  int. uareke! what a find! it fell into my hands. 
B  uaréreke. n. smallness, diminutiveness.  a. small, little, not much. 
O  uarereke. n. smallness, puniness, small dimensions, small quantity.  a. small, puny, not tall, not big.  vc. kauarerekea, kaka ...: to make smaller, to diminish, to reduce, to lessen, to shorten, to curtail, to abridge
O  uariki. see warikin. narrowness.  a. narrow
B  uároko. intj. exclamation of confidence in one's championship.  n. gift or present brought as to a chief.  vi. taking a present to a chief. 
O  uaroko. nv. to have, or bring presents when paying one's respects. 
uaroko1. intj. (many meanings) to urge on.  ex. uaroko! go on!  to a neglectful friend; uaroko? so you have come at last! it is a long time since I saw you last! 
B  uarókoa. vt. present a chief with foodn. presentation of food to a chief. 
O  uarokoa. vt. to take presents to ..., to visit with a gift in hand. 
B  uárongo. intj. equivalent to " the land cannot be famine stricken ". 
O  uarongo. intj. let the famine come! we won't die of it. 
B  uaróngorongo. vi. carrying news
O  uarongorongo. v. to have news to tell, to bring news. 
B  uarongoróngoa. vt. give information about. 
B  uárurung. vi. shift about as a cargo not well stowed.  vi. scatter suddenly as a crowdn. shifting of cargo. 
O  uarurung. see rurungv. to move in crowds here and there, to move, to drift, to be tossed, to fluctuate
B  uatæ/beai. va. occurring here and there as grey hairs.  bib. Hosea 7 : 9. 
O  uatabo. n. two ends, two piecesnv. to carry between two, one at each end.  vc. kauatabo, kauataboa, kauataboia: to hold, take, or carry (one at each end). 
B  uatáeka. vi. carry word
O  ua-taeka. n. uataeka: tale bearing.  ex. te tia ua taeka: tale bearer, informer, disparager.  v. to inform, to carry tales, to disparage. 
B  uatáetae. vi. carry word
B  uátano. a. twenty million
B  uaatao. a. great in quantitytwo ( layers or tiers). 
O  uatao. na. one above another, superposed, two storey, in layers, ... in seriesvc. kauataoa, kaka ... kauataoarakea: to put one on top of the other, ... layer upon layer, to pile up, to heap upn. te bora uatao: two storied house, biplane, etc.  ex. ten atao: three ... 
O  ua-tari. nv. (1) to have, give, or carry juice, liquidv. (2) to carry one's share of toddy to the co-operative for making molasses, to give one's contribution to ...  (3) to make or leave a wake, wash, track in water. 
O  uataria. vt. to supply the co-operative, to give one's share to ... 
O  uatata. n. two beats, double beat (rapid). 
B  uaáti. va. swollen as a boil, but not discharging.  vi. washn. work of washing clothes
O  uati. n. swelling.  v. to swell, get bigger, to swell after rubbing.  ex. e uati waena: his foot is swollen. 
B  uaátia. vt. wash
B  uátibu. intj. equivalent to "my foot cannot swell"). 
B  uátoki. a. two hundred million
B  uátou. vi. carrying pandanus fruit
B  uáua. vi. swimn. swimming. 
uáuaa. vt. execute one's purpose. 
O  uaua. idiom. uaua nanona, katoka nanona, ira nanona: to content, to satisfy, to follow one's instincts, desires.  ex. uaua nanon: ... to please, to satisfy, to content. 
uaua1. vt. freq. of ua, uaua rekenasee ua
uaua2. n. swimming.  v. to swimex. uaua ni kimoa: to swim like a rat.  vc. ka uaua: to make swim. 
O  uauaki. idiom. te uauaki n aine, te uauaki ni mane, te uau-uau: idem. model man, ... woman, examples to be aimed at as regards physical form and proportion. 
B  uauaámoa. a. frequentative of uamoa carrying fowls.  n. impudence, sauciness
B  uáuaána. a. remaining unchanged. 
B  uáuanánona. a. eager to obtain, greedy
B  uáuaráo. vi. frequentative of uarao
B  uáuaróko. vi. frequentative of uaroko
B  uauaáti. vi. frequentative of uati wash
B  uauaátia. vt. frequentative of uatia wash
B  úaung. a. two in counting pandanus fruitsee ung
B  úb'a. n. the part of the upper breast over the sternumn. flat shell ornament hung over the uba
O  uba. n. (1) breast, thorax, poitrel, span of kiten. (2) shell worn on the chest.  see nikabangabanga, nikabono, nikabibi, nikatarataran. (3) a system of binding, nira n ubana.  (4) figures in game of cat's cradles. (te wau) uba n eitei, uba ni moa aine, etc.  na. ubauba, kauuba, kauubauba: wide span, large thorax.  uba-ro, uba ura, uba mai: black, red, whitish colour ... (birds).  vc. kauba, kakaubav. (5) to strut, to stick out chest, to take advantageous pauses.  ex. kaubako! kaotiko! show yourself, exhibit yourself!  idiom. nira ubana, taera ubana: to tie, to make uba (special figure).  see ubana v.t. 
uba mara
O  uba mara. n. a species of frigate bird (unplumed). 
B  ub'áb'a. n. brace for boreing. 
O  ubaba. n. brace (carpenter's tool).  idiom. ubabaea te ang : steer straight into the wind.  or. ubanibania te ang
B  ub'áete. va. suffering with dyspepsia or a sense of fullness after eating.  n. form of dyspepsia
O  ubaete. n. dilatation of the stomachv. to have ... 
B  úbai. n. bit for boreing.  vi. boring with a bit. 
O  ubai. n. a small hand bracevt. to pierce with ... 
B  ubáia. vt. bore a plank with a bit
O  ubaitoi. n. a young frigate birdfig. a person too proud and too lazy to work (as frigate bird which lives at the expense of other sea birds). 
B  úb'ana. vt. wear an uba
O  ubanaine. n. a fish (Labridae sp.), wrasse
G  ubanaine. sn. family Labridae (ll)n. wrasse (sm). 
B  ub'ániban. n. brace for boreing.  vi. boring with a brace-drill
O  ubaniban. n. brace (carpenter's tool).  vt. ubanibania: to bore a hole with ... 
B  ub'anib'ánia. vt. bore a plank with a brace-drill
B  ub'æ/non. vi. fly low as a kite
O  ubanon. na. a kite which is too soft, too flexible.  ant. ubamatoa
B  úbæra. vi. be blown away as litter
úbaraa. vt. fill or occupy a place as flying littervt. flood a country as immigrants. 
O  ubara. vt. to fall on, to rush on (flock of birds), to invade a place, to flock in crowds towards.  ex. a ubaraiko aomata: the crowd is thronging towards you.  see tikubara
O  ubaranako. vt. ubaranakoa: to be carried <carry> away by a gust, a puff of windvc. kaubaranakoa ... 
O  ubaraniti. n. sea snaill.  syn. Nei Kamanging
L  ubaraniti. sn. Nudibranchs (gastropod)n. snail
O  ubararake. v. v.t. ubararakea: to rise up, to float in the air, to be carried <carry> up by puff of wind, ... sweep of a wing. 
B  úb'aríri. a. narrow as a kite in the middle.  n. narrow or slim kite.  n. slim person
O  ubariri. na. a bony, pointed chest, a curtailed kite, too narrow
O  ubaroro. n. a species of frigate bird with black chest.  a. black chested (fish, birds). 
B  úbati. a. powerful and large
O  ubati. a. broad shouldered, corpulent, wide span.  vc. kaubata: to take, seize hold strongly with arms around.  ex. e kaubatira te ang: a violent wind seized us. 
B  ub'áub'a. a. broad as a kite in the middle or as a kaue
O  ubea. idiom. in playing poker, two pairs of cards, to have two pairs of same cards. 
B  úbo. n. small fishvi. fish for ubo
B  úboa. vt. fish for ubo vt. clap the hands. 
G  uboa. n. possibly Kuhlia marginata (ll). 
B  'úboi. n. hoopoe [crested bird] (ENG)
B  ubóubo. vi. frequentative of ubon. clapping of the hands. 
B  uboubóa. vt. accompany a person who is chanting with clapping of the hands. 
B  úbu. n. snout, central part of the facen. softer end of a green coconutva. in the early stage of development as fruit
B  ubúbu. a. soft and tender as a young sproutn. tender germ-top of a coconut tree. 
B  ubúbunára. n. new leafves of the pan
B  úbunimai. n. unripe breadfruit
B  úbunrang. n. mortification, shame. 
B  úbuntóu. n. unripe pandanus fruit
B  úburake. va. too forward, rude in approach.  n. rudeness, too great forwardness. 
B  úbutángau. n. pandanus fruit in an early stage.  va. in an early stage of development as pandanus fruit. 
B  . va. in blossomva. ruffled as the hair in the wind , or as cross-grained woodn. blossom
ue n ari
O  ue n ari. n. flowers of coconut spathe
ue n uri
O  ue n uri. n. flowers of uri
ue ni mao
O  ue ni mao. n. flowers of maosyn. uanou
B  uéa. vi. reignn. king, high chief, lord, sovereign
O  uea. n. king, soverignex. uea aine: queenuea ni kai: king by right of conquestuea ni Mainiku: the Magia. ae uea, n uea: royalex. e uea: he is king, he reigns.  te waka uea: the tap root, main root.  n. ueau, ueam: my, thy, kingdom, reign.  na. utu n uea: royal family, royal blood.  ex. ba n uea: the reigning family.  niba n uea: of royal origin, princeuea makimaki: king for a day (one who eats all his taro, goes through all his riches in a short time).  vc. kauea: to make, to proclaim king.  vc. kakauea: to act the king, to play the great personage, to be pretentioussyn. baka n uea
B  uéana. vt. rule over. 
O  ueana. vt. to have, ... to take for one's king, soverign
O  ueburoung. na. pandanus flower odour, fragrance of ..., odoriferous, smelling like ... 
B  uéka. vt. visit as a country
O  ueka. vt. to go to ..., to visit a place. plural: go in crowds, invade a place, flock to.  syn. baroa, ... kina
ueka1. syn. iekavt. to submerge, to flood, to overrun, to invade (by water, by crowd), to rush atsee baroa
O  uekana. vt. idem. in fig.  syn. baroakina
B  uéke. intj. of response, like o. 
O  ueke. a. alert, brisk, wide awake, smart, quick, animated, excited, petulantvc. kauekea: to wake up, to make alert, to smarten, to excite, to make lively, animated. 
O  uekera. n. myth. tree planted at Buariki (Tarawa) by Nei Tekanuea from Nabanaba. She married Na Areau te Kikiteia. Nei Terere was their daughter. 
B  uékeuéke. n. shrub
O  uekeueke. n. a bushsn. Amaranthus Gracilis
O  uena. from. uevt. to decorate with flowers, to put flowers on ... 
B  uénari. n. coconut blossom
B  uére. va. shuddering, nervous through fearn. shuddering, nervousness through fear. 
O  uere. n. (hair standing up) emotion, shudder, shuddering with emotion, ... fear, very touched, moved.  vc. kauerea, kauere: to give ..., to cause shudders, hair raising, gives the creepssup. mauere, kamauere, kamauerea
uere1. a. tina-uere, kina-uere, bakina-ueresup. old, blighted, shrunken, shrivelled up (persons, plants). 
O  uianau. sn. Epibulus insidatorn. a fishor. wianau
G  uianau. sn. Epibulus insidiator (y)
B  uíra. n. wheel (ENG)
B  uíribaro. n. wheel-barrow (ENG)
B  uíta. n. wheat (ENG)
B  uúka. vt. blow
úka. vt. open up or uncover as a native oven after bakeing. 
O  uka. n. name of the first man (myth.). 
uka1. vt. to take off lid, to open, to uncover
uka2. from. ukivt. to blow on, to blow out, to blow away, to cool by blowing on.  vc. kauka: to drink neat, to eat or swallow unadulterated. 
B  úke. va. consumed as bait, consuming.  vi. spread as a sore or firevi. seek
O  uke. a. exhausted, fleeced, stripped bare, nothing left.  vc. kaukea: to leave no remains, not a skerrick, to lay bare, to finish completely, to exhaust totally.  syn. kababanea
uke1. n. search, research, quest; ukeukev. to look for, to seek after.  ex. uke-aba, ukeukeaba: to look everywhere.  uke amarake: to look for food, sustenance.  uke anti, ukeuke n anti: to look for like gust of wind.  n. te ukeuke n anti: whirlwind, gusty blasts of windv. ukebaba: to look for, to rummage, to ransackukebaun: to collect rations.  uke-biri: to seek while running, hastily.  ukerara: to look in the wrong place, to rummage in ...  uke-tati: to seek in vain, ... where there in nothing at all.  uke-un: seek a quarrel.  n. kaukeuke: the effort of searching.  vc. kaukeukea: to make look for ...  ex. kauke aba, kaukebiri, etc. 
uke bau
O  uke bau. v. to work at a task, alone or in teams after share of work has been alloted.  see riaki toauea: personal task. 
B  úkebiri. vi. be in a quandry, esp in reference to one's ability to supply guests with foodn. state of doubt or perplexity as to the supply of food
O  uke-nako. v. to spread like wild fire (fire, disease). 
O  ukera. vt. ukeukera, ukora: to seek, to search for. 
B  ukerára. a. go about seeking for.  n. thorough search
O  ukeroa. vt. to search, to rummage in the dark, in obscurity, uncertainty. 
B  ukétæti. va. all consumed,.  va. all sick
B  ukéuke. vi. seekingn. search, inquiry, seeking. 
ukeuke n anti
O  ukeuke n anti. n. a gust of wind, whirlwind, cyclone
B  ukéukeaába. vi. go about seeking.  n. thorough search
B  ukéukenæn/ti. vi. run hither, thither in a bewildered searchn. whirlwindd. 
B  úkeun/. vi. seek a quarreln. quarrelsomeness. 
B  úki. n. finger or toe nailclawva. opened.  vi. begin to blow after a calm
O  uki. v. ukirake, ukirio, ukinakoex. e uki te ang: the wind is blowingkauki ang: to take in air, to get an airing.  see uka v.t. 
uki1. n. ukiuki: an opening, sluice, open spacev. to gape, to be ajar, to be open.  a. gaping, partly open.  fig. permitted, allowed, free, revealed, disclosedvc. kauka, kakauka, kaukauka: to open, to uncover, to disclo to inaugurate, to permit. 
uki2. n. uki ni bai, uki ni wae: finger nails, toe ..., claws. 
uki ni wae
O  uki ni wae. n. toe naill. 
B  úkiaa. n. inner end of a single pandanus fruit or nut
O  ukia. n. ukian te iri n tou: the nonedible end of drupe or segment of pandanus fruitvt. ukiaea: take away, to reject this when eating. 
B  ukiáea. vt. bite off the ukia before chewing the pandanus fruit
O  ukiai. vt. ukiaia, ukiaiaki: to blow the fire, to fan the flame. 
O  ukiang. n. dust of decayed coconut trunk
ukiang1. n. the thin slice cut from spathe end to let juice flow. 
B  úkin. n. tree
uúkin. va. abounding in ukin trees. 
O  ukin. n. a tree (useful for timber). 
O  ukina. n. plant (Terminalia samoensis). 
G  ukina. sn. Terminalia samoensis Rech. (z)
B  úkinaba. n. thumb
O  ukinaba. n. the thumbsyn. waebua
B  úkinæna. vi. eating out the kernel of a coconut with the teeth, gnawn. eating out or gnawing the kernel from a coconut shell.  n. mode of fishing
úkinæ/naa. vt. eat out the kernel from a coconut with the front teeth
O  ukinana. nv. (1) to gnaw or nibble at coconut kernel in shell.  n. (2) a manner of fishing, by spreading chewed coconut on surface of water.  syn. ka-anoai in order to see clearly. 
O  uki-nangananga. v. to look in every hole and corner (in vain).  n. te tia kaukinangananga: unrivalled athlete
B  úkinibai. n. thimble
O  uki-ni-bai. n. (1) fingernailn. (2) a measure, width of fingernail. 
B  úkintaa. va. ashamed or flustered by drawing false conclusions or by being detected in false representations.  n. sense of shame connected with the effects of misrepresentation. 
O  ukinta. n. ukintata: confusion, shame for obvious fault.  a. confused, ashamed for an awkwardness, blunder, obvious or quickly known fault, caught in the act.  vc. kaukintaea: to make ashamed for accidental misdeed, for shameful fault, untruths, etc. 
B  úkire. n. little finger, little toevi. incantation in the use of the little finger. 
O  ukire. n. the little finger, little toev. ukire, ukirerea: (malicious threat) to menace with little finger. 
B  ukiréa. vt. assault a person with a little finger incantation
B  ukirénibai. n. little finger
B  ukiréniwae. n. little toe
O  ukobau. n. (Hawaiian word) division of work, share
B  ukóra. vt. look for. 
O  ukora. vt. ukoukora: to search, to seek, to make researchsyn. ukera
O  ukouko. n. research, investigationv. to make ... 
B  ukóukóra. vt. frequentative of ukora
B  uúm'a. n. lagoon side of an island
úm'a. n. house, cook-house, small house.  va. collected or assembled.  started, moved as a rock.  lifted a little in the middle as a mat spread out. 
O  uma. n. any kind of dwelling, anything with roof, house, dwelling, hut, shelter, cabin, roof, tent, umbrellaex. uma ni mane: average-sized house.  a. uma, umauma: vaulted, convex, dome shaped, arched. 
uma1. adv. n uma, i uma: in an inhabited place, at place dwelt in, in the village, at homeex. te aine n uma: housewife (married woman).  a. uma n, uma ni kewe, uma n taninga: to have the habit, vice of lying, laziness.  syn. baran, niba n, etc.  vc. kauma, kaumauma: to make roof shaped, to lift up one side with crow-bar, to make dome shaped, ... arched, tunnelled.  see v. umana: to dwell in, under, to have as ..., to take as one's dwelling, shelter
uma. n. a system of navigation for travelling at night
uma n aia
O  uma n aia. n. a hut for combustibles, firewood
uma n amarake
O  uma n amarake. n. dining room, mess room
uma n anti
O  uma n anti. n. house of the gods. name of first maneaba,.  also. called Te Nikurobaba
uma n reirei
O  uma n reirei. n. school house, school building
uma n rianna
O  uma n rianna. n. tent
uma n roronga
O  uma n roronga. n. bachelors' quarters, hut for boys only. 
uma n taninga
O  uma n taninga. n. indolence, laziness.  a. indolent, lazysyn. banga n taninga, bara n ... 
uma ni borau
O  uma ni borau. n. idem. for finding stars using same terms as names of pieces used in building house
uma ni bung
O  uma ni bung. n. labour ward, hut for ... 
uma ni kaikain
O  uma ni kaikain. n. jail, prison, gaol
uma ni kuka
O  uma ni kuka. n. kitchen
O  umaiakina. from. umakivt. to accomplish hastily with ardour, spirit, briskly until finished.  syn. teboakina
B  úmaki. vi. (imperative) come here. 
O  umaki. n. haste, hurry, promptitude, diligencev. to hurry, hasten, go quickly, to be prompt, diligent, expeditious, quickvc. kaumaka: to make hurry, hasten. 
O  umakina. vt. to hasten, to hurry up a task, to accomplish in ... 
O  umana. vt. to have, take, or use as dwelling, shelter, to use a tent, awning, umbrella for shelter, to shelter under ... 
B  úmatoa. a. strongly buildt as a house or canoe
O  umatoa. n. a large, strong shelter (house, canoe).  vc. kaumatoa: to build big ... 
B  úm'atoro. n. house without a loft
O  umatoro. n. (ancient style of dwelling) a low hut
B  um'áum'a. a. arched over, branched over, lifted up as the center of a sleeping mat
O  umauma. a. dome shaped
B  umum/. vi. bakee>ing in an earth-ovenn. fish set aside to be baked. 
O  umum. nv. to cook in ground oven.  vt. kaumuma: to cook in ... 
B  umúmuna. vt. frequentative of umuna
B  úmuna. vt. bake in an earth-oven
O  umuna. red. umumunavt. to put to cook in ground oven on hot stones. 
B  un. vi. be angry, fightn. principal or central rootn. crowbar
O  un. pref. meaning struggle, force, violence, ardour (root foundation). 
un1. n. anger, harshness, severity, fight, brawl, dispute, conflict, oppositionfig. excitation, ardour, temper, passion, fury, bravery, courage, the principal, the essential, the main point, centre, full force.  ex. unin te ruoia: the dance at its hardestunin te taeka: the main point of the argument, speech, etc.  v. unun: to get angry, to fly into temper, to be cross, ... excited, to be carried off by rage, to struggle, to fight, to be angry, to be cross, ... violent, ... brutal, ... harsh, ... exasperated, severe, furious, wild, brave, daring.  a. kai un, kakai un: irascible, cholericex. banga n un, banga un: passion of anger, always ...  vc. kauna, kakauna, kaununa: to make ..., to excite to ..., to irritate, to vex, to exasperate, to make fight, to make bold, ... daring, to oppose end to end.  ex. I kaununai: I often get furious kauna am kai ma ...: put your stick in opposition to ...  n. te kaunun: irritation, vexation, excitation.  idiom. e un te ika: the fish bites at the bait. 
un3. n. Na Un: the name of a star
B  únaa. vt. hit a target repeatedly. 
uúna. vt. bore a hole in. 
O  una. vt. to pierce, to perforateidiom. e aki bono unana: born prematurely, aborted. 
una1. from. uvt. to throng towards, to direct one's steps towards, to concentrate around, to be massed around.  syn. kiara, baroakina, babaneakina
una2. from. unvt. to force, to charge against, to force sail towards. 
una matan ang
O  una matan ang. idiom. to attack, to harness oneself to a useless task which has no ending. 
una matang
O  una Matang. idiom. to go in direction of Matang, i.e., never to arrive at land, no end of navigating, to dawdle, to loiter
una rake
O  una rake. nv. to steer straight for the landsee ararakevc. kaunarakea: to direct towards, to steer towards ... 
O  unabia. n. fertile female flying fishsn. Exocoelides sp. 
G  unabia. sn. family Exocoelidaen. ripe female flying fish (ll). 
O  unabong. idiom. e unabong namakaina: last days of moon's cycle, 26th and 27th days of moon. 
B  unáenae. n. general term for fish smaller than urakaraka vi. takee>ing or removeing all. 
O  unaenae. from. aeaevt. unaenaea to strip, ... fleece, ... ransack, to make clean sweep, to scrape up everything, to despoil totally, to leave nothing behind (ex. fish and small fry).  syn. see kababanea, urouronga, kamauruorua, kakima
B  unaenáea. vt. take or remove all. 
B  unáine. n. old womana. old, as a woman. 
O  unaine. na. respectable aged woman, an elderly womanvc. kaunainea: to treat as ..., to respect as ... 
B  únarake. vt. sail close to the wind
O  unarira. vt. to pull off in one jerk, to strip off ... (as side leaves of of palm from midrib). 
B  unáririki. vi. stripping off old leafves of coconut trees.  n. work of stripping off old leaves of coconut trees. 
O  unaririki. vt. unaririkia: to cut off shoots, palm leaves, ... hair of future warrior leaving only a small tuft on crown of head (initiation ceremony), to denude of what has grown again. 
B  unariríkia. vt. strip a coconut tree of its leaves. 
B  únæta. n. homestead, fixed place of abodesee unnatavi. be long resident in a place
O  unata. n. a resident of long date, fixed, having taken rootv. to dwell, reside for a long time in a place.  ex. e unata iai: he has taken root there.  n. habitation, ancestral home
B  unáunaa. vt. decorate
unáuna. n. decoration
O  unauna. see unavt. to decorate, to array, to beautify, to embellish with many ornaments, ... much decoration. 
B  úneakína. vt. be stirred up or displeased about. 
O  uneakina. from. unvt. to dispute about, to claim from someone, to lay claim to ..., research eagerly, ... contest for ...  ex. uneakina te rabakau: to seek after knowledgesyn. keiakina
O  uneke. n. unekeneke: ornamentation, decoration.  vt. unekea, unekenekea: to adorn, to decorate
O  unene. n. firm foundation, strong basea. strongly rootedfig. te tangira ae te unene: profound, unshakable love.  syn. waka-matoa
B  ung. vt. chew and eat or suck pandanus fruit or bunia suf. following the digits in counting pandanus fruit in the bunch.  see aaung
O  ung. n. teina te ung, teungina, uang : one, two whole pandanus fruitex. te irina, te iri: detached segment, piece of fruit.  v. ung: to twist and chew while sucking juice from ...  see v.t. ungiraex. ungi bunia, ungi kaikarewe: suck, twist, chew pandanus, bunia (sweet coconut), sugar-cane. 
B  únga. a. encouraged, incited. 
uúnga. n. encouragement, stirring up. 
O  unga. n. animation, ardour, life, go, activity, enthusiasmv. to have ..., be full of ...  ex. unga riki! make more animated kaunga, kaka ...: to excite, to stimulate, to encourage, to liven up ...  te kaunga: stimulation, etc. ... 
B  úngara. vt. take up or begin chanting in a ruoia
O  ungara. vt. ungaungara: to accomplish, to do with animation, spirit, vigour, to excite, to encourage, to lead by example.  ex. e ungaria: he led them, ... made them enthusiastic
B  ungáungara. vt. frequentative of ungara
O  ungi. see n.v. ungira, ungi-tou, ungi bunia, ungi kaikarewe
B  úngira. vt. chew and eat or suck as pandanus fruit or bunia
O  ungira. see ungvt. to chew while twisting and sucking to extract juice. 
B  úniba. n. mock-fight by children using coconut leaf midribs as spears.  vi. play at mock-fight as children using coconut leaf midribs as spears. 
B  úniboto. va. continuing in one quarter as lightningva. concentratee>ing on one as many accuseations. 
O  uniboto. nv. to aim at the same point from a fixed base. 
O  unibotoa. vt. to diverge from a central point or converge to ...  ex. e uniboto te iti: the flashes of lightning come from the same spot.  ex. a unibotoiko: they are all unanimously for (or against) you. 
B  únika. vt. plantn. plantation just started. 
O  unika. n. a chisel (carpenter's tool). 
unika1. vt. ununika: to plant, to implant, to establish, to sow, to set upex. e unika te aro iai: he implanted religion there.  e unika te kie: she set up beginning of a mat.  n. te unika, unikau, unikam: my, ... your plantationte ununiki: act of planting, sowing seeds. 
unika tong
O  unika tong. v. to plant too closely, ... very closely.  vt. unikantongoa: idem
O  unika-ai. n. a species of taro
B  uúnikaai. n. babai.  large fisha. abounding in the fish unikai
O  unikai. n. blue sharkk. 
G  uúnikaai. n. blue shark (ll). 
B  unikáikai. vi. strike the head on the ground in tripping.  ex. e baka te te ae n unikaikai nako
O  unikaikai. vt. to bump, to knock into, ... against everything. 
O  unikarara. n. a game, juggling <juggle> objects. 
O  uniki. red. n.v. ununikisee unika
O  unikitaba. n. a child's game, tapping cheeks
O  unikitero. nv. to anchor, to take up residence, to stay put, to dwell permanently, to take up abode, to implant oneself. 
B  únimai. n. fish
O  unimai. n. white tipped sharkk. 
G  unimai. n. white tipped shark (ll). 
B  únim'aane. n. old man, eldera. old, as a man. 
O  unimane. n. an elderly respectable man, an old man, personage of rank or title.  vc. ka-unimanea: to treat as ..., to respect as ... 
B  úninga. n. pillow
úningaa. vt. lay as the head on a pillow
O  uninga. n. pillow, cushion, bolsterex. te kun n uningaor. kunin te uninga: pillow slipvt. uninga, ununinga: to use a ..., to put head on ... 
O  uningabo. n. a poisonous fish, like small lizard. 
O  uninga-kakua. n. Echinoderm genus holothuria, sea slug
O  uningana. vt. to use, or take for pillow
O  uningauninga. n. a genus of sea slug
O  uniwaka. and unuwakan. an ancient game, kind of sham battle with green batons of midribs of palm or taro leaves. 
B  un/nata. n. homestead, fixed place of abode
B  un/nuwaka. n. mock-fight with the side roots of pan or the stems of babai leaves as darts or javelins. 
O  unoba. syn. n.v. uniwaka: for children's game ...  nv. kaunoba, kauni ba: to contest skill in throwing pieces of stick at target. 
O  unobauta. from. unorav. to break, to sever by twisting, to unbind, to detach (esp. outrigger by waves). 
O  unoboto. see n.v. uniboto
B  února. vt. twist off.  vt. turn a key
O  unora. vt. unounora: to turn, to twist, to give a twist to ... (ex. door knob, fruit to detach it).  fig. to turn, ... change a situation or state of affairs. 
B  unóunobaráki. vi. sit or stand with bowed headn. sitting or standing with a bowed head.  n. bird
O  unounobaraki. na. holding head down through timidity, shamefig. (sometimes) hypocrite ... 
B  unóunora. vt. frequentative of unora
B  un/raa. a. angry
un/ra. vt. eat or chew pandanus fruit, bunia husk, or sugar cane
O  unra. na. badly joined, not corresponding, turned on wrong side, not matching.  syn. tabara, tabarara, tibaraex. e unra te ika: the fish turns away from the bait, doesn't bite.  fig. misunderstanding, discord, disagreement, vexed, cross, displeased, ill-disposed.  vc. kaunraea: to join badly, to fix ..., to give wrong end.  fig. displease, vex, ill dispose
unra1. syn. v.t. ungira
B  un/rake. vi. go contrary to, as a parent's wishes. 
O  unrake. a. going against, fighting against, rebelling against.  v. to refuse, to get one's back up, to go against the current, to be stubbornvt. unrakea: to go against, to fight opposition, to persist, be stubborn against.  vc. kaunrakea: to make ..., opposed to, to excite against, to persist in doing the opposite. 
O  unroko. n. yawssyn. urokou
O  unta. suf. of untaba, bwebwe unta: twins of different sex. 
B  un/taba. vi. collide
O  untaba. n. hurt, collision, conflictv. to enter into ..., to hurt against, to collide with, to oppose, to contradictvc. kauntabaea: to make ..., to provoke.  kauntaba: idem. to cause ..., to oppose one to another. 
B  únuáka. va. provoked, offended, put out. 
O  unuaka. syn. unuaran. offence, outrage, angerv. to get cross for, ... against. 
B  únuana. vt. urge on or hasten work or sport
O  unuana. from. unv. to set going, to lead, to direct, to conduct a gang, team, band, an enterprise, to be at the head, ... be the director, chief, leaderex. unuana te koraki, te makuri: to direct a gang, an undertaking.  syn. urubana, mataniwina, atuna
B  únuáraa. va. offended, put out.  n. taking of offense. 
O  unuara. v. unuararea: to be vexed, ... cross, discontented, to show ..., to look on with evil eye.  vc. kaunuaraea: to make angry, to give displeasure
B  únun. n. crossness, moroseness, disposition to quarrel or fightn. sharkn. long spear with sharks teeth.  a. given to anger or ill-temper, disposed to fight. 
O  unun. n. (1) te unun: lagoon sharkn. (2) a lance with double edge of shark's teeth. 
unun1. freq. of unna. passionate, fiery, of choleric temperament, violent, irascible, pugnacious, quarrelsome, disputatiousfig. harsh, cross, peevish, moody, disagreeableex. bakaunun, kakaunun: blustering, swaggering, braggartbaka te un: to pretend to be angry.  kakaiun: choleric, irascible.  kaunun, kakaunun: irritating, vexing, offensivevc. kaununa: to irritate, to vex, to offend, to hurt. 
G  unun. n. white tipped lagoon shark (hh). 
L  unun. ew. uniuni.  sn. Negaprion acutidens (charcharhinidae)n. requiem shark
B  unúniki. n. planting.  vi. planting, to plant. 
O  unuwaka. see uniwaka
B  . a. two (same as ua:) euphonic.  ex. uo man, uo wa, uoua
O  uo. and uaa. twoex. uoman, uoua or uowa, etc. 
uo1. rad. of uota nv. uouo: to carry, to rock, to lull to sleep.  vt. uoa, uouoa, tauoa: idem. to carry in arms, to sing lullabyex. uo! uo! te kuna n uouo: lullaby. 
B  uóba. a. two used in counting leaves. 
B  uóman. a. two used in counting persons or animals. 
O  uoman. an. two (living beings). 
O  uomania. vt. uo: to transport, to transpose (marks, designs). 
B  uóta. vt. carryn. something carried small or great. 
O  uota. vt. uouota, uotamai, uotario, uotarake, uotanako: to carry, to bring, to carry down, ... up, take away.  idiom. fig. uotaki nakon te ...: carried forward to ..., adjourned, postponed.  uotiko! (barracking term) come onn. te uota, uotan te ...: load, burden, freightuotakiraken Nei Maria: Assumption of BVMn. te tia uota te inai: a small star near Orion's Belt. 
B  uótana. vi. carrying.  n. carrying of a burden. 
B  uotikó. intj. exclamation of applause or triumph as in canoe racing
B  uóua. a. two, in counting things in generalfour in counting by twos two twos.  vi. carrying a childn. carrying of a child. 
O  uoua. a. two (things).  ex. te kauoua: the secondvc. kauoua
uouan te kai
O  uouan te kai. n. war dance
B  uóuo. vi. rock and sing
B  uóuoa. vt. rock and sing a child to sleep in one's arms while walking or sitting. 
B  uóuota. vt. frequentative of uota
B  uóuotána. vi. frequentative of uotana
B  úra. vi. blazen. lobstern. blaze
uúra. vt. throw salt water onto a rai to frighten the fish away. 
O  ura. n. ura take: lobstersee babanura, taba n urasyn. te newe, te makauro
ura1. n. uran te ...: ardour, flame, passionva. ura maka, ura-mara, ura-mate: ardent, burning strongly, ... feebly <feeble>, ... hardly; to be alight, burning, in flames, passionate, furious.  ex. uraraki: flaming, blazing, glowing.  uramaki: burning under ashes, covered fire.  ai ura, kakaiura: catching fire easily, inflammable, highly ..., irasciblevc. kaura, kakaura, kaura te ai: to light, to light the fire.  kaurarakea: to make blaze, ... flame up.  n. kauran te ai: ignition, lighting of fire, kindling brought from fire, fire rites in several magical ceremonies <ceremony>.  fig. kauran Tamoa, kauran Tarawa: the head, the leader, the strong man, first-rate hero
ura2. pref. of compound words: urababa, urabo, uraura ... 
ura3. vt. to sprinkle, to throw water on by hand.  see uria, uri bike
ura4. vt. to destroy, to break, to shatter, to smash (S.).  syn. urua
ura5. n. a fish (or lobster ?). 
G  ura. sn. Panulirua pencillatus Oliver (i)
L  ura. sn. Panulirus penillatusn. crustacean
ura n anti
O  ura n anti. n. (1) (ura-n-anti) a light appearing and disappearing.  (2) red colour of tainted fruit. 
O  urababa. a. blazing fiercely, bright red colour spreading all over.  vc. kaurababa: to make blaze, ... glow
O  urabaka. a. bright red (of ripe fruit). 
B  úrabo. a. same as uramai according to some authorities but not approved by Kaure
O  urabo. a. faded red, discoloured
B  urákaráka. n. general term for small fishvi. fish for small fish <fishing>. 
urakárakaa. vt. obtain small fish food by fishing for small fish. 
O  urakaraka. n. young fish, fryv. urakaraka: to fish for ... idemvc. kaurakaraka: to make ... 
B  úrake. vi. ascend
O  urake. v. to go up, to go up in the air.  a. ukakiraki: blown up, carried <carry> up by wind.  vc. kaurakea: to throw up in the air, to lift up ...  kaurerakea: to throw, to fling upwards (ex. ball). 
B  úraki. n. repeated transportationvi. carrying stones, boards, etc, to a certain place for collecting them there. 
O  uraki. nv. to transport, to convey, to load, to unload, to transshipvc. kauraki: to make transport.  ex. te tia uraki bai: carrier, porter
B  úrakína. vt. transport articles to a place for collecting them there. 
O  urakina. vt. to carry, to transport, to convey, to transship, to unload, to load
B  úramai:. a. pinkn. color pink
úram'ai. a. parched as with thirst and heated by exercise.  n. state of parching through thirst an: heat from exercise.  abnormal condition of one pregnant
O  uramai. a. near, imminent, impending (S.). 
uramai1. a. pale red, reddish, pink
uramai2. na. burned red, crimson (as sunburned skin). 
B  úramaitári. a. angry as a man just returned from fishing or sailing
O  uramaitari. na. red, burned red from exposure at sea (fishing, travelling, poisoning).  fig. red with anger. 
B  úram'áka. vi. burn brightly. 
O  uramaka. a. blazing <blaze>, burning brightly.  vc. kauramaka: to make ..., to stir up, to fan flame. 
B  úramára. vi. burn dimly. 
O  uramara. a. burning feebly <feeble>.  vc. kauramara: to make ..., to reduce ardour.  syn. ura-mere
B  úramæ/te. vi. burn very dimly. 
O  uramate. n. dying <die> fire, nearly outex. kauramate, kauramatea: to be barely alight, hard to light, a very small fire. 
B  uræn/ta. a. red according to some authorities, but not approved by Kaure
O  uranta. na. red of ta 'shell), colour of skin in certain diseases. 
B  uræn/tina. a. red as or like the nta n. red color of a neck ornament made from the nta
O  urantina. n. colour of old teeth <tooth>. 
B  úrarake. vi. blaze up. 
O  urarake. na. blazing, blaze flaming <flame> up.  vc. kaurarakea: to make blaze, to excite the fury of ... 
B  úrarakéa. vt. kindle upon.  bib. Isaiah 43 : 2. 
O  urarakea. v. to blaze, to creep up along ..., to go up slope, roof (flames). 
B  úraro. a. purplen. color purple
O  uraro. a. dark red, purple, violet
B  urataáke. n. spe lobster
O  ura-take. n. a large lobster
O  uratakirara. sup. superlative of ura: a. bright red, scarlet, rutilant, gleaming ... 
B  uráura. a. redn. color red
O  uraura. n. red, red colour, redness, vermilionvc. kauraura: to make red, to redden, to paint, colour or dye red. 
B  úre. vi. open, as a flower, or the mouth or the eyes. 
O  ure. nv. ureure: to open by separation, as bud bursting open, opening out, flowering, expansion, to open, to expanda. opened, expanded, in flower.  ex. a ure matana: its eyes are opened.  a ure uena: its flowers are in bloom, opened out.  vc. kaurea, kaka ...  ex. kaureurea: to make, ... open by putting apart (feet, eyelids).  e kaurei matau: he opened my eyes.  te kaure: the blossoming
B  úreba. n. disease of small boys.  va. having the disease ureba
O  ureba. na. a sickness of children. 
O  urebaku. n. the opening of spathe to extract juice.  vc. kaurebakua: to open the ...  n. te kaurebaku: this operation. 
B  úreka. vt. open as the mouth or eye or basket
O  ureka. from. urevt. to open wideex. e ureka wina, matana: he opened wide his mouth, his eyes. 
O  uretatanga. a. open, displayed, expanded
B  uréure. vi. frequentative of ure
B  uréuréka. vt. frequentative of ureka
B  úri. n. tree
O  uri. n. a tree bearing odoriferous flowers very common in Gilbert Islands.  ex. species: uri rereba, uri tangare, ure tabukimyth. te uri ni kananoanga, te uri ni kanewe: the uri where souls hang lamenting for three days before going on to the land of the dead with Nakasn. Guettarda speciosa, fragaea, ochriosa pavifloresa. uriuri: abundance of uri
uri1. n. a kind of religious ablution, sprinkling by taking up water in hands and pouring on head.  v. to do this, to ..., sprinkle
G  uri. sn. Guettarda speciosa L. (z)
uri ni kareke
O  uri ni kareke. n. syn. uri ni kanewe
uri ni kareke1. n. Capella and some other stars <constellation ?>. 
O  uria. from. urivt. to sprinkleex. uria rake, uria ni karuonako: sprinkle from top to bottom (magic rites). 
uria ni bati
O  uria ni bati. v. to sprinkle and hit with batiraku dipped in a kind of sacred water
B  uriæ/nibati. n. incantation for increasing strength
B  uriæ/nibatia. vt. incantate a person in order to make him strong
B  uriba. n. blade of a paddle
O  uriba. or. uruban. uriban te kai: large flat part of chest, palm, paddle, shovel, etc. 
O  uribike. v. to sprinkle the sandn. sprinkling on the beach (magic rite).  see ura
B  úrim. n. urim [heb divination object] (HEB)
O  uring. n. te uring, te ururing: souvenir, memoryv. to remember, to have memory, recollection of ... 
B  urínga. vt. remember, call to mindn. remembrance. 
O  uringa. vt. ururinga: to remember, to recollect, to bring to mind.  vc. kauringa, kaka ... kauringaringa: to recall the memory of, to remind <kauringuringa ?>. 
B  uringaába. vi. remember with affection or sorrown. affectionate remembrance. 
O  uringaba. n. nostalgia, home sickness, for country, family, the past.  vc. kauringaba ...: gives nostalgia ... 
B  uringaábo. n. fish
O  uringabo. n. (1) a small fish, lizard fishsn. Synodus variegatusn. (2) a small lizard
G  uringabo. sn. Bathygobius fuscus (y)n. goby (sm). 
uringabo1. sn. Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides (y)
uringabo2. n. fish of Gobies or Blennies spp. (ll). 
uringabo3. sn. Parapercis cephalopunctatus (y)n. smelt (sm). 
uringabo4. sn. Synodus variegatus (y)n. lizard fish (sm). 
B  uriréreba. n. uri tree variety
O  uriri. n. hastev. to hasten, to go quicklyex. e uriri te bong: the day is approaching quickly.  vc. kauriria: to make hasten.  ex. te kawai ni kauriri: a short cut, path through the forest, in the bush, parallel with road, where fewer people are met to retard one's progress. 
B  uritábuki. n. tree
O  urokau. n. head of coconut palm. 
B  úrokou. n. disease of the skina. afflicted with urokou
O  urokou. n. (1) yawssyn. te tonan. (2) a mollusc without shell.  vc. kaurokoua: to infect with yaws. 
G  ulonau. sn. Pandanus sp.n. screwpine (sp,z) <pandanus>. 
B  uróurónga. vt. take all. 
O  urouronga. vt. to finish completely, to leave nothing over, to complete a task properly. 
O  uru. n. ururu, uruaba, urubai: destruction.  v. to destroy
B  úrua. vt. destroy, breakn. upper part of the waist just below the ribs. 
O  urua. vt. ururua: to destroy, to sack, to plunder, to break, to smashfig. violate, transgress (laws, contracts, vows).  ex. kai uruaki, kakaiuruaki: fragile, breakable, easily broken. 
urua1. n. a fish, king fish
urua2. n. name of a star
G  urua. sn. family Carangidaen. very large kingfish (ll). 
L  urua. sn. Caranx melampyges (carangidae)n. large jack
B  uruaába. vi. devastatee>ing.  n. devastation
O  uruaba. n. devastation, ravage, havoc, ruinv. to devastate, to lay waste, to work havoc.  fig. e uruaba strong, capable of anything, desperate type (persons, animals).  or. e aintoa
B  úruaka. a. same as korakora, strong according to some authorities, but not approved by Kaure
O  uruaka. vt. to destroy, to demolish, to upset, to break, to smashsyn. urua (with more restricted meaning of physical break). 
O  uruana. syn. v.t. urua in moral sense.  ex. e uruana ara botaki: he destroyed, upset, interrupted, troubled, our meeting. 
O  urua-ongo. n. kingfish of largest species <fish>. 
G  uruaongo. sn. Caranx lugubrisn. large sized kingfish (ll). 
B  úruba. n. blade of a paddlen. butt of a gunsee uriba
O  uruba. or. uriban. principal part of body, instrument ...  see uriba, uriban te ang: the strength of the wind, a gust of wind. 
B  úrub'ai. vi. destroying.  n. destruction. 
O  urubai. n. destruction of things, destruction, sack, plunder, pillage, ruin.  v. to destroy, to devastate, to lay waste, to break, to smash, to upset, to dismantleex. te tia urubai: the destroyer, plunderer, pillager ... 
O  urubana. from. urubaex. uribana te makuri: to be the principal instrument, the chief, director at ..., to lead, direct an enterprise, to be the soul of, ... to organizesyn. urukauna, unuana, atuna, mataniwina
O  urubeke. n. urubeke, urebekebeke: complete destruction, devastation <devastate>. 
O  urubekea. vt. urubekebekea: to destroy fully, to ruin completely. 
O  urubwe. from. urungn. scullingv. to hold, to pull on steering gear. 
O  urukameru. n. a species of shark
B  úrukau. n. core of a coconut tree at its upper end. 
O  urukau. n. head of palm or similar plants.  fig. head, chief, director, president, superior
O  urukauna. v. to be at the head of, to take the lead, to direct, to organizesee urubana, unuana
O  urung. n. ururung: the manoeuvre of steering, sculling.  v. to turn rudder, to scull. 
B  úrunga. vt. work a steering oar, so as to "keep off".  n. shark, large shark. 
O  urunga. n. a species of large shark
urunga1. vt. ururunga: to direct rudder, ... oar, to steer
G  urunga. n. a shark (ll). 
B  urúri. a. abounding in uri
B  úrurínga. vt. frequentative of uringa remember. 
B  urúru. vi. destroying.  n. destruction, devastation. 
B  urúrua. vt. frequentative of urua
B  urúrub'ai. vi. frequentative of urub'ai
B  úrurúnga. vt. work a steering oar by repeated strokes. 
O  urutaeka. nv. to break promise, ... word, to break vow, oath, to give the slip to ... 
O  urutongau. n. a species of pandanus
B  úta. n. part, small portion, some, littlesee teutana
O  uta. or. Eutan. myth. person who helped to lift the sky. 
uta1. n. te utana, ua uta, etc.: a scrap, a little, a crumbex. ti teutana: only a tiny morsel, ... a little bit
O  utai. from. utaidiom. akea utaina, akea kitona: he has absolutely nothing, not even a crumb, he is a miserable pauper
O  uteanibai. and utonibai (?), otonibai, banga ni bai, uma ni baina. a person of great, unknown resources, hidden powers, science of uncertain use. 
B  úteæ/nibaka. va. lost, missing. 
O  uteanibaka. n. idem. of which one cannot imagine the use he will make.  vc. kauteanibaia: to find ..., to judge ...  kautenibaka: idem. see preceding word. 
B  utéute. n. grass
O  uteute. n. grass
uteute ni aine
B  utéute-áine. n. spe grass
O  uteute n aine. n. (Aragrostis amabilis) long grass
G  uteute ni ai:ne. sn. Fimbristylis cymosa R. Brown (z)
uteute ni mane
B  utéute-m'aáne. n. spe grass
O  uteute ni mane. n. short grass (or vice versa).  sn. Fimbristylis complonata
G  uteute ni mwaane. sn. Eragrostis amabilis (z)
uteute ni mwaane1. sn. Eragrostis whitneyi Fosb. (z)
uteute ni marawa
L  uteute ni marawa. n. all macro-algae (oceangrass). 
B  úti. n. lousea. greater, larger, used with riki vi. arise, awake
O  uti. n. (1) (Baringloria asiatica) perhaps Bairiatin. (2) a bush
uti1. n. te uti: louse, lice.  ex. utin te man: animal lice.  utin bakaua: bugste uti baraki: crab lousea. utiuti, uti n rang: crawling with ...  v. kin uti: to catch lice, fleas.  ex. kang uti: to crunch lice. 
uti2. n. utiuti, ututi: rising, awakening.  v. to get up, to swell, to lift up, to wake up, to raise up, to stand on end, to be awake, to be up, lifted up, swollen.  ex. e uti buraena: its hair bristles, ... is standing up.  e uti te buraua: the bread is risenvc. kauta, kakauta, kaututa: to waken, to call, to make get up, to make stand up, ... rise up.  fig. to excite, to stir up, to rouseidiom. kauti-nako: to go off early in the morning to work, etc.  nv. te kauti, te kauti ni mane, te kauti n aine, a kauti: magical ceremonies <ceremony> on the ocean side facing the rising sun. 
G  usi. sn. Barringtonia asiatica (z)
uti ia
O  uti ia. n. swelling veins, varicose ...  v. to have ... 
O  utibaba. nv. a e uti'baba, a utibaba ... buraena, ... irana, kaina, ... kunna, etc.: to stand up, bristle up in disorder, to erect, to hold upright, to raise, to stand on end, etc. (hair, bristles, feathers, skin, barbel, etc.), through fear, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, etc. 
B  útibæ/naee. vi. be disturbed in sleep by loud talking.  n. disturbance in sleep through loud talking. 
O  utibanae. n. a sudden awakening, great noise awakening everybody.  v. to wake up with a start
O  uti-ira. nva. a uti iranasee uti'baba
O  uti'kai. syn. n.v. E u-man
utikai. v. utikaikai: to bristle up (spikes, wattle, barbel), bristle up like a hedge-hog.  see utibabavc. kautikaikaia: to make ... 
O  utikun. a. e uti kunna: to have the creeps, to feel creepy, to have goose fleshvc. kauta te kun: to give the creeps.  fig. kautikun: it is thrilling, exhilarating <exhilarate>, elating <elate>, exciting <excite>, interesting, captivating <captivate>, impressive, horrifying. 
O  utimaka. n. early rising.  v. to rise early. 
B  útimaára. vi. be late in riseing.  n. late rising. 
O  utimara. n. late rising.  v. to rise late. 
O  utimere. nv. very late rising <rise>.  vc. kauti mere: idem. ... 
B  útinrang/. a. very lousy
B  útiuti. a. lousy
B  úto. n. sprouted coconut very recently planted, a very young coconut tree.  va. charged with, accused. 
O  uto. n. te uto: a young coconut plant, having no trunk. 
uto1. n. marrow or soft content of trunks, stems of certain plants.  fig. centre, origin, original cause, foundation, root, source, marrow, substancea. uton te ... uton te taeka: at the origin, source.  ex. e uto iai: to be the author, to be at the root of ..., the principal defaulter, the person really responsiblevc. ka utoa: to make responsible ..., principal defaulter of ..., the origin of a misdeed, to accuse of being ..., to inculpate, to incriminatekautona: to strengthen the principal part.  see utona, kautona
B  útoa. a. severe, as pain
O  utoa. na. deep-seated centre of cause, fixed ...  ex. e utoa ni maraki, ba te marakipain fixed, centred profoundly, concentrated insidee utoa n tang, ba n tang: to keep lamenting.  e utoa ana iango: he has fixed ideas, fixed deeply ... 
B  útoaáwa. a. severe as pain
O  utoawa. na. idem. ... a pain which is hard to locate. 
B  'útoba. n. hyssop [Biblical plant] (HEB)
B  úton. va. charged with, accused. 
O  uton. n. origin, cause, responsible author, defaulterv. to inculpate, to incriminate
B  útona. vt. accuse
O  utona. vt. to take, or use as principal base, basic substance of ..., principal ingredient of ...  ex. ti utona te tangana n te babai: we have taro as the principal ingredient in the mixture. 
O  utongau. n. a species of pandanus
O  utowa. a. unable to keep still, always moving <move>.  sup. bo-utowa
B  útu. n. family, householda. having a family, having near relatives. 
O  utu. n. family (by blood or species), relatives, offspring, progeny, race, dynasty, society, congregation, speciesex. kain te utu: members of family.  te utu ae tabu: the holy familykau utu: large ...  n. koroutu: misunderstanding in ..., division in ..., schismvt. koro-utua: to divide a family, to separate into species.  vc. kakoroutua: to make ... 
O  utuaki. from. uti kautan. aggravation of painv. to increase, develop (pain, sickness): recrudescence of swelling through meddling with ...  vc. kaututaka: to aggravate, to irritate, to make get worse
B  útuao. n. kite
O  utuao. n. (1) a kiten. (2) summit of fronton, triangular upper part of gable end. 
O  utuna. from. utuvt. to have, or take as one's family, to belong to such ... 


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