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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B  ta. n. tar, paint (ENG)
ta. n. a fish, the. 
O  ta. for. teart. the <a, an>.  note. used formerly but now only in Makin and Butaritari for some words.  ex. te kai: ta kai
ta1. n. a red rock fish, like mon
ta2. n. tar, paint. (ENG)ex. te tia ta: painter.  vt. tana: to paint. 
B  táa. vt. to smooth off, to remove roughness, to trim
L  taa. ew. tamalusn. Adioryx spinifer (holocentridae)n. squirrelfish
B  táb'aa. n. the blossom of the pan
tába. n. the cheekn. a fish,the. 
tábaa. va. choked with food
tæ/ba. va. disputed or unsettled as a boundary
taába. n. a knifevt. to pare, to whittle, to scrape
O  taba. n. strongly perfumed white leaves of pandanusv. to flowera. in flower.  vc. katabaea: let ..., wait till ...  ex. moantabaea: idem
taba1. n. oil perfumed with pandanus leaves. 
taba2. n. a young girlsee otaba
taba3. n. cheekex. oro taba: to slap on cheek.  kabo taba: to embracesee kaun taba
taba4. n. taban te rawa: sides, edges of passage.  te taba ni kawai: digression of route.  v. taba: to deviate, to go sidewaystabataba, tabataba nako: to go in all directions, to zigzag, not following the straight path, ... the right direction, the middle course.  ex. e tabataba n taetae: cock and bull story, disconnected speech (e rawerawe nako n taetae).  e tabataba kawaina: (canoe) unable to sail straight, but veering off course.  vc. ka taba: to make deviate, go sideways, digress, go off course.  ex. e kataba kaina: he avoids a blow by moving (stepping) sideways. 
taba5. n. cutlass, jungle knife, sword, machetesyn. naibivt. tabana: to possess, to take possession, to use a large knife, to split or cut with ... 
taba6. vt. taba, ta bia, tabaki: to cut, to split, to sharpen point.  syn. korotaba, korotabia (to sharpen pencil) taima
taba7. note. special sound of p with very brief final an. choking.  v. to choke in swallowing.  vt. (irr.) to cause suffocation, choking in swallowing <suffocate>. 
B  tábaba. n. a species of shark, the. 
tabaábaa. va. fully armedva. unkempt, bushy and curly as a head of hair.  abounding in leaves
O  tababa. n. a man-eating shark. tiger sharksn. Carcharodon carchavuasv. katababa: to fish for ... 
tababa1. from. ba leaf or from ababaki (perhaps).  n. wide spreading branches, leaves <leaf> (of trees, plants), fuzzy (hair).  ex. atutababa: spread out, far reaching branches, bushes overrunning, encroaching, etc.  see bakurakura, tabaruaruaex. e tabababa n taetae: speaking much about many topics.  vc. katababaea, kakata ...: to make ..., to ruffle, to bristle, to frizz, to frizzle, etc.  sup. superlative of taba: going in all directions diverge)?>. 
G  tababa. n. tiger shark (ll). 
L  tababa. sn. Galeocerdo cuvieri (Charcharhinidae)n. requiem shark
L  tabaeko. sn. Fistularia petimba (Fistulariida)n. cornet-fish
B  tabaítera. a. uneven, having one part larger than the other, one sided. 
O  tabaitera. a. going to one side, partialn. partiality. 
B  tábaka. vt. to snap at as a dog, to kick as a horse
O  tabaka. vt. to surprise, to take by ..., to fall on, to seize, to bite, to hit suddenly.  ex. e na tabakiko te tababa: the shark will attack you, will surprise you suddenly. 
B  táb'akea. n. shell turtle, the egg of a roach
táb'akea. a. favored or fortunate because rich
O  tabakea. n. name of myth. man-spirit.  v. to have for one's totem a species of turtle.  ex. te tabakea are i tari: turtlete tabakea ae i eta: spirit
tabakea1. n. (1) a species of turtle, having brilliant red shell (Banksbill turtle).  n. (2) ladybird
tabakea2. v. tabakeakea (value meaning).  to enjoy one's lot of lord and master, superiority, ... beauty (utopia), to be or pretend to be proud, beautiful.  sup. tabakea-uea
G  táb'akea. sn. Eretmochelys imbricatan. hawksbill turtle (hh). 
B  táb'akeáua. n. a person well to do.  a. well-to-do, prosperous, having means. 
O  tabakeauea. n. the king of proud men.  sup. superlative of tabakea
B  tabáketáni. n. (ara) Sabachthani (ENG)bib. Mat 27 : 46. 
O  tabakia. n. a species of kabubu <fish>.  see tabaka
O  tabakiakia. a. dazzling beauty, magnificent appearance. 
O  tabakurakura. see tababaa. bushy, puffed, overflowing, spreading out on all sides as person bending under a burden, burdened with a crowd of brats, overloaded with cumbrous gear, encumbered.  vc. katabakurakura: to overload, to encumber, to embarrass. 
B  tábanako. vi. to slip off or away, as the foot or hand
O  tabaneaki. syn. ruanuna (N.).  n. a fishing net (short with stake at each end) (S.). 
B  tabæ/neki. n. a scoop-net for taking the aua
O  tabanga. from. bangaki placed across:na. spread out on show, for public use, handed over for public service (usually denoting a piece of land open to all).  vt. tabangaea: to put ..., to open to all.  vc. katabangaea: to open ...  ex. e tabangaki te rongorongo: the news is public
O  tabangaka. vt. tabangaka:: to spread out, to put on show, to hand over to public, to puclicity.  vc. katabangaka: to make ...  see katanoata
O  tabaniban. n. a sea slug. sea cucumber>. 
tabaniban1. v. kiritabaniban: to go sideways, ... from side to side, ... from one extreme to the other, changeable.  ex. e tabaniban nakoiu: he has changed his attitude towards me.  see angitaban
B  tabaánikai. va. fully armed, carrying several deadly weapons
O  tabanikai. a. covered with armour, armed to the teeth, carrying gear. 
B  tab'ánin. va. appearing distinctly as a coral isle at see, seen as a whole, seen as a bunch of pan to be ripe all over. 
tab'ánin. n. a square
O  tabanin. n. square, wholea. entire, quite visible, entirely formed.  ex. e tabanin namakaina: the moon is fulle tabanin te wa: the body of the canoe is completevc. katabanin, kaka ...: to make square, whole. 
B  tab'áninia. vt. to eat food in common.  to give unanimity to words or statements. 
B  táb'anou. n. the stem and stern of a canoen. the cranuim, the skull
O  tabanou. n. a crabsn. Carpalius maculatus
tabanou1. for. tabarou: skulln. tabanoun te wa: the two raised up ends of canoe.  ex. te tabanou ni wae: knee, kneecap
B  tab'anóuniwae. n. the patellabk. Phys p. 96. 
B  tabaánura. va. unbound as the base of the ari n. a coconut spathe for karewe not bound at the base. 
O  tabanura. na. (1) (taba:-n-u:ra) bristling of spikes on lobster called ura, bristle like, having sharp bristle.(2) spathe with twigs loose, not tied. 
O  tabanure. n. spathe of coconut with twigs pointed. 
O  tabaokioki. from. okiv. to be moved backwards and forwards, to go to and fro, to swing like pendulum. 
O  Tabaong. n. name of village of foolish people near Bikenibeu.  ex. Te I-Tabaong: a foolish person.  syn. Te I-Tabweang, Te I-Ore
B  tábaota. n. Sabaoth (HEB)
B  táb'ara. vi. to spread apart or crook as the legsbk. Phys p. 11. 
O  tabara. a. tabarabara: want of symmetry, discordancy, asymmetrical, discordant.  syn. aitara buaka: not matching.  vc. katabara, katabarara: to cause ...  see bobuaka, unra
tabara1. a. aside, remote, separatedfig. to get away from subject.  v. to differ in opinion, to hesitate, misunderstand, to grope, tergiversateex. n aki tabara: without hesitation.  nv. katabara: a native way of climbing (knees apart, feet tightened on tree).  ex. katabari-ranga: knees apart. 
B  tab'árab'ara. va. frequentative of tab'ara
O  tabaraereke. n. flying fishh.  sn. Cyprelurus spilonopterus
G  tabaraereke. sn. Cypselurus spilonopterusn. flying fish (ll). 
O  tabaranga. vt. tabaranga: to hinder or get hindered by another's legs, to crack the legs of ... 
B  tábarangáea. vt. to trip
O  tabarara. n. disaccord, misunderstanding between persons.  ex. a i-tabarara: they don't agree among themselves. 
B  tábare. vi. to meddlen. meddlesomeness, interference
O  tabare. na. tatapare, taparepare, tabaretua: turbulent, mischievous, importunate, upsetting, disturbing ...  vt. tabarea, tatabarea: to meddle, to put in disorder, to vex, to annoy, to bother
B  tabárea. vt. to meddle with, to disturb
B  tabárebare. vi. frequentative of tabare
O  tabarebare. na. full of life, ardour, for some work or other, active, enterprising or mischievous, meddling <meddle>. 
O  tabarekai. and katabarekaia. diligent, prompt at work.  n. te tia tabarekai: a good worker (climber, fisherman, etc.), goodprovider, not afraid of work (in pejorative rarely, scrounger).  vt. tabarekaia, katabarekaia
B  tabáretuaa. vt. to meddle with, to disturb, to trouble
tabáretua. vi. to be meddlesome, to be troublesome.  n. meddlesomeness. 
O  tabariku. na. large clouds covering sky. (N).  sup. tabarikuriku, tabakurikurisyn. tabaruku (S.). 
B  tábaro:. n. the cheek-bone
O  Tabaro. n. Te I-Tabaro. village of foolish people.  see Tabaong, Tabweang
tabaro. n. cheek boneex. tabaron te wa: board to keep out waves at each end of canoe. 
B  tabaróro. a. cloudy
O  tabaroro. n. overcast sky, threatening.  ex. tabaronikarawa: darkening sky.  fig. gloomy, dark
O  tabarua. sup. superlative of taba, tababana. tabaruarua bristling <bristle> all over.  sup. tabakurakurafig. person overburdened.  vc. katabaruarua: to overburden, to weigh down, to hinder, to embarrass
B  tabáruku. a. unsettled as the weather, squally
O  tabaruku. see tabariku
B  tabarúkuruku. a. having a rainy aspect. 
B  tábataba. n. the edible part of the pandanus fruit
tæ/batæba. va. frequentative of tæba disputed
O  tabataba. n. edible part of pandanus fruit cut in slices ready to cook.  ex. tabataban te ti: idem. but of inferior quality. 
tabataba1. n. word used to call tame birds to eat <come here>. 
B  tábati. n. the sabbath (ENG)vi. to keep the sabbath.  a. uneven as the ground
O  tabati. n. Sabbath, Sunday, keeping Sunday (ENG)
tabati1. a. enormous, excessively huge, too voluminousex. e katabati tauana: too big to handle.  vt. katabatia: to find too heavy, to judge to be too ... 
O  tabatibutibu. a. covered with swellings, uneven, bumpy (ground, surface).  vc. katabatibutibua, katatibutibu: to make ..., to raise up, to swell
B  tabatóatoa. a. having ridges or uneven places as a spot on which one is lying. 
O  tabatoatoa. syn. of prec.  na. (1) said of trunk covered with knobs, protuberances, lumps, uneven ground, rough sea.  (2) buffeted by waves, jolted by bumpsvc. katabatoatoa: to make ..., to cause, to jolt, to buffet. 
B  tabatóutou. vi. to toss about as a craft
O  tabatoutou. a. going in leaps and bounds (as over bumpy road or canoe on rough sea).  vc. katabatoutou: to cause ..., to make ... 
B  tabáua. a. foolish, idioticn. foolishness, a fool. 
O  tabaua. na. sometimes normal, sometimes abnormal, a bit crazy at times, cracked ..., disordered brain.  vc. katabaua: to cause to be ..., to confuse the mind. 
B  tabáura. n. a rainbow
O  tabaura. n. a rainbow
O  tabauraura. na. red or pink cloud over horizon at sunrise or sunset (weather sign). 
B  tábe. va. busy, engaged, employedn. the state of being occupied
tábe. a. some
O  tabe. pref. tabe-ua, tabeman, tabekai: a few, some, several
tabe1. rad. of tabeka and forming many compound words:  ex. tabeatibu: to carry stones.  tabe-kai: to carry sticks, etc. 
tabe2. va. to be occupied, busy, busy about, busy working.  n. te tabe n nano: worry, preoccupationsup. tabetabe: very busy.  taberua, tataberua, taberua nako preoccupied, worried about, overworked.  vc. ka-tabea: to occupy, to give work to, to employ ...  freq. v katabetabea: to give much ...  ex. katabea te nano: to preoccupy.  katabea te ika: to go fishing
B  tábea. va. bewildered at sea.  n. bewilderment at sea, loss of reckoning. 
O  tabea. from. tabav. tabea, tabea nako: to go astray, to get lost, to ge lost at sea.  fig. to get confused, to lose the thread of ...  ex. te tabea, te taba ni kawai: to get off right path.  te wa n tabea nako: a canoe in distresste tabea nako: to perish at sea. 
B  tabeáianga. a. full of care, having much to look after.  n. care, responsibility for safety. 
O  tabeaianga. ex. tabe n iangoa anganan. preoccupation, worryv. to have ..., be worried about.  ex. I tabeaianga irouna: I am worried about him.  vc. katabeaianga, kaka ...: giving ..., causing worry.  n. katabeaianga: to be worried, preoccupied.  ex. e bati te katabeaianga: there are many worries, cares. 
B  tábeatáei. vi. to act as foster parentn. the care of a child by a foster parent. 
B  tabeátu. n. an incantation for the deadvi. to maek an incantation for the dead. 
O  tabeatu. nv. to raise the head (of corpse), ceremony with sorcery
B  tábeba. a. some, used in speaking of leaves
O  tabeba. n. a few leaves, pages.  vt. tabeba: to take by leaf, to turn page by page. 
B  tabebáea. vt. to turn the leaves as of a book, to gather a few pan leaves at a time when scarce. 
B  tabéibeti. vi. to hover
O  tabeibeti. from. betin. to float in air, to glide
B  tábeiro. n. a sapphire (GR)
O  tabeitera. n. lop sided, badly balanced (canoe, basket, kite, etc.).  fig. partial, taking sides, supporting.  ex. e tabeitera am taeka: you are speaking in favour of the other side against me, you are taking sides.  vt. tabeitera: to balance badly. 
B  tábeka. vt. to lift up, to take up.  n. a kind of scoop-net
O  tabeka. vt. to raise up, to elevate, to carry, to lift up.  fig. to begin to sing, ... to talk, ... to tell.  ex. tabeka te anene, tabeka te taeka, ti te tabekana: begin together to lift, take, sing.  tabeka rake ... rio: to lift towards ...  tabeka nako: to lift and carry away.  freq. v tatabeka, tabetabeka
tabeka1. n. te tabeka: a large scoop net with short handle. 
B  tábekai. a. some, referring to trees and objects, counted with the suffix kai
tábekai. vi. to engage in carrying sticks of timber
B  tábekanátu. n. a posthumous incantation, a fetish
O  tabekanatu. n. a special dish prepared for an important person, person who uplifts the prestige of family, a magic -- religious ceremony to honour a defunct.  see tabeau
O  tabekantabo. n. a welcome offering to a guest, to a spirit (anti). 
B  tábemæn. a. some, several, a few, referring to animate objects. 
O  tabeman. a. several, a few, some (animate).  vt. tabemania, tatabemania: to treat one by one, separately, individually. 
B  tabem'aang/. a. some, referring to persons. 
O  tabemang. or. temanginaa. some, someone
B  tabemæ/nia. vt. to go or do one by one, severally
O  tabemoa. n. the one who starts off, begins
B  tábera. n. the upper portion as the leaves nad branches
O  tabera. n. summit, peak, topadv. i taberana: at the ... 
O  taberaitiai. n. magic necklace garland with uri flowers at seven different spaces. 
B  táberamáe. va. indicating dispersion or return to homes
O  taberamae. n. disagreement, dispersion.  v. to disperse, to separaten. impending departure for long voyage.  v. to be about, or preparing <prepare> to depart. 
B  táberamáiu. a. having a vigorous top, as a tree or plant
O  taberamaiu. na. flourishing head (tree,plant). 
B  táberamæ/te. a. having a dying top, as a tree or plant.  liable to accident or misfortune
O  taberamate. a. withering at top, dying <die>, in perilant. taberanimaiufig. decaying, in danger
B  táberamæ/toa. a. not yet, or slow in bearing fruit, as the pan
O  taberamatoa. a. tardy or backward in bearing fruit. 
B  taberæ/nikai. n. kabubu mixed with coconut
O  taberanikai. n. a variety of kabubu of superior quality (mixed with grated coconut).  fig. au taberanikai: my best friends, my favourite, preferred (for things and food, nikarearea). 
B  táberanróngorongo. vi. to bring or impart news
O  taberan-rongorongo. n. te marewen-rongorongo. person who is source of news and gossip, prime author. 
O  tabernibou. n. top angle of sail
B  tæ/beron. n. saffron (ENG)
O  taberua. a. occupied, very busysup. taberuarua, taberua nako: overworked, strained. 
B  tábetabe. vi. to engage in carrying, to repeatedly carry
tábetabe. n. a kind of game in which persons are taken up and carried
O  tabetabe. see taben. te kai n tabetabe: stretcher
tabetabe1. n. (1) child adopted from infancy (tabekaki).  (2) plant, transplanted plant.  (3) custom of carrying newlywed on shoulders. 
tabetabe2. n. a call to attract birds, frigates towards foor or bait.  syn. tabatabavc. katabetabe: to call ... 
B  tabetábeka. vt. frequentative of tabeka
O  tabetai. a. sometimesadv. n tabetai: at times
O  tabetea. vt. to touch, to work, to do lightly, to glide over. 
B  tabétinako. vi. to pass away as a cloud, to pass as a shower at a distance. 
O  tabetinako. from. betiv. to drift away, to float away lightly (cloud, smoke, canoe). 
B  tabétirake. vi. to rise up as smoke or a cloud at a distance. 
O  tabetirake. v. to ascend, to drift upwards, to float airily. 
O  tabetoa. n. Protestant Communion service. 
B  tabéua. a. some, several, a few, referring to inanimate objects. 
O  tabeua. a. some, a few (general).  ex. ti tabeua te taeka: only a few words.  vt. tabeua, tetabeuaia: to take one by one, to give to each one ... 
B  tabeútaa. vt. to break into small pieces as food
O  tabeuta. a. a very little, a tiny portion, a few scraps, etc.  vt. tabeuta, tabeutaki, tatabeutaki: to take or give in small portions, bit by bit, to give a little to each one. 
O  tabia. n. sapphire, ear ring, jewellery, etc. (ENG)
O  tabio. n. the piece of forked timber in which oar rudder of canoe rotates. 
Tabio. or. TabiroaTabiroTe Anoin. all designating the three stars in triangle of tail of Scorpion
O  tabiria. vt. to put through mincer
B  tábiro. va. sprained as the ankleva. ended as an engagement
O  tabiro. from. biron. the entire pivot contraption of rudder. .  va. tabiro, tatabiro, tabirobiro: to entangle, to twist, to hinder one another, to sprainex. e tabiro waena: he twisted his ankle.  fig. tangled.  vc. ka-tabiroa: to twist, to sprain. 
O  tabitabita. or. better witabitabitav. to change (bita), turn an accusation against others (instigator, accessory, others), to exculpate oneself on others, to give tit for tat
O  Tabiteuea. n. the longest island in Gilbert group. Discovered by Bishop 771799. 
B  tábo. n. a place, end, point, extremity
tábo. n. a stranger who is made a friend of. 
O  tabo. from. bon. (1) (general meaning). a place where persons meet.  (2) end. tabo n te: the end of ..., extremity of ...  ex. tabon te: at the end of ...  tabo kakang: pointed end.  tabokabubu: blunt end.  tabo-koti: curtailed, cut shorttabo-maki: flattened, bent end.  teke ua tabo: beaten at both ends ..., going and coming back.  fig. typical or same type of persons. many compound words.  na. tabo-moa: superior type, superior man. 
tabo1. n. (1) place, spot, locality, positionnv. koro-tabovt. korotaboa: to delimit, to fix boundary, to mark, to indicate spot or place.  n. (2) te tabo, te kau tabo, au tabo, am tabo: a guest made welcome, a friend related by bonds of hospitality.  vt. tabona: to have, or take for friend. 
tabo2. n. offering for family spirit (anti).  fig. to honour a member of family. 
tabo3. n. a strong, solidly built man, a strapping blade.  see taboang, tabomane, tabokaikai
tabo n newe
O  tabo n newe. n. (1) tip of tonguevt. tabonnewea: to say or touch with tip of tongue.  (2) to make arrangements with ..., to agree to ..., to speak about ... 
tabo n ora
O  tabo n ora. or. tabo ora (no article).  n. shallow place, extremity of foreshore.  v. to fish at this place. 
tabo n ritinga
O  tabo n ritinga. n. (1) wisp of smouldering husk, charcoal.  n. (2) dark blood following placenta. 
tabo n taeka
O  tabo n taeka. n. agreement, understandingv. to project, to plan a meeting, to agree about ... 
tabo n tanga
O  tabo n tanga. nv. to be as united as a couple, intimate friendship, to treat one another so. 
tabo ni bara
O  tabo ni bara. n. detached piece of land at end of island. 
tabo ni bata
O  tabo ni bata. n. neighbourv. i tabo ni bata ma: to be adjacent to ...  n. te i tabo ni bata: the neighbour. 
tabo ni kai
O  tabo ni kai. n. a small piece of timber, wood
tabo ni kiko
O  tabo ni kiko. n. clitoris (anat.). 
tabo onaona
O  tabo onaona. n. half mad person.  a. foolish, cracked
B  táboa. vt. to call, to mention
táboaa. n. a coconut-leaf fiber used in tying on fish bait
O  taboa. n. te taboa: (S.), te ani (N.).  fibre, bark stripped off stem of palm leaf.  vt. taboaea abeam: tie your bait with a strip of fibre. 
taboa1. vt. tataboa, tabotaboa: to call from his dwelling (tabo) by pronouncing his name.  v. (1) with respect, to invoke, having recourse to, call to witness.  ex. I taboa aran te Atua: I invoke the name of the Lord.  v. (2) in defiance, to defy, to challenge, to attack. so and so come out!  see taboakina ... tabora
O  taboaba. syn. kau-aba rich in landn. rich land owner.  ex. tabo-bai: rich in things. 
O  taboakina. syn. taboavt. to have recourse to, to invoke in distress. 
O  taboang. a. taboangang, tabonang: strong, strapping, vigorous, enterprising, zealous, ardent, audacious
O  tabobai. a. rich in every way.  n. a rich type. 
B  tábobee. va. behaving ugly, mean in action.  n. meanness in action. 
O  tabobe. syn. moa ben. scoundrel, vagabond, scamp, good for nothing.  a. bad, wicked, pervertedsee be
O  tabobebeku. from. bekubekun. a canoe with rounded ends. 
O  tabobeku. na. hard working type (beku).  see taboang
B  tábobobéku. a. having a somewhat upright or perpendicular stem or bow
O  taboingana. v. v.t. to make incantation on end of canoe, to protect it by ... 
O  taboitari. n. mau-i-tari: a person always at sea, ... fishing, a sea dog, an old salt
B  tabokábubu. a. having an upright stem as a canoe
O  tabokabubu. a. having rounded, blunt end. 
O  tabokai. see ntabokain. a fishsn. Plessiops nigricans
B  tabokáikai. vi. to go fully armedn. the habitual carrying of deadly weapons
O  tabokaikai. n. a warrior armed to the teeth.  a. fearful, formidable
B  tabokákang. a. having a sharp or projecting prow
O  tabokaokao. n. person of high class, well bred, influentialsyn. tabukaokao
O  tabokeke. n. narrowing end, point. 
B  tabom'áke. a. having a projecting stem
B  tabom'aáne. va. not quickly angered, mildly displeased
O  tabomane. a. fig. virile, energetic and self-controlled. 
O  tabomoa. n. te tabomoa: the place of honour, primacyex. te mauri, te raoi, te tabomoa!: health, peace and honour! (formula of toasts, good wishes, concluding speeches, etc.). 
O  tabon. va. i tabon. to be neighbours, next door neighbours.  ex. a i-tabonibata: they live next door to each other. 
O  tabona. vt. to have, or to take for friend
O  tabo-n-amarake. n. agape, party, friendly repast with exchange of food.  vt. tabonamarakea: to celebrate with ... 
B  tabonang/. a. strong
O  tabonang. see taboang
B  tabonánga. n. the shoulder extremity. 
O  tabonanga. n. te tabo n anga: tip of shouldervt. tabonanga: to put or to carry on shoulder. 
O  tabonao. na. rough part of sea.  ex. tabonaonao: very rough place. 
B  tabonæ/ri. n. a small coconut-shell bottle used in receiving the early sap from a spathe recently bound, the spathe in its earlier stage. 
O  tabonari. n. extreme end of spathe beginning to drip. 
B  tabónibai. n. a fingern. a servant, an attendant, a waiter.  the extreme endex. i tabonibai at the farthest end. 
O  tabonibai. n. (1) finger (te tabonibai) digitn. (2) measure of thickness of finger, width of finger.  (3) tool, instrument.  fig. servant, helper, agent, apprentice, right hand.  ex. te tabonibai-aine: maid servant.  n. tabonibai raoi: skilfulness, dexterity.  a. dexterous, skilful, handy.  ex. tabonibai-buakan. awkwardness.  a. awkward, clumsyex. tabonibai iroun ...: to act as servant to ..., be servant of ...  vt. tabonibaina: to take or to use as servant. 
B  tabonibáibuaka. a. unskilled, wanting dexterityn. unskillfulness, want of dexterity. 
B  tabónibaimáiu. a. skilled in procuring food
O  tabonibaimaiu. n. skill (in cultivating plants), skilful cultivator, green fingers. 
B  tabónibainrang/. a. not skilled in making canoes or garments
O  tabonibainrang. n. bad worker.  a. clumsy, awkward
B  tabonibáiraoi. a. dextrousn. dexterity, skillfulness
B  tabónikai. n. a short piece of wood
tabónikai. va. occupied by a fish which is dead as a fish wier or trap long unvisited by man. 
B  tábonimáiaki. a. having a somewhat upright stem and stern
B  tabóniwae. n. a toe
O  taboniwae. n. toes, toe, or tabo nu wae
B  tabóniwi. vi. to engage in attempting to induce another to slay one's enemy
O  taboniwi. or. tabo nu win. agreement, oral consent, project consented to, mutual agreement ..., engagement, contractvt. taboniwia: to consult together about, to act in concert, to make plans about. 
O  tabono. na. te tabono ni mane: an adult male.  ex. te tabono ni kai: hard woodvc. katabonoa: to make ..., to judge ..., to cause to change into ... 
B  tábonrítinga. n. a fire brandbib. Zech 3 : 2. 
B  tábontáeka. vi. to confer as to a suitable place for a meetingn. an arrangement as to a trysting place. 
tábontáekaa. vt. to instruct a person as to where he is to be met
B  tábontaánga. n. a distant relative
B  taboóra. n. excellent fishing ground.  note. used with the article te
O  tabora. n. insulting words, insults, injurious words, threats, curses.  ex. N na ibea atum!: I'll smash your head!  vt. tabora, tatabora: to insult, to threaten, to curse. 
O  taborang. syn. buraranga. crazy, crack-brained.  v. to be crackers (slang). 
B  taboréngerenge. n. the exreme end of a branch or stick
O  taborengerenge. n. the extreme end, extremityadv. i taborengerenge: at the very end, at a dangerous place (for ex. on branch of tree). 
O  taborin. or. taboreinn. tarpaulin tent> (ENG)
B  táboro. n. a mode of fishing with a line in deep water.  vi. to fish with a line in deep water. 
O  taboro. n. a way of fishing, fishing in deep water. 
B  tábotabo. vi. to engage in mentioning a person's name with a challenge to fight
O  tabotabo. n. (no article) forefinger, <index finger>. 
tabotabo1. see n.v. tabo, tabotaboa
B  tabotáboa. vt. to mention a person's name with a challenge. 
O  tabotari. n. a spathe giving abundant sap. 
O  tabotua. from. botuvt. to be bored with, tired of putting up with ... 
O  tabotuakina. vt. to treat person as insupportable, detestable, to be fed up with, to complain about ... 
G  tabou. sn. Lethrinus rhodopterus (ll)n. scavenger (sm). 
O  taboua. n. long lance of coconut wood, pointed at both ends (ua). 
B  tábouóua. a. having one end of a canoe more or less upright, and the other projecting. 
B  tabowá. n. a spear without teeth shorter than the maran
O  tabowa. n. (1) cord or string of root fibrev. to use this ...  n. (2) a kind of sorcery
B  tábu. a. taboo, forbidden, sacredn. a taboo. 
taábu. n. a tub (ENG)
O  tabu. n. tub (ENG)
tabu1. n. taboo, tapu: prohibition, interdiction, sacreda. forbidden, prohibited (generally used with religious meaning of sacred, consecrated).  see onatabuvc. katabua, kaka ...: to make sacred, to bless, to consecrate (in Christian sense). 
B  tábua. vt. to set aside as taboo, to sanctify
O  tabua. vt. tatabua, tabutabua: to forbid, to prohibit, to interdictex. tabua te aomata n ...: to forbid people to ...  ti tabuaki n ...: we are forbidden to ...  nv. tabui amarake: abstinence
O  tabuaetia. see tabuarikaor. bai tabu etia: to abstain from doing right.  v. (ironical) awkwardvt. to damage, to do quickly and anyhow. 
O  tabuaiaka. dim. of buaiaka. vague temperament ..., image ..., form approximate idea, vague idea of the nature of ... 
B  tabuáriki. n. the Jupiter of the Gilbertese. 
O  Tabuariki. n. a myth. person (anti ma aomata), personification of thunderex. e rebwe Tabuariki: there is thunder. 
O  tabuarikia. vt. bai-tabuarikia: to treat (as thunder) harshly, brutally, without caution, to handle roughly, to spoil, to bungle a work. 
O  Tabukaokao. n. a mysterious country:  ex. te I-Tabukaokao: native of ... <land>. 
B  tábuki. n. a ridge, a mound, a hilla. ridgy, hilly. 
O  tabuki. n. tatabuki, tabukibuki, kiritabuki, kiritabukibuki: elevation, hill, hillock, knolla. hilly, unevenex. e tabukibuki rarikina: there is a crowd around him.  aotabuki: elevated, high land.  aona-tabuki: idemkatabuki: elevated.  vc. katabuka, kaka ...: to build up land, to pile up, to heap up
B  tabúkibuki. a. covered with rough protuberances or ridges.  n. a ridgy rough place. 
O  tabukirurunga. sup. superlative of tabukibukia. very uneven, full of obstacles, roughness, hills.  syn. kiritabukibukivc. katabukirurunga: to make very ... 
B  tábun. a. this word is used only after tengaun (10), or 100 or 1000, etc, to indicate that the speaker means somewhat over ten or ten and more,etc,.  n. units, used in counting units, as when we say, units, tens, hundreds, etc,. 
O  tabun. n. surplus, excess, over and above, left over, units less than ten.  ex. uabwi tabun: over twenty.  a. tabun, tatabun: more than, over, more than enough.  ex. e koro tabun: more than complete, over and above, superfluousn. e tatabun: he is left over, superfluous, no wife for him.  vc. katabun, katabuna: to leave some over, to count, to indicate the surplus or the number of units over the tens. 
B  tábuna. vt. to forbid, to make taboo
O  tabuna. from. tabuvt. to forbid to ...  ex. e tabunira ...: he forbids us to ... 
O  tabunaewati. from. ewanv. v.t. tabunaewatia
B  tabunéa. n. an incantation, sorceryvi. to perform an incantation, to practice sorcery. 
tabunéaa. vt. to perform an incantation on a person. 
O  tabunea. n. te tabunea: magical religious rites, sorcery, magic in general with special names for each kind.  vt. tabunea, tatabunea: to submit to magical rite, to do magic oneself, to put under superior power (for good or evil). 
O  tabunga. na. things, persons in relief, forming heap, mass, protuberance, lumpex. e tabunga rarikim: you are surrounded, you are well escorted.  nv. tiri tabunga, tiri tabuki: to level the hills, to flatten, to level.  na. te katabung: protuberant form, bulging, in relief, lump <bulge>. 
B  tabúnimæte. n. something set aside as for one's own use. 
O  tabunimate. na. (1) person or thing reserved under pain of death, very much loved or detested.  vt. tabunimatea: to love, to cherish, to idolize.  (2) to detest, to hate, to abhor (often used in joking or irony). 
B  tabúnimæ/tea. vt. to set aside something for one's own use. 
O  taburaka. n. one who exaggerates rules and regulations, a stickler for the letter of the law.  a. strict, exacting
O  tabureka. sup. taburekarekan. roughness, sharpnessa. bumpy, rough, knotty, rugged, unevenfig. peevish, churlish, surly person.  vt. tabureka, taburekareka: to spoil (a piece of work), to bungle ... 
B  taburékareka. a. very rough as the skin of the baiku
O  Taburimai. n. myth. person. name of ancestor. 
O  taburitokia. n. a large axe
B  taburóroko. va. persisting to old age in observing one's taboos. 
O  taburoroko. sup. superlative of tabun. absolutely forbidden, prohibition, no admittance, entry prohibited.  vc. kataburorokoa: to forbid admission. 
B  tábutabu. n. the existence of many taboos.  va. observing taboos. 
O  tabutabu. n. observance of interdictions, laws, prohibitions, abstinence, continence, temperance, moderationa. ae tabutabu: faithful in the observance of ..., abstemious, continent, temperate. 
B  tabutæ/rawa. va. observing taboos. 
O  tabutarawa. na. faithful in keeping observance of Tarawa, partisan of ... 
O  tabuteora. n. name of a star
O  tabuterang. a. forbidden, sacred, untouchable, under pain of madness (or other curse specified).  ex. tabu te ... 
B  tabutóra. n. the name of a certain star
O  Tabweang. n. a village of fools at Tanaeang, Aranuka.  ex. te I-Tabweang: a fool. 
B  tábwena. va. split, cracked as a board, rentn. a split, a rent. 
O  tabwena. n. tapwenapwena, tabwena-ua, tabwena-ten, tabwenang: slit, cleft, crevice, crack, renta. split in two, three.  ex. e tabwena mainiku, e maibi mainiku: it is daybreakvc. katabwena, katabwenaua, katabwenatenia, katabwenangia: to split, to split in two ..., three ..., four.  n. te katabwena: a breach between rocks. 
B  tabwenábwena. va. frequentative of tabwena
B  tabwenáua. va. broken or split into two parts. 
B  tabwérebwere. a. experiencing the after effects of sickness
O  tabwerebwere. n. (Banaban word) after effects of sickness. 
B  tadbótua. vt. to weary of. 
B  táe. va. stripped, extracted, drawn out, defeated
táe. n. a pandanus fruit in a half developed state.  va. tae: cracked as a boardn. a crack in a board or plank
O  tae. radica. of taeka. to pull off, to removev. kataea, kakataea: to remove, to pull off by separating, to strip off, to suppress, to cut off, to abolishex. kataea ana kai: take away his weapons, conquer.  kataea te butikasee katae
tae1. rad. of taera. to tiesee taeba, tae-o, tae buia
tae2. n. coconut or fruit fallen before maturity, broken branch.  a. tae, tatae: taken off <take off>, pulled off <pull off>, stripped from trunk (bark, branch).  fig. defeated, suppressed, passed, finished, ended (time).  n. te taenikai: defeat, prisoner of war.  ex. e tae te bong: the day, the time is passed. (see compound words.).  nv. see compound words: 
tae ata
O  tae ata. nv. taebaba: tearing away clew line, strong wind
tae bauta
O  tae bauta. n. a splint bandage come undone, loosea. undone, untied, loose. 
tae ma unna
O  tae ma unna. n. totally demolished, not a soul left after a gathering, massacre, carnage, deportation. 
tae meang
O  tae meang. n. the season of meang (after equinox of March) is passed. 
tae nano
O  tae nano. ex. e tae nanona, e a bara nanonan. te tae n nano: discouragement, depression.  a. discouraged, depressed, demoralized, disheartened.  vc. kataea te nano: to depress, to discourage, to dishearten.  na. kataenano: depressing, discouraging, disheartening. 
tae u
O  tae u. n. a manner of tying <tie>, making eel traps. 
tae ua
O  tae ua. vt. to bind eel pot with double cord. 
tae ua1. a. cut in two
tae uaran
O  tae uaran. v. to shake pipe to remove nicotine. 
B  táea. vt. to brush off. 
táea. n. a second best mat
O  taea. vt. tataea: to take off, to dust off, to wipe off (dust, dirt), to shake off, to clean, to dust, to brush, to sweep, to beat a mat.  ex. taea waem: wipe your feet, shake the dust off ...  fig. to shake off, to reject, to chase away a bad thought.  ex. taea te iango anne: put away that idea. 
taea1. n. te taea, te taea ni wae: a door mat
taea ni maro
O  taea ni maro. n. idem
B  táeæba. vi. to ask as a bride for more dowry in land
O  taeaba. v. to claim a piece of land, to demand ..., to exact a dowry, to demand compensation, etc. 
B  taeæ/bea. va. stripped as a fishhook of its bait
táeabeaa. vt. to strip a fishhook of its bait as a fish does. 
O  taeabea. v. to pull off bait, to pull up bait
O  taeaea. or. ntaeaean. small fry which pull at and detach bait. 
taeani ie
O  taeani ie. n. sign, omen (distant lightning, dark sky, etc.), that it is time to lower sail, ... return to port. 
O  taeanibai. v. taeanibaia: to get liberty, ... freedom, to escape from hands (bai), ... domination, from grasp, to shake off yoke.  ex. e taeanibai ao e birinako: he escaped and got away. 
B  taeæ/nie. vi. to lighten in the distance.  n. distant lightning
B  taeæ/nimæro. va. squally in the distance.  n. squally weather in the distance. 
O  taeare. na. short of provisions, exhausted, ruined, reduced to misery.  ex. ti taeare: our stocks are exhausted.  a. kataeare, kataearea: impoverishing, exhausting, ruinous.  vc. to impoverish, to exhaust, to ruin, to reduce to misery. 
B  taeæ/ri. va. torn as a finger nail
O  taeari. n. a tear, abrasion, excoriation of tender parts of body.  vc. kataeari, kataearia: to hurt, to wound, to excoriate a sensitive spot (under finger-nail, etc.). 
B  táeba. vi. to disrobe, to undress
O  taeba. nv. to tie sticks (mid rib of palm) together side by side.  ex. tae-o ...: to make walltae-buia ...: to make platform or floor
O  taebaba. and iebabaeafrom. baba. suf.  v. to do, to act rashly, in giddy manner.  ex. e taebaba n nakonako: he got up suddenly and went. 
B  taebáeba. vt. to lift off or up. as the wind does a roof-cap or a side screen
O  taebaeba. nv. a sudden gust of wind blowing off thatch, blinds.  fig. tae-ebaeba n nakonako: going like a whirlwind, acting quickly.  see ebaeba
B  táeb'ai. vi. to engage in plundering or robbingn. robbery, the work of plundering. 
O  taebai. n. taebaia: spoliationv. to plunder, to strip someone of his belongings, to rob, to rifle, to pillage
B  taeb'áia. vt. to plunder, to rob. 
taebáia. vt. to lift up and carry a canoe
O  taebaia. from. baivt. to lift up by hand, all together. 
B  taebaátai. vi. to disrobe, to undress
O  taebatai. vt. (1) taebataia: to take off green leaves wrapped around food cooked in earth oven.  (2) to pull withered leaves off tree. 
B  taebékebeke. va. stripped of one's food by much entertaining
O  taeben. v. to tie coconuts in two by strips of husk semidetached. 
O  taebenu. v. to take benu (young coconut husk) out of soaking pits <take out>. 
B  táebo. va. bright or brisk as a blaze
O  taebo. na. tataebo, taeboebo: intensity of ardour (fire or soul), vivacitya. eager, ardent, hasty, alertvc. kataeboa: to make ..., to stir up, to animate, to reanimate, to intensify
B  taebóebo. vi. to walk briskly. 
B  táeboto. va. uprootedn. a tree torn up by the roots. 
O  taeboto. n. a tree pulled up by roots, uprooted
O  taebu. na. taebuebu, takaebuebu. used to denote vividness, eclat of whiteness.  syn. taebovt. takaebuebuea, kataka: ... to make, ... dazzling white <dazzle>. 
O  taebuia. v. to make, or tie sticks to make a floor or platform
B  táebuka. n. a certain kind of taeriri
O  taebuka. n. thick grass skirt
O  taeibenao. n. v.t. taeibenaoa; contra magic, take away ill-luck.  see ibennao
B  táeka. n. a word, a say or speech, a talk
táeka. vt. to root up, to tear up by the root, to twitch on a fishline in order to catch the hook in the mouth. 
O  taeka. from. taevt. tataeka to detach by pulling, to separate brusquely, to pull up, to uproottae uteute, taeka te uteute: to pull grass, to weed, to pull out weeds.  ex. tae waka, taeka te ...: to pull out roots.  nv. tae-aua, tae ninimai: to fish for ...  ex. a taeki waeia n birinako: they took to their heels. 
taeka1. n. word, words, talk, terms, remarks, message, advice, promise, statementex. taekau, taekam, taekana: what is said about me, you, etc., subject, object of remarks.  taekan te Aro: religious instruction, theologyte taeka n akoi: benevolent words, word of welcome.  iai au taeka: I have something to say.  en te taeka: accent, pronunciationkanoan te taeka: content, matter, meaning of words.  manin te taeka: letter, alphabetmanin te taeka: messenger, spokesmannanon te taeka: meaning, idea expressed.  rarikin te taeka: beside the pointan te taeka: under, hidden meaning.  te a n taeka: dependent, subordinate, under orders, subject to ...  oin ana taeka: the actual words he said.  te oi n taeka: an important statement, ... message.  te moan taeka: capital letter, preface, prologue, introduction te anga taeka nakon: promise, engagementanga taekana nakon: to leave, to submit the question to ...  te kabo taeka: discussion, debate, retort, answer back.  bon te taeka: answer, replyte kaun taeka: dispute, controversy, argument, lively discussionte moti n taeka: resolution, contract, decisionmotin te taeka: conclusion, end akea te taeka iai: nothing to find fault with, nothing to reply.  akea taekana: nothing to be said about, nothing to blame for.  e baka ana taeka: he could not find an answer, ... reply.  e baka n taeka, e banga n taeka: loquacious, talkativee baka n te taeka: to be scandalized, ... shocked by a word or beaten in a debate.  e obuki te taeka: confirmed, rapidly verified, proved.  ana taekau (taekam, etc.): to ask, obtain, permission for me, youatong taeka: to pronounce, to repeat, to sayatonga taekan te ...: speak of ...  bita te taeka: to alter, change, deform the statements.  botina te taeka: to arrogate, appropriate a word, subject.  buta te taeka: to ask permissionkabara te taeka: to explain, interpret, analyse ...  kabeou, kabaewaea te taeka: to embroil, confuse ...  kabuta te taeka: transmit, make circulate, pass alongkaeti taeka: to rectify, correct, explain, interpret.  kaing taeka: to bring up question, open the debate.  kaoti taeka: announce, publish, reveal, divulgekaki taeka: let matter drop, abandon.  kamabua te taeka: to pass over in silence, forbidden matter.  kamanga te taeka: to bring up matter already decided.  kaminoa te taeka: to mix up subject; karaka te taeka: to exaggerate, to add on to ...  karau taeka: to give an excuse for non ...  karokoa te taeka: to inform, transmit, forward ...  katang taeka: to spread, make known, noise abroad.  katea te taeka: to propose a subject, to bring forward ...  katekea te taeka: to give out hintskatira te taeka: to spread, to retail gossip.  katoka ana taeka: to make prevail one's opinion, idea.  katoki taeka: to interrupt, to stop, to make cease, to put a stop to ...  katua te taeka: to change the subject of conversation, to get away from subject.  kau taeka: loquaciousness, loquacious, chatter boxkoroi taeka: to write, compose words.  motiki taeka: to judge, to decidenuna te taeka: to obscure, to shade ...  ongo taeka: obedience, to obey ongo ana taeka: to listen to, to hear ...  raira te taeka: to translate ...  reke n te taeka: brought forward, aimed at, exposed, compromised, committed.  ri an te taeka: to be in accord with, willingly obeying ...  ringa te taeka: to touch up, to rearrange ...  tabo n taeka: to agree, to plan together.  tinea te taeka: to retard the decision, to prolong the debate.  totokoa te taeka: to support, to corroborateua-taeka: to carry tales, slander, libeluota te taeka: to carry a message, to take a ...  wai taeka, waea te taeka: to contradict, to criticize, to blame... 
B  táekai. vi. to engage in tying canoe planksn. the work of lashing canoe planks together. 
O  taekai. from. taera, taera te kainv. v.t. taekaia, to tie, to tie with string, ... the boards of canoe to curved staves and to each other. 
taekai1. n. promptness at work, dispatch, hastevt. taekai: to conduct rapidly (work). 
B  taekáia. vt. to tei together canoe planks. 
taekáia. vi. to move rapidly
O  taekaiaki. n. the season after equinox of September is over. 
O  taekana. from. taekavt. to take for subject matter, theme, or discourse, conversation, discussion, to speak of, to mention in narrative.  note. used esp. in plural.  ex. taekanira, taekania: to speak of us, of them. 
O  taekarau. ex. e tae te karau, e tae karauna: the rain has ceased. 
O  taekarawa. ex. e tae $karawa~: the sky has cleared, is ... 
B  taekéke. va. high pitched and shrill as the voice
O  taekeke. n. tang n taekeke, banataekeke: a piercing cry, a shrill sound, hurling cry.  v. to have shrill voice
B  táekina. vt. to talk about.  n. a talking or discoursing about. 
O  taekina. from. taekavt. to speak of, to tell about, to narrate, to relate, to mention
B  táekiti. n. tax, custom (ENG)
O  taekounga. na. pulled up holus-bolus (plant, tree, etc.).  vt. taekounga: pull up ...  vc. kataekounga ... 
O  taemaka. v. to do rapidly
O  taemata. vt. (1) to take off lid, to pull off cover, to make forced entry, to overcome obstacle.  n. (2) faded colour, not fast dye. 
O  taemauna. n. uprooted tree.  a. disappearing totally. 
O  taenako. na. pulled off, detached, completely separatedn. te taenako: branches, fruit fallen off trees, windfalls.  vc. kataenakoa: to separate, to detach, to pull off
O  taenakoa. vt. to hit in a certain position, to chase away, to push far back, to sweep away completely in one swoop. 
B  taenæ/nanga. va. scratched as the skin, injured as a mat that is being braided
O  taenananga. n. grazed skin, torn mat.  a. peeling, crumbling <crumble>, falling in shreds. 
O  taenang. na. obstacle removed, hindrance ..., embarrassment lifted, one worry less, relief, freedom from.  ex. a taenanginang: quickly done, quickly dispatched, rid of.  e tae naninga: it is finished and done with.  vc. kataea nangin te ...: to get rid of ..., to deliver from, to relieve of ..., to free from worry.  n. kataenang: relief, deliverance.  a. which causes worry, relieves, frees.  ant. kateinang
B  táenæno. va. somewhat splintered
B  taenæ/noa. vt. to tie slats on the inside of a fish-trap
B  táenibong. n. the rainy season, Dec - Feb.  a. being winter
O  taenibong. n. last fine days <season> of Rimwimata (October). 
B  táenikai. n. one defeated, a captiveva. overcome, defeated
O  taenikai. n. defeat, a conquered person, a disarmed prisonera. defeated, vanquishedex. e tae ana kai: he is beatenvt. taenikaia: to disarm, to vanquish.  ex. taenikaiaki: defeated, disarmed, vanquished. 
B  taenínim'ai. vi. to fish for the ninimain. fishing for ninimai with a rod and line on the beach. 
O  tae-ninimai. v. to fish for ninimai
B  táenoa. vi. to hasten
táenoaa. vt. to hasten , to expedite
táenoa. n. hurry, expedition, hustling, great haste
O  taenoa. n. tataenoa, taenoanoa, taenoa nako: haste, hurry, urgency, impatience, precipitationv. to hasten, to hurry, to get impatient.  vc. kataenoa, kaka ...: to make hasten.  vt. tataenoa: to hasten, to urge, to make hurry. 
B  taenóanoa. vi. frequentative of taenoa
O  taenoko. v. to pare away leaf from noko (small midrib). 
O  taeo. v. to make wall, or partition by tying ba side by side. 
B  táera. vt. to scrape out the soft kernel of a coconut.  to tie slats or pickets in place. 
O  taera. vt. taeraea, tataeraea: to take off, to take off what is useless, bad, to cut off dead wood, to correct books, compositions, to lop, to prune, to trim, to peelex. e tataeraeaki iroun te tia ototo: the author has corrected his work. 
taera1. v. in compound words.  ex. taera-maiu, taera mate: to follow such a way, course, direction, appearance of ..., same meaning as bura ni mata ni, tabe ni.  e taera maiu: he looks as if he will live.  e taera aoraki, taera ikoaki: looks sick, appears exposed to danger. 
O  taerababa. v. to become a bit loony (slang), to get childishsee taera
O  taerabata. v. take off the dried wrapping around spathe. 
B  taeráea. vt. to strip a coconut tree of all the young coconuts suitable for food. 
O  taerake. n. a mixture of molasses and moimoto
taerake1. v. to denude, to undo upwards.  ex. e taerake marana: his baldness is spreading upwards.  vc. kataerakea: to take off, to denude, to undo from bottom upwards. 
B  táerawa. n. a squall
O  taerawa. n. hurricane, a tempest which closes up passage. 
B  taeráwata. vt. to impart courage to a man once wounded by incantationn. an incantation for recovering courage. 
O  taerawata. n. charm or magic to suppress pain, sorrow, ill-luck.  v. to help with medicine but more so by magic, to give courage. 
B  táereme. vi. to act prematurely.  n. premature action. 
O  tae-reme. sup. taeremeremen. a hasty premature action.  v. to act heedlessly, thoughtlessly
B  taerémea. vt. to act on prematurely. 
O  taeremea. vt. to do, to accomplish without reflection, thoughtlessly, hastily without calculating.  a. unpremeditated
B  taerémereme. vi. frequentative of taereme
B  taereére. a. severe, acute as a pain
O  taerere. a. takaerere: rapid, sudden, violentn. violent effort.  adv. n taerere, n takaerere: vigorously, violently, rapidly.  ex. e taerere birina: his pace is rapid.  nv. buti n taerere: going full speed.  ex. bai taerere: deftbaitaererea: to do quicklynv. bu-taerere: exhaling a strong smell.  maraki n taerere: sudden feeling of sharp pain.  ex. te mate n taerere: a sudden death. 
B  taeríeri. va. smarting, stinging
O  taerieri. n. te maraki ae taerieri. a sharp, burning pain, result of whipping.  ex. kataerieri: whipping, lashing e kataerieri te karau: the rain lashes, drives. 
O  taerina. na. tae-rina (little used): rapid, suddenvc. kataerina: to do, to accomplish, to hasten, to dispatch a work in the twinkling of an eye, at full speed. 
B  taeríri. vi. to engage in fastening the fringes of a riri n. the process of braiding in or securing the fringes of a skirt
O  taeriri. v. taeriri n nako: to leave quickly, promptly, to be in a hurry, to go rapidly. 
taeriri1. from. taerav. to make a grass skirt, to attach leaves on string of skirt. 
B  taerírika. va. stripped off as the mats on a ridgepole by the wind
O  taeririka. na. torn off by wind (roof ridge). 
B  táero. vi. to weigh anchor
O  taero. v. taeka te ro: to lift anchor
B  táeroæ/ta. vt. to make a riri after a certain fashion.  n. a certain style of securing the fringe of a riri
O  tae-roata. nv. a special way of tying, binding, to imitate design on back of centipede, idem., for making grass skirt
O  taeroro. n. to pull dried spathes off tree. 
B  táetae. vi. to speak, to talkn. speech, talking, language
O  taetae. n. speech, language, spoken language.  idiom. dialect, chat, talk, conversation.  v. to speak, to chat, to converse, to talkvc. kataetaea: to make speak, to address, to speak to, to question.  nv. taetae n akoi: to speak kindly.  ex. taetae n aki akaka: to speak without reflection, senseless talk.  taetae n aomata: vernacular, Gilbertese language.  taetae n anena: foreign language, beside the point.  taetae ni baba: foolish talk.  taetae ni bakanrerei: frivolous, trifling, bantering talk.  taetae ni bau: to promise, to take oathtaetae n ioawa: violent, wicked, insulting talk.  taetae ni kamaira: bad language, filthy talk.  taetae n ikawai: conversation, holding ..., chatting.  taetae ni kamarane: flattering talk, ... to please.  taetae ni kinano: flirting, erotic talk.  taetae ni manikangare: joking, joke.  taetae n un: expressing anger, violent language. 
taetae raoi
O  taetae raoi. v. to speak nicely, kindly. 
B  taetáea. vt. frequentative of taea
B  táetaebuáka. vi. to engage in reproachingbib. Acts 18 : 6.  n. reproach, invective
táetaebuákaa. vt. to reproach, to revile, to villifybib. Rev 16 : 9. 
O  taetae-buaka. n. bad language, bad words, injurious, insulting words, outrageous, filthy, coarse, rude language.  vt. taetae-buaka: to insult, to threaten
B  táetaenikáwai. vi. to converse familiarly, to chatn. familiar conversation, chat. 
O  tae-tango. v. (1) to take tango off coconutn. (2) a kind of skirt.  (3) leaves prepared for skirt. 
B  táetoa. vi. to engage in stripping off the central thorns of the pan leaf
táetoaa. vt. to strip a pandanus leaf of its central line of prickers. 
O  taetoa. v. to remove any unevenness, lumps, etc. 
O  taetoba. and raetobana. paleness of recently confined and nursing mothers, pale, sallow, wan
B  táeua. n. a double lashing
táeuaa. vt. to tie on as pickets with two lashings
B  táeun. va. torn up by the roots including the unn. a drift log having roots
O  tae-un. n. (1) uprooted tree.  (2) floating tree trunk.  see taemauna
B  táewa. n. a longitudinal slice of babai, a portion of a pan bunch. 
O  taewa. na. tataewa: split from end to end, in quarters, in pieces.  vc. kataewa, kataewaewa: to cut, to chop, to split in pieces.  n. te kataewaewa: sandy crevice between reefs. 
O  tae-waka. n. a plant pulled up by roots <pull up>. 
O  taewariri. n. pain of hair being pulledvt. tae-wariria: to hurt by ... 
B  tái. adv. surely, certainly, in due time. 
tái. v. do not, used in the imperative. 
tái. n. time, season, harvest
taái. n. the sun
O  tai. neg. imperative. don'tex. tai tang! don't cry! 
tai1. n. time, times, period, season, time (music).  ex. te taina: onceuatai: twiceten tai: three times.  te tai are rimoa: long ago, formerly, in ancient times.  e a tai roko, bon ana tai n roko: it is his time to come now.  note. see compound words following.  nv. orotai: to beat time.  adv. n te taina: one time, once, once upon a time.  ex. n te tai nako: each time that ...  n tai nako: every time that ... n tabetai: sometimes, occasionally, now and then.  n. n tai ra: when? at what time? 
tai2. n. (1) clock, watchex. e a bo iraua n am tai?: what time is it by your watch?  n. (2) te tai: dial (of weighing machine). 
tai3. n. harvest season, harvestv. to gather in harvest.  ex. tain te tou: pandanus fruit season.  vt. taia: to harvest.  ex. taia te wita: harvest the wheat. 
tai4. n. Nei Tai (1) the sunex. e oti tai (no article): sunrisee bung tai: sunset. .  (2) te tai or te ai tai: magnifying glass (for lighting fire). 
tai ataei
O  tai ataei. or. te tai n ataeina. (1) childhood, infancy, youth, to be at the age of ..., in the time of ...  n. (2) a very young coconut
tai babu
O  tai babu. or. tai tikabu!intj. silence! not a sound! keep quiet! don't move! 
tai bakoa
O  tai bakoa. n. time for sharks (overcast). 
tai baoa
O  tai baoa. vt. to hit on the top of the skull (special word used instead of insulting term, to hit on head). 
tai eta
O  tai eta. or. aietan. coconut at stage of kernel just beginning to form. 
tai ikawai
O  tai ikawai. na. (1) spathe too developed to be used for toddy.  n. (2) taro, beyond stage of being given certain compost. 
tai taing
O  tai taing. intj. wait! don't move! wait a minute! 
tai tikabu
O  tai tikabu. intj. taitababu. don't speak! don't make a noise. 
tai toki
O  tai toki. na. mature coconut, spathe at the stage of giving less and less juice, when tide ceases to rise any higher. 
O  taia. from. taivt. to wind, to coil around, to bind with cord.  ex. taia te bwe: attach rudder to tabio by tying with string <tie>. 
taia ni bwe
O  taia ni bwe. n. (1) te taia ni bwe: the string, or cord with which rudder-oar is tied to tabiron. (2) magical strings, charms to attract persons. 
B  táian. a. a sign of the plural, i.e. pf several or more. 
O  taian. art. (plural) the (all).  ex. Taian Apotoro: the Apostles, the apostolic college.  taiani bai: the things, all the things, collection of ... <some>. 
B  taiæ/nibwe. n. the cord by which the rudder to a canoe is fastened. 
B  táiatáei. a. in a somewhat tender stage as a coconut spathe
B  taibaábu. vi. let be, let alone, wait a bit (used imperatively>. 
O  taiben. n. a dish of kabubu and coconut. 
O  taiboa. vt. to threaten to thrash without carrying it out.  ex. I taiboa iroum: you can't catch me (child threatened running away). 
B  táibora. n. a table (ENG)
O  taibora. n. table (ENG)
O  taibourua. na. time to catch ..., at dawn
O  taie. v. (vague meaning) to importune, continually changing subject of conversation. 
B  táiikáwai. a. in a mature stage, as a coconut spathe
B  táim. n. a dime, ten cents (ENG)
O  taim. n. taitaim: sharpening, whetting.  v. to sharpen, to whetex. te tia taitaim: knife grinderte bai n taitaim: sharpener. 
B  táima. vt. to sharpen, to grind, to whet
táima. n. a kind of mollusk
O  taima. vt. tataima, taitaima: to sharpen, to whet, to pointex. taiman te ria: a chant to whet the appetite, incantation to inspire composers.  taiman te ao: idem
taima1. n. species of mollusc
B  táimæke. n. a marine gelatinous animal, the. 
O  taimake. n. cuttle fish
B  táiman. n. a diamond (ENG)
O  taiman. n. diamond, diamond (playing card) (ENG)ex. te ai n taiman: the ace of diamonds. 
O  taimano. or. tainamon. mosquito nett (S.). 
B  táimærau. n. afternoona. being afternoon. 
O  taimarau. na. late afternoonvc. kataimaraua: to wait till the cool of the day to ... 
O  taimatoa. na. hottest part of the day (afternoon).  vc. ka-taimatoa: to wait till, or do when ... 
B  táimonio. n. a demon (GR)a. possessed of a demon. 
O  taimonio. n. demon, spirit (GR)
O  taina. from. tai,vt. tataina: to fix a time, to regulate, to keep to the time prescribed. 
O  taine. na. taineine: adaptation, preparation suited to one's destiny.  ex. kataineaki: made apt, skilful in art, composition.  vc. te kataine, katainea, kataineinea: a certain rite (formerly), to prepare, to adapt performer, esp. to make him skilful, apt in an art. 
B  táinga. vt. taingai wait for me. 
O  tainga. vt. antiquated word for taninga: to wait
B  tainúnu. a. late in the afternoonn. the latter part of the afternoon. 
O  tainunu. na. time when shadows lengthen in late afternoon
B  táira. n. the middle portion of the nighta. about midnight
O  taira. na. late at night, midnight, two or three hours before or after.  ex. taira matoa: very late, after midnight, unfavourable, unseasonable time.  vc. ka taira: to wait till ..., to do, to accomplish at unfavourable time, at wrong time. 
O  tairake. na. beginning of day, early in the day. 
B  tairáoi. a. in an intermediate stage as a coconut spathe
O  tairaoi. n. propitious, favourable, just at the right moment.  vc. katairaoa: to wait for a good occasion, to do at the right moment. 
B  táiriki. n. eveninga. being evening. 
O  tairiki. n. evening, late in the day, night.  ex. e tairiki: it is evening.  tairiki matoa: late evening, 7 or 8 o'clock.  n tairiki: adv. this evening.  n tairikina: on the evening of ...  n te tairikina: one evening.  ngke tairiki: last evening.  ngke e tairiki: when it was evening, when evening came.  vc. ka-tairiki, ka-tairikia: to wait till evening, to do at ... 
B  táirikimæ/toa. n. late evening.  a. being late in the evening. 
O  tairo. n. a bird
tairo1. na. end of twilight, beginning of nightvc. katairo, katairoa: to wait till dark, to do when ... 
tairo2. a. beginning to light up, to blazevc. katairoa: to make ignite, to light up. 
B  táiroa. va. not arriving in season, too late
B  taitabaábu. vi. don't be in a hurry, let be, let alone.  (used imperatively) stop, stay, wait a bit, hold on a bit. 
B  táitai. vi. to adzevi. to tattoon. tattoo. 
O  taitai. n. tattooing, tattoov. to tattoo, to cutnv. koro-taitai: to do tattoo.  n. te riba n taitai: shavings (of wood).  vc. taitaia: to tattoo.  ex. some terms usedte nu: shading, filling in.  bonu: ... colour in.  te mauri: charm to succeed.  te wi ni bakoa: the shark tooth used as stylet.  kana ni kua: large tattoo on back.  te korea n riri: ... at the limit of skirt.  wi ni wete: ... in form of dart
B  taitáia. vt. to tattoo a person. 
B  taitáim. vi. to engage in sharpening
B  taitáima. vt. to sharpen, to whet
B  taitáing. vi. (used imperatively) stop, stay, wait a bit, hold on a bit, desist, let be, let alone. 
B  táitoki. a. too mature to yield much karewen. a coconut spathe in its third stage of growth. 
B  tá-ka. n. a tiger (ENG)
táka. vi. to thirstn. thirst. 
tákaa. n. the upper streak in a canoe
tákaa. vi. to shout, to call by shouting. 
O  taka. pref. freq. of many compound words. 
taka1. n. takataka, batakataka: dryness, aridity.  a. dried, dry, arid, very ..., altogether ...  see bataka ...  ex. te takataka: coprae taka, e takaroro: time of great droughte taka buau: my throat is dry.  I taka ni kani moi: I am very thirstyI taka: I am thirsty.  vc. kataka, katakaroroa, kabatakataka: to dry, to make dry, thirsty, arid, causing thirst. 
taka2. n. small pieces of timber terminating parvis of canoe, between kiaro and kiaromoti
taka ni man
O  taka ni man. n. roar of animal.  v. to roar, to shout like ... 
B  tákabe. n. a fish, the.  a. fully grown as a baweata.  rich in flavor as a baweata
O  takabe. n. a fish, striped snapper
G  tákabe. sn. Lutianus kasmiran. striped snapper (mainly yellow with four bright blue lines on its body) (hh). 
B  tákabea. a. garrulous, loquacious, talkative, long-winded
O  Takabea. n. myth, name of giant, son of Kabanebane and Nei Keba
takabea. n. a chatter boxex. ai takabea ra! what a bore
O  takaberoro. sup. superlative of beroron. inveterate babbler
O  takabiabia. n. kind of mobile cyst under the skin. 
O  takabiri. n. a restless spirit (anti). 
O  takabiribiri. sup. superlative of birin. running about continually, moving <move>. 
O  takabu. ex. tai takabu! tai tikabu, tai karongoa: keep quiet! silence
O  takaburi. v. takaburi nako ... rake; to ooze, to ooze out, overflow, to spread out.  sup. superlative of buri
B  takabúrinako. vi. to run over and off, to overflow
B  takabúrirake. vi. to overflow
B  takáeakina. vt. to shout about. 
O  takaeakina. vt. from takaka: to shout, to cry out, to proclaim, to call out in a loud voice. 
B  takáebuebu. a. whitest. 
O  takaebwebu. na. dazzling <dazzle> whiteness, bright colour.  vc. katakaebuebua: to make ... 
B  takáere. vi. to flop as a fish
O  takaere. sup. superlative of ererev. takaerere. to cut, to hit, to strike out in all directions, to struggle with flapping tail as shark, eels, etc., when caught. 
B  takaerére. vi. to flop about, to thrash about or struggle as a crying child. 
B  takaái. n. a short cord attached at the middle to a fishhook and then twisted into one as a link to the principal fish line.  vi. to engage in twisting to a fishhook a short segment of line by which it is to be finally connected with the main line
O  takai. pron. dem. (Butari and Makin) thesefor. nakai
takai1. n. a strong cord tying hook to line. 
B  takaáia. vt. to provide a fishhook with a short segment of line by which it is to be finally connected with the main line. 
O  takaia. vt. to strengthen the line near the hook. 
B  takaiáia. vi. to shiver with cold, to chatter as the jawsn. a shivering with cold, a chattering of the jaws. 
O  takaiaia. sup. superlative of iaiana. having grey hair
takaiaia1. from. iav. to tremble with fear, to shiver with cold, to have teeth chattering.  n. ten Takaiaia: a shivering type of person.  vc. katakaiaia: to make ... 
B  takaáka. vi. to shoutn. a shout, a shouting. 
tákaka. va. greatly frightened, terrified
O  takaka. v. (more used than taka) to shout, to clamour, to speak in high-pitched voice.  vt. to shout loudly, to call outvc. katakaka : to make ... 
takaka1. v. cackleex. e takaka te moa: the fowl is cackling. 
B  takaákaro. vi. to play, to sportn. play, sport, a game
O  takakaro. n. noisy games, , play (in general), amusement, diversion, entertainment, pastime, sportv. to play, to amuse oneself.  n. te bai n takakaro: plaything, toyvc. katakakaroa: to amuse, to make play.  vt. baintakakaroa: to make fun of. 
B  tákamaináina. a. very whiten. great whiteness. 
O  takamainaina. sup. superlative of mainainaa. very white
B  takamínomino. vi. to writhe in painn. a writhing in pain, great restlessness
O  takaminomino. sup. superlative of a. minominosee minovc. ka ... 
B  takamókimoki. a. longsee ananau
O  takanakana. a. covered with dirtvc. katakanakana: to cover with, to dirty, to soil, to bemire, to besmirch, to bespatter, to besmear
B  tákanæna. va. daubed, besmeared, muddiedn. mud, mire, slime
O  takanana. n. sticky dirt, mud, slime, mire, dung, filth, foul dirt.  vt. katakanana: to dirty, to soil, to besmear, to bedaub, to smear, to soil, to besmirch, etc. 
B  takanéanea. a. bright, resplendent, shining
O  takaneanea. sup. superlative of raneaneaa. dazzling <dazzle>, sparkling <sparkle>, very brilliant, resplendentvc. katakaneanea: to make ... 
B  takanéinei. a. very wet as a path in rainn. a wet or flooded condition of the ground
O  takaneinei. sup. superlative of neineia. covered with pools of water, have sound of liquid when shaken.  vc. katakaneineia: to cover with ..., to make give ..., sound. 
B  tákanoi. n. the mind, the spirit
O  takanoi. n. consciousnessex. e maiu takanoina: he is fully conscious, has mind alerte bua takanoina, e rerenako takanoina: he has lost his head, he is rambling <ramble>, no longer conscious of ... 
O  takaramentu. n. sacrament (ENG)
B  tákarara. vi. to talk noisily.  n. noisy talk
O  takarara. sup. takarara n taetaev. mautakarara. to speak quickly in shrill voice which can't be understood. 
O  takarea. sup. superlative of reaa. spread, scattered about.  vc. katakarea: to scatter, to spread, to strew around.  ex. nora katakarean abana! look at the state of his land! 
O  takareare. sup. superlative of arearea. (food, etc.). becoming rare, getting scarce, nearly exhausted, almost nothing left. 
O  takareau. n. Ten Takareau: a large spider, spider's web, cobweba. full of cobwebs. 
O  takarebu. sup. superlative of rebun. takareburebu: agitation, feverish activitya. eddying in all directions, agitated, restless, shaken about.  vc. katakarebua, katakarebutata: to agitate, to shake
B  takaréburebu. vi. to slop over when agitated
B  takarébutæta. vi. to crackle, to make small abrupt noises
O  takarebutata. sup. superlative of rebutatav. to stir, to struggle, to agitate with precipitation, noisily, continually.  vc. katakarebutata
O  takarebwetata. sup. superlative of rebwetatan. crackling, crepitation.  v. to crepitate, to cracklevc. katakarebwetata: to make ... 
B  tákarem'a. vi. to flop about as a fish on shore. 
O  takarema. n. takaremarema: agitationv. to flutter, to move about, to frisk about, to flutter, to strugglevc. katakaremarema: to make ... 
B  takarém'arem'a. vi. to flop about, to toss about. 
O  takaremweremwe. sup. superlative of remwe, remweremwen. extreme slowness, tardiness.  a. slow, tardyvc. katakare ... 
O  takarere. a. outstanding, evident, obvious, standing out, isolated, solitary (one among many).  n. atu takarere: person isolated, solitary, alone, forsaken
takarere1. ex. ti ngaia takarere: it alone, all alone, unique
O  takariorio. a. moving in all directions, as if disjointed.  fig. in continual movement, unable to keep still, craze for travelling.  vc. katakariorio: to make move ..., to give no rest to ... 
O  takariri. n. shudderv. to shudder, to have goose flesh (fever, cold, fear).  fig. excitement, general motionvc. katakariri, katakariria: causes ..., to cause ... 
O  takariroriro. a. wriggling <wriggle>, fidgety, frisky (as fish caught), jumping about, fidgeting, wriggling around. 
B  tákaro. n. a sparkvi. to emit sparks. 
O  takaro. n. takarokaro: spark, flame of fire.  v. to emit ..., to kindle, to inflamea. red hot (iron).  vc. katakarokaroa: to make ... 
B  takárokaro. vi. to emit or throw off sparks.  n. the throwing off of many sparks. 
B  tákaroro. vi. to be very thirstyn. very great thirst. 
O  takaroro. sup. mautakarorona. from taka. very dry, dry, dried up, very thirsty, extremely aridvc. katakaroroa: to dry thoroughly, to give great thirst. 
O  takaru. sup. superlative of karun. row, shindy, great noise, uproarv. to make a row.  ex. tai takaru! stop the noise! 
B  takaárua. vi. to shoutn. a shout, a shouting. 
O  takarua. sup. superlative of takav. to shout, to call out, to announce, to signal, to call in loud voice. 
takarua1. sup. superlative of rua takaruaruav. (1) to flutter about, to act, to speak at randomn. te takarua n aomata: a mischief maker, a jack in the box.  a. (2) changeable, versatile
B  takaaruáea. vt. to shout, to utter with a shout. 
O  takaruaeakina. vt. idem
O  takaruberube. sup. superlative of n.v.a. ruberube
O  takarumerume. sup. superlative of rume, rumerume
B  tákaruru. vi. to rattle as the dried kernel of a coconut or a pebble in a coconut-shell. 
O  takaruru. sup. superlative of ruruv. to give a muffled sound when rattled, to shake, to rattleand (takariuriu S.).  vc. katakarurua: to make ... 
B  tákataka. n. copra, the dried kernel of the coconutn. a kind of sea urchina. very dry as the kernel of a ripe coconut. 
O  takataka. n. (1) socket of canoe mast, tutarina (N.), tunari (S.), at each end of canoe.  n. (2) n. a species of sea urchin
takataka1. from. taka. dryn. (1) copra, dried coconut kernel.(2) a nut brought by sea currents, used to perfume oil. 
B  tákauráura. a. very redn. a very red color
O  takauraura. sup. superlative of urauraa. bright red, gleaming red.  vc. katakauraura
B  táke. n. a duck (ENG)
táke. va. sprouting, starting as a tooth
taáke. n. a grasshopper
O  take. n. duck (ENG)
take1. n. grasshopper
take2. a. taketake: sticking out, exceeding ..., dominating <dominate> in height, length.  ex. e taketake banana: his voice stands out, dominates.  vc. kataketakea
take3. n. a bird (Phaeton) with two red feathers in tail (Phaeton rubriacuda mela norhynchos), rarely seen in Gilbert Islands, sign, omen of death for person of clan of which it is totem. 
take4. n. corner of canoe sail where yard arms meet. te wi n take
take5. from. ken. a slight backward movement of surprise.  a. abashed, surprised, dumbfounded, sheepish, crestfallenex. ti a take naba: we were left ...  vc. katakea: to make ..., to surprise, to abash ..., to remove pawn or piece at game of draughts, chess, to take someone down a peg. 
take6. n. te take ni bai: native boxing glove made of cord.  n. te take ni wae: leggings of warrior, gaiters
G  taake. sn. Phaethon rubricauda melanorhynchosn. red tailed tropic bird (aa). 
B  tæ/kebæti. n. a sackbut (ENG)
B  takeébono. a. indifferent to a request or order
O  takebono. a. immutable, intractable, irreducible in refusal, not heeding order of commands. 
O  takebu. a. takebuebu for takaebuebuex. ai takebu ra! how dazzling white
B  tákerake. va. sprouting, appearing as a new tooth
O  takiakia. sup. superlative of kia, kiakian. gleaming refulgence, brightness of white flowers.  ex. takiakia n ota: brilliant lighta. glittering in the light, scintillant, scintillating on all sides.  vc. katakiakia ... 
O  takimakima. sup. superlative of kimaa. e takimakima! e takiakia ni kimakima: very bright and keen after sharpening. 
B  taákina. vt. to spread out. 
O  takina. vt. to spread out, to roll out, to unfoldex. e takina baina: he spread out his arms (wings). 
B  tákiræra. a. white, very white, as a fowl
O  takirara. sup. superlative of kirarasuf. reddish, russetex. uratakirara: bright redvc. kakirararaea, katakiraraea: to make ... 
O  takiri. n. te kai n takiri: a broom, esp. garden broom.  vt. takiria: to sweep the ground, ... leaves. 
takiri1. n. regular sound of repeated beats (footsteps, horse's gallop, beating of drum, etc.).  v. takiria: to beat (drum, etc.), to drum on ..., to strum on, to tap on repeatedly. 
O  takitaki. n. e takitaki te nano: palpitation of heart, heart beating quickly.  v. to be very moved, affected, anxious, excited
takitaki1. suf. of some words.  ex. rebetakitaki, rababa takitaki, katakitaki: idem. to beat rapidly, to click..., to clack ..., to clash, to jingle
B  tákoko. va. puffed, filled up, choked
O  takoko. from. kosyn. ribaribaa. tight. tight, close together, packed, compressed, heaped together (as fish in net), swollen tight, distended.  ex. tibu takoko: ready to burst.  vc. katakokoa: to squeeze tight enough to suffocate, ... burst. 
B  takom/kom. suf. of rekeadv. signifying not wholly falling short. 
O  takomkom. from. koma. barely, on the small side, barely holding, hardly big enough.  ex. reke takomkom: held by a thread, scarcely holding. 
O  takoro. n. a notch, gashv. to cut a little, to cut out.  vt. takoroa: to make first cut, first notch, to make notches. 
B  táku. vi. to say, to think, to suppose, to imaginen. a word, a say , English as spoken by a Gilbertese. 
táku:. va. abnormally drawn up as the fingers. 
O  taku. n. what one says, to say ...  ex. taku ba: ... said that, ... think, ... believe that.  I bon taku: I said, I just thought, I supposeI taku ba e aki tabuaki: I thought it was not forbidden.  vc. katakua: to make say, to force to talk.  see takua
taku1. from. kuna. form somewhat curved, bent
taku2. n. (1) te taku: a fishor. takuan. (2) an ancient adze made from shell (or iron nowadays). 
O  takua. n. dolphin
takua1. from. takuvt. takutakua: to scold, to reprimand, to lecture, to chide, to rebuke, to abuse
G  takua. sn. Coryphaenan. dolphin (ll). 
L  takua. sn. Coryphaena hippurus (coryphaenidae)n. dolphin
B  takúakua. va. wearing charmed necklaces or headbands. 
O  takuakua. v. to have, to carry on one's person all kinds of magic, garlands, amulets, to be well protected. 
O  takuanganga. from. anga, angangana. a person having large sloping shoulders, arms swinging, a worthless person, good for nothing, a shuffler.  syn. kabaria, mauianna
O  takuarara. from. takun. a prattlerv. to babble, to blab continually.  a. loquacious, talkative
O  takurara. n. grumbler, growlerv. to grumble, to growl, to storm, to rave, to speak while gnashing teeth. 
O  takurere. vt. to overwhelm with abuse, reproaches, a torrent of words, to rail against, to rebuke
B  tákutaku. vi. to stutter, to sputtern. a stuttering. 
O  takutaku. n. gibberish, jargonv. to gabble in foreign language or murder vernacular. 
O  tam. dim. of tamnei ...:  n. kindred soull, own imageex. au tam neienne: she is my soul, my heart, my lovesuf. bo-tam, tamnei, tirotam, katam
B  táma. n. a father
tám'a. vi. to climb
tám'a. n. a form of severe skin disease which progresses in its ravage. 
O  tama. n. tamau, tamam ...: father, my father, your ...  ex. ai tamau, ... tamam: ... uncleTe Tama: father ..., a priestvt. tamana: to adopt as ... 
tama1. v. tamatama: to climb, to go up (a tree, etc.), spreading (skin disease).  ex. te tama ni mane: manner of climbing of grown up men (hand and foot one after the other).  te nati n tama: a bastard, illegitimate child.  vc. katama, katamatama: to make ... to let climb.  see tamaka, tamarake, tamare
B  tam'aerére. n. a long brace supporting a long rafter
O  tamaerere. from. maereren. trellis, lattice
O  tamaewe. dim. of maewev. coming, appearing off and on <intermittently>. 
O  tamaio. sup. superlative of pejorative of tamaren. a seducer, a Don Juan. 
O  tamaka. n. sandalsv. to have ..., to wear ... 
tamaka1. vt. tatamaka: to climb on to, to climb over.  ex. tai tamakai: don't climb over me. 
O  tamakai. n. a diligent climber.  a. diligence (in general).  see tabarekai
O  taman. n. salmon fish (ENG)
taman1. vt. tamania: to line, to mark, to trace, to draw a line on. 
B  támana. vt. to take as a father, to make a father of one. 
O  Tamana. n. small island in extreme south of Gilbert Group (4.3.1894, Cary). 
tamana. vt. to look upon, to adopt as one's father. 
B  taamanía. vt. to finish or level a canoe for its deck
O  tamania. see tamanvt. to mark, to draw, to delineate
O  tamanre. nv. a game
B  tamanúea. n. a patriarch
O  tama-n-uea. n. patriarch
O  tamaomao. a. united, acquainted, familiarn. i-tamaomao: familiarity, comradeship, acquaintanceship.  v. to be familiar with, friendly ..., know each other well. 
B  tám'arake. vi. to climb up.  n. a climbing up, an ascent by climbing. 
O  tamarake. vt. tamarakea: to climb up, to go up, to climb, to scale, to ascendn. te kai n tamarake: stairs, ladder
B  tám'arakéa. vt. to climb up. 
B  tám'are. n. lewdnessvi. to lust, to have unlawful carnal desire
O  tamare. n. strategy of seduction towards opposite sex (desire of seduction rather than lewdness).  v. to try to seduceex. nano n tamare: desire ...  wi n tamare: to speak as seducer, gallantry, coquetry, ogling, teasing, enticing, provoking opposite sex. 
O  tamaremare. freq. of tamare (with larger meaning of tokonono, tabare). 
B  tæ/maritika. n. a tamarisk (ENG)
O  tamaro. from. ro: dark.  n. dungeon, cellar, hold of ship. 
B  tamaároa. a. beautiful, handsome, elegantn. beauty
O  tamaroa. sup. tamaroaroan. beauty, splendour, magnificence.  a. pretty, beautiful, well made, nice, splendid, magnificentvc. katamaroa: to make ..., to beautify, to decorate
B  tamaróaroa. a. very handsome. 
B  tám'aroro. vi. to be of the same ageex. a i tamaroro
O  tamaroro. ex. te i-tamaroro, a i-tamaroro: to be of the same generation, nearly the same age, steps and stairs
B  tám'atam'a. vi. frequentative of tam'a to climbn. the art of climbing. 
támatama. a. filial, kind to a father
O  tamatama. n. climbv. to climb.  ex. kinds: kabonga, kairo, katania, katabara, koba, tania n aine, tania ni mane
O  tamatua. n. champion climber, acrobat, climbing everywhere. 
O  tamburuburu. n. a crumb, wisp, bit, particle, scrap
B  taam/nei. n. a spirit, the soul, a picture, a likeness, a portrait, the shadow of a person. 
O  tamnei. n. soul, spirit, picture, image, portrait, photograph, tableau, statuev. karao tamnei: to make images, to paint, to carve, etc.  vt. karoa te ...  n. te tia karoa tamnei: painter, artist, sculptor, photographer.  v. koro-tamnei: to draw, to paint, to photograph, etc.  vt. korea te tamnein. te tia korotamnei, te tia rawe tamnei: photographer.  nv. kaoti-tamnei: showing pictures, films, cinema
O  Tamoa. n. Samoa Islands.  ex. te kai n Tamoa: genealogical tree of Samoa.  see kai n tikuaba, uekera, te i-Eretia
B  taam/ruru. n. a speck, a particlea. covered with crumbs
O  tamruru. n. a crumb, bit, portion, particlea. to be in ... 
B  taámwemwe. va. cut unskillfully, or too short, as eaves of thatch
O  tamwemwe. dim. of mwemwev. to rise up, to lift a little (for ex. outrigger float of canoe just out of water).  vc. katamwemwea: to make ... 
O  tamwere. dim. of mwerea. keeping behind, latev. tamweremwere: to be slow, to saunter, to stroll, to loaf, to dawdle, to dilly dally
B  taan. suf. = english suffix -ers.  plural. of tia ex. tani makuri workers
tæn. a. becalmed under a lee, in the shelter of. 
tæn. vi. to turn
tæn. n. a ton (ENG)
O  tan. art. tani plural of tia: the.  ex. tani bure: (the) sinners. 
tan1. n. te tan, e tan, ae tan, tantan: a sheltered place, protected from wind, rain.  sup. taniberoro: stifling, no air.  vc. katana, katantana: to shelter, to protect, to defend, to screen from ...  fig. protect, cover, defend, safeguardn. te katantan: protection, safeguarding.  te nne ni katantan: shelter, refuge, asylumte bai ni katantan: thing which protects, shelters (roof, wall). 
tan2. pref. in compound words only. facing towards, looking towards.  ex. tani mai: be facing interlocutor or person in question.  v. tanimai: to face this way, to turn this way.  vc. katanimaia: to turn, to place face to ..., this side.  ex. tan nako: to turn, to look away, ... in opposite direction.  vc. katannakoa: to turn to the opposite side, to make turn away.  ex. tanimaeao: from west face the east.  vc. katanimaeaoa: from west, place or turn facing east.  ex. tanimaiaki: from south face to the north.  vc. katanimaiaki: place or turn facing the north.  ex. tanimainiku: from the east face to the west.  vc. katanimainikua: place or turn to face the west.  ex. tanimeang: from north face to south.  vc. katanimeanga: place or turn facing south.  ex. tan nako aiaki: facing the south.  vc. katannakoaiaka: turn towards the south.  ex. tan nako iang: facing north.  vc. katanakoianga: to turn towards north.  ex. tanrake: facing east.  vc. katanrakea: to turn towards east.  ex. tanrio: facing west.  vc. katanrioa: turn towards west. 
tan3. n. ton (ENG)
tan nako
O  tan nako. a. turned away, facing opposite side.  v. to turn away, to turn around.  vc. katannakoa: to turn to the opposite side, the other side.  ex. tan nako aiaki ... iangsee tan
B  tána. vt. to wind kora on the left hand. 
tæ/na. vt. to be enamored of, to like.  to paint
tæ/na. n. a relish, a saucesee tanna
O  tana. vt. tatana: to wind in coil (cord, line, rope) with left hand. 
tana1. n. act of rolling.  v. to roll, to wind
tana2. nva. te tana, te tanaki, e tana te makuri, e tanaki te makuri: actual occupation, execution of work, being in the course of doing, occupied at, the work is being carried <carry> on, in course of execution.  ex. a tana n oroben: they are occupied in making copra.  tanaki! go on! continue
tana3. vt. to paint, to whitewash, to tar
tana4. vt. tatana: to have carnal desire, to covet ...  ex. te kai tatan: concupiscence
B  tæ/nabaa. vt. to coil as a line on one's hand. 
O  tanabai. from. baiv. tanabaia: to get out of the clutches, to break the bonds of ... 
tanabai1. vt. tanabaia: to strip, to rob, to rifle, to plunder
B  tanab'áia. vt. to rob, to take by force, to violently strip
tænabáia. vt. to break away from one who seizes, i.e. from one's hold
O  tanaboa. or. taraboavt. to be in the course of beating (tana). 
O  tanaboabo. na. e tan abo abounding in te ang: a gust of wind in a sheltered place (tan).  see angitanaboabo
B  tæ/nai. n. an adze
O  tanai. n. a fish. wrasse
tanai1. n. te tanai. an adze (some islands), an axe
G  tanai. sn. Cheilinus trilobatus Lacepede (y)note. (two french accents on name).  n. wrasse (sm). 
B  tæ/nainibaan/ni. n. a small adze
B  tæ/naki. a. fearful when assaulted
O  tanaki. see n.a. tana
O  tanako. nv. going little by little, diminishing, abating <abate>, lessening.  ex. e tanako makuna: his fear disappeared little by little. 
B  tæ/nara. vt. to loose another's hold, to take off ornaments after the dance
O  tanara. vt. tatanara, tanatanara: to strip off bedizenment, to undo, to unwind fishing net wound around one.  ex. tanara te baonikarea: to strip the altar (of cloths, decorations), to undo anything wrapped around, enveloping.  n. te kai n tanara: stick used to carry fish net or to fix ...  te kai n tatan: a spool, a bobbin, stick for winding string, cord. 
B  tæ/natæna. n. a form of incantation whereby to secure favor in the eyes of a woman
O  tanatana. n. magic to attract, promote love.  .  v. to do magic to ... 
O  tanawai. from. tana and wain. marks, designs in relief, speckled on plain background, mottled, sometimes scribbled.  nv. koro tanawaivt. tanawaia: to speckle, to scribble on. 
B  tæ/ne. a. clear, distinct, showing distinctly as a footstep, leaving a mark
O  tane. n. tatane, tanetane: distinct marks, traces, printa. printed, traced, marked.  ex. e tane manekana: his footprints are visible, clear, distinctvc. katanea, katanetanea: to mark, to make distinct marks. 
O  tanea. n. a scarf, sash of leaves worn as decoration.  ex. motiki tanean te: ... to strip sash off vanquished in competition, to degrade. 
B  tæ/neiái. a. accustomed to, used to, wonted.  n. wontedness, the state of being accustomed. 
tæneiái. vi. to beg, by word or attitude, as for food before mealtime. 
O  taneiai. na. tataneiai, tanetane iai: habit, custom, accustomed to, in the habit of ...  ex. I tane iai: I am used to ...  syn. taneiaiex. e tane iai, e ngenge, e aki taona nanona: a polite way of saying he shows his longing (for food).  vc. kataneiai, kaka ...: to give, to get the habit, to accustom, to get accustomed, to get used to, to train to ..., to experimentn. kataneiai: apprenticeship, training, novitiate, to do one's ..., to train. 
B  tæneiáiroro. a. to partake of food unceremoniously. 
B  tanéinei. n. a mode of fishingvi. to fish with a karaun aided or supplemented by a rai
O  taneinei. v. to fish with net in shallow water.  vt. taneineia te ika: to collect, to catch fish scattered in shallow water at low tide. 
B  tænéne. adv. fitfully
O  tanewea. dim. of maneweavt. to say, to name, to mention, by the way. 
B  tang. vi. to cry, to weep, to crow, to mew, to sing as a bird
O  tang. rad. of tangira (in poetry).  n. desire, loveex. e rae tangina: his love has faded, is gone. 
tang1. n. tangitang: a cry, plaint, wail, complaint, reclamation, sound, siffle, peal, creakv. tang, tatang, tangitang: to cry, to shed tears, to complain, to squeak, to lament, to reclaim, to sound, to ring, to grind, to crack, to whistle, to hiss, to sing (bird).  ex. e tang te moa: the cock crows. e tang te aira: the current makes an audible noise.  N na kinika tangim: I'll pinch you to make you cry.  vc. katanga, kaka ... katangitanga:  to make cry ..., to resound, etc., to ring (bell), to play (musical instrument).  katanginakoa: to make squeak (rope in block) by slackening.  ex. katangi-baba nako: to slacken clew line.  fig. slacken the reins, give free rein to ...  n. te katang: a call, cooee, whistle, sound of whistle.  te bai ni katangitang: musical instrumentn. te katangitang: rope connecting top of mast to ends of canoe. 
B  taánga. vt. to stretch out as a wing
tángaa. va. straightened out as a fishhook
tánga. n. a coat of mail, without sleeves, made of coconut fiber
taánga. n. a married couplen. a body of troops, an army
O  tanga. vt. to spread, to extend, to develop (wings, etc.), to spread out, to diffuseex. tangaki i aon tano: stretched out on the ground. 
tanga1. n. married couple, group, in groups.  v. go in ...  ex. te tanga ni buaka: an army, battalion
tanga2. n. native armour made of closely woven string covering entire body. 
tanga3. v. tanganga, tanganga nako: rising upright.  to rise upright, to let go (fish hook, fingers, giving way), let go, to give wayfig. abandon, giving in, cease resisting, unable to resist.  vc. katanga, katanganga: to make yield, to cede, to lose hold, to abandon, to resist
O  tangaia. for. ti ngaia (archaism). 
B  tangáina. va. opened as a mat or book, lying on the back
O  tangaina. a. open, on show, in full viewex. wene n tangaina: lying face upwards.  fig. manifest, evident, in full view of all, handed over to the public, exhibited, disclosed, divulged, made known to all. 
O  tangako. syn. kamaira (physical signs).  n. dirt, slovenliness.  a. dirty, slovenly, slimyex. bai-tangako: sloven, sluttoro-tangako: diarrhoea, loose bowels.  vc. kantangako, kabaitangakoa: to make ..., to dirty ..., to soil. 
B  tángana. n. a preparation of babai and coconut
tánganaa. vt. to knead
O  tangana. n. a mixture of two different kinds of food.  ex. tangana ni kabo: scraped coconut and tuaetangana ni manam: scraped coconut and taro.  tangana ni Makin: taro, molasses and coconut milk.  tangana ni kabubu: scraped coconut and kabubu
tangana1. vt. to mix, to knead, to blend, two or more ingredients. 
B  tanganángana. va. cut and slashed with a butu or knife
O  tanganangana. sup. superlative of takanakanaa. covered with repugnant filth, pusvc. katanganangana: to cover with ... 
B  tánganæ/nikabo. n. a mixture of kabubu, coconut and water. 
B  tángananimæ/nam. see n tangana
B  tanganátua. va. bedaubed as with mud
O  tanganatua. vc. sup. of tanganangana
B  tangánga. va. spread out as the hands and fingers in fear
O  tanganga. and ntangangafrom. tangaex. ko-tanganga, ibetanganga. going together, in crowds, in swarms, to betossed about together from side to side (as shoal of fish).  syn. airiri
tanganga1. sup. superlative of n.a. tangaex. bai tanganga: open hands, losing hold, unable to hold on to ... 
O  tangare. na. tending to perfection, perfectex. te tangare ni kai: a perfect piece of wood.  te mane ae te kai tangare: a perfect man. 
B  tángaroa. n. the mindex. e rere nako tangaroau I lost my senses, my senses darted away quickly. 
O  tangaroa. n. spirit, conscience, sense, perception of things , clear intellect.  syn. takanoiex. e bua tangaroana: he has lost his senses.  te bwebwe-tangaroa: a beautiful, rare butterfly
O  tangatanga. suf. sup. ko-tangatanga, ibe tangatanga
O  tangaua. na. tanga ua: indecision, to be drawn in two different directions.  a. perplexedn. perplexity.  ex. nano tangaua: perplexed mind, wrangling, undecided ...  vc. katangaua, kananokatangaua: to make become perplexed, to make hesitate
B  tangáuri. n. scraped pan pulp often mixed with scraped coconut
O  tangauri. na. compote, or pulp of pandanus fruit, vaseline, pomade, ointment
B  tangáuria. vt. to make tangauri
O  tangauria. vt. to reduce to pulpsee bai-tangauri
O  tangauriuri. from. tangauriaa. of very weak consistency, very soft, friable, easily pulverized.  fig. soft, spineless, apathetic, week willed. 
O  tangenge. syn. otiotina. appearing at intervals, <intermittently>, slightly uncovered, open, bareex. e tangenge wina: teeth showing (natural grinning). 
tangenge1. n. a small mat of single thickness. 
tangi ni kimoa
O  tangi ni kimoa. n. cry of mouse.  a. giving little sound
tangi ni maikeike
O  tangi ni maikeike. n. a sighv. to sigh, to sobvc. ka-maikeike, tangi ni ka ...: to weep and sob. 
tangi ni wenei
O  tangi ni wenei. n. funeral lamentation.  v. to lament over dead person, for departure of spirit (wenei).  vt. tanginiweneia: to lament over ... 
B  tangib'aánako. vi. to ebb rapidly as the spring tide
O  tangi-ba-nako. ex. e tangiba, e tangibaba nako te rongorongo: the news has spread abroad, is noised abroad ..., made known.  katangibaba, katangibabanakoa: (S.) to noise abroad, to spread, to give free vent to gossip. 
O  tangibe. n. a kind of skirt
O  tangiberoro. sup. superlative of tangn. persistent noise, rolling ..., humming, humming of insects, motors, roar, peal
O  tangibi. n. (S.) nokonoko (N.) a basket made of noko
O  tangibino. n. tangin te binobino: noise, whistling <whistle>, hissing of binobino (small empty coconut shell that the diviner makes spin and whistle on the end of a string).  vc. katangibino: to make ..., whistle while turning. 
O  tangibuaka. n. a disagreeable sounda. discordant, ill sounding, shocking.  ex. katangibuaka: to make, give ..., sound, to play badly. 
B  tangibúruru. vi. to buzz, to roar as rigging, to sound loudly, as rain in a very heavy shower. 
O  tangibururu. n. e bururu tangina: sound of saw jerking, buzz, hum, whirr of aeroplane.  ex. e tang bururu te karau: noise of heavy rain falling. 
O  tangimaka. n. powerful sound, loud peal, call, ringv. to resound loudly.  ex. katangimaka: to make ... 
O  tangimara. n. feeble soundant. tangimakavc. katangimara: to make ... 
O  tangimate. n. funeral chantvt. tangi-matea: to celebrate a death by chant, songs. 
O  tanginako. v. to move away, to withdraw with noise dying away.  ex. e tanginako te ora: the tide is going out.  te karau tanginako: rain easing off. 
B  tánginikimóa. n. a coconut not quite fully ripe
B  tánginiwénei. vi. to ngage in mourning for the dead, to wailn. a wailing for the dead. 
B  tánginiwenéia. vt. to wail over the dead. 
O  tangio. from. ngiova. tangio, tangiongio, tangiongio nako: going, decreasing <decrease> in going, dying <die> away, getting lost in the distance. 
B  tangióngio. a. very far away
B  tángira. vt. to love, to desire, to cry for, to long for.  n. love, desire
O  tangira. n. love, charity, affection, desire
tangira1. vt. tangira, tangirangira: to love, to cherish, to have affection for, to desire, to wish, to want, to covet, to craveex. ana tangira nakon: his love for ana tangirai: his love for me.  ana tangirira: ... for us.  tangirana, tangirakina: passive love, love for him.  au tangira (am tangira) object of my (thy) love.  te bai n tangira: (au bai n tangira) a present, gift (my present).  tatangiri-mata-n-aomata: compassion, pity, compassionate.  nv. te itangitangiri, i tangitangiri: mutual affection, to love one another.  ex. tangirangiraki: (person).  tangiraki (objects). 
tangi-ra. see syn. n.a. tangibuaka
O  tangi-raoi. n. harmonyv. to give harmonious sounda. agreeable, sweet sounding, harmonious. 
B  tángiraraa. vi. to give forth a noise as the tearing of cloth or the unrolling of tuae
O  tangirara. na. a tearing noise, crumpling <crumple> ... 
O  tangiraraea. n. a shrill, piercing noise, ... voicev. to make a ..., deafening ... 
B  tángiroaa. a. sorrowful because of loss
O  tangiroa. v. tangiroa n te ... ibukin te ...: to lament loudly, to bewail the loss ..., to heave sighs, to bemoan a loss.  vc. katangiroaea ... 
O  tangiroro. nv. tangiroroa: to scream, to cry loudly to get ..., to demand with a loud voice (desired object).  vt. katangiroroa: to make ... 
B  tángitang. vi. frequentative of tang
O  tangitang. freq. of tangn. complaints, sighs, lamentations, claims, sobbing.  v. to complain, to whine, to moan, to cry, to grieven. song of birds, music, playing musical instrument.  vc. katangitang, katangitanga: to make music, to play an instrument, to make cry, ... scream.  n. te kai (or bai) ni katangitang: musical instrument
B  tangitángira. vt. frequentative of tangira
B  tangitángiri. vi. to love (used with the prefix i).  ex. a i tanitangiri they love one another. 
O  tangite. n. a brand of good kabubu
G  tangiuaoua. sn. Pterodroma alban. <bird> phoenix petrel (aa). 
O  tangiuoua. n. a bird, Phoenix petrel
B  tángke. n. a donkey (ENG)
O  tangkiri. n. dungaree, cloth (ENG)
O  tangkongko. n. fine dust, remains, crumbssee mangkovt. tangkongkoa: to gather, to scrape up the remains.  ex. tangkongkoa nanon te ati: to scrape up the last bit, to scrape the bottom ..., to drain the last dregs; to reach the bottom of ..., sack, etc. 
B  tángo. n. the part of a coconut to which the stem is attached. 
O  tango. n. round sepals at tail end of coconut.  v. tae tango, korotango: to take off ..., to knock off these ... 
B  tángoa. vt. to borrow
O  tangoa. vt. tatangoa, tangotangoa iroun, mairoun: to borrow from.  ex. tangoa nako: to lend to ... 
B  tangóingoi. adv. an adverbial intensive
O  tangoingoi. sup. batatangoingoisuf. very black, dark
O  tangorake. v. to heave great sighs, to wail, to groan
B  tanguóua. n. a bird, the. 
B  taáni. suf. a plural form equivalent to the english suffix -ers.  see taan
O  tani. see tan
tani1. n. yellow tuna fish
G  tani. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (ll)n. yellowfin tuna (sm). 
B  tæ/nia. n. a spare fishhook
tænía. vt. to take possession of as a demon
O  tania. n. te tania ni bai: thing put aside, reserve, a change <spare>.  ex. te tania ni matau: an extra fish hook to change.  tanian rongo: a reserve for time of famine.  tanian te auti, te aba: undue occupation of house, to come by hazard to replace absent owner, temporary replacement. 
tania1. vt. to penetrate into, to take possession of ..., to hold as one's own.  ex. e taniaki iroun te riaboro: he is possessed by the devil.  taneai te aoraki: lit. sickness holds me, ... persists. 
tania n atibu
O  tania n atibu. n. fish which stay always among the same rocks. 
B  tæ/nibæba. va. crowded or incommoded by much stuff. 
O  tanibaba. a. hindered by obstruction.  n. encumberedsee toro-baba: in disorder
B  tæ/nibabu. a. lowery
O  tanibabu. or. tanibobua. overcast, dark, cloudy sky. 
B  tæ/nibea. a. cloudy with light baffling winds and likely to rain
O  tanibea. a. heavy, stifling <stifle>, airless, condition before approaching storm.  syn. kabono-ike
O  taniberoro. sup. superlative of tana. very sheltered, airless
B  tænimáeao. n. the western side.  va. on the west side, facing from the west. 
O  tanimaeao. va. towards the west side.  see tan
B  tæ/nimai. vi. to face, to turn toward one. 
B  tænimáiaki. n. the south side.  va. on the south side, facing from the south. 
O  tanimaiaki. n. side facing southsee tan
B  tænimáiniku. n. fullmoonn, the east side.  va. on the east side, facing from the east. 
O  tanimainiku. see tan
B  tæniméang. n. the north side.  va. on the north side, facing from the north. 
O  tanimeang. see tan
B  tæ/nin. a. blistered, excrescent, gathered in a company or mass at one siden. an excrescence. 
O  tanin. n. a groupa. in groups, grouped apart.  vc. katanina: to separate, to put in groups, to detail a squad, a battalion for special service, sort ?>. 
tanin1. n. callositysee ntaninin
B  táninanatíbu. n. a shell-fish, the. 
B  tæ/ninga. n. the ear
tæ/ninga. a. indisposed to respond favorably. 
tæ/ningaa. vt. to wait for. 
O  taninga. n. ear, ear ring, ear ornament.  n. taningau te ue: a flower for my ear.  ex. taninga ieie, a ieie taninganalarge, flapping ears.  n. taninga te nouaia: idemtaningan te manai: bent ears, like crab's claws.  ex. ibe-taninga: earbashing, deafening with words.  e teke taningana: well-trained, well brought up.  kakai-taninga: to plug, to stuff, to stave in ears.  katekea taningana: to train him well.  see following compound words: aotaninga, autaninga, bono-taninga
taninga1. v. tataninga: to waitex. taningai! wait for me! 
taninga n aomata
O  taninga n aomata. n. docility.  a. docile
taninga n atibu
O  taninga n atibu. na. a mollusc, a fishfig. not paying attention, turning a deaf ear, indocile
taninga n ue
O  taninga n ue. a. acting reluctantly, against the grain, doing the opposite to that commanded, obstinate, stubborn, disobedient, refractory
taninga nei kona
O  taninga Nei Kona. ex. wait for Nei Kona, to wait a long time.  te karau ae taningana Nei Kona: a light, persistent rain. 
taninga ni ba
O  taninga ni ba. n. mushroom-like fungus growing on tree trunks.  sn. Myxomycetes: slime fungus
taninga ni kauongo
O  taninga ni kauongo. n. docilitya. inclined to listen, to obey, attentive to orders. 
taninga te
O  taninga te. or. taninga teuanan. strange ear, listening or obeying only when it pleases. 
taninga wanawana
O  taninga wanawana. n. docility, intelligence, understanding an order and carrying it out intelligently. 
B  tæningaába. a. obedient, prompt to obey. 
O  taningaba. a. prompt to obey
B  tæ/ningabóno. a. deaf, refusing to hear, disobedientn. deafness. 
O  taningabono. or. bonotaningan. deafness, deaffig. pretending deafness, not listening to anything. 
B  tæningáieie. a. having large broad ears.  n. a person with large broad ears. 
B  tæ/ningamaráu. a. diligentn. diligence, industry
O  taningamarau. n. docility, diligence, eagerness to obey.  a. docile, diligent, obedientvc. kataningamaraua: to make ... 
O  taninga-mea. n. fish, a name for eels, etc. 
G  taningamea. n. name given to all eels with pectoral fins. 
B  tæ/ninganáomata. a. faithful in work
B  tæningániba. n. a mushroom, a pancake
B  tæ/ninganikaáuongo. va. quick to hear, hearing readily.  n. quickness of hearing. 
O  taninganinga. a. waiting lazily, idly.  n. apathy, carelessness, shuffler, evasive person with no initiation.  ex. ten Taninganinga: ...  see kakantaninga, kuama, teibarakaraka
O  taninga-nouaia. n. person with ears standing out.  syn. taninga ieie
B  tæ/ningaróti. a. lazy, indisposed to effortn. laziness, indisposition to effort. 
O  taningaroti. from. rotun. idleness, laziness, sloth, inertia.  a. lazy, slothful, inert, sluggish, indolentvc. kataningarotia: to incline to laziness, indolence. 
O  taningatiku. n. jewellery carved from shell.  syn. ntabo
O  taningato. a. obeying with bad grace, using subterfuges. 
B  tæ/ningawánawana. a. quick to comprehendn. quickness of comprehension. 
B  tæ/ningo. va. safely hidden
O  taningo. na. taningoningo, taningo nako: unseizable, unable to be taken because of littleness or distance, out of reach, fleeting, distantex. te aba taningo: a distant country.  vc. katangingoa: to make ... 
B  tæningóningo. va. frequentative of taningo
B  tæ/nirim. n. the sanhedrim (ENG)
O  tanitoko. na. type of person attached to a place or person, sedentary, fixed to.  ex. e taniko te anti iroun neiennethe devil is at home hear her
O  taniwa. or. tanuwasee tanua
B  tæn/na. n. a relish, a sauce, an appetizer
O  tanna. from. nnan. (tannau, tannam): a second dish accompanying the main dish.  ex. tanna te ben ma te ika: eat coconut with fish. 
B  tæn/næbaa. vt. to wind up as a fish line
O  tannaba. n. cord rolled up, in hanksvt. tannaba ...: to roll ...  vc. katannaba: to put in hanks by hand. 
B  tæn/naki. va. not diposed to resent as through cowardice
O  tannaki. from. tanna. diffused, spread on all sides.  ex. e tanaki te boi: the smell is diffused.  e boiarara tannakin: ... the exhalation smells good. 
tannaki1. na. a period of steady wind before change. 
B  tæn/nako. vi. to turn away
O  tannang. n. between two seasons, period when wind and currents are settled before changing direction. 
O  tannene. na. ang tannene: unsteady wind, moving around in no fixed direction.  fig. te tanene, ae ta ...: instability, fickleness, disquietude, unstable, fickle, disquieted.  vc. katannenea, kaangitannenea: to make become, to bring on ..., to disquiet, to torment. 
B  tæ/no. n. earth, soil, ground
O  tano. n. sand, soil, clay, ground, landex. au tano: my land, my piece of ground, my property.  an tano: under the ground.  bain an tano: minerals, metalsaon tano: on the ground, on the surface of ... .  adv. i an tano: undergroundex. i aon tano: on the ...  a. tantano, be n tano: covered with sand, soil, dust, dusty.  ex. tanotano: full of sand (food).  vt. tanoa, tanotanoa: to cover with soil, sand.  ex. different kinds of soil: tano-bibinang: fine sand, wind blown.  lowntano-bike: sandy soil.  tanobon: humus, manuretano maere, maerere: having dark and light layers.  tano-mai: whitish, limy soil.  tano-maiu: fertile soil.  tanoika, tano-bakoa, tanobaibakoa: white granulated sand, the kind used to stick on cheeks in certain magical rites.  tano-roro: black soil.  tano uea (N.), bike uea (S.): reddish sand underground. 
tano1. n. (no article) ten million (obsolete). a big crowdex. tano aomata aikai: countless, as grains of sand. 
B  tæ/noa. vt. to sand a person in an incantation
O  tanoa. vt. from tano: to cover with sand, to dirty with clay. 
B  tæ/noata. a. published abroad, circulated
O  tanoata. n. notoriety, publicitya. known, public, manifest, divulged.  vc. ka-tanoata: to divulge, to publish, to make public.  n. te katanoata: a notice, <advertisement>. 
B  taánoi. a. dizzy
tæ/noi. va. excitedly gathering to learn the news
O  tanoi. n. giddiness, vertigoa. giddy, dizzyvc. katanoi, katanoia: to cause ..., to give ... 
O  tanoiai. syn. tane iai, katanoiai, katatanoiai
B  tæ/nomæki. va. greatly excited as a multitude as by a rumor of war
O  tanomaki. a. lost, invisible in a cloud of dust, whirling, seething (excited crowd, surging sea, tumultuous waves).  see mareburebuvc. to throw into panic, to cause stampede, confusion, helter skelter, to excite, to agitate
B  tænoníka. n. a flat or thin grain of sand, like a small scale
B  taánoraa. n. a disease of the mouth allied to thrush
O  tanora. na. thrush, a disease affecting babies' mouths.  see wiboi, uananai
B  tæ/notæno. a. covered with sand, as a garment
O  tanotano. na. full of sand (food), sand on face for magicvt. tanotanoa: to put in, to put sand on face. 
B  tæn/rake. n. the east side of an islandvi. to turn to the east. 
O  tanrake. na. see tan
O  tanre. n. Sunday (ENG)
O  tanrikaki. v. to look backwards, to face backwards, to turn around, to look behindvc. katanrikaka: to look, to turn around, to place ..., to turn backwards. 
B  tæn/rio. n. the west side of an islandvi. to turn to the west. 
O  tanrio. see n.a. tan
B  tæn/tæn. n. a skin disease,.  n. a species of tree mossa. spotted as the skin. 
O  tantan. n. kiritantan, kitantan: a spot, a mark, a skin diseasea. mottled, spotted, speckled, dappled, or mildewed.  vc. katantana, kakiri ...: to speckle with, to spot ..., to mark ..., to make ...  vt. tantania: to speckle, to spot. 
B  tæn/tæni. n. the keeping watch, watchfulness over a place.  vi. to keep watch, to remain on guard
O  tantani. vt. to watch over, to guard, to supervise, to lie in wait, to watch, to keep vigiln. te tia tantani: sentry, watcher, guard, guardian, night watchman
O  tantania. vt. to watch over, to guard, to keep watch. 
B  tan/tæno. a. covered with dirt or soil
O  tantano. from. tanoa. soiled, sandyvc. katanotanoa: to soil, to cover with sand. 
B  tæ/nua. n. tanuani buaka rumors of warsbib. Mat 24 : 6. 
O  tanua. from. wa wakin. taniwa the movements, happenings, reports unfolding, taking place of events.  ex. tanuan te buaka: the course of events of a war, reports made about it. 
tanua1. dim. of anua: sameness, resemblance, approximation of ... 
B  táo. adv. perhaps
táo. vi. to overflow
táo. n. a saw (ENG)
O  tao. adv. perhaps, in case, <maybe>.  ex. tao iai ke tao akea: perhaps there are some or perhaps there are none.  ngkana tao I ...: if by chance I ...  tao eng, tao tiaki: perhaps yes, perhaps no. 
tao1. n. a saw (ENG)
tao2. a. tatao, taotao, tao-nako: overflowing, pouring out, too full, too much, superabundantvc. kataoa, kataonakoa: to make or let overflow, to pour out, to fill too full, to put in excess, to let go to waste, to deduct, to take off.  note. see compound words. 
tao3. rad. of taona and kataonote. see following compound words. 
tao atu
O  tao atu. vc. to arrive at destination.  syn. tao ativc. kataoatu: to bypass, to pass beyond, end, term
tao ba
O  tao ba. v. v.t. to do a malicious act to diminish another's greatness, to disparage, to debase
tao wae
O  tao wae. n. stoppage in walking, working, halt, stopv. to pitch camp, to strike, to go on strike.  ex. te tabo n tao wae: encampment, halting place, camp.  ko taona waem, an nakomai!: you are not in a hurry so come in here! 
O  tao-aba. syn. tiriaba, tao-atinv. to travel over country, islands. 
B  taoákai. see n tawakaivi. to engage in extracting coconut oil in a press
O  taoakai. vt. taoakaia (taona i an te kai): to squeeze, to put through presser (coconut to extract oil).  ex. te kai n taoakai: an oil press. 
B  taoakáia. vt. to subject ripe coconuts to the process of extracting oil by pressure. 
O  taoatama. nv. to put layer of coral pebbles on a tomb. repast and ceremony on this occasion. 
O  tao-ati. nv. landing on an island, treading on it.  vc. kataoati, kataoatia: to skirt along coast of island, to pass a halting place without stopping, to by pass it, to pass it. 
B  táoætu. vi. to travel
B  táobai. n. fishing for ikarikiriki with a seine
O  taobai. nv. tataobai (becoming term for conjugal relations).  ex. tai taobai: not to have ..., to abstain from ..., to keep continent
taobai1. nv. taona te bai: to weigh down with ballast
B  táobara. n. a kind of fishingvi. to fish by putting in position a rai at high water, and securing the fish at low water. 
O  taobara. nv. tao bara, tao urua: to fish for ... 
taobara1. nv. wier of mats to stop back fish at low tide. 
taobara2. see bararavt. taobarara. to moderate, to restrain, to quell, to keep at low level, to prevent development, to put a stop to ...  ex. e taobara, e taobarara te rongorongo: he stops the news from being noised abroad, to hush up the affair. 
B  táob'aro. vi. to throw low in the game of karetikan. a method of playing karetika by throwing the club low. 
O  taobaro. nv. a manner of throwing stick in game called karetikavc. taobaroa: to hit in falling. 
B  taob'ároa. vt. to throw one's missile too low in the game of karetika
O  taobatu. vt. taobatuia: to tuck in the edges (mosquito net, mat). 
B  táobe. n. a dove (ENG)
O  taobe. n. a dove <bird> (ENG)
B  táobei. vi. to fish with the aid of a baenatan. a mode of fishing
O  taobei. nv. a manner of fishing with a heap of stones , or with bait tied at the side of hook. 
O  taobenu. nv. to put benu (young coconut husks) to soak in pit covered with stones. 
B  táobong. va. not working every day.  n. irregular employment, unsteady work. 
O  taobong. nv. to space the days, to leave days in between regulations and observances.  vt. taobongia
B  táoboti. vi. to occupy a place belonging to or assigned to another.  n. the unauthorized occupation of a place assigned to another. 
O  taoboti. v. to occupy, to usurp another's place in the maneaba at a meeting, or, keep one's place
B  táobuki. a. down by the sternn. a secondary weaponvi. to press by the stern. 
O  taobuki. nv. a manner of fishing, with stones weighing down net of mats.  n. ballast at aft part, eking piece, strengthening piece.  vt. taobukia: to weigh down, to come to the aid of, to annotateex. e taobukiaki te ao: fish line lengthenede taobukiaki te taeka: annotation, explanation of text ..., orders given. 
B  taobúkia. vt. to trim a craft by the stern
B  táobura. vi. to engage in following up or after.  n. the employment of following up or after with respect to oversight
táoburaa. vt. to follow up or after. 
O  taobura. na. tataobura having recourse to divinationv. to consult fortune, ... apply spells
taobura1. vt. tataobura: to keep an eye on, to watch someone's behaviour before taking action. 
O  taoburoburo. v. to take off scum, froth, to skimvt. taoburoburoa: to take off, to skim off ... 
B  táokæbi. vi. to engage in waylayingn. the occupation of a place assigned to another. 
O  taokabi. v. (1) to lay keel of canoe.  ex. e taokabia wana: he is laying the keel of his canoe.  v. (2) to ambush, to waylay
B  taokæ/bia. vt. to waylay, to watch for one. 
O  taokabia. vt. to lay a snare, to trap, to forestall, to block the passage. 
O  taokai. nv. (1) a manner of climbingvt. taokaia: to climb over, to scalev. (2) to press ..., to squeeze in ... 
taokai ni wae
O  taokai ni wae. n. katoki kai ni wae (S.) halt, pause, rest
B  táoki. n. a stork (ENG)
O  taokita. n. doctor, surgeon, dresser <physician>.  v. to be ...  n. te tia korokoro: surgeon.  vt. taokitana: to doctor ..., give medical treatment.  n. te taokita n te Ekaretia: doctor of the church. 
O  taokora. nv. to make string
O  taoman. n. computation.  v. to compute the months of gestation by deduction (tao) minus one, minus two. 
O  taomaneka. v. to climb by notches on trunk, to follow scent, to walk in the footsteps of ... 
O  taomaoma. v. taomaoma: to attract, to catch dragonflies <dragonfly> with flexible stem (omaoma) on which they come to perch. 
O  taomata. ex. n na katao matau: I'll have forty winks nap>. 
taomata1. n. floater, used by divers when fishing.  v. to fish in this manner. 
B  táomoa. a. down by the stem
O  taomoa. a. prow plunging, prow overload.  v. to sit at the front.  ex. taona moana
taomoa1. a. excessive, too much, abundant ... 
O  taomwi. v. tao-mwina. to fix end by tying to something. 
taomwi1. nv. v.t. (irr.) tao mwiai, taomwiko, taona mwina, taomwira, taomwingkami, taomwia, taomwiaki: to keep, to hold the place of ... (replace me, you, him, etc.). 
B  taomwía. vt. to follow up a person who has gone, to follow after. 
B  táon. vi. to engage in, to go at, to begin upon. 
O  taon. n. au taon, am taon: my turn, your turn to act, to set about to...  ex. e taon, ae taon, tataon: to be busy doing, occupied at, absorbed by, to give a hand, to lean on, to force down.  e taon ni makuri: he is at work. 
taon1. n. te taon nano, te kataonaki n te nano: patience, endurance, self controlv. to have patience, to be patient, to curb, to restrain ... 
B  táona. vt. to press down, to control
O  taona. vt. tataona (sometimes), taotaona (freq.). to put weight on, to lean on, to press on, to trample on, to compress, to press down, to apply weight on, to crush, to overwhelm, to lower, to smother, to curb, to hold by pressure, by weight, to submit, to subdue, to overcome, to apply pressure on.  ex. taona nanom! control yourself! have patience! 
taona ni mwi
O  taona ni mwi. nv. to put oneself in the place left vacant by another (to gain or hold affection, kind of magic), to replacevt. taonamwia: to occupy the place of ... 
taona te buki
O  taona te buki. v. to overload stern
B  taonaába. vi. to spread abroad. 
táonæba. va. see ka:wa
O  taonaba. nv. see taoaba
taonaba1. intj. expression of pity, regret for loss, waste, damageex. e taonaba! ai taonabara! what a pity! what a lossvc. kataonaba: to inspire pity, regret
O  taon-abakina. v. to make common cause with, to be one with. 
O  taona-maina. v. to put obstacle in front of, to put obstacles in the way of, ... by surging crowd, to stop the advance of ..., to forestall, to oust, to take the initiative. 
taonan te taubuki
O  taonan te taubuki. n. the placing of last pieces of thatch or ridge capping of roof
B  taonæ/nibuki. n. a thing used for pressing down the stern
B  taonæn/næno. a. long-sufferingg, patientn. patience. 
O  taonanoa. vt. to force, to press, to make impression on, to force the will of ..., to impress upon. 
O  taonikai. n. bondage, servitude, slaverya. to be enslaved, subjugated, carrying the yoke, subdued.  vt. taonikaia: to subjugate, to subdue, to enslave, to trample under foot. 
O  taonnano. n. te taon nano, taonan te nano: patience, endurance, self control, patient enduring.  ex. taona nanona, tataona, taotaona: to curb one's instincts, to be patient, to endure, support, keep calm, make efforts to ...  n. te taonaki n nano: patience, resignation, keeping calm. 
B  taáono. n. a fish, the. 
O  taono. n. species of lagoon fish
B  táora. vi. to reef
táora. n. the following up or after, a caring for. 
O  taora. vt. tao-ra: to reef, to lessen size of sail, to take in a reef. 
B  taorábaba. va. generally circulated or distributed
O  taorababa. na. spread out on all sides, extending, spreading, covering space all around.  vc. kataorababa: to spread, to extend all over.  kataorababakina: to spread (news) on all sides. 
O  taorabi. vt. taorabia: to tuck in edges (of mosquito net), to turn up a hem
B  taorábia. vt. to tuck in, as a mosquito netting. 
B  táoraee. n. a mode of fishing by night on the ocean side. 
B  taoráea. vt. to reef
O  taoraea. vt. ta-ora: to wait till tide goes out in order to fish with line at night on ocean side. 
O  taorai. nv. to weigh down mat (nets) with stones. 
O  taorake. n. first months of pregnancy
B  táoræma. vi. to sit or stand on an out-rigger in order to give more weight.  n. a sitting or standing on an arm of an outrigger in order to give more weight. 
táoræmaa. vt. to weight an outrigger with people. 
O  taorama. nv. v.t. tao-rama, taorama, taona te rama: to weigh down, to push down float of outrigger to balance canoe. 
O  taoro. n. salt. (ENG)vt. taorona: to put salt on, to salt.  see tari
B  taoróro. n. a variety of taro
O  taororo. n. a species of small tarosn. tuber: Clocasia esculenta
O  taoru. n. taorurua: preservation.  v. to preserve, to halt deterioration, to dehydrate, to dry fish or other food in order to make it keep in good condition. 
B  táota. n. the south (ENG)a. south
B  táotæbo. va. being out of trim as a canoe, down by the bows or stern. 
O  taotabo. v. to lean on, to overload, to weigh down one side.  from. taona tabonaex. e tao tapon ati: the reefs are submerged, it is high tide
B  táotao. vi. to fish with the bait on the bottom and the line sometimes buried in the sand.  n. a mode of fishing
O  taotao. n. (1) a fish trap, snare, line tied to a stone.  n. (2) . i-tao-tao: emulation, mutual rivalry, trying to surpass one another. 
B  taotáona. vt. to press upon. 
B  táotebe. va. sinking or submerged as a seine float
O  taotebe. n. submersion of floatsvt. kataobebe, katao te uea: to lower, to submerge nets. 
O  taotira. n. profusion, great abundancea. superabundant, in abundance, spreading, extending on all sides.  ex. e taotira te mange: there is rubbish (dirt) lying around everywhere. 
O  taou. v. to put down bow net, eel pot with sinker.  ex. tae u: to tie together, to make eel pot.  taeka te u: to pull up ... 
B  táouru. vi. to engage in drying fish by giving them a second partial baking
G  tapuku. sn. Puffinus iherminieri dichrousn. <bird> dusky shearwater; Audubon's shearwater (aa). 
B  taára. vt. to bail out a well, to wipe with a leaf or toweln. a coconut leaflet used as a towel, a towel. 
taáraa. n. a dollar (ENG)
táraa. vt. to look at, to behold
tára. n. a barbed fishhook , a short spear with shark's teeth differently sloped. 
O  tara. n. dollar (ENG)
tara1. n. bath towel, hand towel.  vt. tara te ... taria, tariko, taraki: to wipe, to wipe with ..., to dry yourself. 
tara2. from. tarivt. to throw water over, to sprinkle
tara3. pref. in compound words following:  vt. tatara, taratara: to look, to regard, to examine, to considerex. tatara te tei: keep an eye on the child, watch it, look after it taratara: to watch attentively, to be awake, vigilant, not asleep.  n. taran, tarakin: look, expression, air, manner, appearance, looks, physiognomyex. karekea taran: to try to see, to recognizevc. kataratara: to make look, to help to look, to seen. te bai ni kataratara: binoculars, field glasses, opera glassessee aitara, kaitara, etc. 
tara4. a. taran: air, look, aspect, likenesssyn. mata n ... bura n ...  ex. e tara n nimamannei, e mata n ...: he looks gentle, peaceful. 
tara kai
O  tara kai. n. tarakaia: inspection.  v. to inspect, to examine trees to look for ripe fruit. 
tara kautuai
O  tara kautuai. n. a fish resembling kuau
tara ni kakoko
O  tara ni kakoko. n. a collar, amulet of kakoko
tara ni matang
O  tara ni matang. n. iron harpoon, imported by I-Matang
B  táraba. n. a fish, the. 
O  taraba. syn. te taun. fish (possibly hound fish).  nva. fig. taraba: to be rapid, to move like ... (canoe). 
G  taraba. n. possibly a species of houndfish (ll). 
O  tarabai. n. tarabaia: inspection, supervision.  v. to inspect, to supervise, to examine, to check
B  tarabaáinang. n. a mode of divining
B  tarab'aánara. n. a fish, the. 
O  tarabannara. n. a species of fish
O  taraboa. see v.t. ntaraboa
B  tárabu. a. indisposed to work
O  tarabu. n. taraburoro: kind of disgust, discouragement, apathy, indolence, heaviness, dullness.  a. apathetic, indolent, dull.  vc. katarabua: to make become ... 
O  tarabuaka. a. not nice to look at, ugly (aspect), bad (effect), out of proportion, asymmetrical
B  tarabúroro. a. very much indisposed to work. 
B  tárabuti. n. a fish, the. 
O  tarabuti. from. butin. tarabuti n ang, tarabuti ni marawa: a species of sardine, herring ... <fish>. 
G  tárabuti. sn. Harengula kunzei (ll)n. herring (sm). 
tárabuti1. sn. Spratelloides delicatulus (ll)n. herring (sm). 
B  tárabutinang/. n. a fish,the. 
G  tarabutinang. n. a species of fish (ll). 
B  tárabutinimæ/rawa. n. a very long tarabuti
G  tarabutinimarawa. a. species of fish (ll). 
B  tárae. vi. to talk much about what one greatly desires.  n. much talk about what one desires. 
O  tarae. n. allegoric language, speaking metaphorically, indirect allusion (apart).  vt. taraea. to make allusion to, to speak indirectly of ..., to allude to ... 
B  taráeakína. vt. to express longings for. 
O  taraeakina. vt. to use habitually as subject of allegoric songs. 
B  taraái. n. a fish, the.  a long fishing hatn. a small shrub, the. 
O  tarai. n. (1) a fishn. (2) a weedn. (3) a seed resembling chestnut from foreign tree.  n. (4) a fisherman's hat made of pandanus leaves.  n. (5) a fishsn. Scaridae
G  tarai. sn. Euphorbia chamissonis Boiss. (z)
tarai amarake
O  tarai amarake. nv. to provide, to look for food. 
B  tárakai. vi. to inspect one's orchard
B  tarakáutuai. n. a fish, the. 
O  tarakura. n. male frigate bird
O  taram. n. trump card. 
O  taramangurea. vt. tara-ma-ngure: (to look and grumble), to complain about food, etc., to treat parsimoniously, to begrudgesee bakainea, teimangea
O  taramata. n. optical illusion, hallucination, mirageex. e tara matau: my eyes deceived me, I thought I saw ... 
tara-mata. nv. i-taramata: to face one another.  syn. i-taratara
O  taramau. na. haggard, ghostly look.  v. to have ...  ex. beti n taramau: ecstatic attitude of dancer, arms extended, floating in ecstasy. 
O  tarangongo. syn. maningongon. stern <bird>.  sn. Sterna lunata
G  tarangongo. sn. Strena lunatan. <bird> grey backed tern (The adult is similar in build to the sooty tern but slightly smaller and the upper parts are soft grey instead of sooty black; The underparts are white and the feet and bill black. The head is ... except for a white forehead and a white band extending back above each eye.) (aa). 
O  tarangotu. syn. ngutu, tarangutu, koroangutu , ngutu.  n. a bird (phaeton) with yellow beak and tail. 
B  táranikákoko. n. a charmed necklace of coconut leaf
B  táranimæ/tang. n. a harpoon
O  tarao. a. past and gone (time).  ex. e tarao bongina: he missed out on his day.  e tarao taina: his time is passed.  e tarao birina: his time to run is passed. 
O  tararake. v. to face upwards (persons, things), to look upwards, to raise head, eyes.  ex. botararaki, bo n tararaki: to find oneself, to put oneself face upwards.  wene n tararake: to be lying, to lie on back, face up, ... <supine>.  vc. katararakea, kabotararakea: to put, to place, to turn right side up.  ex. katararakea matana: to put the opening up, to put or to turn its face upwards. 
O  tararaoi. na. having nice aspect, nice effect. 
B  tárariáo. vi. to look or behold carelessly. 
O  tarariao. vt. tarariaoa, tarariaoaki: to look at in passing, superficially, to cast a glance at. 
O  tararua. vt. to watch constantly, vigilantly, to take great care of, to be solicitous about. 
B  táratara. vi. to be awake, to beholdn. wakefulness , a state of sleeplessness
tárataraa. vt. frequentative of tara, to look at steadily
O  taratara. n. (in the sense of sight) state of vigil, application, looking, attention, vigilance.  v. to keep watch, to look well at, to pay attention, to take notice, to be awake, vigilant, attentive.  ex. e taratara te ika: the fish is not cooked.  n. te tia taratara: the watcher, sentry, waylayer, inspector, superintendent, guardvt. taratara: to look attentively, ... at length, to observe, to examine, to inspect, to supervise.  vc. kataratara: to show, to help to see, to tell to watch. 
O  tarau. from. dollar (Hawaiian word).  nv. to borrow, to get credit, to be in debt
O  tarauakina. vt. to buy on credit, to charge to account. 
O  Tarawa. n. Cook Island, discovered by Gilbert and Marshall, 20th June, 1788. Seat of administration for Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony. 
B  tárawawa. va. without appetiten. indisposition to eat or work
tárawawaa. vt. to treat work or food with indifference
O  tarawawa. n. tarawawaea: nausea, disgustv. to get nausea from looking ...  vt. tarawawaeakina. to look at with disgust. 
B  tæ/re. a. too short to reach, not sufficient as food
O  tare. n. tatare, kitaretare, nikitaritari: deficiency, insufficiency, lack of, scarcity, wanta. difficult to find, to procure, very rareex. e tare kanau: my provisions are nearly finished.  e tare baiu: my hand can't reach ...  a tare waena: he is out of his depth.  ti tare iai: that is beyond us.  vc. katare, katarea: scarce, causing scarcity. 
B  tæ/rena. n. a talent (ENG)
B  tæ/rere. va. easily or distinctly seen, clearly revealed. 
taárere. va. moving here and there, restless, on the go. 
O  tarere. sup. takarerea. showing up, standing out, clear on the horizon, appearing, in viewn. te atu tarere: a person alone, solitaryex. ti ngaia takarere: he alone, he only, one and only.  vc. katarerea: make apparent, visible on plain background. 
tarere1. from. reren. agitation.  a. agitatedv. to move about.  vc. katarerea: to make ..., to judge as ... 
B  taárerio. n. a sardius (GR)
B  tæ/retære. a. frequentative of tare
B  tæ/retima. n. a dulcimer (ENG)
B  taáretonuka. n. a sardonyx (GR)
B  taári. n. salt water, salt, a sea
tæ/ri. n. a man's brother, a woman's sister
tæ/ri. va. rippled by fish, as the surface of the water
tæ/ri. n. flowing coconut sapturbid dalt water roiled by fish. 
O  tari. n. (1) (no article) sea, salt water, sea waterex. i tari: in the sea.  n. te tari: salt.  (2) salted and dried fisha. ae tari: salty.  vt. taria, tariaki: to salt, to be saltedsyn. tarina, taorona
tari1. n. taru (tariu) tarim: brother (of a boy), sister (of a girl).  ex. tarin Bauro: Bauro's brother.  tarin Maria: Maria's sister.  see maneu, manemex. ai tari, ai taru: cousin; for very distant relationship.  au tari, am tariplural. au tarin. te Tari: lay brother.  nv. i-taritari: fraternity, to act as, to treat as brother or sister. 
tari2. n. te tari, tarin te ni: sap, juice of coconut spathe.  v. tari, tatari: to have, to give juice.  a. full of juice.  nv. ua-tari: to take one's quota of juice to the cooperative where each member takes turn to transform it into molasses by boiling. 
tari3. n. te tari, te taritari: the wake of fish, ... canoe.  v. to make or leave a ...  ex. te tari, te mantoa: wake or troubled waters indicating passage of shoal of mud scavenger fish. 
tari4. n. pref. fig. of prec. word forming some compound words.  ex. a trace, air, appearance of ...  see tari baba, tari ou
tari aona
O  tari aona. a. having double appearance, deceptive, sane and mad at intervals. 
tari ni karoa
O  tari ni karoa. n. a fish net with large mesh.  see karoa
tari ou
O  tari ou. a. slightly feeble mindedsee taribabaex. tiriou: crazy, numbskull
B  tæ/ribæba. a. somewhat foolish, weak in intellect
tæ/rib'ab'a. va. broken or sliced off.  n. a piece broken off or sliced off. 
O  taribaba. n. feeble mindedness, dotage, second childhood.  a. unsettled, crazy
taribaba1. n. a chip of wood, piece of ..., small piece used as wedge, ... corkvc. kataribaba: to cut off, detach a small piece. 
O  taribabu. a. calm aspect, quiet (person), calm (sea), calm, no wind.  vc. kataribabua: to make become ..., to find ..., to declare. 
O  taribariba. and ntaribaribana. poisoning or indigestion from food, upset by certain food.  vc. kataribariba: causing ..., to cause ... 
B  tæ/ribi. n. a piece, a fragment
O  taribi. n. taribiribi, te taribina, ua taribi: a small fragment, a graina. granulated, in very tiny grains.  vc. kataribia: to make into ..., to reduce to ... 
B  tæribíribi. a. lumpy, not well pulverized
B  tæ/ribo. va. boiled to a medium thickness as coconut molasses
O  taribo. n. taribobo: juice, liquid, toddya. yellowish, half cooked, beginning to change colour.  vc. katariboa: to make ... 
B  tæribóbo. a. tinged with light red
B  tæ/ribono. a. constipatedn. constipation. 
O  taribono. n. constipation.  a. constipated, blockedkataribono: constipating.  ex. kataribonoa: to constipate, to block. 
O  taribuaka. na. e taribuaka: a well (etc.) giving little or bad water. 
B  tæribúbu. a. slightly roiled, as by fish feeding.  n. a roiled spot. 
O  taribubu. n. troubled waters, dull sea, sky.  a. hazy, misty, steamyvc. kataribubua: to make ..., to find ..., to trouble.  ex. taribubun te rongorongomanibubun te ...: value of rumours, hazy ..., uncertain ...  fig. e taribubu nanona, e bubu nanona: interior trouble, discontent, smouldering anger
O  taribwea. na. reddish looking liquid
O  tarie. na. tarieri: shameless, evil-doer, bold, wickedex. ntarie, ntarierie: shameless, wickedness.  syn. tabare
B  taárika. n. a small portion of food set apart before beginning to eat, as a sort of first fruits. 
tæ/rika. a. brackishn. a portion of land having brackish water. 
O  tarika. n. place where water is brackish, brackish water.  a. tarika, tarikatoto: a little salty, very ... (water).  vc. katarika: to make or find ... 
tarika1. n. (1) remains of provisions from voyage.  n. (2) portion offered to visitor, who shares it with host. 
O  tarikabana. dim. of kabanana. a bit of a weakling having no initiative, awkward
B  tæ/rikatóto. a. very brackish
B  tærikéke. va. cut somewhat obliquely. 
O  tarikeke. from. kena. said of spathe when juice diminishes or of the awkward person who gets less and less from it.  vc. katarikekea: to decrease quantity of juice, to cause to ... 
B  tæ/riki. n. a daric (ENG)
B  tæ/rimæ/rima. a. very sharp, as a tool, sharp pointed as a spear
O  tarimarima. a. sharp pointed, sharp edged.  ex. takimakima: keen edgedvc. katarimarima: to sharpen. 
B  tæ/rin. va. taken out or removed unscraped, as the kernel from the shell.  n. a portion of the kernel of a ripe coconut which comes out in a piece while it is being scraped. 
O  tarin. n. a piece cut off.  ex. e a tarin: it is cut, cut up.  vc. katarina: to cut up, to cut in pieces (the kernel of coconut with special knife) (copra knife). 
O  tarina. see tarivt. to salt
B  tæ/rine. n. a fish, the.  n. a tree, the. 
O  tarine. n. name of a tree
B  tæ/rinikároa. n. a seine with large meshes
B  tæ/riniwáe. va. frequented
O  tariniwae. n. (1) traces of dirt left by feet, foot prints, path traced.  (2) noise of footsteps of unseen passerby. 
O  tari-rang. a. stronger term than tari ou: quite crazy
O  tarire. n. a n tarire, nga n tarire: distant relationship
G  tarire. n. a species of fish (ll). 
B  tæ/ritæri. vi. to associate as brethrenex. a i taritari
tæ/ritæri. n. a fish, the. 
O  taritari. n. (1) fishn. (2) moray eelsee erin. (3) furrow, wakesee tari, i-taritari
G  tæ/ritæri. sn. family Echeneidae (ll)n. moray eel (sm). 
L  taritari. ew. talitaliulisn. Echeneis (echeneidae)n. remora
B  tæ/rite. n. Thursday (ENG)
B  táriti. n. torrid (ENG)bk. Geog p. 13. 
O  taritoa. na. limited water around an island, its territorial waters, inside boundary or dividing line between two islands. 
B  tæromáuri. n. worshipvi. to worship, to engage in worship. 
O  taromauri. n. cult, worship, divine service, prayer meetingfrom. tataro and mauri: asking health and life.  vt. taromauria te Atua: to worship God, to adore God. 
B  tæromáuria. vt. to worship, to adore
B  tæ/rota. vt. to perform incantations on a weapon
O  tarota. from. rotavt. (1) to wet the grinding stone, the whet stone.  v. (2) to make an incantation on toddy knife, on weapons. 
B  tæ/rotæro. n. water in a shell or cup for a wan with which to sharpen a knife
O  tarotaro. n. the water off grindstoneex. butarotaro: the smell of water ... 
O  tarotu. dim. of rotu. slightly blunt; (more usual).  a. taera rotu, taera kabubu: getting blunt, taking edge off.  vt. tarotua te taeka: to truncate, to mutilate words by precipitation.  tarotua: to make slightly blunt. 
B  tæ/rotuaa. vt. to speak impatiently of, as of a troublesome child
B  tæ/rou. vi. to throw up food gently as an infant, to puke. 'the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse's arms' Shakespeare.  n. the gentle puking of an infant. 
O  tarou. n. tarourake: mild vomiting of baby, upset stomach.  v. to curb this ... 
tarou1. n. tareu (S.). dislocation, sprain, strainv. to sprain, to strain.  ex. te rairake, te tabiro: ... twisting, turningte turu, te katuru: ... stumbling <stumble>, hitting against.  vc. katarou: to sprain ..., to strain a ... 
L  tarrake. sn. Cardiumn. bivalve
B  tærukáio. n. a Sadducee (GR)
B  tæ/ta. vi. to skip, like a stone over water, to trip
tataá. vt. to adze
O  tata. n. tatatataex. te tatana, ua tata: one, two, blows in quick succession, rapid successive movements (as stone bouncing several times).  v. tata, tata nako: to stumble, to trip, to reel, to falter, to make false step (faux pas) in walking or speaking.  vc. katata, etc.: to make precipitated jerky raps, blows, movements, to make stumble, to drum on, to hit on with rapid successive raps, taps. 
tata1. suf. of compound words:  ex. bai-tata, wae-tata, witata, kuritata, kiritata, rebwetata
tata2. vt. tatanako: to cut, to carve, to cut notches, to indent
B  tátabære. vi. frequentative of tabare
B  tatabæ/rea. vt. frequentative of tabarea
B  tatabæ/retua. vi. frequentative of tabaretua
B  tátabaróro. a. frequentative of tabaroro
B  tátabarúkuruku. a. frequentative of tabarukuruku
B  tatábe. a. one each, one by one. 
taátabe. va. frequentative of tabe
O  tatabe. ex. tatabeua, tatabeman, tatabekai, tatabeuaia, tatabebwi, tatabebubua: to each one some ..., units, tens, hundreds, etc.  see tabevt. tatabeuaia, tatabemania, tatabekaia, tatabeutaia
B  tatábeai. a. one each
B  tatabeáianga. a. frequentative of tabeaianga
B  tatábeman. a. one each, of persons. 
B  tatábemæ/nia. vt. frequentative of tabemania
B  tatabénga. vt. to measure and divide cloth by giving to each a fathom
B  tatabéua. a. one each, of things. 
B  tatabéuta. a. frequentative of tabeuta
O  tatabeuta. a. a little to each one. 
B  tatábiro. va. frequentative of tabiro
B  tatábonang. a. frequentative of tabonang
B  tatábui. n. forehandedness, suitable provisionva. provided, forefanded. 
O  tatabui. from. tabuin. economy, temperancea. economical, sparing, temperate, saving.  vt. tatabuia: to spare, to save, to economize, to keep
B  tatábun. a. containing more than ten each, as bunches of coconuts.  see tabun
B  tatábunea. vi. frequentative of tabunea
tatábuneaa. vt. frequentative of tabunea:
B  tatábutabu. va. frequentative of tabutabu
B  tatábutæ/rawa. va. frequentative of taburarawa
B  tatáe. vi. to fish for the ana or nauti in a canoe by torchlightn. fishing for the ana or nauti in a canoe by torchlight. 
tatáee. va. split or cracked as a board
O  tatae. from. taenv. fishing with scoop net and light on canoe.  vt. tatae onauti ... (flying fish).  ana, makei
B  tatáea. vt. frequentative of taea
B  tatáeabea. vt. frequentative of taeabea
O  tataeanibai. v. freq. of sup. of taeanibai: to move away by becoming detached. 
B  tatáekina. vt. frequentative of taekina
B  tatáenoa. vi. frequentative of taenoa
B  tatáetae. vi. frequentative of taetae
B  tatáetaenikáwai. vi. frequentative of taetaenikawai
B  tataái. n. a coconut-shell bottle fitted with a netting for convenience in carrying. 
O  tatai. n. calabash shelll covered with network of cord to carry by.  freq. of tai: many times, regularly
B  tatakaáka. vi. frequentative of takaka
B  tatakaákaro. vi. frequentative of takakaro
B  tatakaárua. vi. frequentative of takarua
B  tatakáruáea. vt. frequentative of takaruaea
B  tatám'atám'a. vi. frequentative of tam'atam'a
B  tátan. n. Satan (GR)
tátæn. vi. to engage in shouldering a seine
O  tatan. n. Satan (ENG)
tatan1. see n.v. tana
B  tataána. vt. to be enamored of. 
O  tatana. see v.t. tana
B  tæ/tanáko. vi. to stumble
O  tatanako. nv. to stumble, nearly fall. 
B  tatánga. n. the plate of a building, the sill
O  tatanga. n. (1) large horizontal beam in framework of house on which rafters are placed.  n. (2) a large roll (made of pandanus leaves).  (3) imaginary post on celestial navigation map.  see uma ni borauvt. tatangana: to take, to use ... 
B  tatángiroa. a. frequentative of tangiroa
B  tatángitang. vi. frequentative of tangitang
B  tatángoa. vt. frequentative of tangoa
B  tatæ/nikáraun. vi. to engage in taking up a seine and carrying it on the shoulders
B  tatæ/ninga. vi. frequentative of taninga to wait for. 
tatæ/ningaa. vt. frequentative of taninga
B  tatæ/ningaába. a. frequentative of taningaba
B  tatæ/ningabóno. a. frequentative of taningabonon. frequentative of taningabono
B  tatæ/ningamaráu. a. frequentative of taningamaraun. frequentative of taningamarau
B  tatæ/ningaróti. a. frequentative of taningarotin. frequentative of taningaroti
B  tatæn/naki. va. frequentative of tannaki
B  tatæn/nako. vi. frequentative of tannako
B  tatáo. va. diffused, as a fragrance
O  tatao. n. diffusion, overflowv. to diffuse, to spreadsee tao
B  tatáobong. vi. to work irregularly, to work at times. 
B  tatáobura. vt. frequentative of taobura
B  tatáokæbi. vi. frequentative of taokabi
B  tatáokæbia. vt. frequentative of taokabia
B  tatára. a. when a pweson fails to arrive on the appointed day, the day is spoken of as tatara
tátaraa. vt. to oversee, to superintend
O  tatara. n. unfavourable time, mischance, misfitex. e tatara am bong: your day does not suitba tatara: uneven leaves, odd.  tao-tatara: odd, not in pairs, without partner. 
tatara1. n. tatarau, tataram: my, thy replacement, in a team of fixed number. 
B  tataráe. vi. frequentative of tarae
B  tatárariáo. vi. frequentative of tarariao
B  tatæ/ri. va. giving much coconut sapnote. pronounced ta:iari also. 
B  tatæ/rika. a. frequentative of tarika
O  tatarinawa. vt. to strew with spots, stains, to smear
B  tatæ/ro. vi. to prayn. prayer. 
O  tataro. n. from Samoan tatalo: prayerex. tataro, tatatarov. to pray.  vt. tataroa, tatataroa te Atua: to pray God.  ex. tataro nakon te Atua: to pray to ..., to address ..., to ask God. 
tataro1. from. (tata ro, tata aro).  a. naturally hesitating, of staggering gait, badly balanced, taking false steps.  v. to hesitate, to stumble, to blunder in speaking, acting, going obliquely (canoe).  sup. nikitataro or nikutataro: badly balanced canoe with kiaro too short.  ex. ranga tataro: stumbling legs. 
B  tatæ/roa. vt. to pray to. 
B  tatæ/romáuri. vi. frequentative of taromauri
B  tatæ/romáuria. vt. frequentative of taromauria
B  tæ/tatæta. vi. to stumble, to stumble along in walking, to stagger
B  tæ/tate. n. Saturday (ENG)
B  tatáuanen. a. frequentative of tauanen
B  tatáuanib'ái. va. declining habitually to loan
B  tatáuanikái. vi. frequentative of tauanikai
B  tatáubuáka. va. frequentative of taubuaka
B  tatáumæn/ta. vi. frequentative of taumanta
B  tatáurake. vi. to come up in great schools of fish into shallow water
B  tatáuráoi. va. frequentative of tauraoi
B  tatáutæta. va. havitually prompt in showing hospitality
B  tatáuti. a. frequentative of tauti habitually stingy, selfish
B  tatáutia. vt. frequentative of tautia
B  tatæ/we. vi. to move quickly
B  táten. n. a dozen (ENG)
B  tæ/ti. va. cut, wounded
táti. n. a dash (ENG)
O  tati. n. dash -- a punctuation mark (ENG)
tati1. n. a crustacean
tati2. n. scissors (from crab's pincers). 
tati3. n. steepness, abruptness, steep cut, ... precipitous, perpendicular, clear cut, cut straight, sheerex. e tati namakaina: half moon, cut straight across the middle.  e katati: it is steep, abrupt.  vc. katatia: to cut, to slash straight, sheer, to cut short, make cease, to interrupt abruptly. 
B  tætibáuta. va. not securely fastened as an outrigger
O  tatibiri. v. tatibiribiri: to run straight, in a straight line. 
O  tatibuata. vt. to tie up carelessly
O  tatikounga. from. kouna. pulled up completely roots and all, uprooted
B  táu. n. a fish, the. 
táu. a. enough, sufficient
O  tau. n. (1) a fish, garfish.  (2) partridge fishn. (3) a plantsn. Doloris regis
tau1. n. (1) te tau: triton conch, trumpet shelln. (2) large sea slug with thin shell.  (3) ampullaceous conch (tau kirata). 
tau2. n. (1) ra-tau. fitness, sufficiency, suitability.  a. suitable, fit, proper, sufficient, congruous in quantity and quality.  ex. e a tau: all right, that's good, that's enoughe a tau te bong ma kanoana: sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.  e a toki tauna: serves you right! you got what you deserve.  v. katoka tauna: to give satisfaction to ..., content ...  vc. kataua, kakataua: to find good, to fit, to consent to ..., to tolerate, to permit, to approve, to allown. te katau, katauakin, katautau: permission, approbation, consent.  (2) disposition, preparation, preparatives.  ex. ana katautau te Atua: pfovidence of God.  vc. kataua, kakataua, katautaua: to get ready, to prepareex. katauko! get yourself ready!  n. katau, katautau (n nako): preparations for departure.  ex. katautaun te ika: preparations for passage of fish.  I nako ni katau: I am going to prospecta buro ni katau: looks as if they are a good matchratau: nearly, almost, enough. 
tau3. suf. of several compound words meaning enough, fit
tau4. rad. of tauapref. to hold, to keep
G  tau. sn. Strongylura incisa (ll)n. garfish (sm). 
tau1. sn. Tonna perdix (i)n. <bird> partridge tun (ja). 
tau. sn. Delonix regia (z)
tau:. sn. Charonia tritonis (l)n. trumpet shell (ja). 
L  tau. sn. Tonna perdix (gastropod)n. snail
tau mwi
O  tau mwi. see n.v. tauan ni mwi
tau turu
O  tau turu. n. acolytesyn. te tia katoa
B  táua. vt. to seize, to grasp, to hold back, to retain, to hold
táua. n. business, employment
táua. n. a tower (ENG)
O  taua. n. tower (ENG)
taua1. vt. tataua, tautaua: to hold, to keep, to reserve, to conserve, not to let go, to practise (religion, profession).  ex. tau-tua: to keep Commandments.  taua te Aro: to practise one's religion.  taua nakoana: to fulfil one's duty. 
taua mwin
O  taua mwin. vt. taua mwiu, tawa mwim, taua mwina: to hold, to keep my place, etc., to replace, to keep count of, to keep account of, to take note of, to remember, to put in register, to registersee taua ni mwi
taua n tabo
O  taua n tabo. n. person, object taking the place of another, substitute, representative, deputy, nest egg.  vt. tauantaboa: to take as, to substitute. 
taua n tabu
O  taua n tabu. n. same as preceding word but with nuance of sacredness. sacred substitute, untouchablevt. tauantabua: to use as ... 
taua ni mwi
O  taua ni mwi. n. (1) keeping accounts, register, account book, diary, memoirs, registration, etc.  see taua mwin te ...  n. (2) te taua ni mwi: magical charm, etc., to keep for self the love of an absent one.  vt. tauanimwia: to keep, to attach (person) by means of charms, magical incantations
taua ni wi
O  taua ni wi. n. circumspection in speech.  a. prudent, circumspect, prudent in speaking. 
tauan ro
O  tauan ro. n. magical practice to immunize young climber against falling. 
tauan roro
O  tauan roro. n. (1) birth registern. (2) birthdaysyn. ranniwin. (3) magical practices on the occasion of ...  vt. tauanroroa: to keep, to remember, to celebrate age. 
tauan tai
O  tauan tai. n. clock, watch
B  táuanei. n. a fish, the. 
O  tauanei. n. small fish (in schools). 
G  táuanei. n. small schooling fish, often caught by terns and dropped from their nests. (ll). 
B  táuanen. n. jealousjealousy (not conjugal jealousy).  see koko
B  tauæ/nikai. n. a concubinevi. to live with a concubine. 
O  tauanikai. n. young brother or sister in lawvt. tauanikaia: to have, to take as ... 
B  tauænikáia. vt. to hold as a concubine. 
O  taua-ni-nne. v. to hold, to keep jealously (place, situation, advantages, rights acquired).  n. te tauanne, te tatauannen: jealousy of rights. 
O  taua-ni-nne. vi. to engage in performing an incantation to prevent early senilityn. an incantation to prevent senility. 
B  tauan/roróa. vt. to perform on with reference to preventing early senility
B  tauan/tabo. n. an offering to a god
B  tauantáboa. vt. to offer food or other thing as an offering to a deity
B  táuantaai. n. a clock, a watch
O  taubai. nv. to shake hands, to hold hands
B  taubaang/. n. temperance, self-control
O  taubang. n. tataubang: temperance, restraint, sobriety, moderation, austerityv. to keep temperate, soberex. I taua bangu, ko taua bangim, e taua bangina (I keep, you, he ..., etc.). 
O  taubange. nv. taua bangena: to have chin resting on palm of hands.  ex. katiri bange: ... on back of clasped hands. 
B  táubære. n. a fly-brush
O  taubare. n. broom, fly whisk, brush of nokovt. taubarea, tataubarea: to swipe, to swish, to chase away, to hit with. 
B  taubæ/rea. vt. to brush off with a taubare
O  taubati. n. a dance imported from Samoa. ballet with singing, march rhythm.  v. to dance this ... 
O  taubea. vt. to take care of, to look after, to have in one's care, to watch over (a person) as escort or chaperon
B  taubéakina. vt. to portion out. 
O  taubeakina. vt. tataubeakina: idem. (persons, things) to take care of, to watch over, to guard, to have charge of ... 
O  taubobonga. a. tataubobonga: executing with exactitude, prompt, finishing in fixed time.  vc. kataubobonga: to do ..., to finish at ... 
O  taubong. v. tataubong: to keep count of days, to remember a fixed date. 
B  táubuáka. va. not well provided
O  taubuaka. n. tataubuaka: unpreparednessa. ill preparedsee ant. tauraoi
B  táubuki. n. the top, the ridgea. having a long ridgepole
O  taubuki. n. (1) ridge of house roof, summit, apogee;ex. taubukini karawa: zenith;ex. taubukin atu: top of skulln. (2) dance attitude (arms meeting overhead).  n. (3) a kind of kabubu
taubuki1. v. to uphold, to take sides, to support the cause of ..., to be partisan of ...  ex. e taua bukin te aro: he upholds the cause of religion. 
taubukin ni moa
O  taubukin ni moa. n. principal house, royal ... 
B  táubukinæ/tu. n. the crown or top of the head
O  taubukinikarawa. n. (1) the zenithn. (2) a star (Rigel of Orion). 
O  taubure. nv. to take note of ..., to mark down faults and failings, errors, mistakes.  n. te tia taubure: corrector, censor, criticvt. tauburea, tatauburea: to note, to mark faults, errors, mistakes of ..., to revise, to correct, to judge, to criticize, to censor. 
B  táubururu. va. not particular, not putting on a finishn. want of particularity in putting on a finish. 
O  taubururu. n. imperfections in one's work.  v. to leave blots, to do carelessly, to spoil, to scamp, to do anyhow. 
O  taubwe. nv. to hold the helm, tiller, rudderex. taua bwena!  fig. to direct, to command, (ironically) to be last, to come last in competition.  n. te tia tau bwe: helmsman, steersman, wheelman, director
B  táukaro. n. sparks
O  taukaro. n. name of a star
taukaro1. n. taukarokaro: glitter, glimmer and sparks of brazier, fire, furnace.  v. to glitter (phosphorescences), to glimmer like fire.  see takarokaro, bakarokarovt. taukaroa: to bespatter with burning coals (warrior in ceremony of inuring to war). 
B  taukárokaro. va. abounding in sparks. 
O  taukirata. n. ampullaceous conchex. te nei Kirata: the pond where these are cultivated. 
O  taukiria. nv. taukiria, taukiriana: to keep at a distancesyn. tau raroaex. e tauaki kiriara: our positions are maintained. 
B  taukírikiri. n. a small round pebble used in casting lots
O  taukirikiri. or. tau-ororon. a method of divination with small stones.  v. to divine, to count, to calculate with ... 
B  taukíro. vi. to spy
O  taukiro. n. discreet surveillancev. to keep an eye on.  vt. takiroa: to spy on, to watch, to surveyex. te tau kiro, te tia tau kiro: the spy
B  taukiróa. vt. to spy out. 
O  taukorea. v. to place hands on hips
B  táumæn. n. a fish, the. 
O  tauman. n. king fishh. 
tauman1. nv. taumania: to count the months of gestation
G  tauman. sn. Caranx melampygus (ll)n. kingfish (sm). 
tauman n taninga
O  tauman n taninga. syn. n. katake
O  taumangang. a. loafing.  n. loaferv. to kill time in idleness, nonchalance, recklessness, indolence
Taumangang. n. name of a constellation
O  taumangao. n. habit of disorderliness.  a. disorderly, in disordervc. kataumangaoa: idem. to put in ... 
B  taumangária. n. a long spear with branches opposite one another. 
O  taumangaria. n. a long lance (14 to 18 feet) with double prong behind point to make opponent's weapon deviate. 
B  taumæn/ta. vi. to engage in slandering or speaking evil of, or defamingn. defamation, a speaking ill of. 
O  taumanta. n. taua mantan te: observation of behaviour, habits, conductvt. tataumanta, taumanta: to observe, to remark, to discern, to examine the manners, characters of ... 
B  táumæta. vi. to fish with a log or board for a canoen. the method of fishing in which a log or rail takes the place of a canoe. 
O  taumata. n. a manner of fishing, by diving <dive> with gogglesv. to fish in thie manner.  ex. e taumataki te ika
O  tauma-tangitang. ex. e a tau ma tangitang: sufficient for the day is the evil thereof. 
B  táumæte. va. judging correctly of oven heat
O  taumate. n. burial, funeralv. to buryex. tauna te mate: to bury the dead. 
B  taumæ/toa. va. neglecting to return a borrowed article, negligentn. negligence in returning a borrowed article. 
O  taumatoa. nv. holding firm, obstinacyv. to hold on to things borrowed. 
B  táume. n. the stem of a cluster of coconuts. 
O  taume. n. branchy stem on which coconuts develop.  ex. nano n taume: white inside of spathefig. nano n taume: fair-skinned young girl
O  taumoa. v. to precede, to be first, in front, before, to keep in front, to hold the first place. 
B  táumori. n. a fore or aft brace to a canoe's mast
O  taumori. n. rope connecting top of mast to stern of canoe.  syn. katangitang (because of creaking noise it makes). 
O  taumwere. v. tataumwere, taumwerea: to be late, to loitervc. kataumwerea: to keep late. 
O  taun. adv. i taun te ...: on the edge, above. for ex. on the brink of a well, on the edge of a pond, a pit.  syn. etan te ... 
taun1. v. tautaun: to bury, to cover up with soil, sand.  vt. tauna, tautauna: to bury in ground. 
B  táuna. vt. to bury
O  taunanen. see taua ni nne
B  taunaári. a. just alike
O  taunari. n. measure by comparison.  nv. kataunari, kabotaunara: to measure, to compare dimension, to look for the difference between. 
O  taunata. n. idem
B  taáunga. a. crowded together, being in a crowdn. a crowd. 
O  taunga. v. taungaunga, tataungaunga, taungario, taungarake: to fluctuate, to come and go, to be thrown from side to side, to be agitated, to be pushed about.  ex. e taunga te aba irounasyn. e mino te aba irouna: he gives us no peace.  vc. kataunga: to make, to push, to throw, to agitate.  see tanganga
O  taungatangata. from. ngatan. haste, hurry, activity.  v. to hurry, to be active
B  táungea. n. a method of fishing
O  taungea. n. shark fishingv. to fish with hook made of hard wood (te ngea) formerly. 
B  taúno. n. a coconut, either a moimoto or onibua, which falls to the ground prematurely. 
O  tauno. n. (1) kind of hard sepals joining coconut to stem.  n. (2) detached coconutvc. kataunoa: to detach coconuts from. 
O  tauoa. see oavt. to supervise, to watch, to keep, to cherish lovingly.  ex. tauoaki, taukiroaki: well kept, well guarded, closely guarded. 
O  tauororo. n. small coral pebbles (used for counting, lots).  see taukirikiri
B  táura. vt. to suspendn. a hanging lamp
O  taura. n. a lamp, lantern, electric light, flashlightex. taura te nenea: candle (ancient name: bae).  taura te ba: oil lamp.  vt. taurana
taura1. n. suspension, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles.  ex. te taura ni wae: achilles tendon. 
taura2. vt. to lift up a little, to raise ..., or to hang up. 
taura3. see ura: sprinkle.  n. te kai n taura: hanger, lamp pendant, hook, hat peg
taura n iri
O  taura n iri. n. plumb line, straight perpendicular line. 
O  tauraba. from. rabana. lucky, fortunate person having all wants supplied.  see aoraba, aoreke
O  taurake. nv. tataurake: to inhale upwards (as fish after bait, asthmatic after air).  vc. kataurakea ... 
tauran te newe
O  tauran te newe. n. ligaments and muscles under tongue
O  tauranga. vt. tauranga: to hold, to catch by legsee kareke ranga, tabe ranga, tabara ranga
B  taurángaranga. vi. to roll as a shipn. the rolling as of a ship. 
O  taurangaranga. v. to rock, to waver, to roll, to totter, to swing, to oscillate
B  tauráoi. va. ready, well preparedn. thorough preparation. 
O  tauraoi. n. readiness.  a. provided for, furnished, ready, equipped, dressed.  n. te katauraoi: preparation, preparatives
O  taurarae. vt. tauraraea: to follow up and supervise (children at play, prisoners at work ...). 
B  táuraráoi. va. well prepared, well furnishedn. thorough preparation. 
O  tauraroa. v. tauraroa man te ... taua raroana, tatauraroa: to keep away from, to keep at a distance from.  syn. tau kiria
O  taureare. vt. tataurearea: to look for, to pick up here and there (provisions). 
B  taurékareka. n. a variety of covered basket
B  taurékereke. n. a chain
O  taurekereke. n. a chain
O  taurere. v. tataurere, taurererere, taurerea: to wander, to run here and there, to gad about
O  tauri. n. (S.) ntaritari (N.) (perhaps) oil fish
G  tauri. sn. Promichthys prometheus (ll)n. oilfish (gb). 
O  tauroaroa. n. tatauroaroa: activity, diligence, constancy, skilfulness in finding sustenance.  a. clever and efficient (esp. at fishing).  ant. kabana
O  taurobaroba. n. a very large mat almost roba size. 
B  tauróngo. n. search for marine food in a place remote, or occasionally visited.  vi. to engage in finding some marine food to eat in a place remote. 
O  taurongo. n. taurongoa: assiduity in seeking miserable pittance, difficult to find. 
B  tauróngoa. vt. to seek marine food. 
B  taauróuro. n. a fragment, a crumb, a small bitva. covered with crumbs. 
O  taururo. n. last remnants, crumbs, bits, scrapsex. e taururo: there is nothing left but ...  vc. kataururoa: to reduce to ..., to be reduced to ..., to gather up, to use to the last scrap.  kataururoa: sup. to leave nothing ..., no one. 
O  taururu. from. urun. te ang taururu: violent winda. crashing, formidable, fearfulfig. force, energy, animation, courage, smashing all before them.  vc. kataururua: to make ... 
O  tautaeka. n. te tautaeka: government, authorityv. to govern, to command, to rule
O  tautaekana. vt. idem. to have authority over, to have under one's rule
O  tautari. v. taua tarina: to try a canoe to see how it reacts in water. 
B  táutæta. a. prompt in showing hospitalityn. prompt hospitality. 
O  tautata. n. tatautata: warm welcome, assiduous attention to guests.  v. to give pleasure, to obligen. complaisance, attentivenessa. kind, obliging. 
B  táutau. vi. to engage in holding or retaining. 
táutau. n. an effort to quiet a fight
O  tautau. vt. (1) tautau: to hold, to guide by hand (cane, canoe).  v. (2) to hold, to grab, to impede from fighting.  ex. e aki kan tautauaki: he refuses to be held.  tautaua te aine: ordinary word for rapena. banga n tautau: notorious, feared, person in habit of ... 
tautau1. n. a fat pig
B  tautáua. vt. frequentative of taua
B  tautáun. vi. to buryn. a burying. 
B  tautáuna. vt. frequentative of tauna
B  táuti. a. stingy, selfish, niggardlyn. stinginess, selfishness. 
táuti. n. a fish, the. 
O  tauti. n. a fish, puffer fish, diodonex. te bara n tauti: native helmet made of spiky skin of this fish. 
tauti1. n. avarice, niggardliness, stinginess <stingy>.  a. tauti, tatauti, kitatauti, tautikoko, banga n tauti: avaricious, niggardly, very mean, miserly.  ex. tautikoko: rich miser.  syn. bakoko, batauti, batatautiex. nano n tauti: mean heartedvc. kabatatautia: to treat as a miser. 
G  tauti. sn. Diodon hystrix (ll)n. pufferfish (sm). 
L  tauti. ew. tautu.  sn. all Diodon (Diodontidae)n. spiny puffer
B  táutia. vt. to treat one with stinginess
táutia. n. a soldier, a company of soldiers.  note. probably a corruption of the english word soldiers [but ingintauti = thorny skin of a tauti used as a helmet]. 
O  tautia. vt. tatautia: to be niggardly ... towards, to refuse to give through meanness.  ex. ti tautiaki: we got nothing, we were refused. 
tautia1. or. tautien. soldier
B  táutikoko. a. stingy, very stingy.  n. great stinginees. 
O  tautokoa. vt. tatautokoa: to support, to reinforce, to hold up, to prop up. 
O  tautoroa. vt. to have, keep under one's domination, to have rights over, to have power over, to lord it over ...  see torona: to enslave, to subject
O  tautorona. vt. to lead, to direct, to rule over, to subject, to domineer over. 
L  tauu. sn. Charonia tritonis (gastropod).  n. snail
O  tau-ua. v. to measure, to dose, to ration, to portion out. 
B  táwa. n. a fish, the.  vt. to dry in the sun. 
táwa. a. ripe
O  tawa. n. fry of baneaua, fry, chanos, milk fish
tawa1. n. tawaningining: maturity.  a. mature, ripe, red ripe.  fig. old, very old.  vc. katawaea: ripen, let ripen. 
tawa2. a. dry, dried, dried in the sun. 
tawa3. vt. tawaea: to spread out to dry, to dry, to put to dry, to hang out to dry.  ex. e tatawa te tei: the child is sun burned
G  tawa. sn. Chanos chanosn. fry; milkfish (ll). 
B  tawáewae. a. far away, distant in space.  see raroa
O  tawaewae. n. (1) name of ancient man.  see waewaen. (2) distant <land> country to which went Na Bawe for Na Kiroroex. bana n tawaewae: shout from a distance. 
tawaewae1. a. niwaewae: very distant, far away in space, out of reach.  ex. i an tawaewae: seen under ..., in the distance. 
B  taáwai. va. ashamed because of failure to succeed. 
O  tawai. n. pointed end of aerial root chewed to soften it, for running knotex. motika tawaina: to break this at the join.  fig. motika tawaina: to break the bonds, to break an engagement, to give a dispensation
O  tawaieta. n. species of eel with long head, non oily. 
B  tawákai. n. the extracting of coconut-oil in a pressvi. to engage in extracting coconut-oil in a press. 
O  tawakai. n. a native oil pressvc. tawakaia: to squeeze in press, to squeeze grated coconut to extract oil. 
B  tawakáia. vt. to subject scraped coconut-kernel to a press. 
B  tawaána. n. a cleared field ready for cultivation
O  tawana. n. a place stripped of vegetation, less arid than desert, sandy soil often submerged. 
O  tawanang. n. katawanang: land denuded of vegetation, sward
B  tawaníngining. a. very ripe
O  tawaninginingi. sup. superlative of tawaa. over ripee, very ripe. 
B  táwanou. n. noona. being noon. 
O  tawanou. n. noon, middayex. e tawanou: it is noon.  tawanou maeaotanimaeaon tai: afternoonvc. katawanou, katawanoua: to wait till noon to ... <lunch>. 
B  táwanoumáeao. n. a little past noona. being a little past noon. 
O  taware. na. snare in general, esp. for birds.  v. to snare.  vt. tawarea, tatawarea: to catch in ..., to ensnare
B  táwatawa. n. a fish, the. 
O  tawatawa. n. (1) species of pandanusn. (2) name of a fish, skipjack
G  táwatawa. sn. Euthynnus yaito (ll)n. skipjack (sm). 
O  tawe. n. tatawe, tawewe: rapidity.  a. rapidv. to go quicklyex. a tawe ra te bong!: how time flies!  ai matawe: fairly quick, fairly near
tawe1. a. visible from a distance, standing out.  ex. tarere (for things at sea).  vc. katawea: to make ..., to find.  fig. n.a. tawe: person abandoned, solitarysee aweawe
B  táwere. a. pale
taáwere. n. a towel, a coconut leaflet used as a towel (ENG)
O  tawere. n. tawere rake: paleness, sallownessa. pale, wan, ghastlyv. to become pale (from faintness, shame, anger), to blushex. e moa tawere, e tawere moana: he is pale, he is becoming pale.  vc. katawere, katawerea: to make, to become ... 
O  tawia. n. a fish. blue spot rock codd. 
G  tawia. sn. Cephalopholis mineatus (ll)n. blue spot rock cod (sm). 
O  tawiria. vt. from wheel. to put through mincersee tabiria
B  te. art. a always followed by a numeral suffix, ai,ua,un,man,nga,kai,kora or a certain noun the expletive euphonic na being always added.  see a
te. vi. to hiss, as frying fish, or as fermenting karewe
O  te. art. the. a <an>. the indefinite article one can be used as te, but generally by teuana, temanna. both te and teuana are used together.  ex. weteia te tei temannakamai te boki teuana
te1. n. tete: fizzing sound, bubbling, fermenting, seething, noise made by effervescencev. to boil, to fizz, to bubble, to froth, to ferment.  vc. katea, katetea: to bring to the boil.  n. te katete: toddy brought to boiling point only to prevent fermentation.  vc. fig. katea riki te taeka: stir up the discussion. 
te3. pref. in compound words: te-ba, te kairad. of tea
te aina
O  te aina. a. one, one piece (of game).  ex. te aina te bakoa: one shark (caught).  temanna te bakoa (a live shark). 
te mangai
O  te mangai. n. Nei Te mangai: a woman spirit (anti). 
O  tea. vt. tea te ba, tea te kai: to pare away, to make thinner, to make smooth
B  teáina. a. one, in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timber, coconut-leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish, as sharks and ikari
B  téatura. n. a box-tree (HEB)
O  teawanei. n. Ten Teawanei: a sea monster (not well identified). 
teawanei1. n. Ten Teawanei: constellation
B  téba. n. a tapir (ENG)
O  teba. n. Nei Teba: (wife of Kama) a star near the Southern Cross
teba1. v. tea-ban te ...: to pare off sides of mid-rib of palm leaf. 
O  tebaka. n. Ten Tebaka: a species of ikari, special to Abaiang. <fish>. 
B  tebána. a. one leaf
B  tebaráirai. vi. to sizzle as frying fish
O  tebarairai. v. to make a sizzling <sizzle> noise
B  tébe. vi. to spring, to snap
tébe. n. a float for a seine
O  tebe. v. (1) tetebe, tebetebe, teberake, teberio, tebenako: to dart, to pop, to jump by projection, to burst out, to pop up, to break away, to come out of place (mechanism), to jump up, ... aside, ... away.  ex. te tebena, ua tebe, ten tebe: one, two, three jumps.  n. (2) te tebe: floats on fishing net.  nv. (3) te tebe: end of germinating bud breaking through coating or shell of seed.  vc. katebea, katebetebea, katebenakoa: to make jump out, come out of place, shoot out, to fillip with finger, to let fly, to pick, to peckn. te katebe: catch of ..., padlock, trap with catch, click, pawl.te kai ni katebe: a bow, sling, catapultnv. katebe man: to hunt with weapons.  ex. e katebetebe te moa: the fowl peck.  nv. wae tebetebe: to limp, to hop, to hobble, to limp slightly. 
B  tébeka. vt. to strike against or upon as spilt hot water, or sand, or sparks. 
O  tebeka. from. tebe, teteberav. idem. to splash on, to gush out onto, to fall on, to rebound on to, to cover with splashes. 
B  tébetebe. vi. to walk lame, as a man with a springhalt
O  tebetebe. v. wae tebetebe: to limp, to hop, to hobble
O  tebeteberake. from. tebev. to jump in the air, to rebound, to spring up, to jerk, to jump, to joltvc. to jerk, to jolt.  ex. katebeteberakea: to make ..., jolt, rebound. 
O  Tebetemba. n. September (ENG)
B  tebírian. a. one billion (ENG)
B  tébiro. n. a sable (ENG)
B  tébo. vi. to dive
O  tebo. v. tetebo, tebotebo, teborake, teborio, tebonako: to dive, to plungefig. springing up, determination, resolution, to act with ..., to launch out, to start out in a certain direction.  vt. tebona, teboakina; bathing, to bathe, to bath, to shower, to have ..., to take ...  see tebotebovc. kateboa, kateteboa, kateboteboa: to put into water, to soak, to steep in water. 
O  teboakina. syn. tebonav. to work with determination, perseverance, vigorously.  fig. exacting, demanding with insistence, forcing, compelling, insisting.  syn. imanonoaex. a teboakinai: they forced me, pushed me. 
B  tebóka. vi. to water as a plant, to wash, to bathe, to baptizen. water for a bath, a bathing, a watering. 
O  teboka. from. tebovt. to pour water on, to wash, to bathe, to bath, to cleanse, to wash one's face, to baptizeex. e teboka arokana: he waters his plants.  n. tebokan te ...: watering, washing, etc.  tebokau, tebokam, tebokana, etc.: my bath water, your ..., etc.  ex. itia tebokau: draw water for my bath.  n. fig. tebokau, tebokam: reparation, meal, appeasement ..., given to someone to wash away offence, wrongs, wounds inflicted. 
O  tebokamarawa. n. a fire sprite, phantom which allures canoes to perdition. 
O  tebokanimoa. nv. tebokanimoa te wa: ceremony of launching a new canoe. 
O  tebokua. v. prow plunging (canoe), to dive like a dolphin, head first. 
O  tebomaka. vt. tebomaka: to make great effort, persevering <persevere> effort, to swoop, to dash on, to insist strongly, tenaciously ... 
O  tebomata. n. social meal (formerly) with magical ablutions.  v. to wash one's face. 
O  tebomaurua. sup. superlative of teboruan. tenacity, furyv. to be intent on, to set one's heart on, to insist in the highest degree. 
B  tebóna. vt. to dive after, to use force, to compel
O  tebona. from. tebovt. (1) to dive down towards to bring to surface (shell), etc.  fig. tebona am makuri: work furiously, intently, with determinationv. (2) tebona, tetebona: to insist strongly with ..., to incite, to press, to push, to force, to compel ..., to ... 
O  tebo-nako-uma-n-aomata. nv. ceremony (magic, religious) when a new- born babe is brought from place of birth to ordinary dwelling. 
B  tebonéngenenge. vi. to be persistent in urging
O  tebonengenenge. v. tebonengenengea: to persevere in insisting, to force until exhausted, to keep on urging <urge>, pressing without end. 
B  téborake. vi. to push forward, as with an intent to assault
O  teborake. from. tebonv. diving <dive> forward, advancing <advance> resolutely with provocative look. 
B  téboræn. vi. to play at water throwingn. play at water throwing. 
O  teboran. nv. v.t. teborania: to play at throwing water on each other.  ex. i-teboran: to throw water on ...i teborania: reciprocal drenching
B  tebório. vi. to proceed toward the west
O  teborio. v. diving <dive> down, towards the west. 
O  tebororo. v. tebororoasup. superlative of tebo and of tebona
O  teborua. v. teboruasup. superlative of tebonasee tebomaurua
B  tébotebo. vi. to bathe, to take a bathn. bathing. 
B  tébotebóka. vt. frequentative of teboka
B  tebúbua. a. one hundred
B  tébururu. vi. to spatter as heavy rain drops. 
O  tebururu. from. te, tete and bururunv. (1) e tebururu te ang: the wind bespattersex. e tebururu n taetae: he sputters saliva when speaking.  v. (2) to stammer, to stutter, to splutter, to splattervt. tebururua: to splatter. 
B  tebwína. a. ten
B  tEbwtEm/ba. n. September (ENG)
B  téea. a. a million
B  téi. n. kind, sort, variety, a watch as on ship-board, a standing
téi. vi. to desist, to stand up for the purpose of beginning, to stand, to stop
teéi. n. a child
O  tei. n. teitei: standing position, attitude, posture.  v. tei, teteitei: to stand, to be standing upright, to stand up, to be stationary, to halt, to stop, to wait, to hesitate, to be undecidedex. tei moa!: wait a minute! stop!  see several compound words lower.  ex. au tei, am tei: my turn, your turn, to be on dutyvc. katea, kateitea, katei, kateitei: to put standing up, to put upright, to train, to erect, to build, to construct, to found, to institute, to plantn. te katei: edifice, monument, building, invention, foundationfig. custom, practice, manners, traditions, procedure, method, manner of doing, way of living.  ex. katei rimoa: ancient custom.  te katei n aomata: native custom te tia katei bai: architect, builderna. te katei, ae katei: slope, escarpment, sloping, steepnv. katei-bai: to lift arms, hands.  ex. katei bai: construction, constructkatei baobao: to build on piles, platforms
tei1. plural. ataeiand te ataei (S.):  n. child,.  and atei Butari).  n. te tei-ni-mane, te tei-n-aine: boy, girlex. te tei aine: young woman, young girl.  te rorobuaka: young man.  te tei rara: boy, girl not yet quite adult. 
B  téiabuáka. a. ugly, ill-disposed, treating unkindly
O  teiabuaka. n. (1) bad behaviour towards person in one's care.  (2) badly behaved person, mean,.  selfish, neglectful, towards members of own household. 
B  teeiáine. n. a young woman
B  téiakína. vt. to go at with avidity, to oversee as work, to prosecute vigorously. 
O  teiakina. from. teivt. (1) to guard, to watch, to be on duty, to be on guard.  v. (2) to be devoted to, to keep at (one's work) until finished. 
O  teiao. nv. to stay outsidesyn. tei nakoex. teibuaka: menstruation
B  téibæba. vi. to stand as a promiscuous crowd, without order. 
O  teibaba. a. pell mell, higgledy piggledy, in disordervc. kateibaba: to place in disorder (crowd, objects). 
O  teibaka. a. badly balanced, ready to fall, about to lose balance, to fall, totter, stagger
O  teibanae. na. strewn in disorder as refuse, sweepings.  vc. kateibanaea: to put in disorder, jumble up. 
O  teibanea. from. banevt. to surround, to crowd around. 
O  teibaoao. v. to stand outside, at a distance, waiting timidly to be invited. 
B  teibarákaraka. va. hesitating to do, because of the want of means as in entertaining strangers. 
O  teibarakaraka. v. to be left standing dumbfounded before an unforeseen happening (ae raka). 
B  téiboreta. n. sibboleth (HEB)
B  téibuaka. va. having menses <phy> (a euphemistic word). 
O  teibuaka. n. bad positionv. to be in a bad way, badly placed (euphemism for menstruation ).  ex. kateibuaka: badly behaved, ungrateful
O  teimakin. na. attitude of respectful fear, timidity, keeping at a distance, scared, intimidated. 
B  teimæ/nge. vi. to engage in treating a person with neglect
O  teimange. na. to be on the brink, in dangerous position, reduced to extremity, in precarious circumstances. 
B  teimæ/ngea. vt. to treat a person with neglect
B  teimæ/toa. vi. to stand firmn. firmness, steadfastness. 
O  teimatoa. n. solidity, stability, firmness, constancyv. to be solid, unshakena. lasting, persistingvc. kateimatoa: to make ..., to plant, to establish, to erect solidly. 
B  teína. a. one, used in counting divisions of pan
B  teeináine. n. a young girl, a girl. 
O  teinako. na. menstruation, have periods (modest term).  syn. teibuaka, teiao
B  téinang. n. a safeguard as children to a parent. 
O  teinang. n. kateinang; safeguard, protectionsee nang
B  teeinim'áne. n. a boy
B  téiraa. vi. to stand out of plumb as a post
O  teira. na. in bad positionsee syn. teibuakavc. kateiraea
O  teirake. v. standing up, to stand up, to get up, to beginex. e teirake te makuri: the work has commencedteirake n ...: to begin to ...  vc. kateirakea: to make get up ..., to set to work. 
O  teirakea. vt. to undertake (a work), to set to ...  ex. a teirakea te ununiki: they have undertaken the plantation ... 
O  teiraoi. na. standing up straight, well laid, well placed, in good position, firm, strongvc. kateiraoa: to place right, straight, to arrange well, to put straight. 
O  teirara. from. ran. youngest child in a group, in a family.  syn. bina
teirara1. a. leaning in backward position. 
O  teiraroa. a. standing at a distance
O  teiriaria. syn. teiraroaex. e tei riariana, e tei nangina: there is distance, obstaclevc. katei riaria, katei riariana: to keep at a distance. 
O  teirobaroba. a. loose, flapping (as sail not full).  fig. hesitating <hesitate>, wavering
O  teiruarua. va. to be bewildered, out of one's element, strange, lost, like a stranger. 
B  téitei. vi. frequentative of tei
L  teitei. sn. Mobulidaen. manta ray
B  téiuómænia. vt. to carry by two persons. 
O  teiuomania. vt. (tei-tenimania, etc.): to get in two's (three's) to do something. 
B  tekáina. a. one, in counting trees, fishhooks, and sections of land
B  tÉkan. n. a second (ENG)
O  tekan. n. a second (time) (ENG)
B  tékateka. vi. to sit, to sit down.  n. a sitting
O  tekateka. n. tekatekau, tekatekam: my seat, your ...  fig. dwelling, domicile, residenceex. te kai n tekateka: seat (general), chair, stool, armchair, etc.  v. tekateka: to sit, to be seated, to reside, to dwellvc. katekateka, kaka ...: to make be seated ..., dwell, to give or assign as residence, dwelling, domicile, to set up in fixed dwelling.  n. te tekateka n ruoia: a sitting position in dances, legs crossed, ready to rise.  v. tekatekana: to have ..., to take for one's seat, domicile, to sit on, to be seated on, to reside at, to dwell at ... 
B  téke. va. pierced, stabbed, struck, hit, surpassed
téke. n. a neuralgic form of diseasen. a good fishing place. 
O  teke. a. teteke, teketeke: hit, struck, pierced, punctured, hit or struck by a shot, beaten by a rival, reached, touched, wounded, pricked.  ex. e teke te ika: the fish is hooked, struck, pierced by harpoon.  e teke baiu: my hand is wounded, pricked.  e aki teteke: he is never hit, outrun, beaten. 
teke ua tabo
O  teke ua tabo. a. beaten both ways, going and coming (race).  ex. teke oti: pierced through and through, transpierced.  v. teteke rake, teteke rio, tetekenako: to flow from large wound, from hole, to flow into recipient, through channel, to flow towards, to flow through.  vc. katetekea: to make flow, to establish a current towards, to direct the flow.  katekea, katetekea, kateketekea: to hit, to touch, to win, to prick, to pierce, to transpierce, to aim at, to point at, to steer ton. te bai ni kateketeke, te kateketeke: thorn, sharp point, darta. ae kateke, kateketeke: prickly, sharp, painful, thorny, spiky, rough.  n. te kateke: a good fishing ground. 
O  tekeboti. or. tekipotu, taotiraa. spread, reached all auditors in their places (news, rumours, tales).  vc. katekebotia, katekebotua: to make reach the ears of all, to inform everybody, to spread the news everywhere. 
B  tekebótu. va. spread abroad as gossip
B  tékebuáka. a. unfortunate, unluckyn. misfortune, bad-luck
O  tekebuaka. n. ill lucka. unfortunate, unluckyvc. katekebuaka: to cause ..., to bring ill-luck. 
B  tekemæ/ngongo. a. having an offensive breath
O  tekemangongo. a. e teke mangongona: to have the fontanelle pierced, to have bad breath, stinking. 
O  tekena. vt. to catch up with, to pass, to beat, to defeat a rival in competition, to win against. 
O  tekera. syn. tekebuakan. failure, adversity, mishapa. unlucky, unfortunate, to have ill luck, etc.  vc. katekeraea: to cause misfortune, etc. ... 
O  tekeraoi. n. successa. fortunate, lucky.  v. to have good lucksee manuiavc. katekeraoa: to make succeed, to cause success.  na. katekeraoi: cause of good luck. 
O  tekeria. na. e teke riana: caught by the lips, allured, caught, charmed by attraction, taste, satisfied (antinomy), well caught, punished, have fingers burned, disappointed.  n. katekeria: seduction, attractiona. alluring, charming, seducing, tasty, appetizingvt. katekea riana: to punish for greediness, to disappoint, to catch, to take in, to disillusion, to undeceive. 
B  téketeke. a. frequentative of teke
O  teketua. a. touched, hit by deviated blow, by rebounding ..., indirectly.  vc. kateketua: to touch, to hit obliquely
B  tékorana. a. one, in counting baskets. 
B  tékuri. a. one hundred thousand
O  temamang. n. (1) myth. person, son of Bakewa, brother of Tabakean. (2) fire spritesyn. Tebokamarawa (N.).  Tebatuaro, Nan te Oi, Nei Banae
B  temángai. n. the name of a certain female goddess
B  tem'aangina. a. some, not all (spoken of persons). 
O  temangina. syn. tekorakinaan. some, some people (animate beings). 
B  temæn/na. a. one, in counting persons or animals. 
O  temanna. a. one (animate beings). 
B  tEm/bereti. n. temperate zone (ENG)bk. Geog p. 13. 
B  tEm/bora. n. a temple, the Temple (ENG)
O  temboro. n. a temple (ENG)
B  téme. vi. to breathe at the surface as fish
téme. n. a smoke, a smoking of tobacco,.  n. a wasting sickness
O  teme. v. temeteme: to taste a beverage, to drinkex. temekavt. teme temeka: to sip, to drink in sips.  idiom. e temeteme waena (S.), e tebetebe ... (N.): halt, crippled, leg which is thrown forward when walking, to swagger, to play the dandyvc. katemea, katemeteme: to give a smoke to ..., to pass pipe
teme1. v. te teme, teme moko, tenamoko: to smoke, to smoke a pipe
B  témeka. vt. to sip, to take in with the lips, to suck as a tobacco pipe for its smoke, to smack
O  temeka. from. temevt. to smoke (tobacco, cigar).  red. tetemeka
B  témemoko. vi. to smoke as a tobacco pipen. a smoking of a pipe. 
B  témeteme. vi. to make a sucking noise with the teeth when eating
B  tEn. n. tin (ENG)
tEn. a. three, always followed by a numeral suffix ai, ung, man, nga, kai, kora, or by a certain noun, as bon, ririki, ritoro, inaki, atao, ba
ten. a. three twos, used in counting by twos, six
O  ten. art. te, ten, tem teng, before proper nouns (masculine), ten before names beginning with T.  ex. Ten Tetabo
ten1. pref. of compound words meaning three:ex. ten-ua, teniman, ten ai
ten2. suf. in compound words: by three's, three times.  ex. nano ten, buki ten, rae ten, oro-ten, koroten, orotenia, koroteniaten: three pairs when counting in pairs.  tera, ua, ten: two, four, six, or one pair, two pairs, etc. 
B  ténaa. vt. to bite
téna. n. a biting, a biting sensation, a close fitvi. to fit close, to bite. 
O  tena. n. acidity, sourness.  a. piquant, pungent, stinging, biting, sour, acid, bittervc. katena: to make sting, to cauterize, to burn, to sear, to apply a stinging remedyn. te bai ni katena: remedy which ... 
tena1. v. tenatena, tena raoi, tena buaka: to be crowded, pressed together, close together, wedged, caught, joined, well-joined, badly joined, very near to, almost touching.  vc. katena: to make join, to join by tightening, to close in together, to make catch ..., to wedge ...  n. te bai ni katena: pincers, pliers, vice
tena2. vt. tetena, tenatena: to bite, to hold between teeth, to hold between two ..., to pinch, to wedge
O  tenabiti. sup. superlative of tenaa. squeezed, held <hold>, gripped very tightly as in vice (biti: iron), in an iron grip. 
B  ténabuaka. va. unevenly joining
B  ténabun. va. caught in a rock as a weight, sunken in a seine
O  tenabun. n. fishing net with lead sinkers very closely spaced. 
B  tEn/ai. a. three, in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timber, coconut-leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish , as sharks and ikari
O  tenai. a. three (species, kinds, sorts). 
B  ténaráoi. va. fitting or joining very closely
O  tenarua. vt. to bite, to tear to pieces with teeth, to tear, to hack, to devour
B  tEn/atao. n. the third heaven
B  ténatena. va. given to bitingn. frequentative of tena a repeated biting. 
B  tEn/ea. a. three million
B  tEn/ere. n. the senate (ENG)
B  ténga. a. one thousand
B  tengána. a. one, in counting fathoms
B  téngaun. a. ten, one hundred coconuts, really ten bunches of ten each. 
O  tengetenge. v. to be out, to stick out, to stand out, to show, to exhibit, to go beyond.  vc. katengetengea, katengetenge: to make stand out, to go beyond, to try to show off, to exhibit, to distinguish oneself.  see tere, teretere, tewe, tewetewe, tawe
O  tenia. suf. of some compound words:  ex. bo-tenia, bwe-tenia: twist, weave, cut in threesee ten
B  tEn/iba. a. three in counting leaves
B  tEnibúbua. a. three hundred
B  tEn/ibwi. a. thirtysee teningaun
B  tEn/ikai. a. three, in counting trees, fishhooks, and sections of land
B  tEn/ikora. a. three, in counting baskets
O  tenikora. a. three (baskets, songs). 
O  tenikoro. n. name of a red deep sea fish
B  tEn/ikuri. a. three hundred thousand
B  tEn/imæn. a. three in counting persons and snimals. 
O  teniman. a. three (living beings).  ex. te kateniman: the third
B  tEn/inga. a. three thousand, three in counting fathoms
B  tEn/ingaun. a. thirtysee ngaun
O  tennanoa. vt. to be enraged, furious, to hate someone, to desire revenge
B  tEn/rebu. a. thirty thousand
L  tentababa. sn. Xanthidn. xanthid crabs. 
B  tEn/tæno. a. thirty million
B  tEn/toki. a. three hundred million
B  ténu. a. euphonic, grammatical
O  tenu. or. tonun. fitness, suitability.  a. becoming, fitting, good, suitable, seemly, euphonic, grammaticalvc. katenua, katonua: to make correspond, to adapt
B  tEnúa. a. three, in counting things in general. 
O  tenua. a. threeex. te katenua: the thirdvc. katenua: to triple
B  tEn/ung. a. three, in counting pandanus fruit
B  teéra. a. one twain, used in counting by twos
téraa. a. what?, literally a what?  see ra
O  tera. an. one pair, two, when counting in pairs.  ex. tera, ua, etc. 
tera1. a. what? (things).  ex. tera arona? what is it like? how is it made?  tera te bai anne? what is that thing?  tera ae ko taku? what are you saying?  terana? its what? 
B  tÉrabjm. n. seraphim (ENG)
B  terákunene. n. the god of fragrant odors
O  terakunene. see n. rakunene
B  teræm/. n. a dram (ENG)
B  teraána. a. what (na is euphonic).  see tera
B  terária. n. a furlong (GR)
O  tere. a. tetere, teretere, teretere nako: standing out distinctly, quite distinct, apparent, visibleex. teterev. to go forward, to put oneself in front, in evidence.  fig. evident, certain, manifest, shown.  vc. katerea: to show, to exhibit, to demonstrate clearly.  ex. katereterea: to make clear, to manifest, to make evident, to expose, to explain, to demonstrate clearly. 
B  tÉrebjm. n. teraphim (ENG)
B  tÉrebjnta. n. a terabinth (ENG)
B  terébu. a. ten thousand
B  téretere. va. standing out, prominent as irregular teeth
B  tÉrewati. n. silvas in brazil (SPA)bk. Geog p. 62. 
B  tÉriam. n. bdellium (ENG)
B  teríboro. n. a brier (GR)
B  tÉritori. n. a territory (ENG)
B  teéro. int. sail ho (ENG)
téro. n. a servant, a slavesee torovar. e - o. 
téro. vi. to squat on the haunches
O  tero. or. toro (euph.).  n. a servant, slave, serfsee torona
O  tero_. intj. sail o! cry announcing ship in view.  vt. teroa te kaibuke: to signal arrival of ship by ... 
B  téroa. vt. to rasp, to file
O  teroa. or. toroavt. to smooth outsee tororau
O  terona. see toronavt. to enslave, to reduce to subjection, to subdue
B  terónga. vt. to take away the entire quantity
O  teronga. or. torongasee toronga
O  teru. n. (word with double meaning) danceor. toruex. kai n teru: a stick used in this dance. 
B  tÉta. n. tetter (ENG)
O  Tetamenti. n. Testament (ENG)or. Tetamantiex. Te O Tetamanti, Te Nu Tetamanti: the Old Testament, the New Testament
B  tetæ/no. a. ten million
B  teéte. vi. to siss as hot iron when wet. 
téte. va. ill-behavedd. 
O  tete. sup. mautetea. detested. detested for his bad manners, boldness, impolite, pretentious, curious, importunate
tete1. n. hissing sound, sound of liquid boiling.  freq. of tev. to boil, fermentfig. e tete nanona: he is boiling with ragea. maddening, vexingvc. katetea: to bring to the boil, to put on to boil.  ex. katete nano, katetea te nano: to enragen. te katete: boiled toddy (juice of spathe). 
B  tetéa. vt. frequentative of tea
B  tétebaráirai. vi. to fizzle, to sputter
B  téteboka. vt. frequentative of toboka
B  tetéboræn. vi. frequentative of teboran
B  tetébotebo. vi. frequentative of tebotebo
B  tetéimæ/nge. vi. to decline to show reasonable attention or kindness
B  tetéimangéa. vt. to neglect to perform acts of kindness to a deserving one. 
B  tetéimætoa. vi. frequentative of teimatoa
B  tetéitei. vi. frequentative of teitei
B  tetékateka. vi. frequentative of tekateka
B  tetéke. vi. frequentative of teke to flow
B  tétemænti. n. testament (ENG)
B  tétena. vi. frequentative of tena
B  teéteræba. n. a satrap (ENG)bib. Ezra 8 : 36. 
B  tetére. vi. to assemble after being called or invited. 
B  tetéubeka. vt. frequentative of teubeka
B  tetéwe. n. the calling together of people.  var. r - w.  vi. to engage in getting people together. 
B  tetéwea. vt. frequentative of tewea
B  tetéwetabónibáina. vi. to gather togerher. 
B  teti. n. a state (ENG)bk. Geog p. 20. 
B  tétina. n. the fruit of a variety of pandanus pandanus fruit
B  tetóki. a. one hindred million, literally the end, the stop
B  tetóko. va. bracingex. te kai n tetoko a brace, a stick for bracing. 
B  tetókoa. vt. to brace