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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B  ra. pron. what ? (an interrogative pronoun following the noun).  ex. te aomata ra ? what man?  baika ra ? what things?  adv. howex. ai kamimi ra! how wonderful!  pron. our, a suffix pronounex. kawaira: our path.  n. one width of a mat-sail
O  ra. for. araposs. suf. ourex. kawaira: our way.  tamara: our father.  see ara
ra1. intj. suf. of exclamation or surprise.  ex. ai tamaroa ra!: how beautiful!  ai tena ra!: how tight! 
ra2. adj. suf. of interrogation: what? whichex. te aomata ra?: which man?  baika ra?: what things?  n te tabo ra?: in what place?  au ra, am ra, ana ra: my, thy, his, your, what?  tera?: what?  am ra te bai anne?: for what is that thing of yours?  rau? ram? rana?: what? (meaning relationship).  ram te tei anne?: what relation is that child to you?  bon taru: he is my brother.  ran te taibora?: which part of the table?  i rau? i ram? i rana?adv. where in connection to me, you, him.  see ira-ua, ira man
ra3. n. a piece, a strip, band put side by side to make a whole, a width. for ex. widths of material joined to make a sail.  ex. ira ra am ie?: how many widths on your sail?  te tao ra: reducing size of sail by folding a width (in strong wind). 
ra4. pref. nearly, not altogether, incomplete.  ex. e ra koro: nearly complete.  e ra bubua: nearly 100. 
ra5. a. bad, defective, improper, disagreeable, constrained, striped,.  denuded, unfavourable, impure, imperfect, etc.  ex. e nano ra: he is discontented.  e teke-ra: he is unlucky.  e tai ra: it is not the time just now.  vt. tae-ra, taeraea: to take off, to tear, to strip off what does not suit (for ex. branches). 
ra ni mate
O  ra ni mate. na. risk, peril of death, nearly dead, in danger of death.  vt. ranimatea: to risk one's life for ... 
B  rába. n. rubber (ENG)
ráb'a. va. praiseworthyex. ko rab'a: you are kind, often used where we would say "thank you"va. obtained
rába. va. hidden, concealed, secret
O  raba. n. rubber. (ENG)te raba n nano: tube (in tyre). (ENG)n. te raba n tinaniku: tyre
raba1. na. appreciated, good, agreeable, pleasantex. Ai raba ra: How nice of you.  idiom. ko raba, kam raba: Thanks! How nice of you!  ex. E raba arou! E reke arou!: I am lucky!  E raba arom: You are lucky!  vc karaba: to thank, to return thanks.  karaba uatao: double thanks, a thousand thanks. 
raba2. na. hidden, concealed, covered, obscure, mysterious, well-kept, guarded, caught.  ex. e raba: we have got him, we hold him.  vc. ka-raba: to hide, to mask, to veil, to conceal, to holdex. karabaraba, kararabared. a raraba, rabaraba, rabanako ...  ex. e raba: it is caught, we hold it.  karaba konam: hide your catch.  nv. I-karaba: game of hide and seek, to play at ...  vt. karabana: to cover oneself, to veil, to hide one's nudity.  ex. karabaniko: cover yourself, clothe yourself. 
raba nako
O  raba nako. v. to leave secretly, to slip out, to steal away, to disappear in the distance. 
B  ræ/baba. a. broadn. breadth. 
O  rababa. n. widtha. wide.  vc. ka-rababa, karababaea: to enlarge, to extendkarababa: to flatten out, to spread outn. te karababa: dried pandanus fruit in slabs. 
B  ræ/babakáei. a. wide, broad, very wide. 
O  rababakaei. a. large like this (gesture).  ex. rababakei: very large (S.). 
B  ræbabáua. va. spread out into thin plates. 
O  rababaua. a. spread out flat, spread out flat in length and width.  ex. borababaua: lying down stretched at full length.  vc. karababaua: to spread in length and width (as dough).  kaborababaua: to flatten out, to lay down flat and spread out.  ka-rababa: to flatten out. 
O  rabai. idiom. interj. with i in front.  ex. i ra-b'ai?: where? in what place, beside what? 
O  rabakai. n. skill, ingeniousness, competency.  a. skilful, competent, ingenious, smart, quick, having acquired an art, technique, trick. 
B  ræ/bakau. a. skillful, dextrous, adept, knowing and readyn. skill, ability to perceive and perform. 
O  rabakau. n. science, knowledge, art, cleverness, aptitude, experience, instruction.  a. learned, clever, competent, apt, expert, skilful, ingenious.  ex. rabakau n rang: really clever, superior knowledge, exceptional aptitude.  v. kakarabakau (exchange of ideas) to confer, to converseex. kakarabakaua: talk, act the clever, boast.  vt. karabakaua, kakarabakaua: to boast the knowledge of ..., to brag about one's own learning.  rabakauakina: to converse about an affair, to treat about in conversation, to deliberate about.  ex. karabakauakina, kakarabakauakina ...: under consideration, subject of ... 
B  ræ/bakaunrang/. a. very skillful
B  rábana. vt. to take good care of. 
O  rabana. vt. to hold, to maintain, to keep, to guard, to preservered. rabarabana: keep carefully, to take hold of ..., to seizesee raba, karaba
O  rabane. a. nearly finished, nearly complete, almost donevt. rabanea: to be nearly finished, to be near the end of ... 
O  rabangaki. n. a sail made of horizontal strips.  syn. kabangaki
B  ræ/baræba. n. the first or last in a line at the extreme right or left. 
ráb'arab'a. n. a mat worn like a poncho
O  rabaraba. n. a mat, cloak with hole to pass head through, cape
rabaraba1. a. hidden behind another in a file or in the last row. 
rabaraba ni karawa
O  rabaraba ni karawa. n. horizon, just beyond the horizon. 
B  rab'árab'ana. vt. to guard or watch over, to look out for. 
O  rabarabataki. nv. a rash, having skin covered with painful rash (caused by poisonous bites). 
B  rab'árab'ati. vi. frequentative of rabati: to embrace
B  rabata. vt. to approach cautiously for the purpose of seizing
rab'áta. vt. to embrace
ráb'ata. n. the body
O  rabata. n. body, solid portion, principal, amount, framework, corpse, carcass, whole number <integer>, known quantity;ex. rabatan te aomata: human body.  bain te rabata: members of the body.  ex. te rabata: reef separating lagoon from ocean. 
rabata1. vt. rabata: to take, to seize around body with arms, to embrace, to hold in embrace.  ex. i rabatia: clasp in one's arms, <hug>, locked in each other's arms.  nv. kaun rabata: wrestlingn. rabatan te bai: the whole lot, main substance.  ex. maiun te rabata: the life of the body. 
rabata2. from. rabavt. to seize by surprise, by hiding (for ex. cat catching mouse). 
B  rab'áti. vi. to embrace, used with iex. A i rabati: They embrace each other. 
O  rabati. idiom. A i-rabati: They embrace each other, clasp in each other's arms.  red. A i-rabarabati <hug each other>. 
rabaua te aba
O  Rabaua te aba. n. Pole Starr. 
B  raábe. n. a precipice, a bank, a steep place.  a. steep. 
O  rabe. and rabeben. declivity, slope, steep face, biasa. sloping, slantingna. karabe, karabebe: sloping, steep, sloping down, inclining.  ex. a rabebe tai, namakaina, itoi: the sun, the moon, the stars declinevc. karabea: to make incline
B  rábebe. va. sloping, slanting, declining as the sun
B  ræ/ben. vi. to increase in size perpendicularly as the batua when about to fight. 
O  raben. v. to move (going, flying, swimming, sailing), sideways (for ex. as aeroplane veering), to lean to one side.  red. rabeniben: to oscillate, to move now on one side, now on another (as dying fish).  ex. rabeniben nako: moving in this manner. 
B  rabéniben. vi. frequentative of raben.  to flee while in the raben condition. 
O  rabete. dim. of bete, bebetea. light, not heavy. 
O  rabeti. from. betina. nearly floating, almost buoyant
B  rábi. vi. bellying as a sail, indented as a coast, curved laterally.  n. a bay
rábi. n. a rabbi (ENG)
O  rabi. a. forming curve, bend, coil, arch, falling in waves, undulating, concave, etc.  ex. rabin te mangko: turned back edge of mug.  rabini karawa: edge of sky, horizonex. rabin te aba: bay, covea. rabirabi: wavy, undulated, pleated.  v. tao-rabi: to put edge of mosquito net under sleeping mat.  vt. tao rabia: idemsyn. borabi, borabiav. tiku rabirabi: to hang in creases, creased (material, stockings, etc.).  vc. ka-rabia: to put a border on.  karabiraoa: idem
Rabi. n. star (in Chariot).  syn. Te Kataba
B  rábino. n. a lewd gamevi. to roll
O  rabino. v. to roll, to roll over.  n. the act of ...  vt. rabinoa: to roll ...  red. rabinobino, rabirabinoa ...  vc. karabinoa, karabinobinoa: to roll (as ball). 
B  rabínobino. vi. to roll over. 
B  rábirabi. a. wide laterally as a coconut shell bottle
B  rabóni. n. raboni (HEB)
B  rábono. n. an eel, the. 
O  rabono. n. conger eell, eel.  sn. Gymno thorax buroensisn. te rabono n u: eel caught in eel pot.  ex. species: imone: (striped).  ira, kairi, keru, kabanga n ira kaibike sp., kurukuru sp., nimataerere: (spotted).  nimanagi-n-aba: (has rat's ears)matameri: (pretty with black spots) or bukimeri, bukikoro, rabono-mai: (most vicious white eel).  tawaieta, waka ni ba, witae: (aggressive). 
G  rabono. sn. Gymnothorax buroensisn. eel (y). 
rabono1. sn. Gymnothorax flavimarginatan. eel (y). 
rabono2. sn. family Muraenidaen. eel (hh). 
rabono3. sn. Uropterygius spp. (y)n. eel (sm). 
rabono te banga
O  rabono te banga. <*-fis. n. moray eell (Echidna Zebra). 
B  rábonomái. n. a white eel
G  rábonomái. n. a most vicious white eel (ll). 
L  rabonomai. sn. Gymnothorax pictus (muraenida)n. moray eel
B  rábononud. n. an eel taken in an u
G  rabonotebanga. sn. Echidna zebra (ll)n. moray eel (sm). 
G  rabonotekabanga. sn. Echidna zebra (y)n. eel (sm). 
B  rábu. vi. to engage in tying coconut leaves around fruit-trees tabooed.  n. a coconut leaflet tied around a fruit-tree to indicate that it is tabooed. 
O  rabu. n. a covering, protection, mark on tree to denote reservation.  a. covered, forbidden, reserved, protectedvt. rabua : to mark with a sign to be reserved.  red. raburabuna. rabu mate: a fire covered.  vc. karabumatea: to cover the fire to keep it alive or to put it out.  na. rabu, rarabu, raburabu: a blow coming from above striking and covering.  a. ae rarabu: skilful to do this act. 
rabu te kawa ni kai
O  rabu te kawa ni kai. n. reservation, interdict under pain of curse. 
rabu te rang
O  rabu te rang. n. idem. under menace of going mad
rabu te tauti
O  rabu te tauti. n. idem. under menace of swelling up. 
B  rábua. vt. to appropriate for personal use a fruit-tree by tying leaves around the trunk. 
B  rábuna. vt. to screenn. a screen. 
O  rabuna. vt. raburabuna: to cover, to mask, to clothe, to shelter, to protect, to cover over.  fig. to forbid, to stifle, to hinderex. E rabuna te takakaro: He forbade, hindered the game, the play. 
B  rabungáoa. vt. to interrupt a person's conversation for the purpose of preventing him from disclosing a secret
O  rabungaoa. vt. to cover over, to stifle the voice, the words by making a row, by booing, to hinder by causing disorder. 
B  ráburabu. a. renowned, famous, of note
O  raburabu. n. an immoral custom of former times.  syn. koro aneang
B  raburábuna. vt. frequentative of rabuna
B  rábutekáwanikai. n. a coconut leaf charm, or fetish, of a certain style. 
B  rábuterang/. n. a certain style of the rabu
B  rábutetáuti. n. a certain style of the rabu
B  rad/ma. n. the outrigger side of a canoe
B  ráe. va. inclined, as the head, to one side. 
O  rae. v. to tearsee compound words, raeaua, raetenred. raeraevt. raea, raraea, raeraea: to tear, to slash, to pull to pieces.  rae-ua: to tear in two. 
rae1. a. inclined, deviated, diverted, crooked, squinting.  ex. e rae matana: he squints.  e rarae tai: the sun declines.  vc. karaea: to make deviate, to divert, to incline, to turn away, to slant, etc. 
rae2. na. raereke: a narrow strip (land, cloth). 
B  ráea. n. a lyre (ENG)vt. to tearva. in disorder, disarranged, promiscuously placed. 
O  raea. n. scattering, dispersion.  a. scattered, dispersed, in disorder.  vc. ka-raea: to scatter, to disperse
B  ráeaki. n. a rent, a portion divided off. 
O  raeaki. n. a portion, part divided.  ex. te raeakina. ua ... ten ... 
O  raeakina. vt. to share, to divide, to separate, to put in shares, divisions. 
B  ráeba. vi. to engage in stripping off coconut leaflets for obtaining the ba n. the stripping of coconut leaflets in order to secure the midrib
O  raeba. to. strip the midrib of coconut palm of its laminae.  vt. (irr.) raebaea, raebaeaki: idem. to strip ... 
B  raebáea. vt. to strip a coconut tree of more or less of its leaves
O  raebai. to. pull off wings and legs, etc.  vt. raebaia
B  raebáia. vt. to tear off the wings
O  raebiti. v. to pull to pieces, to tear in pieces.  vt. raebitia
B  raebítia. vt. to tear in pieces. 
B  ráebwebwe. vi. to engage in stripping off suckers or lateral sprouts. 
O  raebwebwe. v. to pull off, to take off shoots, sprouts.  vt. raebwebwea
B  raebwébwea. vt. to strip off as suckers.  bk. Phys p. 67. 
O  raeing. a. cracking, splitting, cracked, split.  syn. raewaewa
B  raemángao. vi. to engage in tearing to pieces. 
B  raemangáoa. vt. to tear to pieces a mat, or anything with the teeth as a dog. 
O  raemangoa. from. rae and mangaongaovt. to tear in every direction, in every way, to laceratesyn. rai mangoa
O  raemenga. a. broken, dislocated, torn, dismantledsup. raemengamengavt. raemenga: to break, to dislocate, to break up. 
B  ráenen. a. long and slim
O  raenen. a. flexible, pliable, able to bend and twist in every way, every manner.  see maenenvt. karaenena: to make ..., to bend ... 
O  raenoko. v. to strip leaf part off nokovt. raenokoa: idem
B  ráerae. va. fatally wounded.  vi. to engage in stripping. 
O  raerae. n. (1) a tear, a wound (by tearing), flesh torn ...  (2) a patient wounded in this way.  (3) a loose leaf book.  the act of tearing.  see rae
raerae1. n. the act of stripping palm leaves. 
raerae2. v. to go in zigzag, sidewaysa. irregular form.  ex. e raerae kawaina, a raerae abana
B  raeráea. vt. frequentative of raea
O  raeraeaki. a. split, furrowed, crevassed, fissured
B  ráereke. a. very narrow, as clothn. a narrow part of the island rim
O  raereke. na. narrow (land between sea on both sides), material, sail, etc.;  ex. te ao raereke: narrow surface, compressed, cooped in.  n. raereke: isthmus
B  raereéreke. a. very narrow, as cloth. 
B  ráerob'a. a. coarsen. a coarse mat used for flooring purposes. 
O  raeroba. n. a coarse mat made of pandanus leaves, split larger than for kiesyn. te boroba: large strips of leaves used to make this kind of mat.  n. te roba: mat made of entire pandanus leaf, not split.  note. generally roba is used for mats made of large strips. 
O  raerua. v. to wander to and fro, to lose one's way.  ex. A raerua matan te tei: The child's eyes look all around. 
B  ráetæra. n. praise of a lover, in similitudes
ráetæraa. vt. to praise a lover in the use of similitudes. 
O  raetara. and rautarav. to take off the thorns from pandanus leaves.  fig. to make allusion, to give hintsvt. raetara: idem. to celebrate, to sing by allegory, to make allusion. 
B  ráeten. n. a mat whose strands are one third each of the width of the pan leaf. 
O  raeten. and raeteniasee rae
B  raeten/ia. vt. to strip leaves into three parts. 
O  raetoba. or. tae topana. paleness or whiteness of nursing mothers, pale or sallow as ... 
B  ráeuaa. vt. to tear in two long pieces. 
O  raeua. a. split in twon. a tear
B  ráewa. a. split, cracked as a board
O  raewa. n. raewaewa: a crack, fissurea. split, cracked. 
B  raewáewa. a. split, cracked
B  raewánai. n. a fish, the. 
G  raewánai. sn. Pterois radiata (ll)n. stingfish (sm). 
O  raewani. n. a fish (sting fish).  sn. Pleroisradiata
B  rái. n. a plank, a board, a mat-covering for a native oven, a sort of seine made of coconut leaflets braided or secured with the rootlets of the pan tree.  a. withered
rái:. va. refusing to speak because offendedn. a refusal to speak because of one's being offended. 
raái. vi. to twist and tangle easily, as a thread or linen. a state of being tangled. 
O  rai. pref. rad. of many compound words meaning: turned, turned over. 
rai1. a. dried up, withered, fadedex. e rai moana: he has an emaciated look.  vt. ka-raia: to make or let dry, to fade, to wither. 
rai2. n. an old mat, bag, board used to cover earth oven. extension of leaves to a fishing net.  ex. te moan rai, te kauouan rai, te mwi n raite rai anau, te rai uarereke is said of a long or short sail.  v. rai-anau, rai nako: to extend, to protract by adding another strip.  vt. raia: to prolong, to enlarge, to extend (one's land, etc.).  vc. ka-raia: to lengthen, to prolong. 
rai3. a. untwisted, unravelledv. to move, to turn in wrong direction, contortex. e rai am ao: your fishline is becoming undone, untwisted.  vc. ka-raia ... 
rai4. v. to have an aversion, repugnance, disgustex. te rai nano, te rai n nano: aversion.  e rai nanou: I am disgusted, ... have taken a dislike to ...  karaiavc. to disgust, to make turn away from. 
rai aba
O  rai aba. n. exchange of landv. to change ... 
rai ara
O  rai ara. n. exchange of namesv. to change ... 
rai n aka
O  rai n aka. or. ran n aakan. a layer of oil or soapy water, oily layer. 
B  ráia. vt. to spread over, to take of possession of land as growth. 
B  ráian. n. a lion (ENG)
O  raian. n. lion (ENG)
B  ráib'aenaáta. vi. to fish with the aid of a baenatan. the art of fishing with a baenata
O  raibaenata. v. to turn over, to upset a heap of stones which has been surrounded by fishing net. 
B  ráibæne. n. a smaller mat used in completing.  the covering of an oven in the ground. 
O  raibane. n. leaves <leaf> of plants (uri, babai, etc.), used to cover earth oven during cooking. 
B  raib'an/ta. vt. to hunt in a party. 
O  raibanta. vt. raibanea. to cover, to encircle, to fish in groups making a circle.  vt. raibanta: to encircle. 
O  raibwe. v. to turn the helm to steervt. raira te bwe
B  ráibwebwe. va. opening out as an ear of grainbib. Mark 4 : 28.  n. the ear of grain or fruit
O  raibwebwe. n. bloom, blossom, buds opening. 
B  ráieta. n. the upper breadth of a sail
O  raieta. n. the top width of cloth in a sail, topsail
O  raim. n. lime. (ENG)vt. raimua: to plaster with, to whitewash
O  raimenga. a. raggy, shabby, worn, fadedvt. raimenta: to use, to make shabby. 
B  ráin. n. a line (ENG)
O  rain. n. line, rank, ruler, file, row, tier, stroke. (ENG)vt. rainia: to make a stroke, a line, to put in line, in rows. 
O  rainako. v. rai nako: to go in line, one after another, to march in line, ... file. 
O  rainanoanga. na. pining away from sadness, prolonged state of melancholy, affliction, griefv. to languish, to pine away, to languish with grief. 
B  rain-ároti. n. lign-aloes (ENG)bib. Numbers 24 : 6. 
B  rainátirati. n. a rhinoceros (ENG)
B  rainging/. vi. to throb, as with pain in the head. 
O  rainging. v. to stumble, to stagger, through giddiness.  ex. boborau n nakonako (similar). 
B  raío. n. the passover
O  raiokioki. v. to go back and forth, to and fro
B  ráira. vt. to turn over, to turn. 
O  raira. from. raivt. to put upside down, to turn, to turn over, to turn around, to change opinion, to be converted, to translate, to transposered. raraira, rairairaex. e rairaki waeu: I sprained my ankle.  rairi taeka: to translate.  raira baan te boki: to turn the pages of the book.  e a kan rairake: she will soon be delivered. 
raira1. and rairaea:vt. to upset, to turn upside downex. E rairaea Beru n okitabaia: He came back against Beru and overthrew it. 
O  rairai. v. to fish by turning over stones. 
B  rairáira. vt. frequentative of raira
O  rairairiontai. n. Nei Rairai ...: a kind of kabubu <fish>. 
O  rairaka. from. rairavt. to turn against, to take a dislike to ..., to turn and fall upon. 
O  rairaki. v. to turn the head, to turn around to see ..., to facevc. karairaka: to make ... 
rairaki ni man
O  rairaki ni man. n. an attitude, a pose in dance
O  rairua. see v.t. raeaua
O  raita. n. a lighter, flat-top barge, pontoon (ENG)
O  rai-taeka. n. raira te taeka: translation.  v. to translate, to act as interpreter. 
O  raitara. nv. to change aspect, to change ...  vt. raitara: idemnote. not to be conf. with raetara
B  ráiti. n. rice (ENG)
ráiti. n. an incantation at divorce, a side glimpse at a person passing by
O  raiti. n. (1) rice. (ENG)a. (2) ra iti: nearly like lightning.  n. a quick glance, rapid passage.  n. an incantation for div.  va. raiti, raititi: to shine, to dazzle, to flash like lightning, rapid, fleeting as ...  karaiti, kakaraiti: to make ..., to appear in a flash.  vt. ka-raita, kakaraita: to make, to pass, to shine as a flash, to show for an instant, by the way. 
raiti1. n. a more prolonged apparition than that indicated by raitivt. raitina, raraitina: to pass as a flash, to make a short apparition.  vc. ka ... 
raiti ni bure
O  Raiti ni bure. n. (joyous glittering) Coma Berenice's Constellationsyn. itua ni burea. shining in the distance, barely visible (canoe in distance). 
B  raitíti. vi. to glitter as a sword
O  raititi. n. reflection, scintillation.  v. to scintillate, to reflectsee raiti
B  ráiwa. n. a pimpleva. afflicted with pimples. 
O  raiwa. n. pimple, rash
raiwa1. nv. to reverse a capsized canoe;  ex. raira te wa: to turn the canoe right side up.  e rairaki te wa: the canoe is back in normal position. 
B  ráka. vi. to increasea. accidentally in wrong hands, astray, not belonging here, as a fowl. 
rákaa. vt. to pace , to measure by pacing. 
ráka. n. a pace, increase
raáka. va. similar to maraia see maraia
ráka. n. a small sharp hollow coraln. a percussion cap. 
O  raka. n. excess, surplus, extension, augmentation, gain, etc.  v. raka, raraka, rakaraka: to exceed, to surpass, to augment, to increase, to exaggerate, to spread outex. e raka te ai: the fire has spread.  vc. ka-raka, karakaraka, kararaka, kakarakaraka: to make exceed, to surpass, to augment, to amplify
raka1. n. measure of length, either by hand (length of extended hand), by foot, length of foot, or by step, length of step;  ex. te rakana, uaraka, tenraka: one, two, three hands, feet, steps.  vt. rakata: to measure by hand, foot or steps. 
raka2. vt. raka, rakaraka: to step over, to stride over, to go over, to go beyond, to transgressfig. infringe, transgress (laws). 
raka3. a. at fault for having infringed an interdict, a taboo, cursed, bewitched, condemned.  syn. maraiared. rarakaex. e mate iai ba e raka: he died of it, he transgressed an interdict.  ka-rakav. to make transgress an ..., to give up to ill-luck, to perdition, to make accursed, to bewitch, to cast a spell on, to ruin.  syn. kamaraia
raka nako
O  raka nako. nv. going on increasing, augmenting, surpassing, spreading out, expanding, stretching out.  red. raraka nakovt. karaka nako. idemsee raka
raka rake
O  raka rake. n. increase (on the top, towards the top).  vc. karakarakea: to make ... 
B  rákai. n. a coral shoal in a lagoon
O  rakai. n. a block of coral head> rocks, rock, reef;ex. i aon te rakai: on the rocks, the reef. 
rakai1. n. ra-kai, karakai: manoeuvre, exercise with arms, demonstrationex. rarakai n te biti: to manipulate knife. 
B  rákaraka. vi. to be engaged in measuring by pacing
rákarakaa. vt. to measure land by pacing
B  rákarake. n. an increase
O  rakata. from. rakavt. to measure by hand or steps. 
O  rakatitira. from. tirav. to transgress all interdicts.  n. an inveterate transgressor. 
O  rakatua. v. to transgress, to leave aside.  vt. rakatuafig. to take no heed of, to take French leave. 
B  rakáua. vi. to have illicit intercourse
rakáuaa. vt. to wrong a man by intercourse with his wife, to step upon or over something of value on the follr. 
O  rakaua. v. to pass over, to step over (in unbecoming manner).  fig. adultery with wife unknown to her husband.  vt. rakaua: idem
B  ráke. adv. up
ráke. vi. to be perceived as an odor, to extend in all directions. 
O  rake. adv. up, upwards, eastwards.  v. tara-rake: to look up.  ex. tei rake: to stand up.  vc. ka-rakea, kararakea, karakerakea: to make go up, to ascend, etc.  vt. rakea: to keep upright, in good form, to awaken, to exciteex. rakea te anti: awaken the anti by sorcery.  rakea neienne! smarten her! 
rake1. a. diminishingex. raken te kai: tapering of tree trunk.  raken te bata: fronton tapering (from bottom to top). 
B  rákea. vt. to initiate a new or second form of incantation
O  rakea. vt. to set up, to maintain, to awaken, to smartenex. rakea antim: wake up your anti by sorcery.  rakea Nei Oa: smarten up Nei Oa, to discover by magic (the culprit), etc., to bring them out, to make them appear. 
B  rákerake. vi. to spread about as an odor
O  rako. from. ako or akoiv. to take care of, to carered. rarakovt. rakona (S.): to keep carefully, to conserve, to treat kindly. 
rako1. a. rakorako: amiable character, careful, thrifty
B  rákon. n. a dragon (ENG)
O  rakon. n. dragon
B  raákoro. vi. to pass near by.  a. nearly full, nearly overflowing
O  rakoro. a. nearly completed, nearly finished, nearly stranded.  vt. rakoroa: to graze, to touch slightly, to pass near to.  ka-rakoroa, kaka ...: to make ... 
B  raakóroa. vt. to pass very near to. 
B  ráku. n. a fish, the. 
O  raku. n. <fish> swordfishex. species: te raku ika, te raku-ikabara (Istiophoridae sp.), makaira sp., te raku ie, te raku riri, te raku bani, te raku ba kabane, te raku taburimai ten rakuraku: a very large kind.  n. te raku: a magic practised on canoe against danger from sword-fish c. 
G  ráku. sn. Makaira sp. (ll)n. spearfish; marlin (sm). 
ráku1. sn. family Istiophoridae (ll). 
raku bakabane
O  raku bakabane. n. spear fishh.  sn. Teptarus angustirostris
raku ika
O  raku ika. n. spear fishh.  sn. Makaira sp. or Magave
raku riri
O  raku riri. n. <fish> marlinsn. Istiophoridae sp. 
G  rakubakabanei. sn. Teptaturus angustirostris (ll)n. spearfish (sm). 
B  rakubaáni. n. a fish, the. 
B  rakuíka. n. a fish, the. 
G  rakuíka. sn. Makaira sp. (ll)n. spearfish; marlin (sm). 
L  rakuika. sn. Xiphias gladius (xiphiida)n. swordfish
G  rakuiri. sn. Istiophorus (ll)n. spearfish; marlin (sm). 
O  rakunene. n. the God of impurity. seducer of Nei Karua, native of Maiana-Abaiang. 
B  rákuori. n. logwoodd (ENG)
L  rakuriri. sn. Istiophorus platypterus (istiophoridae)n. billfish
B  ræ/ma. n. an outrigger
raámaa. vt. to place a canoe with the outrigger to south or north, etc. 
ráma. n. a llama (ENG)
ræ/m'a. n. the forehead
O  rama. n. outrigger of canoe. 
rama1. n. side on which outrigger is placed. port side, opp. kateav. rama! to paddle on side of ...  vt. rama, ramaia: idemnv. tao rama: to put weight on ..., to keep from going up or to make come down.  idiom. rirama: to pass on outrigger side.  ex. toua rama: to walk on outrigger side.  E beti raoi ramani wam, e beti ramam: You have a beautiful (or rich) wife. 
rama2. n. forehead, gable end, fronton, trianglea. rama nako: advanced, projecting on gable end.  vt. ramanakoa: to lengthen gable.  v. ramarama aine: to approach a woman, to incline towards ..., to be tete a tete with, to have private conversation with. 
B  rám'anako. va. projecting far out as the gable roof af a house called umatora
B  rám'anákoa. vt. to enlarge a house by extending further out the gable roof. 
O  ramane. n. any string, ribbon, garland worn as bandoleer, sashvt. ramanea: to bind, to tie, to attach provisionally. 
B  ræ/maræma. vi. to secure an outrigger from a drift log. 
B  rám'aram'aáine. vi. to draw very near to a woman
O  ramauna. a. nearly out of sight, disappearingsyn. rabua
L  ramauoua. sn. Scaridaen. light green large bumphead parrot-fish
B  ræn. n. fresh water, sap, juicea. watery, as karewe which has been mixed with too much water. 
O  ran. n. water, fresh water, liquid, juice, sap, milkex. te ran ni ben: coconut milk (extracted from grated coconut) cream>.  ranin te ben: water from inside coconut.  ran ni mmama: breast milk.  tari: sea water.  te karau: rain water.  a. ae ran, ae ranran: watery, liquid, juicy. 
B  rána. vi. to be on very familiar terms. 
B  raánæba. n. a slice of land granted to a younger brother.  a. provided with or possessed of a smaller portion because younger. 
O  ranaba. n. a strip of land, share of youngest child. 
B  raánænoa. vt. to bear much in mind an object to be obtained
O  rananoa. vt. to desire strongly.  see rannanoa
B  ræ/nea. va. faint, or languishing through want of foodn. faintness from want of food. 
O  ranea. v. to oscillatea. oscillation, not stable (e.g. kite).  v. to grow faint, to totter for want of food <unstable>. 
ranea1. %ranea. and neaneaa. resplendent, glittering, radiant, beaming, shining, sparkling, brilliantv. to sparkle, to shine, to glittervt. karanea: to dazzle, to make shine.  karaneanea: to make brilliant, to make shine, to sparkle, to polish, etc.  n. te karanea: fishing in moonlight (octopus, etc.).  vt. karanea: idem
B  ranéanea. a. resplendentn. resplendence, brightness, polish
B  rænebónebo. a. shining as as one anointed with oil, bright, polishedn. luster, gloss, polish
O  ranebonebo. a. glossy, shining, varnishedv. to gloss, to glaze, to polish, to shine, to glisten
B  ræ/nene. a. having large meshes as a scoop-netva. escaping as fish through a scoop-net with large meshes.  n. the escape of fish through a scoop-net with large meshes. 
O  ranene. v. to pass through (obstacles, meshes), to infiltrate (rain), to intrude, to escape, to sneak inex. e ranene te karau: the rain filters through the roof.  see kanene and kaneneivc. karanea: to make ..., to let in.  ex. te ranene: a kind of scoop net
B  rang. a. crazy, insane, lascivious, blighted or abnormal in growth.  n. blighted babai, a crazy person, a very licentious person. 
O  rang. na. adv. te rangi ni ... ae rang ni, n rang: very, too much, excessively, extremely, foolishly.  ex. e rang n nano: it is extremely deep.  e rangi ni bati: it is too much, it is a lot. 
rang1. n. a taro which has lost its top. 
rang2. n. a worthless man, without land, poor, destitute, despised, a servant, low class. as antiphrase: an important person.  ex. ti kaneweaba te rang aei: we are showing this person around.  na. ki n rangsup. a worthless person, a nobody, an idiotna. mata n rang, ubu n rang: idiotic.  vt. ka-ranga: to call, to treat as ..., to insult, to flatter to excess. 
B  ránga. a. cranky, as a craft
ránga. n. a leg
raánga. n. a temporary stream of rain watervi. to flow, to run as rain water. 
O  ranga. n. leg, thighex. te ranga ni beki: a hamte nano n ranga: inside of leg.  te boto n ranga: the top of thigh.  a. ranga ni kaba: long legs, having ..., taking long steps.  a. steps.  v. tau-ranga, kareke ranga: to hold, to catch leg.  ex. tabe-ranga: to lift up leg.  tau-ranga, kareke ranga, taberangavt. idem
ranga1. v. to lean to one side, to fall over, to capsize, to upsetn. act of ...  see rangaranga, ranga rio, ranga rake, ranga nakovc. ka-ranga: to turn upside down, to capsize, to turn over, to upset. 
ranga2. vt. to brandish by turning (arms, tools, etc.).  fig. to enlarge, to develop by turning. 
ranga3. na. flowing, to place in which water flows, watercourse, streaming.  v. ranga, ranga rio, ranga rake, ranga nako: to flow, to flow away.  n. te karanga: stream, brook, riverex. te kararang: rivulet, brookletsee karaiangv. rangaki: to flow, to flow away, to seep away, to parade (crowd).  vc. karanga: to make flow, to stream, to run down.  also. karangaea
ranga ni bau
O  ranga ni bau. n. a snare in form of loop.  vt. ranga ni bau: to form, to set, to catch with ... 
ranga ni kamaimai
O  ranga ni kamaimai. v. to sail with balance above surface. 
ranga ni keti
O  ranga ni keti. v. to sail with balance coming up and down. 
ranga ni wae
O  ranga ni wae. n. the entire leg plus foot. 
ranga ri ana
O  ranga ri ana. v. to capsize (outrigger going down and passing under (ri ana). 
ranga tataro
O  ranga tataro. a. a canoe with kiaro too short, zigzagging. 
B  rangáie. vi. to sail about as a fleet of canoes. 
O  rangaie. v. to lean over, to incline (canoe in sailing). 
O  ranga-menga. na. bandy legged, twisted legs. 
O  ranga-nako. v. to capsize, to turn over completely. 
ranga-nako1. v. to flow away rapidly, entirely, to go far away. 
B  ránganikaáb'a. a. having unusually long legsn. a person having unusually long legs. 
B  ránganikám'am'ai. vi. to sail for quite a distance with the outrigger out of water. 
B  ránganikéti. vi. to sail with the outrigger rising and falling while out of water. 
B  rángaranga. vi. to reel to and fro, to be crank
O  rangaranga. v. to vacillate, to wobble, to shake, to roll, to lurchn. oscillation, see saw, roll.  ex. taurangaranga: rolling (of ship), roll, rolling gait.  vc. ka-rangaranga: make ... 
B  rangarángata. vt. frequentative of rangata
O  rangarangata. sup. superlative of n.v. rangaranga
O  rangarangataki. see ruberubetakin. a nervous trembling
rangarangataki1. idiom. e rangarangataki abara, a bane ni mananga: all moving <move>, marching. 
B  rángarangátau. n. a miniature racing canoe of a certain style.  vi. to be busy here and there making preparation to leave. 
O  rangarangatau. n. (1) a special model for toy canoen. (2) agitation.  v. to run here and there, to struggle, to be busy, to be agitated, precipitated, unbalanced. 
B  rangariaána. vi. to capsize to windward. 
B  rángata. vt. to hastenex. rangati waem: to make to walk fast. 
O  rangata. from. rangavt. to measure by stepping, to take longsteps, to walk quickly, to hurryex. rangati waem!: hurry up!  rangata te koraki!: hurry the people!  te rangatana, uarangatan. one step, two ... 
B  rangatáb'ara. a. bow-legged
O  ranga-tabara. n. bow legsv. to walk with ... 
O  rangataki. from. rangatav. (1) to walk quickly, to hurrya. (2) nervous trembling <tremble> of muscles, having this ...  n. enervation (sickness, worry, travelling, etc.).  syn. ruberube, ruberubetaki
B  rángatatæ/ro. va. spoken of a canoe the sticks or poles of which, holding the outrigger in place, ate short. 
O  rangibungea. n. (or nagibungea) (S.) umbrella
B  rángirang. a. crazyn. craziness, a crazy or insane person. 
O  rangirang. n. foolishness, madness, mad person.  a. madex. tani rangirang: mad people.  vt. rangirangia: to be mad about ..., infatuated with ...  syn. ki n rangiavt. ka-rangiranga: to make mad, to treat as a fool. 
O  ranikai. n. fishsn. Genus Euthynnus
G  ranikai. sn. Euthynnus (ll)
B  rænimáuna. n. an old coconut without milk, in the 10th stage.  a. having no milk as an old coconut. 
O  ranimauna. a. getting dry, nearing maturity (coconut). 
O  raniwi. or. ranuwin. birthday, celebrating the birth.  vt. raniwia: to celebrate ... 
O  rannake. n. a layer of oil or soapy water.  a. covered with.  see ran n aka, mani n aka
O  rannano. n. dreams, day dream, wishes, secret desires, wishful thinking. 
B  raan/nænoa. vt. to desire, to long for. 
B  ræn/ni. n. the water in a ripe coconutnote. this word might be writtern thus : rannni = ran n ni
O  ranni. n. the water from ripe coconut. 
B  ræn/niben. n. milk made from scraped coconut and water. 
O  ranniben. n. coconut milkk, cream>.  obtained from grated coconut. 
B  ræn/nikináka. va. provideng but scanty milk, as a breast. 
B  ræn/nimæm/ma. n. milk
O  rannimamma. n. breast milkk. 
B  ræn/nimáta. n. a tear
O  rannimata. n. tears
O  rannoa. n. dirty water, washing-up water, washing water, suds, etc. 
B  ræn/ræn. a. juicy, full of sap
O  ranran. a. liquid, watery, juicy, full of water, excessive water.  fig. inconsistent, not firm.  ex. moti ranran: to judge without firmness, to decide without ...  ant. motimatoa, moti n I-Matang
B  ran/ti. n. a lance (ENG)
O  ranti. n. launch (ENG)
B  raan/tia. vt. to consider a thing as to the ways and means of procuring it. 
O  rantia. vt. to have at heart, to hold firmly to ..., to desire, to love, to hate strongly. 
O  rantiture. n. longitude (ENG)
B  ran/tituri. n. longitude (ENG)
O  rao. n. phantom, spectre, apparition, chimera, fictionex. rao n anti ma aomata: phantom of man-spirit.  oto-raon. fiction, dream, day dreams.  ex. ua-raov. to make up, spread fibs, inventions, imaginary tales. 
rao1. n. friend, companion, comrade, chum, school-fellow, colleague, associate, accomplice, spouseex. iai raom?: have you a friend?  see raona
rao ni kie
O  rao ni kie. n. companion of sleeping mat, bed fellow
B  ráobani. n. a fish, a variety of the bara
O  raobano. n. a fish (Bara sp.). 
B  ráoi. n. peacevi. to be at peace, to be reconciled, to be fair. 
O  raoi. suf. well, good, just, suitable, agreeable, decent, etc.  see raoiroin. peace, tranquillity, calm, truce, armistice, at peace, calm, tranquil, on good terms.  ex. e raoi marawa: the sea is calm.  a raoi: they are reconciled.  te raoiidiom. peace (in answer to thanks) welcome>.  ex. kai raoi, kakai raoi: quickly appeased, pacified, conciliatorye a bo te raoiidiom. they have made it up, they have made peace! (sometimes ironical). 
B  ráoiakína. vt. to make peace
O  raoiakina. vt. raoiakina, raraoiakina: to reconcile, to make friends.  ex. a raoiakinaki: they have been reconciled. 
B  ráoirói. a. good, righteous, excellent, well, allright, right.  n. goodness, righteousness, excellence. 
O  raoiroi. n. good, goodness, virtue, quality, beneficencea. raoiroi, raraoi, raoi: good, just, honest, virtuous, obliging, charitable, decent, favourable, well done, in right manner.  vt. karaoiroa: to make good, better, to find good, to boast of ..., to extol the goodness, the virtue, etc., to bless, to praise, to glorifyn. karaoiroi: praise, blessing, act of finding good, just, etc. 
B  ráona. vt. to associate with, to hold as a friend
O  raona. v. to serve as companion to ..., to accompany ..., to stay with, to associate with.  ex. e aki raonaki: he is alone, without a companion.  red. raraona, raoraona: to go with always, habitually, to be companion to, all the time. 
B  ráorao. vi. to be in fellowship, to associate (preceded by i)
O  raorao. nv. I-raorao: companionship, keeping together, working ..., being ... 
B  raoráona. vt. frequentative of raona
B  ráori. n. a rod, 16 12 feet (ENG)
O  raa-b'aro. na. a covering over, covering nearly all over.  vt. rabaroa: to hang over, to pour over, to nearly cover by hanging over.  ex. E rabaroaira te keang: The sea-weed nearly covers us. 
B  ræ/ra. n. blood, rust, the mensesa. bloody, rusty, having the menses. 
rára. vi. to lean, to slant, to barely float
ráraa. vt. to lean against. 
O  rara. n. (1) blood, sticky sap, sap;  ex. v. ranin te kai: to bleedv. to bleedex. rarabuabua: to bleed abundantly.  a. kau rara: sanguine, having much ...  n. catamenia, menstruation, periods.  vc. kararaea: to make bleed.  n. (2) rusta. rusty.  vc. kararaea: to make rusty. 
rara1. a. leaning, inclined.  v. to lean, to incline. rara-rio, rara-rake, rara-nako: lean to east, ... west, ... right over.  ex. rara rake: to go up obliquelyrarario: to come down in swerveex. rara nako: to lean, to slant very much. 
rara2. vt. to lean against, to lean on.  ex. N na raraiko: I am going to lean on you.  Tai rara te mataroa: Don't lean against the door.  vc. ka-rara: to make ..., lean towards, ... lean against. 
B  rarábakau. a. generally skillful, skillful in many ways.  bib. Jer 20 : 11. 
B  rárabino. n. frequentative of rabino
B  rarábu. a. strong as a stick
B  raraabúabua. va. soiled with blood
B  rarábuáreare. va. burning with rage
O  rarabuareare. see n.v. buareex. batua: ready to attackfig. to get angry
B  ráraa. vt. to lean against. 
O  rarae. n. Riru ma Rarae: a constellation
rarae1. n. act of scattering.  a. scattered, spread out.  see raevc. ka-raraea: to scatter, to disseminate, to spread
B  raráeba. vi. frequentative of raeba
B  raráebiti. vi. to tearbib. Amos 1 : 11. 
B  raráeua. vi. to lie restlessly
O  raraeua. n. agitation, to toss about in bed.  a. agitated
B  rarái. n. a section of a bunch of bananas
rarái. a. fastidious in taste or without appetite as one in pregnancy
rarái:. vi. to sway to and fro as a tree top. 
rarái:. a. sulky
O  rarai. v. to twist and untwist in turning. 
rarai1. n. a part of pandanus fruit detached from whole. 
rarai2. a. surly, sullen (see Bingham).  see Bingham)
rarai3. n. capricious tastes, capricious whims of pregnant women, changeable whims.  a. having these ...  vt. raraia, bararaia, nibararaia: to desire, to long for a certain food.  ex. nibararaia: a lesser desire. 
B  raráia. vt. to have a special relish for, as an invalid
B  raráibewaa. vi. to writhe in pain
O  raraibewa. a. idem. having several contrary desires, uncertain ... 
O  raraikumea. v. to keep on coming back to annoy. 
B  rarákanako. vi. to increase in size by spreading
B  rarakáua. vi. frequentative of rakaua
B  rarákiriki. vi. to recline on the side and elbow
B  raræn/. a. leakyn. a leak. 
O  raran. sup. rarantuatuan. a leak, holes or cracks through which liquid comes in or goes out.  v. to leak, to spring a leak, to be leaking (barrels, canoes, etc.). 
B  ráranako. vi. leaning as a tree away from a house, fallen as a tree
B  rarang/. va. leaking or running out. 
B  rarángaa. vt. to braid a mat, to weave
raránga. vi. to engage in braiding a mat.  n. the process of braiding a mat. 
O  raranga. n. weaving of (mats).  v. to weaveex. te tia raranga: weaver.  vt. raranga: to weave.  ex. e rarangaki te kie, te roba, te kunnikai ma e ataki te inai
B  rarangáie. vi. frequentative of rangaie: to sail about as a fleet of canoes. 
B  raránginako. vi. to desert in numbers to an enemy. 
O  raranginako. v. to pass, to seep, to flow, to go away in number or quantity or mass. 
B  rarángirang. a. insane at intervals, often crazy
B  rarángo. a. constant and steady, as the trade wind
O  rarango. n. persistence, continuitya. persisting, continued, going steadily.  ex. te ang ae rarango: a steady regular wind. 
B  rarantúatua. a. very leaky
B  raráoi. a. the plural form of raoiroi
O  raraoi. freq. and.  sup. superlative of raoia. good, useful, of good quality, constantly good.  ex. baika raraoi: good things. 
B  raráoiakina. vt. frequentative of raoiakina
B  raráoma. a. anxious, solicitous, sorry, sadn. sorrow, repentance, anxiety, anxious care, solicitude. 
O  raraoma. n. worry, anxiety, anguish, regret, repentance, remorsev. to have ..., to be in ...  a. kararaoma, kakararaoma: disquieting, afflicting.  vc. kararaoma, or karararomaea: to make ..., to afflict, to worry. 
B  raraomáeakina. vt. to be sorry or anxious about. 
O  raraomaeakina. vt. to be sorry about, ... be worried about, to regret <worry>. 
B  rarário. vi. to descend as a bird
B  raræ/ti. a. fully satisfied, fully distended as the stomach
O  rarati. a. stretched, taut, full, ready to break, satiated, fully satisfied, state of ...  kararati: filling, satisfying.  vc. kararatia: to fill to breaking point, to satiate
B  rárau. vi. to swoon from sickness or accident
O  rarau. from. rarav. rarau nako: to let oneself go, to give way, to give up, to be flat out, tired, to fall from weakness, to faintn. faintness, exhaustion, fainting. 
B  raráuaki. a. satisfied, having had enough food. 
B  raráure. va. frequentative of raure: separated
B  raárawa. vi. frequentative of rawa: to refuse
B  raráwekai. vi. to engage in waiting upon or serving or securing food for one. 
B  rarawekáia. vt. to secure or procure food for one's self and family. 
B  raráwerawe. vi. frequentative of rawerawe
B  raraweréwea. vt. frequentative of rawerawe
B  ráriki. n. side
O  rariki. n. side, flank, wallex. E maraki rariku: I have a pain in my side.  adv. i rarakin ... mai rarakin: beside, from the side of.  v. rariki, rarikiriki: to be, or to put oneself ..., or to lie on one's side.  ex. a rarikiriki n amarake: they reclined to eat (Apostles).  idiom. waea rarikin: to throw hints ..., to tease or vex by throwing hints. 
O  rarikin. n. larrikin, hero of story, a beggar, tramp, destitute, without means (akea arona) (ENG)
B  rárikina. vt. to carry on the hip, as a child astride the hip, or as a burden. 
O  rarikina. vt. to have or carry on the side, on the hip. 
B  raríkiriki. n. the reclining on the side and elbow. 
O  raro. from. ra and roron. dark or black leaves <leaf> for weaving designs in mats. 
B  raróa. a. far away in place, distantn. distance in space. 
O  raroa. n. remoteness, distance.  a. remote, distant, far away.  ex. raroa kinokino: extremely remote:  raroa-kaei: great distance, very far.  kan raroa: a good distance, fairly near, half-way.  adv. i kiraroa: distant, very far.  idiom. tau raroa, taua raroana: keep at a distance, keep one's distance.  vc. kararoa, kakararoa: to move away, to hold apart, to thrust away, to repel, to push aside, to keep at a distance.  ex. kararoako! move away! keep away! 
B  rároaki. a. fair, moderate and constant as a wind
O  raroaki. na. favourable wind (for voyage in view). 
B  raroakínokino. a. very far off in place. 
O  rarua. from. rairua, raeruavt. to scratch
O  ratabito. n. flag, pennant, colours attached to mast of canoe. 
B  raátei. n. a sail with breadths running up and down. 
O  ratei. n. a canoe sail made of vertical strips of cloth. 
B  ráteturi. n. latitude (ENG)
B  ræ/to. n. a testicle
O  rato. n. testicles (word to be avoided in public). 
B  ráu. a. comfortable, quiet, undisturbed, placid
ráu. n. pan leaf thatch.  a state of quiet, peace. 
O  rau. n. thatch made of pandanus leaves.  vt. rauna: to cover with raunv. katoka rau: to put up, to put on thatch, to cover roof with ...  ex. onoi rau: to change ...  n. te kai ni wai rau: instrument to make rau
rau1. n. tranquillity, calmness, quietness, peace, serenity, placidity, repose, etc.  a. tranquil, calm, in peace, etc.  v. ka-raurau: to act, speak, move quietly, gently, calmly, slowly, sparingly.  vc. karaua, karauraua: to treat gently, calmly, with precaution, sparingly.  karauaka: to tranquillize, to appease, to calm, to content
rau2. for. maraurau: (sometimes).  a. soft, tender, flexible
rau3. n. conjugal jealousy. (S.).  syn. koko (N.).  sup. rarau, kirauvt. raua, raraua: be jealous of ... 
B  ráuaki. a. satisfied, having had enough food. 
O  rauakina. a. content, satisfied (food, amusement, etc.).  vc. karauaka: to satisfy, to content (doubtful word). 
rauakina1. from. rauvt. to be very jealous of ... 
O  rauara. n. the smooth side of pandanus leaf stripped off (used as cigarette paper).  v. to use this ...  vt. rauara: to roll a cigarette. 
O  rauatei. n. vertical strips in sail. 
O  raubaba. n. board, plank
O  raubani. n. a large fish
O  raubara. n. garfish <fish>.  sn. Ablenner hians
G  raubara. sn. Ablennes hians (ll)n. garfish (sm). 
B  ráumea. n. a sieve, a strainer, often made of in , the fiber which binds the coconut frond to the trunk. 
ráumeaa. vt. to strain
ráumea. vi. to engage in straining a liquid, to strain. 
O  raumea. n. filter of ing, strainerv. to filter, to strain.  raumea: to filter ... 
B  ráun. n. a kind of fish-hook made of mother-of-pearl
O  raun. n. a shell fish biv., kind of white mother of pearl. penshell used to make fish hooks, etc. 
raun1. n. round, trip, rounds, short trip, pleasure excursion. (ENG)red. raraun: making several trips.  nv. a game, playing this game. 
G  raun. sn. Pinna atropurpurea (i)n. pen shell (jr). 
L  raun. sn. Pinna atropurpurean. bivalve
raun ma baeao
O  Raun ma Baeao. n. a constellation
O  rauna. vt. to cover with rau (thatch). 
B  ráunene. va. wet by a shower
O  raunene. na. thatched roof in bad repair, leaking roof.  syn. manene
O  rauno. n. half-withered palm leaves attached to ends of fishing net to lengthen it. 
rauno1. n. a magic practice for weaning baby. 
rauno ni bai
O  rauno ni bai. n. (probably) wrist
B  ráurau. n. a plate, a platter
O  raurau. n. plate, dish, mat used as plate.  vt. rauraua: to put on plates. 
raurau ni bai
O  raurau ni bai. n. the back of hand, a measure, the length of a hand. 
raurau ni mata
O  raurau ni mata. n. eyelidsyn. te kun ni mata
raurau ni wae
O  raurau ni wae. n. the sole of foot. 
B  rauráua. vt. to place food on a plate or platter
B  rauráunibai. n. the back of the hand
B  rauráuniwae. n. the upper side of the foot
B  ráure. va. separated, as husband and wife. 
O  raure. n. separation, disunion, split, schism, divorce, weaning, hatching out, breaking forth, etc.  a. separated, disunited, detached, divorced, weaned, etc.  red. raraurev. to separate, to disunite, to split, to make schism, to divorce, to bloomex. e raure te ue: the flower has bloomed.  vc. ka-raurea: to separate, to disunite, to wean, to make divorce, to wait till opening (flower). 
B  raurékana. va. separated, as husband and wife. 
O  raurekana. n. divergence, discord, disunion, bad arrangement (esp. couples).  vc. kakaraurekana: to cause discord, to make differences, etc.  vc. kakaurekana: idem
B  rauréure. va. opening and shutting as the half of a coconut leaf mat in the wind
O  raureure. a. which opens and closes, separates and joins (double mat, books, fly opening, lavalava, etc.). 
B  ráutæra. vi. to engage in stripping off the thorns on the edge of the pan leaf.  n. the process of removing the thorns on the sides of a pandanus leaf. 
ráutaraa. vt. to strip off the thorns on the edfe of a pandanus leaf. 
O  rautara. and raetaravt. to strip off thorny edge of pandanus leaf. 
B  ráutæri. n. water for rinsing after bathing in salt-water. 
O  rautari. n. (ra'utæri) fresh water for bathing after swim in sea.  v. to bathe with ..., after ...  vt. rautaria: to rinse, to rinse oneself with fresh water after ...  vc. karautaria: to make ..., to give shower of ... 
B  rautæ/ria. vt. to rinse
O  rauti. n. a plant Palm Lilysn. Cordyline terminalia, Taetsia fruiticosa (Merril). 
B  ráwa. vi. to refuseex. I rawa: I won't. 
ráwa. n. a channel to a lagoon or harbor
O  Rawa. n. Te Rawa: a star of constellation Aquila
rawa. n. a passage, canal, passage through reef, a straitnv. bono rawa: a rough sea, closing passage. 
rawa1. n. refusal, opposition, repugnance, weariness, bad will.  ex. I rawa iai: I won't.  v. I rawa n ... I rawa ni: to refuse, to oppose ..., to sulk, to abstain from, etc. 
rawa2. ex. rawa, rawa n, rawa ni: in case.... for fear of ... <lest>.  I aki tamarakea te ni, ba I rawa ni baka: I don't climb the coconut tree for fear I might fall (because I risk falling). 
O  Rawaki. n. the Phoenix Islands (te aono ni Rawaki). 
O  rawana. vt. to make a passage, an opening, to pierce through. 
B  ráwarawa. n. a channel or groove in the ocean reef
O  rawarawa. n. a small channel, small opening in reef, successive crevices in reef on ocean side. 
O  rawariki. n. idem. recent or incomplete channel
B  ráwata. n. a wounded one.  a. wounded. 
O  rawata. . and rawawatan. heaviness, weightfig. physical or moral oppression, dangerous sickness, severe wound, gravity, moral seriousness, importancen. te rawata: a very sick or badly wonded person.  n. te rawawata: pound (lb.), weight.  a. rawata, rawawata: heavy, weighty, laborious, oppressing, grave, serious, important, considerable.  ex. e bo rawata: it cost a lot, it is deare rawawata ikoakina: he is badly wounded.  vc. karawawata, kakarawawata: to make heavy, to overcharge, to overburden, to aggravate, etc. 
O  rawati. n. a kind of garret or attic in a dwelling, kind of shelf for skeleton or person in maneaba, horizontal bar at top of mast to which platform or stand is attached, dais or platform
B  rawaáwata. a. heavy in weight, heavy hearted, sadn. weight, heaviness material or mental. 
O  rawe. n. prehension, gripping, rapturered. rawerawa: to look here and there. 
rawe kai
O  rawe kai. v. to seek, to provide food (product of trees).  vt. rawekaia: to procure or supply oneself with food, especially fruit of trees or other plants.  n. te rawekai: the act of ... 
B  ráwea. vt. to take, to lay hold of, to seize, to grab, procure
O  rawea. v. to take, to seize, to grab, to catchn. catch, seizure, prehension.  vt. rawea, rawerawea: to catch, to seize, to take, to capture, to gain, to procurerawea te amarake: to procure food.  ex. rawea maiuna: to save his life, to gain livelihood.  rawea te rabakau: to get instructed, to gain knowledge.  rawea te aba: to seize a piece of land.  rawerawea te aba: to regain a piece of land. 
O  raweaba. v. rawea te aba: to try to find landex. rawea aban te ...: to take the land, to seize land of ... 
O  rawebai. v. to seek, to procure, to seize what one wants.  n. seizure, taking of ...  ex. te tia rawebai: the purveyor, provider, sometimes a scrounger, thief, swindler.  vt. rawebaia: to procure, to supply, to provide, to monopolize, to pilfer
O  rawe-iria. a. family feast the third day after the death of a relative. 
rawe-iria1. v. to make another partake of one's fate or the fate of a member of one's family.  ex. N na mate, e tau N na rawea iriau: I am going to die, somebody else will share the same fate and follow me. 
B  ráwekai. vi. to be busy procuring food.  n. the employment of securing food
B  ráwerawe. vi. to be busy procuring food.  n. the employment of securing food. 
O  raweraweaba. v. to grope in the dark. 
B  re. n. character
re. vi. to walk on the hands in sport. 
O  re. n. standing on headv. to take this position.  vc. ka-rea: to make take this position. 
re1. n. a fish
re2. suf. to several compound words.  ex. mata n re, tama re, etc. 
B  réa. vt. to mix liquids.  n. a mixing with a liquid
O  rea. and rearean. bad eyesight, cataract, mistex. mata-rearea: weak eyesight.  see manrea
rea1. n. a mixture, mixing of liquids, mixed beverages.  te rere: a mixed drink.  vt. rea, rerea: to mix, to mix a drink. 
B  rÉbari. n. a leopard (ENG)
B  rÉbe. n. the lid of the eyea. having a sty as the eyelid
O  rebe. n. edge, bulging part, projecting, protuberance, sty, tip of lips, etc.  ex. te rebe ni mata: edge of eyelids.  karebe mata: turn edges of eyelids.  ex. te rebe n taninga: lobe of ear, etc.  v. rebe, reberebe, reberio, reberake, rebenako: to jut out, to project, to bulge out, to jump out, to dislocate, to surpassvc. karebea, kareberebea: to make ... 
rebe n nano
O  rebe n nano. n. an impatient movement, outburst of anger, of irritation, to be beside oneself ..., a fit of impatience, rage, anger.  karebe nano: karebe nano: irritation.  a. irritating.  vt. karebea te nano: to irritate, to provoke
rebe nako
O  rebe nako. v. to be out of joint, dislocated, forced out of place.  n. act of ...  vc. karebenakoa: to put out ... 
B  reében. n. a raven (ENG)
B  rébenako. va. parting by pressure, as a single pandanus fruit from the bunch.  va. protruding as the eyeballs. 
B  rebénimæta. n. an eyelid
B  rÉbera. n. a leper (ENG)
O  rebera. n. leprosy, a leper. (ENG)v. to have leprosy, to be a lepern. te o n rebera: leprosarium
O  reberake. n. turbulence, petulance.  a. turbulent, petulant, importunate, curious, vexing.  v. to act turbulently, to jump about wildly.  vc. kareberakea: to make ... 
B  rébeta. n. a farthing (GR)bib. Mark 12 : 42. 
O  rebetoko. n. trouble maker.  a. irritating, vexing
B  rebetúnga. a. meddlesomen. meddlesomeness. 
O  rebetunga. n. meddler, mischief maker.  a. annoying, irritatingsup. rerebetunga, betungavt. rebetunga: to upset, to meddle with, to put in disorder, to pull about, to annoy, by importunacy.  syn. ribitunga
B  rébu. a. ten thousand
rébu. n. the ashes of baking stones, a sort of lime
rébu. vi. to be ingaged in. 
O  rebu. a. ten thousand (tebwina te nga). 
rebu1. n. whitewash, distemper (or even all kinds of paint).  ex. te kai n rebu: paint brushvt. rebua: to daub, to plaster, to white wash, to paint.  rebuna: idem
rebu2. n. vagrancyv. to gallivant, to roam about.  sup. rerebu, reburebu (rerebu comes from rerebuta).  vc. karebua, karerebua: to make ...  see kairebua, kaireruavt. rebua, rerebua, reburebua: to gallivant here and there, to roam about, to do while ...  see karebunia
B  rébua. vt. to enter upon, to do
O  rebua. n. (1) a star of Centauren. (2) see above.  (3) name of a legendary wave (between tokia and kamaoto). 
B  réburebu. vi. frequentative of rebu: to be engaged in. 
B  rébutæta. vi. to be busy at.  n. busy employment
O  rebutata. n. (repu-tata) febrile agitation, feverish activity, precipitationv. to be agitated, to struggle, to act hastily.  vc. karebutata: to cause to act ... 
O  rebutonga. and rerebutongasup. superlative of rerebuv. always gallivanting, roaming around for something or other. 
B  rébutongáia. vi. go depart
B  rébwe. vi. to explode, to detonaten. a report as of a gun, an explosion
O  rebwe. n. bang, detonation, report of gun, crashing sound, cracking noise, crack, explosionnv. rebwerebwe: crepitating, crackling, successive detonations, rolling of thunder, noise of engine, repeated noise.  vcn. karebwe: to make go off ..., to fire shots, etc., to bang.  vc. karebwea, karebwerebwea: idem
B  rebwérebwe. vi. to crackle, to tick, to rattle as thunder
B  rébwetæta. vi. to explode repeatedly as fire crackers, to cracklen. the noise of a flame of firebib. Joel 2 : 5. 
O  rebwetata. n. cracking noise, crackling, repeated knocks, beats in quick succession.  vc. karebwetata: to make ..., crackle, crepitate
B  rebwtúngaa. vt. to meddle with, to disturb
B  réi. vi. to skip or bound as a porpoise
réi:. vi. to instructn. a rehearsal for learning
O  rei. n. companion, friend, chum (obsolete).  syn. raovt. reina: to be a companion to, to take as a friend (raona).  ex. Ba N na buna ke n na reina?: Will I marry her or just be a friend?  Ana rei te ria moti teuarei: He is the magistrate's friend. 
rei1. n. the play of porpoises, leap, caper, frolic, gambol, rompv. to jump for joy, to frisk, to frolic, to romp, to sport joyfully.  a. sup. reirei, kirei, kikirei, reimarua, reimauravc. ka-rei, ka-kirei, kakikirei, etc.: to make ...  ka-reia: idemsee compound words kukurei, kimareirei
rei2. n. instruction received, education, learning, formation, training.  ex. reiu, reim, reina, etc.:  n. te rei: rehearsal, practice, trial of songs, dances.  ex. Ti na mataku n te rei: Let us go and see the rehearsal.  v. rei: to learn, to try, to rehearse (songs, dances, etc.).  see reirei
B  réia. n. a grove, a cluster of trees or plantsva. clustered. 
O  reia. n. a clump of trees or plants (larger than kiboa), grove, thicket, bosket, plantation
reia ni keang
O  reia ni keang. n. a space covered with keang ... 
B  reiæ/ngo. n. a tree, the. 
O  reiango. n. a tree (drifted ashore from elsewhere). 
B  reiæ/nikeang. n. a large stretch of growth of the keang [var. of seaweed]. 
B  réiæti. n. a fish, the.  vi. to fish for the reiati
O  reiati. a. fishsn. Cirrhitus sp.  fig. squat
reiati1. n. hawkfish <fish>.  sn. Cirrhites pinnulatus
reiati2. n. angel fishh.  sn. Heniochus permutalus
G  réiæti. sn. Cirrhites pinnulatus (ll)n. hawkfish (sm). 
réiæti1. sn. Heniochus permutatus (y)n. angelfish (sm). 
B  reiawaáwa. n. a fish, the. 
O  reiawawa. n. a species of fish (hawkfish). 
G  reiawaáwa. sn. Paracirrhites arcatus (ll)n. hawkfish (gb). 
G  reiba. sn. Acanthurus nigroris (y)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
B  reibaángiti. n. a fish, the. 
O  reibangiti. n. a fish
O  reibanite. n. a fish
B  réibu. n. a fish, the. 
O  reibu. n. a fishex. reibu tababa: large species of demoiselle fish
reibu1. n. fishsn. Chromis Pomocentrus
G  réibu. sn. Abudefduf amabilis (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu1. sn. Abudefduf biocellatus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu2. sn. Abudefduf dicki (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu3. sn. Abudefduf lacrymatus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu4. sn. Abudefduf leucopomus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu5. sn. Abudefduf phoenixensis (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu6. sn. Abudefduf saxatilis (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu7. sn. Abudefduf zonatus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu8. sn. Chromis caeruleus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu9. sn. Chromis dimidiatus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu10. sn. Chromis lepidolepsis (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu11. sn. Chromis opercularis (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu12. sn. Chromis xanthochir (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu13. sn. Dascyllus aruanus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
réibu14. sn. Pomocentrus aureus (ll)
réibu15. sn. Pomocentrus albofasciatus (ll)
réibu16. sn. Pomocentrus coelestis (ll)
réibu17. sn. Pomocentrus eclipticus (ll)
réibu18. sn. Pomocentrus jenkinsi (y)
réibu19. sn. Pomocentrus nigricans (ll)
réibu20. sn. Pomocentrus pavo (ll)
réibu21. sn. Pomocentrus viauli (ll)
L  reibu. sn. Chromis cyaneus (pomacentridae)n. damselfish
reibu tokotoko
O  reibu tokotoko. n. demoiselle fishh. 
B  reibutæ/baba. n. a fish, the. 
G  reibutokotoko. sn. Abudefduf glaucus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
O  reikabu. n. a fish hook of wood for shark fishing. 
B  reimáurua. vi. to toss as a craft
O  reimaurua. sup. superlative of reiv. to frolic like porpoises, to romp, to dance on crest of waves (makei). 
B  réinria. n. a reindeer (ENG)
B  réirei. adv. very ( used after maiu).  bib. Hosea 10 : 1. 
réirei:. vi. to teach, to instruct, to learnn. a scholar, a lesson
O  reirei. suf. sign of superlative meaning: well, prettily, charmingly, marvellously.  see maiureirei, buti-reirei
reirei1. n. teaching, doctrine, advice, lesson, instruction, education, training, school, college, student, scholar, pupil.  ex. kain te reirei: school children students, pupils.  te tia reirei: master, teacher, professorte uma n reirei: school building, schoolbain te reirei: school material.  v. reirei, reirei iroun, ira te reirei: to learn, to study, go to school.  reirei, reirei nakon: to teach, to instruct, to form, to train, etc. 
B  reiréia. vt. to instruct, to teach
O  reireia. vt. reireia: to educate, to teach
B  reiréina. vt. to teach, to instruct
O  reireina. vt. reireina: to bring up, to educate, to form, to instruct, to teach, to trainsyn. reireia
B  reiréita. vt. to make a fine fish-line by tying single coconut-husk fibers together. 
B  reiréiti. n. a fish-line of a certain make. 
B  réita. vt. to connect, to join
O  reita. vt. to put together, to join, to continue, to lengthenn. hyphen, conjunction, joining.  see ireiti, irereitired. reireitan. te reireiti: a fish line made of several pieces joined together. 
O  reitana. vt. to go above ..., to travel above ... 
O  reiti. n. lace
O  reka. n. (1) roughness, unevenness, sharp point, piquant, stump, needle, bone (fish), a sharpedged capsule.  ex. reka-atibu: sharp-pointed stone.  rekan te wi: sharp stump of tooth or edges of decayed tooth.  a. reka, rekareka: having sharp edges, points, thorns, rough, rugged, sharpex. wi-rekareka (a rekareka wina): uneven teeth.  n. (2) conservation, maintaining, keeping in, the same state.  ex. rekau, rekam, rekanae reke rekam ikai: you have taken root here.  va. to keep up, to subsist, to keep healthy.  ex. e reka! always the same, not getting older. 
B  rekaátibu. n. a reka not hollow. 
B  rékanonáe. n. a percussion cap for the musket onae
B  réke. vi. to be obtained, caught, secured, gotten
réke. n. a chum, a close friend
reeke. n. a lake (ENG)
O  reke. n. black triggerfishh. 
reke1. n. catch, gain, discovery, result, attainmenta. reke, rereke, rekereke: caught, seized, acquired, found, obtained, hooked, keptv. to emanate, arise, to be found, obtained, etc.  ex. e aki rereke: almost unobtainable, difficult to catch, hard to be found, etc.  e aki kona n reke: cannot be caught, ... found.  e reke mai ia? how does that come about? where was it found?  reke-maki: found, obtained with difficulty.  rekeu, rekem, rekena: act or state of being taken, found, etc.  au reke, am reke, ana reke: what was found, obtained, etc., by me, by you, by him.  vc. karerekea: to get, to look for, to procure, to supply, to seek, to acquire, to obtain, to gain, to realizesee compound words.  na. kareke-bai: hold hands, shake hands.  ex. kareke b'ai: seek for things, goods.  kareke aro: seek one's welfare, advantage, interest, fortune, act in self-interest. 
reke2. n. friend, comrade, acquaintance, attachmentex. te i-karekereke: friendship, mutual affectionva. i-rekereke: to be bound by ties of friendship. 
G  reke. sn. Melichthys buniva (ll)n. black triggerfish (sm). 
reke n aki
O  reke n aki. a. barely held, ... obtained. 
reke n rawa
O  reke n rawa. n. particular friendship
reke n timurua
O  reke n timurua. syn. reketatia. dawdling
O  rekebiri. n. a sand bank between water (reke bike). 
O  rekebuta. a. loitering here and there, delayingex. e reke ni kabuta, n tabo nako
O  reke-maumau. a. retarded indefinitely. 
B  rékenibai. n. food for guestsvi. to be provided with food, the same being the residue of food given to one as a guest, to go provided with food for a temporary absence. 
O  rekenibai. what. comes to hand.  vt. rekenibaia: to take what comes to hand. 
B  rékenibáia. vt. to take along in the hand as food to be used during temporary absence. 
O  rekenibong. n. anniversary, birthday
O  rekenikai. n. chastisement, punishmentex. e a reke kaina
O  rekennano. n. cordial attachment, agreement, attachment, friendshipvt. reke n nanoa: to attach oneself to, to take a liking to, to have an intense desire for, to be infatuated with ... 
B  rékeon. n. legion (GR)
B  rékereke. va. entangled, caught here and there as a fish-line
O  rekereke. freq. of rekea. hooked, caught, captured, fettered, entangled, shackled, inveigled.  n. karekereke: roughness, bond, obstacle, bramble, creepera. rough, uneven, catching, etc.  vc. ka-rekerekea: to hook, to entangle, etc. to hold in bonds, cords, tentacles, fangs, etc. 
B  rékerua. va. entangledbk. Phys p. 48.  n. a fishing place where the fish-line is often caught among the rocks. 
O  rekerua. sup. superlative of rekea. caught, taken, fettered in such a way as to be unable to extricate oneself.  v. karekerua: to fetter, to catchvc. karekerua: to hinder, to hold, to catch. 
B  réketa. vt. to call to mind, or ponder on an injury
O  reketa. v. to join to, to add to, to join one affair to another.  ex. ko reketai: you include me with the others. 
B  reketábuki. va. delaying to return
O  reketabuki. a. delaying a long time.  vc. kareketabuka: to delay a long time. 
B  reketaakom/kom. va. held very slightly. 
O  reketakomkom. na. weakly held, held by a thread, retained, hardly holding, about to let go.  see kom
O  reketamwere. v. to delay, to loiter, to dawdlesup. reke-tamweremweresee tamwere
O  reketati. v. to be caught, held, taken in a difficulty, accident, disaster great or small, to be taken by surprise.  vc. ka-reketatia: to surprise, to catch ... (kabuanikaia). 
O  reketau. n. reasonable hold up, arrest by police. 
O  reketaua. vt. to take and hold
O  reketira. v. to be mixed up in an affair, to be included, caught amongst the culprits. 
O  reketua. n. act of being caught, hooked, held, just a little, barely. 
O  rekewaka. v. to delay a long time, to take up abode.  n. stability.  a. stable
O  rekimoa. n. a fish, sea basssn. Plectropomus truncatus
G  rekimoa. sn. Plectropomus truncatusn. sea bass (A red or brown fish covered all over with bright metallic blue, dark edged spots, except on the belly which is plain red or brown. It has big canine teeth and a square cut tail. It is not a well-known fish.). 
O  rem. and rema (obsolete).  see remrem
B  rÉman. n. a lemon (ENG)
B  réme. a. narrow in widthn. cloth of narrow width. 
O  reme. a. narrow, limitedex. te aba ae reme: a narrow piece of land, part of land.  red. remeremefig. thoughtless, heedless, presumptuousex. e reme am iango: you are narrow minded, thoughtless.  vc. ka-remea, karemeremea, kaka ...: to make narrow, to find narrow, limited.  v. ka-remereme: to act without thinking, thoughtlessly, impulsively, to embarrass by importunity. 
O  remon. n. lemon (ENG)
O  remrem. v. to gather, ... gleanvc. karemrem: to glean, to gather.  ka-rema, karemarema: idemnote. remereme is used only in causative. inopportune
B  rEn. n. name of a tree, the. 
O  ren. n. a treesn. Messerschmidia
G  rEn. sn. Messerschmidia argentean. name of a tree (k,z). 
B  rénaa. vt. to visit a land as a first party or company. 
reéna. va. stretched, drawn out, moving in a processionbk. Phys p. 16. 
réna. vi. to do suddenly or speedily (used adverbially ), to be sudden in (followed by ni) bib. Acts 9 : 3 and 28 : 6. 
O  rena. n. elasticity, stretching.  a. elasticex. rerena: very elastic.  v. to stretch oneself, to stretch out, to make a long file.  vc. ka-rena, ka-rerena: to stretch, to pull, to get in file
rena1. n. familiarity.  a. familiar, adaptable, quickly at easevc. ka-rena, karerena: to familiarize, to put at ease, to attract by kindness, to tame, to get adapted, ... accustomed to. 
rena2. dim. of marenan. interval, intermediate spacevt. rena, renaua: to pass between, through the middle. 
B  renæ/baa. n. a stage of the moon just after the full.  vi. to be a little gibbous after the full moon. 
O  renaba. n. e renaba namakaina: 15th day of moon, beginning of third quarter
B  renáua. vt. to make a space between
O  renaua. to. pass between two.  see rena
B  rÉnga. n. red cloth
O  renga. na. red or pink colour appearing on cooked taro after a few days (this red is covered with a mouldy dust). 
renga1. n. red or pink colour.  vc. ka-renga: to make red or pink.  n. rengarenga: red, pink colour, paintvt. bo-rengarenga: to dye or colour red or pink.  na. irenga, irengarenga: alternating colours.  vc. ka-irengarenga: to alternate the colours. 
renga2. na. te renga: a remarkable man, a hero, the honour and glory of ...  ex. rengan Tarawa, rengan Tamoa: the hero of Tarawa, ... of Samoa.  rengan te nano: the heart's delighte renga te Nati iroun te Tama: the son is the splendour, the glory, the delight of the father.  te renga n Tamoa (historical, mythological exp.). 
B  reéngana. vt. to mix dry substances. 
O  rengana. vt. to season, to mix, to combine, to amalgamate, to blendsee rea (liquids).  vt. i-rengana, ka-irengana: to mix, to combine. 
B  rÉngarEnga. vt. to paint red
B  rÉngerEnge. a. long or extending as a branch
O  rengerenge. n. extremity, end, point, edgeex. tabo rengerenge: summit, apexa. pointed, stretching out into space.  see marengerengev. toka-rengerenge: to go up, to place at edge, at end, at the extremity, at the point.  karenge, kakarenge, karengerenge: to put or be put at extremity, at end, at edge.  vc. ka-rengea, karengerengea: to place more towards the end. 
B  rEn/tire. n. a lentil (ENG)
O  rera. and rerareran. stuttering, lisping of children (for stuttering of adults pae newe, e bae newena is used).  vc. ka-rerarera: to make ... 
B  rére. vi. to dart quickly. 
rére. n. a drink made of karewe mixed with water. 
O  rere. n. Gilbertese sword with two rows of shark's teeth.  vt. rerea: to hit, to strike, to wound, to kill with ... 
rere1. suf. re and rere. pointing, stretching, receding in distance.  v. to go, to pass, to flee with great rapidity.  ex. e rere te venei: the shooting star darts across.  vt. rerea: to make such a movement, such gesture with rapidity.  ex. e rerea kaina: he nimbly warded off the blow.  rerea nako: idemrere nako: precipitated flight.  vc. ka-rere: to fling, to hurl, to throw to great distance.  karerea: idemsee bakarere, karereanti
rere2. va. to come and go rapidly.  red. rerereresup. maurere, maurererere
rere3. n. a beverage made of mixtures, a mixture.  v. to make a mixture.  vt. rea, rerea: to mix, to dilute a drink. 
rere n timurua
O  rere n timurua. and rere n tikutiku, reren reketativ. to saunter, to stroll, to dawdle here and there. 
B  rérea. vt. to ward off a weapon thrust at one.  ex. e rerea kaina
B  rereaáua. vi. to be constantly on the go
O  rereaua. sup. superlative of rere referring to duration.  n. continual movementv. to be always running here and there. 
B  rereaáuti. vi. to move restlessly about , to be on the go
O  rereauti. v. to get to work on rising, as soon as awakefrom. e a uti n reresee auti
B  reréba. n. a fish, the. 
O  rereba. n. a spade
rereba1. n. a fish. kingfish
G  reréba. sn. Caranx sexfasciatus (hh)n. kingfish (sm). 
reréba1. sn. family Carangidae (ll)n. kingfish (sm). 
L  rereba. sn. Caranx melampyges (carangidae)n. medium jack
O  rerebakara. vt. to fall quickly on ..., to pounce upon ... 
B  rerébatab'ánib'an. n. a fish, the. 
O  rereba-tabaniban. n. a fish
O  rerebaua. sup. superlative of rerebuv. to wander here and there, to roam about, to flit about, to run here and there.  vc. ka-rerebaua: to make ... 
B  rerébetungaa. vt. to borrow without asking. 
B  rerébu. vi. to move rapidly hither and thither.  n. rapid movement hither and thither. 
O  rerebu. freq. of rebuv. to roam, to wander, to run here and there, to roam about;  ex. rerebu rio, rerebu rake, rerebu nakovt. rerebua: to wander through, ... in, to travel over. 
O  rerebun. v. same meaning as rere and rerebu but used for several, a group, a multitude (bun). 
B  reréi. a. good, excellent
O  rerei. a. beautiful, excellent, perfect, finesuf. to several words.  ex. aba-rerei, tika-rerei: nice, prettyvc. ka-rereia: to praise, to boast of the beauty, excellence, perfection of ..., to find nice, good, perfect, etc. 
B  reréiæti. va. abounding in reiati
B  reréirei:. vi. frequentative of reirei
B  rereiréina. vt. frequentative of reireina
B  reréka. a. bloated
O  rereka. n. tiburereka: a swellinga. swollen.  see rereta
B  rerékanako. a. much bloated
B  réreke. vi. frequentative of reke
B  rerékenibái. vi. frequentative of rekenibain. frequentative of rekenibai
B  reréketábuki. vi. delaying to returnn. delay in returning. 
O  rerekoti. n. a fishsn. Allaneta ovalanc
G  rerekoti. sn. Allanetta ovalaua (ll)
B  reréna. vi. frequentative of rena
B  reréta. va. bloatedn. a bloated condition.  var. t - k. 
O  rereta. n. tiburereka: a swelling, swelling of abdomen, stoutness.  v. to swell, to puff up, to get fat, to get stoutex. e rereta birotona: his abdomen is swollen.  vc. karereta: to make ... (used for human or animal body and for anything elastic; for ex. bladder). 
B  reéreti. vi. to be suspiciousn. suspicion. 
O  rereti. n. surmise, guess, suspicion, supposition, hypothesis, interpretationv. to let one's thoughts wander, to surmise, to suspect.  vt. rereta: to surmise, to suspect, to suppose. 
B  reréua. n. a wildernessa. desert, uninhabited
O  rereua. n. uninhabited place, desert, retreat, hermitagea. deserted, uninhabited.  v. to make a retreat.  n. karereua: kind of desert.  v. to leave destitute, empty
B  réta. n. a letter, an epistle (ENG)
O  reta. n. letter, message, epistle. (ENG)ex. ana reta St. Pauro nakoia I Roma: St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans.  au reta: the letter which I write.  ex. retau: the letter I receive or which concerns me.  ex. koro-retanv. letter writing. 
B  reéti. n. a race, the descendants of a common ancestor (ENG)
O  reti. n. race (ENG)lace (ENG)
O  Retireti. n. (N.) star of Scorpio constellation. 
B  réwaite. n. a Levite (ENG)
O  rewarewa. suf. (S.).  for. roroa (N.).  sup. kakangroaroa. 
B  réwi. n. a Levite (ENG)
B  ri. n. a bone, a principal straight mark in tattoo
ri. vi. to pass, to pass along, to desire, to long
O  ri. n. a bone, fishbone, ossicle, skeleton, main lines of tattooing, ridge of roof.  ex. ri ni marawa, ririnimarawa: lines, coloured stripes in the sea.  va. riri: full of bones (fish).  ex. kau ri: big bones, full of bones. 
ri1. pref. passage on, ... under, ... between.  v. to pass, to go on, under, between, beside;  ex. ri aon: to go over, to go on, to transgress:ri an: to go under.  ri buakon: to go through, between, amongst.  ri eta: to skirt the coast, to go by land.  ri nano: to keep far out from coast, lower down: ri rarikin: to pass by, ... at the side of.  ri mai: to pass in coming.  ri ikai: to pass this way.  ri buakonikai: to pass through the forest. 
ri2. from. iri: (prob.) followv. to be attracted, fascinated, led, tempted by.  n. te riri: passive attraction.  red. riri: strongly attracted, charmed.  ex. e riri iroun, e riri iaiv. kariri: to attract, to tempt, to fascinaten. act of ...  vc. ka-riria: idemex. e kaririaki iroun te riaboro: he is tempted by the devil.  te tia kariri: the tempter, the seducer
ri n aku
O  ri n aku. n. vertebrae, spinal vertebrae. 
ri n ika
O  ri n ika. n. fish bones
ri n nano n ranga
O  ri n nano n ranga. n. pelvic bone
ri n tuabon
O  ri n tuabon. n. part of sacrum bone. 
ri ni baba
O  ri ni baba. n. chest bone
ri ni babati
O  ri ni babati. n. hip bone
ri ni bai
O  ri ni bai. n. finger bone, phalanx
ri ni bairi
O  ri ni bairi. n. bone of nose, nasal bone, cartilage
ri ni bakoa
O  ri ni bakoa. n. spine
ri ni bareke
O  ri ni bareke. n. clavicle, collar bone
ri ni bebe
O  ri ni bebe. n. iliac, hip bone, iliumsyn. ri ni babati, te ri n ranga
ri ni buare
O  ri ni buare. n. rib bones of fish. 
ri ni buki
O  ri ni buki. syn. ribeun. coccyx. lower end of spine
ri ni buki n anga
O  ri ni buki n anga. n. shoulder blade
ri ni kamea
O  ri ni kamea. n. hip bone (part of hip). 
ri ni kaokao
O  ri ni kaokao. n. ribs
ri ni ki
O  ri ni ki. na. extremely thin, living skeleton, lean, emaciatedex. e tangenge ri ni kinavc. karinikia: to make ..., to treat as ... 
ri ni kinati
O  ri ni kinati. n. fibula
B  ría. n. a lip
ría. vi. to come in sight, to appear
ría. n. a deer (ENG)
O  ria. n. lips;ex. te mata n ria: head of animals, snoutte baro n ria: quid of tobacco, lollies <lolly>.  a. ria, riaria: greedy, hard to please.  ex. e ria n amarake: finickya. kamaiu ria: good, delicious, tastykateke ria: idem. pungentteke ria, e teke riana: lucky, fortunate, caughte mao riana: disgusted, corrected, taught a lesson by ...  vc. kamaoa riana: to give a lesson.  ex. bata ria, bata riana: idem. served right, taught a lesson, taken in.  kabataria, ka bata riana: taken in, scolded, disgusted, etc.  a. kabaro ria: talkative, loquaciousex. be n ria: idemidiom. e kateke ria: it's good, delicious.  ex. e teke riana: caught, taken in (on account of gluttony).  n. ria babu: thin lips.  n. thin lips.  ex. ria bubura, mangai buaka: wicked tongue.  ria-maten: thick lips.  ria mentaki: upper lip turned up and thick.  ribo ra: uneven lips. 
ria1. a. come into sight, appearing in distance, appeared on the horizon.  v. ria, riaria: to appear on horizon.  va. ria raoi: to be well in viewex. ria maki: barely visibleria mauna: a glimpse, appearing and disappearing in the waves.  vc. ka-ria, kariaria: to wait for the coming, the appearance of someone.  ex. e kariaki te Tama: father is expected. 
ria marawa
O  ria marawa. v. to take a bad turn at sea, on canoe. 
ria n ewekia
O  ria n ewekia. n. nickname, fig. mouse pouncing on ..., by hidden ways and means.  >. 
ria nako
O  ria nako. ex. a bane n ria: all appearing at the same time. 
B  riáboro. n. the devil (GR)
O  riaboro. n. devil. (ENG)syn. te taimonio
B  riái. a. becoming, fit, proper, suitable
O  riai. n. justness, goodness, fitness, propriety, obligation, necessity.  a. good, just, expedient, fit, obligatory, necessaryv. e riai: must, it is right, necessary.  ex. I riai: I must, I should, I ought, it is right that I ...  vt. ka-riaia: to consent, to comply, to approve, to admit, to permit, to authorize (lit. find good, just, proper).  n. approbation, permission, etc.  vc. kariaiaki: idemex. e kariaiaki: approved, permitted. 
O  ria-katoa. vt. to share the haul taken in fishing, several on same canoe (each one a share). 
B  ríaki. vi. to tack shipn. tacking of a craft
O  riaki. n. bringing about, tacking, changing sail.  v. riaki: to tack, to turn about, to change sail.  nv. ririaki: tacking about, to tack, to change direction.  v. riaki-moromoro: to make short tacks.  nv. riaki ni bwe, ririaki bwe: to veer about full sail, following wind.  vt. riakina, ririakina: (canoe, ship) to turn ..., to manoeuvre to turn. 
B  ríakimóromoro. vi. to make short tacks
B  ríakina. vt. to tack
B  riæ/kitoauéa. n. a mode of fishing on a canoe with a fishhook in which the fisherman claims or eats the fish which he catches. 
O  riakitoauea. v. to fish, several on same canoe each one keeping his own catch. 
B  riam'áewe. n. a stranger, or one seen occasionally.  a. in the condition of a stranger. 
O  riamaewe. nv. to appear, to be visible from time to time. 
B  riamæ/rawa. vi. to voyagen. voyaging, a voyage. 
O  riamarawa. ex. ria-marawa, e ria marawava. to be just about to embark, start on a sea voyage.  syn. e maimai te iterana
O  riamauna. a. appearing and disappearing in the distance. 
B  ríanako. a. surpassing, superior, greater in excellence
O  rianako. na. superior quality, excellence, surpassing quality. 
B  ríanau. a. long, as a craft, or a man.  n. a long canoe, a tall person. 
O  rianau. na. a long canoe, a tall man, colossus
B  riaánib'ai. vi. to grow virulent, to fester
O  rianibai. n. an unexpected happening, an accidenta. by chancev. to meet with something unexpectedex. rianibai n tekeraoi: unexpected good fortune.  rianibai n tekebuaka: unexpected bad luck, misfortune
O  rianikai. v. to pass under trees, through woodland
B  riæn/na. vi. to journey on foot, to go by land.  vt. to approach and enter or search a place by land. 
O  rianna. nv. to go on foot, to go by landant. ruwa: to go by sea).  vt. rianna: to travel over on foot. 
B  riánoti. n. llanos in Venezuela (SPA)bk. Geog p. 63. 
B  riáo. va. exceeding, surpassing
O  riao. n. passing over, passing above.  ex. Te Riao: Jewish Passoverv. to pass above, on the surface, to pass over, to transgress, to go beyond.  vt. riaoa: to go over the surface, to pass over, to go beyond.  riaona: to pass over, beyond.  fig. transgress the law, the prohibition, the decision. 
O  riaoa. vt. to pass over, to overstep, to clearfig. transgress
O  riaonikai. vt. ririaonikaia: to surmount difficulty, to overcome adversary, ... opponent. 
B  ríaraa. a. very great, exceeding
O  riara. and kariarana. innumerable, countless, more than expected, more than enough.  adv. ni kiriara: enormously, excessively
B  ríaria. vi. to come in sight, as a shipnote. used with the adverb aki, not. 
O  riaria. idiom. teiriaria: to stand apart, at a distance, through reverential fear, inferiority complex, respect.  see ta-makinex. e tei riariana, e tei nangina: there is distance, hindrance.  katei riaria, katea riariana: to hold ..., to keep at distance.  see kiriaria
B  riæ/tine. a. having a drooping lower lipn. a person having a drooping lower lip. 
O  riatine. n. thick lower lip, hanging lip. 
B  ríb'a. va. crowded
ríbaa. vt. to hate, to dislike
ríba. n. a fish, the. 
O  riba. a. pressed, crowded, close, compactex. ribariba: very ...  vc. kariba, karibariba: to press, to crowd, to compress, to tighten.  see ribaba, karibabaea
riba1. vt. to hate, to detest, to abhor, to execrate, to disapprove.  sup. ririba: to detest very much. 
riba2. and ririban. colour of skin, complexion (used for persons and sometimes of fish).  ex. kan ririba: nice complexion, beautiful skin.  riba-mai: fair skin.  riba ro, riba ura ...: dark ..., red ...  riba merimeri: rosy, soft skin like baby.  nv. kabo-riba: to compare colour of skin.  ex. kaunriba: idem
riba3. n. a fish with spikes, surgeon fishsn. Acanthurus sp. nigrogris Thompsoniex. species: ribakatawa, riba-kuia, riba-oraia, riba-buibui, riba-tanin, riba-taukarawa
riba4. v. te nano ae riba: to be deeply affected, perplexed, not knowing what to do or what to say, confused sentiments. 
G  ríba. sn. family Acanthuridae (ll)n. surgeonfish (They are deepbodied fish with small scales, small mouths, with fine teeth and are mainly herbivorous, but some of the larger species may be omnivorous) (hh). 
ríba1. sn. Acanthurus nigrogris (ll)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
ríba2. sn. Acanthurus thompsoni (ll)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
riba n amwi
O  riba n amwi. n. fruit (of bunch) or coconut deformed by pressure. 
riba n taitai
O  riba n taitai. n. shavings (wood). 
riba ni kai
O  riba ni kai. n. tree wedged, trees rubbing together. 
B  ribæ/ba. va. collected close together.  n. a cluster of houses or trees
rib'aáb'a. va. fresh and constant, or increasing as the windsevere as a pain, increasing in heat as the sun
O  ribaba. n. agglomeration, block of buildings, thicket of trees.  a. bushy, very close together, crowded, throngedex. ribabwebwe: many shoots.  vt. kariba: to crowd, to throng, to encumber, to pack tightly.  see riba, kariba, karibaki
ribaba1. va. to go on increasing, getting worse, spreading (wind, heat, sickness).  vc. ka-ribaba, karibabaea: to make ... 
O  ribabati. n. agglomeration, crowd, accumulationa. huddled together (of crowd), packed, congested.  see ribabavc. ka-ribabatia: to make ... 
B  ribaberiki. n. a republic (ENG)bk. Geog p. 20. 
O  ribaberiki. n. republic (ENG)
O  ribabetanga. a. crowded, compressed, wedged between, amongst. 
G  ribabui. sn. Acanthurus aliala (ll)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
ribabui1. sn. Acanthurus gahm (ll)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
ribabui2. sn. Acanthurus glaucopareius (y)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
ribabui3. sn. Ctenochaetus striatusn. surgeonfish (This very common small fish is black with very narrow blue lines; There is a closely related species which has tiny blue spots; the mouth is very small with peculiar long bristle-like movable teeth with which ... s up minute algae and detritus from the sea bottom) (hh). 
ribabui4. sn. Ctenochaetus sp. (ll)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
O  ribabwi. n. a fish, surgeon fishsn. Acanthurus sp. 
B  ribabwíbwi. n. a fish, the. 
O  ribabwibwi. n. a fish
O  ribaeai. n. young coconut tree (bigger than uto). 
B  ribáietæn. n. a leviathan (ENG)
B  ribákataáwa. n. a fish, the. 
B  ribæ/kuia. n. a fish, the. 
B  ríbamai:. a. of light complexion
B  ribæ/na. vi. to till
ribæ/naa. vt. to till, to cultivate
O  ribana. n. farming, agriculture, cultivation, tillage, gardeningv. to farm, to till, to cultivate, to dig, to fertilize, to care for plants, etc.  ex. te tia ribana: farmer, gardener, etc.  vt. ribana: to cultivate, to dig, etc. 
B  rib'ánamwi. n. a coconut which is small because crowded by the adjoining nuts. 
B  ríbano. n. frankincense (GR)
O  ribano. n. incense. (GR)ex. nnen te ribano: incense boat. 
B  rib'ánono. va. closely packed or crowded as a room
O  ribanono. sup. superlative of ribaa. very crowded, too close together. 
B  ribæntáitai. n. chips
O  ribanti. n. a fish, surgeon fishsn. Acanthurus gahn
G  ribanti. sn. Acanthurus lineatusn. surgeonfish (a very common pretty surgeonfish with blue and yellow stripes) (hh). 
B  ríbaoráia. n. a fish, the. 
O  ribaroro. n. a fish, surgeon fishsn. Acanthurus gahn
G  ribaroro. sn. Acanthurus gahm (y)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
ribaroro1. sn. Ctenochaetus sp. (ll)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
ribaroro2. sn. Ctenochaetus striatusn. surgeonfish (hh). 
B  rib'áta. vt. to set a bone with splints, to mend a broken stick by lashing on a splint. 
O  ribata. from. batiavt. to mend, to patch up, to readjust too pieces, to tie splint on broken bone, to set bone, to bind, to swathefig. to help, aid, sustain
B  ribatæ/nin. n. a fish, the. 
B  ribátaukárawa. n. a fish, the. 
G  ribátaukárawa. sn. Acanthurus achilles (ll)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
O  ribatua. syn. ri ni batuan. tibia, shin bone
B  ribáura. a. of a ruddy complexionn. a person with a ruddy complexion. 
B  ríberetino. n. the libertines (ENG)
B  ribéu. a. having a tumor or swelling at the lower end of the spinen. a tumor or swelling at the lower end of the spine. 
O  ribeu. n. hump on lower part of back, deformity, bone deformity.  a. deformed, knotty, misshapensup. ribeubeu, kiribeu, kiribeubeu: very deformed, very misshapen.  vc. karibeua: to make become ..., to deform bones, limbs.  n. te karibeu: misshapen pandanus fruit. 
B  ribéubeu. see va kiribeubeu
B  ríbinæno. vi. to meddlen. meddlesomeness
O  ribinano. v. to reach, to win, to take to heart, ... to mindsee ribitavt. ribinanoa: to incite, to attract, to win the heart. 
B  ribinæ/noa. vt. to meddle with. 
O  ribineve. from. ribita and neven. facility to learn, good memorya. learning quickly, having good memory.  vt. ribinevea: to learn with facility.  vc. karibinevea: to make ...  ex. karibineveko! hurry up and learn! 
B  ríbinewe. a. quick to learnn. quickness to learn. 
B  ribíta. vt. to take as fruit with a pole
O  ribita. vt. to catch, to hook, to reach for, to take down with hand or instrument.  red. riribita, ribiribita
B  ríbitau. n. a gum-boila. having a gum-boil. 
O  ribitau. n. gumboilv. to have a ... 
O  riboieta. n. a doll carved in wood. 
B  ribóno. a. near together, as pickets in a fence. 
O  ribono. a. close together, touching, crowdedex. riribono, ribonobono: very ...  vc. karibonoa, karibonobonoa: to make close in, approach together, to place side by side, to mass together. 
B  ribónobono. a. close
B  ribóriki. va. leaving in great offence, greatly miffedn. a show of great offence. 
O  riboriki. v. to redress, to set right, to appease, to calmex. riborika: to pacifyE riborika nanou am taeka: Your words have soothed, appeased me. 
B  ríbu. n. very fine coral mud
ríbu. va. firmly embedded, badly pierced as the foot with a reka
O  ribu. n. chalky whitish mud, reef mud.  n. riburibu: idem. (less pure).  te ribu n ai: lime (remaining as ashes after fire) ...  vc. kariburibua: to daub with ..., to white wash, to plaster with ... 
ribu1. v. ribu, ribu nako: to sink into, to founder, to sink, to disappear in ...  vt. karibua, karibunakoa: to drive in, to push right in. 
B  ríbuaka. a. unjust, unkind, unaccomodatingn. unjustness, unkindness, unwillingness to accommodate. 
O  ribuaka. n. bad behaviour, vile conduct.  a. ungrateful, unjust, disobliging, wicked, bad-mannered.  vc. ka-ribuaka ...: to make ..., to accuse of ... 
B  ribúribu. n. thoroughly pulverized coral, it abounds in the lagoons.  va. abounding in riburibu
O  riburibu. n. reef mud, place having ... 
riburibu n ainiku
O  riburibu n ainiku. or. riburibu ni mainikuriburibu ni koinawan. (1) a species of octopus with tentacles easily broken. fis.  (2) a long sea slugsn. Holothuric aspirochirota
O  riebu. n. a fishsn. Centropyge flavissinus
G  riebu. sn. Centropyge flavissimus (ll)
B  riéna. n. a scoop-net
O  riena. n. scoop net, hoop net.  ex. kinds: te riena mabono (ruanuna), te riena ni kibe ... n tatae ... n nonou (large with short handle) ... urakaraka, ... n iobon (te kamareirei).  parts: maine, nainai, bukinikora
B  ríerake. vi. to go or pass up, to ascendn. an ascent. 
O  rierake. v. to ascend, to go up, to climbn. act of ..., ascension.  te kai n rierake: ladder, stairs, scale (music). 
B  rierákea. vt. to ascend
O  rierakea. vt. to climb, to scale, to go up, etc.  vc. ka-rierakea ... 
B  riéta. vi. to go by land.  n. food in readiness for one returning from fishing ( it take s the suffix pronoun). 
O  rieta. v. (1) to go by landant. ruwav. (2) to skirt the coast line, to keep near the shore.  ex. ri-etau, ri-etam, ri-etana, ri-etaira, etami, ri-etaia: to go by land, go above me, you, etc.  red. ririeta: going often by land.  n. te rieta: going by land. 
rieta1. n. height, staturea. rieta: high, elevated, loftyex. ririeta, rietata: very ...  vc. ka-rieta, ka-rietata: to elevate, to lift up, to raisefig. to boast, be proud, exalted.  n. te rietata, te karietata: the height, elevation, stature.  fig. pride, conceit, self-sufficiency.  a. ae rietata, ae karietata: high, elevated, lofty.  fig. haughty, proud, pretentious
B  rietaáta. a. tall, high, loftyn. height
B  ríka. n. a wooden needle for braiding nets
O  rika. n. (1) shuttle, wooden tool used in making mesh of net.  n. (2) te kai ni rika: short curved stick (preferably taume) used to fix ridge of thatch on roof. 
B  rikái. vi. to pass this way. 
O  rikai. v. to pass by here, ... through here. 
B  rikaáki. vi. to turn back , to return, to quit, to go home, to desert
O  rikaki. n. withdrawal, going backwards.  v. to retire, to go back, to withdrawvc. karikaka: to bring backwards, to set (bone), to make go back into place.  vt. kanrikaka: idem. to disenchantna. bai-rikaki: arm turned backwards.  see kerikaki, tanrikaki
B  rikaákina. vt. to return to. 
O  rikakina. vt. to turn around towards, to return to, to come back to ... (turn against, blame).  ex. rikakinanTi na rikakina te Atua: Let us turn to God.  E rikakinai naba: He blames me also. 
B  ríkan. n. a deacon (ENG)
O  rikan. n. deacon; (ENG)ex. an-rikan: sub deacon
B  rikáua. vi. to break off an engagement as a woman. 
B  ri:/ke. n. a leek (ENG)
B  rikéa. vi. to pass where (interrogative). 
O  rikea. for. ri-ike-iav. pass by where? (interrog. only).  ex. Ko rikea? Ko bo rikea? Which way did you come (pass)?  I rikekei: I came by there. 
B  ríki. adv. again, in addition, following an adjective it gives the force of the comparative, like the English suffix -er. 
ri:/ki. n. the name of a certain Gilbertese god
ríki. vi. to come into existence, to shoot up, to spring, to grown. coming into existence, generation, land formed by the washing up of sand. 
O  riki. adv. more, extraex. kabatia riki: to add more to ...  e kaubai riki nakon: he is richer (more rich) than ...  akea riki: there is no more. 
riki1. n. coming into existence, origin, extraction, generation, conception.  ex. rikiu, or riku, rikim, rikina: my, thy, his, origin, birth.  au riki, am riki: my (thy) stock, my family (utu), etc.  v. riki: to come into existence, to take life, to be, to become, to be formed, to germinatevn. kariki: to beget, to create, to procreate, to conceive, to invent, to manufacture, to produce, to found, to instituten. act of ...  ex. akea ana kariki: he has no children.  vt. karika, kakarika: idem
riki2. v. to becomeex. e riki n tamaroa: it became beautiful. 
riki3. n. a germinated coconut
riki4. n. land newly formed by alluvion. 
Riki. n. Ten Riki: myth. pers. of creation who elevated the sky to separate it from the earth by order of Na Areauex. Nei Teriki: a woman's name. 
riki n te aba
O  riki n te aba. n. name of first creatures created with Riki. (myth.). 
riki ni beti
O  riki ni beti. n. a pandanus tree grown from beti not from cutting. 
B  ríkia. n. the residence of one's ancestors
O  rikia. n. rikiau, rikiam, rikiana, etc. origin (family and place), native land, native place, fatherlandn. plant-root with off-shoots, species of taro. 
B  ríkiæntab'aáb'a. n. a variety of babai
O  rikiatababa. n. (1) a species of taro with shoots all around.  n. (2) a large green cloud
B  ríkibuaka. va. not developing well as fruit
O  rikibuaka. and karikibuaka (more usual).  n. unwelcome, deformed, aborted child.  n. karikibuaka or karikira: incest
B  ríkimæte. va. unfruitful, not bearing fruit. 
O  rikimate. a. still born child, abortive fruit.  v. karikimate: to produce abortive children, fruit. 
B  ríkirake. vi. to grow up. 
rikirake. n. growthbib. Amos 7 : 1. 
O  rikirake. n. growth, development, progress, increasev. rikirake, ririkirake: to grow, to get bigger, to develop, to increase, to augment, to progress.  vc. karikirakea: to make or let ... 
B  ríkiriki. adv. an adverbial intensive suffix
O  rikiriki. suf. to several words.  sup. superlative of rikiex. maotorikiriki: smashed in pieces.  n. quest for more, ... better, artistic love of the perfect.  v. to seek perfection, to perfect, to be finical
Rikiriki. n. Nei Rikiriki: myth. pers. who initiated men in arts and crafts and supervised them. 
B  ríkitemæn/na. n. an only child, an only begotten
B  ríko. va. stored up, put away. 
O  riko. from. iko, ikotav. Riko bai: to gather, to provide provisions.  vt. rikoa, ririkoa, rikorikoa: to gather, to gather up, to harvest, to pick, to heap together, to make provision of ... 
B  rikóa. vt. to pick up. 
B  rikórikoa. vt. frequentative of rikoa
B  ríku. n. a vine, the. 
O  riku. or. ruku. (usual).  n. a creeper (plant).  sn. Ipomea sp., convolvulus
O  rikuma. or. rukuma. (usual).  vt. to roll, to wrap, to fold (clothes, mats), to close (books), to make a parcel. 
B  rikuri:/. n. a degree (ENG)
B  ri:m. n. a ream (ENG)
B  rím'a. a. lap-streaked, thicker than the adjoining plank
O  rima. n. edge of board made to fit into groove of another board. <tongue and groove>.  v. tae-rima: to plane, to whittle, to make smooth, even.  fig. accord, agreement, understandinga. ae rima: having ...  red. rimarimavc. karima: to make this ...  red. karimarima: to make ...  ex. a rimarima nanora: our hearts are united
rima n nano
O  rima n nano. n. intimate agreement, perfect understanding. 
rima n nanoa
O  rima n nanoa. vt. to love, to make love with one accord. 
B  rímaai. n. a fish, the. 
O  rimai. n. a fish, houndfishsn. Belonidae
G  rímaai. n. possibly a species of houndfish (ll). 
B  rim'árim'a. vt. to care well for as children. 
B  rimóa. vi. to go beforea. previous, formern. a going before, a speaking beforehand.  adv. before, previously
O  rimoa. v. to go in front (ri-moa), to go first, to come first.  ex. rimoau, ri moam, ri moana, rimoaira, ri moami, ri moaia: to pass (go) before me, you, him, etc.  n. act of passing in front, going before.  red. ririmoa (repetition).  a. first, precedent, anterior, antecedent, more ancient, older.  vt. (irr.) rimoa, ririmoa: to go before, to precede, to anticipateex. rimoai, rimoako, rimoaira, rimoaki:  in the imperative, rimoau! (not rimoai) precede me.  rimoa ni bong: older by the day.  adv. before, previously, formerly.  ex. ngke rimoa: of old, of yorerimoarimoa: a long time agovc. karimoa: to make go first, to let go first, ... go before.  n. te karimoa: the eldest (in family).  ex. a father says au karimoa: my eldest.  a child says karimoau: my elder brother or sister. 
rimoa n rara
O  Rimoa n rara. n. myth. pers. who saw or shed the first blood. 
B  rimwí. vi. to go afterward
rimwí. n. a going later, a speaking later.  a. subsequent, later.  adv. afterwards, subsequently. 
O  rimwi. or. rimui (ri-mwi).  v. to pass, to go, to come after, following behind, later, late.  a. rimwi, ririmwi: ulterior, subsequent, posterior, following, futureadv. rimwi, n rimwi: after, afterwards, then, later, later on, by and by, no hurry.  vt. (irr.) rimwiai, rimwiko, rimwina, rimwira, rimwingkami, rimwia, rimwiakiex. in the imperative, riwiu (not rimwiko).  N na rimwim, (not N na rimwiko:) I will come after you.  v. ka-rimwi: to follow, to send after.  vc. ka rimwia: idemex. te karimwi: younger, junior (of two), the following one.  a father says: au karimwi: my youngest child.  a child says: karimwiu: my younger brother ..., or sister.  v. ri-mwiu, ri-mwim, ri-mwia, rimwira, ri-moami, ri-moaia: to pass after, to come after me ..., you, he, etc. 
B  rimwímaata. n. Cor scorpionis, summera. being the summer season
O  Rimwimata. n. Antares of Scorpio. <star>.  n. Rimwimata, tai n rimwimata: the good season for sailing (April-August).  ant. Nei Auti: bad season. 
rimwimata ni meang
O  Rimwimata ni Meang. n. a star. Arcturus of Bootes
B  rjn. vi. to wane as the moon
rjn. n. a dry coconut leaf
O  rin. n. a withered coconut leaf <frond>.  see ai-rin, o-rin, bo-rin
rin1. n. penetration, introduction.  v. to penetrate, to go in, to intrudevc. karina: to make go in, to put in, to penetrate, to push inkarinnakoa: to push in (down), to push right in, totally, profoundly.  red. rinrin (repetition).  v. ka-rinrin: to put in several times.  n. act of ... 
rin te koro ni bai
O  rin te koro ni bai. n. bone of wrist (Carpalcubital). 
rin te wae
O  rin te wae. n. tibia
B  rína. n. the larvae from which lice apring. 
O  rina. n. a nit (of louse).  note. te uti: adult louse.  a. rinarina: full of ... 
rina1. a. sudden, unexpected, happening suddenly, all at once.  adv. n rina, ni karina: suddenly, all at onceex. e karina ni baka: he fell suddenlye baka ni karina: idemv. karinaex. e karina ni mate: he died suddenly.  vc. karina: to surprise, to enter, to arrive upon unexpectedly.  ex. e karina te mate: death took him unawares. 
B  rínaba. n. the spine
O  rinaba. n. the backbone
B  rínamæte. a. sickly, invalided.  n. a sick person. 
O  rinamate. n. apparent death, apparently dying, languishing, in declineex. e rinamate, e ina ni mate
B  rinæn/. n. a row, a rank, a pile , a linevi. to stand in a row or line. 
O  rinan. and rinangn. row, line, rank, filea. in line, in row, in rank.  n. te rinan n nuka: the middle row.  vc. ka-rinana: to put in lines, rows. 
O  rinanganibai. n. humerus bone
B  rinæ/nginib'á. n. a large rock on the land. 
O  rinanginiba. n. inside line of reef
B  rinæ/no. a. humble, lown. lowness, humbleness. 
O  rinano. v. to go, to pass below, through the depths, ... the deep water.  n. act of ...  ant. rieta
rinano1. n. lower part, grounda. low, lower.  fig. humblea. nanorinano: humility.  vc. karinanoa: to lower, to put lower down, to let down, to humiliate
O  rinanoa. vt. to revise, to check, to reconsider, to re-examine (an affair).  ex. e na rinanoaki am bubuti: your request will be considered
rinanoa1. v. to pass beside, to pass through. 
B  rinænobárabara. a. low as a tree or house
B  rínarina. va. abounding in the nits of lice as the hair. 
B  ríne. vi. to exceed, to excel, to be superior, to pass beyond, to project above. 
O  rine. n. superiority, eminence, venerableness.  a. surpassing, superior, eminent, excellent, venerableex. te tama ae rine: revered father, venerable father.  vc. karinea, karinerinea: to respect, to honour, to venerate.  n. te karinerine: respect, veneration. 
rine1. n. choice, selection, preference, predilection, optionred. rinerinev. rine, rinerine: to choose, to prefervt. rinea, rinerinea: to choose, to elect, to vote for, to prefer.  n. election, selection.  see rinorino
rine i eta
O  rine i eta. sup. superlative of n.a. rine. most eminent, sublime, supreme
B  rinéa. vt. to select
B  rinéieta. a. higher, tall, lofty, famous
B  rj/nen. n. linen (ENG)
B  rinérine. vi. to engage in selecting, to be partialn. selection, partiality. 
B  rinerinéa. vt. frequentative of rinea
B  rjng. a. sunburnedn. the rash caused by sunburn. 
O  ring. na. a burn on skin, sunburnsee manrang
ring1. n. te riring: touch, sense of touch.  v. riringa: to touch, to feel, to handle, to meddle with, to massage, to disturb, to arrange, to disarrangevt. ringa, riringa: idemfig. to make an impression on, to move, to touch, to affect.  v. ringa-b'ai: to touch things, to upset (to steal, polite). 
B  ri:/nga. vt. to feel of, to handle, to touch
B  ríngiring. n. eaves
O  ringiringi. n. edge of roof (where thatch is cut), lean to, guttering;ex. tabon te ringiringi: edge of roof at four corners (te ninginingi). 
B  ringóngo. vi. to snore, to blow as a whalen. snoring, the blowing of a whale. 
O  ringongo. n. snoring.  v. to snore
O  ringongorake. n. sniffling, snuffling, snivelling, snorting.  v. to sniff, to snuffle, to snivel, to snort, to spout (whales). 
B  ringóungou. vi. to hanker after as food set aside against a time of need. 
O  ringoungou. a. hard to satisfy (with food), always wanting more.  vt. ringoungoua ... 
B  ringoungóua. vt. to persistently long for, as food set aside against time of need. 
B  rinibaáreke. n. the clavicle, the collar bone
B  rínibébe. n. the hip bone, the upper part of the pelvis at the side. 
B  rínibuáre. n. a fish's ribs
B  riníka. a. blighted or defective, as the kernel of a young coconutn. a fish bone
B  rínikáokao. n. a rib
O  rino. from. rinea. rinorino, berino: finicky, hard to please, very meticulous, of delicate tastes.  sup. berinorinoex. bang n rinorino: inclined to be ...  vt. rinoa: to do carefully, with taste, artistically, to choose carefully, perfectly, completely. 
B  rinóa. n. a large baurua
rinóa. vt. to finish well, to perfect
O  rinoa. n. te rinoa: a large well-constructed canoeex. te wa ae rinoaki
O  rinobarabara. see rinanobarabaraa. very low
L  rinonikai. sn. Kyphosus (kyphosidae)n. rudder-fish
B  rinórino. n. particularity, preciseness, exactnessa. particular, hard to suit. 
B  rinórinoa. vt. to make or do with great care. 
B  rjn/rjn. vi. frequentative of rin
B  rin/tuaábon. n. a certain bone of the body, the. 
B  río. va. composed, originated as the words of a song
río. adv. down
O  rio. n. lower or west side, used only in compound words.  ant. rakev. rio mai: to come, to advance from the west, from lower down.  suf. wai-rio: to go towards the west, to descend <westward>.  ex. buti rio: to move towards ...  vc. ka-rioa, kariorioa: to make go towards ...  see katanrioa, kawairioa
rio1. ex. e rio: it is composed. (said of a song, poem.).  n. te kario: ceremony performed at tanrake to obtain inspiration.  ex. te kai ni kario: rod or wand waved about to obtain inspiration.  vc. karioa: to perform this ceremony for a song.  ex. e karioa te manewe
O  riokanikai. v. to expose oneself to danger.  n. temerity, recklessness, audacityvt. riokanikaia, riri ...: to brave danger. 
L  ripa. sn. Acanthurus bleekeri (acanthuridae) A. mataA. olivaceousA. pyroferusCtenochaetusn. surgeonfish, unicornfish
L  ripatanin. sn. Acanthurus lineatus (acanthuridae)n. surgeonfish, unicornfish
B  ríri. n. a skirt, a skirt fringe of split coconut leaves, the usual dress of females. 
ri:/ri:. n. a ruffle for wrist or neck.  n. great desirevi. to be earnest in desire. 
O  riri. and ririu (S.), riru (N.).  ex. ririm, etc.  n. loin cloth, lavalava, grass skirt, underskirt;ex. te mane n riri: an old skirt, or lavalava, used when working.  te nano n riri: tape or string to tie ... around waist.  riri-kororo: a short ...  ririmaranga: ... made of leaves not close together.  riri-marai: a long ...  riri tabanin: ... going all around.  te bakaruru: ... open at the side.  te tae buka: thick ...  te tae tango: ... of leaves not cut.  te kaburara: ... coarsely made.  te bakamuri, te bakabenuamuri: ... made of two pieces, tied at sides.  ex. te ... marena: ... made of four pieces.  ex. te bebei: ... made of hammered leaves.  te kangkang: ... made of chewed leaves (kangtaki).  vt. riria: to have, to put on, to wear a ... 
riri1. v. to let oneself be drawn to, attracted by, seduced ...  ex. e riri iai: he is tempted by that.  n. te kariri: attraction, seduction, temptation.  ex. te tia kariri: the tempter, seducer.  vc. ka-riria: to lure, to attract, to tempt. 
riri2. n. object for coquetry, to charm, finery worn on neck, ears, hair.  ex. te riri n taninga: bone, feather, etc., worn in pierced ear.  vt. riria: to have ..., to wear ... 
riri3. a. full of bones, fishbones, having large bones.  see kau-ri, ikariri, kariri, tuariri
L  riri. sn. (all) Naso (Acanthuridae)n. surgeonfish, unicornfish
riri ni man
O  riri ni man. n. flute, reed, tube, hollow bone, feather, strawex. tuae rolled in cylinder shape, a valve or bukinikimoavt. ririnimania: to drink through, to use a ..., to fix a ... 
B  ri:ri:/a. vt. to adorn a garment with a ruffle
riría. vt. to clothe one's self with a riri, to wear a riri
B  ríriæbakáwai. vi. to go at fixed times. 
O  ririabakawai. nv. to come back to ..., to go back to, to go backwards and forwards
B  ríriæbakawáia. vt. to visit a place at regular intervals
B  ríriai. a. frequentative of riai: very proper
B  ríriaki. vi. to tack
O  ririaki. freq. of riakinv. to go to and fro ..., here and there
B  ririákina. vt. frequentative of riakina: to tack
B  rírib(a. n. rocky soila. rocky. 
B  ríribaa. vt. frequentative of riba: to habitually have a dislike for, to hate
O  ririba. see v. riba: to hate
ririba1. n. a sharp rock, a rock with sharp points. 
B  ríribai. vi. to be in the mood of disliking or hatingn. hatred, dislike
O  riribai. from. riban. habitual aversion, constant repugnance, hostility, antipathy, rancour, resentmentv. to have ...  see kairiribai
B  ríribóno. va. closely set as the pickets of a fence
B  ríribúki. n. the half of a ripe coconut opposite the eyes. 
O  riribuki. syn. n ririkewevt. riribukia: to leave a small piece in coconut shell (superstition).  n. lucky charm
B  riribúkia. vt. to reject as food the outer half of a coconut when it has been tabooed. 
O  ririe. n. sandbank or reef in lagoon.  see tuake
B  ríriere. vi. to put on consequential airs
O  ririere. n. arrogance, sufficiencya. arrogant, pretentioussup. ririerere, ntariere
B  ríriereere. vi. frequentative of ririere
B  rírieta. a. plural of rietata
B  rírika. a. wakefuln. wakefulness. 
O  ririka. n. te kai n ririka: the last piece of timber placed over ba ni kakari at ridge. 
ririka1. from. riri and kanan. allurement, obsession, desirev. to be seduced, lured by the charm, taken with, infatuated, crazy about.  ex. ko ririka irouna: you are crazy about him.  e ririki, e ruberube: he is charmed, his heart beats fast.  a. ka-ririka: attractive, charming, alluring, seductive.  v. to attract, to seduce.  (irr.) ririka te ...: (no passive) to have taste, desire for ...  vc. ka-ririka: to make ...  vt. ririkana: to indulge one's passion, to desire for, to dote on.  ka-ririkana: to make ..., to give ... 
B  rírikaáki. vi. frequentative of rikaki: to return, to retire
B  rírikána. va. having a capricious appetite
B  rírikáua. a. inconstant, fickle
O  ririkaua. a. to be torn between two desires, two opposite allurements, divided between ...  vt. ririkaua: to be infatuated by two contrary desires (unable to make a choice) .be ririkewe.  n. see riribuki
O  ririkewe. n. last piece of kernel in coconut shell.  vt. ririkewea: to leave a ...  see syn. riribuki
B  riríki. n. a year
O  ririki. n. yearsee tannang
B  riríkirake. vi. to continue to increase
B  ríriko. n. a tooth of the porpoise, strung on a necklace
O  ririko. n. te wi n ririko (closely placed teeth).  shark's teeth <tooth> (formerly kept as precious possession). 
B  rírikoa. vt. frequentative of rikoa
B  ririkóroro. vi. to wear a skirt with a long fringe, to go long skirted.  n. the wearing of a long skirt, a long fringed skirt. 
B  ririm'árai. a. clothed with a riri with a long fringen. a skirt with a long fringe. 
B  rírimaránga. see a ririmarena
B  ririmæ/rena. n. a thinly braided riri often worn by girls.  vi. to wear a thinly braided riri
B  rírimoa. vi. to go on before.  frequentative of rimoa
B  rírimwi. vi. frequentative of rimwi
B  rirínga. n. clear sunlight, sunshinevi. to shine bright as the sun
ri:/ringa. vi. frequentative of ringa
O  riringa. n. heat of the sun (not sunlight), radiance, reflection, reverberationex. riringa ni moan atu: morning sun between two showers, sign of death.  riringa ni moanu wae: evening sun between two showers, sign of death.  riringa n nano n ie: sun between two showers to dry sail.  riringa n tai bakoa: sunshine on overcast day.  kiakian te riringa: reverberation.  va. e riringa: the sun is shining <shine>, it is hot, to be in the sun, to be exposed to the sun.  vc. ka-riringa: to put ..., to expose to the sun. 
B  rirínimæn. n. a hollow stick or bird's bone for sucking up a drink,.  a kind of tuae
B  rirínimæ/nia. vt. to sip with a ririniman .  to prepare tuae in a certain way. 
O  ririokanikai. v. to expose to danger, to punishment, to face danger.  see ruruanikia, kaoanikai
B  ríritang. n. a crack in a callous sole
O  riritang. n. crevices on soles of feet. 
B  ríritínga. vi. frequentative of ritinga: to keep up a slow fire on the ground. 
B  ríro. n. a fish, the. 
O  riro. n. a fish, resembling octopus. 
L  riro. sn. Cephalopodan. squid
riro ni kai
O  riro ni kai. n. a fish (in shoals), rudder fishsn. Kyphosus cinerascens
B  rírongo. n. a variety of coral
O  rirongo. n. (1) a species of coraln. (2) unproductive land. 
L  rirongo. sn. Millepora (fire corals) (coelenterate)n. all stinging corals. 
B  rirónikai. n. a fish, the. 
G  rirónikai. sn. Kyphosus cinerascens (ll)n. rudderfish (sm). 
riru ma rarae
O  riru ma rarae. n. a constellation
B  ritang/. n. the innermost part of the husk of the bunia not chewed, the leaflets near the base of a coconut frond. 
ri:tang/. vi. to express great vexation at theft
O  ritang. n. (1) te ritang ni bani: the place where palm leaf joins trunk.  n. te ritang ni bunia: inside portion of husk of bunia adhering to shell.  (2) small fruit attached to larger one. 
ritang1. from. riri and tangn. regret, lamentation, complaint, discontentment for ...  vt. ritangia: to regret, to lament, to deplore ...  red. riritang, riritangia
B  ritángia. vt. to lament greatly over a thing stolen
O  ritani. n. litany (ENG)
B  ritaánin. n. a species of grass, the. 
O  ritanin. n. a kind of rush grass growing in swamps.  sn. Syperus javanicus
O  ritari. v. to go by way of the sea.  ant. ri-eta, rianna
B  ritEm/ba. n. December (ENG)
O  Ritemba. n. December (ENG)
B  ríti. n. a wick
O  riti. n. a wisp of husk for lighting fire, tow, wick
riti1. n. (S.).  syn. biura (S.).  birikan: billy can, tin can
B  ritínga. va. cooked to cindersvi. to keep up a slow fire on the ground.  n. a smoking fire-brand
O  ritinga. n. (1) ancient method of preserving fire.  (2) a long taper made of husk burning away slowly.  from. riti
B  ritóro. n. a roll of pan leaves
O  ritoro. n. a roll of pandanus leaves prepared for weaving.  vt. ritorona: to put leaves in rolls.  ex. teritorona, uaritoro: one ..., two ... 
B  ritórona. vt. to roll, or make into a roll, pan leaves. 
B  ro. n. salary, sustenance, a livingdarkness.  a girdle, a cable, a warpa. darkvi. to faint from weakness
O  ro. n. obscurity, darkness, gloomfig. gross ignorance, ignorance of childhood.  ex. e ro: night, dark, gloomy, obscure, ignorant, without reason.  te rotongitong: thick darkness.  e roro ...: very dark.  n. te ro n nano: gross ignorance.  ex. te nano ro, e nano ro: he has not reached age of reason, he is ignorant, stupidvc. ka rotongitonga: to make very dark (night or mind).  ex. A ro tabo n ati: The rocks are not visible (for sailing or fishing).  ex. A ro matau: I feel weak, faintvc. ka-roa: to darken, to dim.  v. kairoro: to act, to get up, to stay in dark.  see airo, rona, robungia
ro1. n. cable, rope, chain, belt, anchor chain, anchorex. te ati n ro: stone anchor.  fig. te ro teaina, ro te aina: work in shifts, teams, in one gang, all together, to make copra going from land to land.  vt. roa: to attach, to tie up, to put at end of rope, to tether, to anchor.  ex. roa te nano: to overcome oneself. 
ro2. n. salary, pay, pension, fee, <tuition>.  ex. rou, rom, rona, etc.  vt. rona, karekea rona: to pay salary, fees, pension. 
ro ni kiri
O  ro ni kiri. n. a dog chain, lasso (used formerly to entangle and trip warrior). 
B  róa. n. a fish, the. 
róaa. vt. to catch a fish with rod and line
róa. vt. to ride astride the neck as a child. 
roóa. vt. to anchor a craft.  ex. roa nanom: don't cry
O  roa. n. a fish, unicorn fish
roa1. n. a vessel tied to cord to get water from well.  v. roa, roaroa: to get water with ...  n. te roaroa: the act of ... 
roa2. v. roa, roaroa: to fish with rod and line;  ex. roa-ati, roa-bawe, etc. 
roa3. v. roa: to be astride on another's shoulders.  idiom. ironically said of persons wanting to be carried (for ex. ashore).  ex. a roa I-Mataing! a roa babavt. roa, roaroa: to carry on shoulders.  vc. ka-roa, karoaroa: to take up and carry thus.  n. te karoaroa: this mode of transport. 
G  roá. sn. Naso unicornis (ll)n. unicornfish (sm). 
B  róaroa. vi. frequentative of roa
róaroaa. vt. frequentative of roa
róaroa. adv. veryex. e ka:n roaroa very neare maka roaroa: burning very brightly. 
O  roaroa. n. fishing with rod and line.  suf. see miroaroa, makaroaroa
roaroa nako
O  roaroa nako. a. lengthened out, spread out, spreading out in distance. 
B  roáta. n. a centipede
O  roata. n. centipedesn. Scolopendre
B  roatána. vt. to make a raft of ripe coconuts or firewood for the purpose of towing or transporting the same. 
O  roatana. vt. roatana: to make raft of coconuts and drag them by sea. 
B  rób'a. n. a very coarse mat made of the pan leaf. 
O  roba. n. a large coarse mat made of pandanus leaves. 
roba1. v. to flap, to balance, to shiver (sail), to shake, to move about.  ex. te roba n taninga: lobe of ear;  ex. e robaroba te ie: the sail flaps.  e robaroba te nao: the wave tosses about, ready to break.  vc. ka roba, ka robaroba: to let flap, etc.  n. te karobaroba: flapping. 
B  roóbaki. n. a roebuck (ENG)
B  robároba. vi. to shake as a sail when not full.  n. the shaking of a sail in the windn. the outer ear
B  róbitæra. a. separated as husband and wife. 
O  robitara. n. divergence, disagreement, discord, misunderstanding (household, married life, family, clan).  aro bitara: general discord. 
B  roóbu. n. a foreign rope of manila or hemp (ENG)
O  robu. n. rope, cordage. (ENG)vt. robuna: to flog, to whip, to lash, to beat with ... 
robu1. n. century plantsn. Agave sp. 
B  róbuna. vt. to lash, to scourge
B  róbung. va. enclosed as the sides of a house with mats
O  robung. a. darkening, darkvt. robungia: to darken.  ex. robungia te ru: to darken the room. 
B  robúngia. vt. to screen, to fuenish with mat-curtains
O  roio. n. lawyer, advocate, clever talker, able to convince, discuss, debate. (ENG)ex. bon te roio te aomata anne: he is a real lawyer. 
B  róka. n. a log (measure) (ENG)bib. Lev 14 : 10. 
O  roka. n. lock, padlock. (ENG)syn. te ntababa
B  rókæti. n. a locust (ENG)
O  rokati. n. locust (ENG)
B  rókea. n. a fish, the. 
O  rokea. n. a dangerous sharksn. Enlamia melanepterus
G  rokea. n. a large and very dangerous shark.  (ll). 
L  rokea. ew. lokea.  sn. Isurus (lamnidae)n. mackeral shark
O  rokeatau. n. a species of shark with pointed snout. 
B  róki. n. a curtain, a screen, a partition
O  roki. n. screen, curtain, shutter, screen of mats, etc.  closed in place, closed with screen, bathroomex. kanoan te roki: young girl kept enclosed to get fair skinned, fair skinned girl.  vt. rokia, rokirokia: to close, to enclose, to protect with screen, curtains, etc. 
B  rókia. vt. to screen or furnish with mat curtains. 
B  rokirókia. vt. frequentative of rokia
B  róko. vi. to come, to arriven. an arrival. 
O  roko. n. arrival, coming, visitv. to arrive, to come, to come along, to happen, to attain, to reacha. arrived, come about, happened, attained.  red. roroko, rokoroko: to come often, ... several times, constantly.  v. roko raoi: to arrive just in time, at right moment, <fit (as clothes)>.  roko buaka: to arrive at bad time, unfavourable time.  n. roko n anti or rokomaon: coming rarely, making short visit.  vc. karokoa, karorokoa: to make come, to let come, to wait for arrival of ..., to adjust, to adaptred. karorokoa. ni karokoa: until, until the arrival of ...  vc. karokoraea: to adjust badly, to adapt wrongly.  n. kabo-roko: agreement to arrive together.  v. to compete for arrival. 
O  rokomaon. nv. intermittent visits, rare visits, irregular visits (not keeping dates). 
B  rókou. n. the logos, the word (GR)
B  rómætoa. a. fixed in one place of abode
O  romatoa. and koromatoa (koro-matoa):  a. (1) preserving, economical, money-grabber, holding fast to one's goods.  ex. e koro matoanaa. (2) romatoa: anchored, strongly fixedv. (3) to stay a long time in the same place, to loiter, to become embedded.  n. (4) romatoa: high salary, high fees
O  ron. suf. (used only in compound words) mronron, tironron, karonron, mataronron, timronron, etc. 
ron rimwimata
O  Ron Rimwimata. n. stars of Scorpion under Antares
B  róna. vt. to reef, to make smaller
roóna. vt. to darken, to make dark. 
O  rona. vt. rona te ai: to gather together the embers to keep fire going, to diminish its size, circumference.  rona te ie: to make sail smaller (by tightening over lower yard during strong wind).  syn. tao-ra
rona1. from. ro: darkness.  vt. to darken ..., to place in obscurity, to stop the light, to veil, to screenex. ko ronai: you are in my light. 
rona2. vt. to pay fees, salary, to pay wages of someone. 
B  róngo. n. faminevi. to be in a state of famine. 
O  rongo. n. famine, scarcity, droughtex. e rongo te aba: there is a dought, famine rages.  te tai n rongo: drought time.  te aorongo: the approach of famine (scarcity of fruit on trees).  a. ka-rongo: which causes, brings famine, looks like ..., recalls time of famine. 
B  róngoaa. vi. to be disturbed by a noise
róngoa. n. a disturbance or interruption occasioned by noise. 
O  rongoa. and karongoan. noise, hubbub, uproar, racket, great noise.  v. rongoa: to be defened by noise, disturbed by ..., upset by ...  ex. ti rongoa iroum: you disturb us with your noise.  a. rongoa: deafening by noise, row, etc.  va. karongoa, kakarongoa: to make noise, uproar, etc. 
B  róngorongo. n. news
O  rongorongo. n. news, rumourex. manin rongorongo: carrier of news.  v. ua-rongorongo: to carry news, to spread ..., to tell ...  vn. kaewe rongorongo: idem
roni kama
O  Roni kama. n. stars a and b of Centaursyn. Taura ni Kaman. Roni Kameang star of Chariot
B  ronikaáma. n. name of a certain star
B  roóro. n. the spathe of a coconut tree when open, the open spathe which once contained the minute coconuts. 
roró. a. black, dark-colored, blue
róro. n. a generation
roóro. vi. to be at anchor, to anchor. 
O  Roro. n. a land in the west. 
roro. n. generationex. te roro, ngkoangkoa: ancient generation.  roron Na Bawe: the generation of Na Bawe, of yore, primitive man.  fig. an old, small, wizened-up man.  n. i-tama-roro: close together, steps and stairs.  ex. Terorona, uaroro: one ..., two generations. 
roro1. n. black, dark colour.  a. black.  suf. kun-roro, riba-roro, be-roro: dark skin, feathers, complexion.  a. taka-roro: very black, altogether black.  ex. wanga-roro: blackish. 
roro2. n. a dish made of tuae and coconut milk. 
roro3. v. to navigate a passage (boat, canoe);  ex. roro-rake: pass from ocean to lagoon.  roro-rio: to pass out through passage in reef to the ocean.  roro-nako: to go out through passage.  vc. karoroa: to make pass, to pilot through.  ex. karoronakoa: idem
roro4. from. rov. to drop anchor, to ride at anchor
roro5. n. withered dry spathe, used for firewood. 
roro n tika
O  roro n tika. n. the bloom of youth
B  roróa. n. the neck
O  roroa. n. neck;ex. te roroa ni bai: wristte roroa ni wae: ankleex. te tibu roroa, te katibu roroa: swollen glands in the neck;  ex. kona te roroa: to strangle
B  roróbuaka. n. an able-bodied man.  a. able-bodied. 
O  rorobuaka. n. youth, young man. 
B  roro:búngia. vt. frequentative of robungia
B  roróko. n. a large were
O  roroko. n. te roroko: convocation.  ex. te tia roroko: convoker, caller, exciter, conductorvt. rorokoa: to make come, to convoke, tostimulate, to exciteex. rorokoa te anti: to make the spirits come. 
roroko1. n. were n rorokon. a large biv. shell fish
roroko2. v. to arrive at the wrong time.  syn. kabitara
L  roroko. sn. 'flute' tridacoconuta typesn. bivalve
B  rórokoti. n. a fish, the. 
O  rorokoti. n. a small fish found in shoals. 
B  roron/. vt. to make smaller (used in the plural).  see rona
B  roronaáb'æwe. a. much older than another.  n. one much older than another. 
B  rorónga. n. an unmarried man of any age.  a. unmarried as a man. 
O  roronga. n. single man, bachelor
B  róroningkóangkoa. n. one much older
O  rorouba. from. routa and uba (stick out chest).  v. to boast, to strut
O  roroutake. n. pretentious boastingv. to put oneself first, before others.  vt. roroutakea: idem
B  róta. vt. to reach
O  rota. vt. to reach, to attain, to equal, to be able to touch.  ex. Ko aki rota bau: You don't reach my ankle, you are not up to my rank.  E rotai am taeka: Your words touched me. 
rota1. or. rotin. (1) rose. (ENG)sn. (2) Pseuderanthernum carruthereu
B  rótabonæti. a. too dark to sail with safety amid shoals
O  Rotario. n. Rosary (ENG)
B  roótati. n. lotus (ENG)
B  rótem. n. a juniper (HEB)
B  roóti. n. a rose (ENG)
G  roti. sn. Pseuderanthemum carruthersii Seem. (z)
O  rotintin. n. a kind of skirt (tuntun). 
B  roótiwori. n. rosewood (ENG)
B  róto. a. damp, water-soaked
róto. n. a fertile land, rich soil
O  roto. a. (1) moistened, very dampvc. karotoa: to wet, to moistenn. (2) land well watered, humid, very fertile.  ex. rotouea: idem
B  rotóngitong. a. very darkbib. Jer 2 : 31.  n. great darkness. 
B  rótouéa. n. fertile rich soil
B  ròtu. n. the spider shell-fish
ròtu. a. dull, not sharp, blunt
O  rotu. a. blunt, not sharp.  ex. roturotu: very blunt.  vt. rotua: to make blunt, to take the edge off.  vc. karotua: to make blunt ...  fig. to impede, to contradict, to counteractex. Ko karotua te taeka: You contradict what I said, you take away the effect, you suppress the real meaning.  syn. kabubu
rotu1. n. spider shell fishh (shell with six points). 
B  róu. n. a fish, the. 
róu. pron. selfex. i rou: by me, with me (preceded by the preposition i).  i roum: by youi rouna: by him, etc. 
O  rou. n. reef fishex. rou-baneaua: species of scavenger fish.  nv. ka-rou: to fish for ... 
rou1. from. routa. used in several compound words.  ex. rou-babai, rou-bwebwe: pulling up of ...  nv. rourou: to pull up by roots. 
G  róu. sn. Aprion sp.n. poisonous snapper (cc). 
róu. sn. Lethrinus rhodopterusn. scavenger (hh). 
L  rou. sn. Lethrinus miniatus (lethrinidae)n. emperor (fish). 
O  roua. for. oro-uavt. to hit, to spear while holding weapon with both hands.  ex. rouaia!: spear it! 
O  rouai. v. to tie with double cord, string.  vt. rouaia: idemv. roten ...: with triple ...  vt. rotenia: idem
B  roubæ/neawa. n. a fish, the. 
G  roubæ/neawa. sn. Lethrinus variegatus (ll)n. scavenger (sm). 
B  róuiaa. vt. to serve a person by pulling out scattering gray hairs
róuia. vi. to engage in pulling out scattering gray hairs. 
O  roukin. n. perfume
B  róurou. vi. to dig up babain. the digging up of babai
B  róuta. vt. to dig up as a root of babai
O  routa. from. rouvt. to pull up, to dig up, to uproot, to extract, to extirpatered. rorouta, rourouta, rorouta roroana: crane the neck.  ex. e roroutia: he draws himself up, carries his head high. 
O  rouwi. v. to draw, to extract teeth.  syn. kouwi (more used). 
B  rrrébetunga. vi. to borrow without asking.  n. borrowing or utilizing without permission. 
B  ru. a. doubled as a coconut
ru. n. a room (ENG)
O  ru. *room,. compartment, cabin, cell. (ENG)a. divided into ... 
ru1. rad. of ruo, rua, ruoa, ruru
B  rúa. vt. to change, to alter, to succeed, to take the place of.  ex. e rua mwina he took his place
rúa. n. a babai patch, a pit, a grave
rua. a. nineex. always followed by a suffix numeral, ai,ua,ung,man,nga,kai,kora,.  or by a certain noun, as bong, ririki,ritoro,inaki,atao,ba,.  or by certain adjectives, as bwi, bubua
rúa. a. altered, changed as in ther expression of the eyes by sickness
O  rua. suf. showing error, confusion, disorderex. maurua, rekerua, rinerua, etc. (for things), false appearance, appearing different, being transformed into ..., confused, taken for something elsee rua te bai: taking one thing instead of another (for persons), confusion, illusion, error, to make mistake, to mistake for, to be lost, to stray, to be lured, bushed, bewildered.  e rua matana: his eyes wander (dying person).  e rua baiu: my hand made a mistake.  a rua matau: I am bewildered.  vc. karua, karuarua: to mislead, to bewilder, to lead astray, to delude, to deceive, to mistake one thing for another, to confuse, to make an error about ...  a. ae karua: misleading, bewildering.  see compound words following and also airerua, airua, karerua, matarua, bairua
rua1. n. a pit, ditch, trenchex. te ruarua: idemte rua ni mate: grave, cemeteryte rua ni babai: taro-pit.  a. ruarua: full of ... 
rua2. num. adj. nine;ex. ruaman, ruaiua, ruakai, etc.  rua-bubua: 900.  rua-nga: 9,000.  te karuaiua, te karuaman: the ninthrua: nine (special counting). 
rua. n. a pit for benu on beach.  ex. a rua ni benu: there are not many of them (a benu pit could hold them). 
rua n nano
O  rua n nano. n. bewilderment, astonishment, stupefaction, surprise, mental aberration.  a. astonished, bewildered, at a loss.  va. karuanano: causes surprise, dumbfounds, amazes, causes delusion.  vt. karua te nano: to cause amazement, to surprise, to astonish, to stupefy
rua ni kai
O  rua ni kai. a. exposed to danger, in danger of possible mishap.  ex. karuanikai: dangerous.  vc. karuanikaia: to expose to danger, peril
B  rúaai. see a ruai
B  rúaba. n. nine, used in counting leaves
B  ruabúbua. a. nine hundred
B  ruábwi. a. ninetysee ruangaun
B  ruáea. n. nine million
B  ruaái. a. nine, used in counting tobacco sticks, hardware, chests, barrels, timber, coconut-leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish, as sharks and ikari
B  ruáiua. a. nine, in counting things in general. 
B  rúakai. a. nine, used in counting trees, plants, sections of land, fish-hooks
B  rúakora. a. nine, used in counting baskets
B  rúakuri. a. nine, hundred thousand
B  ruamákana. va. soft, flattening by its own weight, as moist tangauri
O  ruamakana. a. diluted, too watery, too thin (food, drink). 
B  rúamæn. a. nine, used in counting persons and animals
B  ruamæ/toa. va. retaining its form in a loaf, as tangauri, with little moistening. 
O  rua-matoa. a. too dry, too hard, thick (food, drink). 
B  rúamwi. vi. to take the place of.  n. an exchange of work, spelling
O  ruamwi. n. replacement, succession, substitute, successor.  te tia onomwi: substitute, one taking the place of ..., successor.  ex. ruamwi, ruamwim, ruamwina, ruamwimi, ruamwira, ruamwiav. ruamwi: to replace, to succeedvt. (irr.) ruamwia: idemex. ruamwiai, ruamwiko, ruamwina, ruamwiaki
B  ruamwía. vt. to take the place of. 
B  ruánga. a. nine thousand, nine in counting fathoms
B  ruángaun. a. ninety, used in counting when ua is not used in the digits.  see ngaun
B  rúanibénu. n. a small pit or cistern in which to soften coconut fiber.  vi. to assemble, to gather together
B  ruánikai. a. exposed to danger, liable to accidentn. exposure to danger, liability to accident. 
B  rúanimæte. n. a grave
O  ruanuna. n. a special kind of fish net
B  ruaárao. a. nine, used in counting layersspe. rua atao
B  rúarebu. a. ninety thousand
B  rúarua. a. abounding in babai pits. 
rúarua. n. a wide canoe without an outrigger
O  ruarua. n. a place having many pits
ruarua1. n. a mat for catching fish. 
ruarua2. n. a kind of canoe with tapered ends, a canoe very wide in middle.  fig. a. false, hypocritical, to look as if butter would not melt in one's mouth. 
B  rúatano. a. ninety million
O  ruatao. a. several storeys high, storeyed, heaped up.  vc. karuataoa: to pile up in layers
B  rúatæra. a. when a person fails to arrive on the appointed day, the day is called ruatara see tatara
O  ruatatara. a. want of harmony, symmetry, not matching
B  rúatoki. a. nine hundred million
B  ruátu. n. a large fish-pond trap of stone wall.  n. a chief
O  ruatu. n. (1) a fish trap made of stones having neither wae nor rangan. (2) principal place of family property.  (3) a good fishing area.  (4) a chief (obs.). 
B  ruáung. a. nine, used in counting pandanus fruit
B  rúbe. n. a ruby (ENG)
rúbe. n. a pigeon, a dove
rúbe. vi. to wink, to throb
O  rube. n. twinkling, blinking, winking, pulse beat, heart beat, throb.  red. ruberube, takaruberube (sup.).  v. to twinkle, to wink, to blink, to palpitate, to throb, to beat, to sparkleex. a ruberube itoi: the stars are twinkling.  e ruberube te mata: (superstition) something wonderful will happen.  ex. e ruberube te ria: there will be fish to eat, etc. ka-rubea, karuberubea, kaka ...: to make ... 
G  rúbe. sn. Ducula pacifica pacifican. <bird> Pacific pigeon (The upper wings and back are grey with a greenish sheen and some brownish tints; The head, neck and underparts are light pearly grey with pinkish tints on the underparts; The under tail-coverts are reddish (...) and the underwings grey. The bill is dark grey to black and there is a characteristic large soft operculum or cere at the base. The feet are bright coral red.) (aa). 
rubeirubei te nang
O  rubeirubei te nang. n. (1) frightening position of whale having whole forefront raised to perpendicular position.  n. (2) position, omen of coming storm.  n. (3) sorcery to avert same. 
B  rubérube. vi. to beat as the pulse, to throb, to winkn. pulsation, throbbing, winking. 
ruberube n taninga
O  ruberube n taninga. n. ear ring pendant
B  rubetæ/kitæki. vi. to spasmidically twitch, as a musclen. spasmodic twitching of muscle. 
O  rubetakitaki. n. nervous throbbing of muscles.  v. to have ... 
B  rúe. n. rue (ENG)
O  rueki. n. last vertebrae of spine. 
B  rúku. n. a vine resembling the morning-glory
O  ruku. or. rikun. a creeper (plant).  sn. Ibomoea alba, pos-caprae convolvulus
G  ruku. sn. Ipomoea tuban. trumpet morning glory (sp,z). 
B  rúkuma. vt. to fold, or wrap up.  n. a package
O  rukuma. or. rikumasee vt. rikuma
O  rumarang. na. a wide canoe
O  rume. a. variable, up and down, spark appearing and disappearing, changing form, intensity, changeable.  sup. rumerume, takarumerumev. karume, karumerume: which makes ...  vt. karumea, karumerumea: idemn. te karau ni karume: light and heavy rain at intervals. 
B  rung. va. giving pleasure as the odor of good mature oil, fine as the appearance of a person. 
O  rung. n. vitality, lively appearance, prosperous appearance.  a. prosperous, flourishing, agreeable, livelysup. rurung, rungurungu: very ..., pleasant to behold, to smell, full of life, ... sap.  see marurung: good health, healthy
B  rúnga. va. assembled, collectedn. an assembly, a crowd
O  runga. n. e rungarunga, e tarungarunga: moving crowd, murmur, noise of moving throng, assembly, concourse, arrival of crowd, going in crowds, assembling, rushing in crowds.  ex. runga e! runga o! get into place! get going! movevt. rungarunga: to move towards in crowds.  ex. e rungarungaki: it is the cause of assembly.  vt. rungaoa: idem. to rush on ..., towards ...  vc. ka-runga: to make crowd assemble, to call an assembly.  nv. ua-rurung: crowd marching, going in force.  ex. rungaki, rungarungaki: visited, frequented by crowd. 
O  rungata. n. assembly of long duration.  vt. rungata: to prolong a meeting.  see bongata
B  rúngurung. va. frequentative of rung
B  rúo. vi. to descend, to come or go down
O  ruo. n. fall, decline, reduction, ageing, eliminationv. ruo, ruruo, ruoruo: to descend, to fall, to decline, to be on the wane, to fall off, to grow old, to lose (in game).  ex. e ruo te bong: the day declines.  e kiruoruo: he is always losing (game, bets).  I aki ruoruo: I never lose.  i-karuoruo (a i karuoruo): a game in which loser goes out and is replaced by another player.  vt. ka-ruoa, karuoruoa, kaka ...: to lower, to bring down, to make come down, to lay aside, to remove from office, to beat at game, to eliminatenv. karuotua: to put down stakes, bets.  n. te karuoruo: fresh toddy
B  ruóa. vt. to pour out for the purpose of mixing
O  ruoa. from. ruvt. (1) to hollow out. to hollow.  ex. ruoa te kai: to hollow out a tree trunk.  see ruruo, ruoa wam: to make a canoe of tree trunk.  v. (2) to knead dough.  syn. kaboa
ruoa1. from. ruov. to descend
O  ruobeku. v. to beat unmercifully.  vt. ruobekua: idem
B  ruóia. n. heathen chanting accompanied with gestures, slaps, and stamps.  vi. to engage in heathen chanting accompanied with gestures, slaps , and stamps. 
O  ruoia. n. dance (Gilbertese national), ballet dance in sitting or standing posture, with or without foot movement.  sorcery in preparation for this dance.  v. ruoia, ruruoia: to dance.  ex. kinds: te bino, bino n tei, te kateitei, te buka, te teru, te wa ni banga, te wa n tarawa, te kamei, etc. ...  vn. ka-ruoia: to make dance.  vt. karuoia, kakaruoia: make ... 
B  rúoikábuti. n. a fish, the. 
O  ruomakana. or. ruamakanav. to become less thick, more liquid
B  ruomarákerake. vi. to be fickle minded or inconstant in one's regard.  n. fickle mindedness, inconstancy of regard. 
O  ruomarakerake. n. stubborness, obstinacyv. to overbid, to outbid
O  ruomatoa. or. ruamatoav. getting thicker, thickening. 
B  ruóna. vt. to descend to. 
O  ruona. from. ruov. to descend on, to embark on, to go on board ..., to go towards, to attack, to vie with, to rush on, ... towards, to fall upon, to move towards, to move down on.  ex. e na ruoniko kaim: punishment will fall on you. 
B  rúonako. a. abundant, great, muchn. a bunch of coconuts fallen to the ground. 
O  ruonako. n. abundance, excess, avalanchea. en masse, in excess.  vc. karuonako, kakaruonako: idemn. fall, tumblev. to fall or descend in quantity.  n. inguinal herniaex. te kuna ae ruonako: very effective, powerful song, dance
B  ruónamaiáwa. a. an adjective descriptive of a person with a red face or clothed in a red garment. 
B  rúoruo. vi. to explode with a loud noise
O  ruoruo. v. to explode, to burst with loud noise. 
O  rura. n. ruler, foot rule (ENG)
B  rúru. vi. to tremble
rúru. n. a lily blossom, a babai blossom. 
O  ruru. n. (1) shivering, shaking, vibration, trembling.  v. to shake, to shiver, to vibrateex. tang n ruru: to vibrate.  n. te ruru, te karuru: anything that tinkles, tingles when put in motion, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, shells.  vc. ka-rurua: to make shiver ..., to vibrate ..., to shake, to shake up, to rattlesee maru, maruru, takarurun. (2) lily flower, taro flower, long stem which trembles
ruru1. nv. the work of cleaning calabash shells used for collecting toddy (ruru-ibu).  n. te kai n ruru: stick used for this work. 
rurua n nano
O  rurua n nano. from. rua: changen. inconstance, frivolity, whim.  a. ruannano, ruruanano: inconstant, frivolous, whimsical, unfaithful, changeable. 
B  rúruai. a. abundant as bunches or clusters of nuts on a coconut tree. 
O  ruruai. n. fresh, new, laden with small fruit which eventually fall.  ex. ni ni ngaun
B  ruruæ/næno. a. inconstant, fickle minded.  n. inconstancy, fickle mindedness. 
B  rúrub'aro. n. a spinningtop made of a bulging broad half coconut-shell
O  rurubaro. n. Gilbertese spinning top with stem, bottom end of coconut, a concave form. 
O  rurubene. n. assistants or helpers of tia ototo.  v. to keep in mind, learn songs composed by him. 
B  rurubénebene. vi. to tremble greatly.  n. great trembling. 
O  rurubenebene. from. rurufreq. n sudden trembling.  v. to tremble or shiver violently.  vc. karurubenebenea: to make, ... to cause nervous trembling. 
B  rurubérube. vi. frequentative of ruberube
O  rurumangai. n. chattering of teeth.  v. to shiver, to tremble
B  rúrung. vi. to be on the move, as many people. 
O  rurung. and ua-rurungn. movement of crowd, flock, throngv. to go in ...  vc. ka-runga: to make go in ... 
B  rurúnga. vi. to roar, to roll or rumble as of thunder
O  rurunga. from. rurun. rumbling noise, roll of thunder, roaring of waves, trains, planes, etc.  v. to shake the ground, to resound, to thunder, to rumblevc. karurunga: makes ...  karurunga: idem
O  rurunginako. from. rungan. flight, rout, scattering of crowd, flying for life.  vc. karurunginakoa: to rout ...  v. to flee, to move away in crowds, in mass. 
O  ruruo. n. a canoe made of hollowed-out tree trunk <dugout>. 
B  ruruóia. vi. frequentative of ruoia
B  rúruomarákerake. vi. frequentative of ruomarakerake
B  rúruon. vi. to return from the weather or ocean side. 
O  ruruon. n. descent towards.  v. to descend towards, to embark in crowds. 
B  rurúonako. vi. frequentative of ruonako: very abundant
B  rúrururu. vi. frequentative of ruru
B  rúrutei. a. steep-roofedd, cone-like, as a certain half coconut-shelln. a conical half coconut-shell used as a top
O  rurutei. n. conical topsee rurubaro
rurutei1. n. a steep slope, sharply inclined roof.  a. steeply sloping, sharp pointed.  see kautabukikariamatang
B  rúte. n. duty, tribute (ENG)
B  ruwá. vi. to go by watern. a going or taking passage by water. 
O  ruwa. and riwav. to go by way of sea (travel by canoe: wa).  n. this means of transport.  ant. ri-eta, riannavc. karuwaea: to make go ... 
O  ruwaeakina. vt. to go to, to arrive at by way of sea, to sail towards ... 


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