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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B  n. pron. his, her, its, always written as a suffix, much resembling of.  I (never alone but always with verb, or predicate).  prep. in, at, to, by, with, of nnote. becomes ni before m, b, k, and the word ne
O  N. pron. (capital) replaces I before na, nang, the future tense.  ex. N na kawariko: I will call on you. 
n. pref. to certain words to indicate the nature, natural custom.  ex. ntorotoro, from torotoro, etc. 
n1. and niprep. of, in, at, by, for, with, asex. e aki toki ni karongoa: he doesn't stop (in) making noise.  e roko ni kawarai: he came to see me.  e mena n au auti: he is in my house.  ni makana: by his power. 
n2. prep. is used before vowels and n, r, t it becomes ni euph. before b, k, m, ng, p, w. Before w it becomes nu in many islands.  ex. tabonuwai for taponiwainote. in Butaritari and Makin n is put between the negative and the verb.  ex. I aki n ataia: I don't know. 
n3. and ninasuf. poss. adj. for his, her, its (n. euph.).  ex. baran te tei: the child's hat.  barani Betero: Peter's hat.  and na for anaex. barana: his hat. 
B  na. n. loose rocks or stones on a flataux. sign of the future or imperativepron. suffix euphonic particle.  ex. bongina, terana?, tebwinapron. possessive suffix, his, her, itsvt. spit out. 
O  na. suf. (1) for one (teuana).  ex. te barana: one basket.  terana? for tera teuana: one what?  part. (2) aux. sign of future tense.  ex. a na nako: they will go. <shall>. 
na1. and nangnan teart. the. before certain proper nouns (masculine), names of species, qualifications. a kind of title used in Makin and Butaritari corresponding to Te in other islands.  ex. Na Kaiea: Mr. Kaiea.  Na Kauki: crab.  Na Katama: cat.  note. Na is used before ka and ke, and nang before ki, ko, ku
na bawe
O  Na Bawe. n. Na Pawe: name of an ancient dweller of the first maneaba
na boua
O  Na Boua. n. a star
na kabanei
O  Na kabanei. n. a star
na kabibi
O  Na kabibi. n. a star
na kabiri
O  Na kabiri. n. a star
na kamoto
O  Na kamoto. n. a star
na karanga
O  Na Karanga. n. (who plays at karanga). a constellation
na karinaba
O  Na karinaba. n. (the big ant) a constellation
na nu ware
O  Na nu ware. n. a constellation near Canopus
B  nába. adv. also, too, in addition
O  naba. adv. also, as well, included, inclusively, with, as well asex. are ko taku naba: as you say; are ko taku: which you said. 
O  nabanaba. adv. at once, forthwithsyn. ngkainaba
nabanaba1. n. ancestors' home in the west (unknown) <land>. 
B  nabángkai. a. recent
O  nabangkai. a. recent, actualadv. recently, lately, newly
B  nabáwe. adv. formerly, beforesee ngkoa
O  nabawe. n. antiquity, old things.  a. old, antique, out of date, desuetude, archaicidiom. roron Na Bawe: as old as ..., a veteran. 
O  nabe. red. nabenabev. to be attached to, devoted to ... 
B  nábea. vt. nourish tenderly, as a child
O  nabea. vt. to cherish, to pamper, to take great care of.  red. nabenabea: to idolize, to care for tenderly.  n. te nabenabe: particular attachment, tender love, care. 
B  nábenabe. vi. nourishing. 
B  nabenábea. vt. frequentative of nabea
B  náe. pron. this little boy right here. 
B  náei. pron. that little boy yonder
O  naei. for. Na-aeipron. this little fellow; naene: that ...  ex. naerei: that other ... 
B  náene. pron. that little boy near by. 
B  náerei. pron. that little boy yonder. 
B  náeta. n. serpent, snake (HEB)
O  naeta. n. serpent. <snake>. (HEB)a. nanaeta: full of ...  fig. bad person. 
B  náewa. pron. mr. what's his name. 
O  naewa. pron. Ten Naewa: Mr. So and So. 
G  nagarei. n. sandshark, said to be dangerous (ll) <shark>. 
B  náiabu. n. the milky way, the galaxy
O  naiabu. n. Nei Naiabu: the milky way
B  náibi. n. knife, a long knife (ENG)
O  naibi. n. (Eng.) knife
B  naáibunaki. n. name of a false god
O  Naibunaki. n. name of an anti-aomata, spirit (Myth.). his wife, Nei Bakatorotoro
B  náikamawa. n. name of a false god
O  Naikamawa. n. name of anti-aomata, spirit (myth.). 
B  náinai. n. hoop of a scoop netvt. provide a scoop-net with a hoop.  vi. adjusting the hoop of a scoop-net. 
O  nainai. n. a circle, hoop (scoop net, sieve, spokes of bicycle wheel).  vt. nainaina: to put a circle around. 
O  nairo. or. neran. nail, tack (ENG)
B  náita. n. nitre (ENG)
B  naákaa. pron. these men and women, or boys and girls who, these women who, these girls who, (right here). 
naáka. pron. a word to call the attention of two or more women or girls or a man and woman or men and women, or a boy and girl, or boys and girls. 
O  naka. pron. (1) for calling several women or men together. ladies! gentlemen! ladies and gentlemen! singular Neiko! Nao!  (2) naka a ...: those who (women); naka a ...: those who (men and women). 
Naka. n. an ancient who came first from Samoa to the Gilberts. 
B  naákai. pron. these women or girls, these men and women, or boys and girls,. 
O  nakai. pron. these (masc. and fem.). 
B  naákanaa. pron. those women or girls who, those men and women who (near by). 
O  nakana. pron. nakana a: these who ... (masc. and fem.). 
B  naákanne. pron. those women those girls, those men and women those girls and boys. 
O  nakanne. pron. those ... (masc. and fem.). 
O  Nakara. n. a star (Regulus). 
B  naáke. pron. that man and woman yonder who, that boy and girl yonder who, those girls yonder who, those men and women yonder who, those women yonder.  who, the word is followed by a
O  nake. pron. those who ... (masc. and fem.). used for persons remote in space or time. 
B  nakéa. vi. to go whereex. ko nakea where are you going? 
O  nakea. for. nake iaint. used in interrogation only.  ex. te nakea?: to whereko na nakea?: where are you going?kam nakea?: where did you all go?  adv. nakea? where? <whither>. 
B  naákekei. pron. those men and women yonder, those women yonder etc. 
O  nakekei. pron. for nake-kekei. those over there (masc. and fem.). 
B  nákibáina. a. palsyy>ied.  n. a paralyzetic. 
O  nakibaina. for. n akea bainaa. without limbs, paralysed in one or several members.  n. paralysis, paralytic. 
B  nakíniwae. n. the name of a female goddess
O  nakiniwae. or. nakinuwae (n akea waena: without legs or feet).  n. female spirit, stirred up against canoes she will stir up a tornado to engulf everything.  note. esp. in Butari. 
nakiniwae1. n. waterspout, tornado, cyclone, magic spell to ward off cyclone, hurricane, etc. 
O  nakirua. from. kiruwen. Nei Nakirua hurricane, cyclone personified.  syn. preceding. 
B  náko. vi. to gopre. to go to.  ex. E nako Tarawa. He went to Tarawa.  adv. away, offa. all, all in succession.  bib. Gen 41:34. 
O  nako. prep. nakon, nakoni: to, towards, against, more than; nakoiu, nakoim, nakoina, nakoira, nakoimi, nakoia: towards me, etc.  ex. nako karawa: towards heaven; nako eta: upwardsnako mone: (without article) downwards, the depthsnakon te kawa: towards the village.  ex. e rietata nakoni kai: it is higher than trees.  ex. e un nakoiu: he is cross (to) with me. 
nako1. a. each, every, allex. te bong nako: each day.  bongi nako: every day. 
nako2. v. to go, to depart, to go on, to go away.  red. nanako: to go often.  ex. E nako Tarawa: He went to Tarawa.  ex. Tai nako!: Don't go!  ex. Nako!: Go away, Be off ...  n. the act of going, leaving, walking, departing, moving.  see nakonakoex. I uringa nakom: I remember your departure.  Akea nakona: It won't go again.  nv. nakoiang, nakoaiaki, nakomainiku, nako maeao: to go to the north, to the south, ... east, ... west.  ex. nakomai, nanakomai: to come, to approachnakoati, nakowati: to go towards the one who calls.  a. kai nako, kakai nako: quickly gone, easily taken off, easy to take off.  vc. kanakoa: to make go, to send, to cause to depart, to send away, to expel, to banish, to dismiss, to discharge, to let go, to let escape.  red. kananakoa: to make go often, regularly, to loosen little by little.  v. kanakoianga: to send towards the north.  ex. kanakomaia: to make approach ..., come towards.  kanakowatia: to make go towards kanakomaiaka: to make go or come south.  kanakomeanga: to make come northkanakomaeaoa, kanakomainikua
B  nákoa. n. employment, office, profession, calling
O  nakoa. n. profession, trade, employment, charge, dutyvt. nakoana: to have for ..., to make profession of ...  ex. te nakoa ae tabu: Holy Orders
O  nakoakina. vt. (1) to go, to go constantly to, ... towards, to have as reason, end, term of one's goings and comings.  (2) to carry news, information, rumours, messages. 
B  nákon. pre. to
O  nakon. prep. (1) nakoni (before pr. nouns and names of inanimate things).  ex. nakon Tauro: to Tauro; nakoni Petero: to Peter.  suf. (2) to many verbs meaning to prolong distance in time or space, usually joined to verb, but may be separate if it does not change meaning of word.  ex. e a mauna nako: it disappears in space. 
B  nákonako. vi. to walkn. walking, going. 
O  nakonako. red. of nakon. walk, stroll, displacement, voyage, movement, to publish, to make known ...  vc. ka-nakonakoa: to make ...  kanakonakon: act of ... 
B  nákoni. pre. to (nakon with the euphonic i). 
O  nam. n. smacking of tongue, tasting, gustation, suction.  v. to smack lips, to taste, to suck. red. namnam: (to count).  ex. te namnana, ua namnan, etc.  vt. nama, nanama: to taste to see ..., to taste, to sucksee namta
B  næ/ma. n. lagoonvi. enter a snare noose as a bird
O  nama. n. lagoon, lake (diff. from namo). 
nama1. n. the act of tying, stringing together (fish, pearls, etc.).  fig. liaison, attachment, agreement, understanding, unanimity, fraternityex. namau, namam: my friend, your friend, etc.  nei te Namau or Nei Namau: the one I get on well with.  n. te namnama: sort of magic to attract affection with wearing of charm, amulet.  ex. (kakoko, korotabuki, nimaerere).  va. nama, namanama: to thread on to string, to make sorcery to gain affection.  fig. namanama, namaraoi: to agree, to have affection for.  see namata
B  namakáina. n. moon, month
O  namakaina. n. the moon (no article).  n. Ten namakaina: (Mr.) moon.  te namakaina: month, lunar month.  ex. te namakaina ae Tianuare: the month of Januarynote. different phases of the moon:  ex. 1st <first> day: e ba n uri.  2nd <second> day: e buti n ika.  3rd <third> day: e oti, e koranex. 4th <fourth> day: e aomataex. 7th <seventh> day: e itibong.  8th <eighth> day: e kare ao e bongina.  9th <ninth> day: e kare ao uabong.  10th <tenth> day: e kare ao tenibong.  12th <twelvth> day: e renaba.  13th <thirteenth> day: e toka, e eremao.  14th <fourteenth> day: e toka n rin, e tabanin.  15th <fifteenth> day: e tanimainiku.  16th <sixteenth> day: e rin tebongina ... uabong.  17th <seventeenth> day: e rin tenibong.  21st <twenty first> day: e kaitibong i an tari.  25th <twenty fifth> day: e unabong, e kaiti.  26th <twenty sixth> day: e unabong naba, e kaiti.  27th <twenty seventh> day: mata-oiaki.  28th <twenty eighth> day: e neve roro.  29th <twenty ninth> day: e antiidiom. e amoua namakaina: a thin cloud cuts it in two (a sign of good fishing).  ex. e katea maneaba: a halo round the moon. 
O  namakin. n. impression, sentiment, sensationv. to feel, to perceivevt. namakina: to feel, to perceive.  vc. kanamakina or karamakina: to have a presentiment, suspicion, to surmise
B  námakina. vt. feel of. 
B  namæ/nama. vi. performa certain incantationvi. bind fish with namata for convenience in cooking. 
B  namæ/namata. vt. frequentative of namata
B  næmaónga. vi. swallow a portion of the food which is being masticated for a little child.  n. the act of swallowing a portion of the food which is being masticated for a little child. 
O  namaonga. vt. to taste a little portion and chew it for a baby. 
B  namæ/ta. vt. manipulate the bunnabind or wrap a fish with a namata
námata. n. leaf with which a torch is tied, or a fish for bakeing. 
O  namata. n. fibre pulled from palm used to tie torches made of leaves, to string fish, beads, shells, necklace, string of ...  vt. namata (namatia), namatamata: to pass through the loop.  namatana: idem. to thread, to tie with a namata, to put a loop on.  ex. namata am rin: tie your torch with ...  namata te bong: fig. to name, to fix for a favourable day. 
namata ni bure
O  namata ni bure. n. a string of bure shells, a bracelet of these shells worn as armlet.  n. a measure (from end of fingers to armlet). 
L  nambauia. sn. Charcharhinus albimarginatus (charcharhindae)n. requiem shark
B  næm/næm. vi. eat up the remnant of soft or liquid food as molasses with the finger. 
B  næmnæm/ta. vi. frequentative of namta
O  namo. n. a small lagoon, small lake, shallow water forming lake at low tide in certain parts of lagoon.  va. namo raoi. fig. well placed, nestled.  vc. kanamo: make lake in form of lagoon.  vn. namo i eta: a pond of water near beach at low tide.  ex. te kanamonamo: a small namo, forming ...  n. namo ni keang: a namo where sea-weed grows. 
O  namoa. vt. to surround with ..., to plant trees around
O  namokare. n. opercule of nimatanin shell. 
O  namoro. v. nnamoro: to dribble continually. 
B  næm/ta. vt. taste of a liquid or soft foodn. portion of coconut molasses to be taken with the finger or a brush.  n. sharp knife
O  namta. n. a pointed knifea. sharp as a razor. 
namta1. n. a draught, a sup, a sipex. te namtana, etc.: one, two, three ...  vt. namta, nanamta: to sip, to taste, to suck, to inhale
O  namtea. vt. sup. of namta: to suck, to inhale, to sip noisily, ravenously.  red. namtetea (fig.) to touch everything but finish nothing. 
B  næmteéte. va. still relishing, craveing more. 
O  namtete. a. syn. with preceding word.  fig. greedy, insatiable (said of spirit inhaling tobacco smoke).  vc. ka-mtetea
B  næ/na. n. cocoonhalf of a coconut shell.  a. content to reside in one place, domestic
O  nana. n. shell, cocoon, pod, husk, carapace.  a vessel made with half of coconut shell, vasete nana ni kanei, te kuo n aine: a vessel for making oil in.  te nana ni mae: vessel to soak flowers in oil.  te nana maung: slut, sloven (insult). 
nana1. n. food (a homely word used without article, employed to designate food for children),.  ex. nanau, nanam, nanana, etc. 
nana2. a. used to, accustomed to, acclimatizedex. e aki nana iai, e tuai n nana iai: he is not used to, has not yet got used to.  vc. kanana: to inure, to accustom. 
nana ni mata
O  nana ni mata. n. eye socket
O  nanaboi. n. evil smell, bad odour. 
B  nanáeta. va. abounding in serpents or snakes. 
B  næ/nai. n. herd, brooda. relishable. 
O  nanai. n. herd, flock, clutch, flight, moba. to form a group, form a herd.  ex. nanai ni moa: flock of hens, chickens. 
nanai1. a. delicious, tasty, sweet, appetizing, savouryvc. kananaia: to make ..., to flavour, to make tasty. 
B  næ/nako. vi. frequentative of nako
B  nanákonako. vi. frequentative of nakonako
B  nanáma. vt. taste of, or test the taste of food
O  nanama. red. of nama; see this word. to taste food. 
B  nanæ/makína. vt. frequentative of namakina
B  nanæ/maoónga. vi. frequentative of namaonga
B  nanæm/ta. vt. frequentative of namta
B  nanæ/nam'aka. a. frequentative of nanom'aka
B  nanæ/namæ/toa. a. frequentative of nanomatoa
B  næ/nanga. va. stripped of its bark or skin
O  nananga. na. scratch, graze, skin chafed, skin rubbed off.  vc. kanananga: to scratch, to scrape bark or skin. 
B  næ/nanikánei. n. large coconut shell cup for receiving boiled oil
B  nanæ/nim'ae. n. half coconut shell for holding oil for besmearing a wreath for the neck. 
B  nanæ/nimæta. n. rim of the socket of the eye
B  nanæ/noanga. a. frequentative of nanoanga
B  nanæ/nobítaki. a. frequentative of nanobitaki
B  nanæ/nobúaka. a. frequentative of nanobuaka
B  nanæ/nokaáwaki. a. frequentative of nanokawaki
B  nanæ/nokókoraki. a. frequentative of nanokokoraki
B  nanæ/nomæ/rak. va. frequentative of nanomaraki
nanæ/nomæ/rak. n. frequentative of nanomaraki
B  nanæ/noráoi. a. frequentative of nanoraoi
B  nanæ/norinæ/n. a. frequentative of nanorinano
B  næng. a. well filled with babai plants, as a patch.  n. cloudadv. about to, near to, presently
O  nang. na. four (when counting by two's.  ex. tera (1), ua (2), ten (3), nang (4), nim, etc. 
nang1. adv. aux. part. of na, future tense. very near, about to happen.  ex. ti nangi mananga: we are just about to go.  e nangi mauna: it is going to disappear. 
nang2. n. (1) a clouda. nanginang: with a few clouds, cloudy.  fig. hindrance, annoyance, obstacle, veil, worry. ex. e tei nang, e tei nangina: there is an obstacle, a barrier.  e katei nang: it puts obstacle, it is too far distant, too difficult (e makinaki).  katea te nang, katea nangina: to put obstacle, to keep off.  tae nang, e tae nangina: the hindrance or obstacle has been taken away.  e tae nangu: I am free, disencumberedkataea nangina: to take away the ..., to have done with ..., to be rid of ...  na. (2) taro (pit) too closely planted. 
B  næ/nganænga. a. cave-like, opening in, arched.  n. cave under the reef
O  nangananga. n. grotto, cave, cavern, excavation
O  nange. syn. n. Nao (Butaritari). 
O  nangibungea. n. a cloud protecting from sun, dark cloud.  fig. e rabunai te nangibungea: a dark cloud overshadows me (or) rangibungean. an umbrella (S.). 
B  nánginang. a. cloudy, abounding in clouds.  bib. Joel 2 : 2. 
O  nanginang. a. cloudyva. kananginang: to bring clouds, to darkenvc. ka-nanginanga: to darken the sky. 
B  nángo. n. fly
O  nango. n. fly, blowfly (nango n I-Matang).  a. nango-nango: full of, swarming with ...  vc. ka-nangonango: to attract flies.ka-nangonangoa: idem
nango1. n. a support, stock, roller for canoe, prop, wedgev. nango, nangonango: to put a support, ... a prop to. 
nango2. n. fig. nango teiana, nango uai, nango tenai: certain days calculated for navigation. 
B  nángoa. a. something put under as a protection or rest.  n. streak of planks on which the deck rests.  basevt. place a rest or protection under. 
O  nangoa. v. to put a support under, a prop to. 
B  naángoango. a. drowsy, listless, dulln. listlessness, dullness, drowsiness. 
O  nangoba. n. base of coconut leaf <frond>. 
B  nángobung/. n. stick on which a canoe can rest when not floating. 
O  nangobung. n. a support put under keel to protect embarkation or to roll it ashore.  vt. nangobungia: to put a support or roller under keel. 
B  nangobúngia. vt. provide a canoe with rests or blocks under the keel, when it has been beached. 
B  naángoe. pron. Nao (address). 
B  nángonango. a. abounding in flies. 
O  nangonango. n. debility, weakness, feebleness.  a. weak, feeble, indolent, listless, nonchalantka-nangoango: debilitating, weakening. 
nangonango1. n. full of flies <fly>, swarming with ... 
O  nangora. a. ill at ease in bed, uncomfortable, badly wedged, anxiousvt. nangoraea: to be badly propped.  vc. kanangoraea: to give little support, to be uncomfortable. 
O  nangoraoi. a. contrary of preceding word. comfortably propped, lying at easevc. kanangoraoa: to procure ease, to rest. 
B  naánikíakia. n. beach frequented by the kiakia
B  næ/no. n. harborvi. give a pleasing aspect to as growing grass. 
næ/no. n. the inside, the within,.  the mind, thoughta. deep
O  nano. n. the interior, the inside, contentsex. nanon te riri: running string in garment.  akea nanon au taeka: what I said has no meaning, no sense
nano1. n. soul, conscience, hearts, will, desire, sentiment, opinion, conviction, disposition, inclination, etc.  ex. bon nanou: it is my will, my desire.  akea nanona: it is all the same to him.  te nano teuana: a funny idea, a queer person. 
nano2. va. nano n, nano ni: to have a taste for ..., an inclination to ..., a weakness for, to be inclined towards.  ex. e nano n amarake: he thinks of nothing but food.  see nanona, nanoavc. ka-nanoa: to make deep, to dig deep, to deepenpref. and suffix to many words. 
nano n aine
O  nano n aine. a. reasonable as an adult woman (when referring to a girl), acting like a woman, effeminate (if speaking of a man), one who takes the part of a woman (man). 
nano n amarake
O  nano n amarake. na. having a fondness for food. 
nano n aomata
O  nano n aomata. na. common sense, reason, reasonable. 
nano n aro
O  nano n aro. a. religious minded, devout
nano n ataei
O  nano n ataei. a. childish, puerile, acting like a child. 
nano n i matang
O  nano n I Matang. a. evolved, emancipated mind, pretentious, copying ways of Europeans. 
nano n ikawai
O  nano n ikawai. n. (1) maturity of mind, adult tastes.  a. serious, mature.  (2) partisan of old customs, conservative, reactionary
nano n rang
O  nano n rang. n. low instincts or tastes, sordid desires, vulgar sentiments. 
nano n ranga
O  nano n ranga. n. inner side of legsvt. nanonranga: to put between legs, to get astride of ... 
nano n tang
O  nano n tang. na. sadness, sorrow, desolation, sadvca. kananotang: which saddens.  syn. katangi nano
nano n tangaua
O  nano n tangaua. and nanotangauan. perplexity, embarrassment.  a. perplexed, embarrassedvca. kananotangaua: to embarrass. 
nano n taromauri
O  nano n taromauri. a. religious minded, pious, devout
nano n taume
O  nano n taume. n. a person fair, beautiful and fresh (esp. used about girls). 
nano n tauti
O  nano n tauti. a. heart of miser, mean, avaricious
nano n tituaraoi
O  nano n tituaraoi. na. generous heart, generosity, gratitude, charitable
nano n toka
O  nano n toka. na. noble, generous hearted. 
nano n toro
O  nano n toro. a. base minded, servile, low, servile as a slave. 
nano nano
O  nano nano. a. nanonano, nanokiroro: deep, abstract, sublime, unfathomable, hard to understand.  adv. i nano, i nano i nano: below, down below. 
nano ni baba
O  nano ni baba. n. folly, silliness, stupidity, foolishness.  a. stupid, silly, foolishv. kananobaba: to make stupid, to make lose one's head, to flattervc. kananobabaea
nano ni bai
O  nano ni bai. n. palm of handvt. nanonibaia: (to take in palm of hand), to take a poor or destitute person into one's service (formerly). 
nano ni ie
O  nano ni ie. or. kanoan en te ien. rope or corded edge around sail
nano ni kai
O  nano ni kai. na. a taste for arts and craft
nano ni kainga
O  nano ni kainga. or. nano ni kainana. home lover, domestic person, stay at home, hermit
nano ni kakatonga
O  nano ni kakatonga. n. sentiment of joy, vanity, exuberance
nano ni katituaraoi
O  nano ni katituaraoi. n. gratitude, thankfulness, a grateful heart. 
nano ni mane
O  nano ni mane. na. a lover of money, interest in ... 
nano ni mane. a. virile, serious, manly
nano ni pai
O  nano ni p'ai. n. attachment to things, goods, cupidity, avaricevc. kananonibaia, kananonibai
nano ten
O  nano ten. n. string, cord tripled, three plyfig. n.a. stubborn, self willed (rarely used).  vc. ka-nanotena
B  næ/noaa. n. the front, the before
næ/noa. vt. trouble, molest, interfere with. 
O  nanoa. from. nanovt. to think about ... to keep in mind, to be pre occupied with, to be busy about.  ex. tai nanoai, tai nano irou: don't be worried about me. 
B  nænoáea. vt. turn toward a person so as to face him. 
B  næ/noanga. n. sympathya. compassionate, sympathetic. 
O  nanoanga. n. compassion, pity, sympathyv. to be compassionate, to sympathize.  n. rai nanoanga, rarai nanoanga: home sickness, dumps, melancholyvt. nanoanga (ngaea): to have pity, to have compassion, to pity.  ex. ko aki nanoangai? haven't you any pity for me?  a. ka-nanoanga: pitiful, lamentable, to be pitied. 
B  nænoángaea. vt. have compassion on. 
O  nanoata. v. to have a presentiment, foreboding, suspicionn. presentiment, misgivingvt. nanoata: to have a presentiment, to suspect
B  næ/noæ/ti. a. desirous of a large or full supplyn. desire for a full supply. 
O  nanoati. n. immoderate desire, immoderation.  a. unsatiated, insatiable, immoderatev. nanoati: to want more.  vt. nanoatia: idem
B  næ/nobába. a. foolish, weak minded.  n. foolishness, a weakminded person
O  nanobaba. n. imbecility, silliness, stupidity, foolishness, foppishness.  a. silly, foolish, imbecile, simplevc. ka-nanobaba: which causes ...  kananobabaea: to make ..., to make silly, to treat as ... 
O  nanobakobako. from. bakona. to feel weak, feeble (to feel empty inside). 
O  nanobaraki. n. faintness, dejection, discouragement, prostrationa. dejected, discouraged, cast down.  vc. kananobaraka: to cast down, to discourage. 
O  nanobebebebe. from. pepen. hesitation, groping, wavering, incertitude, tergiversationa. hesitating, staggering, uncertain.  vc. kananobebebebe
B  næ/nobeébete. a. light-hearted, cheerfuln. cheerfulness, hopefulness. 
O  nanobebete. n. peace and joy of soul.  a. appeased, relieved, tranquil, light of heart.  vc. kananobebete: which appeases, relieves.  kananobebetea: to appease, to relieve, to console, to tranquillize. 
B  næ/nobítaki. a. inconstant, subject to change of opinionn. inconstancy, fickleness. 
O  nanobitaki. n. inconstance. a. inconstant, changingvc. kananobitaka: to make change idea, ... conduct. 
O  nanobotabota. n. ardent soul, active ..., impatient ardour, feverish activity.  a. ardent, active, zealous
O  nanobu. n. (piu) pusillanimity, cowardice, poltroonerya. pusillanimous, cowardly, etc.  vc. kananobu: to cause hesitation, to discourage
B  næ/nobúaka. a. cherishing revenge, revengeful.  n. revengefulness, ill will. 
O  nanobuaka. syn. nano ran. resentment, bitterness, rancour, animosity,.  . spite, ill feeling, discontentmenta. offended, hurt (feelings), bitter, discontented, etc.  vc. kananobuaka: to offend, to hurt, to vex, to irritate, to set against. 
O  nanobukibuki. n. emotion, excitability, anxiety, anguish, frighta. moved, excited, anxious, etc.  vc. kananobukibuki: which causes ...kananobukibuki (kia): idem. to make heart beat quicker. 
O  nanobwi. na. see nano ni bwi
O  nanoingainga. n. active mind, vivacity, activity, impatience.  a. impatient, zealous, active
O  nano-iraira. and nano n irairana. having no personal opinion but following that of one or other. taking sides for ..., against another. 
O  nanokanaeng. n. susceptibility, sulky person.  a. inclined to be susceptible
O  nanokanga. na. a strange character. 
O  nanokatanga. a. wicked, cruel, causing suffering, saddening, inclining to complain. 
O  nanokawa. a. unhappy, sad, afflicted, desolate, broken heartedvc. ka-nanokawa: makes sad. 
B  næ/nokaáwaki. n. grief, sorrowa. sad, sorrowful. 
O  nanokawaki. n. sadness, affliction, sorrow, griefa. sad, afflicted, sorryvc. ka-nanokawaki: to cause ..., to sadden.  kananokawaka: to sadden, to afflict. 
O  nanoketaketa. n. great desire, longing, concupiscence, having great desire.  vc. kananoketaketa
B  næ/nokírokiro. a. very deep
O  nanokirokiro. a. deep, unfathomable
B  næ/nokiroóro. a. very deep
O  nanokiroro. na. very deep, extraordinary depth.  vc. kananokiroroasyn. nanokururu
O  nanokobakoba. n. a feeling of emptiness <empty>.  a. feeling faint, weak from hunger.  vc. kananokobakoba: to give ... 
B  næ/nokókoraki. a. of many minds, doubtful.  n. doubt, indecision, unsettled purpose. 
B  næ/nokóraki. a. having many doubts. 
O  nanokoraki. n. hesitation, indecision, perplexity.  a. hesitating, undecided, perplexed, to be drawn in different directions.  sup. nanokokoraki: very undecided.  vc. kananokoraki, kananokokoraki: to cause perplexity, hesitation, etc.kananokoraka. idem
B  nænom'áiti. va. hesitatee>ing or doubting in reference to many. 
O  nanomaiti. na. hesitating in choice, perplexity, perplexed.  see nanokorakivc. kananomaiti: to cause ... 
B  næ/nom'aáka. a. enduree>ing, persevereing. 
næ/nom'áka. n. perseverance
O  nanomaka. a. strong character, energetic, obstinaten. energy, firmness, tenacityvca. ka-nanomaka: to make ...  vc. ka-nanomaka: idem
O  nanomakaki. from. makua. feared, terrible, redoubtable, alarming
O  nanomakana. na. weak character, soft, weak willedvc. kananomakana: to cause ... 
O  nanomaku. na. timid soul, timorous, timid, pusillanimityvc. ka-nanomaku: to make ... 
O  nanomamara. na. weakness of character, weak, too condescending, too good natured.  see nanomakanaex. e mamara nanona: he has no will power.  vc. ka-nanomara: to cause ... 
O  nanomane. a. manly, virile, strong willedn. strength
O  nanomano. a. discreet, deep, sly, sullen
B  næ/nomára. n. mental weakness, weakness of purpose.  a. wanting mental firmness, weak in purpose
næ/nom'ára. va. nauseated, disgusted.  n. nausea, disgust
O  nanomara. n. disgust, sickness, moral lassitude, discouragement.  a. disgusted, sick, discouragedvc. ka-nanomaraea: to disgust, to make sick, to discourage, to demoralize
nanomara1. see nanommamara
B  næ/nomæ/raki. va. revengeful, painfully disturbed in mind
næ/nomæ/raki. n. ill-will, a disposition to retaliate.  anguish, extreme pain of mind.  bib. Ex 6 : 9. 
O  nanomaraki. n. sorrow, regret, remorse, contrition, repentance, interior pain, feeling, resentment.  ex. te nanomaraki ae koro raoi: perfect contrition.  te nanomaraki ae aki koro: imperfect contrition.  marakin te nano: interior pain, moral suffering, sorrow, afflictionte maraki n nano: animosity, spite, grudge, resentment.  v. nanomaraki, nananomaraki: to regret, to repent.  vca. ka-nanomaraki: vexatious, annoying, irritating.  vc. kananomaraka: to hurt, to cause sorrowy, to vex, to annoy
O  nano-marawarawa. sup. superlative of nanomaran. dizziness, fear of immensity of task to be faced.  a. upset, afraidvc. kananomarawarawa
O  nanomaruru. from. ruruna. uneasy mind, agitatedvc. kananomaruru: to cause ... 
B  næ/nomæ/toa. a. fixed or form on mind or purposen. firmness of purpose. 
O  nanomatoa. n. nano matoatoa strength of character.  a. strong willed, strong, constant, energeticred. nanomatoatoa: strict, severe, perseveringvc. kananomatoa: to make ... 
O  nanomawa. a. broadminded, understanding, magnanimousex. e mawawa ana iango
B  næ/nona. vt. .  have regard for, give attention to. 
O  nanona. from. nanovt. to have at heart, to love, to desire, to have a taste for, to have a liking for, to be attracted to, to take to heart, to be infatuated with.  ex. e nanona te rabakau: he has a taste for learning. 
O  nanonano. n. partiality, preference, favouritism, taking sides
O  nano-ngetangeta. syn. nanoketaketa
nanoni wae
O  nanoni wae. and nano nu waen. sole of foot
B  næ/nonib'ái. vi. be careful of property, used also in a bad sense. 
næ/nonib'ái. n. great care of property
næ/nonibái. n. palm of the hand
B  næ/nonibáia. vt. hold one as a slave or serf
O  nanonibwi. n. envy, with a little jealousy or emulation, rivalryv. to desire to have, to gain, to profit, to win.  vca. kananonibwi: which gives envy.  vc. kananonibwia: to make envious, avaricious, to excite cupidity. 
B  næ/nonimæ/tan. va. determined to be like white menn. estrangement from one's family
B  næ/noniwáe. n. sole of the foot
O  nanora. and nano-puakana. bad humour, upset, etc.  vc. kananoraea: to vex, to put in bad humour. 
B  næ/noráke. va. quickly taking offence, easily disturbed.  n. great sensitiveness, temper
O  nanorake. n. susceptibility.  a. susceptible, irascible, flying into a passion without warning, fiery, hot tempered
B  næ/noráoi. a. at peace, quiet in mindn. peace of mind. 
O  nanoraoi. n. interior peace, calmness of spirit, good dispositions.  a. calm, well disposed, open heartedsup. nananoraoi: very ...  vc. kananoraoa: to pacify, to restore serenity, to appease, to calm, to tranquillize.  a. ka-nanoraoi: calming, pacifying. 
O  nanorau. ex. e rau nanonan. peace, tranquillity of soul, peace of mind.  a. peaceable, peaceful.  vc. ka nanoraoa: to make ... 
O  nanorawata. ex. rawawata nanonasup. nanorawawatana. interior oppression, anguish, weighed down with sorrow, grief.  vc. ka-nanorawawata: to grieve, to vex, to afflict, etc. 
O  nano-reke. a. friendly, amiable
O  nanoriba. from. ripa: tight.  ex. a. (1) e ripa ana iango narrow minded, intolerant, hard hearted, selfisha. (2) taking sides against one or other (for family or other reasons). 
B  næ/norinæ/no. a. humble, low or poor in spiritn. humility
O  nanorinano. n. humilitya. humble.  vc. ka-nanorinanoa: to esteem as ... 
B  næ/noró. a. dark-mindded.  n. mental darkness. 
O  nanoro. n. e ro: nanona ignorance (of child or adult).  a. uncultured, not yet reached age of reason, uneducated, ignorantvc. ka-nanoroa: to esteem ..., to treat as ... 
O  nanotang. see nano n tang
O  nanotangaua. see nano n tangaua
O  nanotau. from. taua. agreeable, resigned, pliable, easy to deal with. 
O  nanotaunga. n. love of travel
B  næ/notéuana. a. of a strange disposition
O  nano-teuana. na. strange, queer character, particular, different, curious type of person. 
O  nanotiotio. from. tiotion. instabilitya. changeable, heedless, distractedvc. ka-nanotiotioa: to make ..., to distract ... 
B  nænóua. a. homesick, regarding tenderly one's own. 
O  nanoua. n. heart divided between two loves.  vc. ka-nanoua: to trouble the mind, ... the heart.  ka-nanoua: idemn. indecision, perplexity
B  næ/nouái. n. double thread or line
O  nanouai. na. two ply string, cord or threadvt. nanouaia: to double string, to tie using double ... 
B  næ/nouaáia. vt. make double a thread or line
O  nanoubu. a. soft, tender in the interior of trunk, soft blade. 
O  nanouki. a. open minded, broad minded, understanding, cordial, sinceren. cordiality. 
O  nanoun. and nano n una. irascible temperament, choleric, violent temper, peevish, severe, strict
B  næ/nouóua. va. hesitatee>ing, in doubt between two.  n. doubt, indecision, uncertainty. 
O  nanououa. n. doubt, perplexity.  a. hesitating, undecided, perplexed.  v. to doubt, to hesitatevc. ka-nanououa: to make doubt, to perplex
O  nanoutu. and nano-n-utuna. family spirit, clannish, nepotism, infatuated with one's family, favouring one's relations, one's clan. 
O  nanowana. and nanowanawanan. age of reason, intelligence, sagacity, perspicacity, sound judgement.  a. reasonable, sensible, wise, sagacious, judiciousvc. ka-nanowana, ka-nanowanawana: to make ... 
B  næ/nowánawana. a. cunning in a good and a bad sense.  n. cunning in a good and a bad sense. 
B  náo. int. halloo, ho, you there (addressed only to a male ).  n. wave
O  nao. interj. for calling a man. Nao! youMr.! (to be respectful the name or title must follow).  ex. Nao, te Tama, Teuaei (for women, Neiko! Neiei!). 
nao1. n. waves, billows, breakersa. naonao: rough seaex. e ba naonao: the waves are breaking on the reef.  te tabo n nao: a rough spot.  kinds of waves: te nao uea: big swellte nao uatao: piled up waves.  te nao bangaki: wave coming sideways.  te nao moro: short waves breaking.  te nao batia: ... close together.  ex. te nao batete: wave descending.  ex. te nao bai ni kaikia: white crested waves.  te nao buroburo: waves with foamte nao ni bunobuno, te nao ni kabuno, te nao ni kabo: waves retreating from the shore.  te karaki: short breaking wave.  te nao kamaoto, te nao rebua, te nao tokia, te nao tuoa, te nao kabwereia: a kind of tidal wave which once swept the shore and left trace behind <tsunami ?>.  a aibiko, a aibikobiko nao: wave rising and being entangled reason of currents and shallows.  n. te ba-naonao: breakers. 
B  náobangaki. n. cross-seava. running ws waves in a cross sea
B  naobátia. a. choppy as waves.  n. choppy sea
O  Naobue. n. Nei Naobue, te bua n ang: wave from rear. 
O  Naobwe. n. Nei Naobwe: wave which carries towards shore. 
B  náomoro. n. short wave
B  náonao. a. rough as the sea, billowy. 
B  náonikábuno. n. wave caused by a receding surf meeting the incoming wave. 
B  náota. a. north (ENG)
O  naouatao. fig. n. an added difficulty, an added disastersee nao: wave
B  náouéa. n. mounting wave which does not break or comb.  va. having a ground swell
O  nareau. for. Na Areau; see this word.  n. Te nareau: spider (which makes web).  ex. te nawa: a large spider with long legs. 
G  nareau. sn. Gomphosus varius (ll,y)
B  naárei. n. day after tomorrow
O  narei. adv. after tomorrow, the day after, later on. 
B  næ/ri. n. smooth stonen. the fish
O  nari. n. (1) a lagoon fish, scomber, mulletex. te narinari: a small nari te nari baba: a thin one.  te nari takua: a nari from the ocean, very large.  te nari kai: a long ...  n. (2) te nari: a hard smooth stone resembling granite used as posts for maneabared. a. narinari: abounding in these stones (nari). 
G  nari. sn. Chorinemus sanctipetri (ll)n. queen fish (sm). 
B  næ/rikai. n. the fish
B  næ/rinæri. va. hard as a boil in the earlier stage.  . abounding in nari
O  narinari. n. a hard abscess
B  naáro. n. nard (ENG)
B  naáru. n. the bird
O  naru. n. Ten Naru: a frigate bird rarely seen.  ex. ko kantaninga Ten Naru: you will be waiting a long time.  e torotoro Ten Naru: to wait foolishly or uselessly. 
B  næ/ta. n. a collection of more than two persons or animals.  a. numerous, collected in numbers. 
O  nata. n. (1) a heap, pile, collection, mass, crowdex. te nata ni bai, te kanata ni b'ai: accumulation of things.  te nata n aomata: a crowd of people.  note. for animated things it is better to say: te nna n aomata, te nna ni manvc. ka-nata: to pile up, to heap up, to accumulate.  n. (2) te nata: place of assembly of certain fish. 
B  næ/te. n. a nut (ENG)
B  næ/ti. n. a child, son, daughter, nephew, niece
O  nati. n. natu, natiu (S.) natim, natina: son, daughter, adopted child.  ex. ai natu, ai natim: niece, nephew (niece and nephew may also be called simply natu ... <nati ?>. 
nati n ataei
O  nati n ataei. n. a child born of young parents. 
nati n tama
O  nati n tama. n. bastardsyn. nati ni kimoa, nati n ira, nati ni marae
nati ni kara
O  nati ni kara. n. a child born of elderly parents. 
nati ni marae
O  nati ni marae. n. a bastard, illegitimate child (abandoned more or less). 
nati ni mate
O  nati ni mate. n. an orphan child. 
nati tara
O  nati tara. n. and nati-torosee natibaraki
B  næ/tiæ/ti. n. a fish
O  natiati. n. (1) a fish, species of tunny fishn. (2) te natiati: a star
G  natiati. pr. natiati (k).  n. name of a large fish (ll). 
O  natibaraki. n. an infection of the mouth, tumour of the tongueex. te tanora, te wiboi
natin te baima
O  natin te baima. n. demoiselle fishh.  sn. Amphiprion sebac
natin te taima
G  natin te taima. sn. Amphiprion bicinctus (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
natin te taima1. sn. Amphiprion sebae (ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
B  næ/tina. vt. to adopt as a son or daughter, to father, to mothern. the adoption of a child. 
O  natina. vt. to adopt for son or daughter, to be a parent to ... 
B  næ/tinati. vi. to have adopted children, to be parental. 
O  natinati. v. to take or have adopted children.  n. te natinati: act of adoption
B  næ/tinimæ/rae. n. a child left to provide for himself, a bastardvi. to be left as a child or bastard to care for itself. 
B  næ/tinimæ/te. n. orphan
B  næ/tintám'a. n. bastard
B  næ/tiraite. n. a nazirite (ENG)
B  naátirea. n. name of a false god
O  Natirea. n. (1) Na Tirea: name of a spiritn. (2) Na Tirea: name of a comet.(3) Te natirea: a native dance
O  natitaro. n. disease of mouth, ... of tonguesyn. tanora
O  natitiba. n. Ten natitiba: man-clown <clown>, comical mimic
O  Nau. n. a constellation
O  Naubwebwe. n. stars
B  náunang. n. shoal or school of fish
O  naunang. from. nangon. (1) scaffolding on which canoes or boats are supported while being built.  n. (2) a species of fish (striped). 
B  náunau. n. outrigger of the makei
O  naunau. n. outrigger of makei canoe, toy canoe
B  náunimæn. n. fish
O  nauniman. n. large fish found on outside reefs. 
O  nautonga. n. (1) white worm found in riburibu, non-edible.  n. (2) mythological person. 
B  náwaa. vt. to rest another by taking his place. 
náwa. n. marine animaln. ripe coconut suspended in air by a rope tied high up on their tree for show or safety. 
O  nawa. n. (1) large spider with long legs.  n. a species of crab like ntabena: marine animal,.  n. (2) a constellation ... 
nawa1. vt. to breath, to take breath, to give a rest, to take a rest, to make a pause, to work in shifts.  ex. nawaiko!: take a breath, have a rest.  red. nawanawavc. kanawa: to let have a rest, to relieve each other. 
B  náwanawaa. vt. frequentative of nawa:
O  nawanawa. a. kinawarawa, kirinaua, kirinawanawa: motly, streaked
O  Nawaro. n. Nauru Island (phosphate mines).  ex. kawain Nawaro: method of ... 
O  nawawa. see nnawawa
B  nawáwaki. a. stupid through overeating.  n. a stupid condition, as from overeating. 
B  ne. n. a place for.  spe. nne
O  ne. n. place, spot, locality, site, container, box, case, vaseex. te ne ni kanai: fireplace
B  néa. va. ashamed, mortifyied.  vt. to put in its placespe. nnea
néaa. n. a sound as of windvi. to sound as the wind. 
O  nea. vt. nea, neia: to put in place, to arrange, to place, to put in ..., to put on ... 
nea1. n. shame, confusiona. shameful, confused, abashed, snubbed, humiliatedred. neanea
nea2. n. a gust of wind, coconut blown down by wind.  v. nea, nenea: to blow, to come like whirlwind, to jostle, to pushvt. neakina: to push, to shove, to jostle, to knock over.  ex. e neakinai: he pushed me. 
O  neaba. n. Nei Neaba: name of ancient country <land>.  ex. ko aitara Bouru ma Nei Neaba: you are facing ... 
O  neabu. n. a piece of shell carved to make an axe
O  neabung. n. branch hanging broken by storm, nuts, fruit fallen by accident. 
B  néakina. vt. to push against. 
O  neakina. vt. to push, to shovesee nea
B  néanea. vt. to care for properly, as a child
O  neang. n. a two-horned shell, spider shellsn. Lambis sp. 
G  neang. sn. Lambis spp. (i)n. spider shells (ja). 
L  neang. sn. Lambis (gastropod).  n. snail
O  neara. n. te neara: a spike used to lift up ligature to pass a cord underneath. 
B  nébo. va. raised, lifted up, exalted, severe as pain
B  nebóa. vt. to lift up, to raise, to exalt.  n. exaltation, glorification. 
O  neboa. vt. to raise up, to heave, to exalt, to glorify, to praise, to celebrate, to extolred. neboneboa, neneboa
B  nébonebo. vi. to engage in exaltingn. exaltation. 
O  nebonebo. n. idem. exaltation, elevation, glorification.  v. to praise, to glorifyn. te nebonebo: compensation for murder. 
B  néi. n. fresh water pool or pondn. blister a running sorepron. the base of neie,prefixed to the name of women and girls - Mrs, Miss. 
néi:. n. the fish
O  nei. n. Mrs., Miss, Madam (art. or title before fem. names).  ex. Nei Joanna, Nei Oa: Miss So and So.  Nei-ko: Mrs! Miss! (for calling a woman).  Naka! for calling women or females or for calling men and women (ladies and gentlemen); ...  Neiei: this lady here; neie: this one who ...  neienne: that one who ...; neierei: that ..., there; neiere: that one there who. 
nei1. n. (1) a pond, pool, swamp, marshex. i taun te nei: on the bank of the pond, pool.  v. e nei, e neinei: having water, forming puddlesn. te neinei: puddle of water, sheet of water, liquid.  vc. ka-neineia: to put liquid into ..., to make liquid.  idiom. e nei te ran: it is not boiling.  n. (2) pustule, pimple with pus, blistera. e nei: containing pus.  vc. kanei: to let the pus form in the ...  kaneia: idem
nei2. n. (1) a species of ray fish, numb fish with dart.  n. (2) a small fish with smooth skin (wrasse).  (3) a tiny fish found in holes in rocks. 
G  nei. pr. nei: (k).  sn. Hemigymnus fasciatus (ll)n. wrasse (sm). 
nei n riki
O  Nei 'n Riki. n. pond of Riki at Nikunau. 
nei toro
G  nei toro. pr. neitoro (k).  sn. Hippopus hippopus (i)n. spotted clam; horseshoe clam (ja). 
L  nei toro. sn. (small) Hippopus hippopus (gastropod).  n. snail
B  néia. n. the fish
O  neia. n. a fish (the young of matabareka). rainbow snapper
G  neia. pr. neia (k).  sn. Gnathodentex aureolineatusn. rainbow snapper (it is reddish brown with narrow yellow lines on its body) (hh). 
B  néiakáka. vi. to be oiled, as a fish pond or well with oil or fatn. oil or scum on the surface of a pond or well. 
O  neiakaka. na. sheet of oil on water, calm water, smooth, limpid like sheet of oil.  vc. ka-neiakaka: to make ... 
G  neiang. sn. Lambis sp.  n. spider shell (hh). 
B  néie. pron. she here who
O  neie. see nei
B  néiei. pron. she here, her here. 
B  néiene. pron. she not far away who
B  néien/ne. pron. she not far away, her not far away. 
B  néiere. pron. she yonder who
B  néierei. pron. she yonder, her yonder. 
L  neikamanging. sn. Nudibranchs (gastropod).  n. snail
O  neikarua. n. kereboki: sea slug
B  néikin. n. a young louse
O  neikin. n. young louse
B  néiko. pron. Miss, Mrs, Madam,(used only in address to address the attention of a female, the singular of Naka). 
O  neiko. pron. Mrs! Miss! (for calling or interpellating). 
nein tabuariki
O  Nein Tabuariki. n. pond of Tabuariki at Beru. 
nein te amarake
O  nein te amarake. n. stomach
O  neineaba. n. Nei Neaba: land of spirits. 
B  néinei. n. a shallow pool, ponda. liquid, fluid
O  neinei. from. neina. (1) sheet of water, marshy, swampy, liquidvc. ka-neineia: to make more liquid, to add more liquid to a mixture, to shake to see if there is liquid inside.  n. (2) term for an operation of sorcery
neinei1. or. neian. fish. rainbow snapper
G  neinei. sn. Gnathodentex aureolineatusn. rainbow snapper (hh). 
B  neingoe. pron. Makin word for Naka in address socs. 
B  néinibæ/neawa. n. mullet or baneawa pond <fishing>.  a. flooded, pond-like. 
B  néintao. n. the part of the face or cheek by the side of the nosebk. Phys p.80. 
O  neintao. or. nei n taon. tear duct, hollow where tears flow. 
B  néioa. pron. Miss or Mrs What's-her-name. 
B  néiran. n. needle (ENG)
O  neiran. n. needle (ENG)
B  néiranráoi. va. easyy>ily securing the thing desired.  see tekeraoi
O  neiranraoi. n. nei kan raoi. luck, fortunea. fortunate, lucky. 
O  neireurekea. n. nudibranch (fish). 
G  neireurekia. n. nudibranch (i). 
L  neireurekia. sn. Nudibranchs (gastropod).  n. snail
B  néiro. n. needle (ENG)
O  neiroba. n. poisonous plant
O  neiteiku. n. puffer fishh. 
G  neiteiku. sn. Canthigaster jactator (ll)n. pufferfish (sm). 
O  neitiewaewa. or. nei n tiewaewan. nettle rash
B  néitoro. n. bi-valvular shell fishvi. procuring neitoro
O  neitoro. n. general name of large clam shells. the largest are called te kima. spotted clam, horse clamv. to fish for ... 
L  neitoro. sn. Tridacoconuta (round type) (gastropod).  n. snail
O  neke. n. pain of sting, wound, sting, prick.  red. nekenekevt. nekea, nekenekea: to prick, to give needle.  sup. v. wainekeneke: idemvt. wainekenekea: idem
B  nékeneke. n. the fish
O  nekeneke1. n. a fish (Belonidae). 
nekeneke. n. a plant (Fleurya ruderalos). 
G  nekeneke. sn. Fleurya ruderalis (z)
B  nékenekeáki. vi. to suffer with darting or pricking pains. 
O  nekenekeaki. a. for winekenekeneaki
B  nÉne. a. firm, immovable, fixed, stiff, steady as the wind.  n. firmness, stiffness, fixedness. 
O  nene. n. persisting force, stability.  a. persisting, stable, firmex. e nene marakina: his pain persists; nenen te ang: persistence of the wind.  vc. kanene, kaka-nene: make a persisting effort, exert oneself, strive, persist in.  ex. kanene!: keep up the effort!  n. te kanene: endurance, persistence in effort.  vc. kan-nenei, kanenei nako: go at it tenaciously, go boldly, persist in the effort.  vt. ka-nenea, kakanenea: use all one's strength, make big effort, reinforce, force.  ex. kanenea banam: to speak louder
B  nénea. a. greasy, fattyn. grease, fat
néneaa. vi. to blow strong as the wind
O  nenea. n. grease, fat, lard, cream, tallowex. e nenea: it is greasy, juicy, appetizing, unctuous.  vc. kanenea: to make greasy, to put grease in.  n. candle: te taura te nenea
B  nénebo. vi. to hold land taken by a relative of a murdered man as a recompense.  n. a preparation of babain. land taken by a relative of a murdered man as a recompense. 
O  nenebo. n. a dish prepared from taro, punia, fresh toddy and molasses (to honour a guest).  n. a piece of land given in compensation for murder.  see neboavt. neneboa: to honour, to give this land. 
B  nenebóa. vt. to occasion the taking of land by being murdered. 
O  neneboi. from. nenera: to seek.  nv. scent, act of smelling, to scent, to smellex. nenera te boi, neneri boi: smelling, tracking by following smell, scent.  vc. n. kaneneboi or kaniniboi: give to be smelled.  kaneneboia, kaniniboia: idemex. kaneneboia te maneka: to put on the scent of the tracks
B  nénei. n. the fishex. nenei ao tera ngkoe e tang ? (idiomatic)
O  nenei. idiom. meaning much the same as maroaka. so! that's why ...  n. force, insistenceex. akea neneim, an uotia nako: since you insist, all right, take it. 
nenei1. a. a migratory fish. rainbow snapper
G  nenei. pr. nenei (k).  sn. Gnathodentex aureolineatus (ll)n. rainbow snapper (hh). 
B  nenéia. va. abounding in neia
B  nenéiriko. a. not well or sufficiently cooked as fish. 
O  neneiriko. a. not cooked enough, undercooked, hard, tough (fish). 
B  nénera. vt. to inquire carefully, to search out. 
O  nenera. vt. to search, to make an inquiry, to enquire about, to get information about, ... make investigation about ... 
B  nenéweaba. vi. frequentative of neweaba
B  nenéwenrang. a. frequentative of newenran
O  nenge. see renge, rengerenge
nenge1. vt. nengenenge, nengenengea: to suck, to lick
B  néngenenge. vi. to engage in sipping karewe with a brushlike stick.  n. the sipping of karewe with a brushlike stick. 
O  nengenenge. or. rengerengen. extremity, end, pointadv. i nengenengen te: at the extreme end of.  ex. i tabo rengerengen te taibora: right at the end of the table.  vt. nengenengea: to take the end of, to dip the end, to suck ..., to lick end dipped in sauce. 
B  nengenéngea. vt. to sip karewe with a brushlike stick. 
B  nénikanáiai. n. a stove, a fireplace
B  neére. n. a nail (ENG)bib. Zech 10:4. 
B  nétinim. n. nethinim (HEB)
L  nevekabane. sn. Alutera scripta (monocanthida)n. filefish
B  néwe. n. a tongueva. lodged in the branches, as a stick thrown.  vi. to lighten frequently, without thunder. 
O  newe. n. (1) tongueex. bae-newe: stuttering, stutter, lisp, stammerbu newe: to put out tongue.  ribinewe: quick to learn, learning easily.  vt. newea, newenewea: to lick, to toss off, to lap up.  n. (2) tenon <tendon ?>, angle, something which joins.  a. ae newe ma: joined on to, touching, adhering to ..., fixed to, caught on to ..., hanging from ...  vc. kanewea: make join, fix to, catch on to, hang on ...  n. (3) lightning, flash of lightning.  idiom. e newe itina, e itirua: there is lightning. 
B  néwea. vt. to lick with the tongue
O  newea. vt. nevenevea: to lickex. tabo n nevea: to lick up. 
B  néweæba. vi. to sight-see, to explore, to see sights with curiosity.  n. sight seeing, exploration. 
O  neweaba. n. voyage, promenade, excursion, exploration, seeing countries, curiosities, sight seeingvt. neweaba: to visit, to explore a certain place.  vc. ka-neweaba: to guide sightseers around, to conduct ...  n. te bai n neweabaki: a curiosity to see.  ex. te bai ni kaneweabaki: a curiosity to be shown. 
B  néwekabæ/ne. n. the fish
O  newekabane. n. a smooth fish, (rabatan rianewekabane) reincarnated body of ...  sn. Halichoeres centiquadrus
G  newekabane. pr. newekabane (k).  sn. Halichoeres centriquadrus (y)n. wrasse (sm). 
newekabane1. sn. Thalassoma trilobatum (ll,y)n. wrasse (sm). 
B  néwenewe. n. a shell fishvi. to engage in licking with the tongue. 
O  newenewe. n. a shell fish, volutesn. Strombus gibberulusn. a game of suspension. 
B  newenéwea. vt. frequentative of newea
B  néwenrang/. a. slow to learnn. slowness in learning. 
O  newenrang. a. slow to learn, ... to express oneself. 
O  newe-uai. n. cancer of the tonguefig. a cheat, liar, hypocrite
B  ni. n. a coconut treepre. in, at, to, by, with, of
O  ni. prep. euph. for n. at, in, for, to (used before b, k, m, ng, p, w). 
ni1. and ninipref. showing frequency or intensity: (1) all, altogether, completely, continually, extremely.  ex. nibangabanga, ninibangabanga: having many holes; nimaoraki: sickly, always sick.  rad. from niraex. ni karewe: tie up spathe of coconut for toddy cutting.  ni bake: tie in bundles. 
ni2. n. coconut treeex. ua ni: fruit of ...  kanni: trunk of ... (as timber)banni: leaf <frond> of ...  ani: fibre from ..., etc. 
G  ni. sn. Cocos nucifera L.n. coconut tree (k,z,sp). 
O  niai. v. to roll a string around kabane line near the lead (ai) to strengthen it.  vt. niaia. idem
O  niau. n. carelessness, nonchalance, idleness.  a. slow, awkward, idle, indolentsup. niniau
B  níb'a. n. a post hole.  a small pit or bed for babai
O  niba. n. a small trench, small hollow in soil, notch, cut, mortise, nickfig. source, origin, place of ..., object of ...  ex. te niba n uea: royal origin.  te niba n akoi: object of complacency, person very dear.  te niba n ..., te niba ni ...: habit of ..., source of ..., hole of ...  te niba ni kewe: personification of lies, out and out liar.  syn. bara ni ..., banga ni ...  vt. niba, nibaniba: to make holes, hollows, trenches, notches, nicks, pits, to scoop or dig, to notch.  n. kanibaniba: small hollow.  a. ka-nibaniba: full of little holes. 
niba1. vt. nibaniba: to dig, to excavate in soil, in timber. 
niba n akoi
O  niba n akoi. n. a very kind person.  ex. niba n akoaki: cherished ... 
niba n aoraki
O  niba n aoraki. na. a person very subject to catching every disease. 
niba n taeka
O  niba n taeka. n. subject of gossipex. ko niba n taeka: you get yourself talked about too much. 
niba n taekina
O  niba n taekina. v. to take as subject of ... 
niba n uea
O  niba n uea. na. see uea: origin of kings, of royal origin
niba ni mata
O  niba ni mata. n. the hollow at the corner of the eye nearest the nose.  fig. a person seen too often, one met often and everywhere (e kabe ni mata).  vt. ka-nibanimata: to accuse of being seen too often. 
niba ni mate
O  niba ni mate. a. in great peril, danger, risking one's life. 
niba ni ngare
O  niba ni ngare. a. jovial; nibani ngareakinaki: ... target of mockery
niba ni ngo
O  niba ni ngo. a. niba ni ngongo: argumentative, criticaln. grumbler
niba ni ngore
O  niba ni ngore. a. weak, puny
niba ni ngure
O  niba ni ngure. na. grumbler, inveterate grumbler, always complainingvc. kanibaningurea: to make ... 
B  nib'aáb'akóuti. n. a small or young eelvi. to fish for nibabakouti <fishing>
O  nibabakouti. red. ninibabakoutiv. to fish for small fry, to surround stones, rocks with net to catch fish.  from. nira, envelop. 
niba'bakouti. n. a small eel
O  nibabati. v. nibabatia: to pile up in a hole, to crowd into small space ..., to one side. te totoro ni bobotakisyn. ribabati
B  nib'áeai. n. a young coconut tree bearing fruit
O  nibaeai. n. a young coconut tree of which wood is still soft. a coconut tree or plant bearing fruit early. 
B  nib'áeneene. vi. to be provident for the wants of a child
O  nibaenene. from. paene: basketn. food stored in a basket (esp. for children).  vt. nibaenenea: to make a store. 
B  nib'aenénea. vt. to treat a child with forethought by providing food for it in a basket to be used when required. 
B  nib'ákab'aka. vi. to fall again and again as an intoxicated person trying to walk.  n. the repeated falling as of an intoxicated person. 
O  nibakabaka. n. the act of stumbling, ... staggering, ... falling over.  a. unsteadyv. to stumble, to trip, to faltervc. kanibakabaka: to make ... 
G  nibakaouti. n. a small eel (ll). 
O  nibakoakoa. from. bakoan. repugnance to eat shark (or other food).  v. to faint at the sight of blood. 
O  nibanaoraki. a. sickly, always sick
O  nibanga. and nibangabangasup. superlative of bangabangaa. perforated full of small holes,.  vc. ka-nibanga, ka-nibangbanga : to perforate in many places. 
B  nib'ángab'anga. a. having net-workn. net-work. 
O  nibangure. or. niba ni ngurena. a person always grumbling, <grumble>.  see ngure
B  nib'ánimæta. n. the side of the nose very near to the inner corner of the eyebk. Phys p.80.  va. much discomforted by the frequent appearing of another. 
B  nib'ánimæte. va. exposed to danger, as when fishing for sharks.  n. exposure to danger, as in fishing for sharks. 
B  nib'áningare. a. liable to ridicule, open to bantern. liability to ridicule. 
B  nib'áningárea. vt. to banter. 
B  nib'áningo. va. grumblee>ing, ever dissatisfyied.  n. grumbling, dissatisfaction, complaint
B  nib'áningóa. vt. to grumble about. 
B  nib'áningúre. va. ever complaining or grumbling.  n. complaint, murmuring. growling. 
B  nib'áningúrea. vt. to complain about, to grumble about. 
B  nib'áraa. a. wakeful, restlessn. wakefulness, restlessness. 
O  nibara. a. uncomfortable, ill at easen. agitated sleep, insomniavc. ka-nibaraea: to cause, to disturb
B  nib'árab'ara. vi. to engage in filling small baskets with fish to be given to one's neighbors.  n. the filling of small baskets with fish to be given one's neighbors. 
nib'árab'araa. vt. to provide one's friends with small baskets of fish. 
O  nibarabara. a. ravelled away, undone, peeledsup. superlative of barabara
nibarabara1. vt. to put in basket (fish, food) for cooking or storing. 
O  nibaraeakina. v. to suffer from being uncomfortable, ill at easen. sleeplessness
O  nibaraoi. and nibararoina. ease, comfort, at ease. 
O  Nibarara. n. Nei Nibarara: blind woman (wife of the moon).  see Nei Matanoko, Nei Ikuku
B  nibárarai:. va. covetous of, desireous of obtaining. 
O  nibararai. v. to crave for certain food (as pregnant women).  see rarai
O  nibarubarua. nv. v.t. sup. of barua; see this word. 
O  nibauea. n. a nice pit, a large pit dug for plants. 
O  nibawebawe. n. small fish (bawe). 
O  nibiongong. a. drowsy, torpid (S.).  syn. kiriongong (N.). 
B  níboki. n. cartridge
O  niboki. n. ancient cartridge
G  nibongbong. sn. Gerres oblongus (y)
nibongbong1. sn. Lutianus gibbusn. juvenile snapper (ll). 
B  nibóngibong. n. a fish, the. 
O  nibongibong. n. (1) a fish (young of ikanibong).  sn. (2) Lutianus gibbus. Gerres oblongur
B  nibuníni. n. small or young buni (fish).  n. a certain mode of incantationvi. to engage in performing the nibunini
O  nibunini. n. like bunia. swollen, distendedn. swollen abdomen
nibunini1. na. (1) poisoning by bunina. (2) magic against this poison.  vt. nibuninia: to poison with ...  (3) to ward off or cure with magic. 
nibunini2. n. a fish (young of buni). 
B  níbuninía. vt. to perform a certain incantation on one. 
O  nika. adv. as, like
nika tebetebe
O  nika tebetebe. n. a small prawn (brangon lobster). 
O  nikabangabanga. n. a piece of shell shaped and pierced for necklet, a necklet of ... 
O  nikabibi. n. a shell
O  nikabono. n. a shell worked for neck ornament. 
B  nikábu. n. a large miller, the <moth>. 
O  nikabu. n. (1) pupa of moth, cocoonn. (2) a large bud ready to open. 
nikabu1. n. line of dancers around guide. 
nikabu2. a. swathed, bagged, covered with mats, blankets, as cocoon. 
O  nikabubuti. n. a tree (wood hard and heavy). 
O  nikaburaerae. n. a nut of tree brought by current (like chestnut). 
O  nikaia. vt. niranikaia: to tie around with string.  see nira
O  nikaika. n. a kind of drowsiness, lack of energy, indigestion brought on by excess of eating (esp. fish).  a. drowsy, stupid, unable to stand up. 
O  nikamatutu. n. a plant which closes when touched.  sn. Sophora tomentosa).  or. kaimatu
G  nikamaatu:tu:. sn. Sophora tomentosa L. (z)
B  nikaámon. n. name of a fish, the.  vi. to engage in fishing for the nikamon
O  nikamon. n. a small fishv. nikamon: to fish for ...  vt. nikamonia: idem
G  nikaámon. n. a species of fish (ll,k). 
B  nikaámonía. vt. to fish for nikamon
O  nikamonmon. v. to go, to move away by rolling (child's game). 
O  nikanebu. n. a large moth, dragon fly
B  nikárababa. n. a bivalvular shellfish
O  nikarababa. n. a species of shell fish, a certain kind of coral, a seed brought in by sea current. 
O  nikarara. abbr. of unikararan. a game of dexterity consisting of throwing up several balls (or other objects) and catching them, juggling <juggle>. 
nikarara1. v. to juggle with several balls, etc., to move away, to withdraw, to disappear quickly (ex. canoe).  syn. nikamonmon
O  nikararaba. n. knee capp. 
B  nikaaraárai. n. a certain game (see below).  vi. to play the game of nikararai by tossing up two or three balls in succession, and catching them as they fall back. 
B  nikárarao. n. a pan leaf hoop, driven by the wind. 
O  nikararao. n. (1) children's gamen. (2) ring, hoop, shell fashioned into ring.  (3) knee capsyn. nikararaba
B  nj/kare. n. nickel (ENG)
B  nikaréarea. n. any especially relishable food
O  nikarearea. syn. nikarewerewen. agreeable taste, savoury, favourite dish, delicious drink, preference, special friend, favourite.  ex. au nikarearea: my loved one, my delight
O  nikarewerewe. n. a crab
nikarewerewe1. syn. nikareareasup. superlative of karewerewea. delicious (in proper and in fig.), which has or leaves a sweet taste, loved, cherished, preferred
G  nikarewerewe. n. crabs about 6-7 inches across the carapace (i). 
L  nikarewerewe. n. crab
O  nikarikiriki. n. a shell fish. big. heart cockle
G  nikarikiriki. sn. Cardium flavum (i)n. flavum heart cockle (ja). 
L  nikarikiriki. sn. Cardium flavum (gastropod).  n. snail
B  nikárinei. n. a bivalvular shellfishvi. engage in seeking for nikarinei
O  nikarinei. n. a shell fish, big.  sn. Modiola agripeta auriculata
O  nikariri. n. fish (the young ikari). 
B  nikáririaki. n. name of a certain game
O  nikaririaki. n. a gamev. to play this game. 
B  níkaro. vi. to engage in cooking squid on the coals.  n. the cooking of squid on the coals. 
O  nikaro. n. octopus tied in coconut husk to be roasted without being damaged (e niraki ni karonaki).  vt. nikaroa, ninikaroa: to tie up octopus so ... 
B  níkaróa. vt. to cook a squid on the coals. 
G  nikaroutaunene. n. a species of fish (ll). 
B  nikatang/. n. a fish, the. 
O  nikatang. n. a very tiny fish. demoiselle fish
G  nikatang. sn. Amphiprion sebae (y,ll)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
nikatang1. sn. Dascyllus aruanus (y)
nikatang2. sn. Pomacentrus vaiuli (y)n. demoiselle fish (sm). 
nikatang3. sn. Pseudochromis tapeinosoma (y)
B  nikatæ/ratæra. n. a bivalvular shellfish, the.  n. glass
O  nikataratara. n. necklace of mother of pearl, a piece of ... 
B  nikatébetebe. n. spe of lobster, the cray fish
L  nikatebetebe. n. small "glass" shrimps. 
O  nikatinewa. n. a shell fish
B  nikátona. n. a bivalvular shellfish, the. 
O  nikatona. n. an edible shell fish, found almost everywhere.  n. te kenikatona: dig for ..., Tellina shell
G  nikátona. sn. Tellina crassiplicata (k,i)n. tellina shell (jr). 
L  nikatona. sn. Tellina crassiplicata (gastropod).  n. snail
O  nikatongitongnatu. n. (1) dizziness of diver .  n. (2) a deep shell fish
B  nikáwai. a. old, not fresh, not new
B  nikáwewe. n. a sacred or haunted place, not to be approached with safety. 
O  nikawewe. n. an enclosure of stones around the spot where spirit is venerated, represented by large stone (the nikawewe indicates a sacred place).  n. a certain place of refuge formerly with right of sanctuary.  place surrounded by hedge, barrier, fence to indicate it is reserved to whom it concerns (ex. magistrate's bench, rostrum, stone wall around a house, etc.).  see uma ni borau
O  nikebokebo. na. full, absolutely full.  vt. nikebokeboa: to fill up. 
B  ni:/kero. n. a negro (ENG)
B  nikiaári. va. itching, as the tongue or the palm of the handn. the itching as of the tongue or palm of the hand. 
O  nikiari. n. a certain kind of tingling pain at end of fingers, toes, tongue.  v. to tingleva. kanikiari: to cause. 
B  níkierére. a. joyous, exultant or boastful sfter a victory in battlen. exultant joy as after a victory. 
O  nikierere. from. kire and kireina. joy of success, exultationv. to rejoice, to exult, to show contentment.  sup. ninikiererevc. kanikierere: to make ...  kanikiererea: idem
O  nikiniri. or. riki n irin. pandanus grown from fruit and not from branch.  syn. te riki ni beti
B  níkira. vi. to engage in taking food to guests.  n. food for guests. 
O  nikira. n. remainder, rest, left over, remnants, leavingste nikira: food offered to a guest at home or in maneabavt. nikira, ninikira: to treat as guest, to entertain with food, to give refreshments.  ex. I aki nikiraki: I was not given anything to eat; nikira n rinerina. e: the last to be served, the least well received, treated with little honour. 
nikira1. vt. to bring back an article, to take a person back to their home, to put back.  red. ninikira
nikira n roronga
O  nikira n roronga. n. bachelor (rarely used). 
nikira n tabwi
O  nikira n tabwi. n. a despised person, rejected, spared among conquered, by ironical comparison, a work one disdains to finish, a thing of which the remains are despised.  vc. kani-kirantabuia: to despise, to disdain, to scorn, to make no account of. 
nikira ni bobo
O  nikira ni bobo. n. an aborted, escaped abortion (used also as an insult). 
nikiran roro
O  nikiran roro. na. girl remaining (nikira) not married after those of her age (roro) are married. old maid, dishonoured girl (different meanings signified by context and way of speaking).  n. kawain nikiranroro: manner of old maid (inconstant, irregular, independent, careless). 
B  nikiræn/roro. n. an unmarried womana. unmarried as a woman, being without a husband. 
B  níkirantaábwi. va. regarded of no account as a person
O  nikireirei. from. kireior. nikurerein. joy, enjoyment, delection, delightsup. superlative of kukurei: very pleasant and enjoyable, delectable.  ex. e nikukurei maiun arokam: your plant is growing in a delightful way.  vc. kanikureirei: to rejoice.  kanikureireia: idem
B  níkitaa. vt. to carry to. 
O  nikitataro. a. sup. of tataro
B  níko. a. sufficient, well, well enough, fine, delicate, charmingn. the trigger of a gun
O  niko. n. tumbler, sear of a gun lock. beauty, elegant of form, well done, well built, well assembled, strong and fair of form (ko: tight, well tied).  fig. firm, fit and well, robust, in good form.  ex. nikoa wam: make your canoe strong and beautiful.  nikotatawa: well made for speed nikotaungaunga: badly balanced. 
B  níkoa. vt. to make trial of as a canoe
O  nikoa. vt. nikoa, ninikoa: to make niko, to build well, to make strongvc. kanikoa: idem
B  nikói:. n. a young coconut in the second stage. 
O  nikoi. n. a coconut growing, not yet mature. 
B  nikóniko. vi. to engage in testing or trying as a canoe.  a. admirable for delicacy of finish, nicen. delicacy, fineness of finish. 
O  nikora. and nikorara and nikobuakaa. badly done, badly fixed, not strong.  ex. e nikora te bong: the day is unfavourable
B  níkoráoi. a. quiet because thriveing as an infant
B  nikóro. n. a fish, the. 
O  nikoro. n. a red fish. snappersn. Epinephelus sp. 
nikoro1. n. <fish> red rock codd (poisonous). 
G  nikóro. sn. Epinephelus sp. (ll,k).  n. snapper (sm). 
nikoro. sn. Scorpaenopsis sp.  n. red rock cod; poisonous (cc). 
B  nikórokoro. n. a bivalvular shellfish
O  nikorokoro. n. a shell fish. biv. 
B  nikorotóunene. n. a fish, the. 
O  nikotatawa. a. well built for speedvc. kanikotatawea: built for rapidity or to give speed to ... 
B  nikotætæ/we. a. quick
B  nikotaungáunga. va. sailing badly as a poorly made makei
O  nikotaungaunga. a. badly built, unbalanced, which goes sideways. 
B  níku. a. wide as the rim of land in certain places. 
O  niku. na. width of land, island, wide from east to west.  adv. i nikun ... i nikun te kawa: to the east of the village.  see mainiku
O  nikuakua. sup. superlative of kuaa. tired
G  nikuau. sn. family Serranidaen. rock codd (fry) (ll). 
B  nikuáuau. n. a fish , the. 
O  nikuauau. n. a fish, young of kuau, rock cod fry. 
O  nikuma. vt. nikuma te taeka: to lessen gravity, to cover over
O  Nikumaroro. n. Gardner Island, Phoenix Group. 
O  nikunakuna. a. covered with bruises, wounds
O  Nikunau. n. island of Gilbert Group (Byron 2-7-1765). 
B  nikúnikun. n. name of a bird
O  nikunikun. n. species of small (kun) bird. red necked stint
nikunikun1. from. kunna. blue marks on skin, bruises, bruised.  vc. ka-nikunikuna: to bruise, to make black and blue. 
G  nikúnikun. sn. Erolia ruficollis ruficollisn. red necked stint (aa,k). 
O  nikurababa. n. name of the first maneaba in Tarawa.  see rababa
O  nikuraroa. na. wide part of island, land extending far across the island. 
B  nikuréirei. vi. to rejoice <joy>.  n. joy, rejoicing. 
O  nikureirei. na. see nikireirei
B  nikutæ/retære. a. provided with short connections for an outriggera. too short, as a person, to reach something high up. 
O  nikutaretare. na. beams too long in outrigger of canoevc. ka ...area: to put too far distant. 
O  nikutataro. na. canoe with outrigger beams too short, unbalanced, badly balanced.  fig. ashamed, very embarrassed.  see tata:ro
B  njm. vi. to stick, to adheren. a sponge
O  nim. v. nim ma to stick to, to adhere, to be attacheda. sticky, adhesive.  ex. e nimtangiriko: he loves you and is attached to you.  vc. ka-nima, kaninima: to stick, to fix, to put together, to juxtaposen. te kanim: glue, pastesup. nimnim
B  nima. vt. to drinka. five, always followed by a numeral-suffix as ai, ua, ung, man, nga, kai, kora, or by certain nouns, as bong, ririkisee aa. ten, in counting by twos, five twos. 
O  nima. a. (1) rad. of adj. number fiveex. nimaua, niman, nimai, nimangaun, etc.  a. (2) five pairs. 
nima1. vt. to drink, to swallow, to absorbred. niniman. te ninima: drink, beverageex. nimau, niman, etc. 
B  nimaai. a. fivesee nima:i
B  nimába. a. five leaves
B  nimabúbua. a. five hundred
B  nimábwi. a. fiftysee nimangaun
B  nimáea. a. five millionn. 
O  nimaenen. a. very flexible, pliable in every way. 
O  nimaere. n. male parrot fish (Scarus sordidus). 
G  nimaere. sn. Scarus sordidus (ll)n. male; parrot fish (ll,sm). 
B  nim'áerere. n. a fish line composed of hair and coconut fibre, used in sorcery
O  nimaerere. n. idem
nimaerere1. n. a string or cord of plaited coconut fibre and hair mixed. string of amulet of same.  a. striped, streaked
G  nimaerere. sn. Scarus sordidusn. male; parrot fish (y). 
B  nimaái. a. five, in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timber, coconut leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish as sharks and ikari
B  nímakai. a. five, in counting trees, fish hooks, sections of land. 
O  nimakaka. n. a shell fishsn. Thais hippocastranumn. purple shellsn. Vasum ceramicum ceram
G  nimakaka. sn. Morula granulata Duclos (i)n. castor bean shell (ja). 
nimakaka1. sn. Thais hippocastanum L. (i)n. purple shelll (ja). 
nimakaka2. sn. Vasum ceramicum (i)n. Ceram heavy whelk (ja). 
L  nimakaka. sn. Vasum ceramicum (gastropod).  Thais hippocastanumMorula granulata duclosn. snail
O  nimakare. n. operculum of nimakaka or nimatanin
O  nimako. n. a fish, young of mako, rock cod
G  nimako. sn. Cephalopholis leopardus (ll,y)n. rock codd (sm). 
L  nimako. sn. Cephalopholis urodelus (serranidae)Epinephalus fasciatusn. grouper, seabass
B  nímakora. a. five, in counting baskets. 
O  nimakorokoro. sup. superlative of makoro. cut in pieces (as some islands are). 
B  nimákuri. a. five hundred thousand
B  nimaámanei. a. gentle, meek, inoffensive, mildn. gentleness, meekness, inoffensiveness, mildness. 
O  nimamanei. from. mannein. sweetness, gentlenessa. meek, peaceable, inoffensivevc. ka ... 
B  nim'ám'ano. n. a whirlpool, an eddyva. eddying as a whirlpool. 
O  nimamano. from. mamanon. whirlpool, eddyv. to turn around, to whirl
B  nimaámæte. a. fatigued, exhausted.  n. fatigue, exhaustion. 
O  nimamate. freq. of maten. exhaustiona. languid, decliningv. kanimamate: to enfeeble, to become languid, to make decline.  vc. kanimamatea: idem
B  níman. a. five, in counting persons and animals. 
B  nimanáinai. n. the adhereing vessels of the squid
O  nimanainai. from. nim: stick, adhere, and nainai: circle.  n. (1) vent holes of octopus.  (2) a species of fish
B  nim'aánæn. a. dyspeptic, having heart burn, sick with a fevern. a form of dyspepsia.  the fish
O  nimanan. a. feeling faint, languid, indisposed, suffering.  vc. kanimanana: which causes... 
B  nimaanaána. n. a fevera. feverish. 
O  nimanana. sup. of preceding.  n. a kind of languor, feebleness caused by sickness, by fever. 
O  nimanang. n. a fish, kind of kuau, rock codsn. Epinephelus
G  nimanang. sn. Cephalopholis argusn. black rock cod (hh,y,ll). 
L  nimanang. sn. Cephalopholis argus (serranidae)n. grouper, seabass
B  nim'anæ/nginæ. va. badly gashed. 
O  nimananginang. freq. of manangin ... complete dislocation, out of order, pulled to pieces, in pieces, in tatters.  vt. kamananginanga: to dislocate, to put out of order, to break up, to disaggregate
B  nimæ/nei. a. said by some to be the same as iowawa, ugly, bad (not approved by Kaure). 
B  nimæneúri. n. the fruit of the uri
O  nimaneuri. n. fruit of uri tree. 
B  nimánga. a. five thousand, five in counting fathoms. 
B  nimángaun. a. fiftysee ngaun
B  nimæ/nimæn. n. a young louse
O  nimaniman. from. mann. small louse, vermina. full of vermin. 
O  nimaninaba. or. nimanginaban. an eel with ears like mouse. 
B  nimaanj/nginjng. n. an oil scented with a certain pan leaf.  a. very small in appearance, as a bird high in the air. 
O  nimaningining. sup. superlative of ninginingn. (1) extreme end, extreme point of ..., very small in the distance. (2) a perfumed oil.  (3) end of shoots of certain plants. 
B  nimaníni. n. a small fish,the. 
O  nimanini. n. shoals of small fish. 
nimanini1. n. (1) a tiny fish, surgeon fishsn. Acanthuridae fan.idiom. e nimanini te ang, e kanimanini te ang: the wind rustles.  a. rustling, swarming.  n. (2) fruit of ntanini
G  nimaníni. sn. family Acanthuridae (ll,k).  n. surgeonfish (sm). 
B  nim'ánom'ano. a. having many depressions.  n. a falling in of the surface, a depression. 
O  nimanomano. a. full of little dints, small holes, dinted, uneven (surface). 
O  nimanonganonga. a. much, manyvc. ka ...  sup. of preceding word. 
B  nimaanónginong. a. having fine strands as a coconut fibre fish line, finely twisted. 
O  nimanonginong. n. very rapid movementv. to advance at great speed.  a. extraordinary rapidity. 
B  nimæ/nu. n. a certain disease of the skin
O  nimanu. n. a skin disease (eruptive fever). 
O  nimanunu. sup. superlative of manunua. all wrinkled, creased, crumpled, rumpledvc. kanimanunua: to make ... 
O  nimaomao. n. toy canoe
O  nimaoriori. from. maorioria. extremely flaccid, limp, slack, flabby, spineless, apathetic
O  nimarainai. n. bracelet of green kanawa fibres. 
nimarainai1. n. idem. bracelet of dried kanawa fibres. 
O  nimarakiraki. freq. of marakin. general sick feeling, pains all over body. 
B  nimarángirang. a. intoxicated with joyn. inordinate joy. 
O  nimarangirang. from. rangirangn. a kind of delirious joy, overexcitement, frenzy, mad with joy.  vc. kanimarangirang: to cause.  kanimarangiranga: to make mad with joy. 
B  nimaráwarawa. a. seasickn. seasickness. 
O  nimarawarawa. from. marawan. sea sickness.  v. to be seasickred. ninimarawarawavc. ka-nimarawarawa: to give ... 
B  nimæ/rebu. a. fifty thousand
B  nimaaréburebu. n. the seed of the bingibinga. very many, as ben
O  nimareburebu. n. (1) fruit or seed of tree called bingibingn. (2) multitude, innumerable
G  nimaa repwurepwa. sn. Hernandia sonora L. (z)
O  nimariri. n. small pimples on the skin, ... on bark. 
O  nimatakanin. n. a shell fish with operculum. 
B  nimæ/tamæta. va. scarred, pitted. 
O  nimatamata. a. full of grubs, eaten by caterpillars
nimatamata1. a. variegated, flowered, striped, spottedsee matamata, kirimatamata
nimatamata2. from. m'atan. phosphorescence, furrow in sea, trail of slugs. 
B  nimataánin. n. a shell fishvi. to seek for nimatanin
O  nimatanin. n. (1) a shell fish (Turbo setosus).  n. (2) nimatanin ae te uea, nimatakanin n atu, or nimatanin n atu: bone at the top of the head. 
G  nimatanin. sn. Turbo spp. (i).  n. turban shells (ja). 
L  nimatanin. sn. Turbo (gastropod).  n. snail
B  nímatæno. a. fifty million
B  nimataáreare. n. a small kite
O  nimatareare. n. a child's toy, kite
O  nimatata. a. a small vessel or binobino used for sorcerysyn. te ba n akuaku
L  nimatawawa. sn. Physalia (coelenterate)n. jellyfish
O  Nimate. n. Nei Nimate: a woman of Tarawa.  n. syn: slut, trolop, corrupter of youth. 
B  nimaátenten. va. abounding in numbers or quantity
O  nimatenten. a. grouped, close together, gathered together (shoals of fish, swarms, distinct objects).  vc. kanimatentena: to group close together. 
O  nimatewetewe. v. to move, to advance in leaps and bounds (as rapid canoe).  vc. ka-nimatewetewea: to make ... 
B  nim'atoáua. va. restless, lying uneasyily. 
O  nimatoaua. n. enervation, disquietude, insomniaa. to be feverish, enervated, worriedvc. kanimatoaua: to cause ... 
B  nim'átoi. n. a species of caterpillar
O  nimatoi. n. large caterpillar found on bushes and plants.  see Nei mangoia, tenikapu
B  nímatoki. a. five hundred million
O  nimatore. or. imatoren. tree of myth, legend, by means of which Nei Kiku went up to the moon to see Nei Nibarara
O  nimatoro. n. (1) coral stone grooved like underneath of mushroom.  n. (2) mushroom growth on foot (S.). 
B  nimatútu. vi. to nodn. nodding in drowsiness
O  nimatutu. n. sleepiness, torpora. half sleep, somnolent, drowsy, numb, falling asleep.  vc. kanimatutu: to cause ...  kanimatutua: idem
B  nimáua. a. five, in counting things in general. 
O  nimaua. a. num. adj. five (for things).  ex. ka-nimaua: fifth
O  nimaukuku. sup. maukua. limp, lamev. to limp, to hobble
B  nimaunáuna. va. appearing and again disappearing, as among waves. 
O  nimaunauna. sup. superlative of maunav. to disappear rapidly in the distance (bird, canoe, plane). 
B  nimáung. a. five, in counting pandanus fruit
O  nimawawa. n. a species of fish. wrasse
G  nimawawa. sn. Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (ll,y)n. wrasse (sm). 
nimawawa1. sn. Scarus globiceps (y)n. parrotfish (sm). 
O  nimnai. n. a small fish, rabbit fish
G  nimnai. sn. Siganus punctata (ll)n. rabbitfish (sm). 
nimnai1. sn. Siganus rostrata (ll)n. rabbitfish (sm). 
B  njmnáinai. n. the fish
O  nimnainai. df. n. (1) Nei Nimnainai: mythical person, personification of attraction.  n. (2) incantation to provoke mutual love.  from. nim: adhere.  vc. ka-nimnainaia: to make ... 
nimnana ..bw njm
O  nimnainai. a. muddy.  n. sticky, muddy condition of the ground
nimnana. n. sticky dirt, filth, mire, uncleanliness, dunga. sticky and dirty.  vc. kanimnana: to dirty with ... 
B  njm/njm. a. sticky, adhesive
O  nimnim. a. sticky, adhesiveex. ka-nimnim: which makes stick ...  vc. ka-nimnima: to stick
B  njmnjm/ta. vt. frequentative of nimta
B  nimóibung. n. a young coconut (in the second of twelve stages). 
O  nimoibung. n. a coconut a little bigger than nimoimoi. (water just beginning to form inside.). 
B  nimóimoi. n. a very small young coconut (first stage). 
O  nimoimoi. n. a coconut just beginning to take form (about size of an egg).  n. nimoimoi ni bai: bone jutting out at wrist (end of ulna).  ex. nimoimoi ni wae: ankle bone (end of fibula).  see timoimoi
B  nimóimoinibái. n. the wrist knobs. 
B  nimóimoiniwáe. n. the ankle knobs
G  nimori. sn. Canthigaster solandri (ll)n. pufferfish (sm). 
B  nimórimori. a. flimsy
O  nimorimori. or. rimorimorisup. superlative of moria. tired out, exhausted, knocked up.  syn. nikuakua
O  nimoro. n. puffer fishh. 
O  nimoti. from. motior. nimotoa. broken, smashed in many places.  red. nimotimoti
O  nimroa. red. nimroroavt. to cling strongly to, ... all around, to cover with a coat of ... 
nimroa1. vt. to cling tightly to, to adhere to ..., to hold on to ..., to attach
B  njmróna. n. froth, a variety of seamoss, the.  va. foul as the bottom of a ship, covered with sea-moss. 
O  nimrona. n. marine moss which adheres to sea-going craft, boats, etc.  a. nimrona, ninimrona: covered with ...  vc. kanimrona
O  nimroroko. v. to importunate, to keep coming back in an attempt to gain cause. 
B  njm/ta. vt. to cling to, to adhere to, to stick to. 
O  nimta. from. nimvt. to stick to ..., to hang on to ..., to adhere to ..., to cling to ..., to clasp, to entwine (as octopus, jelly fish, etc.).  ex. e nimtiko te kamaira: you are held, entwined by impurity.  red. ninimta, nimnimta
O  nimtangira. vt. to attach oneself to ..., to love
B  njmtæ/wawa. n. a marine animal , a flag signal of the same. 
O  nimtawawa. n. a species of jelly fish
O  nimunai. n. surgeon fishh (Teuthis rostratus). 
G  nimunai. sn. Teuthis rostratus (y)n. surgeonfish (sm). 
O  nin. n. nin-ni-boua: half of husk of coconut. (N.) ewa n in
B  ningaábong. n. to-morrow
O  ningabong. adv. tomorrow
B  níngai. adv. when? at what time? (preceded by n)
O  ningai. adv. ningai? whenex. ningai ra? when? 
B  ningáira. adv. when? at what time
B  ningaan/. n. day after to-morrow
O  ningan. adv. tomorrow (Makin).  abbr. of ningabong
O  ninga'ngata. from. ningaiv. to delay, to dawdlea. delaying, being late, dawdling.  vc. kaningangata: to make ..., to find ..., to accuse of ... 
B  ningæ/ningan. n. a babai plant in its very early growth. 
O  ninganingan. n. young shoot of taro or any bulb. 
B  ningaáro. n. the early hours of the forenoon
O  ningaro. n. a small fish
O  ningining. n. edge, extreme endsee ringiringi
O  ningiongio. v. to move away, to withdraw, to be carried away at great speed.  see ngio
B  níngo. va. high in air, ascending high in air
O  ningo. nv. ningoningo, ningoningo nako: to move, to fly away, to take flight into the air far away, to disappear, to fade away in the distance.  vc. ka-ningoa: to make ...  kaningoningoa: to make ... 
O  ningoingo. n. small fish
B  ningóningo. n. a ringing in the ears.  n. a small shell
ningóningo. va. ascending high in air, at a great height in air. 
O  ningoningo. n. (1) an insect which chirps at night, the cry of ...  n. (2) a noise which can only barely be heard.  n. (3) a small shell fish, opalinen. (4) a sort of humming or incantation to bring on sleep.  ex. tiringan ningoningona: suppression of slight noises which might awaken). used for doing evil or robbing at night without hitch or hinderance.  vc. kaningoningoa: to make sleep by humming or incantation. 
ningoningo1. n. mythical person; Nei Ningoningo
B  ningórengore. a. sickly, feeble as a young infant
O  ningorengore. a. puny, small, feeblesee ngore
B  níni. a. lasting as a fragrance*cn. abounding in trees.  n. a palm tree, not the coconut tree. 
O  nini. n. palm trees (other than coconut). 
nini1. a. abounding in coconut trees
nini2. rad. of several derivative words sup. freq. 
B  nínia. vt. to enter as a house or room. 
O  ninia. a. penetratingv. to impregnate, to infuse, to insinuatevt. ninia: idemfig. to make impression, to touchex. e niniai am taeka: your words touched me. 
O  niniakai. and ninia:uakai: sup. of niniaun. extreme slowness.  a. very indolent, slow.  vc. kaniniakai: to make ..., to treat as ... 
O  niniau. from. au and auaand niaua. slow, dilly dallying, awkward, sleepyvc. ka-niniauka-niniaua
O  ninibabakouti. n. young of eels
B  nínib'aenéne. vi. frequentative of nib'aenene
B  nínib'aenénea. vt. frequentative of nib'aenenea
O  ninibanga. freq. of bangana. domestic, stay at home, hermit, keeps hidden in hole, in shell.  syn. noubanga
B  ninib'áningare. a. frequentative of nib'aningare
B  ninib'aníngo. va. frequentative of nib'aningo
B  ninib'áningure. a. frequentative of nib'aningure
B  nínib'áo. va. curved up. warped, as a coconut huskn. a dried up curved piece of coconut husk. 
O  ninibao. sup. superlative of baoa. twisted, bent, deformedn. coconut dry and shrivelled up.  husk of coconut shrivelled up. 
B  nínib'áoua. va. warped, drawn up as a person lying down, repeated curved as a stick. 
O  ninibaoua. sup. superlative of baouaa. warped, twisted, crooked, distorted. 
B  ninib'áraa. a. frequentative of nib'ara
B  nínibéte. vi. to engage in serving a person to an incantation for giving skill in climbing.  n. an incantation for skill in climbing. 
O  ninibete. sup. superlative of bebetea. very light, agilen. good climber, incantation to produce lightness.  vc. ka-ninibete: to make light, agile ... 
B  ninibétea. vt. to serve a person to an incantation for giinng skill in climbing. 
O  niniboi. v. to seek the scent, to scent out, to follow the scent.  vc. ka-niniboia: to look for the traces of ..., to follow the track, to scent. 
B  ninibóngibong. va. abounding in nibongibong
B  nínika. n. an organ in a male fisha. having much healthy fat about the ninika
O  ninika. na. a mass of grease found in certain fish (esp. ikanun, tauman, nari, etc.). 
ninika1. n. kernel, tender and sweet of certain coconuts. 
O  ninikabongira. n. coconut tree producing nuts resembling bunia
B  nínikabóngire. n. a species of nut
B  nínikabu:. va. abounding in nikabu
B  ninikaáinga. vi. to visit in a threatening manner.  n. an angry call at a person's house. 
O  ninikainga. n. housebreaking, burglary, prying with evil intentions.  v. to ... 
B  ninikaámon. va. abounding in nikamon
B  ninikárinei. va. abounding in nikarinei
B  nínikaro:. vi. frequentative of nikaro, to engage in cooking squid on the coals. 
B  nínikatæng/. va. abounding in nikatang, a fish
B  nínikaatébetebe. va. abounding in nikatebetebe, a species of lobster
B  nínikátona. va. abounding in nikatona
B  nínikiaári. va. frequentative of nikia:ri
B  nínikierére. a. frequentative of nikierere
B  nínikira. vt. frequentative of nikira, to carry on. 
B  nínikiræn/roro. va. abounding in unmarried women
niniko raoi
O  niniko raoi. na. good posture, elegant, fit and well, assurance, in good form. 
B  nínikoráoi. a. habitually quiet because thriving, as an infant
B  ninikória. a. courageous, bold, fearless
O  ninikoria. a. brave, courageous, valiant, dauntless, strong willed. n. bravery, courage, dauntlessness.  vc. ka-ninikoria: to make ..., to treat as ... 
B  nínikoro. va. abounding in nikoro
O  ninikoro. and ninikorokoroa. cut up, carvedsyn. mokorokoro
O  ninikoroa. from. korov. to pass backwards and forwards very near to opponent before combat, to provoke
B  nínikórokoro. va. abounding in nikorokoro
B  nínikorotóunene. va. abounding in nikorotounene
B  nínikotatáwe. a. frequentative of nikotatawe, quick
B  nínikotáungaunga. va. frequentative of nikotaungaunga, sailing badly. 
B  niníku. va. ashamed because of lack of sufficient clothing of food
O  niniku. from. nikuna. a person staying away through shame, keeping apart (for ex. poor person, despised person).  vc. kaniniku: to cause shame, timidity, to cause embarrassment.  kaninikua: idem
niniku1. v. to keep apart, ... at a distance.  a. timid, shy (inferiority complex).  vc. kaninikua
niniku n imatang
O  niniku n I-Matang. na. one who keeps away or retires because of wounded pride, or politeness. 
O  ninikuakai. sup. superlative of ninikuna. one who keeps apart, keeps away, retires because of shame, temper, disdain. 
O  ninikuraroa. red. ninikuraroaa. unsociable, misanthrope, one who keeps right away from society. 
B  nínikuréirei. vi. frequentative of nikureirei
B  nínikuróaroa. va. living at a distance from a near relative
B  nínima. vt. frequentative of niman. a drink
O  ninima. from. niman. drink, beverage, potionvt. ninima: to drink frequently. 
B  nínim'ai. nla. small white thin fish
O  ninimai. n. a small fishsn. Gerres oblongus, gerres argyrus
G  ninimai. sn. Gerres argyrus (ll)
ninimai1. sn. Gerres oblongus (ll)
B  ninim'áina. va. abounding in ninimai
O  ninimakoro. a. freq. of makoro very much cut, carved, slashed, full of cuts. 
B  nínimaámanei. a. frequentative of nimamanei
B  nínim'aám'ano. va. frequentative of nim'am'ano
B  nínimaámate. a. frequentative of nimamate
B  ninim'ánan. a. frequentative of nim'anan
B  nínimanána. a. frequentative of nimanana
B  ninimæ/nimæn. a. frequentative of nimanimanyoung. abounding in lice <louse>. 
B  nínimaráwarawa. a. frequentative of nimarawarawa
B  ninim'área. vt. to accompany a ship as certain fish do. 
O  ninimarea. vt. to keep at the side of ... 
ninimarea1. vt. to accompany, to keep close to (as fish following ship). said esp. of boys following girls. 
O  ninimarena. n. a ligature of the spathe. 
B  nínimataánin. va. abounding in nimatanin
B  nínimæte. n. rising up to avenge one's deathva. rising up in anger to inflict vengeance for the death of relations. 
O  ninimate. nv. to set about avenging the death of a relative <avenge>. 
B  nínim'atoáua. a. frequentative of nim'atoaua
B  nínimaunáuna. va. disappearing and reappearing, as a canoe among the waves. 
B  nínimoti. a. unevenly made, as a fish line
O  ninimoti. freq. of motia. broken in many places (strings), in tatters
B  ninjmróna. va. frequentative of nimrona
O  niningaina. or. ingi ni ngainan. dawn, daybreakvc. kaniningaina: to wait till . .. 
O  niningaun. n. a coconut tree with big number of fruit. 
B  niníra. vt. to roll up.  n. a loose garment worn over the shoulders, a wrapper
O  ninira. from. niran. any kind of covering, wrapping, veil, sheet, shroud, blanket, mat, cloak, etc.  vt. ninira, nira: to wrap up, to drape, to parcel, to pack, to roll around, to tie up with string.  idiom. e ninirai boina: this smell penetrates me, ... troubles me. 
O  niniwana. na. intelligent, precocious child, learns easily, bright pupil. 
O  nion. v. to twist, to writhea. twisted.  n. the writhing of a sufferer.  vc. ka-niona ... 
nionio nako
O  nionio nako. nva. see ningo, ningoningo
B  níra. vt. to roll up.  n. a small roll of coconut cord for tying the coconut spatheex. te nira ni boki : a scroll
O  nira. n. covering, cover, bandage, anything used to tie up.  vt. nira, ninira: to wrap up, to tie up, to tie string around, to bind around.  fig. to give nausea, dizziness. 
nira n riku
O  nira n riku. nv. a special way to tie spathe. 
nira n upa
O  nira n uba. nv. a certain way of tyingalso. te uba
nira ni bau
O  nira ni bau. n. a certain kind of ligature
O  niraki. n. dizziness, vertigored. niniraki (most used). 
B  níranúb'a. n. a small cord wound around a fishhook and the takai as a protection. 
O  niribariba. n. (Acanthuridae sp.). young surgeon fish
G  niribariba. sn. family Acanthuridaen. juvenile surgeonfishes (ll). 
O  niro. n. black coconutor. niroroand ni uraura
L  nivarovaro. n. large green shrimps. 
O  niwaewae. na. sup. of tawaewae: distant, very far
G  niwarowaro. sn. Crangon strenuus Dana (i)
L  niwarowaro. sn. Crangon strenuusn. crustacean
B  nna. vt. to lower.  to feed the young as a bird does. 
nnaa. n. a fleet
O  nna. n. a bird. dusky shearwateridiom. e tang te nna, e bung te aomata. .  te nna cries, a man is born. For some, the cry of this bird is unlucky. 
nna1. n. a fleet, fleet in line, organized groupex. te nna nu wa: a fleet of canoes, flotilla, squadronte nna ni man, te nna n aomata
nna2. vt. to let go, to let unwind (line, sinker), to give, or dispense, little by little (food, advice, instructions, rules).  red. nnannavc. ka nna, ka nnanna: to make ...  kannara: to make regurgitate, to make nauseating
G  nna. sn. Puffinus iherminieri dichrousn. <bird> dusky shearwater, Audobon's shearwater (This is the smallest of the local shearwaters. It is dark sooty brownish black above with white underparts. The under tail-coverts are black and the sides of the breast... The bill is short and black, with the feet flesh or yellowish.) (aa). 
O  nnamoro. n. mucus, spittlesyn. ngawata (Butari). 
O  nnanna. n. te nanna. baby talk for food
nnanna1. from. nnan. a way of fishing
B  nnawáwaki. va. suffering from indigestion by overeatingn. the suffering attendant on overeating. 
O  nnawawaki. n. state of ..., sensation of heaviness in stomach.  vc. ka-nnawawakia: to make sick with indigestion
O  nne. n. place, spotsee ne
O  nneve. n. lobster (Palinurus). 
L  nneve. n. lobster
B  nnéwe. n. the genus of lobster
G  nnonno. sn. Calappa hepatica L.
L  nnonno. sn. Calappa hepatican. crustacean
B  nnqn/nqn. n. a variety of crab, the. 
B  no. vt. to look on, to witnessex. e no ruoian. the looking on as a spectator
O  no. v. to see, to look at a spectacle, a scene.  ex. no tamnei: to go to cinema, to look at pictures.  red. nonon. te no, te nono: act of looking, contemplation of spectator, gapingte tia no, tan no: spectator(s).  te kan no: curiosity, desire to see.  v. kan no, ka kanno: to desire to see.  a. kan n no: agreeable, interesting to see.  ex. i nono: face to face, to be ...  vc. ka-noa, kakanoa: to give a display, to exhibit, to show
no aro
O  no aro. v. to see the manners or comportment of a person (impede their designs), to learn the hard way, to be ill-treated by parents.  ex. ko na no aro!: i'll teach you how to live, you will see what will happen to you.  ka no aro: to let see, to treat harshly.  vc. kanoaroa
no kao
O  no kao. v. (see the roots of ...) to see the underneath, the causes or consequences of an affair. 
no mata
O  no mata. ex. e no mata n aomata: it is daylight, it is getting light.  ti na nako n akawa ngkana e no matanaomata
O  noa. n. te noa: a coconut containing corrupted premature water.  see also nea
O  noakina. from. novt. to look, to admire, to enjoy the scene.  syn. matakuakina, miakina
B  nóaro. va. ill-treated, or poorly provided for by a host.  n. inhospitality
B  noaáu. n. a pit with no babai in it, a marua
O  noau. and kanoaun. muddy place, too swampy for plants. 
B  nobEm/ba. n. November (ENG)
O  noko. n. midrib of side leaves of coconut palm.  te noko makavn. rae noko, tae noko: to clean off noko from sides of leaves.  note. te noko m'aaka is a noko which falls to earth in such a way that it sticks upright in ground, and the belief is that such a noko is magic. 
O  nokoa. vt. to thread on to a noko or wire. 
B  nókom'aka. n. a stiff reddish midrib of a coconut leaflet
B  nókonoko. n. a covered basketva. abounding in noko
O  nokonoko. n. a basket made from noko and part of leaf. a strong basket, usually made of kakoko
B  nóku. a. offended, sullen, sulky, esp in reference to foodn. sullenness, sulkiness, esp in connection with food. 
O  noku. n. sulkiness, bad humour, resentmenta. noku, nonoku, nokunoku, kinokunoku: sulky, sullen, peevish, surlyna. kai noku, kakai nokunoku: susceptibility, inclined to sulkiness.  tua nokunoku: hiding one's ill-humour, not showing bad humour. 
B  nókua. vt. to offend, to make sullen. 
O  nokua. vt. nokua, nokunokua: to make a face at, to show spite to ..., to scornvc. ka-nokunokua: to make sulky, discontented, vexed, to hurt, to offend
B  nókunoku. a. frequentative of nokun. a pile or heap of kamauti (fish). 
L  nokunoku. sn. Scaridaen. dark blue-green large bump-head parrotfish
B  nókunókua. vt. frequentative of nokua
B  nomæ/ki. n. the undertow, as of a retreating wavea. having an undertow. 
O  nomaki. n. whirlpool, eddysee nimamano
B  nqn. n. name of a treesn. Morinda citrifoliaa. tough
O  non. n. (1) a tree , the fruit of this tree.  sn. Morinda citrofoliaex. ki n non: pipe shank made of ...  red. nonnonna. (2) soft and tough, leathery like certain mollusca which bend, twist but do not break. 
G  nqn. sn. Morinda citrifolia L. (k,z)
O  nonga. a. in large quantity, in abundance, covered with, full of ...  n. te nonga ni bai: many things.  ex. te nonga ni kai: there are many trees.  e nonga uena: there are many flowers on it. 
B  nóngai. n. a warta. warty, having warts. 
O  nongai. n. wartex. te nongai ni manu: a suppurative wart. 
nongai1. n. shellfishsn. Isogonus australica
B  nóngainimæ/nu. n. a certain nongai
B  nònginqng. adv. (adverbial intensive) very
O  nonginong. suf. indicating the superlative: very, altogether
O  nongoa. vt. to cork, to stop a hole, a passage, to obstructfreq. nongonongoa
B  nóngona. a. a cork, stopper, plugvt. to cork, to plug. 
O  nongona. n. a cork, stopper, plugvt. nongona: to cork to put a ...  freq. nongonongona
B  nóngonongo. vi. to plug, to caulk
B  nongona. vi. to plug, to calk
B  nqn/nqn. a. tough
B  noóno. n. a perquisite or recompense in the form of a coconut given to the climber for gathering coconuts. 
nòno. a. of firm texture, hard, firm as the ngea n. breast-work, a fort, a wall
O  nono. n. a pile, mass, wall, tower, fort, trenchex. te nono ni buaka: fortress, ramparts.  a. piled, massed, in a mass, heaped up, accumulated, strong, solid, firmex. e nono tangirara iroun Jesu: the love of Jesus for us is immense, inexhaustible. 
nono1. freq. of non. a coconut dropped from a bunch as specimen to see if it is at the stage desired. 
O  nonoa. vt. to build ramparts, to make walls around, to fortifyex. e nonoaki te kawa: the town is fortified.  see nonona
B  nónoæba. a. very many
O  Nonoaba. n. Canopus <star> (syn. man). 
nonoaba. na. an immense heap, a big pile, very much. 
O  nonoka. from. nononv. nonoka rake high tide, tide rising.  fig. going up, getting higher in the mind (poet ex.).  vc. kanonoka: to make ... 
O  nonon. n. (1) Ten Nonon: a species of crabsn. Calappaa. (2) ae nonon: tough, leathery, soft but elastic, resisting, flabby; nonnon: idem
O  nonona. from. nonovt. to pile up, to amass, to heap up, to accumulate
B  nónonou. vi. to fish much with a scoop-net. 
B  nonóra. vt. frequentative of nora: to see
B  nónou. vi. to fish with a scoop-netn. fishing with a scoop -net. 
O  nonou. n. fishingv. to fish with large scoop net at ocean side. 
B  nonóua. vt. to take fish with a scoop-net. 
O  nonoua. vt. to fortify, to surround by wall. 
O  Nonouti. n. island in Gilbert group (first south of Equator -- discovered by Bishop, 1799). 
B  nóra. vt. to see
O  nora. from. novt. to see, to perceive, to understand, to distinguish, to verify; norakin, noran: sight, perception.  idiom. ko na noriko! you'll see!  a. ae aki noraki: unseen, hidden
B  noraába. vi. to see
O  noraba. n. sight, seeing, eyesight.  ex. a noraba mataki: the blind see.  vc. ka-noraba: to make see clearly. 
O  noti. n. notes of scale (music). 
B  nótuaa. vt. to shove away. 
noótua. va. inhospitablee>y treated.  n. inhospitality. 
O  notua. vt. to reject, to repel, to send packing (in reality and in fig.). 
O  nou. n. a blisterv. to blister. 
nou1. n. a sedentary fish, very ugly and very poisonous.  sn. Scorpionidefig. ugly, unsightly as ..., stone fishn. nou n eta: land wound which becomes festered.  nou n anti: sore, abcess, without apparent cause. 
nou2. pref. kind of adv. noubaba, noumangan, noumaninga
nou3. see kanoua. fig. e nou, e kanou: he is embarrassed, ... ashamedsyn. kui, maneang
G  nóu. sn. Pterois sp. (ll)n. stingfish (sm). 
nóu1. sn. Pterois volitans (ll)n. stingfish (sm). 
nou. sn. Scorpaena altobrunna (ll)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nou1. sn. Scorpaena asperella (ll)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nou2. sn. Scorpaenodes guamensis (ll)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nou3. sn. Scorpaenodes kellogi (ll)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nou4. sn. Scorpaenodes parvipinnis (ll)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nou5. sn. Scorpaenopsis gibbosus (y)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nou6. sn. Scorpaenopsis gibbosa (ll)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nou7. sn. Synanceja verrucosa (ll)n. stonefish (sm). 
L  nou. ew. nofusn. Scoranopsis (scorpaenida)n. scorpionfish
B  nouáia. n. a species of jelly-fish
O  nouaia. n. species of jelly fishsn. Physalic galereex. taningan te nouaia: head, veil, springing portion of this jelly fish which when touched produces very painful stinging.  fig. injurious name given to person with large ears. 
G  nouatibu. sn. Synanceja sp. (ll)n. stonefish (sm). 
O  noubaibai. n. Nei Noubaibai, Nei Nimnainai: a scoop net which has had incantation to make fish slow like a sole (fish), baibai
O  noubanga. see syn. ninibanga
O  Novemba. n. November
O  nouere. n. a certain sorcery
O  nouika. n. scorpion fishh.  sn. Scorpaena albobrunnea
G  nouika. sn. Scorpaena albobrunnea (y)n. scorpionfish (sm). 
nouika1. sn. Scorpaena sp. (ll).  n. scorpionfish (sm). 
O  noumamaninga. n. a sorcery to make forget. 
O  noumangang. a. idle, soft, no energy and slightly idiot, indolent
O  noumaninga. n. Nei ...: goddess of forgetfulness
O  noumaninganinga. from. maningaa. very forgetful, absent mindedn. driveller, dotardsyn. maninganinga n rang, kirimaninganinga
B  nóunæn/ti. va. swelling up as if pierced by nou's fin, but without apparent cause. 
O  nouo. n. a conical shell fish (several species).  see binaoro. (Strombus luhuanus.). 
G  nóuo. sn. Conus spp.  n. cone shell (i,k). 
L  nouo. sn. Conus (gastropod).  n. snail
B  nrabónobobo. a. in restless distress, as when having eaten poisonous fish. 
O  nrabonobono. na. indigestion or nausea of rabono (eel). 
B  nráirai. a. very weary, or exhausted by heat or the want of food, having lassitude.  n. exhaustion through heat or want of food. 
O  nrairai. from. rain. exhaustion.  a. exhausted, extenuatedvc. kanrairaia: to make ... 
B  nráiraki. n. a variety of babai
O  nrairaki. n. a species of taro
O  nrakerake. n. surgeon fishh.  sn. Scanthuridae fam. 
G  nrakerake. sn. family Acanthuridae (ll).  n. surgeonfish (sm). 
O  nrakuraku. n. unicorn fishh.  sn. Naso brevirostris
G  nrakuraku. sn. Naso brevirostris (ll)n. unicornfish (sm). 
B  nraára. va. flowing, discharging in excess from the uterusn. an excessive discharge of blood from the uterus. 
O  nrara. na. haemorrhage (uterus), losing blood (disease). 
B  nrékereke. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in nrekereke
O  nrekereke. n. a fish, kind of kuau, coral trout
G  nrékereke. sn. Cephalopholis mineatusn. coral trout (A pretty fish which may be red, orange, brown, covered all over with small blue dots. it is a popular food fish, but is very rare on some islands. It may be exceedingly poisonous and is also one of the last to.  n. become safe to eat. It is still poisonous on some islands.) (hh). 
B  nrEn/rEn. n. a goat
B  nribæ/riba. n. a fish, the young riban. a pancake
O  nribariba. n. a fish, young of riba
O  nrourou. n. a fish, young of rou
B  n/ta. n. a reddish bivalvular shellfish, often used as a neck ornamentn. a disease of the skina. afflicted with the skin disease nta
O  nta. pref. for shell fish, crabs, fish
nta1. n. (1) a small red biv. shell used to make amulets and necklets.  n. (2) a birthmark
B  ntab'aáb'a. n. a sea slugn. a padlockva. abounding in ntababa
O  ntababa. n. crab, padlock
G  ntababa. n. red eyed crab; breadth of carapace 3 inches (i). 
L  ntababa. n. red-eyed crab
B  ntab'áeko. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in ntab'aeko
O  ntabaeko. n. a fishsn. Gobier or Blennies sp. 
G  ntabaeko. n. a fishsn. Gobies or Blennies spp. (ll). 
O  ntabake. n. spark, flint, lighter (ENG)
B  ntab'aakéwe. n. a species of crab, the.  va. abounding in ntabakewe
L  ntabanebane. sn. Echinodermn. all black sea-cucumbers. 
B  ntabæ/nibæn. n. a gelatinous marine animal, the.  <jellyfish>.  va. abounding in ntabaniban
O  ntabaniban. n. a sea slug sea cucumber>. 
O  ntabarereki. sn. Charybdis crythrodadyla lamark
G  ntabarereki. sn. Charybdis erythrodactyla Lamark (i)
L  ntabarereki. sn. Charybdis erythrodactylan. crustacean
B  ntæ/bena. a. a crab, the.  va. abounding in ntabena
O  ntabena. n. a crabn. ntabena n Imatang: white crab. 
O  ntabenarere. n. a crab
O  ntabenarerei. n. a land crustacean with nice carapace. 
B  ntábo. n. a neck ornament of shell made from the taninanatibu
O  ntabo. n. jewelery ornament fashioned from.  red shell of koikoinantisyn. taningatiku
B  ntabokaái. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in ntabokai
O  ntabokai. n. a stone-eating fish (rock cod).  sn. Serrianidaefig. very abstemious person.  ex. ko kanna kanan te ntabokai: you eat bricks. 
ntabokai1. n. wrasse. <fish>. 
ntabokai2. sn. Pleisops nigricans
G  ntabokaái. sn. Cephalopholis sonnerati (y)n. rock codd (sm). 
ntabokaái1. sn. Halichoeres marginatus (y)n. wrasse (sm). 
ntabokaái2. sn. Pleisops nigricans (ll)
B  ntabúngabunga. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in ntabungabunga
O  ntabungabunga. n. small fry of kabubu <fish>. 
B  ntábwnarére. n. a variety of crab, the.  va. abounding in ntabenarere
B  ntaeáea. n. the very young of the ninimai and the ikari
O  ntaeaea. n. fry of fish (pulling bait but not able to swallow it) (young ninimai or ikari). 
B  ntaái. n. a fish, the. 
O  ntai. n. (1) a lagoon fishn. (2) a sea slug
B  ntákauráura. n. the blossom of the kanawa
O  ntakauraura. n. red flower of kanawa
O  ntakuakua. a. sup. of kua. very tired, worn out, exhausted
G  ntamaiewekia. n. fishsn. Gobies or Blennies spp. 
B  ntangáingai. va. lying down frequently and constantly from weakness or gluttony. 
O  ntangaingai. from. tangainana. lying down without strength, inertfig. flabby, apathetic, indolent
B  ntaangaánga. a. gregariousn. a gathering or herding together, a company
O  ntanganga. n. state of apathy, without energy.  v. to have no grip.  vc. katanganga: to make ... 
ntanganga1. n. a swarmv. to swarm, movement of crowd, coming and going in band, swarms. 
B  ntaangeénge. n. a coarse mat
O  ntangenge. n. mat (kie) made of wide strips. 
B  ntangórengore. a. faint from want of food. 
O  ntangorengore. sup. superlative of ngorea. weak, sickly, puny, languid, stunted, debilitated (pers.). 
B  ntæningámea. n. a fish, the. 
O  ntaningamea. n. a fish with yellow fins (Mugilidae). 
B  ntæningáninga. a. languid, without energy, working slowlyn. lack of energy, lassitude, indisposition to move,.  a fish, the. 
O  ntaninganinga. from. taningan. habit of inertia, of passivity.  a. inactive, inert, lymphatic, with no initiative, afraid of effort. 
B  ntaníni. n. a running vine without leaves. 
O  ntanini. n. a climbing plant with no leaves, entwining (nini) everything.  sn. Lassytha filiformis
G  ntanini. sn. Cassytha filiformis L. (z)
O  ntaninin. a. assembled, coagulated, united, concentrated (as blood in bruise, or crowd assembled in one spot, or things). 
B  ntanjn/njn. a. ruffled, gathered
O  ntaraia. n. adze (S.).  syn. te kabao, te tanai
G  ntaramakai. sn. Periopthalmus sp. (ll).  n. mudhopper (sm). 
G  ntaramauri. n. fishsn. Gobies or Blennies spp. (ll). 
B  ntárem'a. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in ntarem'a
O  ntarema. n. a small reef fishsn. Blennidae family).  n. ntaremariaria: larger.  ntarema: rock hopper
G  ntárem'a. n. fishGobies or Blennies spp. (ll). 
ntárem'a1. sn. Istiblennius gibbifrons (y)n. hopper (sm). 
ntárem'a2. sn. Istiblennius lineatus (y)n. hopper (sm). 
ntárem'a3. sn. Istiblennius paulus (y)n. hopper (sm). 
ntárem'a4. sn. Pseudogramma bilinearis (y)
L  ntarema. sn. Brotula (ophidiia)n. brotula
B  ntárem'aríaria. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in ntarem'ariaria
G  ntaremauri. sn. Cirripectus spp. (y).  n. rockhoppers (sm). 
B  ntaáribáriba. va. poisoned by eating certain fish.  n. a person who is suffering from poisonous fish. 
O  ntaribariba. n. stomach trouble, poisoning more or less dangerous. person suffering from ...  vca. ka ntaribariba: which causes.  see taribariba
O  ntarie. from. rietataa. wicked, violent, bad naturedsup. ntarierie: quarrelsome, contrary (vague meaning). 
B  ntaríerie. n. a scamp, a rascal, an evil-minded person.  a. rascally, scampish. 
B  ntæ/rine. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in ntarine
G  ntæ/rine. sn. family Serranidaen. all small red rock cods (ll). 
O  ntarini. n. a small reef fish with red flags on dorsal spine. 
G  ntarini. n. small reef fish with red "flags" on its dorsal spines (ll). 
O  ntaritari. n. Promichtys prometheus
G  ntaritari. sn. Promichthys prometheus (ll)
B  ntaróurou. a. liable or disposed to vomit, as a young infantn. a fish, the. 
O  ntarourou. from. tarouna. slight vomiting (of babies), having this vomiting. 
ntarourou1. n. a fish
O  ntaurababa. n. a crab. nta -- red. 
B  ntaurábaraba. n. a variety of crab
B  ntaawáewae. n. a small marine animal, the.  va. abounding in ntawaewae
O  ntawaewae. n. small sea creature, crawling at low tide like kamakama
B  ntibétibe. n. a fish, the.  va. abounding in ntibetibe
O  ntibetibe. n. a fish. moorish idol
G  ntibétibe. sn. Zanclus cornutus (ll)n. Moorish idol (sm). 
G  ntibetibei. sn. Zanclus cornutus (y)n. Moorish idol (sm). 
O  ntinebu. or. intinebusee tinebuna. heaviness (after eating), dropsyvc. ka-ntinebu: to make heavyka-ntinebua
O  ntoakine. n. puffer fishh.  sn. Canthigarter amboinesis
G  ntoakine. sn. Canthigaster amboinensis (ll)n. pufferfish (sm). 
B  ntóbatoba. a. sick as a woman who has lately given birthn. sickness sometimes following childbirth. 
O  ntobatoba. from. tobana. discomfort happening to nursing mothers (from want of proper food).  vc. ka-ntobatoba: causing ... 
B  ntòkitqki. n. a species of porpoise, the. 
O  ntokitoki. n. species of whalessee tokitoki: porpoise sp. 
B  ntókotoko. a. indisposed to effort from sickness or hunger or weariness.  n. indisposition to effort
O  ntokotoko. a. incapable of effort, impotence (fatigue, hunger, illness, old age). 
B  ntòngitqng. a. faint from want of food, or in sickness.  n. faintness arising from sickness or want of food. 
O  ntongitong. from. tongn. kind of dizziness, giddiness, vertigo, swoona. stunned (sickness, hunger, etc.).  vc. ka-ntongitong: causes ...  vc. ka-ntongitonga
B  ntórotoro. vi. to squat frequently when at work, through wearyiness.  n. frequent squatting while at work.  a fish, the. 
O  ntorotoro. from. toro (person always sitting or stooping).  n. inertia, laziness.  a. inactive, lazyvc. ka ... 
ntorotoro1. n. a fish (defends itself by its immobility). 
O  ntungaungau. a. tired, worn out, from excessive perspiration.  vc. in lather of sweat, katungaungau (doubtful). 
B  nu. n. a gnu (ENG)a. shadee>y.  n. a shade. 
O  nu. n. shade, shadow, shadow pictures, outlineex. nu, num, nuna, etc.: my shadow, your shadow, his shadow.  te nu ni kai: shade.  va. nu, nunu, bainunu: shadowed, shady.  a. nubono: cloudy, overcast, dull, covered.  vt. nua, nunua: to shade, nunuanvc. ka nua, ka nunua: to put in the shade, to get into the shade, to have put in ...  see nuna
nu ni kai
O  nu ni kai. and nu ni ka:i (pl.).  n. shadea. shady. 
B  nu-ai. a. not hungry, satisfiedn. the sensation of having eaten enough. 
O  nuai. n. satiety.  a. satisfied, had enough.  sup. nunuai: very ...  vc. ka nuaia: to sate, to satisfyvca. ka nuai: satisfying, satiating. 
B  núbono. n. cloudiness, the state of being cloudy. 
núbono. a. cloudy. 
O  nubono. na. overcast sky, cloudy, dull day.  red. nunubonovc. ka-nubonoa ... 
B  nuúka. n. the lower waist, the middle
núka. vi. to be made ashamed
O  nuka. n. middle, centrea. central, midstadv. i nuka: in the middle. 
nuka1. vt. nuka: to take as the middle, to put between two, in the middle, to surroundex. e nukaki: he was caught, caught red-handed.  vc. ka-nuka: to place between two, in the centre, in the middle. 
nuka2. n. the shame of one caught wrong-doing, infamy, dishonoura. ashamed, degradedvc. ka-nuka, kakanuka: to dishonour, to cover with shame, to make infamous.  ex. ae aki ka-nuka: which does not dishonour. 
B  núkabebéo. a. put to shame as both thief and his family when detected in theft. 
O  nukabebeo. from. nuka and bebeo or beosup. superlative of nukana. shame, infamy, dishonour, die of shame, to want to hide for shame.  vc. kanubebeoa: to confound, to humiliate publicly, to heap shame on. 
B  núkamotu. n. an uninhabited tract between villages.  va. uninhabited as the land between two villages. 
O  nukamotu. n. uninhabited land between two villages, open country. 
B  nukáneaba. n. the middle of the island rim from ocean to lagoon shore. 
O  nukaneaba. for. nukan te aban. middle of island in reference to width. 
B  nukánibong. n. midnighta. being midnight. 
O  nukanibong. n. midnight (middle of the night).  vc. kanukanibonga: to wait till ... 
B  núkanuka. a. frequentative of nuka
O  nukaraoi. n. the exact middle
B  núku. a. having long outrigger poles.  a. very wide as the land
O  nuku. a. largesee niku
B  núkuma. vt. to fold or do up in a bundlen. a bundle or package
O  nukuma. see rukumavt. to fold, to arrange
B  nukunákuna. a. blemished.  bk. Malachi 1:14. 
O  nukunakuna. or. nikunakunaa. covered with scars, bruisesvc. ka ... 
O  Nukunau. or. Nikunaun. island in south of Gilbert group discovered by Byron. 
O  numa. vt. to fold (clothes, material, mats, etc.).  see rukuma
B  núna. vt. to perform an incantation on the headvi. to engage in performing incantations on the head.  n. an incantation performed on the head. 
O  nuna. from. nuvt. to make shade over ..., to veil, to blur, to shade, to darken tattoo designs, to make an incision on head to beautify; nunanex. nuna te bana, te taeka: to shade, to vary slightly (the voice, the words). 
O  nunu. v. to cover, to shade (incantation). 
B  núnua. n. a fish, the.  vi. to sail fasta. frequentative of nuai
O  nunua. n. lizard fishh. 
nunua1. n. barracuda fishh. 
G  núnua. sn. Saurida gracilis (y)n. lizardfish (sm). 
nunua. sn. Sphyraena forsteri (y)n. barracuda (sm). 
nunua1. sn. Sphyraena spp. (ll).  n. big sized barracuda (sm). 
nunua2. sn. family Sphyraenidaen. barracuda (hh). 
L  nunua. ew. onosn. Sphyraena barracuda (sphyraenidae)n. barracuda
B  nunúbono. a. frequentative of nubono
B  núonuo. n. the fishsn. gen. Canthidermis (rc)
O  nuonuo. n. a fish with poisonous darts on tail (Canthidermis, file fish, trigger fish).  sn. Balistrapus sp.  fig. kun n nuonuo, ae aki muti: one who doesn't care, hard hearted
G  núonuo. sn. Balistapus sp. (ll).  n. triggerfish (sm). 
L  nuonuo. sn. Balistoides viridescens (balistidae)n. triggerfish
B  nuóta. n. a braid of hair
O  nuota. n. cord or girdle made of women's hair (worn by men at ruoia dance).  vt. nuotana: to gird oneself with, to take as one's own. 
B  núraki. va. poured out. 
O  nuraki. va. poured out, sprinkledvt. nurakina: to pour, to spillsee kabaroa ... baro
B  núrakina. vt. to pour out. 
G  nwekabane. sn. Halichoeres centriquadrusn. wrasse (ll). 
nwekabane1. sn. Halichoeres margaritaceusn. wrasse (ll). 


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