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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B m 
  pron thy
  ex baim thy hand
O m 
  suf pron. of second person singular: thy, thine. <your>.
  ex baram: thy hat
  ex baim: thy hand
  ex kunnikaim: thy clothes


B ma 
  a this word is identical in use with the Hawaiian word ma, of which Mr. Andrews says in his Hawaiian-English dictionary, " an adj or a particle, which mostly follows proper names of persons, and signifies an attendant, or persons belonging to or accompanying"
  pre with
  con but - ma sometimes seems to have the force of therefore
  n low stone wall on a flat for catching fish
B m'a 
  int exclamation of dissatisfaction or surprise
  vi fall as a hair or leaf, or a feather in a moulting fowl
O ma 
  conj with, and, but.
  ex N na toka ma ngaia: I will ride with him.
  ex ngai ma taru: I and my brother
  ex E nako ma ko tiku: He goes but you remain.
  part following proper names of persons and meaning, and their relatives, family or followers.
  ex Petero, Anterea ma: Peter and Andrew and the others
  ex Ten Teta ma: Ten Teta and family
O ma1 
  n a fish trap, made of stones, heart shaped.
  n ma bono: a temporary fish trap made of mats (inai) tied to posts at high tide.
  ex ma-uoua: a double ma, two enclosures of stones.
  v touma: to inspect fish trap at low tide to take fish.
  v ai-ma: to construct a fish trap.
  n kanan te ma: foundation stone of ma.
  ex names of different parts of fish trap: waena, kabina, angana, tabonangana, matakaina, katabena, ruberubena, karuona.
  n ana ma Kabaki
O ma2 
  intj pooh, pshaw, nonsense (to show surprise, displeasure)
O ma3 
  abbr of mane: men.
  ex kam aki iri ma?: aren't you coming gentlemen?
O ma4 
  pref to some nouns to give the meaning of a little, barely, as if, inclined to.
  ex manim, maeai, mao, matim, etc.
O ma5 
  v to disaggregate, to break up, to fall to pieces, to crumble away, to moult, to come off in scales (leaves, fruit, hair, food).
  red m'am'a.
  n te m'a, m'am'an te ... disaggregation, decomposition, stripping

ma kabaki

O ma kabaki 
  n a collection of driftwood, debris at sea, at crossroads of currents
  see kabaki
  ex arokani kabaki, te arabungea: of three kinds:
  ex te kai ae beti: floating wood
  ex te kai ae aitoa: less buoyant wood
  ex te kai ae ai mauna: wood nearly submerged

ma ngke

O ma ngke 
  adv since, as.
  ex ma ngke te tei ngai: since I was a child

ma ngkoa

O ma ngkoa 
  adv from before.
  sup ma ngkoangkoa: from long ago

ma ni kataenako

O ma ni kataenako 
  n (1) a fish trap (ma) having an opening at the far end where a net is placed to catch the fish.
  n (2) a horse-shoe-shaped constellation of 7 stars.
  syn toriba ni maiaki


B maábæki 
  va having a bad undertow, as the surf
  n bad undertow in the surf
O mabaki 
  n a kind of current or wave which eats away sand banks


B mæ/be 
  n map (ENG)
O mabe 
  n map, plan (ENG)


B mæbiáo 
  va well provided for as a family wirh food <soc>
  n good provision
O mabiao 
  from ma-epi-ao
  n abundance (goods, provisions, riches).
  a mabiao, mamabiao: in abundance.
  vc kamabiao: to procure abundance, to treat or esteem as rich.
  note maebuebu: well to do, comfortable, sufficient, riche
  ex ebi: great abundance
  red ebiebi: over abundance


B maábono 
  n stationary trap for fish <fishing>
  vi catch fish by means of a mabono
O mabono 
  see ma
  v mabono, mamabono: to fish with ...


O mabora 
  n marble, marbles. (ENG)
  v kini-mabora: to play marbles


B mabórabora 
  a perfectly smooth as the ocean in a calm
O maborabora 
  from bora
  a smooth, flat, polished, glossy (as calm sea or flat cleared space)
  n te maborabora: a cleared level space, a devastated, laid bare, laid waste.
  vc kamabora, kamaboraboraea: to level, to make flat


B maáboro 
  n marble (ENG)


B mæ/bu 
  a forbidden
O mabu 
  n interdict.
  a forbidden, prohibited, not allowed, closed.
  vc kamabua: to forbid, to prohibit.
  n te kamabu: interdiction


B maábubu 
  a misty, hazy, foggy
  n mist, haze, fog
O mabubu 
  n fog, mist.
  a cloudy, obscure, nebulous, foggy.
  red mamabubu: very obscure, misty.
  vc kamabubua: to cause ...
  ex Nei Auti te Mabubu: the Nebulous <nebula> of Cancer


O mabutonga 
  n Mabutonga ni Matang, Mabutonga ni karawa: a cloud
  ex mabutonga: small cloud


B mæ/e 
  a sufficiently dryied or cured by the sun as karababa
B m'áe 
  n necklace, wreath
  a sun-burnt
B m'aee 
  vi move
B máee 
  vi break ranks, move aside or give way as in battle, scatter
O mae 
  a dry, dried, roasted.
  vc ka-maea: to dry up, to toast.
  ex kamaea te kobe: to roast the coffee beans.
  see maeke, maekeke
O mae1 
  n string, rope, cord, anything hanging, necklace, necktie, little fishing basket.
  vt maena: to have or wear ...
O mae2 
  v to drag, to move, to drag on anchor.
  vc ka-maea, kakamaea, kamaemaea: to make move a little
  va kamaemaea, kakamaemae: which makes ...
  red maemae (idem.)
  from ae
O mae3 
  n mamae: debris.
  v to disperse, to break up, to scatter.
  a scattered, disseminated, decomposed
  ex mae nako: scattered far and wide.
  vc ka-maea, kamaenakoa: to scatter, to disperse, to strew about, to decompose, to analyse.
  n maean te aba: dispersion
  pref to several compound words.
  see kamae


B m'áea 
  n rope of coconut husk fiber
O maea 
  n cord, rope, cable.


B maáeae 
  va broken into small pieces
O maeae 
  a in bits, in pieces, in tatters.
  vc ka-maeaea


B máeai 
  a soft through decay
O maeai 
  n soft wood, young tree or plant having soft wood, tender soft wood, or wood becoming decomposed.
  see menai, waeai, ribaeai


B máeao 
  a west
  n west
O maeao 
  n west.
  idiom nako maeao: to go to or come from the west (ambiguous term).
  ex nako mai maeao: coming from the west.
  ex wairio, borio: go down, go towards the lower coast, lagoon side. go towards the west


B máebo 
  n fish
O maebo 
  n a lagoon fish barbed (goat fish).
  nv kamaebo: to fish for ...
G máebo 
  sn Parupeneus barberinus (y)
  n goatfish (sm)
G maebo1 
  sn Upeneus arge (ll)
  n goatfish (sm)


B máebuébu 
  a filled as a house with plenty of food to be prepared for a feast
  n large collection of food in anticipation of a feast


O maebwebu 
  a in easy circumstances, comfortable, having sufficient.
  red mamaebuebu.
  vc kamaebuebua.
  see mabiao, ebiebi


B m'áeiei 
  vi sway as in the wind, or in an earthquake
  n earthquake, swaying
B mæ/eiei 
  va falling to pieces through decay or age
O maeiei 
  n trembling, quaking <quake>, shaking earthquake (maieiein te aba)
  n swaying in the wind (trees).
  va maeiei, mamaieie: to shake, to wag, to wave, to tremb to be agitated, to be shaken.
  vc ka-maieiea, kaka: ... to shake, to wave
O maeiei1 
  a worn threadbare.
  vt kamaeieiea: to wear out


B máeka 
  vi abide, dwell, reside, live
  n small village, hamlet
  vt pick to pieces
O maeka 
  n residence, domicile, abode, sojourn, dwelling.
  v maeka, mamaeka: to live, to dwell, to reside, to sojourn.
  vc maeka, kamamaeka.
  n te karatia ae mamaeka: habitual grace
  ex au maeka: my house, residence
  ex maekau: my sojourn at ... in.
  vt maekana: to take as one's residence, to live at
O maeka1 
  from mae.
  red mamaeka, maekaka.
  vt to reduce to small bits, to grind to powder, to pulverize, to crush.
  ex maeka kanam (am kamimo): to cut up the tobacco for a smoke (maekia)


B máekana 
  vt inhabit, dwell in


O maeke 
  red maekeke, mamaekeke.
  a dry, crisp.
  vc kamaekea, kamaekekea: to dry up, to roast


B maekéke 
  a brittle


G maeko 
  sn family Acanthuridae (ll)
  n surgeonfish (sm)


B máem 
  a gentle
  n portion or part, esp of soft food <foo>
O maem 
  n sweetness, gentleness.
  a gentle, peaceful.
  v kamaem ... to make ...
  vc irr. ka-maemua, kamaemma: to sweeten, to appease, to pacify
O maem1 
  n te maem-na, ua-maem, etc. one, two small bits, particles, a little of ...


O maemae 
  see m'ae
  n movement.
  v to move slightly


B máemáeki 
  vi picking to pieces as a coconut husk


B máen 
  a capable of being bowed or bent
O maen 
  and maenen or maenin.
  a flexible, supple, pliant.
  n flexibility, suppleness.
  vc kamaena, kamaenena, kamaeenna, kamaenena: to make supple.
  n te kai ni kamaen: coconut tree bent or half fallen. poetical composition for ruoia (with sorcery).
  fig a. baka ni kamaenen: obsequious, servile, bowing, crawling.
  vc kamaenena: to appease, to pacify


O maena 
  see mae: string, necklace.
  vt maena, mamaena: to use as collar, to put around neck or shoulder.
  ex E maena te kiaou: He wears a wreath of kiaou


B máenen 
  a bending back and forth


O maenikai 
  v being moved, being displaced by necessity or for a determined reason (persons, canoe)


O maenikun 
  sup superlative of mae
  a undone, pulled to pieces, in bits, in smithereens, smashed to bits.
  vc ka-maenikuna: to put, to smash, to dismantle into bits


O maera 
  n mae-ra: rest, remains, ruins.
  ex maeran te kawa nikawai: ruins of ancient village
O maera1 
  a frayed out, fringed, striped, furrowed, streaked, marked.
  vc kamaerea, kamaererea: to fray out, to streak, to stripe.
  see tamaerere


B m'áere 
  vi be momentarily hid as the canoes of a fleet by a fast sailing canoe


B m'aerére 
  a striped
  n striped pattern


B m'áererúa 
  a striped in two directions, checked
O maererua 
  a striped in two directions, checked, but with stripes in different directions.
  vc ka-maererua: to stripe in all directions, to check, mark


B m'áeretóngitong 
  a beautifully striped
O maeretongitong 
  sup superlative of maere
  a very or beautifully striped, streaked.
  vc kamaeretongitonga


B maeríkiriki 
  va broken into fragments
O maerikiriki 
  sup superlative of mae
  a reduced to tiny pieces, completely smashed, disaggregated, broken up.
  vc kamaerikirikia: to reduce to ...


B m'áete 
  n blubber, fat
  ex te m'aete-n-atu scalp
B máete 
  a slippery
  n being slippery, slipperiness
O maete 
  na grease or lard attached to skin.
  ex maeten te beki: pig skin and lard.
  ex te maete n atu: the scalp (of head)
O maete1 
  n lard, grease.
  a greasy; kamaete. idem.
  a maetete: having much ...
  vc kamaetea ...
O maete2 
  a maetete: slippery, greasy
  note that these 3 maete are probably the same word


B maetéte 
  a very slippery


B m'áewe 
  n person passing by who is not distinctly seen
  va seen accidentally, not by a direct look of the eye, but, as it were, by a side glance
O maewe 
  a dim, almost invisible (rarely seen or dimly seen).
  n kind of apparition, visit or rare appearance, passage or appearance.
  v to pass stealthily <stealthy>.
  vc ka-maewea. kaka ...


B m'aewéwe 
  va frequentative of m'aewe


B mái 
  vi used imperatively, come here
  pre from
  adv this way, here toward the speaker
  n bread-fruit tree
B m'aái 
  n before
  n hat or wig made from hair
B mái: 
  a pale, white
  n fish
  a bitter
B m'ái 
  a cooked
  n cooked food
O mai 
  prep from (ex in Latin)
  ex mai ikai: from here
  ex mai kanne, mai ikekei: from there
  ex mai ikao: on this side of
  ex mai i etan: from above.
  adv suff. nakomai, birimai, kemai, omai.
  ex nakomai: come here, come towards me
  ex kamai: give me! (for distant objects).
  syn nka (for objects near at hand).
  ex mai: come here
O mai1 
  n breadfruit tree, its fruit
  ex species: mai uea, mai rekereke, bukiraro, etc.
O mai2 
  n a pale-coloured stingray
O mai3 
  a pale, greyish, whitish.
  ex mai nako: to become or be pale, to get pale suddenly
  ex mainaina: white.
  suf to several words of same meaning
  see rabono-mai, ira mai, ba mai..
  vc ka-mai: to make ... to make appear ...
  n te kamai: the white of the eye, white bottom of lagoon
O mai4 
  n sourness, acidity.
  a sour, insipid, acid, unripe, green (fruit), tasteless.
  va kamai-ria: disgusting, distasteful
O mai5 
  n maiu, maim, maina, etc. the front of, fore quarters, fore parts, front.
  ex i main, mai main: before. <m'aai>
  ex i main bungiakin: before the birth of ...
  vt maina: to have, carry, put, or be in front or before.
  ex e mainaki: he is forestalled, or outrun
  ex e mainira: he got before us
O mai6 
  n a wig
O mai7 
  a cooked, well done, well cooked.
  fig cooked, too hot.
  a mai-oraora: badly cooked, under done, half cooked, half raw.
  a kai-mai: easily cooked, quickly cooked.
  vc ka-maia, kamaimaia: to cook it.
  n te kamaimai: cooked toddy, syrup, molasses
G mái 
  sn Artocarpus altilis
  n a breadfruit tree (k,z)
G mái: 
  n a pale colored stingray (ll)
L mai 
  sn Dasyatida
  n stingrayy

mai iai

O mai iai 
  adv from there, from that place


B máia 
  a whence? from where? (interrog)
  spe mai ia


B maáiai 
  va ruffled, disarranged, mashed up
B máiái 
  a thence, from there
  spe mai iai


B maiáia 
  va beaten soft with a stick
O maiaia 
  from ia
  a reduced to threads.
  vc ka-maiaia: to make soft, supple by chewing, beating, hammering, to grind, to masticate


B máiaki 
  a south
  n south
O maiaki 
  n south.
  see aiaki, nako aiaki
  ex bo nako aiaki: to go towards the south
  ex nakomai maiaki: to come from the south
  ex nako maiaki, bo maiaki: to come from or go to the south


O maian 
  adv from under, from beneath. low class people (Makin word)


O Maiana 
  n Hall Island (south of Tarawa), discovered by Patterson


B m'áiango 
  n pine wood
O maiango 
  n a tree trunk washed ashore, white pine


B máiawa 
  n a star
O Maiawa 
  n name of a star, Betelgeuse of Orion.
  ex boni Maiawa: beautiful like Maiawa
  ex E ruonna Maiawa: the beauty of Maiawa come down on her (him).
  n name of man (myth.).
  ex arokan Maiawa: old, very old like Maiawa


B máibi 
  va broken as something brittle
  n broken piece
O maibi 
  n te maibina, ua maibi: one, two fragments, pieces, bits, small pieces, small change (money)
  ex te maibibina: a tiny piece, a particle, small bit.
  a maibi, maibibi, ma-maibi, mamaibibi, maibi-ua, mamaibiua: broken in two
  a maibi-ten: broken in three.
  idiom e maibi Mainiku: getting bright in the east.
  vc ka-maiba, ... bia ... to break, to smash something hard or brittle, as vase, glass, etc.


B máibíbi 
  va broken into many pieces as something brittle


B máibinnána 
  n piece of coconut shell


B máibiúa 
  va broken in two, as a dish or coconut shell


B máibúa 
  va broken in two as a dish or coconut shell


O maibunia 
  a half cooked, under done


B m'áie 
  n worldly pleasure, dissipation
  vi engage in worldly pleasure
O maie 
  from maiti and ie
  n amusement, play in which many people participate (mostly batere, ruoia, etc.).
  v maie, mamaie: to amuse oneself, to dance in number.
  vc kamaiea: to organize dances and plays


O maieakina 
  vt to amuse oneself at ..., to be addicted to ...


O mai-ia 
  adv mai ia? from where?


O maikai 
  adv from here


O maikanne 
  adv from there (near)


B maikéike 
  vi sob
O maikeike 
  n a sigh, sob (from pain, weariness, etc.).
  v to breathe with difficulty, to sigh, to sob.
  vc ka-maikeikeia


B máikekéi 
  adv from yonder place
O maikekei 
  adv from there (far)


B máikoa 
  adv on this side of
O maikoa 
  adv this side of ...


O maiku 
  n maikun te ... on inside of curve of island


B máimai 
  va abounding in breadfruit of jackfruit trees
B m'áim'ai 
  n dampness
O maimai 
  a wet, damp, soaked.
  v to urinate.
  n urine.
  vc ka-maimaia: to wet, to damp, to cause to urinate


B máina 
  a white
O maina 
  from mai
  vt to have, ot carry or place in front, before, on the breast, in one's belt, to go before
O maina1 
  n mainaina whiteness, paleness.
  a white, pale.
  a takamainaina, mainatakaebue, mainatakirara: very white, dazzling whiteness.
  vc ka-maina, kamainaina: to whiten, to put a white mark on a tree, or a reserved land

maina ni ie

O maina ni ie 
  n white of sail, end of white sail.
  v maina ni ie, mamaina ni ie: to appear as a white sail in the distance

maina ni mata

O maina ni mata 
  n white of the eye
  see kamai. sclerotic

maina rake

O maina rake 
  v to become pale, to be pale.
  a pale (from sickness, fright), without eyebrows, greying


B maináina 
  a white
  n whiteness


B mái:nako 
  vi become pale through great terror or sickness or shame
O mainako 
  n sudden paleness.
  v to become pale, to get pale, to go pale suddenly.
  vc ka-mainakoa ...


B máinaníe 
  n distant sail
  a appearing white as a sail in the distance


B mainæ/nikie 
  n something light colored like a mat passing in the distance
  va showing by night, as a man passing who is clothed with a whitish garment


B máinatakáebuebu 
  a very white


B máinatákirara 
  a very white


B máine 
  n handle of an adze
O maine 
  n the handle of scoop net, etc.


B máing 
  n left-handd, left-handed person
  a left-handed
O maing 
  a left, left handed.
  n left hand


O mainging 
  n oscillation, slight movement.
  a shaking loose.
  vc ka-mainga, kamainginga: to make move, to shake loose, to push a little.
  see inging


O mainikai 
  a pale from pain.
  v to become pale (as after vomiting)


B máiniku 
  n east
  a east
O mainiku 
  n east.
  ex nako mainiku: to come or go to the east
  ex nakomai mainiku: come from the eastwaerake, bo-rake: to go up towards the east, towards the ocean side


O maino 
  a white, clean, well cleaned, well sucked (pandanus fruit).
  vc kamainoa


B m'áio 
  va assembled
  n assembly
O maio 
  from maiti and o or from maie
  n assembly, gathering (for something or other).
  v to assemble, to come together.
  vc kamaioa, kaka ...: to wait for ...


O maioakina 
  vt to discuss at a public meeting


B maioráora 
  va underdonee
O maioraora 
  a half cooked, half-raw


B m'áiráoi 
  va well-cooked


B máire 
  n mile (ENG)
O Maire 
  n a constellation, a star in the Great Bear
O maire 
  n mile (ENG)


B mairékereke 
  n jackfruitt tree
O mairekereke 
  n (m'ai-rekereke) a species of bread fruit, jack fruit


O mairi 
  n mamairi forgetfulness, error, miscalculation of score.
  va e mairi: he is at fault.
  vc kamairia: to provoke or cause forgetfulness or error in the rules of a game


O mairiri 
  nv sup. of airiri: mob.
  v to follow the agitation of the mob, to come and go amongst, to act together


B m'áita 
  n mitre [religious headdress] (ENG)


B m'áiti 
  a many, much
  n amount, quantity
O maiti 
  n a big number, total, amount
  ex maitin te ...: the greater number, the majority.
  a numerous
  ex a maiti kurikuri: innumerable.
  vc kamaitia: to multiply, to increase.
  n te kamaiti: multiplication.
  n te tia kamaiti: multiplier.
  n reken te maiti: result, product


B m'áitikúrikuri 
  a very many, very much


B m'áitoro 
  a cool
  n coolness, the state of being cool
O maitoro 
  n coolness, coldness, freshness.
  a maitoro, maitorotoro: cold, cool, cooled.
  fig maitoro, kamaitoro, kamaitorotoro: agreeable, refreshing.
  ex e kamaitorotoro tangin te anene: the singing is pleasant to hear.
  vc ka-maitoroa, kamaitorotoroa: to cool, to refresh, to allow to get cold, to give pleasure.
  ex e kamaitoroa nanou am taeka: your words give me pleasure


B m'aitórotoro 
  a frequentative of maitoro very cool


B máiu 
  n life, salvation, a comfortable condition of mind or body
  vi be alive, live, be in a comfortable condition of mind or body
O maiu 
  n life, existence, salvation, comfort.
  ex te maiu ae akea tokina: eternal life.
  a maiu barongai: well fed, well treated by relations, family.
  a maiu, mamaiu: living, flourishing, fresh, prosperous.
  na maiuroaroa, maiurerei: very much alive, thriving.
  na kamaiu ria ... nano ... mata: agreeable to the taste ... to the heart ... to the eye.
  a kamaiu, kakamaiu: agreeable, vivifying, energizing, refreshing
  ex te kai ni kamaiu: the tree of life
  ex te bong ni kamaiu: the day of salvation
  ex te tia Kamaiu: the Saviour, Redeemer.
  vc ka-maiua, kakamaiua: to give life, to keep in existence, to save, to vivify, to bring to, to bring back to health, to deliver


O maiuakina 
  vt to live off, to have as means of livelihood, to have as food


B máiuéa 
  n large jackfruit


O maiuianna 
  a no good on a canoe.
  n a land lubber


O maiureirei 
  sup superlative of maiu
  a especially of plants. very flourishing, thriving, growing well


O maiuroaroa 
  sup superlative of maiu
  a very healthy


O maiutakonoi 
  a vivacious, intelligent, wide awake, quick


B maáka 
  bt fear
  n fear of
B m'æ/ka 
  n decay, disease, tertiary syphilis
B m'æ/ka 
  a rotten
B m'aáka 
  n divine or supernatural power
  a having supernatural power
  a bright as a fire
O maka 
  n power, force, authority, ardour.
  a maka, mamaka:
  n powerful, strong, ardent, rapid, animated, full of life.
  suf to some words to indicate: forceful action, ardour, rapidity.
  ex birimaka: run quickly
  ex uti-maka: to rise early
  a ura-maka: flaming, blazing
  vc ka-maka, kakamaka: to make stronger, more ardent, to fan the flame
  vc kamaka te ai, ka-makarereia: to make more ardent, to make blaze up
  n rapidity.
  v to be rapid.
  vc kamaka: to accelerate
O maka1 
  n rottenness, decay, caries, ulcer, sore, defect.
  a ae maka, ae makamaka: decayed, ulcerous, cankered.
  vc ka-maka, kamakamaka: to cause ...


O makaiao 
  n I-makaiao: giants, cannibals.
  a gigantic, enormous (a man of Makaiao).
  ex tara te aomata anne, bon Makaiao:
  ex look at that man, he is a giant


B m'akáikai 
  vi rustle
  n rustling
O makaikai 
  and mamakaikai
  n noise of footsteps, crunching, grating.
  v makaikai, mamakaikai: to make a noise in walking, moving, vibrating.
  vc kamakaikai: to make crunching noise.
  vc kamakaikaia ...


B m'ákam'aka 
  a spotted as an imperfect pan leaf


O makana 
  a makanakana, mamakana: fragile, frail, delicate, tender, soft, not strong.
  n fragility, brittleness, etc.
  na nano makana: feeble, weak willed.
  n te makana: soft part of fruit (?).
  vc kamakanakana.
  n te kamakanakana: name of great famine in former times


B makanákana 
  a not firm, easily broken, weak, frail
  n weakness of inanimate material


O makano 
  n pulp of certain kinds of pandanus fruit.
  n thick oil, vaseline, ointment, mash.
  a thick, curdled, coagulated, condensed.
  vc ka-makano: to render ...


O makaokao 
  a twister, tangled.
  a hanging like a string, ligament, fibre (cord, string, strip of cloth, fringe, etc.).
  vc kamakaokaoa: to hang or tear in strips


O makare 
  n a game.
  v to play with operculum of nimakaka or nimatanin
O makare1 
  syn baikare
  n habit of throwing stones


B m'aakaréirei 
  va glowing with heat as red hot stones
O makareirei 
  a burning brightly, very argent, very strong (fire)


B mæ/karera 
  n mackerel (ENG)


B m'aákaro 
  n coal of fire
  va having many coals of fire
O makaro 
  n embers, live coals, charcoal burning without flame


O makaroaroa 
  a (fire) burning for a long time


B m'akáuro 
  n soldier crab
O makauro 
  n a crab which changes shells, snail, soldier crab, hermit crab.
  a makauri, mamakauro: abounding in ...
G makauro 
  pr m'akauro (k)
  n terrestial hermit crabs (i)
L makauro 
  n terrestial hermit crab

makauro n tari

O makauro n tari 
  n a sea crab with shell
  sn Planaxes sulcstus)
  note lobsters (neve) are also called so

makauron tari

G makauro-n tari 
  sn Quimalea pomum (i)
  n apple tun (ja)


B m'akáurontæ/ri 
  n large variety or species of the soldier crab
L makauro-n-tari 
  sn Quimalea pomum (gastropod)
  n snail


B m'áke 
  n fish
  a having slim legs
O make 
  n maken ... makeken, ti te makena: a little bit, a tiny piece, a sprig, a bit, a jot.
  syn tekena, te makotana, te tingina
O make1 
  n a small fish, long and thin, goat fish.
  fig man with long thin legs.
  a abounding in makemake
  n make ni karawa: garfish
G m'áke 
  sn Belone platyura (ll)
  n goatfish (sm)
L make 
  sn (all) Belonidae
  n needlefish

make nako

O make nako 
  n retraction.
  v to retract, to pull in horns (as snail)


B m'ákei 
  n thorn on the side of the pan leaf, barb
  a proud
O makei 
  n thorn of pandanus leaf, a small thorn.
  a makei, mamakei, makeikei: thorny, pricked by ... covered with thorns, or with thorn pricks.
  ex e makai baiu: there is a thorn in my hand.
  ex e kaumakei: very thorny, prickly.
  a kamakeikei: prickling, thorny.
  vc kamakeikeia: to prick
O makei1 
  n a toy canoe (orig. made of pandanus leaves).
  nv uaia makei: regatta of makei
O makei2 
  a playful, sportive, wantonly frolicsome.
  v to gambol, to frolic (as makei)
  ex buti ni makei, ranga ni makei: to move in frolicsome attitude.
  vc karanga ni makeia: to cause to gambol, to play the wag


B m'akéikei 
  a prickly, thorny


B mákeke 
  n mustard (HAW)
O makeke 
  n mustard (ENG)
O makeke1 
  see make
  n ti te makekena. only a little.
  v makeke nako: to decrease, to get lower gradually


B m'ákem'ake 
  va abounding in make
O makemake 
  n a plant from which starch is obtained, arrowroot.
  n paste, sago and such like


B mækena-kaáta 
  n magna charta (ENG)


B mákene 
  va abatee>ing as a sickness


B m'ákenikárawa 
  n fish
G m'ákenikárawa 
  sn Ablennes hians (ll)
  n garfish (sm)


O makerekere 
  a rough to the feel, rough, raspy.
  vc kamakerekerea: to make ...
  ex te makerekere
  see karekereke, tabukibuki


O makerikaki 
  vc to move back a little, to contract.
  n makerikakin
  see makenako


B m'akérukeru 
  vi make a crunching sound in eating, or a nibbling or gnawing sound as a rat
  n gnawing or nibbling sound
O makerukeru 
  n a crunching sound.
  vc kamakerukeru: to produce ...


B maáketi 
  n market (ENG)


B máki: 
  a shriveled and dryied up as a leaf
B mæ/ki 
  va barely burning, nearly extinguished
  ex e bo makina
B máki 
  n food prepared for a dead person about to be buried
B maáki 
  adv scarcely, barely, with difficulty
  n marc [brandy?] (ENG)
O maki 
  a closed together (leaves), closed (curled up as dried leaves), closed (books, eyelids, oysters), waned (visibility, flame).
  ex e maki ain te wenei: the flame of the shooting star is extinguished
  ex e aki mamaki aina: its flame does not diminish.
  vc ka-makia: to fold over, to close up, to shut.
  ex kamaki matam: close your eyes
  n te bo ma te Maki: the world before its organization by Nareau (sky and land not yet separated), (bo) stuck together (maki)
  n te kamaki: a flat basket
O maki1 
  suf for ma e aki or ma a aki.
  ex ongo-maki (e ongo ma e aki ongo):
  ex half hearing
  ex nora-maki: half-seeing
  ex ura maki: burning feebly <feeble>
O maki2 
  and makimaki
  a wet, very wet, drenched.
  vc ka-makia, ka makimakia: to damp, to drench.
  vc ka-makinonoa: to saturate with liquid.
  ex te uea makimaki: someone enjoying ephemeral power, riches, happiness
O maki3 
  n funeral repast.
  ex te bo maki: funeral ceremony


O Makiara 
  n a star


O makibora 
  a battered, squashed in, dented in


O makiki 
  from maki:
  n frown, grimace.
  n te kamakiki: grimace, frown.
  vc ka-makia, kamakikia: to half-close, to squint eyes (matana) to frown, to squint, to grimace


B maákikina 
  va completely removed, exhausted


B mæ/kimæki 
  va completely saturated or drenched as the hair with oil or water
  n thorough drenching or soaking


O Makin 
  n small island north-east of Butaritari (Pitt Island)
O makin 
  and makikin
  from ki.
  a a little in the bottom, nearly empty.
  ex ti te makikina: only a little
  syn makena, te makekena


B maákina 
  vt fear, be afraid of
O makina 
  from maku
  vt to fear, to dread, to respect, to scruple about.
  n reverential fear, dread, respect, scruple.
  red mamakina, mamakinan


B mákinókino 
  a hard, as feces
O makinokino 
  from mankinokino.
  a dry, hard (excrements)


B makínono 
  va completely saturated as the hair with oil or water
O makinono 
  sup superlative of maki
  a adhering <adhere> strongly.
  vc kamakinoa
O makinono1 
  sup superlative of maki
  a wet, saturated.
  red mamakinono.
  vc ka-makinonoa: to saturate (with oil, water, etc.)


O makiro 
  n makirokiro: chewing, grinding, mastication.
  v to crunch, to masticate, to triturate, to learn by heart.
  n te kamakiro: chewing (esp. of pandanus fruit)


B mæ/kitab'a 
  n bird
O makitaba 
  n a large bird


B mækngoiéta 
  n one entitled to respect


B mæ/ko 
  n fish
O mako 
  n a reef fish, surgeon fish (poisonous)
G mæ/ko 
  sn Acanthurus xanthopterus
  n black surgeonfish (This is the largest of the surgeonfish and the most frequently poisonous; It is a dark drab fish with a very crescent shaped tail, a small spine and yellow pectoral fins.) (hh)
G mako1 
  sn Hepatus sp.
  n surgeon fish or reef fish; poisonous (cc)
L mako 
  sn Acanthurus xanthopterus (acanthuridae)
  n surgeonfish, unicornfish


B m'akóko 
  n certain disease of the skin
B makóko 
  n not ripe
  see koroubu
O makoko 
  a close together, stacked tightly (as fish in a net or trap, fruit in bunches getting bigger on ripening).
  syn takoko: not ripe (fruit).
  syn koroubu
O makoko1 
  na a skin disease, leprosy


O makone 
  from kon.
  a tender, soft, pliable (e.g. a child's skin).
  red makonekone


O makoneua 
  a bent under a weight (unable to carry one's burden)


B m'ákoro 
  n portion, section,
  n cut, wound
  va cut, gashed
  va not in fruit
O makoro 
  from koro
  red makorokoro.
  n a cut, incision, section, fraction, part, chapter. te makorona, uamakoro,tenimakoro, etc.
  a makoro, mamakoro, makorokoro, ninimakoro: cut, engraved, divided, fractioned, ceased to produce.
  ex e makoro te ni: a coconut tree which has ceased to produce nuts
  n te kaua-makoro, te kateni-makoro:
  n half, a third
  ex te kaamakoro: quarter
  a makoroua, makoroten: cut in two, in three
  vc ka-makoroua: to cut in two
  n kamakorokoro: coconut oil


B m'akórokoro 
  va cut into several pieces
O makorokoro 
  n fractions (in arithmetic)


B m'akoróua 
  n half portion
  n weakness of or pain in the back
O makoroua 
  a cut in two.
  v to be cut in two.
  n backache, lumbago


O makota 
  n a trifle, a mere nothing, a tiny portion.
  note used only as follows: te makotana, ti te makotana: a little, a small quantity


B mákotána 
  n small piece or part


B maáku 
  a afraid
  n fear
O maku 
  n fear, dread, terror, fright, dismay.
  v maku, mamaku: to fear, to be afraid.
  a fearful, frightened.
  sup kimamaku
  vt (irr.) maka: to fear, to apprehend, to dread; makai, makuko, makua, makuira, makuingkami, makui, makaki.
  red mamaku.
  a ae makaki, ae mamakaki: to be feared.
  a ae kamaku, ae kakamaku: terrible, fearful, frightful, dreadful, horrible.
  vc (irr.) kamaka, kakamaka: to frighten, to terrify, to startle


B maákua 
  vt fear (only with the suffix pronoun)
B mæ/kua 
  n full springtide
  a being full springtide
O makua 
  n spring tide at its highest point.
  va makua, makuakua: to reach its highest point (tide), to flow in torrents (blood from a wound), full to overflowing (lagoon, river, pond, etc.)
  ex e bo te makua: it is high tide


B makúakua 
  a very bloody
  a very high as the tide
  n very high tide


B mæ/kuna 
  va wellcovered over with mats as an oven-fire
O makuna 
  v to cover, to be covered, to cover over
  see aomakuna: cover.
  vc ka-makuna.
  ex kamakuna te ai: to cover up the fire (native oven)


B m'ákuri 
  vi work
  n work, labor
O makuri 
  n action, work, occupation, duty, operation, labour, employment, charge.
  v makuri, mamakuri: to work, to operate, to do.
  vt makuria, mamakuria: to make ... work, to move constantly.
  n te tia-makuri: worker, work-man, labourer.
  vc kamakura, kakamakura: make work, to cause to move, to agitate, to set going.
  a kamakuri, kakamakuri: moving.
  ex tai kakamakuri: don't move


B m'ákuria 
  vt work, labor or operate upon


B mæm 
  n fresh water
O mam 
  n fresh water. ant. tari: salt water.
  ex te mamna: a mouthful (to taste)ua-onga: two gulps.
  a mam, mamam: sweet tasting, not salty
  ex te ran ae mam: fresh water, good to drink.
  vc kamamua: to make fresh or palatable


B maáma 
  a ashamed, abashed
  n shame
B m'æ/m'a 
  a easily broken as stone, easily crumbling, soft
B m'æ/ma 
  n crab
B máma 
  n moonlightt
  a being moonlight
B mæ/ma 
  n food which has been masticated for an infant
  vi masticating food for an infant
B mæ/maa 
  vt feed a little child with mama
  n food which has been masticated for a little child
O mama 
  n lung (mamau, mamam ... etc.)
O mama1 
  n moonlight.
  v to be moonlight. e mama: it is moonlight.
  ex e ai mama: the dawn of moonrise. red glow in the sky before moonlight (the days following the full moon).
  vc kamama: to wait for the moonlight or the full moon
O mama2 
  see m'a
O mama3 
  n (1) a species of crab (kind of kauki), the shell or carapace of which was used formerly to make rings.
  n (2) te mama ni bai, a ring (for finger)
O mama4 
  n shame, timidity, shyness, bashfulness.
  ex akea te mama iroum: you have no shame.
  v mama, mamama: to be ashamed, to be shy, confused.
  va kamama: causing shame.
  vc kamamaea: to make ashamed, to shame, to humiliate, to confound.
  n te bai ni kamama: a shameful thing
O mama 
  n food chewed for babies or for chiefs formerly, for betrothed (sign of great esteem, veneration).
  vt mama: to chew, to masticate.
  vc ka-mama ... to chew bait and give to fish.
  see mamma

mama ni waka

O mama ni waka 
  n a kind of large bud at the base of the pandanus trunk which descends towards the ground to become a root


B mamábiao 
  va frequentative of mabiao


B mamábono 
  vi frequentative of mabono


B mamábubu 
  a frequentative of mabubu


B mamáe 
  vi frequentative of mae


B mamáebo 
  a frequentative of maebo


B mamáebúebu 
  a frequentative of maebuebu


B m'am'áeiei 
  vi frequentative of maeiei


B mamáeka 
  vi frequentative of maeka


B mamáekána 
  vt frequentative of maekana


B mamáekéke 
  a frequentative of maekeke


B mamáemáeki 
  vi frequentative of maemaeki


B mamáen 
  a frequentative of maen


B m'am'áewe 
  vi frequentative of m'aewe


B mamáibi 
  va frequentative of maibi


B mamáibibi 
  va frequentative of maibibi


B mamáibiúa 
  va frequentative of maibiua


B mamáibua 
  va frequentative of maibua


B m'am'áie 
  vi frequentative of m'aie


B mamáikéike 
  vi frequentative of maikeike


B mamáina 
  a white


B mamáinaníe 
  a frequentative of mainanie


B mamáinænikíe 
  va frequentative of mainanikie


B m'am'áio 
  va frequentative of m'aio


B mamáiu 
  va frequentative of maiu


B m'am'áka 
  a very industrious
  n great industry
B mamáka 
  vt frequentative of maka
O mamaka 
  a strong, vigorous, energetic, ardent, powerful.
  see maka


B m'am'akáikai 
  vi frequentative of m'akaikai


B m'am'akáuro 
  a frequentative of m'akauro
  a abounding in makauro


B m'am'akáurontæ/ri 
  va frequentative of m'akaurontari


B m'ám'akei 
  a frequentative of m'akei


B m'ám'akérukeru 
  vi frequentative of m'akerukeru


B mamákina 
  vt frequentative of makina


B mámakínokino 
  a frequentative of makinokino


B mámakínono 
  va frequentative of makinono


B m'am'ákoro 
  va frequentative of makoro


B mamáku 
  a frequentative of maku
  n great and constant fear
O mamaku 
  a timorous, cowardly.
  see maku
  syn kimamaku


B mamákua 
  vt frequentative of makua


B m'am'ákuri 
  vi frequentative of m'akuri
  n frequentative of m'akuri


B mæ/mæm 
  a frequentative of mam


B mamáma 
  vt frequentative of mama


B mamaan/ 
  a frequentative of man
B m'am'aan/ 
  va living as husband and wife
  va handy
  va manly
O maman 
  n a.
  see m'an


B m'ám'ana 
  vt frequentative of m'ana
O mamana 
  n te mamana te aba: dupe, trickery.
  vt mamana: to deceive, to cheat
  sup superlative of mana
  n te tia mamana te aba: impostor, cheat, deceiver, liar, quack.
  n te tia mamanaki: the person taken in, cheated, duped


B m'ám'anai 
  va abounding in m'anai
  va jokee>ing, fooling, misleading


B mamæ/nana 
  a frequentative of manana


B m'am'ánanga 
  vi frequentative of m'ananga


B mamæ/nango 
  va frequentative of manango


B mamæ/natua 
  va frequentative of manatua


B mamæ/neang 
  va frequentative of maneang


B mamæ/neáua 
  va frequentative of maneaua
B m'am'áneáua 
  va frequentative of m'aneaua


B m'am'ánem/ane 
  va frequentative of m'anem'ane


B mamæ/nena 
  a frequentative of manena


B mamæ/nenaáka 
  va frequentative of manenaka


B mamæ/nenriri 
  va frequentative of manenriri


B mamæ/neúna 
  va frequentative of maneuna


B m'am'anewéa 
  vt frequentative of manewea


O mamang 
  n a spirit (anti) ghost, spectre, vision, hallucination


B m'am'angáingai 
  vi frequentative of m'angaingai
  n frequentative of m'angaingai
B mamangáingai 
  n frequentative of mangaingai
  a frequentative of mangaingai


B mamángamanga 
  a frequentative of mangamanga


B mamangáongao 
  a frequentative of mangaongao


B mamánge 
  vi frequentative of mange


B mamángeange 
  va frequentative of mangeange


B mamánging 
  va frequentative of manging
  n frequent drunkenness


B mamángori 
  a frequentative of mangori


O mamanibai 
  n ring (for finger)


B mamæ/nibíneu 
  a frequentative of manibineu


B mamæ/nibuaka 
  a frequentative of manibuaka


B mamæ/nibubu 
  vi frequentative of manibubu


O mamanikai 
  n dust, powder of decaying wood


B mamæ/nikángare 
  vi frequentative of manikangare


B mamæ/nikónana 
  va frequentative of manikonana


B mamæ/nikóraki 
  vi frequentative of manikoraki
B m'am'aánikóraki 
  a frequentative of m'anikoraki


B mamæ/niman 
  va frequentative of maniman


B mamæ/ninæn/ti 
  a frequentative of maninanti


B mamæ/ninæra 
  va abounding in mosquitos


B mamæ/ninga 
  va frequentative of maninga
B m'am'áninga 
  va frequentative of m'aninga
  n frequentative of m'aninga


B mamæ/ningóngo 
  vi frequentative of maningongo


B m'am'anío 
  vi frequentative of m'anio


B mamæ/niwaka 
  n lateral pan root before touching the ground


B m'am'annan/oa 
  vt frequentative of m'annanoa


B mamannei 
  a frequentative of mannei


O mamano 
  v to carry in arms, to be arm in arm


B mamæn/ti 
  va frequentative of manti


B mamæn/toa 
  vt frequentative of mantoa
  a frequentative of mantoa


B m'am'ánu 
  va frequentative of m'anu


B mamæ/nuía 
  a frequentative of manuia


B m'am'anúnu 
  va frequentative of m'anu


B mamánuóka 
  vt frequentative of manuoka


B mámao 
  a frequentative of mao
O mamao 
  idiom e mamao kawaira: our ways are different


O mamaonga 
  v v.t. to swallow the greater part of the chewed food and give only a little to the baby or chief


B mamáono 
  a frequentative of maono


B m'am'áoto 
  va frequentative of m'aoto


B m'am'áotóua 
  va frequentative of m'aotoua


B mamaára 
  a weak
  n weakness
O mamara 
  see mara
  n weakness, debility, lassitude.
  a feeble, sickly, pining, languishing.
  vc kamamaraea: to enfeeble, to debilitate
O mamara1 
  n imported hard wood (mahogany)


B mamaráia 
  va frequentative of maraia


B m'am'aráirai 
  a frequentative of m'arairai


B m'ám'arake 
  vi express outward affection as a child
O mamarake 
  v to aspire after, to incline towards ... with hands, eyes, to attach oneself to (as a child to its mother), to approach towards ... (fish to a bait).
  vt mamarakea. idem.
  ex e mamarakeiko te tei


B m'ám'arákea 
  vt express outward affection for, as a child climbing up onto its mother's lap


B mamæ/raki 
  va frequentative of maraki in pain
  n frequentative of maraki


B mæ/maran 
  a frequentative of maran


B m'ám'arane 
  a frequentative of m'arane


B mamaræn/ran 
  a frequentative of maranran


B mamæ/rara 
  va very indistinctly heard


B mamæ/rato 
  va frequentative of marato well anointed or meared with oil


B mæ/marau 
  a frequentative of marau


B mæ/maráurau 
  a frequentative of maraurau


B mamæ/rebu 
  va frequentative of marebu running with a strng tide rip


B mamæ/rei 
  vi frequentative of marei hiccough


B mámaréngerenge 
  a frequentative of marengerenge feeble, woring moderately


B mamæ/rika 
  a frequentative of marika plump, well fed


B mamæ/rikárika 
  a frequentative of marika very fat


B mamæ/rike 
  va frequentative of marike refreshed with foo


B m'am'arin/rin 
  a frequentative of m'arinrin loose, not firly fixed


B mamæ/riri 
  a frequentative of mariri cold


B mamæ/roa 
  a frequentative of maroa lonesome


B mamæ/ta 
  va revealing one's self as a spirit to a man
B maámata 
  n tunnel, funnel
  vt convey fluid in a funnel
O mamata 
  from mata eye
  n gift of vision, intuition, visionary.
  a sagacious, perspicacious.
  n te tia mamata: a seer, prophet, a visionary.
  n taetae ni mamata: oracle, prophecy, etc.
O mamata1 
  from mata an opening
  n a funnel.
  vt mamata: to pass through, to pour into.
  n te raumea: a funnel filter
O mamata2 
  vt to feed, to feed by mouthfuls, to pour down the throat
  ex mamataki: to be fed, kept as a parasite or hanger-on


B mamæ/tab'ai 
  va frequentative of matab'ai


B mamæ/tabáreka 
  a frequentative of matabareka


B mamataái 
  vi frequentative of matai look covetously


B mæmatáiriki 
  a frequentative of matairiki omniscient


B mamæ/takúkune 
  a frequentative of matakukune having sharp eyes for finding


B mamæ/tam 
  vi frequentative of matam eat
  n frequentative of matam


B mamæ/tanáine 
  vi frequentative of matanaine


B mamæ/tanguréa 
  vt frequentative of matangurea


B mæmatæ/nibong 
  a frequentative of matanibong


B mamæ/tanikánanoang 
  a frequentative of matanikananoanga sad faced


B mamæ/tanikimóa 
  vi frequentative of matanikimoa


B mamæ/tanírua 
  va frequentative of matanirua


B mamæ/tanrang 
  va frequentative of matanran


B mamæ/tanría 
  vi frequentative of matanria


B mamæ/taraa 
  va frequentative of matara:


B mamæ/taron/ron 
  va frequentative of mataronron abashed when rebuked


B mamatæ/roro 
  va frequentative of mataroro fainting through hunger or sickness


B mamæ/tarúana 
  a frequentative of mataruana


B mamæ/tatóka 
  a frequentative of matatoka


B mæmatáuna 
  vt frequentative of matauna choose a wife for one's self


B mamæ/tawére 
  vi frequentative of matawere


B maámate 
  a frequentative of mate dead


B m'am'áu 
  a frequentative of m'au


B mamauámarake 
  a frequentative of mauamarake


B mamáukanna 
  vi frequentative of maukanna


B m'am'áuku 
  a frequentative of m'auku


B mamáuna 
  va frequentative of mauna


B mamáunei 
  va abounding in reeds


B m'am'áung 
  a frequentative of m'aung


B mamáungatábu 
  va frequentative of maungatabu


B mamáungenge 
  a frequentative of maungenge


B mamáurake 
  vi frequentative of maurake


B mamáurea 
  a frequentative of maurea


B mamáuri 
  vi frequentative of mauri


B mamáuringa 
  vt frequentative of mauringa


B mamáutete 
  a frequentative of mautete


O mambwea 
  a brackish, brackish water


O mamira 
  from mam: fresh water
  n aspersion or blessing with fresh water or water from coconut on composers, speakers, orators, singers to make their kuna sweet, melodious (kind of sorcery or superstition).
  vt mamira: to bless, to make sweet, harmonious (te kuna).
  a beautiful, handsome, delightful
  ex te mamira ni kai: a beautiful tree
  ex te mamira n aomata: a handsome man


B mæ/mma 
  n udder, breasts
  vi suck the breast
O mamma 
  n breasts, udder.
  n te tabo ni mamma: teat, nipple.te ran ni mamma: maternal milk.
  vc kamamma: to suckle, to give suck, to nurse


B mæm/mæm 
  a not giving the original pleasure or satisfaction
O mammam 
  see mam
  a sweet tasting, insipid, tasteless


B mæmmæ/niwaák 
  n long external root of the pan


B mæm/mqn 
  n mammon (ENG)
O mammon 
  n Mammon (ENG)
  ex rabatan te kaubai, te kaumane ae tatangiraki: personification of wealth


B mæn 
  pre from (it becomes mani before m, b, k)
  n flag
  n animal, bird
  n messenger
B man 
  a suffix following the digits in counting persons and animals
B maan 
  n custom
O man 
  prep from (latin ex).
  ex i uotia man te kawa: I brought it from the village
  ex uoua man aua: two from four
  see mai, ma
O man1 
  n animal, beast, insect, etc.
  ex te man ae kakang: a wild animal te man n uma: a tame animal
  ex man n eta: a land animal
  ex man n ta-ri: a sea creature
  ex man aika ai waeia: quadrupeds
  ex man aika a mamma: mammals
  ex man ni kiba: birds
  ex man aika pingingi: insects
  ex man aika tingingi: insects
  ex man aon te ora: ... found at low tide on beach
  ex man aika a nana: shell fish, crabs in shells
  ex man aika manana: domestic animals.
  vt mani-manina, manina, mamanina: to have ... to rear, to own an animal.
  n te tia maniman: stock breeder, animal lover
O man2 
  suf to cardinal numbers for persons, animals, small- and medium-sized fish.
  ex onoman te aomata: six persons
  ex uoman te tarabuti: two sardines
O man3 
  n messenger, delegate, deputy, representative, ambassador.
  ex ana man te Pope: the Pope's delegate
O man4 
  n sign, letter, flag, standard, omen
  ex te man teuana, te man uoua: standard of clan flown on canoes.
  vt manina: to take as one's flag, standard, banner.
  see manimania, bomania, tamania, uamania
O man5 
  n long duration, long time, fairly long period of time.
  a lasting a long time.
  v to stay or be a long time.
  ex e aki man i mwin nakona: it is not long since he left
  ex e a kaman roko: he arrived, came a long time ago
  vc ka-mana: to prolong the time, to stay a long time, to make last
O Man 
  n a star, Canopus
O man6 
  n behaviour, custom, habit, manner, fashion, style.
  ex aia man ikawai: the customs of the ancients
  ex antena man!: what strange behaviour!
  n m'annau, m'annam, m'annana, etc.: my manner, your ...
  an m'anraoi, m'anibuaka: good or bad behaviour.
  suf or pref. to many words with e or i

man ati

O Man ati 
  n a certain constellation, Rigel <star ?> (Grimble)

man ni karewe

O man ni karewe 
  n species of cantharis (found around toddy)

man ni kawakawa

O man ni kawakawa 
  n beasts, animals, quadrupeds, reptiles, etc.


B m'ána 
  vt deceive
B mæ/na 
  va soiled, stuck up, daubed
O mana 
  see mamana
  v to deceive, to cheat. toro-mana: to cheat shamelessly
O mana1 
  n soft sticky dirt.
  a soiled, dirtied by something soft and sticky.
  ex e mana waem: you have trodden on a dirty, sticky substance.
  see manamana, manatua


B m'ánai 
  n scissors
  n crab
  vi move as an infant on the back of its head thrown back by pushing with its feet
O manai 
  n a pair of scissors
O manai1 
  n (1) a species of crab
  sn Cardisoma carnifex).
  a manai: to be poisoned or upset from having eaten crabs.
  v manai: to raise oneself (from lying on the back) by leaning on the head and hands.
  n (2) Nei te M'anai: stars of Cancer
G manai 
  sn Geocaroides sp. (i)
L manai 
  sn Cardisoma
  n land crab


B m'anáinai 
  va poisoned by eating m'anai


B mæ/nam 
  n preparation of babai and coconut
O manam 
  n a dish, food, a mixture of taro and grated coconut rolled in balls.
  vt manamua: to mix, to knead the manam or to put in balls as ...


B mæ/namæna 
  a mashed, crushed, soft, miry
O manamana 
  from mana
  a squashed, reduced to pulp.
  vc kamanamana: to pulverize, to squash


B mæ/nana 
  a tame, domesticated
  n tameness, the quality of being tame
B m'anaána 
  a convalescent, cheerful
  n convalescence, cheerfulness
O manana 
  na tame, domesticated, broken in.
  vc kamanana: to tame, to subdue, to break in
O manana1 
  n (used mostly in coupound words) nimanana: improvement in health, getting better


O mananai 
  n a fish, large parrot fish
G mananai 
  sn Mulloidichthys sp. (ll)
  n goatfish (sm)
G mananai1 
  n large parrot fish (ll)


O mananei 
  n a fish, goat fish


B m'ánang 
  n portion or part
O manang 
  n piece, bit, part, fragment.
  ex e nako manangina: a piece has fallen off or is detached. a garment torn and having the torn piece hanging down


B m'ánanga 
  vi proceed, set out
O mananga 
  n departure.
  v to set out, to depart
  ex mananga mai, man ...: start frommananga nakon: start towards.
  vc kamananga: to cause to depart, ... to set out


B mæ/nængo 
  va wakeful at night, often waking
O manango 
  v to be half asleep, to slumber, to sleep.
  a sleepy.
  vc kamanangoa


O manantia 
  see mannantia


B mæ/natua 
  va crushed, mashed
O manatua 
  sup superlative of mana
  a altogether squashed, crushed.
  vc ka-manatua: to squash, to crush


B m'ánau 
  va partially dried as fish, beginning to dry as fish
  n fish partially dried
O manau 
  n a disagreeable smell of food not dried properly


B mæ/nawa 
  n pit of the stomach
O manawa 
  n pit of the stomach.
  ex e bukibuki manawau: my heart beats fast


B mæ/nawai 
  n ditch around the bottom of a babai pit
O manawai 
  n a ditch, trench dug around a taro pit.
  vt manawaia: to dig a trench around a ...
  vc kamanawaia. idem.
  vt manawaina: to surround with a ...

manawai n ang

O manawai n ang 
  n discomfort in the stomach caused by eating too much fatty food.
  va kamanawai n ang: which causes ...
  vc ka-manawaia


B mænawáinang 
  a having a disturbed stomach
  n form of dyspepsia


B mænawánawa 
  a deeply miry
O manawanawa 
  a empty space inside, hollow inside or under.
  vc ka-manawanawana: to make hollow inside, to give the sensation of an empty stomach


B m'aáne 
  n brother of a sister, or a sister of a brother
  n male, man
  n euphemistic word for penis
B m'æ/ne 
  n money (ENG)
B m'áne 
  va taken, ensnared, entrapped, surrounded
B mæ/ne 
  n worth, value, consequence
  a worn out, worn thin
O mane 
  a used, worn, old, shabby, faded.
  n the wearing of, or using of something.
  vc ka-manea: to use, to wear until worn out.
  n te mane n riri: a secondhand skirt or lavalava
O mane1 
  n money, cash. (ENG)
  v manemane: to make or to have money.
  v kani manemane: to desire money
O mane2 
  n male, man.
  a male, virile.
  ex e a mane: he is adult.
  vc ka-mane: to make or let grow to manhood.
  vc kamanea: to wait till he has attained manhood, virility
O mane3 
  n maneu, manem, manena, etc.: brother, sister (special use).
  note a man uses the word maneu when speaking of his sister, a woman uses maneu when speaking of her brother. often also used for cousins instead of aimaneu.
  vt manena: to have, to take as, to adopt as brother or sister
O mane4 
  a caught in a trap, surrounded, ensnared, found out.
  red mamane, manemane

mane aba ni babai

O mane aba ni babai 
  n a skirt the colour of taro leaves.

mane boiarara

O mane boiarara 
  a sweet smelling.
  ant mane boira: evil smelling

mane buaka

O mane buaka 
  na uselessness, futility, vain, useless.
  syn mate buaka

mane n tounibai

O mane n tounibai 
  n a bracelet


B m'ánea 
  vt receive, embrace
O manea 
  vc manea, mamanea, manemanea: to catch in a trap, to encircle, to seize in one's arms, round the waist, to hold carefully
  ex manea raoi: to catch, to seize with care.
  see ramanea, bomanea
  vc kamane: to catch in a trap, to snare by ruse, by lasso, by stratagem, to ambush, to trick, to betray.
  red kamanemane: idem.
  ex te bai ni kamane: a snare, camouflage to catch.
  n te tia kamane: a traitor, betrayer, felon.
  vc kamanea: idem.

manea akoa

O manea akoa 
  vt to welcome, to receive, to care for


B m'áneæba 
  n council-housee, church, chapel
  ex maneaban tai halo around the sun
O maneaba 
  n assembly house, communal building, family house.
  ex maneaban Na Areau: cobweb
  ex maneaban tai: sun's halo
  ex maneaban namakaina: halo of moonte koro maneaba: celebrations for opening a new maneaba.
  idiom e katea maneabana namakaina: the moon is making his house or halo
  ex e katea maneabana te nareau: the spider weaves its web.
  n maneaban te Atua: temple, church


B mæ/neanea 
  va ashamed through failure
O maneanea 
  from nea
  a caught, taken in, ashamed after a defeat.
  vc kamaneanea: to cover with confusion, to abash, to make ashamed


B mæ/neang 
  va ashamed through failure
  n shame through failure
O maneang 
  or maneaua (mane-ang)
  a shame, confusion after a defeat, caught, taken in, confused.
  vc kamaneang: to cause shame.
  vc kamaneanga: to make ...


B mæneáua 
  va ashamed through failure to do
  va well on, securely placed
O maneaua 
  sup superlative of mane
  a well surrounded, well tied, well taken, put in a safe place, kept well.
  red mamaneaua


O manebaeba 
  syn man ekaeka
  n diligence, promptitude.
  a diligent, prompt, zealous, early (riser)


B mænebánibabai 
  n riri having the shade or color of a babai leaf


B mæ/nebuaka 
  a worthless, of no account


B mæ/nebúka 
  a thick, or having many leaves as a riri
O manebuka 
  n mane-puka: a thick grass skirt


B m'áneka 
  n footstepp
B mæ/neka 
  n scar
  a in the early age of springtide
  a scarred
O maneka 
  n a trace, footprint, mark, gash, scar, steps cut in trunk of tree for climbing, traces showing limit of tide.
  v m'aneka, mam'aneka, manekaneka:
  v to have ..., to mark ..., t gash ...
O maneka1 
  v maneka, maneka rake, maneka rio: to leave marks low down, or high up (flow, ebb).
  v kamaneka, kamanekaneka: idem.
  nv koro-maneka: to make notches in coconut tree trunk in order to climb.
  vt koro-maneka


B m'anekáneka 
  a marked with many footsteps
B mænekáneka 
  a marked with many scars


B mæ/nekeang/ 
  n riri having a greenish color
O manekeang 
  n dark green coconut leaves for making skirts.
  n skirt made of such.
  n manekeang: dark green colour


B mæ/neku 
  n fish
O maneku 
  and manoku (N.).
  n a fish with large throat, rock cod (very poisonous).
  fig n.a. bua ni maneku: glutton.
  v kamaneku, kamanoku: to fish for ...
G maneku 
  sn Epinephelus fuscoguttatus
  n spotted rock cod (This rock-cod is a very dangerous species and has poisoned and even killed many people. It is a rather repulsive looking fish with thick, fleshy pectoral fins. In color it may be pale with dark spots, ... e ones may be uniformly dark; There is a black saddle-like mark between the tail and the dorsal fin. Although the fish are eaten in most poisonous areas, the occasional poisonous specimen is still found in every area where poisonous fish have
  been known) (hh)


B m'æ/nem/æne 
  a having much money
  va taking many fish as a seine
  va receiving money in payment for work


B mæ/nena 
  a of value, of account, of worth
O manena 
  n manen te ... manena. use, value, importance.
  a manena, manemanena: useful, advantageous, precious, important
  ex akea manena, akea bongana: useless, valueless, unimportant.
  vc kamanena: to utilize, to make profitable


B mænenaáka 
  va anointed or besmeared with oil
O manenaka 
  or maninaka
  n a thin film of oil (on water, the sea, or the skin).
  v to anoint with perfumed oil
  v kamanenaka: to oil, to anoint


O manenanti 
  or maninanti (mane n anti): ref use of anti
  n an unusual happening.
  a unexpected, surprising, rare, incidental.
  v to happen by chance
  ex ka-maninantia, kamanenantia: to risk, to take a chance, to try


O manenibai 
  n thing used or worn, waste, reject
O manenibai1 
  n a ring (for finger)


B mæ/nenikái 
  n worn out weapon or outrigger
  a worn out as a weapon or outrigger
O manenikai 
  n rejected timber.
  fig a divorced woman, a seduced widow, a street walker, <divorcee>


O manenrau 
  n thatch (already used, taken off roof)


B mænen/riri 
  n an old worn out riri used in bathing
  va clad in a manenriri


B mænenríria 
  vt wear a manenriri, dress one's self in a manenriri


O maneouna 
  n (poetry) manouna (prose) a film of oil on the hair.
  a brilliant, soft, oiled.
  ex karekea manounami: put oil on your hair
  vc ka-manouna: to oil the hair


O maneriri 
  n loin cloth (worn).
  vt manenriria: to wear one <lavalava>


B mæ/neróro 
  n riri having a dark color
O maneroro 
  na a dark-coloured loin cloth <lavalava>


O mane-tau 
  n a sufficient catch, haul.
  vc kamena taua


O maneve 
  n words of a song, <lyrics>, language.
  ex au manewe: the words which I composed
  ex maneweu: the words composed about me, or in my honour.
  vt manewea, mamanewea: to use as subject of composition, to speak of, to make poem about


B mæ/neuna 
  va anointed with oil
O maneuna 
  a mamaneuna, kamaneuna. valuable, important, useful, pr
  see maneouna


B m'ánewe 
  n mention in a song


B m'ánewea 
  vt mention a name in song, sing of one


B mánga 
  adv again (generally preceded by a)
  va opposed by a minority
  n the man opposing
B m'ánga 
  n branch
  a having a branch
O manga 
  adv again, repetition
  note placed between subject and verb.
  ex e a manga kawarai: he came to see me again
  ex e aki manga noraki: it can no longer be seen , it is rarely seen
O manga1 
  n a branch, bough, ramification, limb (of tree), knot, fork (of growing trees).
  n te manga ni kai: branch of tree.te manga-kiriri: twig, sprig, small branch.
  a manga, ae manga: forked, branchy mamanga, mangamanga: very branchy
  sup kirimangamanga: full of branches, very branchy.
  syn mamangamanga.
  vc ka-manga: to let or make branches grow
O manga2 
  n inconvenience.
  v to be ..., to oppose, to reject other's opinions, to put obstacles in way of ...
O manga3 
  n dead branch.
  note different pronunciation from preceding
  a branching off, branch road.
  n fig. embarrassment, contradiction, complication.
  a complicated.
  sup mangamanga, kirimangamanga
  vc ka-manga, kamangamanga, kateimanga: to thwart, to oppose, to complicate, to embarrass
  ex ka-kimangamanga: to confuse completely

manga ni buka

O manga ni buka 
  a <fish> a species of kabubu


B m'ángai 
  n spear with branches
O mangai 
  n jaw, set of dentures.
  ex te buki ni mangai: joint of jawbone.
  n a forked spear
  ex mangai uai: hypocrite, liar, a double dealer.
  n mangai bubura: brawler.
  na mangai n rang: glutton, boaster, braggart.
  na mangai taetae: brawler, grumbler.
  ex ko kateitei mangaim, ko mangaingai: you are brawling
  idiom e baka mangaina: perplexed, surprised


B mangáingai 
  a ragged as an old garment
  n raggedness as applied to a mat or a garment
B m'angáingai 
  vi contend noisily with words, dispute
  n contention, noisy dispute
O mangaingai 
  v to brawl, to shout, to wrangle
O mangaingai1 
  red mamangaingai:
  a used, worn out, shabby, rotten (clothes, mats, nets).
  vc kamangaingaina: to use


B m'angáinrang 
  vi eat voraciously
  vi boast


B mángamanga 
  a having many branches


B mangamángara 
  vt frequentative of mangara


O mangang 
  and taumangang
  from ang (take an airing or go with the wind).
  a not knowing what to do or where to go, idle.
  v to loaf, to stroll about foolishly.
  v kamangang: to get fresh air, to take a stroll.
  ex ti na nako ni kamangang: let us go ...
  vn taumangang: to go here or there fno fixed purpose or reason


B m'ánganikái 
  n branch of a tree


B mæ/ngao 
  a in confusion, disarranged, out of order
O mangao 
  n disorder, confusion.
  a mangao, mangaongao: in disorder, tangled, confused
  ex e tei mangaongao: it is all muddled, in disorder.
  sup mamangaongao, mangaotata, manggaorua, tokomangaongao: completely in disorder, entangled.
  vt mangaoa: to entangle.
  vc kamangaoa, kamangaongaoa, ka-tokomangaongaoa


B mangáoa 
  vt gnaw


B mangáongao 
  a uncombed, jumbled together, disorderly


O mangaorua 
  sup superlative of mangaongao
  vt kamangaorua


O mangaotata 
  sup superlative of mangaongao
  vt kamangaotata


B mæ/ngara 
  vt interfere with, oppose
O mangara 
  v to be surprised, to exclaim at the return of someone.
  ex ko mangarai, I mangaraiko, e mangaria?: you are surprised see me again?, etc.
  ex e mangara te kaibuke: he shouted in astonishment to see the ship again


O mangare 
  a salient, jutting out.
  v to jut, to point.
  na ki-mangara : thin, pointed buttocks (insul


O mangaungau 
  from mangaungau: glutton
  n gluttony, voracity.
  v to eat voraciously.
  vt mangaungau.
  vc kamangaungau: to make ...
  vt kamangaungauakina: to swallow with voracity, to devour


B manga-úti 
  n the resurrection
  bib Mat 22 : 30
O mangauti 
  n resurrection.
  v to rise up, to awake


B maánge 
  n litter, rubbish
B mæ/nge 
  n tooth back of the front teeth
  vi chew with the canine teeth and the molars
O mange 
  n (1) rubbish, refuse, dirt, sweeping
  ex au mange: the rubbish I have collected
  ex mangeu: the rubbish I have made (or left).
  a mange, mamange, mamangeange: full of ..., covered with dirt or rubbish.
  vc kamangea: to make .., to leave ..., to dirty.
  n (2) sexual organ of male.
  syn ana buakaka te mane, mangena,
  ex e koreaki mangena: he is castrated
O mange1 
  n edge, brim, brink, border, ridge, end.
  n first molar next to main incisor.
  v to eat, to chew with ...
O mange2 
  syn bakaine: taramangurea.
  n te I-mange: a beggar, a tramp


B maángeange 
  va littered, strewed with rubbish


O mangeto 
  a covered with dirt and sores (kone)


O mangievete 
  or mangiwete
  n a sharp pointed coral stone


B mángiéwe 
  n coral rock or stone harder than kara:
  va abounding in mangiewe
O mangiewe 
  n a kind of coral stone


B mæ/nging 
  n drunkenness, intoxication
  va drunk, intoxicated
O manging 
  n drunkenness, intoxicating drink.
  a manging, mamanging: drunk, intoxicated.
  n te tia manging, te tia mamanging: drunkard
  ex koron te manging: complete drunkenness.
  ex a.v. koro ni manging: dead drunk.
  n kamanging: fermented drink.
  vc kamanginga: to let ferment


B mængíngi 
  a over-ripe, drying up as fruit too long kept
O mangingi 
  a wrinkled, faded, shrunk, dried up, contracted.
  sup nimangingi: very ...
  vc kamangingia: to contract, to wrinkle, to gather, etc.
  ex e kamangingia matana: he screwed up his face or wrinkled his forehead


B mangíngia 
  vt treat a person illy as one often does when intoxicated


O mangkana 
  and mangkanakana
  adv formerly.
  n an antique.
  syn ngkoangkoa


B mangkánangkana 
  a long in duration
  see ma:n


B mang/ke 
  n monkey (ENG)
O mangke 
  n monkey (ENG)


B mæng/kiri 
  n bird
  va abounding in fruit
O mangkiri 
  n a bird, species of Black Noddy.
  idiom e mangkiri te kai: laden with fruit.
G mangkiri 
  sn Anous minutus minutus
  n <bird> black noddy (Its general color is very black with a noticeable contrasting white crown and forehead and a white semicircle under the eye. The bill is black and the feet dark brown, almost black.)
  n (aa)


B m'ang/ko 
  n cup
  vi be in possession of land through marriage of a child
O mangko 
  n (1) a cup, mug, vase, bowl, chalice
  ex te mangko n Tutia: chalice
  ex te mangko te taninga: cup with handle
  ex te kanoanimangko: to ask for a smoke or a drink or to eat
  vt kanoanimangkoa: to ask ... (honourable).
  n (2) a certain dowry (land received as dowry).
  vt mangkona: to acquire, to receive land, dowry of the woman through a son's marriage
O mangko1 
  n mango tree, mango


B m'ángkona 
  vt possess land through the marriage of a child


B m'angkong/ko 
  a cup-shaped
O mangkongko 
  from mangko
  a concave, curved, cup shaped


B mæ/ngo 
  n fontanel [skull joint]
B maángo 
  vi howl
  n howl
O mango 
  n fontanella (on head)
O mango1 
  n two stem posts of canoe
O mango2 
  n a cry, scream, sob (collective).
  v mango, mangongo, mangonako: to be grieved, in mourning, in sorrow, to lament, to cry, to howl, to bawl, to moan, to bellow.
  n mango n tang: a cry of grief, sorrow
  ex mango n tangira: plaint of love.
  vc kamangoa: to cause to moan, ... howl


O mangoia 
  n Nei Mangoia: a species of grub.
  see nimatoi


O mangoieta 
  n a person to be respected (especially in-laws).
  a venerable, superior


O mangongo 
  n the passage between nose and throat


B mángori 
  a obscure, not much known, not noted
  n state of being unknown, obscurity
O mangori 
  n inferiority, insignificance, paltriness.
  a ae mangori, mamangori: of little value, low class, inferi quality, vile, puny, unknown, obscure
  ex te aomata ae mangori: a man of low birth or low class.
  vc ka-mangora: to esteem as low, inferior, to deprecate, to disparage


B m'aángu 
  n bunia in which the kernel has not yet developed
B mæ/ngu 
  a glossy and smooth as oiled hair
O mangu 
  n soft, edible shell of coconut called bunia.
  fig n. a weak character.
  n mangun te ri, te ri ae mangu: soft bones


O manguing 
  na very soft kernel of coconut


B mæ/ngumangu 
  a frequentative of mangu


O manguo 
  n idem.


O manguro 
  and manguroro
  na glossy hair, black, dark green palm leaves


B mænguróro 
  a glossy, smooth, and black, as oiled hair


B mæ/ni 
  a thin
  spe mmani
  bib Ex 29 : 23
  pre from


B m'anib'a 
  n well
B mæ/niba 
  a unaccomodateing, selfish
O maniba 
  from niba
  n a well, fountain, source
O maniba1 
  syn bungiba
  from ba
  n pusillanimity, apathy, shyness, timidness.
  vc kamanibea: to treat as such


B mænibárabara 
  n spanish fly
O manibarabara 
  n a big cantharis, Spanish fly
O manibarabara 
  n Cantharides. Spanish fly


B mæn/ibaráki 
  n variety of a white, flat louse, infesting the armpit
O manibaraki 
  syn uti baraki
  n a crab louse


O manibero 
  or maniberu
  n a large wasp, bee


B mænibéru 
  n insect resembling a bee ,a bee


O manibeti 
  n a small fly or gnat (found on beti)
O manibeti 
  n a small fly


B mæ/nibíneu 
  n mildew
  va mildewed, spotted


B mænibíngao 
  n small offensive insect
O manibingao 
  n a small insect with offensive smell


O manibinou 
  n mould, mildew


B mæ/nibuaka 
  a unkindd, evil-minded
B mæ/nibuaka 
  n unkindness
B m'aanibuaka 
  a unkindd, evil-minded
B m'aánibuaka 
  n unkindnesss
O manibuaka 
  n bad conduct, bad manner.
  a ungrateful, unkind.
  red mamanibuaka.
  syn manra
  vt manibuakaea, mamanibuakaea: to act badly towards.
  vc ka-manebuakaea: to make ...
  vt manibuaka: idem. but, as practical jokes


B mæ/nibubu 
  vi talk unkindly at home of one who borrows
  n rumor
O manibubu 
  n rumour, confused news not divulged.
  vt manibubua: to spread ...


B mæ/nibúbua 
  vt circulate a mere rumor


B mæ/nibwebwe 
  n outer part of a pan leaf at its base, chaff
O manibwebwe 
  from bwebwe
  n the envelope of coconut spathe


B mæ/nibwérebwere 
  a very thin


O manikaeka 
  see syn. n.a. manebaeba


B manikángare 
  vi joke, make fun, be droll
  n joking, jesting, a joke, a jest
O manikangare 
  n pleasantry, practical joke, humour.
  v manikangare, mamanikangare: to jest, to joke, to banter, to make fun.
  vt manikangarea, mamanikangarea. idem.
  nv manikangare buaka, manikangare be: rude jest, mockery.
  ex e aki mamanikangare: serious, in earnest
  vc kamanikangarea: to provoke, to make laugh, to joke


O manikatang 
  n an unfortunate person bringing sorrow and disappointment


O manikawa 
  n cat
O manikawa1 
  n a skin disease (creeping)


B mænikónana 
  va easily turning to any employment, apt, handy
O manikonana 
  from kona
  n ability, aptitude.
  a capable, apt.
  red mamanikonana


B m'aanikóraki 
  a inventive, skilled in doing something new
B mæ/nikóraki 
  vi joke, make fun, be droll
  n joking, a joke
O manikoraki 
  a capable in every way, ingenious, industrious, knowing all the tricks.
  red mamanikoraki


B mæ/nim 
  a gentle


B mænimæn 
  va full of insects, wormy, having pets
O maniman 
  from man
  a (1) full of or covered with insects, swarming with insects.
  v (2) from man: to bring up, to have, or to own an animal, to take a person as one's plaything, partner, help, delegate.
  n te kamaniman


O manimaninia 
  vt to decorate, to illuminate, to make designs on, to embroider


O manin 
  or mannin
  a charming, attractive, amiable, seductive.
  n seduction

manin apa tera

O manin apa tera 
  n manin aba tera, te I-aba tera? specimen of what country? From where?


O manina 
  from man
  vt to own, to have, to possess an animal, to take for plaything, partner, help, delegate, to take as one's ensign for flag.
  ex ko na manimanina Nei Taume? are you taking Nei Taume for your partner?


B mæninæn/ti 
  a fortunee>ate, providentially delivered
  n good luck, fortune
O maninanti 
  see manenanti


B mæ/ninara 
  n mosquito


B mæ/ninga 
  va distressed by grating sounds or the sight of wounds
B m'áninga 
  n state of being puzzled, confusion, perplexity
  va puzzled, confused
O maninga 
  n forgetfulness, distraction, semi-consciousness.
  a maninga, mamaninga: forgetful, distracted, doting, gone astray.
  v maninga, mamaninga, maninga nako: to forget, to dote, to go astray, to lose memory.
  a noumaninganinga, maninga nako, kaua ni maninga, maninganinga n rang: very, altogether forgetful
  sup superlative of maninga
  vc kamaninga, kakamaninga, kamaninganinga: to make forget, to make lose one's head, to trouble, to make go astray, to muddle, etc.
  n te kamaaninga: a puzzle, riddle, quiz
O maninga1 
  vt mamaninga: to forget to do, to omit
O maninga2 
  n shudder, shiver, tremor.
  v to shudder, to shiver, to tremble with ...
  ex kun maninganinga: idem. shudder.
  vc ka-maninga, ka-maninganinga: to make ...

maninga rake

O maninga rake 
  n growth, rapid growth.
  v to grow up. a. developing quickly.
  red mama ...

maningainga n aomata mani

O maningainga n aomata mani 
  a well bred, sociable, affable, hospitable


B m'áninga-náko 
  va having lost one's way


B m'aningáninga 
  va frequentative of m'aninga
B mæningæ/ninga 
  n corner
  n little lock of hair in front of the ear
B mæ/ningæ/ning 
  va provided with or carrying a supply of tobacco
O maninganinga 
  a maninganinga raoi: well educated, brought up properly (sociable).
  idiom ko maninganinga ke ko aki? have you brought us something to smoke or something to eat?
  ex maninganinga n rang: having nothing to offer
O maninganinga1 
  n a corner, an angle, hair on temple, temple
  ex bu maninganinga, koumaninganinga: to pull hair out at ...

maninganinga n rang

O maninganinga n rang 
  a badly brought up, impolite, unsociable, etc.


B mæ/ningæ/ning 
  a kind, benevolent, social


B mæ/ningæ/ning 
  a unkindd, unfriendly, unsocial


B mæ/ningare 
  n dimple
  a having a dimple
O maningare 
  or manningare
  n dimples.
  v to have dimples


O maninge 
  from ngenge: not satisfied
  n deception, disappointment.
  a deceived, cast off, not satisfied.
  red maningenge, maningeninge.
  vc ka-maningea: to deceive


B mæningóngo 
  vi converse in a low voice
  n sound of voices in low conversation
O maningongo 
  from ngongo
  n indistinct sound of voices, a noise of distant voices, whispering.
  v to whisper
O maningongo1 
  n a sea bird


O maningoningo 
  n whispering.
  v to whisper.
  red mama ...


B mæ/ningure 
  vi utter dissatisfaction as at again loaning to a neighbor
O maningure 
  v to complain, to murmur, to grumble, to grouse.
  vt maningurea: to grumble about, to complain about


B mæningúrea 
  vt criticize a neighbor in reference to borrowing


O maninnara 
  n mosquitoes.
  a maninara, mamaninara, kau maninara: abounding in mosquitoes.
  see binobino ni kai


O maninrongorongo 
  v to spread false news, to exaggerate, to invent stories, tittle tattle


O manintaeka 
  v to carry a message, to retail news (messenger)


O manintaninga 
  n separation or joint of skull bones.
  n a thing carried on ear.
  v to have something on the ear


B mæn/inteábike 
  n flag or signal of a certain tribe or family


O maninuto 
  n a person suspected, accused, author of an act, cause, responsible for.
  vt maninutoa: to accuse, to suspect, to make responsible


B m'ánio 
  vi sleep soundly
O manio 
  n indolence, torpor, numbness, sluggishness.
  a inert, indolent, numb (for ex. a person dozing asleep).
  red ma'manio, manionio, mam'anionio, m'anionio nako, nimanionio, aomanionio: very ...
  see mannei: limp, slack, flabby, fagged out, jaded, worn out.
  vc ka-m'anion, ka-m'anionioa, kamanionakoa: to make ..., to cause ...


B m'aníonio 
  va very soundly asleep


O maniua 
  n (1) flag of canoe) flag, ensign of canoe. (S.)
  for manua (man ni wa or man te wa: (2) manuao (man of war) warship


O maniwaira 
  v to disparage, to vilify.
  n an evil spell, sorcery.
  a hurtful, which brings ill luck.
  vt mani-wairaea: to make ... on, to cast an evil spell on


O maniwete 
  from wete
  n a point in form of dart, arrow or lance.
  a sharpened as ...


O maniwia 
  or manuwia or manuia
  from wia
  n a lucky person.
  a lucky, fortunate.
  n luck, chance, good luck.
  vc ka-maniura, kamanuia: to make ..., to give ..., to favour to give a chance


B mæn/na 
  n manna (ENG)
O manna 
  n manna (Bible) (ENG)
O manna1 
  n a person or thing disintegrating, going queer, getting old, falling into ruin, declining, etc., decadence, decrepitude, decline.
  fig relaxing, relaxed


O mannaba 
  n a bird (myth.)


B mæn/nang 
  n ashes
  vi become ashes
O mannang 
  from ang
  n ashes. a. reduced to ashes, ... dust


O mannannang 
  n birds
  syn mannikiba


B m'annæ/noa 
  vt regard, value, pay attention to
O mannanoa 
  from nano
  n interest, care, attention.
  vt mannanoa, mamannanoa: to take to heart, to take seriously to have an interest in, to be preoccupied with, to be busy about


O mannaoka 
  n a joke.
  v to play a joke.
  vt mannaoka: to take advantage of, to bully, to make game of, to mystify.
  see aoka


O mannati 
  n a fish, bonito


O mannawa 
  and mannawawa
  from awa
  n certain brilliant places on surface of water.
  a shining <shine> like oil in places


B mannebáeba 
  a not skillful in providing food, through indolence


B mæn/nei 
  n languidness
  a languid, weak, especially through sickness, lifeless
O mannei 
  n apathy, languor, feebleness.
  a mannei, mamanei: feeble, without energy, apathetic.
  vc ka-manneia: to make ...
  see nimamanei
  na ka-mannei: weakening, softening, which makes ...


O manni 
  a thin, fine.
  vc ka-mannia: to make thinner


B mæn/nibéti 
  n very small fly or insect
  a abounding in or full of mannibeti


O mannibwerebwere 
  sup superlative of manni:
  a extremely thin, fine.
  vc kamanib ...


B máno 
  a tight, not leaky, dry
  n tightness, the condition of not being leaky
B m'áno 
  a indented, having a hollow, depressed
O mano 
  n imperviousness.
  a mano, mamano: water tight, sheltered, covered, under cover, sheltered from the rain, ... the air, ... from sight (tan: sheltered from wind).
  vc ka-manoa, kamanomanoa: to shelter from, to cover, shelter.
  n te kamano, te kamanomano: a shelter.
  idiom kamanoko: cover yourself, take shelter, hide your naked (children)
O mano1 
  a hollow, concave.
  see manono, manorake, manorio


O manoa 
  na film of oil, layer, oily surface


B m'ánoka 
  n the lap
B m'ánokaa 
  vt hold in the arms
O manoka 
  n forearm or inside angle of elbow.
  vt manoka, mamanoka, manokanoka: to hold, to carry, to clasp in angle of elbow, to carry on arm (child), clasp in arms


B m'ánoku 
  n curving in,
  n bay , gulf
  a curving in or indented as the shore
O manoku 
  n (1) bay, gulf, creek, elbow, cove.
  a manoku, mamanoku: curved, L-shaped angle, full of coves.
  va kamanokua: to form a ...
  n (2) a fish (ikawain te kuau)
L manoku 
  sn Epinephalus microdon (serranida)
  n grouper, seabass

manoku n ranga

O manoku n ranga 
  n the back of knee

manoku ni bai

O manoku ni bai 
  n inside of elbow, cubit (measure)
  ex te manoku uoua: measure from tips of fingers to elbow of other arm (about 5 feet)
  ex manoku ni wae, manoku n ranga idem.


B m'anokúnibai 
  n cubit [anc. lin . meas]


B m'ánokunóku 
  a frequentative of m'anoku irregular in outline as the shore


B mæ/non 
  n breath, or rather its odor from the nose, the nasal passage to the throat


B mánono 
  vi give annoyance, give trouble
  see tabare
B m'ánono 
  n small depression or pit
  a depressed, indented
O manono 
  n a hollow, cavity, dent, depression of land, hole in the ground.
  a hollow, dented.
  a manonoua: very dented.
  a nimanomano: full of hollows or dents.
  n kamanono: small hollow, slight depression, forming slight depression.
  vc kamanonoa: to make a hole, to dig deeply


B m'ánonóua 
  a depressed, indented, crater like


B m'anorío 
  va depressed, indented, pitted
  bk Phys. 21


O manotabuki 
  n undulation.
  a undulated, a succession of hills and hollows, rolling ground


O manouna 
  see maneouna
  n no result, no fruit, no profit. akea manounana: he has left nothing after him


B mæn/ra 
  see a m'anibuaka
O manra 
  sup superlative of manibuaka
  n an evil tongue (in general).
  a badly behaved, naughty, ungrateful, wicked.
  va manrabuaka: very wicked, thankless.
  vt manraea: to ill treat.
  vc kamanraea: to make, to find, to judge as wicked, etc.
O Manra 
  n Sydney Island in Phoenix group. discovered by Emmet, 1823


O manraoi 
  n a good person.
  v kamanraoia: to praise, to treat as ...


B mæn/rea 
  va often seen, seen to weariness, seen too often
O manrea 
  from rea
  a common, vulgar, out of date, old fashioned, grown old.
  ex e manrea te kuna: that song is out of date (the same old story).
  vc ka-manrea: to treat as ...


O manrerei 
  n futility, frivolity, vanity.
  a vain, futile, frivolous, puerile.
  v to do or act thoughtlessly, not seriously
  ex taetae ni manrerei: to speak inconsiderately


B mænri:/ki 
  n chronic, offensive catarrh in the nostrils
  ex maron te wa ae manna certain ensign or flag on a canoe
O manriki 
  nv excrescence, growth in nose, catarrh, adenoids
O manriki1 
  n a canoe flag to show which clan one belongs to


B mæn/ring 
  va peeling off in little scales as sunburnt skin
  n chronic,
  n little scales on the skin from sunburn or other cause
O manring 
  n desquamation of the skin.
  v to peel.
  a sun burnt.
  vc kamanringa: which makes the skin peel


B mæn/rureke 
  n mandrake (ENG)


B mæn/ta 
  n character
O manta 
  n character traits, temperament, behaviour
  ex mantan te ... mannan te: behaviour, conduct, morals, customs, character
  ex tau-manta: to observe, to remark, to keep account of conduct, character, observation of ...
  ex tau-mantau, tau-mantam, tau-mantana, etc..
  ex i ata mannan te aomata arei: I know the habits of that man
  ex i tau mantan te aomata arei: I keep an account, I keep check on his conduct.
  vc katau manta: to imitate, to take off.
  n te boki n tau-manta: discipline book, mark book


O mantakarara 
  v to speak much and loudly.
  a too free, too familiar.
  see takarara


B man/te 
  n Monday (ENG)


B mæntéuana 
  n flag or signal of a certain tribe or family


B man/ti 
  n month (ENG)
B mæn/ti 
  va pulverized, mashed
O manti 
  a mamanti, mantiti: crushed, squashed, trodden down, flattened, reduced to pulp.
  vc kamanta, kamantintia, kamantitinonginonga: to crush, to pulverize.
  sup mantintinonginong


B m'an/to 
  va acquired
O manto 
  from mane. caught, taken.
  a well taken, well caught, acquired, assimilated, etc.
  syn reke raoi and mane and maneaua.
  n manton, mantonton: acquisition, taking possession, assimilation, seizing, etc.
  vc kamantoa: to take in, to catch on, to acquire, to seize, ... assimilate


B m'an/toa 
  vt mislead with a purpose to do an injury
B mæn/toa 
  a turbid, roiled, roily, stirred up
  n that which roils, dregs
O mantoa 
  n troubled water, turbulence.
  a mantoa, mamantoa: troubled, turbulent.
  fig to muddle, to mystify, to ridicule, to make a fool of, to take in.
  ex mantoa te aba: to deceive people.
  n te tia mantoa: a cunning old blade, sharp, crafty, braggart.
  vc ka-mantoa: to make troubled, to trouble, to muddle, to mystify, etc.


O mantokotoko 
  na (1) lazy, good for nothing, shirker.
  na (2) a wet blanket, always contradicting


O mantorotoro 
  n a song, a singer, a dancer sitting down


B m'ánu 
  n joint as of the elbow
  va closed as fingers, bent or drawn up as an arm or leg, slack, looping as a slack rope
O manu 
  na mamanu, manunu: a pleat.
  a pleated, wrinkled, having pleats or wrinkles.
  vc kamanunua: to gather, to pleat.
  n te kamanunu: pleating


B mæ/nua 
  n fish
B maánua 
  n roasted coconut kernel
O manua 
  n (1) te manua: te manua ni buni. a large buni (fish).
  a (2) enormous, large, of great dimensions.
  n (3) cannon (so named because big). syn. te kati ae bubura.
  n (4) man of war (ENG)
O manua1 
  n the smell of roasted coconut.
  vt manua ... manuaia: to roast coconut, to give an odour of ...
  v boimanua: exhaling an odour of roasted coconut


B mæ/nuáo 
  n man-of-war, a war vessel (ENG)
O manuao 
  n man o'war, warship (ENG)


B mæ/nuia 
  a fortunate, favored
  n fortunateness
O manuia 
  n luck.
  a lucky, fortunate.
  see maniwia


B m'anuúnu 
  va wrinkled
  n wrinkle


B mænuóka 
  vt forget
O manuoka 
  vt to forget, to omit (a thing)


O manuokina 
  vt to forget (in thought).
  red mamanuokina: to often forget


B mænuóua 
  n flag or signal of a certain tribe or family


B mæ/o 
  n large bush
  a bitter
B maáo 
  va nearly finished as a shower, raining gently
O mao 
  n (1) a bush (Scaevola sp.), salt bush, grows mostly at ocean side. species: mao-ngirake, mao-kika, mao-maran, mao-bo, mao-bui.
  a mamao, kau mao: abounding in ...
  v ere-mao: to cut, to clear away mao.
  n (2) a meeting to feast for a new baby, three days after birth (so called because a mao was pulled up by the roots to preserve the child from evil spells).
  see kauraura
O mao1 
  n bitterness, acidity, sourness, sharp taste.
  a bitter, acid, sour (as sap of mao).
  fig mao riana: he is punished, caught, deceived, disgusted
  ex e kamao ria: that disgusts you, ... will teach you a lesson
O mao2 
  a healed, closed up (a wound, a sore).
  ex e mao ikoakina: his wound is healed.
  v kamaoa: to heal, to close
O mao3 
  a nearly finished, decreasing (rain, noise, ardour).
  syn ba'o (S.).
  vc kamaoa, kabaoa: to wait till it stops, diminishes, attenuates.
  ex kamaoa ana taeka: moderate his talk
G mao 
  sn Scaevola sericea Jahl (z)
  n <saltbush>


B máoko 
  n fish
O maoko 
  n a fish (Scavenger fish).
  n maokobai: a large maoko
G máoko 
  sn Lethrinus variegatus (ll)
  n very small scavenger fish (ll,sm)


B máomao 
  va abounding in or overgrown with the mao


O maon 
  a intermittent, rare, not quite visible on account of rapidity of passage or rarity of passage.
  v kaoti-maon, roko maon: to appear or to come rarely.
  see tokamaomao


B máong 
  a easily fatigued
O maong 
  a soaked, wet, perspiring, tired, exhausted.
  syn morimori, morioriori, nimori
  vc ka-maonga: to extenuate, to exhaust


B máono 
  n sweat
  vi sweat
  a sweaty
O maono 
  n sweat, perspiration.
  v maona, mamaona: to sweat, toperspire.
  n te kaoa ni maono: handkerchief.
  vc kamaona: to make sweat, to cause perspiration


B máonon 
  see a maenen
O maonon 
  a which bends without breaking, supple, elastic, flexible, pliable.
  sup nimaonnon:
  vc kamaonnona


O maoria 
  na (e mao riau, e mao riam, e mao riana): disappointed, corrected, taught a lesson by experience.
  vc kamaoa riana: to deceive, to correct, to teach a lesson to
  ex kamaoan riana, te kamao ria: correction, punishment, deception, etc.


B maóriori 
  see a maonon
  see a maenen
O maoriori 
  a very flexible, very supple.
  red mamaoriori, nimaoriori: bending in every direction, disarticulated, soft, nerveless (as sick, tired, old person).
  va kamaoriori: which makes ...
  vc kamaoriori: to make ..., to bend ..., to disjoint


B m'áoto 
  va broken as a stick or bone, or as the heat of the sun after passing the meridian (metaphorical)
  n fracture in wood or stone
O maoto 
  n rupture, break, crack, piece.
  a broken, cracked, broken off.
  red sup. mamaoto, maototo,
  ex maotoua: broken in two
  ex maoto-ten: broken in three
  ex maotorikiriki: smashed in pieces (wood, bone, long pieces).
  a kai maoto: fragile, easily broken, brittle.
  n te kamaoto: a bend ... curve.
  see oto, otea

maoto i eta

O maoto i eta 
  a a current going eastwards met by a strong easterly wind with resulting strong dangerous waves (naomoro) breaking at the summit.
  ex e maoto i eta te aira

maoto ni bai

O maoto ni bai 
  n finger joints

maoto ni bwe

O maoto ni bwe 
  or te bwe, or bwen te wa
  n the price to be paid in fish for loan of canoe or fishing net


B m'áoto-iéta 
  va running to the eastward as a current

maoton te nao

O maoton te nao 
  n the point where the wave breaks


B maotónibwe 
  n fish reserved or set aside in payment for canoe hire


B m'áoto-ríkiriki 
  a broken into many pieces
O maotorikiriki 
  a smashed to pieces


B m'aotóto 
  va frequentative of maoto
  n food in many fragments
O maototo 
  a broken in several pieces


B m'aotóua 
  va broken in two, as wood or bone or metal
O maotoua 
  a broken in two.
  fig syn. moti: decided.
  ex e maotoua te bong: the day is fixed


L maowa 
  sn Parupeneus barberinus (mullida)
  sn P. bifasciatus
  n goat-fish


O maowi 
  a kamaowi, e mao wina.
  see maoria


B mæ/ra 
  a soft as an animal shedding its skin
  a wet, moist
  a bald
  n bald head, baldness
  bib Amos 8 : 10
B m:áraa 
  a dizzy
  spe mmara:
B máraa 
  a eyeless as a needle
  a having a harelip
  a free from trees
B m'áræ 
  va disgusted or shocked at the sight of
O mara 
  n baldness, calvities, loss of hair, bristle, scales.
  a bald, bereft, losing skin, hair, scales, decomposing.
  sup maratau, maratataua
  v kamarataua: to make bald ...
  v mara-rake: losing hair from the forehead upwards, receding hair.
  n te ka-atumara: an old bald man
O mara1 
  n decomposing fish, beginning to decay.
  ex e mara te ika: the fish is tainted
O mara2 
  a moistened, soaked, softened, steeped.
  ex marato, maratu, maratuatua, mara tingo: very, extremely ...
  ex e mara te benu: the coconut husk is soft after soaking
  vc ka-mara: to moisten, to soak, to steep, to soften
O mara3 
  a marato, maratirati, marabe: oiled, shiny, smooth
O mara4 
  from marangan:
  a (1) separated, thinly spaced.
  a open, separated, torn.
  vc ka-mara: to open, to separate, to tear, to yield, etc.
  ex e mara te tu: the needle eye is open, broken
  ex e mara rian te ika: the lip of the fish is torn.
  a kamara, kamaranga, kauki marenaia. (2) dirty, filthy, disgusting, repulsive.
  a nano mara: disgusted, repulsed.
  vc ka-nano-mara: to inspire disgust, to repulse
O mara5 
  or te kamara
  n a game
O mara6 
  and mamara
  n feebleness, apathy.
  a feeble, weak, languid
O mara7 
  suf to certain words signifying feebleness.
  ex biri-mara, buti-mara, tangi-mara, ura mara, etc.
  see mara n ai


O maraba 
  a maraberabe: very shiny from too much oil


B mæ/rabe 
  a well developed, full and round as a person
  n full development as of the body and muscles
O marabe 
  or maraberabe
  a glowing with health, flourishing, prosperous.
  vc kamarabea, kamaraberabea: to make, to render prosperous, to cause to grow bigger


B maráberabe 
  a frequentative of marabe


B maárabu 
  va ascending in great volume as a smoke in the distance
O marabu 
  n smoke, fog, mist, cloud, light (seen from afar), covered with ...
  vc kamarabua: ...


B mæ/rae 
  n playground
  a without parents or a guardian
O marae 
  n (diph.) empty space, open space, clear place, public place, park, sports ground.
  n te marae n takakaro: sports ground.
  n te marae ni wanikiba: air strip, aerodrome.
  n te nati ni marae, te nati n tama: a bastard <field>


B mæ/rai 
  n kernel of a coconut in its soft state
  n white of an egg
  a having a soft kernel well developed as a moimoto
O marai 
  n the soft tender flesh of young coconut, white of egg cooked, the soft inside of fruits, plants

marai n o

O marai n o 
  n cartilage of fishes' gills. a kind of ulceration of mouth in infants


B maráia 
  va suffering supposed supernatural evil after disrespect to a god
  n suffering supposed to be occasioned by ill treatment of the gods
O maraia 
  and kamaraia
  n an evil spell, bad luck, magical charm, sorcery.
  a maraia, mamaraia: under a spell, unlucky, bewitched, cursed.
  a kamaraia: bringing evil, place or person bringing ill-luck, evil spell.
  vc ka-maraia: to cast a spell, bewitch


B maráinai 
  n bark of the kanawa
O marainai 
  and nimarainai
  n bark of kanawa: fibres, hair, etc., used to make string for charms


O marainao 
  n nimarainai: string made of kanawa fibres, hair, etc.


O marainging 
  a a bit shaky, badly-fixed, a bit out or order.
  see mainging


B maráino 
  n gill of a fish


B m'aráirai 
  a long as the hair or a skirt
O marairai 
  a long, (clothes, hair).
  red mamarairai.
  vc kamarairaia: to make longer, to let get longer.
  n te kamarai: a long robe, cassock, habit


O maraiti 
  for raiti (mostly used)
  n (rarely used) rapid passage of something.
  ex i nora maraitina: I saw it pass like lightning (hardly visible).
  a i ti nora raitina. seen, perceived, barely heard


O Marakei 
  n Matthew Island discovered by Duperry, 1823


B mæ/raki 
  va in pain, suffering with pain
  n pain
O maraki 
  n pain, suffering, grief.
  n maraki n nano: hurt feelings, remorse.
  n nanomaraki: sorrow, interior grief, regret, contrition.
  a maraki, mamaraki: painful, paining.
  v to be suffering; nanomaraki: to regret, to repent.
  vc kamaraki: causing pain; kamaraki nano: afflicting, annoying, irritating.
  vc kamaraka, kakamaraka: to make suffer
  ex kamaraka te nano: to hurt, to afflict, to make sad, to sadden, to irritate


O maramara 
  a soft, feeble, too good-natured.
  ex e maramara nanona: he is taken up with, infatuated with.
  vc kamara, kamaramara: to flatter, to coax, to soften, to wheedle, to inveigle


B mæ/ran 
  a straight as the hair
  n melon (ENG)
  n long spear without teeth
O maran 
  a smooth, glossy, polished
  ex maranran, mamaranran: very slippery, very sleek, smooth
  ex maran nako: extending smooth surface
  ex katimaran: glossy, smooth, polished.
  ex v. kamarana: to make slippery, to polish, to make smooth.
  n the rocky smooth plateau at the ocean side of island
  ex aon te maran: on this plateau.
  n glossy hair.
  a having glossy hair
O maran1 
  n a lance pointed at both ends. 12 to 18 feet long
  syn taboua

maran ai

O maran ai 
  from mamara and ai
  n a fire about to go out, embers


B mæ/ranako 
  vi slip


B m'árane 
  a uncomforttable, as a rheumatic limb or from the crawling of an insect
  n an uncomfortable sensation in the skin or in a bone
O marane 
  from kam-arane
  n itch, prickling of skin.
  v to have ..., to feel ...
  vc kamaranea: to cause ..., to tickle.
  fig teasing <tease>, coaxing, flattering.
  va kamarane: to prick, to tickle, to cause ...
  n te kamarane: itch


O marang 
  n species of fish
  sn Electropomus macubatus


B mæ/ranga 
  va separated
O maranga 
  n interval, space between, separation.
  va maranga, mamaranga, marangaranga: to be placed at intervals, interspaced.
  vc kamaranga: to space at intervals of space or time, to leave intervals between.
  vc ka-i-maranga: to inter-space.
  vt koro maranga: to mark the intervals, to divide in sections
  ex kamarangan, kaimarangan, koromarangan: idem. <gap>


B maræ/ngaranga 
  va separated, parted, as pickets in a fence


O maranoa 
  v to act gently, with precaution, slowly (go, touch, take, steal, etc.), to make a fool of
  vc kamaranoa: to make ...
  ex e maranoai: he took me in


B mæræn/rake 
  vi slip up and out of the hand as a fish


B mæræn/ran 
  a smooth


B maraára 
  va indistinctly heard as a low conversation at a little distance
  n low conversation at a little distance
B mæ/rara 
  n charcoal
O marara 
  n a noise barely audible.
  see mamara
  vt to speak in a whisper.
  vc kamarara te kuna, te taeka: to hum a tune, to whisper
O marara1 
  n charcoal.
  vt marara: to fill with ...
  vc kamarara: to make into charcoal, to let burn


B mæ/rati 
  n fish
O marati 
  n a fish.
  syn (S.). kauoto: large kuau
O marati1 
  a saturated with liquid (water, oil), flourishing, healthy, prosperous (persons)


B maræ/tingo 
  a much wet or sprinkled upon
  n condition of much wet
O maratingo 
  sup superlative of mara
  a saturated, soaked, wet.
  red maratingotingo: very ...
  vc kamaratingoa: to make very wet, to saturate


B mæ/ratíngotingo 
  a frequentative of maratingo


B maræ/tirati 
  a nicely polished, very smooth
O maratirati 
  a very well oiled, saturated.
  vc kamaratiarati: to make ..., to oil, to grease.
  vc kamaratiratia, kamaratia


B mæ/rato 
  va well anointed or smeared with oil
O marato 
  from mara
  sup superlative of mara
  syn marati.
  vc ka-maratoa


B maræ/torato 
  va frequentative of marato


O maratua 
  sup superlative of mara
  a very wet, entirely soaked, dirty, softened, damaged by wet, decomposed.
  sup maratuatua
  vc kamaratua: to make ...


B mæ/rau 
  a somewhat soft
  n fire in an oven sufficiently consumed for purposes of bakeing
O marau 
  a soft, tender, downy, flexible, supple, pliable, manoeuverable, easy to handle, to steer (canoe).
  n softness, suppleness, tenderness, etc.
  red mamarau, mamaraurau: very ...
  ex marau nako: going more and more softly, getting less and less, diminishing, etc.
  vc kamaraua, kamarauraua: to make supple, or flexible, to calm, to appease, to mitigate, etc.
  vt kamaraua: to soften, to appease, to loosen.
  vt ka-marauaka: to calm, to appease, etc.


B mæráunako 
  va dropping off to sleep
  va burning low as a fire


B mæráurau 
  a quite soft


B mæ/rawa 
  n ocean, deep sea, deep water
O marawa 
  n (no article) sea, ocean, deep water.
  a marawa, mamarawa: deep, very deep.
  vc kamarawa: to dig down to the water, under the water, very deep.
  n te kamarawa: whirlpool, deep place.
  n man ni marawa: large fish, deep sea fish


O marawarawa 
  n sea sickness.
  see nimarawarawa


B maáre 
  a few, not many, here and there some
B m'áre 
  a having a double chin
  n loose skin forming the double chin
B mæ/re 
  n marriage (ENG)
O mare 
  n rolls of flabby skin under the chin (double chin), under the arms (found in old people).
  v mare, maremare: to have ...
O mare1 
  idiom e maremare karawa, a katei maremare, e uananginang: the sky is covered with rolls of white clouds
  ex te nang maremare: a cloud of white padding
  ex te bike maremare: a stretch of rolling sands.
  vc kamarea, kamaremarea: to cause to have pleats, wrinkles
O mare2 
  n marriage. (ENG)
  a married.
  vt marea: to marry
O mare3 
  a well-scattered, dispersed.
  vc ka-marea, kamarearea: to disperse, to scatter


B mæ/rea 
  vt marry (ENG)


B mæ/rebu 
  n strong tide rip
  va running with a strong tide rip
O marebu 
  n eddy, surf, breakers caused by opposing current and wind, tumult, agitation.
  a marebu, mamarebu, mareburebu: tumultuous, agitated, troubled.
  vc kamarebu: which causes ...
  vc kamarebua: to cause.
  fig e marebu nanona


B mæ/rei 
  vi hiccough
  n hiccough
O marei 
  n hiccup.
  v to have the hiccups, to hiccough.
  nv marei rake idem.


B m'árem'are 
  n kind of kite
  n streaked clouds
O maremare 
  see m'are
  n a kind of kite


B mæ/rena 
  n space between
  a intermittent
O marena 
  n interval, space between.
  a ae marena: spaced at intervals
  ex te marenana, ua marena, etc.: one interval, two intervals, etc.
  vt marena:: to intercalate, to interpose, to put between.
  n marena ni bong: interval of days.
  vt marenanibongia: to do every second or third ... day.
  adv i marenan: between, among
  ex i marenara: between us
  ex i marenami: between you, etc.
  vc ka-marena: leave a space between.
  syn kamaranga


B márenánibongia 
  vt do irregularly with days intervening


B márenæniwitawía 
  a having spaces between the canine teeth in the upper jaw


B mærenáua 
  n channel between two islands
  va deserted, without inhabitants
O marenaua 
  n the space between two villages.
  ex I bo ma ngaia n te marenaua: I met him between two villages.
  vt marenaua: to put between two.
  vt marenanibongia: to do every second day, ... every few ... etc.


O marengau 
  dim of arengau:
  a dissatisfied with food, insufficient, parsimonious.
  vc kamarengau, kamarengaua: to give great dissatisfaction


B maréngerenge 
  a feeble, woeking moderately, not in abundance
  n scarcity, deficiency
O marengerenge 
  na a position close to the end, the edge, near the extremity, at the point.
  v toka marengerenge: to be perched at ...
  vc kamarengerengea: to place at the end.
  see renge, taborengerenge


O marenoa 
  and maranoa
  vt to act gently <gentle>, slowly, with precaution
  see maranoa
  n craftiness.
  v to steal, to take, to take stealthily


B m'áretebora 
  n multiple (ENG)


B mæ/rewe 
  n young coconut leaf partly opened, fresh growth of leaves
O marewe 
  n end of point, stem, summit, shoot of plants, palms and certain trees.
  fig germ, shoot, flower, head, crown, crowning, first born, fine flower of.
  ex marewen te iango: a fine thought
  ex marewen te aomata: a man's wife and children
  ex e bo marawena: he has lost his family
  na marewerewe, kimarewerewe: full of shoots, buds
  na bumarewerewe: perfume of a tree in flower, smell of ...
  idiom riria marewen te ang: to beat one's adversary in canoe race


B mæ/ri 
  n season of plenty, fruitful season
  a abundant, plenteous as fruit
O mari 
  n abundance of harvest, time of abundance
  ex te aba ni mari: land of plenty te tai ni mari, te ai ni mari: season of ...
  a mari, mamari, marimari, kimarimari: abundant, productive, fertile, very fruitful.
  vc ka-mari, kamarimari: highly productive.
  vc kamaria: to cause ..., to produce ...
  na bai mari, kimarimari: skill with plants, green fingers
  ex roi mari: great talker


O mariari 
  n a painful feeling under a wound, scratch, burn, etc.


B mæ/ribo 
  a active, energetic, busy, as in procuring food
O maribo 
  a clever, industrious (in getting in supply of provisions).
  sup maribobo: very ...
  n abundant provisions.
  vc kamariboa: to procure ...
  see bai %mari
  vc kamariboa: to praise the skill


O maribono 
  na said of a stout person having very fat legs and arms
  sup maribonobono


B mæ/rika 
  a plump, well-fed
  n plumpness, the state of being plump
O marika 
  a stoutness, plumpness, obesity.
  sup mamarika, marikarika, mamarikarika.
  vt kamarika: to fatten


B mærikárika 
  a frequentative of marika


B mæ/rike 
  va refreshed with food
  n refreshment, lunch
O marike 
  n ailment, nourishment.
  v marike, mamarike: to take one's meals.
  v marikea: to eat one's food.
  vc ka-marikea: to give to eat, to feed, to nourish.
  n te kamarike, te kamarikerike: alimentation, nourishment, meals


O marin 
  a shaky, not well fixed, unstable, loose.
  ex e marin te nama: the tide is up to near the beach
  ex e maririn wina: his teeth are loose.
  vc kamarina, kamarinrina: to loosen, to make move, to prepare a drink mixed with kabubu and water, to (stir).
  nv te kamarin: drinking or rather mixing kabubu and water
  note without kamaimai), with kamaimai it is called te kabet


B m'arin/rin 
  a loose, not firmly fixed, as a post or a tooth


B mæ/riri 
  a cold
  n cold
O mariri 
  and kamariri
  n coldness.
  a cold.
  v mariri, mamariri: to make cold, to let cool, to become cold.
  vc kamariria: to cool, to let become cold


B m'áriro 
  n razor
  va committed to memory, memorized
O mariro 
  a mariroriro moving in all directions
  sup superlative of marinrin
  ex e mariroriro wina: his teeth are all loose.
  vc kamariroa, kamariroriroa: to make move, to shake loose
O mariro1 
  a sharp, cutting, extremely sharp.
  vc kamariroa: to make very ...
  a ae mariro: learnt by heart, known.
  see mate
O mariro2 
  n te mariro: a razor

mariro n ang

O mariro n ang 
  na learnt by heart, well learnt


O marironang 
  n a species of kabubu <fish>


B m'ariróriro 
  a loose as a handle or blade


B maáritæta 
  va smarting
  n smart, a smarting sensation
O maritata 
  n a burning pain on skin
  sup superlative of mariari
  vc kamaritata: to cause ...


B m'áro 
  vi sink, founder, go down as food
B mæ/ro 
  n flag, signal
  syn man
O maro 
  n (1) a flag, pennant on canoe (te man).
  n (2) a sign, an omen seen in the sky
  ex maron te mate: sign of death
  ex maron te rongo: sign of famine.
  vt marona: to have or take for standard, ensign, to hold as sign, omen.
  n te tia katei maro: soothsayer
O maro1 
  v to penetrate, to break in, to hide in the bottom or under, etc.
  n penetration, pushing down. (in water the word is inako).
  vc maro nako: idem.
  vc kamaronakoa: idem.
O Maro 
  n a star. Alioth


B mæ/roaa 
  a lonesome
B mæ/roa 
  n food, refreshment
O maroa 
  n a part of food portioned out
O maroa1 
  n a feeling of loneliness, solitude, isolation.
  va maroa, mamaroa: to be alone, isolated, suffer from isolation.
  a kamaroa: makes one suffer from isolation.
  n te kamaroa: solitude, desert-place.
  a ae kamaroa: solitary, desert, desolate.
  n atu-maroa: a solitary, a hermit


B mæ/roaka 
  adv an idiomatic word,equivalent in force to,with good reason,naturally
O maroaka 
  adv (Gilbertese expression) evident sign, so it is for that reason that ...
  ex e aoraki ngkoananoa, maroaka e aki roko: he was sick yesterday so that is the reason why he did not comemaroaka! ko aki roko: so that's why you didn't come!
O maroaka1 
  vt to discover, to proclaim the reason


B maroóro 
  vi converse, engage in conversation
  n conversation
B mæ/roro 
  vi subside, lull
O maroro 
  v maroro ma ... to pass the time with ...
  ex ko maroro ma ... ko ro man ma ...: you stayed a long time with ...
  red mamaroro ma: stay often, a long time with ...
  n kamaroro: family meal.
  v to entertain.
  vc ka-maroroa: to keep a person to talk, to eat, to entertai to keep company
O maroro1 
  n diminution of a strong wind, calming of wind for navigation.
  vc kamaroroa: to wait till the wind calms, abates.
  see beroro: violent


O maru 
  a superimposed, piled up, thick, bushy.
  sup mamaru, marumaru: very ...
  ex e maru te koraki: a dense crowd
  ex e buka maru: he is no longer alone, his people have returned
  n te buka maru: a grass skirt, several layers superimposed
  ex e tai marumaru: it is nearly night, the day declines
O maru1 
  from ruru
  na a coconut which rattles when shaken
  ex e maruru te ben: it has become copra
O maru2 
  n a muffled noise, bass note.
  v to make a muffled sound.
  red aruru.
  vc kamarurua: to make ...


B m'árua 
  n deep depression, pit, valley
  a having a depression
O marua 
  n disappearance, perdition.
  v to be lost, gone astray, strayed.
  vc kamarua: to lose, to mislay, to kill, to assassinate, to attack a lone person, to ill treat, to wound

marua n nao

O marua n nao 
  n depression between waves. <trough>

maruan ai

O maruan ai 
  n a furnace


B m'arúarua 
  va abounding in depressions or pits


B m'árubere 
  n mulberry (ENG)


B máruka 
  n salt-wort (HEB)
  bib Job 30 : 4
O maruka 
  n a herb, salt wort


B mæ/rurung 
  a alert, brisk, active, lively, in good physical condition
O marurung 
  from rung
  n good health, robustness, vigour.
  a healthy, robust, fit and well, vigorous.
  vc kamarurung: to give strength.
  vc kamarurunga: to give vigour, strength to ... to animate, to fortify.
  ex kamarurungko: get better! wake up! get a bit of life into you.


B mæ/ta 
  n eye, face
  n a color
  n the opening of a deep container
  n one desired as a spouse
  a ripe as a boil
B m'áta 
  n worm
  a deteriorated as coconut molasses through age
O Mata 
  n a constellation
O mata 
  a undercooked.
  syn e aki mai raoi (lit. looks alive)
O mata1 
  n eye, look , figure, face, front, facade, appearance, exterior aspect.
  fig au mata, am mata: my choice, your ..., my chosen one ... parts --
  see these words: ari ni mata, ataein te mata, ati ni mata, ati ni werewere, ina ni mata, maina ni mata, kanoa ni mata, karoroni ... kun ni ... nano ... niba ... beka ... burae ... ran ... rebe ... etc.
  n te kirati ni mata: spectacles, glasses.
  n te toki ni mata: horizon (limit of ...).
  a mata: to seem, to look like
  ex e mata ni karawa: the look of dying person.
  v matamata: to look and choose, to cast a look on; see
  v matana.
  idioms used frequently with mata:
  ex kaeka mata (matana) lift up eyes
  ex ka mata (matana) tired eyes, half closed (sickness, sleepiness, tiredness, etc.)
  ex a ka mataia, kakaea matana: close, lower ...
  ex a ke matana: he has bad eyesight
  ex ka-kui mata: to wink an eye
  ex kangi mata: a bold look, daring stare, fearless ...
  ex kanrakea, kanrioa te mata: eyes east! eyes west!
  ex kaoi mata: wipe eyes, console
  ex kabuti mata: to let eyes wanderkabuti mata ni katobibi: to look all around
  ex e maiu matana: he enjoys the sights
  ex e kamaiu mata: it is pleasing to the sight
  ex a maki matana: its eyes are closed
  ex e kamaki matana: it closes its eyes
  ex e noria ni matana: he saw with his own eyes
  ex a bara matana: he has seen too much
  ex kateke mata: blinding, hurting the eyes
  ex kareke mata: to fix the eyes on ..., to look with envy, to choose from what one sees
  ex te kaure mata: to open the eyes, the eyelids
  ex e toka matana: he is proud, bold
  ex e katoka matana: he looks with assurance
  ex e karube matana: he winks his eye
  ex a ro matana: he is dazzled, dizzy
O mata2 
  n a lamp, lantern, light, anything used to give light.
  ex akea matana: he has no light
O mata3 
  n colour, shade, tint, complexion, hue.
  ex mata roro: dark colour.
  a mata, matamata, nimatamata, kirimatamata, kau mata: coloured, print (material), motley, streaked, multi coloured.
  vc kamatamata: to colour, to put in many colours
O mata4 
  n an opening, needle eye, opening of insects nest, etc., lid, entrance, facade, operculum, mesh of net, core of boil, eyelet hole.
  vc kamata bun: to search for shell-fish, bun, etc.
  vc kariri mata: to make the first line of mesh of net (start a hard or intricate work)
O mata5 
  n (1) a grub, caterpillar, worm.
  a m'ata, m'atamata: full of grubs.
  n (2) the wake or wash of rapid canoe, footprints, traces, wake, marks, prints
  ex e mata te wa, e te matana: the canoe leaves ..., goes swiftly

mata aine

O mata aine 
  a the appearance of a grown up woman.
  v to have the aspect of ... <mature looking>

mata aitara

O mata aitara 
  v to look at one another, face to face, to measure swords

mata anoano

O mata anoano 
  n troubled or dazzled sight.
  a dazzled, dizzy, blinded (through weakness, sickness, temper, etc.).
  vc kamataanoa: to dazzle

mata n ao

O mata n ao 
  n a smooth surface

mata n aoka

O mata n aoka 
  na a certain ironical look, a look of joy, of success

mata n ei

O mata n ei 
  a looking shaky, soft, limp, slack (as person half awake).
  sup matan eiei

mata n iruwa

O mata n iruwa 
  va to look like a stranger.
  vc ka-mata niruwaea: to give, to find ...

mata n rang

O mata n rang 
  a mamata n rang (sup.) to appear like a poor person, or destitute beggar, to appear silly, idiotic, to appear rude, ill mannered, to be confused, scolded, abashed, humiliated.
  vc kamatanranga, kaka ...: to treat as ..., to insult, to humiliate

mata n rau

O mata n rau 
  a quiet, tranquil appearance

mata n rawarawa

O mata n rawarawa 
  n an opening, channel, gap in the reef

mata n taratara

O mata n taratara 
  syn mata ni bong
  v to appear tired for want of sleep, to look with envy.
  vc mamatantaratara: to make ...

mata n tokamaung

O mata n tokamaung 
  v to appear dead beat, done up, worn out, lazy

mata n tongo

O mata n tongo 
  a (?) coloured, dyed the shade of dark green as tongo

mata n un

O mata n un 
  v to look cross, surly, to frown, to appear angry

mata nei

O mata nei 
  n a shallow stretch of water just in advance of rising tide

mata ni mane

O mata ni mane 
  a elderly, mature looking, virile, hardy.
  v to show a certain shyness, modesty in presence of a man (woman).
  syn e tiba (S.).
  vc kamatanimanea

mata ni ngenge

O mata ni ngenge 
  na look of covetousness of food.
  vt ka mata ...


O matababa 
  na a loose knot


B mæ/tab'áb'ai 
  n coconut tree with a close hard grain
O matababai 
  n timber of coconut tree, smooth and hard, without fibre showing.
  v to be hard as ...


O matabae 
  v to be occupied, absorbed, to stop, to enjoy the view.
  vc ka-matabaea


B mæ/tab'ai 
  va desirous of obtaining
  n desire to possess
O matabai 
  n covetousness of the eyes, cupidity, avidity.
  see matamau, matai
  vc kamatabaia: to treat as ...


B mæ/tabáiawa 
  n frequented harbor or place for a canoe
B mæ/tabáiawa 
  vi lie in the stream, await a favorable wind
O matabaiawa 
  n a place to steer canoe in or out, harbour, port, stopping place, anchorage.
  v to stay at or go to a certain place to embark, or prepare to put to sea.
  vc ka-matabaiawa


O matabaibai 
  n a fish resembling sole


B mæ/tab'ánga 
  a having sunken eyes
  n the condition of deep-set eyes, a person with deep-set eyes
O matabanga 
  na deep set eyes, hollow eyes (a banga nako matana)


B mæ/tab'áo 
  a cross-eyeed
  n affliction of being cross-eyed, a cross-eyed person
O matabao 
  a cross eyedd.
  n squint.
  fig to be wanting in assurance, self-possession, frankness.
  vc kamatabaoa


O matabaraki 
  a having eyes or head or both lowered (through modesty, fear, confusion or shyness and sometimes through hypocrisy)


B mætabaáreka 
  va having dirt or dust about or under the eyes
B mætabaáreka 
  n fish
O matabareka 
  na dirty face, having ...
  vc kamataba: to make ...
O matabareka1 
  n a fish, big eyes
  sn Mototaxis grandoculis
G mætabaáreka 
  sn Monotaxis grandoculis
  n big eye (This fish has a purple-green back, shading to silver on its belly and all its fins are red; Young ones are rather different in color, being reddish green, with two long dark lines; It is very poisonous in many parts of the Pacific, but information is lacking for the Gilberts (
L matabareka 
  sn Gnathodentex aureolineatus (lethrinida)
  n emperor (fish)


B mæ/tab'ari 
  n fish
O matabari 
  n a fish, King fish
G mæ/tab'ari 
  sn Caranx ferdu (ll)
  n kingfish (sm)


B mætabátutu 
  a having the eyelids nearly closed permanently
O matabatutu 
  na a wrinkled face, squinting on awakening.
  vc kamatabatutua


B mæ/tabeka 
  va having matter in the eyes
  n matter in the eyes
O matabeka 
  a rheumy eyedd.
  vc kamatabeka


O matabitake 
  n an anxious look


O mataboa 
  n taeniura flagtail, fish
G mataboa 
  sn Kuhlia taeniura (ll)
  n flagtail (sm)


B mætaboóu 
  a full of wonder at
O matabou 
  a candid, intimidated, embarrassed, bewildered.
  vc kamataboua: to bewilder, to cause to look ...


B mætabúaka 
  a hostile in appearance
  a without skill in observeing
O matabuaka 
  na hostile, defiant look, to make a bad choice.
  vc kamatabuaka


O matabubuaka 
  n a scowling face.
  a surly, hostile


B mætabúbura 
  vi be ugly
O matabubura 
  a sour faced, grimacing <grimace>.
  vt matabubura:
  vc kamatabubura: to make ..., to treat as ...


B mætabúni 
  va having no eyebrows
O matabuni 
  na a face devoid of eyebrows, ugly


O matabura 
  n a remarkable face


O mataburo 
  n a fresh face.
  a adolescent, full of sap, healthy looking


O matae 
  n compost of leaves, manure.
  vt mataena: to fertilize


B mataái 
  vi look covetously
  n covetousness
B mæ/tai 
  n the early flood tide
  va beginning to rise as the tide
O matai 
  n concupiscence of the eyes, covetousness, ambition
  see matamau, matabai
  note for taste buru and ngenge; for sex tatan, kaitatan.
  v matai, mamatai, kakamatai: to covet, to envy, to desire.
  a ae matai: ambitious, envious, desirous.
  vc kamataia: to make envious, to make jealous.
  see mataiakina
O matai1 
  n when the tide begins to rise.
  syn te moan ranga, te matanei
  v kamatai: to wait till ..., to let the tide rise


B mataáiakina 
  vt look at with longing for
O mataiakina 
  from matai
  vt to covet, to envy, to desire, to have ambition for ...


O mataing 
  n a Gilbertese mask made of the ing from coconut tree


B matáiriki 
  va seeing everything, omniscient, keen sighted
  n omniscience, keen sight
O matairiki 
  n good eyesight, perspicacity, clear sightedness, <sight>, sharpness, penetration, sagacity.
  va matairiki, mamatairiki: to have ..., to be ...
  vc ka-matairika: to cause to be clear sighted, to open the eyes, to try to see clearly


O mataka 
  na tired eyes (strain, weekness, physical defect),
  ex e mataka, e ka matana


B mæ/takai 
  va skilled in avoiding a sudden thrust, wary
B mæ/takai 
  n fish
O matakai 
  n a fish
O matakai1 
  n the two sticks at ends of fishing net (in fishing called ruanuna). (S.).
  n opening in fish trap (ma)
O matakai2 
  a clever to ward off blows, clear sighted.
  vc ka-matakaia: to boast of ...
G matakai 
  pr matakai (k)
  n a species of fish (ll,k)


B mætakánikan 
  va appearing in beautiful alignment, fine featured
O matakanikan 
  n a. nice appearance, elegant, noble bearing, nicely coloured, elegant, pretty.
  vc kamatakanikana: to flatter the ... to find pretty, to make ...


O matakao 
  a matakaokao: complicated, tangled.
  see makaokao


O matake 
  na having weak sight, bad eyesight
  ex a ke matana) matakeke or matakoekoe: nearly blind
  ex e matakeke ni matana teuana: one eyed.
  vc kamatakekea: to make ...


B mætakéke 
  a having sight in only one eye, having one eye sightless
  n person with only one perfect eye


B matæ/ki 
  a blind
  n blind person
O mataki 
  a destitute of sight, blind.
  n a blind person.
  vc ka-mataki: to blind.
  vc kamatakia: to cause to be blind, to deprive of sight, to obstruct the sight


B mæ/takiaáua 
  a bashful as a stranger
O matakiaua 
  a bewildered, perplexed, abashed, troubled, moved, upset emotionally.
  vc kamatakiaua: to trouble, to upset, to abash, etc., blinded by passion, emotion


O matakinongo 
  a having small eyes


O matakiriongong 
  na sleepy eyes, half closed through sleepiness


O matakirioro 
  na allseeing eyes, curious, wanting to see and examine everything


B mæ/takore 
  n fish
  va having stareing or wide-open eyes like the matakore
O matakore 
  n a fish with large eyes.
  na having eyes like ...


B mætáku 
  vi look on as a sightseer at something going on near by
  n witnessing of something going on, the people who go to the sight
B mætakuú 
  va unevenly braided as a mat
  n unevenly braided mat
O mataku 
  n the act of looking with attention, with curiousity.
  va mataku, mamataku: to look at, to contemplate, to examine
  vt matakuakina: to look at a spectacle.
  a kamataku, kakamataku: interesting to see, a curious spectacle.
  vc kamatakua, kaka ...: to let see, to let contemplate, to amaze, to entertain, to amuse by showing or doing something for spectators
O mataku1 
  n a mat badly woven, not flat


O matakuikui 
  v to wink.
  vc ka-matakuikuia


B mætakúkune 
  va having sharp eyes for finding
  n quickness or sharpness of eyes in searching
O matakukune 
  na having good eyes for finding things


B mæ/tam 
  vi partake of food, to eat
O matam 
  n manducation, mastication (onomatopoeia, act of eating).
  red mamatam, matamtam,
  ex te aki mamatam: fasting (not eating).
  vc (irr.) ka-matama, kamatamua, kamatamuaki, kamatamko, kamatamma and kamatamua, kamatamuira, kamatamuingkami, kamatamaki: to nourish, to feed
  n te kamatamtam: act of giving to eat, feeding


B mæ/tamaan 
  va suffering from the effect of bright sunlight on the eyes
O mataman 
  na sore eyes caused by long exposure to sun or reverberation


O matamane 
  a looking virile, grown up into manhood.
  v to have appearance of ... to be in prime of life


B mæ/tamæta 
  n conference with one's own family in reference to a proposed betrothal
  vi hold a conference with one's family in reference to a betrothal
O matamata 
  v to look in order to choose, to make a choice (used esp. when choosing a daughter-in-law).
  vc ka-matamata: to make a choice.
  vn i-matamata: to look at each other
O matamata1 
  n colour.
  v to colour.
  a coloured
  ex kaumata, ni matamata, kirimatamata: multicoloured, striped, motley, of many colours


O matamatana 
  vt frequentative of to colour, to stain, to stripe


B mæ/tamau 
  va asking for things in a bold way or without bashfulness
  n boldness or rudeness in mode of asking for
O matamau 
  see mau, mamau
  sup superlative of matai
  v to covet without shame, to desire without shame.
  n out and out concupiscence of the eyes.
  sup matamauroro
  n te matamau n aomata: a person such ...
  vt matamaua: to covet.
  vc kamatamaua: to treat or accuse of ...


B mæ/tamea 
  n snare for taking fish or fowl
  vi taking in a snare
B mæ/tameaa 
  vt take in a snare
O matamea 
  n fishing or snaring with lasso (eels, fowls).
  vt matamea: to catch with ...


O matameri 
  n a shark with black spots


B matam/tam 
  vi make a noise with the lips in eating
  n a disagreeable noise made in eating


O matamu 
  or matam
  v to eat.
  vc kamatamua: to make eat, to feed.
  see matam


B m'átan 
  n coil
O matan 
  from tan
  n a roll of string, fishline.
  a matan, matantan: rolled, coiled, plaited.
  vc kamatana: to make into ...

matan ikamaung

O matan ikamaung 
  n fish of Gobies or Bennies species


B mæ/tana 
  vt lead as a blind man
  vt approach one for betrothal
  a slack as a rope
O matana 
  vt to put before, in front of ...
  syn moana
  ex matana am ao n te kora: put string on the end of your line
  vt to guide, to pilot (be the eyes of).
  from mata
  vt to wear glasses, spectacles.
  vt to make a choice (by looking).
  ex matana bun natim: choose a wife for your son.
  a loose, not pulled tight, not taut.
  vc kamatana: to loosen.
  see matamata


B mætanáine 
  vi look lustfully at a woman
  n lustful staring on the part of a man
O matanaine 
  a resembling a woman in way of acting, effeminate, timid, modest, timorous.
  vc kamatainea: to be timid, confused, afraid of ...


O matanatana 
  see n.a. matana


B mætæ/neai 
  va temporarily blinded by gazing at a fire
  n temporary blindness caused by a bright light
O mataneai 
  v to dazzle.
  a blinded by light.
  a kamataneai: dazzling, blinding.
  vc kamataniaia: to dazzle, to blind


O matanetane 
  a marked with finger prints, dirty foot prints


B mæ/tang 
  n the white man's country
  a foreign
O matang 
  n homeland of ancestors to which souls of dead return (appears to be situated in West perhaps Madang).
  n aba ni matang: land of the white man.
  ex te I-matang, Imatang: person(s) of white race


O matanga 
  n pancreas


B matángare 
  vi smile
  n smile
O matangare 
  n a smile.
  a smiling.
  v to smile
  ex e mata ni ngare: he seems to be smiling.
  vc kamatangarea: to make smile

matangt kamaung

G matangt kamaung 
  n fish
  sn Gobies or Blennies species (ll)


O matangure 
  a bad humoured, sulky, sullen.
  vt matangurea, mamatangurea: to show one's bad humour to ..., to look black at ...
  vc kamatangurea: to make ...
  ex e matangure, e mata ni ngure


B matængurea 
  vt receive and treat kindly


B mætæ/nibong 
  a sleepy or dull from watching at night
  n sleeplessness caused by night watching
O matanibong 
  n black looks (after a bad night)


B mætaníka 
  n hard kernel in the sole of the foot occasioned by a foreign substance remaining in it
  va suffering from a matanika
O matanika 
  n a small hard abscess caused by a prick in sole of foot.
  a having such ...
  vc ka-matanika: to cause this abscess


O matanikabi 
  n back door, limit of low tide


B mæ/tanikánanoánga 
  a sad-faced, wearing a pitiable face
  n sadness of face
O matanikananoanga 
  a pitiful, pitiable.
  vc ka-matanikananoanga: to render ..., to make look ...


O matanikanebu 
  a frail looking, anaemic, feeble, gentle, modest looking


B mæ/tanikárawa 
  a having the eyes set as one just expiring
  n deathly expression of the eyes
O matanikarawa 
  na the look of a dying person.
  vc ka-matanikarawa: to make ...


B mæ/tanikib'áib'ai 
  va inspecting covetously everything belonging to a relative
  n an undue desire to possess things belonging to a relative
O matanikibaibai 
  n a covetous look, cupidity.
  vc kamatanikibaibaia: to make, to find ...


B mæ/tanikimóa 
  vi look at with reference to stealing
B mætanikimóa 
  n thievish looking or inspection
O matanikimoa 
  v to look like a thief (in way of acting, in looks).
  vc kamatanikimoa: to give a look of, to find, to have the look of ...


B mætæ/nim'aán 
  vi look improperly as a woman at a man
  n lustful staring on the part of a woman


B mætæ/niwi 
  n manager, chief, director
  vi direct, give direction, govern
O mataniwi 
  or matanuwi
  n edge, border, chief, director, commander, <boss>.
  n a species of kabubu. <fish>.
  n mataniwan te kuannikai : edge or he of material or frock.
  n mataniwin te nano: conscience


O mataniwia 
  vt mataniwina to direct, to conduct, to command, to be at the head of


B mæ/taniwin/tenano 
  n conscience


B mataánoano 
  va blinded or dazzled by sunlight
  n temporary blindness caused by bright sunlight
O matanoano 
  see n.v.a. mata anoano


O Matanoko 
  n Nei Matanoko daughter of Komaki and Nei Nautonga (one of the three wives of the moon, she who makes mats). The other two wives are Ikuku and Nibarara (myth.)
O matanoko 
  n string with a noko on end to thread things on.
  vt matanokua: to thread on, to string with noko (fish, etc.)


O matanoku 
  a matanokunoku: sullen, sulky, discontented.
  vc kamatanokua ...


O matanonoka 
  nv mata-nonokarake: the commencement of rising tide


B matæn/rang 
  va downcast and abashed through abuse
  n downcast expression of face arising from abuse


B matæn/ria 
  n exterior of the lip
  vi to converse
  va sad faced because not sharing in food
O matanria 
  n edge of lips.
  n head of animal
  note atu is reserved for man's head.
  vt matanria, mamatanriaia: to say with the tip of one's lips, without much conviction (or the contrary), to give one's consent to a decision, to agree, to converse


B m'atæn/tæn 
  a slack, looping as a rope
O matantan 
  a loose, slack, not taut (rope, string).
  vc kamatantana: to loosen, to slacken


O matan-tang 
  va to appear sad, desolate, ready to cry, tearful


B mæ/tantókomaung 
  n fish
  va sickly looking
O mata-n-tokomaung 
  n a fish


B mataáo 
  n nearer side,
  opp kabi
O matao 
  na a thing found just outside.
  adv i matao: just outside.
  ex are i rarakin te mataroa bon i matao


O mataoiaki 
  na last days of cycle, near full moon


B mæ/taraa 
  va declining or ashamed to address another with whom one has quarreled
O matara 
  a embarrassed, ill at ease (as after a quarrel, a reconciliation).
  vc kamataraea: to make ill at ease
O matara1 
  a ill fated, inauspicious.
  ex e mata ra am bong: your day seems badly chosen


O matarae 
  a cross eyed.
  vc kamataraea: to make look crooked.
  see mata bao


B mæ/taráke 
  n bowl of a pipe
  n shoal water near the flats
O matarake 
  n limit of ebb tide on west side of lagoon near reef
  note on land side of lagoon and the limit is called matanikabi
O matarake1 
  n a certain kind of kite
O matarake2 
  n heel of pipe. hole opening into pipe (S.)


B mæ/taráoi 
  a handsome
O mataraoi 
  n a. good looking, nice appearance, judicious in choosing, good judgement.
  vc kamataraoa


B mætárara 
  a disastrous, used in connection with kaiwa
  n disaster predicted by the kaiwa
O matarara 
  na fatal result of sorcery, evil spell, baneful day


B mæ/tararáoi 
  n beauty, handsomeness


B m'átare 
  va prolonged in time, remaining long
O matare 
  ex e matare te bong: ... many days before.
  nv mata-re: head first, to risk falling head first off a swing


O matarearea 
  n disease of eyes, cataract


O matarebau 
  v to look from side to side, to try to secure for oneself the goods of others.
  vt matarebaua: to look ...
  vc kamaterebaua: to make ...


O matarekinaka 
  n a star


B mætárere 
  vi glance rapidly, frequently and wonderingly about
O matarere 
  n quick glances in all directions


B mætæ/ri 
  n coconut in its fortth stage
  a spoken of a young coconut whose kernel is very soft
O matari 
  n very young coconut with no kernel formed


B mætaríkiriki 
  a spoken of a coconut - shell cup with broken edges
  n coconut - shell cup with nicked edges
O matarikiriki 
  n (1) junction of ebbing tide and ocean in beaches of reef.
  n (2) a coconut shell with three holes used for drawing water


B mætarírebwe 
  a spoken of a young coconut a little more mature than matari
B matarírebwe 
  n young coconut older than the matari
O matarirebwe 
  n young coconut a little more mature than matari which explodes when opened


O mataro 
  n a star
O mataro1 
  n a deep place in sea outside reef


B mætæ/roa 
  n door, gate, entrance
  ex te mataroa n ang window
O Mataroa 
  n a constellation (false Southern Cross). Virgo (Grimble)
O mataroa 
  n door, entrance

mataroa uoua

O mataroa uoua 
  na pretending to be brave but taking flight at first sign of danger, braggart, boaster


B mætæ/roauóua 
  va showing fight, but quickly disappearing or assuming to be at peace in case the other proves to be armed
  n a show of fight until the adversary is seen to be armed


B mætæ/roba 
  va having wide strands as a mat, coarsely braided
O mataroba 
  n a coarse mat made with wide leaves, kind of roba


B mætaróbu 
  a having a handsome face


B mætaron/ron 
  va abashed when rebuked, as one who circulates false rumors
O mataronron 
  a abashed, astonished after correction, refusal.
  vc ka-mataronrona: to make ..., to scold, to reprimand


B mætæ/roro 
  va fainting through hunger or sickness
  n faintness through hunger or sickness
O mataroro 
  n colour, paint which penetrates well; roro
O mataroro1 
  v mamataroro: to faint, to feel faint, to become unconscious.
  vca kamataroroa ..., kaka ...: to make ...
O mataroro3 
  a interested, attentive, astonished (with envy, desire)


O matarua 
  from rua
  red mataruarua
  v matarua, e rua matana: to make a mistake about a thing or person looked at, to see badly, to make an error
  v mataruana: to deceive the eyes
O matarua1 
  na sight failing through illness
O matarua2 
  na art, skill in deceiving adversary by pretence, etc.


B mætæ/ruana 
  va having the eyes dulled by sickness


B mætærubérube 
  va frequently winking
  n frequent winking, a person in the habit of frequent winking
O mataruberube 
  n twinkle of the eye.
  v to wink, to blink.
  vc kamataruberubea: to make ...


B maataáta 
  a open, cleared as land, roomy, clear
  n a cleared space
O matata 
  from ata: large
  na clear (space), bare.
  fig evidently, clear.
  ex e matata i nanomi? Eng e a bon ota: do you understand? yes, it is clear.
  vc ka-matata and ka-mata: to make it clear, to discover, to put in evidence, to reveal, to demonstrate


B mæ/tatae 
  n unripe pandanus fruit
  a unripe as a pandanus fruit
O matatae 
  a faded colour, discoloured, ripe (fruits).
  ex e tae matana: the dye has come out of it, it is faded
  vc ka-mata-taea: to make, to cause...


O matatang 
  na crying face, weepy, having ...


O matatara 
  n (?) fish (Bingham)
  or mataratara
O matatara1 
  v mamatatara, mataratara
  see matarara: to appear favourable.
  ex e matara au bong


G matataratara 
  n a species of fish (ll)


B mæ/tatoka 
  va bold, unblushing, in a good sense not bashful
  n self possession, freedom from bashfulness
O matatoka 
  a known, learned, certain, evident, known for certain kamatataua.
  v to make sure, to check, to find out
O matatoka1 
  na a determined open look, ... proud look, aggressive attitude, afraid of nothing.
  sup mamatatoka: very ...


B mæ/tau 
  n fish-hook <fishing>
B m'atáu: 
  va mastered, acquired, made certain of
O matau 
  n a fish hook.
  ex e reke au matau: my hook is caught
O matau1 
  v to be well seen, caught, seized. a thief is matau if caught in the act.
  vc kamataua: to try to see, to catch, to seize, to recognize, to control, etc.
  vt matauakina: to observe, to keep an eye on, to watch


B mataáua 
  va hesitating to fire or throw at lest a person somewhat in the range be accidentally hit, hindered from doing by the presence of one in the way
  a frequentative of matana slack
O mataua 
  v to look around on many sides (as when someone blocks the view or if attacked by several adversaries).
  ex i mataua iroum: you are in the light, or you are hindering my view.
  vc ka-mataua: to make look in several directions


B mæ/ta-uái 
  n double-barreled gun
O matauai 
  n a double barrel gun


O matauakina 
  vt to look at, to observe, to examine, to keep an eye on, to supervise


O mataubaraki 
  a in the habit of keeping head inclined, timid, easily ashamed, abashed, modest


O mataukiro 
  from mata and kiro
  v to look furtively, to peep while pretetending to close eyes (kiro).
  vt mataukiroa: to observe, to supervise.
  ex e mataukiroa buna: he keeps an eye on his wife


B matáuna 
  vt look out for watch,
  vt choose a wife for one's self
O matauna 
  from mata: eye
  vt to observe, to watch carefully, to examine, to keep account of, to keep check.
  red mamatauna


B matáuninga 
  va treated with disrespect
O matauninga 
  note literally, and primitively, the word probably signified that the ancients were sleeping in the maneaba, heads on pillow, and therefore one had to be careful in moving or acting so as not to offend them.
  ex taratara e mata uninga te unimane: be careful, the old man is resting his head on a pillow (the head was formerly a sacred object).
  v to be offended, hurt, suffer an impoliteness, an insult.
  ex ko matauninga irou: I offended you (formula of excuse, as: excuse me. I am sorry).
  n kamatauninga: impoliteness, disrespect.
  a impolite, want of respect.
  vc ka-matauninga: wanting in respect to ..., to offend, to give affront


B matáuninganan/ti 
  va irritated as the eye with a foreign substance in it
O matauningananti 
  sup of preceding.
  v to be offended, hurt, insulted by accident


O matauraura 
  a just about ripe (fruit), having red eyes, reddened (insomnia, reverberation, etc.)


B mataáwa 
  a large round as a man and so held with difficulty
O matawa 
  n a bird (Gyges alba candeda), love tern, fairy tern, angel tern
G matawa 
  sn Bybis alba
  n <bird> white tern, love tern, fairy tern, angle tern (This beautiful little white tern is fairly common on all islands except Arorae, where surprisingly it is not present at all; Pairs of birds will usually be seen h ... near pandanus trees or playing on the branches. They are usually distinguished by their pure white color and arboreal habits. The shafts of the primaries are dusky brown and of the tail feathers, most are black. The prominent eyes ... arrow black ring around them.) (aa)


B mætæ/wanaba 
  n bird
O matawanaba 
  n sea swalloww or white noddy. <bird>
  fig pretty, beautiful as the matawanaba


B mætawárebwe 
  va having large bulgeing eyes
  n person having large bulging eyes
O matawarebwe 
  a having big eyes, big-eyed


O matawe 
  from tawa
  red matawetawe.
  a at a fairly distant future.
  ex e matawe te tai: there is still plenty of time.
  vc kamatawea: to put off, to retard, to think of as still far off.
  a rapid.
  n great rapidity


B mætæwére 
  vi observe with the eyes screened by the hand
  n observation with the eyes screened by the hand
O matawere 
  v to shade the eyes with the hands (as did formerly the seekers for were before they had goggles for under-water).
  vt matawerea: to look in such a way, to do so in order to ...


B mætawérea 
  vt examine as the deep with the eyes under water but screened with the hand


B mæ/te 
  a dead
  a committed to memory
  n death, a dead person
O mate 
  n death, disappearance, extinction
  ex mateu, matem, matena: my death, your death, his death
  ex maten tai: eclipse of sun
  ex maten namakaina: eclipse of moon.
  n a defunct, a corpse, a deceased person
  plur mate
  ex au mate, am mate, ana mate: my defunct, your ..., his ...
  a mate: dead, defunct, paralysed, stopped, extinct, tired, unconscious, lost, cancelled, taken, blocked (in games), known by heart, memorized, free, tranquil, etc.
  ex e a mate te kawai: the way is free, open, available
  ex e a mate karawa: the sky is beautiful, clear, favourable
  ex e a mate marawa: the sea is calm, nice for fishing, travelling
  ex e a mate te ika: the fish bites.
  v mate: to die, to go out (fire, etc.), to stop (clock, etc.), to perish, to faint, to succumb.
  a extenuated, worn out, dead tired.
  n mamate: mortality, attacks of fainting.
  a mortal, perishable
  ex ae aki mamate: immortal, imperishable, inextinguishable, immortality
  ex te ai ae aki mamate: inextinguishable fire
  ex e a kani mate: he is dying
  ex e a kani mate: he is very sick.
  v i-mamate, i-kamamate: to kill one another.
  a mate n ..., ni ... : to be dead with ..., to have a thirst for ..., to desire ardently.
  ex I mate n tangiriko: I am dying with love of you
  ex I mate ni baki: I am dying with hunger.
  n te baoki ni mate: a coffin
  ex te rua ni mate: a cemetery
  ex te buaka ni mate: last agony.
  a kamamate: mortal, dangerous, grave, heavy, venomous, poisonous, painful, grievous, killing.
  vc kamatea: to kill, to extinguish, to learn, to memorize; kamate-b'ai: to learn by heart.
  nv kamate kai: to learn the gestures, movements (used for dance, wrestling).
  vt mateakina: to desire, to love, to die with ...
  ex I mateakina tangiram: I love you to distraction

mate n nano

O mate n nano 
  n passion for ..., preference, object of passion.
  ex matennanou, matennanom, etc.

mate nako

O mate nako 
  v to drift away, to get lost, to go astray, to disappear, to faint, to go out.
  n matenakon ...: perdition, disappearance, extinction.
  vc kamatenakoa: to make drift away, to be the occasion of ..., to annihilate

mate ni kuna

O mate ni kuna 
  a memorized, learnt by heart (as song repeated over and over again).
  vc kamatenikuna: to learn by heart (by repetition)


O mateanikun 
  or kamateanikun
  from kun: hard skin
  a without feeling, impassible, imperturbable, insensible, etc.
  vc ka-mateanikuna: to make ...


B mæ/tebúaka 
  a fruitless, profitless, useless, vain, idle, without result, to no purpose
  n fruitless effort
O matebuaka 
  n inutility, uselessness, vain effort, useless attempt, useless work.
  a in vain, without profit, fruitless
  ex I matebuaka: I waste my time.
  vc ka-matebuaka: to render vain, useless


B mæ/temæte 
  a very weary


B mæ/ten 
  a thick
B maáten 
  n marten (ENG)
O maten 
  n <