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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B  ba. conj. because, for, that, as. 
b'a. n. a continuous hard coral rock or ledgen. coconut oil, a general term for oil, a coconut shell oil bottle
ba. n. the midrib or main stem of the coconut frond, a leafn. thundern. a skin disease of infants. 
b'a. vi. to belch
ba. adv. just nowex. I a ba roko I arrived just now. 
O  ba. conj. because, so that, as, forex. I aki nako ba I tabe: I am not going because I am busy.  idiom. akea ba...: well, and so...  ex. ao ba?: whytaua ba kanam: take as your food. 
ba1. n. te ba: something great, strong, powerful
ba2. n. thunderex. e ruo te ba, e rurunga te ba: the thunderbolt has fallen, the thunder roars
ba3. n. a big crowdsyn. te runga n aomata
ba4. n. rock, reef, crag, iceberga. hard, solid, firm as a rock, fixedex. e ba te wa, e ba te ang: a mass of canoes... clouds. 
ba5. intj. tai ba! tai babu! don't say anything! don't move
ba6. n. 1. oilex. te ba nikoniko: small coconut shell used formerly as recipient for oil.  te ati ni ba: small bottles for oil.  n. 2. cowarda. cowardlyex. e ba, e busee inabaia, to make a show of courage and run away.  n. 3. belchv. to belch.  fig. n. disgust, aversion, repugnancevc. ka ba: which disgusts, causes...  ex. tai taekinna, I ba iai: don't talk about it, it disgusts me.  vc. ka ba, kabaea: to make or cause to belch.  n. food which causes belching.  see ba ni kana
ba7. n. leaf, palm, midrib of palm leaf, page of paper, card, leafletex. te bana, ua ba, teni ba, etc.: one, two, three leaves.  au ba, am ba, etc.: fig. height, rank, class, excellencebau, bam, bana, etc.  ko aki rota bau: you are not up to my rank, or worth.  te ba n uea: royalty, princete moa ni ba: high rank.  te mwi ni ba: lowest rank, vile, rejecteda. baba: leafy, branchy, luxuriantex. ba ni kai: leaves, leaf of tree.  ba n ni: coconut leaf, palm branch <frond -- gwg>.  ba kabane: top branch.  kakoko : white leaf of coconut not fully developed.  syn. mareweex. te kinati: leaf of palm just beginning to appear.  te ba ni kiokio: small leaf (of babai, ene).  te ba ni kimaimai: a leaf not yet divided into folioles.  te ba raerae: leaf already divided into folioles.  e iranibara te ni: a young coconut tree with leaves already straight, long and well developed.  v. rae ba: strip palm of its folioles.  ex. te ba: cut off (with knife) the outside edges of midrib of palm leaf to make it even and utilizable.  tae ba: tie the midribs of a leaf on; for ex. latticen. te ba ni boki, te iteraniba: leaf, pageex. te ba ni kati: playing cards, a pack of... 
ba8. n. a sickness (symptoms, violent diarrhoea).  ex. te ba bubura: same sickness only stronger.  te ba uraura: a sickness, red patches, inflammation of vein, phlebitiste babobo: a sickness, yellow jaundice
ba9. a. tasteless, repugnant, repulsivevc. ka ba: giving... 
ba10. n. ba akuaku moral support, help, helpful person.  vt. baakuakua: to succour, to relieve
ba n iku
O  ba n iku. n. hard, dry skina. tanned, tawny, bronzedfig. avaricious, avarice
ba n ruruo
O  ba n ruruo. n. a kind of rod baited and moved in water to attract bonito.  syn. kai n ruruo, kaewewe
ba n uri
O  ba n uri. n. leaves of urifig. land or object acquired by adoption, inherited by an adopted ... 
ba ni babai
O  ba ni babai. n. 1. taro leavesn. 2. membrane around the intestinesn. 3. green fat found in turtle. 
ba ni kaina
O  ba ni kaina. n. pandanus leaves
ba ni kamaimai
O  ba ni kamaimai. n. perfumed oil
ba ni kana
O  ba ni kana. n. gizzard, crop, oesophagus, gulletv. to have dry throat, have little to eat, be in want, belch in swallowing, choke from eating quickly.  vc. ka banikana: to make belch, to upset (heavy, indigestible). 
ba ni kanawa
O  ba ni kanawa. n. palenessa. pale like leaves of kanawa, sickly
ba ni koko
O  ba ni koko. and bakokon. one who possesses but will not share, rich but mean
ba ni kua
O  ba ni kua. n. cod liver oil
ba niko
O  ba niko. n. beautiful leaf of tree. 
ba raerae
O  ba raerae. n. coconut tree with leaf just beginning to foliate. 
ba rairai
O  ba rairai. n. a way of fishing consisting of encircling a rock or heap of stones with a net.  from. ba and rai or from ba rairaki
ba rerei
O  ba rerei. n. a healthy leaf
ba rongorongo
O  ba rongorongo. n. famine oil, old oil. 
ba roro
O  ba roro. n. dark green flourishing leavessyn. ba maiu
L  baamai. sn. Pomacentridaen. damselfish (gen).  sn. Abudefduf septemfasciatusA. sordidusChromis caeruleus (bamaii)Dascyllus trimaculatus
L  baara. ew. palasn. Acanthocybium solanderi (scombridae)n. mackeral, tuna
B  bæ/ba. a. foolish, destitute of reason, wanting in umderstanding, weak in intellect.  n. a fool, a dunce, an idiot
b'aáb'aa. n. the breast, the bosom
baába. va. abounding in leaves
b'áb'a. vi. to drown, to be drowned. 
O  baba. n. lancet fish
baba1. n. imbecility, silliness, foolishness, imbecile, fool, simpletona. foolish, silly, cracked, crazy, stupidvc. kababa: to make... treat as... to flatter, to toadyex. ko kababai: you take me for a fool.  babaea: love, dote on, idolizen. te kababa: flattery of vain persons. 
baba2. n. rope of lower sail yard, tack lineex. aita te baba: pull the line or haul in close to the wind.  kaki te baba: slacken the rope. 
baba3. n. a board, plank, used for divers purposes; for ex. a wash board, surf board, etc.  ex. te baba ni borau: a draught boardte baba n raranga: a board to weave on.  baba ni wati: wash board
baba4. vt. 1. babai, babaiko, etc. to make mad, to bewitch, to cast a spell on.  2. to love to distraction, to give in to all the whims of...  syn. kinrangin
baba5. n. board, committee. (HAW)ex. te baba n aine: an association of women, women's club
baba6. n. papa (father). (ENG)
baba7. v. to drown, to be drowningvt. to drown.  va. tibaba: to lose foot and be drowning. 
baba8. n. chest, lower part of thorax or breasta. kaubaba: large chestedex. baba n ura: a bulging chest (like a lobster).  n. ubaba: brace, breast drillvt. u-babaea: to pierce with...  syn. ubaniban, ubanibania
baba9. n. te babana, ua baba: one basket, two baskets, etc.  coarse basket made of coconut leaves.  ex. te kanoa ni baba: the youngest, last child of family, youngest pig in litter (an insulting term). 
baba10. a. leafy, branchy, thick set (foliage). 
baba11. n. native brace (used formerly).  vt. babaea: to pierce with this instrument. 
G  baba. sn. Acanthurus guttatus (ll)n. lancetfish (sm). 
baba1. sn. Ctenochaetus sp. (ll)n. lancetfish (sm). 
L  baba. sn. Acanthurus guttatusCtenochaetusn. surgeonfish, unicornfish
baba. sn. Ranzania laevis (milidae)n. molas. 
baba n aine
O  baba n aine. n. a passion for women, females.  ant. baba ni mane: passion for men, males. 
baba na aine
O  baba na aine. n. women's club, association. (HAW)
O  babababa. n. sound of escaping air or water.  vc. ka babababa: go pff... pff... like bursting balloon. 
B  babáea. vt. to bore with a ubaniban
B  b'ab'áeao. n. abounding in babaeao
B  b'ab'aeb'áeta. vt. frequentative of baebaeta
L  babaeina. sn. Lutjanus monostigmusn. snapper
B  babáenikái. va. frequentative of baenikai
B  baabaái. vi. to approach cautiously for the purpose of stealing
b'ábai. n. name of a plant having an edible bulbous root, resembling tarosn. Arum cordifolium
O  babai. v. to go... treat gently (with precaution).  adv. cautiously, silentlyvt. babaea, babaia: idemex. babaia n anaia: take it gently, with care
babai1. v. a large tubercle, species of tarosn. Arum cordifoliumex. kinds -- aning, ikaraoi, kaiura, kabe, atimainiku, atouman, boang, bukimakana, rikiantebaba, tutu, katutu, taororo.  plants -- baku, kabwebwe, ninganingan.  leaves -- ba ni babai, barobaro, barobarobasee ati ni katoka, butababa, ngan, bwerewa, etc. 
babai2. n. yolk of egg, cooked.  note. white is called te marai
G  b'ábai. sn. Arum cordifoliumn. name of a plant having an edible bulbous root, resembling the taro (k). 
babai n anti
O  babai n anti. syn. bubun. box, drawer, trunk of pandanus hollowed out and used as a chest for butu (war weapon). 
babai wae
O  babai wae. v. to go or walk stealthilyvt. babaiwaea
O  babaia. n. papaw, fruit of... <papaya>. (ENG)syn. mwemweara: mummy apple
B  b'ab'áib'ai. va. receiving recompense for what one does. 
B  b'ab'áib'ainæn/ti. a. frequentative of b'aib'ainanti: deformed. 
B  babáib'ao. vi. frequentative of baib'ao: to miss the mark. 
B  babáibati. a. frequentative of baibati: much, strong as the wind. 
B  babáibuaka. a. frequentative of baibuaka: very bad. 
B  babáikabubu. a. frequentative of baikabubu: awkward in throwing or spearing. 
B  babáikimoa. a. frequentative of baikimoa: thievish. 
B  b'ab'áikoraki. a. frequentative of b'aikoraki: rich, encumbered with much luggage. 
B  babáiku. a. frequentative of baiku: unduly wide. 
B  babáikúikui. va. frequentative of baikuikui: hesitating to shoot or throw. 
B  babáimangóri. v. frequentative of baimangori: slow in doing or making. 
B  babaimæ/no. a. frequentative of baimano: skilled in fitting canoe planks. 
B  b'ab'áinatáeia. vt. frequentative of b'ainataeia: to practice incantations over a child. 
B  b'ab'áinikirína. vt. frequentative of b'ainikirina: to persecute, abuse. 
B  b'ab'áinrængirEael. vt. frequentative of b'ainrangirangia: to perform incantations upon. 
B  b'ab'áinraráea. vt. frequentative of b'ainraraea: to blackguard. 
B  babáiraábaba. vi. frequentative of baira:baba: to claim land as one's own unjustly. 
B  b'ab'áiraráoi. a. frequentative of b'airaraoi: impartial in the distribution of food. 
B  babáiræ/weræ. a. frequentative of bairawerawe: wont to carry off theivishly. 
B  babaáire. vi. frequentative of baire: to preside. 
B  babaáirea. vt. frequentative of bairea: to measure. 
B  babáirékereke. a. frequentative of bairekereke: skillful in catching. 
B  babáiremwe. vi. frequentative of bairemwe: to manipulate slowly. 
B  babáiroko. va. frequentative of bairoko: doing quickly. 
B  babáitæ/bare. vi. frequentative of baitata: to work rapidly. 
B  babáitau. vi. frequentative of baitau: to assume a position for a fight. 
B  babáiteke. a. frequentative of baiteke: skillful in hitting the mark. 
B  babáitoka. va. frequentative of baitoka: working rapidly. 
B  babáitókatoka. va. frequentative of baitokatoka
B  babáitoto:. a. frequentative of baitoto: very light, not dense. 
B  b'ab'áka. vi. frequentative of b'aka
B  babakáine. vi. frequentative of bakaine: to be negligent of a parent's wants. 
O  babakaine. v. to neglect one's obligations to those in one's charge, leave in want, hungrysee bakainevt. babakainea... to neglect... 
B  babákamóamoa. vi. frequentative of bakamoamoa: to accuse another of fault. 
B  bábakanaákoa. vt. to entertain or treat kindly outwardly, but not at heart. 
B  bábakanaákoi. vi. to act kindly at such times that it pays to do so, as a foster child in the presence of its parents. 
B  babákanatáei. vi. frequentative of bakanataei
B  babákanateiáine. vi. frequentative of bakanateiaine
B  babákanátua. vi. frequentative of bakanatua
B  babákanikáwai. a. extortionate, rascally, vicious
O  babakanikawai. n. injustice, fraud, cheatingex. te tia babakanikawai: a cheata. unjustv. to defraud, to cheat, etc.  vt. babakanikawaia: to cheat, to defraud, to trick, to sponge on... 
B  babákaniking/. vi. to assume royalty
B  b'ab'ákannáno. vi. frequentative of b'akannano
B  babákanreréi. vi. frequentative of bakanrerei
B  babákanroróbuaka. vi. frequentative of bakanrorobuaka
B  babákanrorónga. vi. frequentative of bakanroronga
B  babákantamároa. vi. frequentative of bakantamaroa
B  babákantang/. va. frequentative of bakantang
B  b'ab'ákantóka. vi. frequentative of bakantoka
B  babakáonon. vi. frequentative of bakaonon: to be in a very humble or abject way. 
B  b'ab'ákarake. vi. to depart to the east
B  b'ab'ákario. vi. to depart to the west
B  babákatae. a. frequentative of bakatae
B  babáki. va. frequentative of baki
babaáki. vi. to lie or sleep on the ground anywhere.  see raea
B  b'ab'áko. vi. to lie as an infant in the arms or lap of a person. 
b'ab'áko. n. a foster child
O  babako. from. bako: bent, or ko: tightv. to carry in arms, on breast, to cuddle, to nurse, to press to bosom.  n. an adopted childvt. babakoa: to carry in nurse, to cuddle. 
B  b'ab'ákoa. vt. to hold, as a child in the arms. 
O  babakoinawa. n. lancet fish (large one). 
G  babakoinawa. sn. Acanthurus triostegus (ll)n. big one; lancetfish (ll,sm). 
L  babakoinawa. sn. Acanthurus triostegusn. surgeonfish, unicornfish
B  babákoran. vi. to plan to assault
O  babakoran. n. small fryv. to fish for...  syn. ni babakouti
B  b'ab'áku. n. the flower of the uri
O  babaku. n. flower of uri tree.  ex. te tokotoko: bud of this flower. 
B  babamáiu. a. frequentative of bamaiu: verdant, green, fresh. 
O  babana. from. babavt. to love passionately, to dote on, to be infatuated with. 
B  b'ab'ánanun. a. churlishbk. 1 Sam. 25:3. 
B  b'ab'áne. a. ready, prepared
babæ/ne. a. skilled in climbing
baábane. va. an intensive of bane completely gone, all gone. 
O  babane. a. skilful (at climbing especially), skilful in any, every way. 
babane1. red. of banea. worn out, finished, absolutely finished. 
B  babæ/nebæne. vi. frequentative of banebane
O  babaneki. n. large cetacea, whale
B  babánga. vi. to be without knowledge, not to know how or about.  vt. to know not, to understand not. 
O  babanga. n. ignorance, inaptitudea. ignorant, inapt, unqualified, unskilful, inexpert at...  vc. ka-babanga: treat as ignorant, find... 
B  babángab'ai. a. frequentative of bangab'ai : unskillful
B  baabángaki. a. red and swollen as the bite of a mosquito. 
O  babangaki. from. bangakia. placed across, crosswise, crossingsee bangaki
babangaki1. n. a large cetacea, a whale
babangaki2. n. marks or traces of blows, or stripes on the skin. <welt ? -- gwg>. 
B  b'ab'ánganikóu. va. frequentative of b'anginikou: fast or caught as the hand. 
B  b'ab'ánganimæ/tang. a. abounding in caves. 
B  b'ab'ánganríno. a. frequentative of b'anganrino: wont to do nice and careful work. 
B  b'ab'ánganríro. vi. frequentative of b'anganriro: to be very particular about. 
B  b'ab'ángantáeka. vi. frequentative of b'angantaeka: to murmur,.  to complain. 
B  b'ab'ánganun. va. frequentative of b'anganun: quarrelsome, e asily angered. 
B  babangaáomata. a. frequentative of bangaomata: unkind, ungrateful. 
B  bábangare. vi. to joke, to be funnysee manikangare
O  Babaniman. n. Sirius; Babaniman meang: starn. Babaniman Maiaki: another star. 
B  b'ab'anúra. a. having a full breast over the sternum. 
O  babanura. n. lobster, chest like a lobster (neve). 
B  babánuri. va. abounding in the leaves of the uri
B  b'ab'áo. a. crooked
O  babao. sup. superlative of baoa. twisted, crooked, deformed, dishonest, false
B  b'ab'áokoko:. a. frequentative of b'aokoko: bent over. 
B  babáono. a. foolish
B  b'ab'áoua. a. frequentative of b'aoua: crooked. 
B  b'áb'araæ/nikewe. vi. frequentative of b'aranikewe
B  babaraáki. a. able to turn over as an infant. 
B  b'ab'aræn/tiko. vi. frequentative of b'arantiko
B  babaáreka. a. frequentative of bæreka
B  babárekátia. vi. frequentative of barekatia
B  b'ab'áriko. va. habitually assembling
B  b'ab'áro. va. assembled in numbers.  a. bent a little as the arm in walking. 
O  babaro. n. assembly of people. 
babaro1. from. barov. to empty, to overflowvt. kababaroa, to make flow over, to pour out. 
babaro2. a. curved inwards (arms, legs).  ex. te bai babaro, te wae babaro
B  b'ab'árua. vt. to crave, to greatly relish. 
O  babarua. vt. to be very fond of... (food). 
O  babatababa. n. large tiger shark
G  babatababa. n. large, tiger shark (ll). 
L  babatababa. sn. Galeocerdo cuvierin. large requiem shark
B  b'ab'atáuti. a. frequentative of b'atauti
B  babaátei. vi. to have the head so low as to be in danger of falling headlong.  ex. e baka ni babatei: he fell headl ong.  bk. Acts 13:18. 
O  babatei. a. person or object or animal turned upside down, or with head or front part down (aeroplane, bird, swimmer).  vt. kababateia: to put head lower than body.  ex. e baka ni babatei: it fell head first
B  babæ/ti. n. the upper part of the thighn. the flesh of a fowl on the breast bone.  a. having prominent, largely developed hips
b'ab'áti. n. a bundlevi. to engage in making bundles. 
O  babati. n. rocks with holes where fish abound. 
babati1. n. a collection, a sheaf, parcel, bundle, armful, bale, bunchvt. babata, babatia: to collect, to put in bundles or bunches. 
babati2. n. side of hip, flesh off breast of birds.  ex. te ri ni babati: hip bone, iliac
babati ni kai
O  babati ni kai. n. collection of arms, war weapons
O  babatiakina. from. babativt. to put in bunches, or packets, or bundles
O  babatiana. from. babativt. to put in bunches, or packets, or bundles
B  b'ab'átinikái. a. fully armed, armed to the teeth. 
B  babátiráeia. vi. frequentative of batiraeia
B  b'ab'átita. vt. to bundle
O  babatita. vt. to put in bundles, bunches, packetssyn. babatiana, babatiakina
B  b'ab'atóngotongo. a. frequentative of b'atongotongo
B  babæ/tu. n. a mat just begun, the first half of a mat.  vi. to begin braiding a mat. 
O  babatu. n. from babati.  a mat just commenced.  Nei Babatu: the woman who made the first mat. <myth>. 
B  babaátua. n. a roach
O  babatua. n. cockroach, blackbeetle, blakidae spider. 
G  babaátua. sn. family Blattidaen. a roach <cockroach> (k). 
B  babatúrua. va. coming up as a squall, about to fall as the rain
O  babaturua. n. devastator, devastating force (as wind, storm, person, etc.). 
O  babau. n. part of abdomen around pelvis.  te kai ni babau: a certain lath at base of fronton in construction. 
B  babaubáuta. vt. frequentative of baubauta
O  babaurua. v. to gather together in great number, to assemble, to muster often. 
B  babáware. vi. frequentative of baware
B  babáwarea. vt. frequentative of bawarea
O  babeina. n. fish, spot snapper
G  babeina. sn. Lutianus monostigmusn. spot snapper (hh). 
B  bábera. n. a poplar (ENG)
O  Babera. n. Babel (ENG)ex. te nono ni Babera: Tower of Babel. 
B  bæ/bero. n. buffalo (ENG)
B  babetíto. vi. to baptize (GR)
O  babetito. n. baptism. (ENG)vt. babetitoa: to baptise
B  bábetitóa. vt. to baptize (GR)
B  babóbo. n. a fading leaf growing red or yellowa. red or yellow as a fading leaf. 
O  babobo. a. colour of withering leaf, yellow, tan
B  babóia. a. skilled in perfumeing. 
O  baboia. n. clever perfume maker, one knowing how to perfume oil. 
B  bábu. see n rawarawa
b'ábu. n. a fish, the. 
b'aábu:. n. a game in which every one is to keep silent and not to move at all.  vi. to play the game of babu, to assemble. 
b'aábu. intj. an exclamation on hearing the report of a gun
O  babu. n. a shark with flat snout. 
babu1. a. cut short, cut close, flat nosedvt. katibabu: to cut short, to cut close.  idiom. e babu karawa: the sky is calm and clear.  ex. e babu marawa: the sea is calm, no wind.  e kababu tabon aba: it is impossible to reach the end of the island (either because of strong wind or because of no wind). 
babu2. intj. bang! exclamation imitating a detonation. 
babu3. n. a game, players are silent and immobile.  v. to play at this game.  ex. kaina babu!: keep silent and don't move.  idiom. tai babu!: keep quiet! keep still! don't move. 
G  babu. n. toothless shark (ll). 
L  babu. sn. Ginglymostoma (orectolobidae)n. nurse shark
O  Babua. n. Papua. (ENG)
O  babubura. n. a diseasesee ba
O  babue. n. a species of taro
babue1. from. papa and bue: (chest, burning).  v. 1. to have heartburn, sour stomach.  n. 2. spirit of salts, hydrochloric acid
B  b'ábunibákoa. n. a species of shark, the. 
B  b'ábutábaba. n. a species of shark, the. 
G  b'ábutábaba. n. large toothless shark (ll). 
B  bæ/e. n. this thing which.  va. busily engaged
b'áE. n. a lamp (perhaps from eng. fire). 
O  bae. n. te bae, te bae aei. this thing which ...  see baenne, baere
bae1. n. an obligation, duty, bond, occupation, employment, debta. bae, baebae, babae: obliged, tied, engaged, occupied, indebtedex. ti bae iroun te tia reirei: we are indebted to the teacher.  I aki bae iai: I am not bound.  vc. kabae, kabaebae, kabaea, kabaebaea: to tie, to attach, to oblige, to engage, to be under an obligation, to be bound, to get into debt, to borrowex. I kabaeai iroum: I want to borrow from you.  n. te kabaebae: obligation, engagement, debtex. e bara baena: his debt is remittedkabaran te bae: fulfilling an obligation, paying a debt. 
bae2. n. light, lampex. wikin te bae (wick of lamp): lamp wickkiratin te bae: lamp glass
B  b'áeao. n. the pearl shell
O  baeao. n. oyster, pearl oyster, pearl shelltebo baeao: pearl fishing, diving for... 
L  baeao. sn. bivalven. bivalve, white pearl oyster
B  b'aeb'áeta. vt. to chant the dead
O  baebaeta. vt. to lament over, to wail over, to cry...  fig. to run down, to discredit, to abuse
O  baebaeti. n. idem. lamentation, plaint, dirge, chant of lamentations. 
B  bæ/ei. n. this thing
O  baei. pron. te bae aei, te baei: this thing here. 
O  baeka. n. baekaeka: rock with pebbles around it.  ex. kabaekaeka: hump on rock. 
O  baekeke. or. bura ekekea. dominating or standing out, highex. e baekeke i eta te wa arei: that canoe stands out well.  fig. remarkable, distinguished, of high rank, a person of...  vc. kabaekeke, kabaekekea: to exalt, to praise
B  b'aekékeiéta. vi. to excel in sailing to windward
B  b'aenaáta. n. a collection of stones used in entrapping fish <fsg>.  vi. to engage in piling up stones as a trap for fish. 
O  baenata. n. a pile of stones, coconuts, debris lined up, long barrage of...  vt. kabaenata: idem. to make... 
B  b'áene. n. a basket having no cover. 
bæ/ene. n. that thing which (nearby). 
O  baene. n. (N.) basket, basket without lid.  ex. kinds: -- te baene ni kibe, te baene ni bon, te kabiaua, te kabure, te kete, te kuarong, te nokonoko, te nouburabura.  (S.) te baba, te bengabenga, te taurekareka, te abein, etc.  vt. baenena, baenenamarake: to put... in provision basket. 
B  b'áenenibòn. n. a basket for containing bon
B  bæ/enikai. va. busy, engaged, hindered
O  baenikai. a. late, retarded because busy, hindered, hampered.  n. delaysyn. ningangata, au reke tabukiex. kabaenikai: which keeps late or delayskabaenikaia: to keep back, to hinder
O  baenne. n. dem. adj. te bai anne: that thing there. 
B  bæ/ere. n. that yonder thing which. 
O  baere. n. the thing there which... 
B  bæ/erei. n. that thing yonder
O  baerei. dem. adj. that thing there. 
G  baewe. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (ll)n. yellowfin tuna; large one (sm,ll). 
L  baewe. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (Scombridae)n. large mackeral, tuna
B  b'ái. n. a thing, an object
bái. n. an arm, a wing
O  bai. n. thing, object, affair, member, organ, matter, material, element, substance, personal belonging, property, instrument, tool, machine, apparatus, utensil, result, reportex. e bai, e toronibai, ae bai: it counts, it is good, it is reale aki bai, e aki toroni bai: that doesn't matter, it is nothing at all.  te bai ni bobai: merchandisete bai ni buaka: war weaponste oi ni bai: a real thing, valuableoin te bai: essence, substanceex. am bai ngai: I am your thing, your servant
bai1. n. hand, arm, wing, fin, propellor, hands (of clock or watch) etc.  ex. baiu, baim, baina, etc.:  some parts of hand: ngake ni bai, nano ni bai, raurauni bai, buki ni bai, roroa ni bai, tonotono ni bai, ika ni bai, tou ni bai, koro ni bai, etc.:  parts of arm: a ni bai, manoku ni bai, biroto ni bai, buare ni bai, bubua ni bai, etc.  e bai!: a foul! touching football by hand.  katei bai: show hands, swearbobai, kabobai, taubai: shake hands.  fig. servant, slave, employeesyn. tabonibai, kaunga, toro, etc. 
bai2. pref. to several compound words. 
bai maono
O  bai maono. n. clammy hands, sweating hands. 
bai n oro
O  bai n oro. n. hammer, cane, axe, whip, any instrument to hit with.  syn. te kai n orored. te kai n ororo
bai n rang
O  bai n rang. n. a person who is a laughing stock... made fun of.  vc. kabainranga: to contemn, to despise, to use as a plaything. 
bai n taitaim
O  bai n taitaim. n. a sharpening stone, a grind stone, a whet stone. 
bai n takakaro
O  bai n takakaro. n. an object made sport of... fun of, toy, sports gear, equipmentvt. baintakakaroa: to make fun of, to ridicule
bai n tinaniku
O  bai n tinaniku. n. bars of canoe between taka and biro
bai ni karau
O  bai ni karau. n. rain coat
bai ni kataratara
O  bai ni kataratara. n. an instrument for looking, binoculars, telescope
bai ni katine
O  bai ni katine. n. balance, scales, weighing machine. 
bai ni katoto
O  bai ni katoto. n. a copy, model, pattern
bai ni kiakia
O  bai ni kiakia. na. something glittering or shining in the distance (white sail). 
bai ni man
O  bai ni man. n. a jest or attitude of dancer imitating flight of wings.  a. baiman raoi, baimanra: well, badly...  vt. bainimanraoa, bainimanraea: to imitate... well, badly. 
Bai ni man. n. a star. Bai ni man maiaki, Bai ni man meang
bai ni man. n. bird's wing, fish's fin
bai ni mane
O  bai ni mane. n. men's clothes
bai ni mane1. n. compensation for rapevt. bainimanea
O  baia. n. a coarse kind of food, tough and stringy. 
O  baiati. na. generous, giving without counting, good measure. 
B  báiba. n. a viper (ENG)
B  báib'ab'áro. va. carrying the arms a little bentn. a person carrying his arms a little bent. 
O  baibabaro. n. curved armsalso. wae-babaro: bowlegged
B  báibai. n. a fish, the. 
b'áib'ai. vi. to be in possession of property or wages. 
O  baibai. n. a fish, sole, flounder
baibai1. n. Tem Baibai: a ladle
baibai2. n. possession, ownershipv. to use, to possessn. te tia baibai: the beneficiary, owner, heirsee n.v. kanibaibai: covetousness, <envy ? gwg>, desire to become rich.  vc. kabaibaia: to constitute possessor, heir, to give a legacy to..., to will to... 
G  báibai. sn. Bothus mancus (ll)n. flounder (sm). 
baibai1. sn. Bothus pantherinus (ll)n. flounder (sm). 
baibai2. sn. Samariscus sp. (y)n. flounder (sm). 
L  baibai. sn. Bothidaen. left-eye flounder
B  b'áib'ain. n. a heathen marriage ceremony attended with incantations. 
O  baibain. n. ancient marriage ceremony with incantations. 
B  b'aib'áina. vt. frequentative of b'aina: to use. 
O  baibaina. red. of bainavt. to possess, to use regularly. 
B  b'áib'ainæn/ti. n. deformedn. a deformity
O  baibainanti. na. deformity, deformed, misshapen from birth.  vc. ka baibainanta: to treat as... 
O  baibakara. na. one who dirties things with hands, sloven, slut, dirtyex. baibakarakara
O  baibake. a. awkward, clumsy with hands.  ex. e bai bake, e bake baina
B  báib'áo. vi. to miss the mark.  n. a missing the mark. 
O  baibao. a. awkward with hands when throwing. 
B  b'áibara. n. Bible (ENG)
O  Baibara. n. Bible, Holy Scripture. (ENG)
O  baibaro. n. one who spills liquids through awkwardness of hands. 
B  báibati. a. much, strong as the wind
O  baibati. n. vehemencea. vehement, strong, impetuous, (wind, sound).  syn. kibativc. ka-baibata: to make... to give strength, force to...  ex. kabaibati banami: increase the volume of voices. 
B  báibi. n. a water or oil pipe (ENG)
O  baibi. n. pipe, tube. (ENG)
O  baibingao. n. 1. offensive smell on hands.  a. 2. dirty... 
Baibingao. n. a star
B  báibo. n. a fish, the. 
G  báibó. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (ll)n. yellowfin tuna; big one (sm,ll). 
L  baibo. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (scombridae)n. big mackeral, tuna
O  baibuaetia. syn. baibuaka
B  báibuaka. a. very bad, badly done.  n. injustice, poor or unskillful work. 
O  baibuaka. syn. tabonibai buakaa. awkward, clumsy, lefthanded
baibuaka1. a. rude, illmannered, improper in manners and act, filthy, dirty, insultingn. bad behaviourv. anga baibuaka: insult by coarse, rude words.  ex. kana butaeu, te butae! 
O  Baibuobuoki. n. name of a star in Pegasus constellation. 
baibuobuoki. n. a helping handa. helpful, ready to help, give a hand. 
O  Baibure. n. Nei Tebaibure or Baiburebure;  a constellation of five stars in V shape, part of Pegasus... 
baibure. n. 1. a shark with white spots on fins.  2. a species of dragon flysyn. tikutaumauna
B  baibúrebure. n. a species of shark, the.  n. a species of dragon fly, the.  a. having white spots on the arm
O  baiburebure. a. having white patches on skin of back of hands. 
G  baiburebure. n. a large shark said to be dangerous (ll). 
L  baiburebure. sn. Charcharhinus melanopterusn. requiem shark
O  baieta. a. skilful on land only, not skilful at steering a canoe.  ex. e aki baitari ba e baieta: he is not a good seaman
O  Baieti. n. a star
B  báika. n. these things which. 
B  báikabubu. a. awkward in throwing or spearing.  n. want of skill in throwing. 
O  baikabubu. a. awkward, not skilful, badly aimed blows, not hitting home.  vc. ka baikabubuasyn. baibake
B  báikai. n. these things
O  baikai. n. pron. baikai, bai aikai: these things
O  baikairua. v. taking what belongs to others by mistake, a mild way of pointing out a theft
O  baikakateke. n. beautiful arms and elegance of dancers. 
B  báikaki. n. a pygarg [antelope, sea-bird] (ENG)
B  báikana. n. those things near by which. 
O  baikana. n. pron. bai akana: those things which... 
B  báikanne. n. those things near by. 
O  baikanne. n. pron. bai akanne: those things there (near). 
O  Baikare. n. a star (Spica?) Heart? (Grimble). 
O  baikateke. n. sure aim combined with elegancevc. kabaikatekea: to boast of the skill or elegance of... to deem clever or artful. 
B  báike. n. those things yonder, which. 
O  baike. n. pron. baike, bai ake: those things which... 
B  báikiaro. a. having a rising on the back of the lower armn. a person having a rising on the back of the lower arm. 
O  baikiaro. a. inelegant (arms puffed out), knarled towards the middle like kiaro of canoe. 
B  báikimoa. a. thieff>vish.  n. a thief. 
O  baikimoa. n. thief, robberred. babaikimoa
O  baikinakina. n. flying fish
G  baikinakina. sn. Cypselurus suttoni (ll)n. flying fish (sm). 
L  baikinakina. sn. Cypselurus suttoni (exocoetidae)n. flying fish. 
O  baiko. n. strong hands for tying.  fig. a. mean, economizing, selfish
O  baikoa. n. agile hands, quick at work.  syn. baitata, baitokavc. kabaikoa: to hurry with work.  ex. kabaikoakoa: to be quick. 
B  baikom/kom. a. not skilled in catching or holding. 
O  baikomkom. a. whose hands do not grip, who loses hold, lets go. 
O  baikora. n. strong hands or arms, muscular arms.  vt. baikora: to hold firm with hands, to overcome, to subdue, to use violence, to grasp, to seize, to lay hold of.  vc. kabaikora: to boast of the strength of... 
B  b'áikoraki. n. wealth, richesa. rich in personal effects. 
O  baikoraki. a. having all kinds of knacks, manners, ingenious, shrewdex. ko baikoraki ra!: how shrewd, ... odd you are!  fig. odd, quaint,eccentricvc. ka baikoraka: to boast of one's shrewdness , to treat someone as... 
B  b'aikórakora. a. heavily sparred. 
baikórakora. a. capable of a firm grasp
B  báikori. vi. to engage in scratching the skin in abger, or gently.  n. wrathful scratching. 
O  baikori. a. with long pointed fingernailsn. claws which scratch.  red. bai korikori
B  baikórikori. vi. frequentative of baikorin. frequent wrathful scratching. 
B  báiku. n. the fish
báiku. a. unduly wide as a mat unskillfully made. 
O  baiku. n. a fish, ray, skatea. baiku, babaiku: large and long
baiku1. n. hand or arms curved, not raised enough, arched (very inelegant in dance, ruoia). 
G  báiku. n. name given to all sting rays (ll). 
L  baiku. sn. Dasyatidaen. stingrayy. 
B  baikúikui. va. afraid to handle or touch : hesitating to throw lest failing to hit, or in fear of hitting one standing near.  n. hesitancy in throwing. 
O  baikuikui. a. babaikuikui: hesitating (hands), slow to act, to throw, to touch.  vc. kabaikuikuia: to treat as... 
O  baimaere. n. flying fish with striped fins. 
B  baimáiu. a. skilled in cultivation
O  baimaiu. a. knowing how to plant and make grow, skilful cultivator
O  baimanea. vt. to clasp around with hands, to sustain or hold, etc.  ex. manea n taua, rabatiasyn. manea n akoa: treat carefully, kindly. 
B  baimángori. a. slow in doing or making. 
O  baimangori. n. mediocre worker
O  baimano. a. skilful at making watertight canoesvt. kabaimanoa: to boast of skill at...  fig. thrifty, saving
B  báimanu. n. a large fish, the. 
O  baimanu. n. giant ray, manta ray. 
G  baimanu. sn. Manta sp.n. manta ray (ll). 
baimanuteitei (teitei)
L  baimanu-teitei (teitei). sn. Manta (mobulidae)n. manta ray
L  baimanu-temai. ew. faisn. Dasyatidaen. stingrayy (baimanu = ray). 
B  baimáono. a. having habitually sweaty hands. 
O  baimara. n. weak hands, feeble gripant. baimatoa
B  báimæræn. a. not skilled in catching or holding. 
O  baimaran. a. letting things slip from hand, butter fingersvc. kabaimarana: to treat as bad climber, etc. 
O  baimare. n. flying fish
G  baimare. sn. Cypselurus suttoni (ll)n. flying fish (sm). 
L  baimare. sn. Cypselurus suttoni (exocoetidae)n. flying fish. 
O  baimatoa. a. strong handedvt. baimatoa: to hold tight, to squeeze, to tie tightly, to overcome, to subduesyn. baikoravc. kabaimatoa: to praise the..., to judge to be... 
O  Baimoa. n. Venus, Morning Star
bain aine
O  bain aine. n. 1. women's clothes.  2. land, etc., given in compensation for assault of wife or daughter.  vt. bainainea: to compensate husband or father for... 
bain ni kun
O  bain ni kun. v. to cover one's face with one's hands in order to hide one's confusion. 
bain tebo
O  bain tebo. n. diving suit, gear
B  b'áina. vt. to use, to make use of, to hold, to possess, to value
O  baina. vt. babaina, baibaina. to appropriate, to possess, to own, to use, to make use of, to employ or to make one's own.  see bai
baina1. n. Tem Baina: ladle (with handle). 
B  báinabora. n. a pineapple (ENG)
O  bainabora. n. pineapple. (ENG)
O  Bainae. n. Nei Bainae: Will o' the wispsee tebokamarawa
B  b'aináine. va. stirred to anger or quarrel with reference to a woman. 
B  baínainéa. vt. to quarrel with or assail a man in reference to a woman. 
O  bainanti. a. unusual, unwonted, singular, extraordinary, abnormal, exceptionalsee baibainanti: deformed, natural deformityvc. kabainanta... to hold as...  syn. manninanti
B  b'ainatáei. n. an incantation over a child
O  bainataei. n. 1. an incantation over a child (formerly).  2. thing, way, manner, conduct of a child, childishvt. bainataea, babainataea: to treat as a child, to delude, to seduce, to fool, to beguile, to make fun of, to commit sacrilege
B  b'ainatáeia. vt. to practice incantations over a child
O  bainikanewe. n. a hook, coat hanger
B  b'áinikatæ/ratEael. n. a spy-glass
B  bainikíakia. va. having white-caps on the sea
B  b'áinikirína. vt. to persecute, to abuse, to ill-treat
O  bainikirina. vt. to illtreat someone in any way, to torment, to persecute, to mock, etc. 
B  báinimæn. va. just appearing in the distance. 
B  b'áinim'aáne. n. a disturbance arising from the unfaithfulness of the man.  va. stirred to anger or quarrel as a woman in reference to a man
B  b'áinim'aánea. vt. to quarrel with or assail a woman with reference to a man. 
O  bainimanea. vt. to hold, to hold firmly, to subdue, to keep together
bainimanea1. v. to make an incantation over a person to make them strong, virile. 
O  bainingare. a. laughable, ridiculous, derisoryex. tai karaoa anne, ko bainingare iai: don't do that you will make yourself ridiculous.  bai ni kangare: jest, trickvt. bainingarea: to laugh at... to make fun of... 
O  bainingareakina. vt. to ridicule, to mock, to jeer, to scoff, to laugh at... 
B  b'áinoróro. n. a hammer
B  b'áinræ/ngiræ. vi. to practice incantations.  n. a fetish or instrument of sorcery
O  bainrangirang. n. fool's affair, tinsel, tawdry fineryvt. bainrangirangia: to dress up in... to furnish with... 
B  b'ainræ/ngiræ. vt. to perform incantations upon. 
B  b'ainraráea. vt. to blackguard, to assail with vile epithets
O  bainraraea. vt. to insult with rude, indecent words. 
B  báinte. n. a pint (ENG)
O  bainte. n. pint, liquid measure. (ENG)
O  baio. from. bai o: strong armsa. having strong arms for rowing, throwing, etc.  vc. kabaioa: to boast of the strength of, to bring into action the force of arms. 
O  Baioa. syn. Bau, Bakoran. gods, Nemesis, personification of chastisement, accident, obstacle.  ex. e taonai Baioa: something kept me late. 
O  baira. a. clumsy, awkward
B  bairaábaba. vi. to claim land as one's own unjustly.  n. a false or unjust claim to land. 
O  bairababa. a. having large handsfig. grasping, avaricious, rapacious, greedy, covetous, ambitious
O  bairae. a. having large handsfig. grasping, avaricious, rapacious, greedy, covetous, ambitious
B  bairaákau. n. a bird, the. 
O  bairakau. n. 1. frigate bird or other with large wings.  a. 2. abnormally long arms. 
O  bairaoi. a. bairaroi. handy, skilful, clever, expert, generous, impartialvt. kabairaroa: to boast of the skill of..., the beauty or generosity of... 
bairaoi1. n. one who makes or sells valuable things, well-made things.  vc. kabairaraoia, kabairaroi
O  bairara. n. a man of blood, a murderer
B  báirarae. a. having unusually long arms.  n. a species of shark, the. 
O  bairarae. a. a person with long armsvt. kabairarea: to treat as... to insult
bairarae. n. a shark with long fins. 
G  báirarae. n. a shark (ll). 
B  b'áiraráoi. a. well furnished
báiraráoi. a. impartial in the distribution of food
O  Bairaro. n. Nei Bairaro: a strong regular wind
O  bairaroi. n. good things, useful things, valuable things.  a. babairaraoi: who uses or gives good things. 
O  bairawata. a. heavy handed, having hands full of ill-gotten goods, thief, grabbersyn. baiabuabu, bairuarua, bairawerawe
B  bairæ/weræwe. a. wont to carry off thievishly
O  bairawerawe. n. idem. swindler, pick pocket, kleptomaniac
B  báiræweræ/we. vt. to snatch or carry off thievishly. 
B  baáire. vi. to engage in measuringn. a measure. 
O  baire. n. arrangement, organization, ordinance <decision -- gwg>.  vt. baire, babairea: to arrange, to regulate, to lay out, to organize, to rule, to administer. <decide -- gwg>.  n. te baire, te babaire, bairean, baireakin: arrangement, organization, disposition, regulations, combination, etc.  te tia babaire: the organizer, chairman, president, administrator
B  baairéa. vt. to measure, to adjust or set in order, to preside over as a moderator. 
O  baireke. a. handy, skilful with hands at catching, climbing, taking, i.e. to steal, to grasp, etc. 
Baireke. and Bairekereke, Kabairekereken. a star (of Scorpion). 
B  bairékereke. a. skillful in catching.  n. skill in catching. 
O  bairekereke. va. catching, holding tightly. 
B  báiremwe. vi. to manipulate slowly. 
O  bairemwe. from. iremwea. slow at hand work.  red. babairemwe, babairemweremwe, kabairemwe: who works slowly, keeps back the work.  vc. kabairemwea: to keep late, to slow down, to impede work. 
L  bairera. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (scombridae)n. small mackeral, tuna
B  b'áiri. n. the nose
O  bairi. n. the noseex. te kai ni bairi: the bone of nose.  te ngake ni bairi: division between nostrilste tabo ni bairi: the end of nose.  e maraki te bairi ao e winantiaki te aba: a sore nose means someone is speaking ill of you. 
B  b'áiriati. n. a tree, the. 
O  Bairiati. n. a flowering tree (with strong smell), smell makes the nose swell up, fruit and flower are poisonous.  sn. Baringtonia Asiatica
O  Bairikaki. n. a star
B  báiroko. va. quickly doing as in producing fire by rubbing sticks, or in fitting the planks of a canoe. 
O  bairoko. n. 1. flying fisha. 2. skilful at readjusting, setting bones.  n. a good bone setter
G  bairoro. sn. Prognichthys albimaculatus (ll)n. flying fish (sm). 
L  bairoro. sn. Prognichthys albimaculatus (exocoetidae)n. flying fish. 
O  bairua. v. to make a mistake in taking.  vt. to take by mistake or, without appearing to, to stealvc. kabairua: to make... 
O  bairuti. n. a birdsyn. matawa, te matawa n aba
B  b'áita. vt. to take down as a basket from a shelf. 
O  baita. from. aitav. to take, to take away, to withdraw quickly, skilfully.  vt. to moveex. baita kanoan am ati: take out the contents of your trunk. 
O  baitaba. n. 1. a species of fish with large fins (big ntaningamea).  sn. Mugilidae sp.n. 2. a species of tuna, medium sized, yellow tuna. 
G  baitaba. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (ll)n. yellowfin tuna; medium sized (sm,ll). 
L  baitaba. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (Scombridae)n. medium mackeral, tuna
B  báitabare. vi. to meddlen. meddlesomeness. 
O  baitabare. a. touching everything, upsetting things.  n. a meddler, a thief
O  baitabuaeti. a. working badly, carelessly, spoilingvt. baitabuaetia: to spoil, to bungle, to make a mess of, to botch... 
O  baitabuariki. a. idem. breaking everything, spoiling, working at break-neck speed.  vt. baitabuarikia: to break, to spoil, to smash
O  Baitaere. n. Nei Baitaere: a star
O  baitangako. a. hands covered with dirt, dirtying what they touch (object or food).  n. sloven, slut, dirty person.  vt. kabaitangakoa: to treat as... 
O  baitanganga. a. beating the air, without energy, inert
O  baitangauri. vt. idem. baitangauria: to touch, handle with fingertips. 
O  baitangitang. n. a thing given with regret, a paltry gift, a mean gift.  syn. batoto
B  b'áitari. n. a species of jelly fish
O  baitari. n. jelly fish, large, (edible).  sn. Seypho medusae
G  b'áitari. sn. Carybdea alatan. large scyphomedusae, 10-12 inches (i) <Medusa ?>. 
L  baitari. sn. Carybdea alata (Coelenterate)n. jellyfish
B  báitata. vi. to work rapidly.  n. rapid work. 
O  baitata. a. deft with hands, expeditious, smartn. smartness, quicknessvt. kabaitata: to hurry, to be quick, to hasten with work.  ex. kabaitatako!: be quick!. 
O  baitau. a. skilful at wrestling, boxingand bai-itau is more commonly used. 
B  báiteke. a. skilled in hitting the mark.  n. skill in hitting the mark. 
O  baiteke. n. dexteritya. having a sure aim.  vt. kabaitekea: to make dexterous, to boast of the dexterity of...  nv. kabobaiteke: competition of target shooting, dart throwing, etc. 
O  baitererei. v. to touch or take with tips of fingers.  vt. baitereia: to take, to touch daintily
O  baitia. a. active or smart at work, getting done quickly, to accomplish in short time.  ex. babaitiasyn. baitata, baitoka
B  báitoito. a. light in weight, not heavy. 
O  baitoito. a. light as the ito, very light, weightless
B  báitoka. v. working rapidly.  n. rapid work, rapidity in work. 
O  baitoka. a. baitokatoka, babaitoka: quick, smart, agile with hands, accomplishing rapidly, agile.  vt. kabaitoka: to hurry, to hasten a work, to make someone hurry with work. make haste!  see baitata
B  baitókatoka. va. frequentative of baitoka
O  baitongo. n. fruit, endocarp of foreign tree. 
B  baitoóto. a. very light, not dense, hence light.  n. lightness, want of weight. 
O  baitoto. n. a petty thiefv. to pilfer
baitoto1. n. thing given regretfully, reluctantly, grudginglysyn. baitangitang
baitoto2. a. dirty, soiled
B  báituru. n. a scar of a burnvi. to engage in burning scars. 
O  baituru. from. turu: markedn. marks on the skin, burn mark, gash made as a sign of mourning, stigmatavt. baiturua: to imprint, to stamp, to mark
B  baitúrua. vt. to scar as the arm with burns. 
B  báiuki. a. unskillled in fitting canoe planks. 
O  baiuki. n. bad adjuster (used especially in construction of canoes for joining boards). .  ant. bairoko: for small things; baimano: for canoes. 
O  baiun. n. object or subject of a dispute.  and bai n un is more frequently used. 
O  baiura. n. 1. a species of yellow tuna.  2. large flying fish with reddish fins. 
G  baiura. sn. Cypselurus unicolor (ll)n. flying fish (sm). 
baiura1. sn. Neothunnus macropterus (ll)n. yellowfin tuna; small one (sm,ll). 
B  báiuti. n. a small louse
O  baiuti. n. small lice, vermin <louse -- gwg>. 
B  b'áka. vi. to falln. a fall, suppression, defeatland acquired through marriage. 
bæ/ka. n. a wedding feasta. fully ripe, as the pandanus fruitvi. to go at, to begin, to attempt
bæ/kaa. vt. to pretend, to make as though. 
O  baka. a. red, vermilion (used specially for fruit, and more especially for pandanus fruit).  ex. baka, bakabaka: red, vermilion. e baka-tawa, e baka tokinana, e baka morina: the fruits are red, ripe.  vt. kabakea, kabakabakaea: to let ripen
baka1. n. te amarake ni baka, te baka: a feast, banquet, marriage feast. 
baka2. v. babaka, baka n ... babaka n: to simulate, to feign, to pretendn. pretenceex. e baka n akoi: he pretends to be kind.  e baka ni birinako: he pretends to run away.  vc. bakaea te: to pretend to ... 
baka3. v. to fall, to tumble, to overturn, to ruinn. decadence, want, turn to play (cards).  v. baka, babaka, bakabaka: to fall, to tumble, to succumb, to sink down, to collapse, to give away, to fall in, to die (S.), to be beaten in combat, to fall away, to fall from one's rank, to deceive, to dupe, to be scandalized, to abateex. e baka man nakoana: he was sacked, put out of office <fired -- gwg>.  e kakerikakaki, e baka au bong: I lost a day, I missed my day.  v. bakarake, bakario: to go or to drift towards the east, the west side.  nibakabaka: to stumble, to stagger often.  vc. kabaka, kabakabaka: to make fall, to throw down, to upset, to knock down, to steer for, head forfig. scandalize, deceive, disconcert, to foilex. kabakanano: to discourage, to deceiveko a kabaka: you are discouraginga. kabakaroro: very deceptivev. kabaka: to disconcertn. te man ni kabaka: deceptive manners.  te bai ni kabaka: scandalte kabakabaka: scandal giving.  idiom. e na baka ra?: excuse for not giving more.  ex. te kab'aka: syrup of toddy (very thick) gets its name from the fact that it does not pour out but falls by bits.  see bakaraoi, bakara, bakabuaka
baka n akoi (p.)
O  baka n akoi (p.). v. to pretend to be kindn. a feigned kindness or amiabilityvt. baka n akoa, babaka n akoa: to pretend, to feign to welcome. 
baka n anea
O  baka n anea. v. babaka n anea. to pretend to take to heart. 
baka n aoka
O  baka n aoka. see n. v.t. aoka
baka n ataei
O  baka n ataei. v. babaka n ataei. to be childish, to be frivolousn. childishness, childish manner. 
baka n ataeinaine
O  baka n ataeinaine. v. to act the young lady. 
baka n atua
O  baka n atua. v. babakantua: to pretend to be God or acting as such, to make oneself God. 
baka n nano
O  baka n nano. v. to fall in lovevt. bakannanoa
baka n nanona
O  baka n nanona. vt. babaka n nanona. to pretend to take to heart, to love, to be taken with, to desire
baka n rabakau
O  baka n rabakau. v. babaka n... to pretend to be clever, to believe oneself to be so. 
baka n rang
O  baka n rang. v. to feign poverty... want
baka n rerei
O  baka n rerei. v. to jest, to banter, to treat wantonly, to tease, to jokevt. bakanrereia: to make fun of, to trifle with something serious. 
baka n roronga
O  baka n roronga. syn. babaka n rorobuaka
baka n taeka
O  baka n taeka. vt. babaka n ... to abuse, to recriminate against.  syn. banga n taeka (more frequently used). 
baka n tamare
O  baka n tamare. n. a debaucheev. to act the dandya. debauched
baka n toka
O  baka n toka. v. to act or ape the great or the rich. 
baka oko
O  baka oko. v. to feign to be crippled
O  bakabai. n. payment, wages, bets, salaryidiom. e bakabai te aba: the wages are being paid.  n. te kabakabai: the payment of... the time for... 
B  bæ/kabæka. a. frequentative of baka: fully ripe, as the pandanus fruit.  n. a fully ripe or red pandanus fruit, a red color
b'ákab'aka. va. well cooked, as thick syrup
bakabaka ni koroa
O  bakabaka ni koroa. v. to keep aloof, to be singular, show off
B  b'ákab'akanikóroa. vi. to hasten to meet a coming friend.  n. a hastening to meet a coming guest, a welcome
b'ákab'akanikóroaa. vt. to welcome a returning friend by hastening to meet him. 
B  baakabáne. n. second stage of a coconut leaf. 
O  bakabane. n. the centre or highest palm leaf
O  bakabaun. from. pound (lb) English weight.  n. issue, distribution of rations, of amount agreed to.  te tai ni bakabaun: hour, time of...  vt. bakabauna: to give... to distribute... 
O  bakabenuamuri. syn. bakaburaeraen. a kind of loin cloth with fringe. 
O  bakabobo. syn. tiribobov. to flap wings (cock), to challenge by clapping hands on thighs.  n. early rising
B  bákabórau. vi. to engage in escortingn. the escorting of a person. 
O  bakaborau. v. to accompany someone leaving for a voyage, to see off (for long sea voyage).  vt. bakaboraua: to accompany to place of embarcation.  n. a farewell party. 
B  bákaboráua. vt. to escort. 
O  bakabota. n. the sting of ray or sword fish tied in a bunch to a long pole and used formerly as war weapon
O  bakabu. n. filling in, padding of dance melodies. 
O  bakabua. n. te bakabua: hoarsenessa. baka bua: hoarsev. kabakabua: to make hoarse, to talk, to sing or shout loudly (losing one's voice thereby).  ex. e baka buau ni weiteiko: I am hoarse calling you. 
O  bakabuaka. syn. tekebuaka, tekeran. ill luckk.  vc. kabakabuaka: to cause ill luck. 
O  bakabubu. v. to smoke slightly. 
bakabubu1. n. a magic ceremony formerly to take away fear, give courage to warriors. 
B  bákabure. vi. to engage in plotting one's destruction
O  bakabure. n. suicidevt. bakaburea: to commit suicide, to neglect or cause the loss of something, to wish the loss or ruin of... 
B  bákaburéa. vt. to commit suicide.  to give a person poison without his knowledge : to beguile one to his death or into trouble. 
B  bákabwi. vi. to engage in tying coconuts in bunches of ten each.  n. a bunch of ten coconuts tied together. 
O  bakabwi. n. bundles or groups of ten, in tens.  vt. kabakabwia: to put in tens. 
B  bakabw/ia. vt. to tie coconuts in bunches of ten each. 
B  bakáea. see vt bakaine
O  bakaea. vt. to pretendex. e bakaea te birinako: he pretends to run away. 
bakaea1. vt. babakaea; to ill treat, to neglect, not take care of... 
O  bakaieie. v. to rock oneself.  n. a rocking chair
B  bakáine. vi. to be negligent of a parent's wants. 
O  bakaine. n. babakaine; negligence, abandonment, neglectvt. bakainea, babakainea: to neglect a person one has charge of, not to take good care of... to ill treat... 
B  bakáinea. vt. to neglect one's parent. 
B  bákake. vi. to engage in ill treating a foster child.  to be negligent of work in the harvest season.  n. ill trearment of a foster child.  neglect of harcesting. 
O  bakake. v. to waste, to have no care of (food, harvest, children, etc.).  vt. bakaea: to waste, to neglectsyn. bakaine
B  bákakéa. vt. to ill treat as a foster father his foster child. 
O  bakako. sup. superlative of akoi (probable).  n. a feigned welcome, false assiduousness
O  bakakurabe. n. (fall of rectum) bottom fallen out of (basket, bag, etc.).  ex. e baka kurabena: the bottom has fallen out.  vc. kabaka kurabena: to make... fall (used baskets, bags, utensils, etc.). 
B  b'ákakuræ/be. va. protruding as the lower bowel
O  bakamaieta. n. a dish consisting of grated coconut and toddy (karewe). 
O  bakamanang. n. clothing in rags, an open sorea. in rags, in pieces.  ex. e baka manangina: it is falling asunder
B  b'akam'ángai. n. a person having a sharp chin
O  bakamangai. a. stupefied, dazed (in admiration or supefaction).  ex. e baka mangaina: he is gaping, open mouthedvc. kabakamangai: cause of... 
bakamau bakamaua
O  bakamau bakamaua. vt. to steer, to direct towards.  ex. bakamaua te nano: to direct the will towards. 
O  bakamaurua. vt. to rush at with great force, to fall upon
B  bákamim. n. the bladder
O  bakamim. n. the bladdervt. bakamimia: to cause to urinateex. bakamimia te tei: make child pass urine. 
B  bakamóamoa. vi. to accuse another of fault in order to screen one's self. 
O  bakamoamoa. n. hypocrite, boaster, braggart
O  bakanako. adv. gone pastt (in time or space).  ex. e a bakanako taina: a long time agovc. kabakanakoa: to let pass on. 
bakanako1. a. abundant, plentiful, extreme, excessive, enormous, extraordinary, surpassing, going further.  ex. e bakanako tamaroana: excessively beautiful.  vt. kabakanakoa n ... : to overstep, to exceed, to go beyond the mark. 
B  bákanana. va. scattered about in profusion. 
O  bakanana. a. bakatakanana. dirty, soiled, stained, filthyvt. kabakanana: to dirty, to soil
B  b'ákanæ/noa. vt. to fall in love with, to be enamored of. 
B  bakanataei. vi. to pretend to be, or to assume the airs of a child
B  bákanatéiaine. vi. to pretend to be a young woman, to flirt as a woman.  n. flirtation, a pretending to be a young woman. 
B  bákanátua. vi. to aspire to deity, to pretend to be a godn. the assuming to be god
O  bakanikai. or. beka ni kain. spermatozoon, sperm
O  bakanikoroa. v. to have no restraint, to desire, to cover (esp. food).  vt. babakanikoroa: to covet, have strong desire for... 
O  bakanimate. v. to feign deathn. sudden death. 
bakanimate1. vt. to desire, to covet, to love passionately, blindly,.  see mate n ...  ex. ai bakanimatena te amarake anne: he is crazy about that kind of food. 
B  bakanjm/tao. n. boiled, scraped, coconut after having been squeezed in a strainer : the oil from the same.  va. sufficiently boiled for squeezing as scraped coconut. 
O  bakanimtao. n. 1. oil made from grated coconut.  and bakanutao (S.).  n. 2. residue of coconut after oil is extracted.  vt. bakanimtaoa: to treat coconut with this method. 
B  bákanimtáoa. vt. to prepare boiled coconut oil
O  bakannaioro. v. to rebound against obstacles in succession.  syn. tirioro
B  b'ákannæ/no. vi. to fall in love
B  bákanrang. vi. to act as a man who is meanly fed by another. 
B  bákanreréi. vi. to trifle, to jest, to make fun.  n. trifling, jesting, joking
B  bákanreréia. vt. to turn into jest
B  bákanroróbuaka. vi. to put on the airs of manhood
B  bákanrorónga. vi. to feed away from home.  n. the taking of one's meals away from home. 
B  bákantamaároa. vi. to dress up, to try to look fine.  n. the attempt to show off in dress, assuming to be good looking. 
B  bákantang. va. envious, jealous, lit: pretending to cry. 
bákantang. n. envy, jealousy
O  bakantang. n. jealousy, envya. jealous, enviousvc. babakantanga: to make envious, to cause... 
O  bakantirioro. syn. n.v. bakanaioro
B  bakantoka. vt. to assume to be a large landholder. 
O  bakanutao. n. ordinary coconut oilsyn. bakantao, bakanimtao
B  bákao. n. hire, rent, interest
O  bakao. n. rent, interest, revenue
B  bakáobo. a. very hungryn. great hunger. 
O  bakaobo. v. to be in jeopardy, to fall from weakness. 
B  bakáoko. vi. to engage in lashing a sail to a sparn. the lashings of a sail. 
O  bakaoko. n. the cord which attaches the sail to yards or those used to reef sails.  vt. bakaokoa: to tie or reef sail by these. 
B  bakáokoa. vt. to lash a sail to a spar. 
B  bakáonqn. n. begging done in an abject way.  vi. to beg in a very humble or abject way. 
O  bakaonon. v. to act the beggarn. an importunate beggar. 
O  bakaoraora. from. oran. a spirit, Nemesissee Baioa
B  bákara. n. ill treatment of a foster child.  neglect of harvesting. 
b'akaraa. a. not well married
b'akara. vt. to fall upon. 
O  bakara. from. bakavt. to fall on, to surprise, to attack suddenly, to shockidiom. e bakarai te bata: the house fell on me (or) I was stupefied; idemsup. rere bakara: to fall on like lightning. 
bakara1. n. unlucky, ill luck (in marriage only). 
bakara2. idiom. e na bakara: it is not so bad (or) it can be appreciated (said to excuse oneself for the poor gift one is giving). 
bakara3. n. dirt, stainsa. dirty, daubedvc. kabakara: to make dirty, to spread or daubex. kabakabakara
B  bákarae. va. scattered about, in confusion, out or order. 
O  bakarae. a. bakaraerae: scattered about, in disorder, scattered in disordervc. kabakarea: to leave in disorder, to scattera. bakaraerae: unkempt, abandoned, forsaken, friendlessvt. bakaraerae: to abandon a person, to forsake, to leave something abandoned. 
B  bákarákara. vt. to besmear with filth, etc, to daub. 
O  bakarake. v. to go up, to ascend, to go towards the sky or towards the east.  ex. e a bakarake Tai: the sun is already up. 
O  bakararan. v. to be exhausted, to be tired out, to be downcast
O  bakarateaba. n. Nei Bakarateaba: Pole Star
B  bakaráurau. see a bakara and taubururu
O  bakarawa. n. food distributed to donors in compensation.  syn. kabomwi
B  bákarere. n. a neuralgic, darting painvi. to engage in casting and transfixing with a dart
O  bakarere. from. rerev. go; to go in a straight line quickly.  vt. bakarerea: to throw straight on, to steer direct to, to hurl straight, to dartn. te kai ni bakarere: weapon thrown, arrow, dart, javelin, harpoon, a sharp pain
B  bakarérea. vt. to spear by throwing, to transfix with a dart,.  to baste, to sew slightly with long stitches. 
O  bakario. v. to go, to steer, go towards, to advance towards the westex. e bakario tai: the sun inclines towards the west. 
O  bakaro. vt. bakaroa: to menda. mended, patched
bakaro1. n. bakarokaro: a feeble wake of light, an intermittent pale glimmer, phosphorescent glimmer, sparksee makaro, makarokaro, takaro, takarokaro, taukaro, taukarokaro.  n. a spark, a flame, a glimmer
B  bakaróto. va. rising or ascending, as a great volume of smoke. 
O  bakaroto. n. thick black smoke of damp wood, trailing, spreading out.  vt. kabakarotoa: to make black smoke so. 
B  bakaróuaba. n. a large sleeping mat
O  bakarouaba. n. an ancient double mat (ideal and imaginary) used as form of respect and tenderness towards a person to be honoured, honourable formula.  ex. kiem te bakarouaba, rabunam te iti ao uningam te bakatokatake: for your bed a large mat, your blanket lightning, your pillow a royal cushion. 
O  bakarua. a. lost, mislaid in disorder, not to be found among the disorder.  vt. bakarua: to lose, to upset, to change place among disorder, to upset debris. 
B  bakárube. n. a covering, either a mat or cloth
O  bakarube. n. something to drape oneself in. a cover, veil, cloak, shawl, toga, mat (used mostly in figurative or poetic style), nimbus, shadow, halo of light, covered by moonbeams.  see boa ketamvt. bakarubea: to cover with... to cover so. 
B  bákaruru. a. hungryn. great and distressing hunger. 
O  bakaruru. v. to be shaking from weakness, hunger, tiredness.  vt. kabakarurua: to make tremble, to shake.  syn. kabakirurua
B  bákatae. a. extravagant, prodigal, lavishn. prodigality, extravagance
O  bakatae. v. to waste, to squander, to lavish, to dissipatevt. bakataea: to waste, to squander, to dissipate.  n. te tia bakatae: squandererex. te nati ae bakatae: the prodigal son. 
B  bakatáea. vt. to squander, to waste
O  bakatamoa. n. a sort of ballet dance, imported from Samoa. 
B  bákatara. vt. to assault on the sly. 
O  bakatara. vt. to look carefully at.  ex. bakatara: to look well, to observe, to remark, to notice
O  bakatarawa. n. a half-size coarse mat, made of coconut leaves, used for canoes (inai), placed on canoe at place of this name. 
O  bakatari. n. cord or string to tie a weapon (mbo, batiraku) to wrist. 
B  bákatæta. va. badly battered as a hand or foot by a blow <phy>. 
B  bákatæti. va. evenly cutn. a straight or even row as of trees or houses. 
O  bakatati. n. steep slope, cliffa. steep, sheer, cut straight, in line.  vt. bakatatia: to cut straight, to crop straight.  fig. net, outright, well sliced, certain
B  bakatæ/tia. vt. to cut off evenly the hair in front or behind. 
O  bakataua. vt. to steer towards, to point out place, to show the way towards... 
O  Bakate. n. Easter, Paschal time.  ex. te tai ni Bakate: Easter time.  syn. Itita
bakate keria
O  bakate keria. v. to point out, to show, to head for, to steer to end in view. 
B  b'ákatéke. n. a rough ledge of rock or stratum. 
O  bakateke. n. 1. a rock with sharp surface.  a. 2. rough, rugged
B  bakatékea. vt. to visit by water or land. 
O  bakatekea. vt. to steer towards, to aim at, to head for, to point out, to speak directly to, to blame directly. 
B  bakatékera. vt. to approach, to go to, to visit
O  bakatekera. vt. idem. (for places) to steer towards, to head straight for... 
B  bákati. n. a fish, the.  vi. to squirt
b'akaáti. vi. to go to a strange land.  n. a visit to a strange land. 
O  bakati. n. a fish, Jew fish, rock cod (poisonous).  ex. kauoton te bakati: idem. giant, enoromous species of...  a. squint eyed, cross eyedsyn. matabao
bakati1. from. ti bakatitiv. to jet, to spout, to gush, to spurt out, to squirt out. 
bakati2. from. æti: landv. to go from one island to another, to travelsyn. kare ati, ewe ati, tiriaba, borau
G  bákati. sn. Promicrops lanceolatusn. jewfish (this rock cod grows to an enormous size but is not often caught; it is considered to be poisonous in all areas where poisonous fish have been found) (hh). 
L  bakati. sn. Plectropomus lanceolatus (Serranidae)n. grouper, seabass
B  bákatibu. n. an ancestor
O  bakatibu. n. ancestors
B  bakatíbutibu. a. dropsical
O  bakatibutibu. a. tendency to swell up, to obesity, to dropsy
O  bakatitau. n. a certain dish, prepared from kabubu and grated coconut mixed.  see kauau, kaiai
O  bakatiti. a. beginning to ooze in thin trickle.  a. frequentative of bakatokitoki
O  bakatoki. n. frequentative of bakatokitokistop, end, terminus, barrier, obstaclea. refractory, stopping, stubbornv. to be refractory.  vt. bakatokia: to stop, to repel, to reject, to send awayred. bakatokitokin te nao: momentary and successive stoppages caused by waves. 
B  bakatókitoki. vi. to reverberate, to bump again and again as a boat. 
B  bákatoko. n. a long brace for supporting the prow of a canoe when beached. 
O  bakatoko. n. a support, prop, stay, buttressv. to lean against, to supportvt. bakatokoa: to support, to uphold, to stay, to consolidate
B  bakatókoa. vt. to brace the end of a canoe when beached. 
O  bakatoto. a. rotting, corrupting
O  bakatuka. vt. to pretend opposition, try to make opposition, to oppose
B  bakatun/tun. vi. to arrive as a fleet. 
O  bakatuntun. v. to break against, to bump against, to knock against directly.  to fall directly on.  vc. kabakatuntuna: to aim straight and arrive directly on... 
O  bakaturu. v. to lean against, to press on, to stick to, to hit directly.  see turuv. apply directly to... to stick to, to mark strongly.  ex. e bakaturu te taeka i aona: what is said applies directly to him... hits the nail on the head. 
O  bakatutu. n. a bath towel, a towel, a sponge
bakaua n iku
O  bakaua n iku. n. name of giant ray, personified, totem
O  bakaukau. n. (foreign word, Hawaii?) private businessv. to trade (with food mostly).  vt. bakakaua: to buy or sell so. 
O  bakawai. n. a variety of food, a delicacy made with tarovt. bakawaia: to prepare, to cook this dish. 
B  b'ákee. a. having the lip deformed. 
baákee. n. tobacco (ENG)
O  bake. n. tobacco. (ENG)ex. te kati ni bake: a case of tobacco. 
bake1. a. bent, crooked, awkwardfig. e bake bairina, e bake riana: crooked nose... lips.  a. disappointed, taken in, ashamed, confusedvc. kabakea: to treat as awkward, disappointed, etc. 
bake2. n. loading ship, cargo ship (barque). (ENG)
B  bakeékete. a. light, not heavy. 
B  b'ákeke. va. failing to make land, as a canoe. 
O  bakeke. n. a direct hit, sound of direct hit. 
B  bákete. a. better, convalescent, easy
O  bakete. n. bakekete. lightnessa. lightsee bebetevc. kabaketea, kabakeketea: to ease, to lighten, to unballast, to abate, to diminish, to alleviate
B  báketi. n. a meeting for exchange, a feastsee ioki
b'áketi. n. a bucket, pail (ENG)
O  baketi. n. a bucket, pail. (ENG)
baketi1. n. a repast in common, exchanging food (S.).  syn. te ioki (recent word). 
B  b'áki. va. assembled outside for want of room. 
bæ/ki. a. hungryn. hunger. 
baáki. n. a park (ENG)n. pan leaves for enriching a babai patch.  va. gone ashore, as a boar on the beach. 
O  baki. n. accumulation, heap, pile, crowd, conglomeration, moba. accumulated, piled up, grouped, crammedvt. kabaka (te koraki): to accumulate, to pile up, to group
baki1. n. debris, driftwood, many things heaped or scattered.  ex. te baki ni mange: heap of rubbish lying across.  te baki ni kuia: tree trunks stranded.  e baki te wa: the canoe is stranded crosswise.  te baki, te aobaki: fig. an abandoned rejected person.  vc. kabaakia:
baki2. n. pandanus leaves tied in long bundles made into coils and put around taro plants. 
baki3. n. hunger, leanness, thinnessvt. baki, babaki, bakibaki, aobaki, bakiruru, bakiroro, kibakibaki: to be hungry, to be famished,... starved, ... thin, ... slim, ... hollow, ... emptyvc. kabaki: to cause hunger, make hungry.  kabaka: idem. to make thin.  n. te kabaki: time of famine
baki ni kuia
O  baki ni kuia. n. trunks of trees stranded on beach.  ex. te kuia, te kai ni maeao
B  bákibaki. see a b'atob'ato
O  bakibora. a. staved in, battered, dented, deformedex. e bakibora am baketi: your bucket is smashed in.  vt. kabakibora: to stave in, to deform
O  bakikangenge. na. thinness of T.B., emaciated, skeleton likevt. kabakikangengea: to make... 
B  bákiroro. a. very hungrysee baki
O  bakiroro. sup. superlative of bakiv. to be very hungry, starvingvc. kabakiroroa: to starve, to make feel hungry. 
O  bakiruru. a. weak with hunger (trembling).  vt. kabakirurua... 
B  bæ/kitáia. a. poor, thin in flesh, lean
O  bakitaia. a. thin from sickness, wasting away, vegetating, skinny, rickety, frail, undernourishedvc. kabakitaia: to cause... to make... 
O  bakitaiaroro. sup. superlative of bakitaiaa. skeleton like
B  baakitóutou. a. beautiful
O  bakitoutou. a. general term for beauty, beautiful, magnificent, flourishing, admirablesyn. tamaroaroa, tikauarerei (person, things).  vt. kabakitoutoua
O  bako. a. concave, dented in, bent, curved, caved in (is said of persons for health, old age, or hunger reasons).  syn. kaibako: state of...  vc. kaibakoa: to cave in, to deform, to find to be... esteem in state of... 
B  bákoa. n. a shark (general term for the genus).  n. a certain starvi. to faint from the sight of blood. 
O  Bakoa. n. a constellation (Orion's sword) near to the constellation called Ituaninai
bakoa. n. a shark (general name).  ex. species as follows -- anoi, araoboto, ia-anti, i-marawa, kimoa, ngarei, baiburebure, bairarae, babu, rokea, tababa, tikuroaroa, unikai, unimai, unun, urukameru, bai-rae, urunga, ia- bangebange, mata-bikebike, rokeataun. bubakoa: smell of shark.  kabakoa: shark fishing
bakoa1. v. bakoakoa, nibakoakoa: to faint at the sight of blood.  vt. kabakoa, kabakoakoa, nibakoakoa: to cause repugnance to... 
G  bákoa. sn. Gynglymostoma ferrugineum (y)n. shark (sm). 
L  bakoa. n. all sharks except C. amblyrhinchos & G. cuvieri (fan)
L  bakoanimarawa. sn. Charcharhinus amblyrhynchosn. requiem shark
B  b'aákoko. a. stingysee bekoko and tatauti
O  bakoko. n. a rich misera. holding on to possessions. 
B  bákora. n. a large man or squid or buni
O  bakora. from. korakoraa. outstanding, very big, very strong (person, animal).  n. a giant, champion, heroex. te bakora are Koriate: the giant Goliath.  vt. bakora: to treat as ... to show strength, ... courageex. e bakoraea n rawa: he refused with all his strength. 
O  bakorana. vt. to take, to use a strong man to reinforce a team. 
G  bakororso. sn. Pandanus sp.n. screwpine (sp,z) <pandanus>. 
B  b'ákota. vt. to hold in the arms as a child. 
O  bakota. from. bako carry in hollow.  vt. to have or carry in bended arms, on breast in hollow of chest.  idiom. e bakota karewena: he has an empty stomach, ... is starving. 
B  bákotakárewena. va. suffering from the want of sufficient food
O  bakoua. from. bako: concaven. concave, coral stone; te ati bakoua: basin shaped stone. 
B  bæ/ku. n. the top or leafy part of babai or taro cut close to the root for replanting. 
O  baku. n. top of plant, top of taro for replanting.  vc. ka bakua: to cut the head off, to cut the neck of, to behead (person), to truncaten. te kabaku: taro head. 
baku ni kuia
O  baku ni kuia. n. a floating stump of a tree having roots visible, like top of taro cut off (obsolete). 
O  bakua. n. black shark
G  bakua. sn. Carcharhinus melanopterus (y)n. black shark (sm). 
O  bakuaku. n. moral support, help, helpful person.  vt. bakuaku: to succour, to relieve
B  bakuráewa. a. handsome, beautifulsee tamaroa
O  bakuraewa. n. babakuraewa: taro with several heads or head with several trunks.  fig. nice, beautifulsyn. tamaroa (N.).  a. abandoned, neglected, left (as many baku scattered in pit -- raerae). 
O  bakurakura. a. squat
B  b'aam. n. balm (ENG)
baam. n. a palm tree (ENG)
O  bam. n. palm tree. (ENG)
bam1. n. a pump, a syringe. (ENG)vt. bamua: to pump
B  bámai. n. a fish, the.  a variety of babai
O  bamai. n. 1. pale green leavesn. 2. a species of taro.  3. a species of tiny fish
B  bamáiu. a. verdant, green, fresh, thriving
O  bamaiu. n. a tree with deep green foliage, growing well. 
O  bamakoro. a. sap stopped, unproductive, sterile for a time. 
bamakoro1. n. rock or block of coral apart or separated. 
O  bamanio. a. weak, soft, limp, flabby, sluggishsee manio, manionio
O  bamano. a. secret, discreet, reservedsee aomano, aomakuna
B  bámæte. a. not verdant, drooping
O  bamate. n. dead or dried up leaffig. languishing, wasting away
B  bamb'an/ta. vt. to assault, two against one. 
B  bam/bati. n. pampas (SPA)bk. Geog p. 63. 
B  bam/juranete. n. a pomegranate (ENG)
B  bámoti. n. a hoop
O  bamoti. n. a hoop or collar of karoro and shells woven or intertwined. 
B  bæn. n. a pan. (ENG)
O  ban. n. a pan. (ENG)vt. baania: to fry
B  b'ánaa. n. the voice, a word
bæ/na. n. a sling
bana. vi. to engage in slinging. 
banaa. vt. to sling at, to sling away. 
b'ána. a. discouraged, emaciatedn. discouragement.  a fish, the. 
O  bana. n. 1. a slingn. 2. warrior's belt of string or skin of ray.  vt. bana, karebana: to hurl with sling and stones, to pelt with stones. 
bana1. a. hollow, empty (inside or under).  fig. bana banabana, kibana, kibanabana, aobanabana, nanobana, nanobanabana, manibana, manibanabana: without any resistance or spring or energy, soft, flabby, limp, inconsistent, indolent, incapable, good for nothing.  ex. te kariki ni buraua ae banabana: well-risen bread.  kabana, kabanabana, kabanaroro: doing nothing worthwhile.  ko kabana: you are good for nothing.  vc. kabana te nano: to take away energy, to cause weakness of will.  kabana, kabanabana: to treat as good for nothing. 
bana2. n. fish, sea basssn. Varicola louti
bana3. n. voice, speech, words, recommendationsex. kam na ongo banan te tia reirei: listen to the teacher,obey him.  kamaiua banan te bina: take care of the life of the young child.  banaraoi, bana buaka: having a good voice ... a bad voice.  nabana: stentor, loud and shrill voiced.  bana aoraki: sickly voice.  bana ababaki: strong voice.  bana korakora: idembana ke, bana keke: hoarsebana keke: shrill voice.  bana ngurengure: grumbling voice.  bana n un: cross voice, angry voice.  bana bangubangu: hollow, nasal voice. 
G  bana. sn. Variola loutin. sea basss (hh). 
L  bana. sn. Variola louti (serranidae)n. grouper, seabass
O  Banaba. n. Ocean Island, rocky island where phosphate has been mined since 1900, discovered 3rd January, 1801. 
B  b'ánaab'ab'áki. va. speaking with a loud voice. 
B  b'ánab'ana. va. doing something with no interest but to accommodate another.  n. the doing of something with no other intrest than to accomodate another. 
B  b'ánaab'ángub'angu. va. speaking with a nasal voice. 
O  banabuabu. n. swelling of abdomen, pot belliedsyn. biroto n rongo
B  b'ánaabuaka. va. speaking with a poor voice, speaking illy. 
B  b'anaáke. va. speaking with a squeaking voice. 
B  b'anaakéke. va. frequentative of banake
O  banakuaku. n. oil, small vessel for oil or binobino
B  b'anána. va. speaking angrily
b'anæ/na. n. a banana (ENG)
O  banana. from. b'anav. to speak with loud shrill voice.  ex. bana-e, e ni bana, e e banana: particular accent
banana1. n. banana. (ENG)
O  bananiman. n. a roar, cry of animal, inarticulate sounds, gibberish of sleeper, a grunt, a growl
B  b'ánao. a. many
O  banao. n. a heap, number, multitude, collection, a pile of things.  ex. e tei banaona: that is a big heap of things.  vt. kabanaonaoa, kabanaonao: to heap up, to amasssee nao
B  b'anáonao. a. very manyrough, as the sea.  n. a rough sea. 
O  banaonao. n. stormy sea, breakers on reef.  syn. kau nao
B  b'ánáoraki. n. a tumor in the abdomen
O  banaoraki. n. tumour in stomach or abdomen, swelling abdomen. 
B  b'anaaráoi. va. speaking with a pleasant voice, speaking with kindness. 
B  b'anaarerárera. va. stuttering
O  banarerarera. v. to stutter, to stammer, to lisp
O  banari. n. hard, smooth stone like granite.  syn. te nari
O  banaruru. n. banarurururu; tremulous voice, quivering, voice of person in paroxysm of anger. 
B  b'anaarúrururu. va. speaking with a trembling voice.  n. a person speaking with a trembling voice. 
O  banatabataba. v. to stammer, to stutter, to splutter
B  b'ánaataekéke. va. speaking with a clear, attractive voice. 
b'ánaataekéke. n. a person speaking with a clear artractive voice. 
O  banataekeke. n. loud, shrill voice
O  banataketake. n. piercing voice, sharp, shrill voice. 
B  b'anaatákutaku. va. speaking with a stuttering voice.  n. a stammerer
O  banatakutaku. v. to speak a foreign language, to speak with a foreign accent
B  b'anaatoóto. va. speaking with a small feeble voice.  n. a persos speaking with a small feeble voice. 
O  banatoto. v. to speak with a weak, squeaky voice (like a mouse). 
B  bæ/ne. va. finished, completed (haw: pau). 
O  bane. red. babanen. banen te ... banena: totality, totala. wholly, fully, exhausted, finishedidiom. adv. bane, babane, kabane: all, entirely, integrallyex. a bane n teirake: they all got up.  e bane n mka: it is all rotten.  adv. ni bane ni kabanea: totally, entirely, completelyvt. kabanea, kakabanea, kababanea: to exhaust, to finish, to put together.  adv. ni kabanea, ni kabaneira, ni kabaneia, ni kabane: entirely, all of us, all of them, all, all things.  ex. ane kanam, kababanea: there is your food, finish it all up.  n. te kabane: full assembly, reunion which all must attend.  a. te kabane: the lastvt. uabanena: to finish up, to exhaust. 
bane1. n. Altar bread, hosts. (LAT)
O  baneakina. vt. to make total, to take all, to put together, to assemble, to add up, to get at it together (a work).  ex. baneakiningkami: all of you be there.  kabaneingkami n te ... a baneakina te rabata n te maneaba: everyone is assembled around the corpse in the maneaba
B  bæ/neawa. n. name of a fish, the mullet
O  baneawa. n. a fish, mullet, milk fish (lives in sea or in fresh-water ponds).  sn. Chanos chanos
G  bæ/neawa. sn. Chanos chanos (ll)n. milkfish at 8 inches (sm,ll). 
L  baneawa. ew. awa.  sn. Chanos chanosn. milkfish (under 8"). 
B  bæ/nebæne. vi. to spread about, or to be perceived, as an odor. 
O  banebane. n. diffusion, expansion, extension (smells).  v. to spread everywhere, to come out fully, to spread over.  vc. kabanebanei: to diffuse, to spread (smell).  idiom. e banebane boina: the odour is diffused on all sides. 
banebane1. n. agilitya. agile, rapid, esp. at climbing.  syn. barebare
B  bæ/nebaneiéta. a. too short, as a skirt. 
B  b'ánei. a. choppy as the sean. choppiness of the sea. 
O  banei. n. agitated rough seasee banaonao, mareburebu
O  baneinei. n. repeat from stomach. 
B  bæ/neka. vt. to pervade
O  baneka. vt. to spread out, to penetrate a place, to fill, to pervade (gas, odours). 
O  banekatia. for. barekatian. a send-off party before a departure, farewell meeting, ... party, saying good-bye to friends. 
O  baneki. n. a large cetacea (wicked). myth. cetaceous man ogre, living at north end of Tarawa, devoured passengers off canoes.  syn. kaionobi
O  Banerere. n. a system of choreography composition in the section of kai ni kamaen dances
B  bæ/neriki. n. a fish, the. 
O  baneriki. n. a small mullet fish
G  bæ/neriki. sn. family Mugilidaen. mullet; small ones (sm,ll). 
L  baneriki. sn. Mugilidaen. small mullet
B  baang. n. indistinct or side sight of a person passing by. 
O  bang. n. with tau, taubang: temperance, moderationa. temperateadv. moderatelyvt. taua bangin te ... taua bangin te amarake: to eat moderately. 
bang1. v. itibang, itibabang: seen rapidly, in passing, passing like the wind.  ex. e bang i matau, e aki bane norana irou: it passed before me so quickly I hardly saw it.  e kabang: it leaves a blurred, vague vision. 
B  bánga. vi. to be ignorant, not to know
b'ánga. n. a fish trap.  a mosquito net.  a house erected on poles on the tide flats to escape from mosquitoes.  vi. to hide in a hole.  to enter a trap or mosquito ner. 
O  banga. see n. babanga
banga1. n. a hole, cavern, excavation, hiding place, refuge, den, lair, net, eel pot, snare, mosquito netv. banga, babanga, banganako: to hide oneself in ... to take refuge in ... the action of ...  vc. kabanga, kabanga nakoa: to hide, to poke, to stuff into a hole, etc. 
banga2. n. banga n: the hole of ... den of ...  v. to have the custom of ... habit of ... craze, inclination to ...  ex. te banga ni kewe: habit of telling lies.  bara ni ... niba ni ... I banga ni kewesyn. bara ni ... niba ni ...  ex. I banga ni kewe: I am in the habit of telling lies. 
banga3. n. babanga, bangabai: ignorancea. ignorantv. to be inept, incapable
banga aro
O  banga aro. a. ignorant of etiquette, rude, badly brought up.  red. banga aroaro, babanga aroaro
banga n auau
O  banga n auau. a. having craze for indecent touching, doing so habitually. 
banga n rabakau
O  banga n rabakau. n. a boaster, braggartv. to praise oneself, to pretend cleverness, cunning.  syn. kakarabakau
banga n rino
O  banga n rino. a. always looking for better, hard to please, choosy, capricious (about food or work).  vt. bangarinoa: to do carefully according to one's caprice or taste. 
banga n rinorino
O  banga n rinorino. a. punctilious, meticulous, always wanting better. 
banga n riroa
O  banga n riroa. v. to be always criticizing. (S.).  vt. banganriroa. syn. banga n rinoa
banga n taeka
O  banga n taeka. a. one who is always abusing, recriminating against, answering back. 
banga n taninga
O  banga n taninga. a. inclined to be lazy, indolent, inert, generally lazy, apathetic
banga n tau ngea
O  banga n tau ngea. n. a large fish trap formerly used in deep water. It was weighed down in the sea and pulled up by a hook called tau ngea
banga n tiko
O  banga n tiko. sup. superlative of baran tikoa. garrulous, talkative, loquacious
banga n tingo
O  banga n tingo. a. idem. ranting, talkative, insupportable talker
banga n u
O  banga n u. n. an eel pot, ... basket
banga n un
O  banga n un. also. banga una. given to anger, quarrelsome, inclined to bad humour, choleric, peevish, crabbed
banga n waro
O  Banga n waro. n. constellation of stars near Canopus (Waro). 
banga ni aine
O  banga ni aine. n. (vulgar word) a large spherical fish trap with opening on top. 
banga ni bai
O  banga ni bai. v. to amass riches, property.  n. a hoarder, accumulation of... 
banga ni kaniko
O  banga ni kaniko. n. a whimpererv. to whimper, to whine, to grumble (said in reference to children who cry to obtain what they want or covet).  syn. mona, monamona
banga ni karabakau
O  banga ni karabakau. n. a lover of discussions, debates
banga ni kewe
O  banga ni kewe. n. a liara. habit of lying
banga ni kou
O  banga ni kou. a. having habit of recriminating, abusingv. to tormentvt. banganikou: to speak against, to heap abuse on. 
banga ni kume
O  banga ni kume. n. a busy body, meddlera. turbulent, irritating
banga ni kuna
O  banga ni kuna. a. knowing a great number of songs (inexhaustible source... ).  see kuna
banga ni matang
O  banga ni matang. n. 1. an ancient kind of mosquito net made of mat sewn at ends, leaving only a small entrance hole.  n. 2. a cavern, a refuge, den, grotto
banga ni waru
O  banga ni waru. a. in the habit of tormenting, irritating, twitching, pulling, making improper play with hands. 
O  bangaaomata. from. babangaa. one who ignores his fellow men, selfish, ungrateful, hard hearted, without pity, inhuman, crueln. selfishness, hardness of heart.  ant. atatai aomatavt. kabangaomata: to treat as... 
B  bángab'ai. a. unskillful.  n. unskillfulness. 
O  bangabai. n. ignorancea. ignorantsup. bangabairorovt. kabangabaia: to treat as... to find... 
B  b'ángab'anga. n. a holea. full of holes, having a hole, leaky. 
O  bangabanga. n. nibangabanga, kibangabanga: a hole, an opening, orifice, breach, aperture, perforationa. pierced, having a hole in, perforatedvt. kabangabanga: to make a hole in, to bore into, etc. 
B  b'ángabangauátabo. a. having both ends of a canoe house open. 
O  bangabanga-ua-tabo. n. species of cetacea, very large. 
B  bæ/ngaki. va. crossed at right angles.  a. offended, sullen, sulky
O  bangaki. a. offended, sullen, sulky (see Bingham). 
bangaki1. a. crosswise, across, crossedvt. kabangaka: to cross, to put across.  see uabangaki, kaibangaki, tabangaki, rabangakiidiom. e bangaki i marawa te na ni manuao: there are many warships at sea.  ex. e bangaki te aomata n ana tabo te Tua: there is a crowd of people at the Government Station.  ko bangaki: fig. you are cross, vexed
B  b'ánganib'ái. a. provident, forehandedn. forehandedness. 
B  b'ánganikaræ/bakau. va. unceasingly ginen to plotting.  n. unceasing conspiracy. 
B  b'ánganikóu. va. fast, or caught as the hand in a hole among the rocks.  talking follishly.  n. foolish talk
B  b'ánganikóua. vt. to complain abour a borrower or express misgivings concerning something loaned. 
B  b'ánganikúna. va. compasing or rehearsing many chants.  n. the composing or rehearsing of chants. 
B  b'ánganimæ/tang. n. a cave
B  b'ánganrino. va. wont to do nice and careful workn. fine and careful work. 
B  bánganrinóa. vt. to do a piece of work nicely. 
B  b'ánganriro. vi. to be very particular abour, to criticisen. great particularity, severe criticism. 
B  b'ánganriróa. vt. to criticizs work. 
B  b'ángantáeka. vi. to murmur, to complainn. murmuring, compalint. 
B  b'ánganuáru. vi. to meddlen. meddlesomeness. 
B  b'ánganun/. n. quarrelsome, easily angered.  quarrelsomeness. 
B  bangaáomata. a. ungrateful, unjustn. ingratitude, unjustness. 
bangaáomataa. vt. to treat ungratefully or unkingly. 
O  bangaomata. see banga aomata
B  b'ángare. vi. to jest, joke
O  bangare. for. banga ni ngaren. habit of laughing, jokinga. funny, comical, jolly
O  bangarua. a. completely disappeared, lost amongst ... under ... in ... hard to find among, well hidden.  vt. bangarua: to push down, to completely hidevc. kabangarua: to hide, to make disappear in, ... under, ... among. 
bangau nako
O  bangau nako. a. hidden, retiredv. to lurk, cower, retire into hole or den.  vt. kabangau nakoa: to push in ... down ... to drive into hole, to hunt into lair, to bury deep down. 
B  b'ánge. n. the chin
O  bange. n. chinex. bange uatao: double chinbange ni bakoa: very long chin.  (insult)a ni bange: underneath of chin.  fig. to submitidiom. ko bange kanga!: to sulk, to refuse to eat. 
B  b'ángekanga. a. "what sort of a chin have you?" an expression of displeasure at a child's conduct. 
B  b'ángenibæ/koa. a. having a sharp promecting chinn. a person having a sharp projecting chin. 
B  bang/ke. n. a pumpkin, a squash (ENG)n. a monkey (ENG)
B  baángota. n. a burial plot, a sacred enclosure, an ancient inheritance. 
O  bangota. n. a sacred place, covered with gravel and enclosed, used for sorcery and composing songs and dances, cemeteries and family tombs. 
B  b'ángu. n. a fallen young coconut, eaten by a rat.  va. eaten out, as a young coconut by a rat. 
O  bangu. n. a hollow (with opening) in a tree, in a coconut, empty cask, etc.  ex. bangu, bangubangu: hollow sound, nasal sound, empty.  ex. bana bangubangu: nasal voice.  vt. kabangubangua: to make hollow, empty, to give a hollow sound, tone.  see bongubonguvt. bangua: to pump.  from. bangu pump. 
bangu1. n. dust having pleasant smell (from rotting timber, esp. te ngea). 
B  b'ángua. vt. to pump out the contents. 
B  b'ángub'angu. a. nasal
O  bangubangu. n. a tin
O  bangure. v. frequentative of banga ni ngurea. bangurengure, in the habit of complaining, grumblingvt. bangurea, bangurengurea: to grumble, to complain about or against ... continually. 
O  bani. n. a branch <frond - gwg> or leaf of coconut.  ex. ba ni kiokio, ba ni kimaimai: undeveloped leaves of young coconut trees. 
B  b'ánia. vt. to reapsee rabana
B  b'ánib'an. n. the bosomva. having a neuralgic pain in the chest
O  baniban. n. chest, thoraxv. to have a pain in chest. 
B  bánikaina. n. a pan leaf
B  b'aánikana. n. the larynxn. a fowl's cropbk. Phys. p. 58. 
b'aánikana. a. miserly, stingy
B  bánikimáimai. n. a young coconut leaf, leaflets not yet separated. 
B  bánikinauére. va. dying or fading as a leaf, unthrifty, esp as a coconut leaf. 
bánikinaue-re. n. an unthrifty leaf
B  b'aánikoko. a. stingy, closen. stinginess, closeness. 
O  banikoniko. n. oil phial with wide base. 
B  b'ánin. a. whole, entire, solidn. the entire thing, the whole. 
O  banin. n. all, total, sum, amount, blocka. banin, babanin, baninin, kiribanin: entire, compact, solidvc. kabanina: to make the total of, to put together, to groupex. kabaninina, kakiribanina: to make compact, hard, frozen. 
O  banina. from. panvt. to fry in pan.  syn. bania
B  bæn/na. n. a corpse, a corpse of some days, a skeleton. 
O  banna. n. skeleton, bones, place where skeletons are kept, place of abode to which one always returns.  fig. a drawing, design, figure, image, picture, sketch, diagram, photoa. skeleton-like, emaciated, thinv. koro banna: to draw, to paint, to photographsyn. koro tamnein. te tia koro banna, te tia koro tamnei, te tia karao tamnei: painter, artist, photographervt. ka banna: to make skeleton-like, wasted, emaciated. 
B  bæn/naka. n. pannag (ENG)
O  bannao. n. dropsy (?).  syn. tibu n ran
B  bánruruo. n. a pole some eight feet long to the end of which a fish is tied and with which the salt water is beaten to attract the fish baraa for capture <fsg>. 
B  b'an/ta. vt. to assault a songle person in numbers of two or more. 
bæn/ta. n. panther (ENG)
O  banta. n. encirclementvt. to encircle, to surround on all sides.  ex. bambanta, kiribambanta
O  Bantongo. n. Nei Bantongo, Alkaid or horseman of the Great Bear
O  banuea. a. of royal origin, princely, noble, of royal blood. 
O  banunua. n. fish, barracuda
G  banunua. sn. Sphyraena sp. (ll)n. barracuda (sm). 
L  banunua. sn. Sphyraenan. barracuda
B  bánuri. n. the leaf of the uri .  a diaper
B  báo. n. a house with an elevated floor, a platform, a daisva. drooping as the fringe of a mat, or the tail of a turkey after a strut. 
baáo. vi. to be spread out or along. 
b'áo. a. crooked
O  bao. n. a plain elevated surface, bunk, seat, litter, stretcher, table, platform, stage, floor, construction on pillars, a means of transport, embarcation, canoe, ship, boat, bicycle, etc.  ex. baou te kaibuke: I am travelling by ship.  te bao n uea: a thronete bao ni karea: an altarte bao n akawa: platform for fishing.  te bao ni motiki-taeka: judgement seata. bao, baobao: flat, very little slope.  vt. baona: to use as means of transport. 
bao1. a. bent, curved, inflected, twisted, crooked, askew, deviated, unjust, meanderingex. ninibao, kiribaobao: very crooked, very bent.  vt. kabaoa, kabaobaoa, kakiribabaoa: (sup.) to bend, to inflect, to twist
bao2. v. to diminish, to get less, to abate (rain, sickness).  ex. e bao te karau: the rain abates. 
bao3. a. spread out, stretched out on ground.  vt. kabaoa: to spread out, to stretch out, to lie at full length.  ex. N na kabaoa te takataka: I will spread out the copra (to dry). 
B  b'áoua. a. crookedn. crookedness. 
bao n uea
O  bao n uea. n. a throne
B  báobao. a. flat, not steep as a roof.  n. a platform for drying fish in the sun. 
O  baobao. n. a platform on posts, a shelf for drying fish or other food, ... to put crockery and other utensils on. 
B  báokan. n. a falcon (ENG)
G  báokan. n. a falcon <bird> (k) (ENG)
B  b'áoki. n. a box, a case, a hingham bucket (ENG)
O  baoki. n. a box, a case, a trunk (ENG)ex. baoki ni mate: a coffinvc. baokinna: to put in boxes, to take possession of a ... 
B  b'áokoko. a. bent over, stooping
O  baokoko. sup. superlative of baoa. very bent, stooped (ex. old people). 
B  b'áokubain. n. a porcupine (ENG)
O  baomara. n. fish, snappersn. Lucianus sp. 
G  baomara. sn. Lutianus sp. (ll)n. snapper (sm); on Butaritari and Makin. 
L  baomara. sn. unknown Lutjanusn. snapper
B  báonikárea. n. an altar
O  baonikarea. n. altar
B  báonimoto. n. an elevated platform which adjoins the tamaerere from above.  see wauoa
O  baonimoto. n. a kind of half storey, garret, high platform in house, nuptial chamber
B  báonuéa. n. a throne
O  baotaburimai. n. fish, snapper
G  baotaburimai. sn. Lutianus sp. (ll)n. snapper (sm); on Butaritari & Makin. 
bao-taburimai. sn. Lutianus semicinctusn. barred snapper (hh). 
L  baotaburimai. sn. unknown Lutjanusn. snapper
baotaburimai. sn. Lutjanus semicinctusn. snapper
O  baoti. n. reef, submerged rock
O  baoua. a. bent in two, crooked, bent.  ex. babaoua, kiribabaouavc. kabaoua: to bend in two, to bend, to twist, to distortex. bakaoua te taeka: change the meaning of the words, make a false report.  baoua ni maraki: bent up with pain.  baoua ni ngare: bent with laughter. 
B  b'ára. va. loose, untied, dismissed, dispersed
b'aáraa. vt. to put into a basket
b'ára. n. a cap-like basket made of coconut leaf, a cap, hat
b'aára. n. a large fish, the. 
baára. n. barley (ENG)
O  bara. n. head gear, hat, helmet, bonnet, mitre, etc.  vt. baranna: to use as ..., to wear a ... 
bara1. n. a small basket made of coconut leaves. (thrown away after use, is also used to wrap food going into oven).  syn. te kuarounex. te bara-babavt. bara: to put in ... to roll up fish in leaves ready for cooking.  barana idem
bara2. n. custom of ... vice ... being wont to.  ex. te bara ni kewe: one who tells lies constantly.  see banga ni ... niba ni
bara3. a. babara, barabara, nibarabara, baranako; untied, detached, unlaced, undone, in pieces.  fig. set at liberty, absolved, dissolvedex. e bara te nano: discouragedbara nako: coming away, getting undone, disbanded altogether.  vc. kabara, kakabara, kababara, kakababara, kabarabara, kabaranakoa: to undo, to untie, to unknot, to unravel, to detach, to take to pieces, to disband, to let loose, to loosen, to relax, to exempt, to dispense, to acquit, to dissolve, to absolve, to explainex. kabara baena: acquit one's debt.  ex. kabara te bure: forgive sin, offence.  ex. kabarabara: explain, commentvc. kabaranakoa: to undo completely.  idiom. kabara bure iroun ... : to ask pardon of ... 
bara4. n. small fish, small fry
bara5. n. a deep-sea fishsn. Acanthocybium solandrinv. kabara: to fish for ...  ex. species -- bara-ikarikiriki, bara-kua, bara itoi, bara-tau, bara-taburimai
G  b'aára. sn. Acanthocybium solandri (ll)n. wahoo (sm). 
bara ikarikiriki
O  bara ikarikiriki. n. a species of bara <fish>. 
bara n taninga
O  bara n taninga. syn. banga n taningan. indocility, lazinessa. inert, lazy, slow to obey. 
bara n tauti
O  bara n tauti. n. formerly a war helmet made from the skin of tauti (a fish). 
bara nako
O  bara nako. vt. to undo completely, to unmake, to fall into ruin.  a. in pieces, loose ... free.  see bara
bara ni kaue
O  Bara ni kaue. n. a constellation, some stars of Cephee
bara ni kewe
O  bara ni kewe. n. a liar, big liar.  a. continually lyingsee banga
B  b'árab'ara. va. chafed, as a rope of fish line. 
bárabara. adv. intensive.  ex. e rinano barabara very low. 
O  barabara. suf. rinano-barabara: very low, level with the ground. 
barabara1. see baraa. coming undone, unravelling, falling into ruin, tatters
barabara2. n. blister, skin peeling off (as if burnt), coming off, peeling.  ex. te man ni barabara: insect which makes blisters on skin. 
B  báraikaríkiriki. n. a fish, a variety of the bara
O  baraina. n. a certain kind of stakes at cards. special way of putting down stakes in poker
O  barainoku. n. disgust, repugnancea. capricious, sulky, sullenvt. bararainokua: to turn away with repugnance. 
B  b'aráirai. vi. to fish with a seine and rai on the ocean flat <fsg>.  n. a mode of fishing. 
B  b'aráitoa. n. a small hat.  a certain shell fishn. a certain star
O  baraitoa. n. 1. a small shell, conical-shaped.  sn. Troque aigun. 2. a small hat made of pandanus leaves and hair, fishing hat. 
G  baraitoa. sn. Trochus spp.n. all species of trochus shells (i,hh). 
L  baraitoa. sn. Trochus (gastropod)n. snail
baraitoa ae nei terata
O  baraitoa ae Nei Teraata. n. a constellation
baraitoa ae te are
O  baraitoa ae te Are. n. a large constellation consisting of four stars of Hercules and four of Ophiuchus
baraitoa te wae ni ma
O  Baraitoa te wae ni ma. n. idem. in Tabiteuea Island, a constellation
O  baraka. vt. to put upside down, to turn over, to capsizesee baraki, bakaraka
B  barákaraka. a. not in earnest about. 
O  barakaraka. from. rakav. to walk uneasily, unsteadily, to go or do with hesitation or difficulty.  a. awkward, slowvc. kabarakaraka: to make.  ex. teibarakaraka: to be hesitating, without initiative, waiting. 
B  baarakatúatua. a. very dirty
B  baraáki. va. upset, capsized, turned over, covered over as an earth-oven with mats. 
O  baraki. n. a species of grass, ground cherrysn. Physalis angulata (or minima). 
baraki1. a. babaraki: upset, upside down, capsized, inside out, face downwards, turned overex. e baraki te ai: the fire is covered up with a mat.  e baraki te wa: the canoe capsized.  vt. kabaraka: to place upside down, to turn over, to cause to capsize. 
baraki2. v. fig. to be bending over, to be absorbed in, to be busy at, to be working hard at ...  vt. barakia: to do, to accomplish (a task) without relaxing, to be assiduous at ... 
baraki3. n. five cards of same colour in pokerex. te kawai baraki: five cards in succession of value. <straight--gwg>. 
B  baraákia. vt. to give one's business close attention. 
B  bárakua. n. a fish, a variety of the bara
O  barakua. n. a species of large bara, deep sea fishsee bara
G  bárakua. sn. Acanthocybium sp. (ll)n. wahoo (sm). 
L  barakua. sn. Acanthocybium solanderi (Scombridae)n. mackeral, tuna
B  b'aárang. n. a variety of coral
O  barang. n. a red coral stone. 
O  baranga. n. menorrhagia
B  b'aræ/nikewe. vi. to lien. a lie. 
O  baranna. vt. to wear or take possession of a hat, to put on
O  barano. from. rann. coconut leaf or dead wood, rotten and wet, not burning well. 
O  barantauti. a. mean, avaricious, sordid
B  b'aræn/tiko. vi. to chat, gossip, tattle, talk idly.  n. talk, chat, gossip, tattle, foolish conversation. 
O  barantiko. n. babarantiko. gossip, prattle, chatterboxa. talkativevt. barantikoa: to speak about
O  Barantonga. n. ana bara Ntonga: a certain star
B  b'árara. vi. to trickle
bæ/rara. a. low because not fully grown, as a grove of coconut trees or a patch of babai
O  barara. n. te barara ni maono: perspiration running, flowing.  vt. kabara: to make ... 
barara1. from. n.a. ba and raraa. low, low lyingex. e bararan taetae, e wi barara, e uabarara: he lowers the voice, speaks with less assurance.  vc. kabarara (raaea): to lower, to let ... to hush up, to stop. 
B  b'aárarai:. a. sulkyn. sulkiness. 
O  bararai. v. to seem disgusted with everything.  vt. kabararaia: to give disgust ... 
B  b'áraráia. vt. to regard food sulkily
B  bárariku. n. a running vine, the. 
O  barariku. n. a seed (like chestnut) brought by current. 
B  báratabúrimai. n. a fish, a variety of the bara
O  barataburimai. n. kind of large bara (ocean fish). 
B  báratau. n. a fish, a variety of the bara
O  baratau. n. a species of bara. <fish -- gwg>. 
G  báratau. sn. Acanthocybium solandri (ll)n. wahoo (sm); small one (ll). 
L  baratau. sn. Acanthocybium solanderi (Scombridae)n. small mackeral, tuna
B  bæ/ratu. a. unskilled in climbing
O  baratu. n. a bad climber, awkward and heavy.  orig. e bara waena ao e tura nako: his foot slipped and he fell. 
B  baráu. n. a plow (ENG)
B  b'aráua. n. soft bread (ENG)
O  baraua. n. game of dominoes. (ENG)
B  bæ/re. n. a rank or grade in society, a class
O  bare. n. putty. (ENG)
bare1. red. barebare: the same, equal.  a. of the same rank, class, age, size.  ex. uabare: nearly the same. 
bare2. v. barebare: to hasten, to hurryand bareiko (S.).  pl. bareingkami: make haste, hurry up!  vt. barea, barebarea: to hurry, to hasten. 
bare3. n. a sheath, holster
B  bæ/reaka. n. a canoe house
O  bareaka. from. fale and aka (Samoan).  n. shed, shelter for canoes. 
B  baáreau. va. suffering with cataract
baáreau. n. a spider
O  bareau. n. a cobweb, a large spidera. not clear, hazy, dim, dull, mistyex. e bareau matau: my eyes are dim.  v. to have cataract, to be dim sighted
B  bárebare. vi. to do gently or slowly.  see karaurau
O  barebare. v. barebare n rang, ni baba: be like a fool, a clown, the equal of ... resembling ... 
G  barebue. sn. Caranx sexfasciatus (ll)n. kingfish (sm); big one (ll). 
L  barebue. sn. Caranx sexfasciatusn. large jack
B  bæ/reka. vt. to hasten
baáreka. n. dirta. dirty, soiled
O  bareka. n. dirt, grime, filth, stain, impuritya. muddy, blotted, spotted, impure, filthy, dustyex. babareka, barekareka, barekatautau: extremely dirty, unclean, very filthy.  vc. kabareka, kabarekareka: to dirty, to soil, to stain.  a. ae kabareka, ae kabarekareka: that soils or dirties.  vt. bareka, kabareka: to dirty or scratch paper, to efface writing or make it illegible. 
bareka1. v. to hurry, to hasten, to be quick, to expedite, to accelerate, to do quicklyex. bareki baimi: hurry (with your hands).  barekiko!: hurry! 
B  baarekáreka. a. very dirty, much soiled
B  bærekátia. vi. to take final leave
O  barekatia. v. to rejoice, to hurry to rejoice while there is time; (for ex. before a separation or departure).  vt. barekatia, kabarekatia
B  b'aáreke. n. the clavicle, the collar bone
O  bareke. n. collar bone
B  bæ/rekurábe. n. a paragraph (ENG)
O  bareng. intj. surely! certainly! of course! naturally! (S.). 
O  barengaia. intj. perfectly so! certainly so! 
B  bæ/rengaru. n. a helmet
O  barengaru. n. an ancient suit of armour, halberd made of string. 
B  bæ/rere. n. a fish, the. 
b'árere. n. a kind of skin disease
O  barere. n. sickness which causes skin to peel, chicken pox, measlesex. ae kabarere: which makes or causes skin to peel off. 
G  bæ/rere. sn. Pempheris oualensis (ll)n. sweeper (sm). 
L  barere. sn. Pempherusn. sweeper
B  bæ/retaiti. n. Paradise (ENG)
O  Baretaiti. n. Paradise, Heaven. (ENG)
O  baretama. n. a platform on the outrigger side of canoe
O  baretenia. n. a virgin, term used when speaking of the Virgin Mary. (GR)
B  bæ/reti. n. a palace (ENG)
O  bareti. n. palace. (ENG)
B  bæ/reum. n. a cook house
O  bareuma. n. bareumor. baroum (S.).  and bareuma or barouma (N.).  n. a hut used as kitchen
B  b'æ/ri. a. smooth and level as land. 
O  bari. a. slightly curved, puffed out, unequalv. kabari, kabari ranga, kabari wae: to sit with legs crossedex. kabari n uea: idemte wae n rongo: idemvt. kabaria
bari1. n. a fish (like large sardine), kingfish
G  bari. sn. Caranx melampygus (ll)n. kingfish (sm). 
L  bari. sn. Caranx melampyges (Carangidae)n. jack
B  b'áriko. n. a heap, a companyva. heaped, collected. 
O  bariko. from. rikoan. a heap, a pile, a stack, an assembly, a crowd, swarm, shoalv. bariko, barikoriko, babariko: to assemble, to group, to crowdvt. kabarikoa: to put in heaps, to gather, to assemble, to store up. 
B  b'arikóriko. va. frequentative of b'ariko
O  bariku. a. folded, pleated, wrinkledvt. kabarikurikua, kabarikua: to fold, to pleat
B  baáring. n. a farthing (ENG)
O  baring. n. farthing. (ENG)
B  bæ/ritaio. n. a Pharisee (GR)
O  Baritaio. n. Pharisee. (GR)
B  bæ/riti. n. pulse, as beans, peas, etc (ENG)bk. ii Sam: 17:28. 
B  b'áro. n. the forelock cropped or banged above the etes <hair>. 
b'áro. va. assembled in numbers.  vi. to comb as the surf, to flow out suddenly. 
O  baro. v. barobaro, babaro, barorio, baroake: to spill, to pour out, to overflow, to flow, to scatter, to shed, to emptya. hanging loose (hair), flowingsee rabaro, rabaroavt. baroa: to spill of flow on, to go in crowds towards, spill over, to fall on, to flood.  kabaroa: to spill
baro1. n. 1. attic, provision box, hutch, silo, small box, safe.  2. overflow, hole, depression where water stays.  n. 3. baron te wa: forepart of canoe which dips up water in rough seas.  n. 4. a preparation of coconut and molasses.  n. 5. te baro ni kanaka: hair cut with fringe. 
B  b'ároa. vt. to comb into or swamp a canoe as a wave
O  baroa. n. spittle, salivavt. to spit on, to cover with... 
O  baroakina. vt. to spill on, to pour on, to invade, to overrun, to crowd intoex. a baroakina te maneaba: they crowded into the maneaba. 
B  b'árob'aro. vi. to comb as the surf
O  barobaro. n. a certain leaf of taro which hangs down. 
B  bárobároba. n. the leaf proper of babai, not including the stem or stalk. 
O  barobaroba. n. idem. leaves moving, waving. 
O  baron. n. a bottlesyn. batoro
B  bæ/ronga. n. a tribe
O  baronga. n. tribe, clan, family, reunion, assembly of ...  v. to unite, to assemble by ...  vt. baronga: to treat as one of the family or clan.  ex. ko aki barongai?: you don't give me a favourable treatment. you don't count me as one of the family or clan.  vt. kabaronga: to group by clan or family, to treat as member of ... 
baronga1. from. baro, small casev. to pack, to arrange, to prepare for a voyage, to pack up.  vt. baronga, barongaia: to arrange, to classify, to prepare to pack, to put in order.  ex. barongaiko!: get ready! 
B  bæ/rongai. a. of suitable or moderate size of amount. 
O  barongai. n. moderate quantity, just enoughex. maiu barongai: easy circumstances. 
B  b'aron/ria. vi. to chew tobacco
b'aron/riaa. vt. to chew as tobacco. 
b'aron/ria. n. tobacco for chewing. 
O  baronria. from. baron ria: what is put in the mouth.  n. sweets, chewing gum, tobaccovt. to suck, to chew
B  bæ/rotia. n. a vulture (ENG)
B  b'áru. n. a fish, the. 
b'áru. vi. to resound as a coconut that is broken in two by a blow. 
O  baru. n. a fish, wek codsn. Epinephelus kohleri
baru1. n. a dull sound, hollow sound like breaking open a coconut.  ex. barubaru
baru2. v. babaru: to have taste for, a longing, a craving, an appetite, to loven. te kainibabaru: concupiscencevt. barua, babarua, nibarubarua: to have a taste or appetite for ... to like or prefer certain food or drink, to covet strongly.  ex. e barua te manging: he has a passion for strong drink.  see kai babaru
G  b'áru. sn. Epinephelus kohleri (ll)n. rock codd (sm). 
L  baru. sn. Epinephalus kohleri (Serranidae)n. grouper, sea bass
B  b'árua. vt. to crave for, to grrealy desire or relish as food. 
B  b'árub'aru. vi. to resound as a large coconut when being cracked ipen. 
O  baruku. na. barukurukusee bariku
B  b'árukúruku. va. bellying much as a sail
B  bæ/ta. n. a Gilbertese dwelling house with the ground for the floor. 
b'áta. a. black, dark colored, sunburnt, spoiled as old ton n. a dark complexioned person.  leaves of the uri
b'æ/ta. n. butter (ENG)
O  bata. n. a small house, hut, cabin, hovelex. te i an ni bata: a stay at home, a misanthropevt. batana: to have, to live in, to appropriate a house. 
bata1. n. anything faded, leaves dried for manure.  a. ae bata: dried up, faded, withered, tanned, brown, sunburnt, blackenedsup. batabata, batangoingoi: very darkn. te batabata: person with dark skin.  te i batabata: a Negro, person of dark race.  vt. kabata, e kabatata, kabatangoingoi: to make black, ... to blackenn. te kabata: leaves dried for fertilizing, compostn. te kabata: trunk of rotten pandanus, dust of which is used to fertilize taro. 
bata2. n. butter. (ENG)
bata3. n. a boiler, saucepansyn. kuro, te bati
B  b'átab'ata. a. very dark skinned. 
O  batabata. a. having dark skin.  n. te batabatate i batabata: Negro, of black race.  a. batangoingoi, bengoingoi: very black.  n. te batabata: house for drying copra (Fanning Is.).  n. te batata: chicken poxvc. kabata, kabatata: to make brown, to wither, to dry ... 
B  baátai. n. a case made of pandanus leaf in which to bake a fish.  vi. to engage in inserting fish in a batai for baking. 
O  batai. n. leaves used to roll fish or other food in while cooking.  vt. baataia: to roll food in leaves. 
batai1. n. sheath for knife (S.). 
B  baatáia. vt. to insert a fish in a batai
B  b'átaka. a. poor, worthless, not having much that is nourishing as certain lobsters. 
O  bataka. from. takasup. batakatakaa. dried up, dry, parched (throat, beach, coconut, etc.).  ex. e batakataka buau: my throat is dry, I am very thirstyvt. kabataka: to make dry, to let get dry, to lose, to waste
B  b'atákataka. a. withered as an arm. 
O  batana. from. batavt. to manure taro with withered leaves. 
batana1. vt. to dwell in a certain house. 
B  b'átano. n. coral sandstone. 
O  batano. n. sand stone, crumbling rock, soft ...  syn. te ati tanoa. shallow, needing a heap of sand to cover; for ex. to heap sand over a hole where one has buried something because hole was not deep enough, appearing just over horizon.  ex. e batano Nei Auti
B  b'atæn/tika. n. the older of two combatants. 
O  batantika. n. the better of two rivals.  a. in good form. 
B  b'átata. va. burnt by fire or sunscorched, scalded, blisteredn. an eruption on the skin, a blister. 
O  batata. n. chicken pox, small pox, sicknesses which cause eruptions of skin.  vt. kabatata: to blacken, to peel off
O  batatara. syn. batoaran. leaves growing alternately on stem (not corresponding). 
O  batau. from. ba measure, and taua take.  v. take measuren. a measure. 
O  bataua. vt. to measure
B  b'aátauti. a. stingyn. stinginess. 
B  bæ/te. n. a bat, a bath measure (ENG)
O  Batena. n. a star
O  Batere. n. Nei Batere. a star, Capella (?). 
batere. n. patele: Ellician dance, with rhythm beaten on box. 
B  baáteriti. n. a partridge (ENG)
B  baatétee. a. intoxicatedn. intoxication. 
b'átete. a. inclined, sloping, at an angle, more or less steep, as the ground. 
b'atete. vi. to slide down, to glide or slip in, as a vessel. 
O  batete. n. a slight slopev. to come down a slope.  ex. batete rio, batete nako, batete mai: slope to the west, slope away, slope this way (forward).  vt. batetea (ia),.  vc. kabatetean. te kabatete: incline or slope, a ramp, a sliding game, toboggannote. if very steep the word rabe is used.  a. ae kabatete: sloping
batete1. n. fermented toddy with froth on it.  n. drunkenness, drunkarda. drunk
B  bæ/ti. a. many, much
báti. n. a pot (ENG)
O  bati. a. much, manyn. batin te ... quantity, doseex. bati riki: more, extravt. kabata: to increase the quantity, to augmentex. kabatia riki: to put more.  tai kabatia: don't put too much.  vc. idem. kabatia, kababatia
B  bæ/tia. vt. to fold up and lay aside as an unfinished mat
bæ/tia. n. a small parcel
b'átia. va. assembled or collected in numbers.  n. a large assembly. 
O  batia. n. a packet, parcel, bundle, armfulex. te batia ni bai, te batia n aomata: parcel of things, lot of people.  n. te nao batia: waves very near each other.  vt. batia, babatia: to put in packets, to pack, to bundle together. 
batia1. vt. to fold up work, to gather up one's belongings, to arrange
batia2. a. batiatia. crumbled, creasedv. crease, wrinkle, rufflevt. kabatiatia: to put in disorder, to rumple, to crumple
B  b'atiæ/tia. va. wrinkled, mussed up, piled up. 
B  bæ/tibo. vi. to engage in beating
B  bætibóa. vt. to beat. 
O  batiboa. vt. to beat with many blows, to thrash, to thumpex. N na batiboiko: I'll thrash you. 
O  batibobo. v. beat wings, beating of wings, hit hands on hips. 
O  batibu. see ba, babubura
O  batika. n. bicycle. (ENG)v. to ride a bicycle.  also. baitika
B  bátikora. a. strong, powerfulsee korakora
O  batikora. from. bati and korakoran. vigour, strengtha. very strong
B  b'átiku. vi. to dodge down. 
O  batiku. v. batikutiku.  to go along bent down, to bend down, to reduce height, to stoop, to bow downsup. batokovc. kabatikua: to make go ... to go before bending down in respect.  see batokotoko
B  b'atíkutiku. vi. to take refuge in or with. 
B  bætimaára. a. weak in throwing or striking. 
O  batimara. idiom. E bati mara? E aki bati? E na bakara? It is not enough? What more? 
B  b'átin. n. a button (ENG)
O  batin. n. button, pill, tablet, aspirin. (ENG)
B  bæ/tinæna. n. a variety of crab, the. 
O  batinana. n. small red crab
B  bæ/tinawa. n. the pit of the stomachva. hit in the pit of the stomach, having pain in the pit of the stomach. 
O  batinawa. n. pit of the stomach, pain in ..., indigestionv. to have pain in stomach.  a. kabatinawa: indigestiblev. to give pain ...  see manawa: pit of stomach. 
O  batinou. n. a species of sea urchin covered with poisoned spikes like needles. 
L  batinou. sn. Echinodermn. all short and long spined sea urchins. 
O  batirae. a. wandering, strayingv. to let loose, to go here and there.  ex. batirae, batiraereaea, babatiraereaea: to wandere batiraeraea kawaina: wandering up and down on the way. 
B  bætiráeia. vi. to abide or stay in a place too long a time. 
B  bæ/tiraku. n. a war club
O  batiraku. n. cudgel, club, thick hard stickvt. batirakua: to hit, to knock on head, to kill with blows of ... 
B  bætirákua. vt. to beat with a war club. 
O  Batirara. n. a star
B  b'áto. va. not setting well as a sail whose leech-line has been overstretched. 
O  bato. a. batobato. collapsed, flat, released, slacksup. kibato, kibatobato, tokabatobato, katoto, nano batobatofig. coward, soft, faint hearted, pusillanimous, without energy, frightened.  vt. kabatoa: to deflate, to collapse
O  batoara. n. leaves, lathsa. alternate, not corresponding. 
B  b'átob'ato. a. frequentative of b'ato
O  batokitoki. n. a species of fish; batoko, idembatongotongo, idem
O  batoko. v. batokotoko to go or walk while stooped or bent over, to stoop to hide onself.  see batikuvt. kabatokoa
B  b'atókotoko. n. the fish
G  b'atókotoko. n. a species of fish (ll,k). 
B  b'atóngotongo. a. black and threatening as an approaching squall. 
O  batongotongo. n. flourishing plants with thick foliage.  a. green as tongo (mangrove). 
G  batongotongo. n. a species of fish (ll). 
B  b'átoro. n. a bottle (ENG)
O  batoro. n. bottle. (ENG)see baron, kamaran, toatoa
batoro1. n. Batoron Kama, batoron Nei Auti, etc. the rising of these stars, just before sunrise.  ex. katoron ... their setting, just after sunset. 
O  batu. n. te batutu, te kabatutu: wrinkled skin, pleat, edge, of scar. 
B  b'átua. n. a large shell fish, the. 
O  batua. n. name of Tridacoconute while small. 
batua1. n. a small fighting fish, puffer fish.  sn. Canthigasterex. species or names -- iku, ikubaka, inaika, inamoimoto, ina-bikou, ina-tongo, ingietan-rabono, batua ni kaikinaki, birotokou, ruo ikabutin. te ka-uni batua: Gilbertese national game for children and adults.  n. te tie batua: catching batua with coconut shell (nana).  vt. tiera: to take ... 
batua2. n. ba-atua (S.) a venerated personage
batua3. v. batua nako. to slide against, ... on.  syn. tua nako (more used).  vt. kabatuanako: to cause to ... 
G  batua. sn. Canthigaster solandri (y)n. puffer fish (sm). 
batua1. sn. family Canthigasteridae (ll)n. puffer fish (sm). 
L  batua. sn. Canthigaster solandri (all big canthigasteridae)n. sharpnose puffers. 
batua ni bai
O  batua ni bai. n. ingenuitya. clever, handy, smart, quick at everything.  see baikoraki
L  batuaaikairake. sn. all small Canthigasteridaen. sharpnose puffers. 
B  bæ/tuáro. n. the under and front portion of a shark
O  batuaro. n. 1. a starn. 2. flesh of underneath part of big fish. 
B  b'atuáun. n. a person easily angered.  a. wrathful, passionate
O  batua-un. n. a fighting batuafig. a fighter, a quarreller, quick tempered, fiery. 
B  bætunga. vt. to begin a mat
O  batunga. n. batunga ni bai: things in a heap, in packets, a parcel of ... to put in a corner (as a mat in course of weaving).  vt. batunga: to begin weaving a mat. 
O  batutu. a. pleated, gathered, wrinkeledex. mata-batutu: face puckered, ... wrinkled.  vt. kabatutua: to gather, to pucker
B  b'au. n. a vow (ENG)
b'áu. n. a wreath for the head, a crown, a noose
O  bau. n. a round, a loop, a crown, a circle, a lasso, a slip knota. grouped, assembledsyn. tauex. te bau ae kateketeke: Crown-of-Thorns.  bau n uea: royal crownte bau n ue: crown of flowers.  E a bau te aomata, E a botaki te aomata: The people are assembled.  a bau rimoa, a bau rimwivt. baua: to surround, to encircle, to go around, ... to catch, to take with a slip knot, a lasso, to crownex. E nangi baua te iti: He shall be crowned with glory. 
Bau. ex. E na oai Bau, E na oiko Bau: Something momentous but unknown will happen to me, ... to you. 
bau1. n. vow (ENG)ex. te taeka ni bau
bau2. n. wood or tree trunk hollowed out (used as rat trap or basket). 
bau n rimoa
O  Bau n Rimoa. n. a constellation
bau n rimwimata
O  Bau n Rimwimata. n. two stars at each side of Antares
B  b'áua. va. beggingn. a fish, the. 
O  baua. n. a fish, the young of te aua (ataein te aua)sn. Mugilidae.
baua1. v. to make up one's mind to ... to decide to ... 
baua2. n. baua te ngenge, te baua ngenge, baua rake: a beggarv. to beg, to envy, to look at with envy, to covet any food (as baua does near latrines on beach) (an insult). 
baua3. see bauvt. to catch with a lasso, to take as one's own. 
baua ni kiebaeba
O  baua ni kiebaeba. a. covered with blood, bloody, bleedingex. Nei Kiebaeba: woman who had a large, red birthmark on body. <myth>. 
B  báuaneikiebáeba. a. covered with blood as one severely wounded or hurt, very bloody. 
B  b'áuarake. va. looking with longing eyes as on the food of others. 
O  bauarake. v. to beg, to covetvt. bauarakeasee baua
O  bauarira. vt. to make an inviolable agreement, to bind by oath, to tighten the bonds of unity. 
O  baubau. n. cotton, cotton wool, kapok
L  bave. sn. Lutjanus fulvusn. snapper
L  baveata. sn. Lutjanus kasmiran. snapper
B  b'áun. n. a pound sterling, a pound (ENG)
O  baun. n. pound (money). (ENG)a. gold, golden
baun nei kiebaeba
O  Baun Nei Kiebaeba. n. a red birthmark on skin, stained with blood. 
O  bauna. from. pound (weight).  n. ration of food (weighed, measured).  ex. baka bauna: to give or receive rations.  kabaka bauna: to give and distribute rations.  vt. baunana: to give the ration.  ex. baunanaki: to receive ration. 
bauna1. vt. to catch with lasso or snare
bauna2. vt. to crownn. coronationfrom. bau
B  baunuéa. n. a crown
O  baunuea. n. royal crownvt. baunuea: to crown with ...  va. baunueaki: to be crowned king. 
O  baura. n. powder, dynamite. (ENG)vt. baurana: to explode or kill with dynamite. 
baura1. n. bauraura: kind of jaundice
B  báurawata. vt. to hold on to wrongfully, to unjustly take possession of. 
O  baurawata. for. bai-rawawatav. to monopolise, to keep unjustly.  see bairawerawe
B  báuriri. n. a wadding to a gun
O  bauriri. n. powder and charge in gun.  vt. bauriria: to ram a charge into a gun . 
B  báuriría. vt. to drive down a gun-wadding, to ram
B  báurua. va. collected together.  n. a large canoe or proa, for war, or interisland sailing. 
O  baurua. n. a canoe of very large dimensions.  vc. kabaurua: to enlarge a canoe to make it bauruaa. fat, strong-chested, corpulentv. baurua, babaurua: to assemble in big crowds, to come in large numbers. 
baurua rekareka
O  baurua rekareka. n. a huge baurua
B  báuruarékareka. n. a canoe larger than a baurua, a large proa
B  báuta. vt. to tie or bind with a cord, to lash, to bind up. 
O  bauta. vt. babauta, baubauta: to tie up, to bandage, to bind
O  bauti. na. breakers on the reef.  ex. e bauti! 
bauti1. n. pouch, purse, handbag. (ENG)
O  bautimu. also. bautimn. a special kind of string binding for joining the toto and rama in the outrigger of canoes, and for certain pieces of timber in maneaba building.  fig. sentimental attachment, attract by currying favours.  ex. te bautimu n aomata: a person skilful at making this binding.  vt. bautimua: to bind carefully. 
B  báutimwía. vt. to adorn with fine clothing and ornaments. 
O  bautongo. n. a kind of big bararuku (chestnut). 
B  baáware. n. salivavi. to spit
O  baware. n. spit, salivav. to dribble, to spit.  ex. e bung baware: he slobberse kabuna bawarena, idemvt. bawarea, babawarea: to spit on ...  a. katim baware, kawawa baware: makes mouth water. 
B  baawárea. vt. to spit upon. 
B  b'áwe. n. a fish, the.  va. dried to an oily condition as the kernel of the takataka
O  bawe. n. a fish, snapper, goatfishex. species -- baweata, baweina, bawe-mara, bawe-taburimai, bawe-tabuariki
Bawe. n. Na Bawe: one of first men (myth). <myth>. 
bawe1. a. old, ancient, old as Na Bawe, of Na Bawe's time.(N). 
bawe2. a. well dried, a long time in the sun (copra). 
G  b'áwe. sn. Lutianus vaigiensisn. yellow snapper (a yellow-gray snapper with dark red on the dorsal fin, a dark tail and yellow anal, pelvic and pectoral fins; It is a common species and is not eaten everywhere. 
B  b'áwea. n. a fish, the. 
B  b'áweæta. n. a fish, the. 
G  b'áweæta. sn. Lutianus kasmira (ll)n. snapper (sm). 
L  baweata. sn. Lutjanus monostigmusn. snapper
B  b'áweina. n. a fish, the. 
G  b'áweina. sn. Lutianus monostigmusn. spot snapper (a creamy white snapper with a large spot on its side; It can be very poisonous, but at present appears to be safe to eat in most places) (hh). 
baweina1. sn. Mulloidichthys samoensis (y)n. goatfish (sm). 
L  baweina. sn. Lutjanus monostigmusn. snapper
baweina. sn. Mulloidichthys samoensis (mullidae)n. goat fish. 
B  b'áwemæra. n. a fish
G  b'áwem'ara. sn. Lutianus sp. (ll)n. snapper (sm)
L  bawemare. sn. unknown Lutjanusn. snapper
B  b'awetabuáriki. n. a fish, the. 
B  b'áwetabúrimai. n. a fish, the. 
G  b'áwetabúrimai. sn. Lutianus sp. (ll)n. snapper (sm). 
L  bawetaburimai. sn. unknown Lutjanusn. snapper
B  bEaacute;ib'akee. vi. to miss the mark.  n. a missing the mark. 
B  be. conj. because (used only when followed by the pronoun e). 
be. n. a waist-mat
be. a. bad, ugly, ill behaved.  n. oarand bwe
O  be. conj. ba; ba eex. ba e nako, be nako: for he has gone. 
be1. pref. 1. mark of sup.  ex. berino, beroro, betoto, etc.  n. 2. coarseness, rednessa. nasty, vilesup. bebe, benoinoi, benonoa. rude, coarse, vile, odious, vicious, evil, unpleasant, insupportable, wicked, mischievous, bad, uglysuf. to certain words -- bure-be, moa-beex. mata-be: wicked face.  tabo-be: bad companion.  angabe: ill manneredv. be, bebe: to act badly, to behave badly, odiously.  ex. ai be ra!: how wicked! what conduct!  vc. ka be: to make oneself odious, to show viciousness.  vt. ka-bea: to treat as such. 
be2. n. loin cloth (mat), lavalavavt. bena, bebena: to wear a lavalava. 
B  béa. n. bear (ENG)
b'éa. va. beginning to enlarge as in pregnancy. 
O  bea. n. a bear. (ENG)
bea1. idiom. tai bea! don't! leave alone!  ex. tai bea ni weteia: don't call them. leave them alone! 
O  beako. from. beo-ko; very entangleda. entangled and tight as fish line, jumbled tight.  vc. kabeakoa: to tangle, to jumble
O  beba. n. paper, note, written permit, licence. (ENG)ex. e beba, a beba: he has a ..., they ...  n. beba ni borau: a passport
B  bÉbe. vi. to staggern. the germ sprout, the soft contents of a sprouting coconut
beébee. n. the hipa. having broad and prominent hips. 
O  bebe. v. bebebebe, bebe nako, kiribebe, kiribebeua.  to stagger, to reel, to wavera. unsteady, totteringfig. to stammerv. c. kabebea: to make ... 
bebe1. n. sponge-like formation inside a germinated coconut (te riki), spongy ball. 
bebe2. n. hips, largest part of tree trunkex. te ri ni bebe: hip bone
B  bébebebe. vi. frequentative of bebe to stagger. 
B  bebéii. v. frequentative of beii to skim along. 
B  bebéibeti. v. frequentative of beibeti to float. 
B  beebéka. vt. to carry
O  bebeka. vt. to carry a load with difficulty or for a long time.  see tabeka
B  bebékoræra. vi. frequentative of bekorara to growl , to roar, to hem. 
B  bébeku. vi. frequentative of beku to work. 
B  bébekua. vt. frequentative of bekua to work. 
B  bebékutæta. vi. frequentative of bekutata to be employed, to be busy, to serve, to work. 
B  bebéna. vt. to cover or dress with a waist cloth or mat
B  b'éb'ene. vi. to engage in stripping off the leaves of young coconut trees.  n. the work of stripping off the dying leaves of young coconut trees. 
B  b'eb'énea. vt. to strip off the leaves of young coconut trees. 
B  bebéngu. n. a kind of game
O  bebengu. n. 1. a game accompanied with song.  n. 2. hollow log, hollowed-out log.  n. bekubeku: noise of tam-tam. 
B  bebénono. a. frequentative of benono
O  bebenu. n. a game (consisting of tying ing all around one so as to look terrifying). 
B  bebéo. va. frequentative of beo tangled. 
B  bebérino. vi. frequentative of berino to be very particular.  n. great particularity. 
B  bebérinoa. vt. frequentative of berinoa
B  bÉberuare. n. February (ENG)
O  Beberuare. n. February. (ENG)
B  beébete. a. light, not heavy. 
O  bebete. red. of betea. light, easy, venialn. lightness, facilityvc. kabebetea, kakabebetea: to lighten, to diminish, to facilitate, to relieve, to calm, to console, to moderatesyn. bakekete
B  bébeti. n. the name of a godvi. to begsee bubuti
O  bebeti. n. bebeta game in which one calls Bebeti and the other Bebeta
B  bebétingáingai. a. frequentative of betingaingai: soiled. 
B  bebétiroa. vt. frequentative of betiroa: to admire one's self. 
B  bebéuákora. va. staggering under a load. 
B  b'eb'eun/ta. a. being twins. 
O  bebi. n. a baby. (ENG)
B  béi. n. a pile of stones on a flat collected as a snare for fish. 
beéi. vi. to skim along as a thin plate when thrown. 
O  bei. n. 1. something tied up, parcel of food,.  2. packet of bait tied in ing under canoe, or under water, or in a fish trap.  vt. to put or to keep in packet, to envelop
bei1. n. te bei ni baenata: a heap of stones piled up so as to attract fish and then surrounded by a net or mat, finally the stones are thrown out one by one so as to take fish.  v. tao bei: to surround the bei with fishing net. 
bei2. n. bebei: swaying movements or balancing movements as a person drunk, a kite, or a stone skidding over water, etc. 
beia ma te kai
O  Beia ma te Kai. n. name of twin ancestors often taken for one person. <myth>. 
B  béiamatekaái. n. name of a male god
B  béibei. n. a species of whale, the. 
O  beibei. n. 1. a species of large cetacean. 2. a mark of three points in card playing.  n. 3. a small, flat, oval fish, sole
B  béibeti. vi. to float
O  beibeti. v. bebeibeti. to float, to float on surface.  vc. kabeibeta: to make float, to float, to put a floater on ... 
B  béina. vt. to lay aside for an expected guest. 
B  béira. n. a pillar (ENG)
B  beekaa. vi. to engage in scraping pandanus fruit with a fixed or a stationary scraper. 
bÉka. vi. to pass feces
O  beka. v. bebeka. (coarse word) to evacuate faeces.  syn. te nako tari, te nako tinanikua. kani beka: wanting to ...  n. te uma ni beka: lavatory, toiletalso. te kai ni bekan. te beka ni mata, te bebeka ni mata: gum on the edge of eyelids, rheumy eyed.  vc. kabeka: to make go to stool, to empty insides of fish, etc.  a. ae kabeka: laxativen. te kabekabeka: diarrhoea, dysentery
beka1. n. scraper for grating cooked pandanus fruit.  ex. te beka (S.), te tuairoa (N.).  vt. beka, bekaea: to scrape flesh off pandanus or other like things. 
beka ni kai
O  beka ni kai. n. te beka ni kai: sperm, semenex. te baka ni (But.).  vc. kabekanikaia: to cause, to provoke, pollution (bad word). 
B  bÉkabEka. n. matter in the eyea. having matter as the eye. 
B  beekáea. vt. to scrape pandanus fruit on a fixed scraper. 
B  békan. n. a heathen (ENG)
O  bekan. n. pagan, gentile, idolater, person of bad morals, nude. (ENG)
O  bekara. from. beka (dirty word).  vt. to dirty with excrements.  ex. e bekariko te beru
O  bekarekareka. from. bekaran. a certain kind of sorcery formerly practiced by children, supposed to give them vigour.  vt. to insult with rude words.  kabekarakara, idem
bekari ranga
O  bekari ranga. vt. jealousy of a woman for rival.  ex. e bekari rangana neierei: that woman is jealous of ...  vc. kabekari ranga
B  bekáriranga. a. envious
B  béke. n. a fix (used only with bo. it is idiomatic.  ex. e bo bekena
bÉke. n. a peck, one fourth of a bushel (ENG)
O  beke. n. idiomatic word used only with bo, meaning a fall which takes the breath away.  ex. e bo bekena
beke1. n. 1. a pick (tool). (ENG)n. 2. peck (measure). (ENG)
beke2. n. throat, neck, hollow under Adam's apple.  ex. korea bekena, ewara bekena: to cut or stab throat,, to bleed animal.  see taebekeidiom. e bo bekena: takes breath away.  ex. taebeke, taebekebeke: provisions exhausted, to be in want. 
O  bekei. n. a preparation of taro and coconutvt. bekeina: to make into bekei
B  békenene. n. a dirk
O  bekenene. n. pick, dirk, dagger, knife with sheath. (ENG)n. pickaninny, black baby, baby. (ENG)
B  beéki. n. a pig (ENG)va. given to much eating like a pig. 
O  beki. n. pig. (ENG)
O  beko. n. bogey man, goblin, ogre
beko1. n. pekopeko. coughv. to cough.  vc. kabekobeko, kabekobekoa: to make cough.  see bekona, bekoravt. bekoa, bekobekoa: to cough up
B  békobeko. vi. to coughn. a cough, a coughing. 
O  bekobeko. v. to coughvc. kabekobeko, kabekobekoa
B  békoko. a. assembled in great numbers. 
O  bekoko. from. ibe and ko; many and close together.  v. to swarm, to teemvc. kabekokoa: to make ...  syn. ribakoko
O  bekona. vt. to say, to reject in coughing. 
O  bekora. from. bekoex. v.t. bekora te rara: to cough up blood, to spit blood. 
B  békoræra. vi. to hem, to roar, as a lion.  n. hemming, roaring, a hem, a roar. 
O  bekorara. n. bebekorara: roar or voice from the throat.  v. to growl, to snarl (animals or persons), to clear the throat, to scold
O  bekoto. a. giving advice but doing nothing oneself.  n. a boring adviser
B  béku. n. work, laborvi. to work, to labor. 
O  beku. n. labour, assiduous work, a task to accomplish, works.  v. beku, bekubeku, bebeku: to work, to labour.  vt. kaibekua, idemkabekua: to urge to work, to incite ... 
beku1. n. bekubeku: hollow sound of box, drum, log, etc., noise of this kind.  v. to sound like a drum, a box (having hollow sound).  vt. kabekua: to make, to sound.  intj. beku! bang! boomvt. bekua: to beat it.  see beka
B  békua. vt. to work, to work at. 
B  békubeku. va. resounding as an empty cask.  n. a resonant sound.  a wooden mould or cylinder used in making a container for kabubu
O  bekubeku. n. log hollowed out for divers uses, rat trap, mould for winding leaves for kabubu, drum for giving signals, etc. 
O  bekuroroko. a. assiduous, punctual at work, constant at work.  vt. kabekurorokoa: to make ... to urge to ... 
B  békutæta. vi. to be employed, to be busy, to serve
O  bekutata. v. bebekutata; to work in great haste, quickly, to do quickly.  vt. bekutata: to dispatch, accomplish quickly.
B  bEn. n. a general term for a ripe coconut
bEn. n. a pen (ENG)
O  ben. n. ripe coconut, coconuts.  syn. te uani, uan te nia. ripe, hard, giving a full sound.  fig. e ben: it is sure, certain, evidentex. e ben nanona: he is hard hearted, insensible.  a. beniben, kauben, kakauben: plentiful, rich in coconuts.  fig. kakauben: small but brave, solid, resisting.  vt. kabenna: to let it ripen, harden.  fig. wait for evidence, confirmation.  n. kauniben: a game of knocking coconuts by rolling along ground to meet and see which is most resisting.  n. te boben: to gather ...,.  ex. te oro ben: splitting ..., making copra. 
ben1. n. paint, painting. (ENG)v. to paint.  vt. benia: to paint it. 
B  béna. vt. to wear a waist-mat
b'énæ. vt. to splitsee bwena
B  bÉne. n. a penny (ENG)
O  bene. n. penny, pence (money). (ENG)n. pen, slate pencil. (ENG)
B  b'énea. see vt bwenea
B  béneka. n. vinegar (ENG)
O  beneka. n. vinegar. (ENG)
O  benenakai. n. a spike off sea urchin, like a slate pencil (purple). 
B  benen/tura. n. a peninsula (ENG)
O  Benetekota. n. pentecost. (ENG)
O  benetenia. n. penance, mortification, Sacrament of ... (ENG)v. to do penance. 
B  béneuánging. a. bent over under a heavy load.  ex. nkana e rawawata uotan te aomata ao kanga e baua i aana (Kaure). 
B  bénga. a. wide as a canoe, having much beam. 
O  benga. n. bengabenba. a large opening, separationa. separated, widevt. kabenga: to enlarge, to widenn. te kabenga: a way of climbing trees.  v. to climb with feet apart. 
O  bengabenga. n. a kind of basket mat flat open. 
O  bengoingoi. a. sup. blacksee beroro
B  béngu. vi. to resound as an empty cask. 
O  bengu. n. bengubengu. a sound, a hollow sound.  vt. kabengubengua: to make hollow sound. 
B  béngubengu. vi. frequentative of bengu
B  bÉnibEn. va. abounding in ripe coconutn. a ripe coconut whose kernel is unusually hard.  see bentiki
O  benikai. n. ripe coconut with very hard kernel. 
B  benikang/kang. n. a very relishable ripe coconut
O  benikangkang. n. a delicious coconut
B  bÉnimai. a. nearly fully ripe as a coconut
ben/imaai. n. a bitter or unpleasant tasting ripe coconut
O  benimai. n. a yellowing coconut
benimai1. n. insipid coconut, tasteless ... 
B  beéniwi. n. the uppermost streak of planks in a canoe
O  beniwi. n. ornamental board along top edge of canoe. 
B  benóinoi. a. mischievous, ill behaved, troublesome
O  benoinoi. sup. a. very wicked, very bad, odiousfrom. be
B  bÉnono. a. curved, bent
O  benono1. a. bebenono: curved, bentv. to bend, to give way.  vt. kabenonoa: to make ... 
O  beno-uanging. a. benonouanging: stopped, shrunk, shrivelled up, bent under a burden or sickness. 
B  bEn/roro. n. a ben whose husk is dry and about to fall.  a. fully ripe as a coconut
O  benroro. n. a ripe coconut with husk getting black. 
B  bEn/tekota. n. pentecost (ENG)bk. Acts 2:1. 
B  ben/tiki. n. a ripe coconut whose kernel is unusually hard.  see benikai
O  bentiki. n. a ripe coconut with very tough kernel. 
B  bEn/tira. n. a pencil (ENG)
O  bentira. n. pencil. (ENG)
B  bénu. n. a coconut huska. old and decayed as a canoe worn out, unseaworthy. 
O  benu. n. <bot> husk of coconut for making string.  note. operations:  ex. tao-benu: retting the benutae-benu: taking it out of retting pit.  tiribenu: beating benu to clean it.  akeake, akea te benu: to hackle it.  bo-binoka: to arrange benu ready for twisting.  kakano: twist the benu on thigh to make string. 
G  benu. n. an Arorae word for a fish, described as a yellow fish like a hawkfish (ll). 
B  bénua. vt. to prolong a residence in.  n. one's own country
O  benua. from. Ellice (fenua).  n. native place, countryv. to live in one's own country. 
B  béo. va. tangled, snarled
O  beo. a. bebeo. jumbled, entangled, tangled, mixed upvc. kabeo, kabebeoa: to muddle, to tanglefig. e beo riana: slandering tongue. 
O  bera. n. bed, mattress. (ENG)
B  bére. intj. an insulting exclamation of great contempt
beére. n. a bale (ENG)bk. Arith p. 128. 
b'ére. n. a thin bivalvular shell fish, the. 
O  bere. intj. showing refusal, disdain, scorn. no go! be blowed! never! bother!  syn. betevt. kaberebere, kaberea, kabereberea: to say bere to, to refuse, to insultn. te kaberebere: act of ... 
bere1. n. a variety of shellsex. beremai: whitish ...  bereraun: shiny
G  b'ére. sn. Streptopinna saccata (i)n. a thin bivalvular shellfish (k). 
L  bere. sn. Streptopinna saccatan. bivalve
O  berebitero. n. priest (presbyter). (ENG)
B  b'éremai:. n. a whitish variety of the b'ere
B  b'eréna. n. hard breadd (ENG)
B  berEn/titi. n. a parenthesis (ENG)
B  b'ereréun. n. a thin brittle bivalvular shell fish, the. 
B  berétitEnti. n. a president (ENG)
O  beretitenti. n. president. (ENG)
B  bÉrikan. n. a pelican (ENG)
B  beériki. n. a private signal of feathers on the mast of a canoe
O  beriki. n. a certain kind of loin cloth, tied to the mast of canoe over tura as flag of a certain clan.  see maro, ratabio
B  bérino. vi. to be particularn. particularity. 
O  berino. sup. superlative of rinoa. berinorino, beberino; hard to please, exacting, over particular, fastidious, greedyex. e berino n te amarake: he is fastidious.  vt. berinoa: to choose, to do carefully, too fastidiouslysee kikinto
B  bérinoa. vt. to do very carefully, to be particular about. 
B  berinórino. vi. frequentative of berino
B  bérita. n. a covenant (HEB)
O  berita. n. (Berith) convention, treaty, engagement. (HEB)v. to make a promiseex. te ati ni Berita: Ark of the Covenant
B  beritoórium. n. praetorium (ENG)
B  beéro. n. a bell (ENG)
béro. n. a tree, the. 
O  bero. n. bell. (ENG)
bero1. n. a tree bearing edible berries.  sn. Figus tinchorian. fruit of this tree.  ex. varieties -- bero babai, bero kangkangte berona: a little (something no bigger than the fruit of te bero).  syn. te makotana, te makekena
G  bero. sn. Ficus tinctoria Forst.n. fig (sp,z). 
B  beéroro. a. of dark complexion
bÉroro. a. many, in great numbers, numerous as ants. 
O  beroro. a. dark skinned, blackish, black, tannedvc. kaberoroa: to make, to cause ... 
beroro1. a. multiple, close together, frequent (sound), swarmingidiom. beroro n taetae: all speaking together.  ex. e beroro te ang: the wind roarse beroro n taetae: he talks incessantly .  a. ae tang beroro: with quick vibrations, humming, buzzing, vibrating.  vt. beroroa: to swarm on, to invade
B  bÉroroa. vt. to swarm over food as ants. 
B  béru. n. a species of lizard, the.  va. afraid of, fearing. 
béru:. n. the populace
O  beru. n. gecko, lizardfig. foetusa. beruberu: full of lizards.  ex. beruberu, kiberuberu, inaberuinaberuberu: one who is afraid, frightened of small thing (as gecko).  inaberuberu: of timid temperament. 
beru1. n. wrasse, fishsn. Labroides dimidiatus
Beru. n. an island in south Gilberts, discovered in 1827 by Captain Clerk. Beru warriors formerly conquered all islands of group except Makin. Their descendants are found in all islands at present.  idiom. e bane Beru: all Beru is there, i.e. all the high families of the island are assembled, a general assembly. 
G  beru. sn. Labroides dimidiatus (y,ll)n. wrasse (sm). 
L  beru. sn. Labroides bicolorn. wrasse
beru. sn. Lepidodactylus lugubris (diurnally active)Gehyra mutilata (nocturnal)Gehyra oceanica (nocturnal)n. all small geckos. 
beru taburimai
L  beru taburimai. n. all large geckos. 
B  béruberu. a. abounding in beru
B  béruro. n. a beryl (ENG)
O  beta. v. to bet, to bidvc. kabeta: to make a bet.  vt. betanna: to add more, to bet more heavily. 
O  betaki. from. ben. babies' napkin <diaper>.  vt. betakinna: to put on, to wear ... 
B  betánga. va. jammed, as a finger between two boxes. 
O  betanga. a. many, much, a quantitysyn. maiti, bati, ewa, etc.  v. to get jammed between two things, to get between two for protection, shelter.  vt. kabetangavc. kabetanga. idemvt. betangana: to protect, to shelter
B  betaárao. n. a rack, a stick or moulding on a canoe on which to rest slats. 
O  betarao. n. a kind of shelf in house to put things on. 
B  betaáru. n. the flooring in the hold of a canoe
O  betaru. n. a compartment or shelf in inside of canoe, hold for baggage. 
O  bete. intj. showing refusal, more or less explicit, or disdain according of voice, circumstances and persons.  vt. kabetea: to say bete to ...  syn. bere
bete1. a. betebete, ninibete, and esp. bebete; light, lightsome, not heavy.  syn. bakeketefig. nanobebete: light heartedvc. kabetea: to solace, to lighten, to consoleex. kananobebetea: to console ... 
B  bétebete. a. light in weight. 
B  béti. n. a section of the pandanus fruit from which the pulp has been removed by chewing. 
béti. vi. to float
O  beti. n. a floatv. beti, betirake, betirio, betinako: to float, to float on surface, to drift away in floating.  vc. kabeta: to make ..., to launch a ship, put to sea.  ex. e kabeta wana: he put his canoe in the water.  kai beti: buoyant
beti1. n. betin te tou: the fibrous part of pandanus fruit, left after sucking (used as fuel when dry).  ex. te riki ni beti: pandanus grown from betifig. youngest child (insult).  syn. buki ni koro
beti2. n. placenta
beti3. n. te ai ni beti: the ace of spades
beti4. n. bass (voice) (ENG)
beti n oma
O  beti n oma. or. beti n ongan. fibrous core of fruit, thrown away after being sucked.  vt. betinoma: to leave only ..., to suck to the fibre. 
beti n taramau
O  beti n taramau. n. ecstatic pose of dancer, arms extended, eyes fixed.  vc. kabetintaramaua: to make ... 
beti ni kiriri
O  beti ni kiriri. from. beti: float and kiriri: agglutinaten. scum formed on top of boiling fat. 
B  bétia. n. a weaponn. a float supporting one while fishing with a line in deep water. 
O  betia. n. weapon made of shark's teeth. 
betia1. n. betian te tau mata: fishing float, used for floating fishing tackle and catch.  vt. betiana: to have, to take for float. 
B  bétin. n. pigeon (ENG)see bitian
beétin. n. a basin (ENG)
O  betin. n. basin, dish. (ENG)
O  betinako. from. betiv. to drift, float away, to get lost at sea.  ex. e betinako tabon te wa: the front part of the canoe drifts from proper course.  vc. kabetinakoa: to make or let go adrift
B  betingáingai. va. soiledn. stain, foulness, an unclean garment or person. 
O  betingaingai. sup. superlative of betitia. dirty (clothing), dirty, tattered, raggedvc. kabetingaingaia: to make dirty. 
B  bétinóma. n. tough food removed from the mouth after having been chewed. 
betinómaa. vt. to chew tough food and remove the toughest part. 
O  Betio. n. islet of Tarawa, southeast end, commercial capital of group, port. 
O  betirake. a. bebetirake; coming to the surface, ascending or floating in the air, floating towards the land, driftingvc. kabetirakea: to make float ... 
B  bétiraoi. vi. to fly well as a kite. 
B  bétiroa. vt. to admire one's self. 
O  betiroa. sup. superlative of tiroav. bebetiroa. to look at with admiration, admire oneself at length. 
O  betiti. n. dirtiness, slovenliness, dirt, filtha. dirty, squalidsyn. betotovc. kabetitia
O  betiwai. n. fastidiousnessa. insipidfig. scrutinize
O  betoko. from. tokoaa. 1. exacting, perfecting, retouchingvt. betokoa: to retouch without reason.  v. 2. to touch indecently. 
B  bétoto. a. bad, mischievous, ill behaved. 
O  betoto. n. dirtinessa. disgusting (from laziness, neglect).  vc. kabetotoa: to judge as ... 
B  bétunga. vi. to meddle, to be troublesome.  see tabare
O  betunga. a. finding faults in everything, too exacting; retouching, finical, arranging and rearranging. 
O  betuntun. for. ibetuntuna. close together and constrainedsee ibetutu, kaibetutua
O  beu. a. kiribeu, kiribeubeu, tiribeu; general term for malformation, deformity of body or limb, land, etc., deformed, twisted, uneven, bumpyex. e kiribeu marawa: the sea is choppy.  see rebeu, kiribeubeu
B  beuákora. va. heavy laden, staggering under a load. 
O  beuakora. a. bent, stooped under a heavy burden, difficulties, etc.  vc. kabeuakora ... 
O  beuangingi. a. stooped and smallv. to stoop or bend until quite small, to shrivel up.  vc. kabeuangingi
O  beuti. n. capsule, cracker
O  bewa. a. tangled (e.g. string).  sup. superlative of beovc. kabewa: to tangle, to jumble up. 
O  bewawa. from. wawaa. covered with dirt, stickysyn. betiti, betotovc. kabewawa
B  b'ab'ákantóka. vi. frequentative of bakantoka
B  bi. intj. an interjection uttered upon perceiving a bad smell
O  bi. intj. to show sign of disgust for a bad smell or something hateful.  ex. ae bi! e bi: what a stenchv. kabibia: to turn one's nose up at something. 
B  bía. n. spawn, a tumor, a wenv. would, equivalent to o that, would that. 
O  bia. n. beer. (ENG)
bia1. aux. denoting a wish.  ex. if onlyy! if I could! if only you could!  ai bia te taokita ngai! if only I were a doctor!  note. bia denotes a wish with, however, a doubt about its realization.  v. to wish, to desireex. tai bia! don't wish!  I will invite the neighbours to eat with us. tai bia! no, don't invite them! 
bia2. n. growth, tumor, gland, knob, excrescence, fish ovaries. [labia majoris]. 
B  bíabia. n. a ruffled ornamental edging at the neck or border of a garment. 
O  biabia. n. frill, trimming, flounce
B  bíbi. n. the wind pipe
O  bibi. n. windpipe, throat, gullet, tracheaex. bonotan te bibi: epiglottis
O  bibinang. n. tanobibinang: fine sand, finely sieved soil
B  bibingáongao. a. frequentative of bingaongao
B  bibíngi. a. very small
B  bíbinoka. vi. to engage in twisting coconut fiber
bíbinokaa. vt. frequentative of binoka: to spin, to twist. 
B  bíbira. vt. frequentative of bira: to braid. 
B  bibíri. vi. to engage in braiding
B  bibíriáitua. vi. frequentative of biriaitua
B  bibíriakína. vt. frequentative of biriakina: to carry news. 
B  bibíribiri. vi. frequentative of biribiri: to run. 
B  bibírikatái. vi. frequentative of birikatai: to grow rapidly. 
B  bíbiro. vt. frequentative of biro: to engage in making rope. 
B  bíbita. vt. frequentative of bita: to repeatedly turn horizontally, to often change as the mind. 
B  bíbitæ/nikai. vi. to slip away before the arrival of one who comes to seek help. 
B  bíbitaraa. va. frequentative of bitara
B  bibíti. vi. i-bibiti: to pass at a distance, or without seeing one another. 
B  bíbitoi. n. an imperfect or partial rainbow
O  bibitoi. n. luminous circle around stars, halo, having a halo. 
B  bíka. n. a beka (ENG)
B  bíkaki. n. a peacock (ENG)
O  bikan. n. beacon, buoy. (ENG)
B  bíkæti. n. a pickaxe, a mattock (ENG)
B  bíke. n. white sand, the sandy beach, sandy land without verdure. 
O  bike. n. beach sand, sand bank, sandy soil, the beach, the shore
B  bikeíniku. n. a variety of the kua a very large fish
O  bikeiniku. n. a large cetacea
B  bíkemataáta. a. desolate
O  bikematata. n. bare ground without vegetation, desert land, devastated ... 
B  bikóko. n. a young coconut with well developed kernel, but soft, a moimotoa. being in the bikoko stage, the kernel being well developed, but soft. 
O  bikoko. n. a young coconut, kernel just beginning to form.  syn. moimoto
B  bikóukou. a. pregnantn. pregnancy. 
O  bikoukou. from. koun. pregnancya. pregnant (pers. and animals).  vt. kabikoukoua: to make ... 
B  bíku. n. a fig (ENG)
O  biku. n. a fig, fig tree. (ENG)
O  bikura. n. bugle, trumpet
O  bimaung. n. putrid smell, stenchv. to stink
O  bin. n. pin, peg, bolt. (ENG)
bin1. n. bean. (ENG)
B  bína. n. the youngest child in a family. 
O  bina. n. aspect, look, appearanceex. binabinansee bina mane, bina aine
bina1. a. youngest, last born.  ex. te kabane, au bina: my last child.  te bina kiki (joke or insult),.  bina rereke: youngest child who supplants its elders in any way.  te bina ororo
bina aine
O  bina aine. na. a man having ways of a woman.  ant. bina mane
bina mane
O  bina mane. na. a woman with manners of a man.  ant. bina aine
O  binabina. see bina
B  binaáine. a. womanish as a man, effeminate, softn. a womanish effeminate man. 
B  bináing. n. a fish, the. 
O  Binaing. n. 1. Na Binaing; myth. person who got buried to become a coconut tree, a coconut tree grew out of his skull, and Nei Kakanoriki, who had rejected him was now united to him by drinking the young coconuts and wearing a grass skirt made from leaves of this tree.  n. 2. a fish (kind of nuonuo), trigger fish. 
G  binaing. sn. Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus (ll)n. triggerfish (sm). 
L  binaing. sn. Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus (balistidae)n. triggerfish
O  binainga. a. timorous, timid, sensitive
B  bínakare. n. a disease in the groina. afflicted with the binakare
O  binakare. n. a sharp pain or soreness in groin or armpitv. to feel this pain ... 
B  binakéke. n. the youngest in a family. 
B  binam'aáne. a. mannish as a woman. 
binam'aáne. n. a masculine woman. 
O  binangare. syn. n.v. binakaresee bitangare
O  binaoro. n. a shellsee aioro
B  binæ/rereráke. n. the youngest in a family when precocious.  a. precocious as the youngest in a family. 
B  bínata. vi. to search for something that shall give a pleasant odor to oil. 
O  binata. vt. to make last preparations before setting out, before moving, to finish weaving mat, to weave edge of mat, to look here and there for karea used to perfume oil. 
O  bine. n. bibine, binebine. choice, sorting out.  v. to make a choice.  vt. binea: to choose, to sortsee binera, bineta, abina
O  bineang. v. to try to predict the windv. binebinera: to make an incantation to get wind. 
B  bínebine. vi. to engage in searching for coconut oil perfumes. 
B  binebínera. vt. to do the wind with an incantation that it may blow. 
O  binekau. v. binekau, bibinekau, kabinekau; to whimper, to cry, to bawl, to squall in order to get something.  vc. kabinekaua: to make ... 
O  binenea. v. to importune, to entreat, to demand with insistence, to coax
O  binenga. from. binea. choose, exacting in choice, particularv. to prefer
B  bínera. vt. to seek or search for as things which may give a pleasant fragrance to coconut oil when boiled.  to subject the wind to an incantation that it may prove favorable. 
O  binera. from. binevt. bibinera, binebinera: to choose, to select, to prepare by selecting (word used much in magic). 
binera te kua
O  binera te kua. v. to bring or lead whales ashore. 
O  bineta. vt. to choose, to select,.  ex. bineta te bong: to choose a favourable day, to choose flowers. 
O  bing. a. bibing, bingibingi. reduced to grains, ground to dustex. e boi bingibing: it smells emptyvt. kabingibingia: to grind to dust. 
O  bingao. n. bingaongao, bibingaongao: stench, bad smella. fetid, offensivevt. kabingao, kabingaongao: to infect, to taint, to cause to stink horribly.  vc. kabingaoa: to taint, to cause to smell. 
B  bingáongao. a. fetidn. fetidness. 
B  bíngibing. n. a treesn. Thespesia (ch)
O  bingibing. n. a tree in great demand for outrigger of canoe on account of buoyancy, used also as floats on fishing nets.  sn. Thespesis
G  bíngibing. sn. Thespesia sp. (k)
O  bingibingi. a. bingingire, bingingingoingoi, bingingitangoingoi: very tiny, very small, microscopicvt. kabingingia: to make ... to judge ... 
B  bingingi. a. vety small
B  bingíngitangóingoi. a. exceedingly small
B  bíngita. n. a small insect, the. 
O  bingita. n. a species of cantaris, Spanish fly (small). 
O  bingore. sup. superlative of ngorea. very puny, sickly, weakly, rachitic, stunted
B  bíno. vi. to chant and gesticulate while sitting.  n. chanting and gesticulating while sitting, a call, a summonsex. e tang binona
O  bino. n. poem sung and mimicked in sitting position. 
bino1. n. an incantation to get back a woman (done in turning a binobino very rapidly and allowing the wind to whistle into the opening).  ex. e tang binona: her bino whistles (the unfaithful one will come back).  v. katangibino: to do this incantation.  vc. katanga te bino: idem
B  bínobino. n. a coconut shell bottle for coconut molasses
O  binobino. n. calabash, gourd made with coconut shell.  idiom. te wi binobino: chatterbox
Binobino. n. ana Binobino Nei Kama: group of stars of Centaur
binobino ni kai
O  binobino ni kai. n. larva of mosquito
B  bínobinónikai. n. the larva of the mosquito
B  bínokaa. vt. to twist with the fingers as strands
bínoka. vi. to engage in twisting strands with the fingers.  n. strands of coconut fiber for making twine
O  binoka. vt. bibinoka. to spin, to make native string. 
Binoka. n. notorious King of Abemama, died Nov. 1891. R. L. Stevenson was his guest for two months in 1889. 
B  bínoti. a. very stinkingn. a very unpleasant odor. 
O  binoti. n. binobinoti: offensive smell, stench (stronger than boira).  vc. kabinoti: to infect, to spread smell.  kabinota: to infect ... to treat as ... 
B  binótinoti. a. frequentative of binoti
B  bi:n/ti. n. beans (ENG)
B  bíra. vt. to braid as the hair or rope
O  bira. vt. bibira: to plait, to braid hair ..., strands ..., flowers, etc. 
bira1. n. a whistle
B  biráoki. n. frog (ENG)
O  biraoki. n. frog, toad. (ENG)
B  bíri. n. running, a runvi. to run. 
O  biri. n. biribiri: a race, quicknessv. to gallop, to run, to trotvc. kabiribiria: to make run, etc. 
biri1. n. bibiri. stakes, bet, score, sharev. to stake, to give one's share.  vt. biria: to give one's contribution to a collection, to pay share. 
biri n aiwa
O  biri n aiwa. v. to run here and there like an imbecile. 
O  biria. from. birivt. to take in passing, to seize, to occupy conquered territory. 
O  biriaetoa. v. to pay one's share.  n. a collection of equal shares. 
B  biriáitua. vi. to run hither and thither. 
O  biriaitua. v. to run here and there, to wander about, to be always on the move, to get off the subject.  vc. kabiriaitua: to make run ... wander. 
B  bíriakína. vt. to carry news
O  biriakina. vt. biriakina nako: to elope, to run away with, to take away, to pilfer and run away with.  ex. e biriakinako te aine: the girl has eloped, run away with ... 
B  bírian. a. a billion (ENG)
O  birianena. v. to be beside the question, to be behind the times, to be rambling, to talk nonsense. <irrelevant? - gwg>. 
O  biriao. v. v.t. biri aou, biri aom, biri aona, etc. to go over, to go past, to go beyond, to take no notice, to transgress, to disobey a command, an order. 
B  bíriari. n. a period (ENG)
O  biriari. n. period, full stop. (ENG)
B  bíribiri. vi. frequentative of biri
O  birikaivenei. va. to meet or pass quickly (like shooting stars). 
B  bírikaiwénei. vi. to habitually lodhe in many different places. 
O  birikan. n. billycan. (ENG)
B  bírikatai. vi. to grow rapidly. 
O  birikatai. n. quick growthv. to grow up quickly (person and plants). 
O  birikewe. n. birikekewe. a misleading betv. to put down a big bet in spite of a bad hand of cards.  ex. biribirikewe nako: to disappear in an unknown way (person and food, etc.). 
B  birikéwekewe. vi. to run away ( followed by nako), metaphorically, to disappear as food, quickly. 
O  birimai. v. to run towardsvc. kabirimaia: to make run or come quickly. 
B  bírim'aáka. vi. to run fastn. fast running. 
O  birimaka. n. velocity, rapidity, swiftnessv. to go rapidly, quickly, to run quickly.  vc. kabirimaka: to make go quickly.  ex. kabirimakako: hurry! be quick! 
B  bírimaára. vi. to run slowlyn. slow running. 
O  birimara. n. slowness in runningant. birimakav. kabirimara: to retard the race, to put obstacles, to slow down. 
O  birinako. n. evasionv. to run away, to escapevc. kabirinakoa: to cause to evade, to chase away, to drive awayn. te kabirinako: a living bait pulled along the surface. 
O  birion. n. billion. (ENG)
O  birirake. v. to steer towards the land.  vt. birirakeavc. ka ...
O  biririmoa. v. to run in front, to anticipate, to be too quick for, to go beforehand, to precede, to assert oneself. 
O  biririmwi. v. to run after, to be too late, to miss chance.  ant. biririmoa
O  biririo. v. v.t. biririoa, kabiririoa. to steer, to sail towards west. 
O  biritana. from. birivt. to leave behind, to run away from, to run from, to abandonex. I biritanaki: I was left behind ... abandoned. 
O  Biritania. n. Britain, Great Britain. (ENG)
O  biritete. v. to run like mad, as a mad person, to act with great precipitation, to act hastily, excitedly.  n. excitement, precipitationvc. kabiritetea
B  bíro. vi. to engage in making ropen. a stick or small lever for twisting. 
O  biro. n. a tool used to fasten ropes or tighten boards, carpenter's vice, screw jack, tourniquet
B  bíroa. vt. to make a rope by twisting the strands together. 
O  biroa. vt. biroa, birobiroa: to twist, to screw, to tighten with vice. 
O  birobai. v. to twist, to plait, to wring by hand, to screw
B  bíroto. n. the abdomen, the uterus
O  biroto. n. abdomenex. te biroto ni bai: thick part of armte biroto n wae: calf of leg.  te biroto n ranga: thighbiroton te boto n ranga: upper thigh.  te biroto n rongo: pot belliedex. te birotokou: lower abdomen more prominent.  a. ae kau-biroto: obese, corpulent
B  bíta. vt. to turn around horizontally. 
O  bita. vt. bibita, bitabita; to change, to modify, to inverta. nanobibitaki: changeable, inconstantnv. i-bibiti: mutual changing of places.  ex. kaibibiti: inversion, change, reverse, change places, to meet and miss going in opposite directions.  vt. kaibibitia: to interchange, to exchange, to turn around. 
O  bitabao. a. deformed, deflected, distorted, altered, changed meaning.  v. bitabao: to alter, to change th meaning.  vt. bitabaoua: to deflect, to deform, to alter, to falsify, to report wrongly. 
O  bitangare. see binangare, binakare
B  bitæ/nikai. vi. to hide away when about to be asked to work.  n. a hiding away when about to be asked to work. 
O  bitanikai. v. to trick, to dodge, to pretend, to equivocate, to get an alibi, change the subject of conversation so as to get out of something, or to save face.  vt. bitanikaia, bita te kai: to change procedure, ... place, to elude by stratagem, to invert the matrix. 
B  bitæ/nikáia. vt. to avoid labor by hiding away when about to be asked to work. 
O  bitanikie. n. exchange of wives.  syn. te bo kien. bitanikieu: my exchanged wifebitanikiem: your ... etc. 
B  bítaraa. va. not joining or fitting together properly, inconsistent.  n. inconsistency in speech. 
O  bitara. n. opposition, contradictionv. to contrary, to inverse, to oppose (backwards).  bitara, bitaraea: to act in opposition, to act contrariwise.  vc. kabitara
bita-ra. v. to falsify, to fake, to place, to say, or do in opposite way, the wrong way, to contradict, to change meaning, to invert
B  bitaráea. vt. to obscure or mix up one's words, to make inconsistent remarks. 
O  bitati. n. Jasminesn. Jasminium Sambac
B  bíte. n. a beet (ENG)
B  bíti. n. iron, a knife,.  a fish, the. 
O  biti. n. iron, metal, scrap iron, nails, knivesvt. oro-biti, bo-biti, orobitia, bobitia: to nail, to hammerv. bu-biti: to pull out nails. 
biti. n. a fish
B  bítia. n. a pitcher (ENG)
O  bitia. n. pitcher. (ENG)
B  bítian. n. a pigeon (ENG)
O  bitian. n. pigeon (ENG)and bitin
bitin (taobe)
G  bitin. and taobesn. Gallicolumba erythropteran. ground dove (The coloring is typically darkish grey and white; The head, neck, back and upper breast are grey with a purplish and greenish sheen or irridescence; The secondary wing feathers are mainly dark grey and the primaries and tail feathers mainly white; The abdomen is white, often speckled with grey and the under tail-coverts, white. The short bill is dark grey with a small whitish operculum at the base; The legs and feet are coral red, or purplish red. Some birds have less white than others, and hardly any two are exactly alike) <bird> (aa). 
B  bítina. vt. to take, possess and use a knife
B  bítinikíriri. n. fat about the intestines of a healthy fisha. having healthy fat about the intestines as a fish. 
O  bitinna. vt. to appropriate a knife, to own a knife, an iron, etc., to use as a knife or as an iron tool. 
B  bititáom. n. a general term for metals other than iron and steel, as tin, zinc, copper, and brass but not lead. 
O  bititaom. from. bitin. anything of thin metal, not precious; for ex. tin, zinc, tins, cans, etc.  vt. bititaomua: to put in tins. 
O  bititeria. n. table knife
B  bi:/titi. n. peaches (ENG)
B  bitúmen. n. bitumen (ENG)
O  biu. n. (S.) biubiu, kibiubiu (N.), bu, bubu, kibubu, biuroro, biunano, bunano: a coward, cowardice.  a. giving in, capitulating, faint hearted
B  biuúma. n. a puma (ENG)
B  bíwa. n. a beaver (ENG)
O  biwa. n. fever. (ENG)or. biuaa. feverish
B  bo. n. a meeting, a coming together, price, rewardvi. to meet, to unite, to agree, to hit, to come in collision
O  bo. pref. boa, bota: to gather together, to assemble, to put togethersee bo-ira, bo ben, bo-rau, bo-rin, etc. 
bo1. n. a blow, strokev. to hit, to thump, to knock, to touch, to hurt, to get hit.  ex. e bo ubuna: he got hit in the face.  e bo te ika: the fish is tainted, bad, deterioratedvt. boa, boboa: to hit, to hurt, to beatboboa: to tap on, to beat with repeated blows.  ex. bo-maneka: cutting steps on coconut tree for climbing.  bo-niba: cut notches, holes.  see idiom. e bo ketena, e bo makinaex. au bo, am bo, ana bo: etc. blows which I, you, he, etc., gives.  bou, bom, bona: the blows which I, you, he, receive. 
bo2. n. contact, meeting, fight, combatex. te bo ni buaka: a battle, a warv. bo, bobo, bo ma: to be in contact, to touch, to meet, to fight with or against.  ex. e bo atin te maie: the merry making is in full swing.  vt. kaboa, kaboboa: to put in contact, to make touch, to unite
bo3. n. equality, equivalence, accord, agreementex. te bo n nano: mutual agreement.  ti te bo te aro: all religions are the samea. equal, like, similar, same, matched, pairedsee bobuaka, boraoivc. katiteboa: to make equal, to equalize, to make the same. 
bo4. v. to go towards ... to come, to arrivev. e bo nakoiang, e bo nakoaiaki, e bo rio, e borake: ... goes towards the north, south, west, east.  ex. e bo nako: he is gonebo mai: come here.  ko bo maiia?: where do you come from? where have you been?  e bo am tai: it is your time (your turn). 
bo5. n. price, value, cost, wage, compensation, reward, answerex. au bo, am bo, ana bo: my, your, his price.  bona: the price of it.  vt. kaboa, kakaboa, kaboboa: to buy, to exchange, to reward, to compensate, to make amends for, to answer. 
bo bai
O  bo bai. n. rheumatism in arms or hands.  ex. te bo wae: rheumatism of legs.  n. an abnormal heat in body, extremities burning hot.  syn. borarav. ka bo bai: to shake hands, to join hands.  see iobai, taubai
bo baka
O  bo baka. v. cut low, too short, fall short. 
bo bebete
O  bo bebete. a. cheap, low priced.  syn. boraoiant. bobuaka, borawatavc. kabobebetea: to lower, to put down the price. 
bo ben
O  bo ben. v. to gather or put coconuts together.  syn. ikoben
bo biti
O  bo biti. n. a nailvt. bobitia: to nail. 
bo ma aomata
O  bo ma aomata. syn. bo i buakon. socialibilityv. to like company, to be sociableant. aki bo ma aomata
bo ma taeka
O  bo ma taeka. na. good sense, reasonableex. e aki bo ma taeka: nonsense, senseless, absurd
bo ma te maki
O  bo ma te maki. n. te bo ma te maki: (closed and stuck) the sky and the earth were stuck together until Ten Areau lifted the dome of heaven (myth of Creation). 
bo mane
O  bo mane. or. bo ni manen. a man's combatsee kaunrabata, dispute between men.  v. to wrestle
B  bóaa. vt. to reprove, to chide, to rebuken. a reproof, a rebuke. 
bóa. vt. to strike, to hit, to pat
boóaa. n. a wide plug or stick of tobacco (ENG)
O  boa. n. plug tobacco (derby) (boar?). (ENG)syn. karababaua
boa1. vt. boaboa. to scold, to reprimand, to admonish, to blame, to answer
B  bóa-kantiríkita. n. a boa constrictor (ENG)
O  boang. n. small sized taro, cut in four pieces only.  ex. bo-ua: cut in two pieces.  boangia: cut in four
O  boati. idiom. e bo atin te un, te maie, etc. the fight, etc., is onvc. kaboa atina, kaboatia
B  bób'a. vi. to trade in oiln. trading in oil. 
O  boba. v. to cheat in card playing (by changing or exchanging cards). 
boba1. n. trade in oil (as formerly). 
B  bóbai. n. heat especially at night.  a. uncomfortably warm when trying to sleep. 
bób'ai. vi. to buy, to sell, to traden. trade, shopping, buying, barter. 
O  bobai. n. exchange of things, trade, trading, businessv. bobai: to trade, to buy, to sellvt. bobaia: to traffic, to trade in.  ex. te tia bobai: the trader, merchant, shopkeeper, shop assistant.  vc. kabobaia, kaboa te bai: to buy.  ex. kaboa te bai nako: to sell. 
O  bobaiakina. vt. to deal in, to treat as merchandise, to keep a store of ... 
B  bób'aka. vi. to foul as a ball not properly hit. 
B  bóbaraaki. vi. to fall prostrate on the face, to bow down the head.  n. a low bowing forward of the head. 
O  bobaraki. v. to stoop, to bow, to bend the head, to lower the body, to be prostrate, to lie face downwards.  vc. kabobaraki: to make stoop, to prostrate, to place upside down. 
B  bob'áranako. vi. to glance off as a club not skillfully handled. 
O  bobaranako. v. to miss aim, to pass beside, to become undone after blow, or stroke. 
O  Bobe. n. Pope, Sovereign Pontiff. (ENG)
B  bóbo. n. a season or time just before fruit befins to ripen.  a fish, the.  vi. to have intercourse often, to meet often. 
O  bobo. v. frequentative of bov. to hit, to strikevt. boboa: to hit.  n. te bobo: practice of abortion, aborted foetusv. to meet, to unite, to accomplish the sexual act.  ex. te tia kabobo: the intermediary
bobo1. n. 1. a fish, name of tewe when numerous because sea is yellow looking.  sn. Gerres sp.  n. 2. ripening fruit, pandanus harvest season. 
B  bobóa. vt. frequentative of boa : to pat. 
B  bobób'a. vi. frequentative of bob'ai: to sell, to buy, to trade. 
B  bobóbaraaki. vi. frequentative of bobaraki
B  bobóbuaka. va. frequentative of bobuaka
B  bobói. a. slightly putrid
B  bobóia. n. a gun
O  boboia. n. a gun (Mak. Butar.).  syn. kati
B  bobóiai. a. frequentative of boiai: having the smell of fire. 
B  bobóiaræra. a. frequentative of boiarara: fragrant. 
B  boboiáutim'a. a. frequentative of boiautim'a: fragrant, of a delightful odor. 
B  bobóikamáiu. va. refreshing as certain odors. 
B  boboíngo. va. abounding in boingo
B  bobóiraa. a. frequentative of boiraa: bad smelling. 
B  bobóituta. vi. frequentative of boituta: to fail in procuring because seeking too late. 
B  bobokárina. va. frequentative of bokarina
B  bobóneao. va. frequentative of boneao: frequently turning aside from a certain work. 
B  bobónga. va. completed, finished
O  bobonga. v. to be finished, terminated, <ready for use>, finished in good time.  vc. kabobonga: to finish, to bring to an end. 
B  bobónib'a. vi. frequentative of bonib'a: to engage in excavating a hole for a tree or plant. 
B  bobónobonota. vt. frequentative of bonota: to shut, to mend. 
O  bobonu. n. a mask (European). Mak. Butar.  syn. bebenu (S.), mata ing (N.). 
B  bobórababóua. va. flattened out as a mass of soft food. 
B  bóboráoi. va. frequentative of boraoi
B  bobórau. vi. frequentative of borau: to sail, to go to sea. 
O  boborau. n. a star
B  bobóta. vt. to collect
B  bobotárarake. vi. frequentative of botararake
B  bobótika. va. frequentative of botika
B  bóboto. a. false, not true. 
B  bobótum'áka. va. frequentative of botum'aka
B  bobótumaara. va. frequentative of botumara
B  bobótunaba. va. frequentative of botunaba
B  bobóu. n. a canoe new throughout.  vi. to engage in making a canoe
B  bobóuru. va. greatly surprised
O  Bobouru. from. boun. astonishment, surprisea. astonished, surprised to hear something new.  v. to be surprised, to pretend to be surprised, to feign ignorance or innocence.  vt. boborua: to speak about something surprising. 
B  bobóuruakína. vt. to ask or inquire about. 
O  bobouruakina. vt. to talk about something new, surprising, mysterious.  ex. tera ae kam bobouruakina?: what strange or mysterious thing are you talking about? 
B  bóbuaka. va. not well finished, badly joined, bringing too small a price.  n. high price or unreasonable selling. 
bobuákaa. vt. to search after, to look up. 
O  bobuaka. n. inequality, irregularity, disproportion, disaccord, out of tune, discord, unfairvc. kabobuaka: to make ... without symmetry, order or regularity ... 
bobuaka1. a. expensive, dear, too dear. 
B  bóbuki. vi. to be entirely dispersed, to be all gone
O  bobuki. n. wind coming on wrong side of sail, or from aft.  syn. e kare buki, e kareaki bukina, e bo bukinavt. bobukia: to assail from behind.  ex. e bobukiaki te iee bobukiaki te ben: the coconut was opened at the end. 
O  bobukinaia. vt. to make a battue, to drive everything in front, to drive fish into a net. 
O  bobukiniri. v. to hit or beat the ends of pandanus before detaching them.  vt. bobukiniria
B  bói. a. unsuccessful in fishing
boói. n. a creeping plant, the. 
bói. n. scent, odor, smell
O  boi. n. a weed, stonecropsn. Portulaca oleacera and lutea
boi1. n. odour, smell, emission, exhalationv. boi, boboi: to emit an odour, ... smell.  idiom. e tao boina: it smells, exhales around.  ex. e tae boina: the smell disappears.  v. kaboia, kaboi: to make ... 
boi2. a. unlucky at fishing, returning empty handed.  ex. ko boi? eng, I boi: you had no luck (chance)? no, I hadn't.  sup. kiboiboi: to have taken nothing at all.  ex. a boi kira: we had no luck (Banaba). 
boi aka
O  boi aka. n. odour of oil, of certain oil. 
B  bóiai. a. having the smell of firen. the smell of fire. 
O  boiai. a. having smell of smoke, fire
B  bóiaræra. a. fragrantn. fragrance. 
O  boiarara. n. sweet smell, good smell in general, perfume, aroma, scenta. odoriferous, perfumed, embalmedv. kaboiarara, kakaboiarara: to perfume, embalm.  vc. kaboiarara (raea): idem. to perfume.  n. te kaboiarara: perfume. 
B  boiáutima. a. very fragrant as the urin. the odor of the uri
O  boiautima. n. the odour of uri flowers.  v. to smell good, like Nei Autima who bedecked herself with uri flowers. 
O  boibarabara. syn. bubarabaran. the smell of old dusty things. 
B  bóibíngibing. a. not mature as pandanus fruitn. unripe pandanus fruit. 
O  boibingibing. n. the smell of bingibingv. to feel empty, to feel want.  n. odour of unripe pandanus fruit. 
O  boibuako. n. bo i buako, bobo i buako: sociabilitya. sociablev. to like company
B  bóikamáiu. va. refreshing as certain odorsn. a refreshing odor. 
O  boikamaiu. a. exhaling an agreeable smellv. to have an ... 
O  boikangkang. n. an appetizing smell, flavour, aromav. to have an ... 
B  bóimæ/nging. a. having a sour or fermented smelln. the odor of fermenting karewe
O  boimanging. n. smell of alcohol, fermenting smell. 
O  boimanoa. n. odour of roasted nut. frying oilvc. kaboimanoa
B  boimaánua. a. having the smell of a burning coconut kernel.  n. the odor of burning coconut kernel. 
O  boimoka. n. the odour of decaying coconut
O  boina. n. fish, spot snapper
G  boina. sn. Lutianus monostigmusn. spot snapper (hh); on Butaritari and Makin (ll). 
L  boina. sn. Lutjanus monostigmusn. snapper
B  boíngo. n. a fish, the. 
O  boingo. n. fish, idem. (juvenile). 
G  boingo. sn. Lutianus bohar (ll)n. snapper (sm); juvenile (ll). 
L  boingo. sn. Lutjanus boharn. juvenile snapper
B  bóiraa. a. bad smelling.  n. a bad smell. 
O  boira. n. boboira, boiratuatua: a bad smell, stenchv. to smell bad, to stinkvc. kaboiraea: to infect, to give a bad smell. 
O  boiranaka. a. the smell of water in which perfume has been put, or in which a perfumed person has bathed. 
O  boiranikie. v. to pull and bundle together pandanus leaves for making mats. 
B  bóiraatúatua. a. offensive in smell (a polite term). 
O  boiratuatua. n. a very bad smellsup. superlative of boira
O  boiri. n. a game, in which a ball (ano) is kicked and kept off the ground. 
B  bóiriki. n. a certain post in a council house. 
O  boitabu. and boutabu (boua tabu).  n. a pillar of maneaba, the most important one going from ground to roof. 
B  bóituta. vi. to fail in procuring because seeking too late. 
O  boituta. a. unluckyv. to miss a chance, to arrive at bad time.  kabo i tutavt. kaboa ituta: to make unlucky, to make lose a chance. 
B  bóka. a. decayed as ripe coconut
O  boka. n. mud, anything decaying, tainted, in state of decomposing.  vt. kaboka: to make ..., to let ...  fig. no energy, weak, good for nothing. 
boka1. n. decayed coconut for malicious magic
B  bókaboka. n. mud.  a fish, the.  a. muddy
O  bokaboka. n. 1. mud, mire, slime, slusha. muddy, slimy, sloshyvc. kabokaboka: to make ...  vt. bokaboka, wibokaboka: to put mud or black soil around taro plants.  n. 2. a fish, unicorn fish. 
bokaboka1. n. Nei Bokaboka: larva of dragon fly
Bokaboka. n. Nei Bokaboka n nei: Lady Echo, the echo
bokaboka2. n. (bukabuka?) edible seaweed (in Beru). 
G  bókaboka. sn. Naso valmingi (ll)n. unicorn fish (sm). 
L  bokaboka. sn. Naso valmingi (acanturidae)n. surgeonfish, unicornfish
O  bokai. n. wooden peg or bolt (S.).  syn. te bin
O  bokakana. nv. carding of coconut fibre (benu). 
bokakana1. n. a disputev. to quarrel
B  bokákua. a. rotten, decayed, as a coconutn. a decayed coconut. 
O  bokakua. n. a decayed coconut changed to oil before opened. 
B  bókarina. vi. to act quickly. 
O  bokarina. a. striking suddenly, coming like the wind.  v. to arrive all of a sudden, to fall upon suddenly ... 
O  bokatoto. a. decomposed, rotten (coconut and fruit). 
B  bokáutea. vi. to lie, to deceivesee kewekewe
O  bokautea. n. false accusationsv. to accuse wrongly, to slander, to calcumniate <calumniate ?>.  vt. bobautea te aba: to carry all sorts of accusations against ... 
O  boketa. see keta
O  bokete. n. pocket, handbag, small suitcase. (ENG)
B  bokéwe. vi. to lie, to deceivesee kewekewe
O  bokewe. n. lying.  v. to tell liesn. bobokewe: habit of telling lies. 
B  bóki. n. paper, a book (ENG)
O  boki. n. book, exercise book (ENG)ex. te boki ni koroboki: writing book.  te boki n taumwi: account book.  ex. te boki ni weteara: roll book.  v. koroboki: to writevt. korobokia
O  bokie. syn. bita ni kie (S.). 
G  bokikokiko. sn. Conopoderas aequinoctialisn. <bird> warbler (The upper parts are greyish with whitish tips to the feathers; The underparts are mostly whitish, tinged with pale grey on the sides and with pale yellow on the breast; The legs and feet are grey and the bill blackish above, flesh colored below.) (aa). 
O  bomaieta. n. violent headache, meningitis, stroke, apoplexy, etc.  v. to have ... 
B  bómaki. vi. to engage in beating the ground with the butts of coconut fronds to scare away the spirit of a person who has just diedn. the scaring away of a departing spirit by beating the ground. 
bomaáki. va. light as a blowsee botamex. nkana e oreai temanna n te kai, ma e aki nene bona ba e botua, ao e bomaki iai, ke e botam
O  bomaki. n. funeral ceremony consisting of chasing the soul from a corpse, by tapping on ground or trees around with a stick for three days.  vt. bomaka: to chase in this way, to make quit in quick time.  ex. e na bo makim, N na bo makiko: I'll give you a good beatinge bo makina: he got a sound thrashingsee beketana, bo takena
bomaki1. a. barely touched, grazed, only slightly touched. 
B  bomæ/kia. vt. to treat a dead person to a bomaki
O  bomanea. vt. to surround, to encircle with net ..., in pen, etc. 
O  bomaneka. v. to cut notches on coconut trunk to facilitate climbing.  vt. bomaneka: to make ..., to cut ... 
O  bomata. n. sore eyesv. to have sore eyes. 
O  bomatoa. a. dear, <expensive>, high pricedsyn. bo rawata
O  bomwi. n. bobo mwi, e bo mwina: compensationvt. kaboa mwina: to make amends for, to compensate, to pay back, to restituten. te kabomwi: reparation, restitution, compensation.  ex. te tataro ni kabomwi: act of Reparation. 
B  bqn. adv. truly, indeed, really, unquestionablyn. black soil, loam which has been sifted. 
O  bon. adv. of insistence; truly, really, surely, perfectly, certainlyex. boni ngai: it is I.  e boni koaua: it is true.  e bon aki: certainly not, surely not. 
bon1. n. leaf mouldd, humusvt. bonia: to put leaf mould on, to fertilize, to manurev. io bon: to sift the black soil.  syn. tano-bon, bon-roro
B  bónæno. n. a syphilitic affliction. 
O  bonano. n. a kind of syphilis (diff. from boriki, <boroki ?>). 
B  bóneao. n. inconstancy in work.  va. frequently turning aside from a certain work