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To Our Readers:
We are pleased to present the facts about another great heroic fighting ally – the people of Yugoslavia and their leader, Marshal Tito.
The name "Tito" has become legendary in the annals of our common struggle against Hitlerism. Yet less is known about him today than most men of equal renown.
Howard Fast, that distinguished American author of "Citizen Tom Paine" fame, made a careful study of the facts and wrote this incredible account of a man and a people who refused to understand the meaning of the word "defeat."
Henry A. Wallace said: "Never in history have a people shown more readiness to die for an ideal than the courageous Yugoslav partisans."
Max Werner, the military expert for the Field Publications, writing in "PM", Sunday, June 11th, 1944, makes this timely pronouncement: "With US-British-Russian pressure increased in the south, Marshal Tito's army has opportunity of becoming a link between the Russian front in the Balkans and the U.S.-British Mediterranean front. The northern Adriatic coast and northwestern Balkans are very vulnerable areas for German defense. They are the gates to the short road into central Europe."
The invasion of Europe is on. Yugoslavia's strategic position on the continent of Europe makes it important that we know the full story of her leader, Marshal Tito, and her people, in the struggle for liberation.