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FAST, HOWARD, author; b. N.Y.C., Nov. 11, 1914, s. Barney and Ida (Miller) F., ed. George Washington High Sch., N.Y.C., N.A.D.; m. Betty Cohen, June 6, 1937, children--Rachel Ann, Jonathan. Began writing, 1932; European corr. for Esquire and Coronet mags., 1945; mem. oversets staff OWI, 1942-43; Army film project, 1944. Mem. World Peace Council, 1950-55. Am. Labor Party Congl. candidate 23d Dist., N.Y., 1952. Recipient Bread Loaf scholarship, 1935, Stalin Internat. Peace prize, 1953; Annual Book award, Secondary Edn. Bd., 1962, Emmy award for The Ambassador, Benjamin Franklin, 1974. Jewish religion. Author (novels) Two Valleys, 1932, Strange Yesterday, 1933, The Children, 1936, Place in the City, 1937, Conceived in Liberty, 1939; Haym Salomon (biography), 1941; The Last Frontier, 1941; Baden Powell (biography), 1941; Tall Hunter, 1942; The Unvanquished, 1942; Goethals and the Panama Canal, 1942; Citizen Tom Paine, 1943; Freedom Road, 1944; Peekskill, U.S.A., 1951; Spartacus, 1952, The Naked God, 1957; Moses, Prince of Egypt, 1958; Tony and the Wonderful Door, 1968; The Crossing, 1971; General Zapped an Angel, 1971; Last Frontier, 1971; The Hessian, 1972; My Glorious Brothers, 1972; A Touch of Infinity, 1973; (under name E.V. Cunningham) Sylvia, 1960, Phyllis, 1962, Alice, 1963, Helen, 1966, Margie, 1966, Sally, 1967, Samantha, 1967, Cynthia, 1968, Millie, 1973; The Establishment, 1979. Editor Selected Works of Paine, 1945; Collection of Short Stories: Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel, 1945; The American (biography of Peter Altgeld, former gov. Of I11.), 1946; Clarkton, 1947; My Glorious Brothers, 1948; Departure, 1949; Literature and Reality, 1949; The Proud and the Free, 1950; The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1953, 1972; Silas Timberman, 1954; The Story of Lola Gregg: The Winston Affair, 1959, April Morning, 1961; Power, 1962; The Crossing (play), 1962; Agrippa's Daughter, 1964; The Hill (drama), 1963; Torquemada, 1966; The Hunter and the Trap, 1967; The Jews, 1968; The Hessian, 1970; The Immigrants, 1977; Second Generation, 1978. Contbr. articles to Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Jour., Saturday Rev., Midstream, Esquire. Office: care Houghton Mifflin Co 2 Park St Boston MA 02107