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Daily Worker
September 1, 1950

Howard Fast, Dr. Bradley Free
After Serving 3-Month Term

Howard Fast, renowned novelist and Dr. Lyman K. Bradley, New York University professor, have been released from the federal prison camp at Mill Point, W. Va., after completing their three months sentence for contempt of the House Un-American Committee.

They are two of the 11 defendants in the famous case of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. All chose prison rather than concede to the Un-American Committee's demand to see records which would have revealed names of Spanish anti-fascists they were helping. The Un-Americans' contacts with Dictator Franco could have spelled death for those being helped.

Both Fast and Bradley left prison Tuesday, and are now with their families.

"You may tell all our friends we are of good cheer, our spirits are high and we are full of hope" Fast said, when reached by telephone at the place he was staying in New Jersey.

He said that two of the Hollywood Ten are in the same prison camp--Albert Maltz and Edward Dmytryk, who are serving year sentences, also on contempt charges.

Maltz, Fast said, is an orderly in the prison hospital and Dmytryk is working in the camp garage.

Fast, 28 pounds lighter than when he entered prison, returns to New York practically on the eve of the opening of his play--The Hammer which has its premiere Sept. 8 at the Czech Workers House. He will attend the opening performance, which is sponsored by the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee.

Eight days were deducted from the prisoners' three months sentence, Fast said, because they were engaged in physical labor.

The other leaders of the anti-fascist committee are scheduled for release next Wednesday with the exception of Dr. Howard K. Barsky, chairman of the Committee. He is serving a six-month sentence and is in the federal penitentiary at Petersburg, Va.

Those due out next week are Dr. Jacob Auslander, Dr. Louis Miller, Mrs. Charlotte Stern, Mrs. Ruth Leider, Mrs. Marjorie Chodorov, Harry Justiz, Manuel Magana and James Lustig.

Their case was known throughout the world and millions on all continents protested their imprisonment.