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Daily Worker
May 26, 1950

Howard Fast, Mother Bloor
Head Whitman Peace Festival

CAMDEN.--Sunday, May 28, will be Walt Whitman Day in this city. And because the Good Gray Poet celebrated peace and democracy while he lashed out at the "filthy presidentials," Walt Whitman's 131st birthday memorial will be Peace Day in Camden.

Commemoration Ceremonies under the auspices of the Creative Arts Council of New Jersey, sponsored by leading writers and artists, will be held at 1:30 p.m. in the beautiful tree-lined grove at Whitman's tomb in Harleigh Cemetery on Haddon Ave.


SPEAKING at the ceremony will be Howard Fast, author of "Freedom Road" and other world-wide best sellers, and Ella Reeve Bloor, 88-year-old "mother" to the American labor and progressive movement who knew Whitman when she was a child in Camden.

John Kolb, chairman of the Creative Arts Council, will be master of ceremonies.


"EVERY LINE Whitman ever wrote is living proof that today he would be shoulder-to-shoulder with Howard Fast, Mother Bloor and Paul Robeson in the struggle against the Cold war," Kolb said.

In the event of rain, the celebration will be held at the famous old Whitman home in Mickle St. Cars will be available in most New Jersey cities for those who don't have their own transportation. Newark cars will leave between 10:30 and 11 a.m. from the Jefferson School Annex, 84 13th Ave.

Sponsors of the affair include Langston Hughes, famous Negro poet; Mike Gold, veteran labor journalist; Samuel Sillen, Masses and Mainstream editor and a well-known writer on Whitman; Shirley Graham, biographer of Paul Robeson and George Washington Carver, and Alfred Kreymorg, poet.