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Laureates of Peace

;Our hearts were warmed by the news that Howard Fast has been awarded a Stalin Peace Prize for 1953. This high honor fittingly goes to a writer who has long distinguished himself for his rich and tireless contribution to the cause of world peace. As artist and as citizen Fast brilliantly shows the essential community of interest between the American people and the people of all other lands. As he said on receiving news of the award: "Now, more than ever before in all human history, the need for peace is the imperative need of the whole human race; and the highest patriotism is that patriotism which calls for the peaceful intercourse of nations."

Fast's devotion to this purpose has won him the respect and love of many millions throughout the world. It has also won him the hate of the warmongers and would-be-fascists. For his patriotic dedication to peace and freedom he has suffered jail, inquisitions by McCarthy, the banning of his widely admired novels by the State Department, blacklisting by commercial publishers. He has fought on with unfailing and inspiring courage, and his influence continues to grow.

The Stalin Prize dramatizes the world role of Howard Fast, just as the 1952 award to Paul Robeson symbolized the esteem in which that great artist is held by all progressive humanity. Masses & Mainstream is proud to number both among its contributing editors.

Our warm congratulations go also to the other distinguished winners of the 1953 Stalin Peace Prize: the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda; the British scientist J.D. Bernal; the Polish writer Leon Kruczkowski; the Soviet trade union leader Nina Vasilevna Popova; the Swedish medical officer Dr. Andrea Andreen; the Belgian parliament member Isabelle Blume; the former Italian priest Andrew Gaggiero; and the Indian health expert Maj. Gen. Sir Sahib-singh Sokhey.