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Freedom Road

screenplay by David Zelag Goodman, producer: Zev Braun. videocassette, director: Jan Kadar. Film Editing by Anne Goursaud. 2 cassettes (VHS)(186 min.), sd, col, 1/2 in. Worldvision Home Video, Worldvision Enterprises Inc, Zev Braun Inc. (1979 TV color)

Muhammad Ali plays an emancipated slave fighting for civil rights in this 1979 TV-movie.
It's set after the Civil War on the sprawling Carwell plantation in rural South Carolina, the birthplace of an illiterate runaway named Gideon Jackson (Ali), who served as a Union soldier and has now come home. A self-effacing yet commanding man, Jackson earns the respect and trust of his Carwell peers, who elect him under Reconstruction law as a: delegate to rewrite the state constitution in Charleston.
There, the country bumpkin gets a lesson in politics and teaches himself to read and write. Both educations prove valuable to Gideon as he sets out on a hard-fought struggle against intolerance and injustice that's marked by an uphill battle to buy land - and an uneasy alliance with a neighboring. share-cropper (Kris Kristofferson).

Adapted from Howard Fast's novel.

Gideon Jackson Muhammad Ali
Abner Lait Kris Kristofferson
President Grant John McLiam
Sheriff Bentley Fred Covington
Jeff Jackson William Allen Young
Ellen Jean Renee Foster
Francis Cardozo Ron O'Neal
Stephen Holms Edward Herrmann
Rachel Jackson Barbara-o Jones
Jason Hugar Sonny Shroyer
Brother Peter Sonny Jim Gaines
Marion Jefferson Ernest Dixon
Allenby Joel Fluellen
Trooper: Bill Mackey
Hannibal Earl D.A. Smith
Lawyer Greene Howard Brunner
Went Howland Chamberlin
Narrator Ossie Davis