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from the dust jacket of the 1941 Julian Messner first edition

Lord Baden-Powell of the Boy Scouts

This is the story of an army officer who gave the world one of its greatest potential peace movements. It is the story of the man who founded the international brotherhood of Boy Scouts, who for the first time in history bound the youth of scores of nations together in the cause of peace.

Aside from that, it is the thrilling tale of Baden-Powell, the boy and the man, of a career which for adventure and incident seems almost unmatched.

From the day when, just out of an English Public School, he was given a commission in a cavalry regiment serving in India, to the time years later when he held Mafeking in the longest siege of modern times, his life was one thrilling incident after another.

His story is a pageant of the growth of Britain's empire -- and more than that. For after years of strife, he dedicated himself to a peace movement that is truly international. A veteran soldier -- a military genius -- he spent the last thirty years of his life in the interests of peace; and in the organization of groups of boys throughout the world whose activities are devoted to the finest ideals of young manhood.

Every boy will wish to own this book which reads like the splendid adventure story it is. A royal treat for those who are not Scouts, it will be a must for every Boy Scout -- since the life-giving force of the movement originated in Baden-Powell's own experience.