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The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun

One by one they die violently, first a famous black minister in Miami, then a revered world leader in Geneva. To most, the brutal deaths of these two men seem to be without connection. But they are connected. For these murders are part of a deadly conspiracy planned by a secret international group, known as The Department and carried out by The Department's most proficient assassin, Richard Breckner.

Breckner is more than just a cold, methodical killer. Above all he is a rational man, and, it would seem, in the context of our times the ultimate moral man.

As this swift-paced, chilling story unfolds, Breckner is given his most difficult assignment: to assassinate a beloved American diplomat, Norton Quigley, and his wife, Patience. Breckner, the uninvolved assassin, meets Patience and their lives begin to change. As the novel roars to a climax, Breckner and the American diplomat face the momentous decision -- who should live and who should die.

A striking departure from previous Cunningham entertainments, The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun is a gripping tale that illuminates what may be the terrifying truth behind the unspeakable events of our murderous age.

from the dust jacket of the 1969 Morrow first edition