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MCA/Universal Pictures

(1965 b/w: USA 108 min)

Plot Summary: A suspense thriller about a man suffering from amnesia who is determined to solve a murder before someone gets the chance to kill him.

A dazed Gregory Peck wanders down the stairs of a New York skyscraper during a power blackout, only vaguely aware of who he is, where he's been, and why he has this nagging feeling that danger lurks all about him. He does know that many of the people in the building are acquainted with him -- and that he is somehow linked with the death of a wealthy philanthropist who has just fallen 27 floors to his death.

With a body hurtling from a New York skyscraper, this Hitchcock-like thriller opens in a state of mysterious suspense that carries you through to its spine-tingling climax. GREGORY PECK is a man with an important secret...but he can't remember what it is. Suffering from traumatic amnesia, Peck things he is a cost accountant for the vast Unidyne Corporation. In reality he is a physiochemist who has discovered a way to neutralize radiation from a nuclear fall-out. Both Unidyne officials and advocates for world peace want Peck's scientific forumla -- and both are willing to kill for it. With his life in danger, Peck takes his story to the police. No one will pay any attention to him, however, except WALTER MATTHAU, an easy-going detective who finds his own life threatened when he tries to help. Thinking he is going crazy, Peck seeks treatment from a psychiatrist (ROBERT H. HARRIS). Only then does he begin to unravel the mysteries locked in his mind and understand why he is the target of hit men. Director EDWARD DMYTRYK imposed his own inventive style on this film, shot on location in New York City. He discarded the traditional method for introducing flashbacks with a filmy, out-of-focus dissolve. Instead, he incorporated short lead-in lines with straight cuts to achieve the same effect, a creative technique that's still used in the movies of today.

Directed by:
Edward Dmytryk
  Gregory Peck David
  Diane Baker Shela
  Walter Matthau Ted Caselle
  Kevin McCarthy Josephson
  Jack Weston Lester
  Leif Erickson Major Crawford
  Walter Abel Calvin
  George Kennedy Willard
  Robert Harris Dr. Broden
  Anne Seymour Frances
  House Jameson Bo
  Hari Rhodes Lieutenant Franken
  Syl Lamont Benny
  Eileen Baral Irene
  Neil Fitzgerald Joe Turtle
  Franklin Cover Group Leader
Written by:
Howard Fast (as Walter Ericson)
Peter Stone (screenplay)
Cinematography by:
Joseph MacDonald
Music by:
Quincy Jones
Costume Design by:
Jean Louis
Film Editing by:
Ted J. Kent
Produced by:
Harry Keller