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The New York Times
January 7, 1954, p. 33

McCarthy 'Tried' Here

Fast and Coe Assail Senator at Mock Proceeding

Howard Fast, Stalin Peace Prize winner, and Frank V. Coe, former secretary of the International Monetary Fund, appeared last night as "prosecution witnesses" at a mock trial of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, Republican of Wisconsin.
Mr. Coe was starred as a "surprise witness" and was introduced as "a friend and associate" of the late Harry Dexter White, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury accused of Soviet espionage. Mr. Coe was one of the thirteen "witnesses" at the "trial," held under the auspices of the Trade Union Veterans Committee at St. Nicholas Arena, Columbus Avenue and Sixty-fifth Street.
A capacity crowd of 5,800 persons paid 75 cents apiece to hear Mr. Coe, Mr. Fast and other speakers describe Senator McCarthy as a Fascist. Acting as "chief prosecution counsel" - there were no defense witnesses - was Frank Serri, an official of the National Lawyers Guild. A dozen anti-Communist pickets paraded outside the Arena.