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The Winston Affair

1959. 221 pp, 21.5 cm, 1st, [blue cloth, gold lettering]. see: Francis M. Nevins: Man in theMiddle: Unsung Classic of the Warren Court. Crown Publishers. New York.*
1959,1960. 224 pp, 20.5 cm, Methuen. London. *
1960. 168 pp, 18 cm, pbk "A Bantam Fifty", Bantam Books. New York.
1964. film: Man in the Middle.
1961. Winston-Sagen. (Danish , tr. by Karina Windfeld-Hansen) 182 pp, Fremad. Copenhagen.
1984. Cour martiale. (French , tr. by Charles Meaux) 183 pp, 22 cm, cov. ill., Le Miroir obscur 93 (ISSN 0753-616X). Oswald (53-Mayenne: Impr. Floch). Paris. ISBN: 2-7304-0280-3.
1964. Tra due fuochi. (Italian , tr. by N. Boraschi) 342 pp, 21 cm, Baldini e Castoldi. Milano.
1961. Winston-saken: roman. (Norwegian , tr. by Per Wollebæk) 213 pp, Tiden. Oslo.
1960. El caso Winston. (Spanish , tr. by Miguel de Hernani) 236 pp, Colección horizonte, Sudamericana. Buenos Aires.