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The Naked God; The Writer and the Communist Party

1957. 197 pp, 21.5 cm, "First Published in...1957", [black linson, gold lettering]. Books That Matter series. Praeger. New York.* [Seidman F55, (and see: Aaron 1961)]
1957. The Writer and the Commissar. in: Prospectus 1:1(31) Nov'57. [includes about 70% of The Naked God, published a few weeks later].
1957. On Leaving the Communist Party. (excerpt from The Naked God). in: Saturday Review of Literature, 40(5-17) Nov 16'57.
1958. 159 pp, 18.3 cm, ARC of 1st British edition, pbk, [brown wraps, title tipped in]. The Bodley Head. London. *
1958. 159 pp, 19 cm, 1st British edition, [red linsom, gold lettering]. The Bodley Head. London. *
1958. Lo shen (tso chia yèu kung ch'an tang). (Chinese , tr. by Chien Li) 1, 188 pp, 21 cm, 880-02 Hsiang-kang: Tzu yu ch'u pan she, Min kuo 47.
1959. Naha pravda. (Czech ) 220 pp, "Sklizen svobodne tvorby, 34". Greensboro, N.C.
1960. Dewa belot: nama asli. (Indonesian ) 179 pp, Djambatan. Djakarta.
1958. Krâoljest nagi (Krol jest nagi). (Polish ) 166 pp, 22 cm, "Biblioteka "Kultury", t. 32" series. Instytut Literacki. Paryçz (Paryz).
1959. Deus Nu: o escritor e o partido comunista. (Portuguese , tr. by Osvaldo Peralva, Aluizio Medeiros) Saga. Rio de Janeiro.
1958. Fast, Govard (Howard). Golyi bog. (Russian , tr. by F. Lebedeva) 138 pp, 24 cm, (Cyrillic text). Izd-ie Tsentral'nogo Obëiìedineniìiìa Politicheskiëkìh Emigrantov iz SSSR (TSOPE). Mëiìunkhen.
1958. El dios desnudo. (Spanish , tr. by Fernando Valle) 191 pp, 20 cm, Santiago Rueda. Buenos Aires.