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The Last Frontier

1941. xii, 307 pp, 22.3 cm, "first edition", [dark tan cloth, gold lettering, black top-edge] map on lining-papers. Duell, Sloan & Pearce. New York.*
1942 (Aug). foreword by Carl Van Doren. 235 pp, 21.7 cm, book club, [beige cloth, red and blue lettering, red Readers Club logo on cover, red top edge] ill, map. The Press of the Readers Club. New York. *
1944. 307 pp, 20.5 cm, [brown linson, black lettering, top edge brown]. The Sun Dial Press. Garden City, NY. *
1945. 247 pp, 16.3 cm, pbk, Pocket Books (322). New York. *
1946. 307 pp, 20.5 cm, Tower edition, [red cloth, white lettering]. World Pub. Co. Cleveland. *
1947. xii, 307 pp, 21.2 cm, 5th ptg., [tan cloth, black lettering, dark grey top edge] map on lining-papers. Duell, Sloan & Pearce. New York. *
1949. 156 pp, 16.2 cm, pbk, "specially revised and edited for Avon Books". Avon (205). *
1949. 233 pp, 20 cm, Foreign Languages Publishing House. Moscow.
1949. 250 pp, 19 cm, 1st British, [green cloth, yellow lettering] "First published 1948. Copyright in the USA". The Bodley Head. London. *
1951. 254 pp, 20.5 cm, [tan cloth, brown lettering]. Foreign Languages Publishing House. Moscow. *
1953. 307 pp, 21 cm, (also pbk), [light sand linson, black lettering]. Blue Heron Press. New York. *
1953. 240 pp, 18.1 cm, pbk, Penguin (904). Middlesex, UK. *
1954. a book for reading in the 10th grade. Kiev.
1955. explanatory notes by E.I. Hakina. 261 pp, 19.5 cm, ill., map "Biblioteka inostrannoi literatury". Foreign Languages Pub. House. Moscow.
196?. pbk, Bantam Books. New York.
1964. film: Cheyenne Autumn.
1968 ?. Crown Publishers, Inc. New York.
1971. xiii, 223 pp, 17.8 cm, pbk, "This is an authorized reprint of a hardcover edition published by Crown Publishers, Inc.". New American Library (Signet T4480). New York. *
1973. 250 pp, 21 cm, pbk. "White Lion edition", White Lion Publishers. London, New York. ISBN: 85617615X.
1997. xii,307 pp, 23 cm, pbk, "A new edition with a special introduction by the author". M.E. Sharpe (North Castle Books). ISBN: 1563245930.
  The Blue Heron Press (1953) edition states "...has also been published in the following languages:Albanian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czechoslovak, Dutch, French, Georgian, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukranian, Uzbek, Yiddish".
1952. Tsui hou ti pien chiang. (Chinese , tr. by Tsai Hui, Chen Sung-hsèueh, Li Yu-chèueh) [1], 307 pp, 21 cm, Ti 1 pan, [2] p. of plates : ill., map. Hsin wen i chu pan she. Shang-hai.
1947. Konec stopy. (Czech , tr. by Jan Skorpik) 277 pp, 22 cm, 1., autorisovane vyd., "Knihovna Rudeho prava; roc. 2, sv. 1" series. Knihovna Rudeho prava. Praha.
1980. Flugten mod friheden. (Danish , tr. by Ulla Warren) illustrated by Karl V. Larsen. 247 pp, 21 cm, ill. Lademann. Kobenhavn.
1973. De laatste tocht. (Dutch , tr. by Theun de Vries) 306 pp, (Dirk Verstraete) Reinaert Omnibus (18). DAP-Reinaert. Brussel.
nd. De laatste tocht: een roodhuidenroman. (Dutch ) 248 pp, 2de dr, Prisma-boeken (91). Spectrum. Utrecht.
1983. De laatste tocht. (Dutch , tr. by F. Kliphuis) 246 pp, 22 cm, Loeb. Amsterdam. ISBN: 90-6213-337-1.
1996. La Dernière frontière: le roman des Peaux-Rouges. (French , tr. by de Palaminy) 256 pp, 18 cm, UGE. ISBN: 2264020636.
1951. Die letzte Grenze. (German ) 306 pp, 21 cm, Dietz. Berlin.
1968. Die letzte Grenze. (German , tr. by Gerhart Kraaz) 344 pp, ill. Büchergilde Gutenberg. Frankfurt am Main; Wien; Zürich.
1968. Die letzte Grenze. (German , tr. by Gerhart Kraaz) 339 pp, 21 cm, ill. Büchergilde Gutenberg. Hägendorf.
1977. Die letzte Grenze. (German , tr. by Gerhart Kraaz) with 34 illustrations. 339 pp, 21 cm, Europaeische Verlagsanstalt. Frankfurt am Main.
1980. Die letzte Grenze: Roman. (German ) 242 pp, 19 cm, pbk, rororo (4646). Rowohlt-Taschenbuch-Verlag. Reinbek bei Hamburg. ISBN: 3-499-14646-0.
1950. Az utolso hatar; regeny. (Hungarian ) 215 pp, 20 cm, Revai. Budapest.
1953. L' ultima frontiera. (Italian ) 367 pp, 20 cm, Le opere e i giorni, Edizioni di Cultura Sociale. Roma.
1953. L'ultima frontiera. (Italian ) 367 pp, 20 cm, Edizioni di Cultura Sociale (opere e i giorni). Roma.
1974. L'ultima vittoria dei cheyenne ... (Italian , tr. by Mario Manzari e Bernard Hickey) 278 pp, 22 cm, Longanesi. Milano.
1956. Sista gränsen: roman. (Swedish , tr. by Nils G. Holmberg) 252 pp, Arbetarkultur. Stockholm.