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The American: a Middle Western legend

1946. 337 pp, 21 cm, "First Edition", [blue cloth, gold lettering, maroon top edge]. Duell, Sloan & Pearce. New York.* [Seidman F38]
1946. "Abridged from the Book in the Author's Own Words". in: Omnibook Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 12, Nov. 1946, pp 121-160. (with: The Salem Frigate / John Jennings, Rhubarb / H. Allen Smith, A Book About a Thousand Things /George Stimpson). *
1946. 337 pp, 21.3 cm, book club edition, [maroon cloth, gold lettering, green top edge, headband] illustrated endpapers. Duell, Sloan & Pearce. New York. *
1947. "A long condensation of the best-selling novel". in: Reader's Scope, pp 113-146, February, 1947. 19 cm, *
1948. Albert Parsons. in: Joseph Gaer: Our Lives; 32 Short Stories of American Labor. pp. 77-85. 318 pp, 21 cm, [reprint of pages 72-96 of The American]. Boni and Gaer. New York. *
1949. 337 pp, 20.1 cm, "First published in England 1949", [teal cloth, gold lettering]. The Bodley Head. London. *
1970. 270 pp, 18 cm, book club, Grosset & Dunlap. New York.
1970. 250 pp, 17.8 cm, pbk, Tempo (5328). New York. *
1981. pbk, Ace Books. ISBN: 044101741X.
1947. La passion de Peter Altgeld, democrate americain. (French ) 315 cm, pbk, Editions Hier et Aujourd'hui. Par.
1952. Amerikajin. (Japanese , tr. by Yamada Atsushi) 318 pp, 18.6 cm, pbk, Seidousha. Tokyo. *
1948. Amerykanin. (Polish , tr. by Józef Brodzki) 333 pp, 21 cm, Wiedza. Warszawa.
1949. Amerykanin. (Polish , tr. by Józef Brodzki) 330 pp, Ksiazka i Wiedza. Warszawa.
1948. Amerikanen: Roman från mellanvästern. (Swedish , tr. by Olle Moberg) 304 pp, Arbetarkultur [Seelig]. Stockholm.
1988. Firtinadan sonra. (Trukish , tr. by Semsa Yegin) 311 pp, Oda. Istanbul.