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The New York Times - Dec. 5, 1947

Columbia Bars Talk on Campus by Fast


Howard Fast, novelist, has been barred from addressing a campus meeting of the Columbia University chapter of the Progressive Citizens of America that was scheduled for next Friday, the PCA announced today.
The university's action was termed by Robert Persons, student chairman of the PCA chapter, "a complete break with the liberal traditions of American education."
University Provost Albert C. Jacobs confirmed the ban but said the action was taken in conformance with the university's practice of not permitting anyone who is under sentence to speak. Mr. Fast is one of the fifteen members of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee who are awaiting sentence on a citation for contempt returned on June 27 for failure to comply with the demand of the House Committee on Un-American Activities to produce the organization's books and records.
The provost cited as precedent the case of Earl Browder, who, he said, had been permitted to speak on the campus both before he was indicted and after he had been released from prison, but not in the interim period. Mr. Jacobs said that approval of Mr. Fast as a speaker at a PCA meeting that had been scheduled for October, an appointment Mr. Fast could not keep, was given through an "administrative oversight."
The campus PCA chapter noted as a contradiction of the university's practice the fact that Dr. Lyman Bradly, another of the fifteen, was permitted to speak on the campus last summer under the joint auspices of the PCA and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.