This site, a reflection of my various interests and activities, made its first appearance February 17, 1996. I called it EclectiCity – Eclectic because it seemed so diverse, and City because there were so many places in it. It has grown tremendously in its first decade, and while there are still as many mini-sites, it no longer seems so diverse to me, and I think of it now as simply

The left hand index links to the home pages of the mini-sites. The list still features most of the pages that started it off. Books and Book Collecting, one of the first pages, is now something of a "standard", as is AKA, the pseudonyms page. "Book" pages like Howard Fast or Maigret have been greatly expanded over the years, and have also become the "standard" pages in their areas. New, graphical "eclectic" pages have appeared, like Og and Detective Fiction on Stamps, while a few others have faded away.

Navigation: When you select a page from the left-hand index, the new page will replace this one. Use the browser's "back" button to return to the index. Otherwise, click in the upper left corner of the screen where there's a faint logo that will open this page.

A few sites that I've made and maintain for others are listed at the bottom of the index.

Steve Trussel

9,000 feet above home... the southeast corner of Oahu, via Google Earth