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Sherlock Holmes

Local Posts

and related labels

from the collection of Gordon H. Palmer

"The Yeti Post was started in 1965 as an offshoot of my founding and being involved in a climbing club. We use the first Yeti Post labels when we went to Nepal, and elsewhere. I remember well that the (so-called) postmaster in Namche Bazar took pains NOT to cancel the labels on the cards... ($%#&%!). Yeti Post issues now number close to 1000 or more." GHP

Except for the Yeti Post, most of the images are from b/w photocopies, in some cases with color added, not images of the actual labels. Numbers below images are arbitrary, to facilitate reference. (Numbers followed by * indicate the color image is based on an original label. In addition to the Yeti Post, those marked [GHP] are by Gordon Palmer.) If you have any information about any of these issues, please let me know.

SHLP-1a* - Gordon Palmer's Yeti Post (1987)

SHLP-1b* - Gordon Palmer's Yeti Post (1987)

SHLP-2* - Gordon Palmer's Yeti Post

SHLP-2a* - Gordon Palmer's Yeti Post

SHLP-4* - Gordon Palmer's Yeti Post

SHLP-5 - Doc's Local Post / Tigard, Oregon / Bull Mountain - Sept. 12, 1997

SHLP-6 - Doc's Parody Local Post



SHLP-9 - Sherlock Holmes Local Post signed "J. Mudd" August 29, 1985

SHLP-10 - Baker Street Local Post signed "J. Mudd"




SHLP-20* [GHP]

SHLP-15* [GHP]

SHLP-16* [GHP]

SHLP-21* [GHP]



SHLP-18 [GHP]   (Funky Winkerbean is by Tom Batiuk, King Features Syndicate)

SHLP-22 [GHP]   (ca. 2001)

SHLP-23 [GHP]   (ca. 2001)