July 30, 2003

Out-of-Print Book Search Services

Abooksearch.com. Search the Inventories of Our Online Community of Old, Rare, and Out-of-Print Booksellers.

Abracadabra Booksearch International. We are one of the largest book search companies in the world. We specialize in finding Rare, Scarce and Out-Of-Print books for people and institutions. We offer a FREE INTERNATIONAL BOOK SEARCH.

Ashworth Books. 39 West Market Street Red Hook New York 12571 USA. We offer a free international search service for books of all kinds in any language. No fees. No obligation. Timely reply. We ship books anywhere in the world. We also buy books of all kinds and will respond to all offers. e-mail: ahab@ulster.net; Phone or fax: 914 758-0285. 24 hour service. Call or fax anytime.

Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop. 339 Newbury St. Boston, MA 02115 USA. Tel: (617) 266-7746. Though our online catalog is expansive, we have over a hundred-thousand books that are not cataloged. If you cannot find what you are looking for online, please use this form for a quick and easy way to make a request. Our staff will contact you directly and will help you find the book you are looking for.

Babbitt's Books. A collection of book stores in central Illinois with varying specialities. We offer a variety of services including: keeping want lists, an on-line data base, appraisals, a book search service: If you can not find what you are looking for on our databases, please fill in our handy on-line want list. When you send this to us, we will search other sources to locate your book. When we find it, we will contact you with the condition and the price.

Book Finder. If you have a book you've been looking for, but just can't seem to find, let us know. We can't guarantee we will be able to get an original copy of the Constitution of Atlantis, or the private diary of the "real" Hercules. But our book finder service is FREE. It's well worth you investment! (e-mail: ris@empirenet.com)

BookSearch. BookSearch, Inc. was started in 1984 by Timothy Donahue. Mr. Donahue has been in the Rare and Out-of-Print book business since 1968. BookSearch, Inc. is affiliated with over 1,700 retail bookstores in all fifty states as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan. Unlike other online search services BookSearch, Inc. has been a presence in the book world for more than a dozen years. With nearly thirty years experience in the business, our service does more than simply search internet-based catalogs and lists. Book matching services charge you, and can only compare your request to books located on their own database--they aren't really a search service--If it's not on their list, they can't find it. We have our own database consisting of more than 1000 Rare and Out-of-Print book dealers not to mention our proprietary lists of private collectors. For BookSearch, searching the internet for your book is only a small part of the process.

BookSearch at Hay (Peter Horsburgh). "We can find ANY book, on or off the internet. Located in Hay-on-Wye, the world capital of the second hand, rare & antiquarian book business, we have access to some 27 million books, with 5m in Hay alone. We also operate the award winning Booksearch Café, Restaurant and Bar where: "You wine and dine while we search for that sought-after book" (We are NOT an internet café)".

Bookworld. A leading booksearch specialist. With experience of over 25 years as a collector of books on field hockey, John went into bookselling some 10 years ago. Since then he has built up one of the most successful booksearch operations for its size in the United Kingdom. Recenty retired from the Executive Committees of Great Britain and Wales Hockey, John now devotes his energies to Rotary and the Book Trade. He continues to answer questions on Hockey gleaned from his collection of Hockey books - the world's largest.

Brattle Book Shop. Boston, Mass, 'One of America's Oldest & Largest Book Shops,' (founded in 1825) offers a search service with online form input, as well as appraisals, book buying and much more.

Cabin Fever Book Search Service. Boston, Mass, 'Unlike many book search services, I provide a personal, active search keeping in mind any specifications you give me.' Christine Doiron.

Curious Kiwi Books Out-of-print Book Search. The Curious Kiwi (formerly The Penguin Bookery) is an on-line bookstore dedicated to helping people locate out-of-print and hard-to-find titles. We will search for any title you wish and provide you with availability and price before your order is processed We do not charge for conducting an out-of-print search. We only make a profit when we successfully locate a book for you within the price range you're looking for.

Exedra Booksearch. Exedra Booksearch specialises in finding out of print books on the worldwide second hand book market. You can request a search, which is free of charge, by completing the form. Phone: +44 (0) 207 731 8500, FAX: +44 (0) 207 731 8400. email: info@exedra.co.uk.

Global Book Mart. Full service book search service for foreign, domestic, small press, and self published books. Specializing in hard to find and out of print books.

Gutenberg Holdings. Free Worldwide Book Search Service. We are a Mail Order and Internet supplier of books in all fields, with an inventory of tens of thousands of volumes. Ours is a very active and growing search service with weekly ads in The New York Times Book Review Section and The Nation, etc.

HORSE BOOKS PLUS - FREE BOOK SEARCH - ANY TOPIC OR TITLE: 40,000+ books online. Horse sports & children's books a specialty. Member Virginia Antiquarian Booksellers Association. Toll Free in US: (877) 223 - 6753 / Global Phone: (540) 222- 4990. 10% off your purchase when you type "MY GIFT" in the comments box when you order.

H.P. Bookfinders. The search service began operations in 1986. We are now one of the United Kingdom's leading booksearch companies supplying thousands of titles to individuals and institutions world-wide. A professional search will be undertaken for any title that is needed, ranging from one specific book to collection building requests on any subject. We are happy to search for any English language title, wherever published. Our success rate is high. Over 70% of our customers are contacted with an offer of a located title within one month of their enquiry.

Louis Collins Books. "We rather successfully locate Out-of-Print books in all fields." We also maintain an open shop, with a stock of around 17,000 scholarly and unusual volumes in all subject areas, with a strong specialty in Anthropology of the World and related disciplines (linguistics, archaeology, sociology, etc.).
Our searches are free, without obligation to you. We simply look for what is requested, and when located, quote the book(s) to the customer (edition,condition and price) and you are free to decide what is best for you at that time. We encourage you to send us your wantlist(s); we would be happy to 'work' them for you!

Mysterious Search - Are you serious about finding that rare or out-of-print mystery book? So are we. That's ALL we do! We are the only fully operational search service designed to give aggressive, personal service to the mystery collector. We use not one, but numerous methods to locate the book you are seeking. This is all done at no charge to you. Mysterious Search, PO Box 11811, Atlanta, Ga. 30355. Toll-free: 800-322-3620, Fax: (404) 262-3390. E-mail: booksearch@MysteriousSearch.com

UsedBookFinder.com. Searches for the books you want, so you don't have to! We have a great track record in hunting down books all around the world. Although we're based in the UK, much of our business is done in the United States. We have a simple on-line form that takes just a few seconds to complete, and then all the hard work is done by us.

Vanderven Art Books. Vanderven Art Books is specialized in locating rare and out of print art books on request. Once a book has been located, it will be offered to you without commitment to purchase. E-mail: info@vandervenartbooks.com

WantedBooks.com . "...to provide bookbuyers (individuals, collectors & dealers) a simple & efficient way to advertise for their 'wanted' books, thus gaining access to the vast inventory of out-of-print books worldwide (we estimate 70- 80% of out of print books are not currently listed on the online databases). Anyone with a computer can use this site to as a self-search service to assist in acquiring books."

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