Francis Rolt-Wheeler
The Tamer of Herds
1928 ($1.75)
by the author of Author of
"The Finder of Fire"

from the dustjacket of the Appleton first edition

This is the story of Ur-toum, a courageous lad who lived in ancient Chaldea some 8,ooo years ago.
As keeper of dogs for his tribe, Ur-toum soon learns the great power of Dog-magic, the tremendous secret of the use of wild dogs in the chase. He rescues a wounded dog from his savage mates and tames him by his magic — something that has never been done before — and engages with the dog, Arr-Arr, in many strange adventures.
Clansmen, chieftains, tribal priests and warriors also contribute to the action, which continues at high pitch from the first page on through to the close of the final chapter. "The Tamer of Herds" is a story to thrill the reader with exciting incident and to call up interesting manners and customs of times long past.

Young Ur-toum, Keeper of the Dogs of the Iun-tiu Dog Clan, saves one dog of his wild pack from sure death, and is rewarded by the animal's devotion — the first such sign of tameness. Eventually others are tamed, but he is resented by Gag-Gul the warrior, who tries to kill him and his dogs, and who finally manages to get Ur-toum captured by enemies and doomed to die as a human sacrifice. Saved at the last minute, Ur-toum continues to develop animal domestication in the service of his new chief, and ultimately returns triumphantly to the Iun-tius with allies and herds.

1. The Cave of the Dogs
2. The First Wild Pack
3. The Naming of Arr-Arr
4. Birds of Good Omen
5. The Tribal Hunt
6. The Spotted Leopard

7. A White-Tailed Fiend
8. The Treaty of Hate
9. Rivalry for Death
10. Taken Prisoner
11. Human Sacrifice

12. The Little Pigs
13. The Morning Star
14. The Fight at the Fire
15. The Camel Man
16. Sheep-Magic
17. The Tiger Decides