Leona Benkt Rhys
Primal Skin

"Skin could feel the young man's trembling, and realised that she must be a terrifying figure to him, invested with all the power of her animal robes. Yet, despite his shaking, she could tell he was excited. The crowd watched the sweat trickle down Skin's back — down to the leather thong around her waist — as they awaited the explicit spectacle."

Skin is a beautiful apprentice female shaman and sleuth seeking to solve a prehistoric murder. She is also a bisexual Neanderthal hybrid who is searching for answers in a world of glaciers, sabre-toothed tigers and magic ritual. Set in the mysterious northern and central Europe of the last Ice Age, Primal Skin is the story of a quest for the spiritual and sexual enlightenment at the beginnings of human history.

Her nomadic journey, accompanied by her friends, is fraught with danger, adventure and sexual experimentation. The mood is eerie and full of symbolism, and the book is evocative of the best-selling novel Clan of the Cave Bear.

The publisher recommends that this book should be sold only to adults. *Black Lace Erotica* Erotic fiction written by women for women.