J.H. Brennan
Shiva Accused: An Adventure of the Ice Age
There was a body floating in the water.

Slender, outstretched arms had attracted a halo of the thin ice. The body itself faced down, gently bobbing on small ripples stirred by a chill wind from the morning sun.

Shiva watched from her vantage point upon the overhanging rock ....

In the world of the Ice Age, murder is taboo, and Shiva's discovery of the murdered body at the water hole is shocking and disturbing. Who would kill the old woman, especially one as powerful as the Hag, the spiritual leader of all the Cro-Magnon tribes?

It is Shiva who is falsely accused of the murder. Seized by theBarradik tribe — a jealous people who are competing for power against Shiva's own tribe — she has no hope for a fair trial. But Hiram, the young hunter who loves Shiva, is determined to rescue her, and so is the Crone, the most powerful and magical spiritual leader the tribes have ever seen.

J. H. Brennan's suspense-filled sequel to SHIVA: An Adventure of the Ice Age explores the political and psychological workings of early human society as the story moves relentlessly toward its climactic finish.