J.H. Brennan
Shiva's Challenge: An Adventure of the Ice Age
From the dust-jacket:

From the dust-jacket:Shiva felt her hand move again, driven by an irresistible compulsion. Which bowl? All looked alike. Their contents, dark, fluid, thick and viscous in the firelight, looked alike and smelled alike. Which bowl?

The Ordeal by Poison. Six bowls are placed before Shiva. Five contain poison, one does not. If Shiva chooses the right bowl, she will find herself in Mamar's Kingdom, the frozen world of the north. From there, she must begin a journey few others have completed. With no food or weapons and a blizzard fast approaching, Shiva's life depends on her knowledge and resourcefulness. Alone in the vast icy landscape, Shiva is terrified she will not be able to find her way back to her tribe.

In this third Adventure of the Ice Age, J. H. Brennan continues to explore the fascinating social order of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal communities. Like SHIVA and SHIVA ACCUSED, SHIVA'S CHALLENGE is an original, suspenseful drama that brings the danger and the magic of the Ice Age to life.