Francis Rolt-Wheeler
The Finder of Fire
by the author of Author of
"The Boy With the U.S. Survey" and
"The Boy With the U.S. Marines," etc.

from the dustjacket of Rolt-Wheeler's (1928) "The Tamer of Herds" (and Howard R. Garis's "Tam of the Fire Cave", Appleton, 1927):

This story for young people relates the adventures of Schlee, a cave boy at the time of the Ice Age, thousands of years ago. Schlee is a member of the Neanderthal race, who do not know what fire is. Banished from his home for disobedience, he wanders far from his own people through a wild country frequented by the Cave Bear, the Fierce Hyena and the Woolly Mammoth, After many days of travel we see him captured by the Cro-Magnon tribe. It is now that Schlee learns from his captors of the existence of fire and that he determines to steal some and carry it back as a gift to his people. There is much adventure in the long journey homeward across a wide desolate territory. And during this journey the precious spark goes out so that he must go to the "burning place" in the West to secure another. The strange adventures that befell the youthful hero in his search are most interestingly told by Francis Rolt-Wheeler, well known as a writer of books for young people.

Here is a book that shows, in an exciting story, just what a curious plant and animal life was known to the dwellers on this earth in prehistoric times. And the story is remarkable for its vivid and accurate pictures of family and tribal life as it was really lived in what is now Southern Europe, ages ago. "The Finder of Fire" is a book that every adventure-lover will be enthusiastic about.