Roger MacBride Allen
Orphan of Creation: contact with the human past
A black anthropologists finds evidence of australopithecines in the US while studying slavery.

On the day after tomorrow, on a backwoods farm in Mississippi, a paleontologist unearths the bones of a creature that could never have lived in that time or place. The incredible find brings its discoverers to the deepest forests of western Africa, and face to face with a miracle older than Man.


One of the strangest episodes in my life as a Slave [wrote Zebulon Jones] began in what I now suppose to be the summer of 1850 or '51. It was at that time that certain strangely formed Creatures appeared on the Gowrie plantation, supposedly to serve as a new breed of Slave.

I made no sense of the incident at all when it transpired, and could not understand why these Beasts were brought to us, but now I think I understand what was happening: the old slavers were making one last attempt to revive their gruesome trade. Since these Creatures were patently not Human beings, therefore, in a lawyer's logic, they were not Slaves, and therefore they were legal to import...