Dennis Nolan
Wolf Child
from the dustjacket:

Teo has no friends. Too weak to hunt with the men and too old to gather roots and herbs with the women and children, he has become the apprentice of the old toolmaker, Mova. But Mova, silent and absorbed in his work, is poor company for a lonely nine-year-old.

Then one day Teo makes a friend: an orphaned wolf cub. Unfortunately, Ohnka, the stern leader of Teo's people, does not allow animals in the cave and believes that wolves bring bad luck and steal food. Finally he relents, but only a little: The wolf child can stay until she is old enough to hunt for herself, until the first snow.

Teo names the wolf cub Nyac, after the wind, bringer of good luck. And Nyac does bring him luck, as he learns to take pride in his new skill at making tools out of stone. But now that Teo is no longer lonely, time passes quickly, and all too soon it is time for Nyac to return to the wolves ....

Dennis Nolan's compelling story of love and adventure is highlighted by his breathtaking watercolors, enabling readers of all ages to imagine what life might have been like 18,000 years ago, when people first took animals as companions.