MITOU and TOTI through the ages


Mitou and Toti, in the same manner as Wells's
time explorer, travel in the past and the future.


"Turn the Magic Ring," implored Toti.

"Oh! That's all you know how to say... I assure you, little sister, that the situation is not so bad. Those people are friendly."

The fact is, that far from taking a hostile attitude, the men showed rather peaceful intentions. Mitou and Toti, in costumes so different from theirs, seemed to them imprinted with a mysterious and divine character.

However, these primitives, while encouraging themselves in some barbaric language, were gradually coming closer and closer to our friends, to the point of touching them.

Toti, who was starting to feel less afraid, dared to carry a shy finger to the long-haired head of a big redheaded devil who had prostrated himself before her.

Then, there was a general clamor. Everyone, faces beaming with joy, circled around the children and their dog, and began to dance while clashing together their flint weapons.

The dance lasted a long time... a very long time.

Finally, one of the men made a sign and dancers formed a procession.

Mitou, Toti and their dog were hoisted onto robust shoulders and were carried in triumph.

Soon, the small troop arrived before a sort of bridge made of the branches of trees, that went to an island where rose some huts with the pointed roofs.

"It is the beginning of Paris," said Mitou to his sister. "This must be the Cité or maybe the Île Saint-Louis."

I stated above that the men of this time lived in caves. These that we have just met are a little more civilized. They already knew how to construct dwellings that they placed in preference on islands or on stilts in the middle of lakes, to avoid surprise attacks by wild beasts.

"We are with the Gauls," said Toti.

"You mix everything up... The Gauls won't appear till much later."

The procession had stopped before a great flat rock placed on top of two smaller rocks driven into the earth.

Our friends had been on vacation in Brittany.

"What are they going to do with us?" Toti asked, becoming worried once again. "Are they going to cook us?"

"Hmm! I don't think so."

Mitou, in fact, was not so certain about that. However, our children, descended from the shoulders of their bearers, are installed at the present time on a carpet of moss where warriors with weapons protect them against the curiosity of the women and children who have come out of huts...