Penelope Lucas
Wilderness Moon
from the dust jacket:

When vicious warriors shatter the tranquillity of the Gyaretz encampment, enslaving the men, raping the women and murdering their leader, the High Priestess Mensoon, all hope seems lost.

It is left to Injya, daughter of Mensoon, to save her people. Beautiful and fearless, Injya is a threat to the enemies of the tribe, and they are determined to destroy her. They force her into a mock marriage with the monstrous Kraa.

But Injya has her mother's spirit and, summoning the gods, escapes to a perilous freedom. For now she must be initiated into the art of magic, to receive the power of the great ones and learn the wisdom that will enable her to lead her people from the old world and its beliefs into the dawn of a new world and a new vision, from darkness into light.

Set in the barren northlands of Siberia, over thirty thousand years ago, Wilderness Moon is an enthralling story of a young girl's courage. It is a tale of magic and murder, of brutality and tenderness, of love and passion. Like Jean Auel, Penelope Lucas is a born storyteller, and Wilderness Moon is her stunning debut.