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This 2½" lead Og figurine (right) — one of six prehistoric figurines put out as premiums by Libby's Milk for the 1934-35 "Og - Son of Fire" radio program they sponsored — was apparently modeled on Sidney H. Riesenberg's Og cover illustration for the Nov. 1934 Boys' Life (left).


Though Sidney Riesenberg's Og may look to us like a modern man in a cave-man costume, that was not the way Crump originally portrayed him. Here is his description in the first chapter of "Og — Son of Fire" (1922):
It would require a long stretch of the imagination to connect this being with the humans of to-day, 500,000 years removed. His legs were short, being but a few inches longer than his very long and very strong arms. His head was set on a pair of sloping shoulders, massive for one of his short stature, and his neck was thick and corded with muscles. His ears were small and he had perfect control over them, for this hairy boy had very acute senses. His nose he controlled the same way, his nostrils dilating or contracting to gather in new odors, or shut out those that were strong and offensive to his delicate sense of smell. His mouth was strong and well armed with short, strong teeth. His jaw was broad and massive; a trifle too large for his head it seemed. His eyes were brown and set far apart under almost shaggy, bushing brows, and his forehead was broad and high for one of his race.
Charles Livingston Bull's drawing of Og
in the February, 1922 issue of Boys' Life (Chapter VI).
"Og looked at them [the Tree People] and uttered a grunt of contempt."

The Hairy Boy stood as straight as he could, which was not very erect - he and his people stood crouched forward till their long arms almost touched the ground, not so very far removed from their ancestors who'd used their hands when they walked.
Og, In the Valley of Fear
in: Boys' Life, October 1924
[Og, Boy of Battle, Ch. I]

Other Charles Livingston Bull images of Og,
from "Og – Son of Fire" (1922)



Charles Livingston Bull's Og
in sabre-tooth skin,
from the frontispiece to
Og, Boy of Battle,


and with a turtle-shell shield,
from the endpaper illustration
of "Og, Boy of Battle" (1925)

Leslie Crump's Og,
from the cover of the
January, 1925 Boys' Life

[(William) Leslie Crump was
(James) Irving Crump's brother]
(Thanks Symon!



Paul Dudley, in his illustrations for "Monsters of the Mist" in the October 1934 Boys' Life, makes Og and his friends look possibly even more prehistoric.


Jack Murray's Og
in "The Red Beards from the North" (1/35) (left)

and in "Wrath of the River God" (12/34) (below)



Stephen Slesinger's Og and Ru from his Big Little Book edition of "Og - Son of Fire" (1936), based on the radio show.

Albert D. Jousset's "Og - Son of Og" from the April 1954 Boys Life.

Bernard Safran's
"Og - Son of Og"
in Og's Dogs (4/56)

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