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This copy of Mog was inscribed
by Irving Crump to Alan Abeel, Jr.

Through the magic of the internet, I was able to contact Alan Abeel, Jr., who as a boy had received this copy of Mog inscribed by Irving Crump. He said that he had been about 7½ years old when he got the book, and that Irving Crump had been an associate of his father's. Many years later it had gotten included with books donated to the local Friends of the Libary sale.
Mog led him to read other books by Crump, and to a subscription to Boys' Life magazine, which he read avidly. To foster his interest in the Scouts, Crump sent him a souvenir copy of the 21st edition of the Scout Handbook, a special presentation copy which he inscribed, and in which he included a note and drawing from Dan Beard, co-founder of the Boy Scouts and a regular contributor to Boys' Life:

The inside front cover and first page of the Scout Handbook inscribed and presented by Irving Crump to Alan "Chick" Abeel, Jr.
This replica of the Five Millionth Copy of the Handbook for Boys as presented to the President of the United States, the Honorable Franklin D. Roosevelt, on April 13, 1935, at the White House by Mr. William D. Murray, Chairman of the Editorial Board, and Mr. Frank Presbrey, a member of the Editorial Board, as shown in the photograph reprinted herewith, is presented to:

Chick Abeel
of Larchmont

In the hope that
some day soon he will find
pleasure in being a Boy Scout.

Irving Crump

Here is a little note
from our old friend
Dan Beard that
may interest you.


Dan Beard's note to Irving Crump:

Mr. Irving Crump,
Editor Boys' Life,
2 Park Ave.,
New York, N. Y.

My Dear Crump:

I Tumble!

As Inspector Burnes was strolling on Printing House Row he was accosted by a notorious Confidence Man to whom he paid no attention, but the fellow continued to annoy him; at last the Inspector turned on the man and said: "Would you tumble if a house fell on you?"
The man stepped back, threw up his hands crying, "My God Inspector Burnes"!


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