Irving Crump
Og, Son of Og
1965 from the inside flap of the dustjacket:

THIS NEW OG BOOK appears in response to popular demand from countless Og fans — three generations of them — who first met this virile cave man nearly fifty years ago in a book. Since then, there have been more Og books, a radio series, cartoon strips, games and figurines of the popular hero. Quite recently, Og, Jr., the son of the original Og, made his debut in Boys' Life. This young cave boy, who is stolen by the ape tribe, is just as prone to breathtakingly dangerous adventures — and the ability to surmount them — as his famous father ever was!

from the back of the dustjacket, slightly abridged from pages 213-214:

IRVING CRUMP writes of himself: "When I first became editor of Boys' Life, which was so long ago that I don't like to remember that far back, I often received letters from boys asking me how I thought Man had discovered how to make and control fire and use it to cook his food, and how he had developed the bow, the spear, and his other crude stone age weapons. Of course, I did not know. But in those days I had the advantage of talking to men interested in anthropology and archeology and the progress of Man up through the ages, such men as Dr. Roy Chapman Andrews, Dr. Osborne and others. They did not know either — but they had some interesting ideas, all of which inspired me to write the first Og story, Og, Son of Fire. Two other books about this prehistoric boy followed [Og, Boy of Battle (1925), Og of the Cave People (1935)] and a little later Og and his friends were featured on radio for two years.

"World War II made interest in Og subside considerably, but it never did disappear entirely and some time after the war a new generation of boys, particularly Boy Scouts, began to write letters to me about him and his adventures. The upshot of all this was the suggestion that Og, Son of Og, might make an interesting prehistoric boy hero, so now it has become his turn to learn how to build a fire, to make his own weapons and to face and overcome the perils of a world rocked by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and inhabited by the fearsome Saber-Toothed tigers, Hairy Mammoths, Wooly Rhinoceroses, Great Cave Bears, and other menacing creatures.

"Primitive camping was carried on by 'Og Patrols' among the Boy Scouts for many years. In fact, when I was a boy, old Dan Beard developed a camping program of that nature which I often practiced as a camper. Dan Beard was one of my heroes in those days, and it was he who furnished the inspiration that made me interested in writing for boys and ultimately becoming the editor of Boys' Life, in which position I served for twenty-five years.

"Meanwhile, I wrote numerous books and short stories for boys, and more than one thousand scripts for such radio programs as 'Og, Son of Fire,' 'Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy,' 'Treasure Island' and others. They have been busy years, but there has, happily, always been time for the pleasures of the out-of-doors, camping, fly fishing and bird watching, and hunting with camera or binoculars, for long ago I gave up carrying a gun with me in the woods. I have no desire whatever to kill any of my furred or feathered friends. There is too much fun watching them as they go about their daily lives in their wilderness homes."

1. The Kidnapped Cave Boy
2. The Fire Demon
3. His Fire Goes Out
4. The Thundermakers
5. River Monsters
6. Og's "Dogs"
7. Saber-toothed Savage
8. Cave of the Tiger
9. Og, the Bow Maker
10. Eyes in the Dark
11. Og Tries an Arrow
12. Where Are the Pigs?
13. When the World Rocked
14. Trapped in the Cave
15. Dangers in the Dark
16. Death in the Sky
17. Turtle Egg Beach
18. The Sea Monster
19. Red Beard Menace
20. Solta's Fire Goes Out
21. A Fire for Ting
22. Danger in the Jungle
23. White Death

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